A quick look at the BlackBerry 10 clock and compass

By Adam Zeis on 29 Oct 2012 10:38 am EDT

We've seen various parts of the BlackBerry 10 OS for a while now, but we haven't really had a great look at some of the core apps. Two of those apps, the clock and compass, were recently caught on a quick video. It's less than a minute but it packs in a good amount of info. I love how setting the alarm works in the new clock app just by dragging around the dial (we've seen this a bit before). The compass app really looks amazing too - tilt the device and the on-screen compass tilts along with you. It's the little things like this in the core apps that will make a BIG impact in BlackBerry 10. Bring it on!

Source: bbin.in 

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A quick look at the BlackBerry 10 clock and compass


Lol, is that a good thing or bad? I couldn't tell because you said you hope they market it well giving the implication they havent done a good job before.

I am amazed at how little BB does, marketing that is. I'm sure they have smarter people than me working on marketing so maybe I'm missing something, but marketing is usually pretty important. You watch TV for 5 min you will see an iphone commercial and Apple sells quite a few phones.

+1. The new BB10 looks so slick and smooth as silk. I love the way RIM is showing us how BB10 is progressing along the way. Cant wait till it's out.

Regarding Apple; The only reason they are everywhere is they can afford a tremendous advertising campaign and have financial resources to wipe themselves with $100 bills, if they chose.

RIM is using most of its limited resources on development of BB10. This is why in an earlier article I said it would be to RIMs advantage to get government subsidy in order to kick off a national advertising blitz. Without Tv any word of BB10 will have to spread via the internet. But then again kid Bieber turned into a ''star'' because of YouTube and teen girls with excessive hormones LOL.

At any rate, looking forward to BB10 and love how Crackberry is slowly unveiling features as they become available. Spread the BB10 word everyone!!!
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

What's an iSheep? One that buys whatever Apple is selling, just because Apple told them to?? ;)

Apple's marketing is working well. Hope RIM can learn a thing or two about marketing from them. They need to create a big buzz around BlackBerry 10 to drown out the rubbish I'm sure we will hear from Apple and Android fanboys.

The more video-clips I watch the more I want to use BB10.. it is going to be AMAZING! Finally a lot of attention in the details! Apparently they are really using these months to polish the UI and the apps..

The alarm is neat! Anyone knows how will be possible to set multiple alarms depending on the day of the week?

What about for multiple alarms? I have to go through the calendar right now which is odd. Also, how do you make them at different times other than 5 minute intervals?

These look great and are practical too. Maybe now I will use the analog clock more than the digital. It is just easier to see and read the digital when docked. Unless this interface is ONLY for alarm.

Hopefully these are options in addition to tell old way of doing it. I liked typing in the time instead of using the carousel, hopefully they haven't done away with that.

Others said it already but I too am curious as to how the multiple alarms will work. Someone called using the calendar odd, but I found it to be extremely useful to add alarms in the calendar-loved it and hopes it carries over (at least as an option-if they decide to try to make it better somehow).

I dont really like doing this, but NativeCompass3D can do that animation on the playbook since the launch of OS 2.0 back in Feb/March.

I really like how the alarm is set on this clock though, maybe multiple alarms can have different colour indicators on the side.

I'm sure setting alarms in the calendar will still be there.
Similar to how you can set a daily alarm using the clock app right now, as well as setting appointment alarms in the calendar app.
This video is only showing off the alarm using the clock app.

Can't wait for BB10!

I still prefere hammering the numbers on my qwerty to set my alarm... the "moving around the clock" looks very smooth, but I think it may be a bit annoying if you want to change it really quick. seems like you have to do it slow to be accurate.

compass looks pretty sweet tough

We have already seen the amazing alarm app. I like the drag to set feature. The compass is new to me. I like the feature of being able to tilt the phone and the compass tilts with the phone. Cqn anyone confirm if other platforms have such a native compass with tilt? Thanks

If we can get that same level of "attention to detail" on the whole OS, then RIM is is for a huge, sound, impressive comeback.

Confidence metter:

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Can't wait to have a big beautiful native compass on my PlayBook. Then I'll figure out what to do with the other 6 I bought from appworld.

Clock definitely need multiple alarm built in. I mean setting alarm in calendar its just not the right way (and u have tones of reminders in calendar notification) (and all calendar is full of alarm reminders. Its not transparent). And if u had set alarm in morning before ur blackberry turn on (if u using auto on/off) will be turn by alarm time and wake you up before auto on. But if u have reminder on calendar and using auto off/on ur berry will not turn on just because u have reminder and in that way u will missed appointment, school,...
I mean blackberry is business phone/handheld and its just sad that I like a user haven't that options and people with old nokia E63 or older have this one.

I really hope the ability to set multiple alarms in the clock (NOT calendar) is available.
I currently have 6 alarms set. 1 on my BB and 5 on my ipod. I would much rather have them all set on my BB through the clock but that is not possible... Hopefully it will be on bb10.