BlackBerry 10 browser passes Ring 1 of the Ringmark HTML5 standardization test

By DJ Reyes on 8 Nov 2012 07:04 pm EST

BlackBerry 10 recently got FIPS Security Certification and we know that the BlackBerry 10 browser also scores pretty high in the HTML5 test. Now, the BlackBerry 10 has just passed another benchmark. The Ringmark Ring 1 test. 

First off, let's understand what Ringmark is. Ringmark is a test suite for your browser for apps built for the mobile web. It was developed by Facebook and went Open Source back in April. HTML5 is huge for web developers and mobile developers alike, so Facebook wanted to make sure there was a standard at which HTML5 apps should attain. It allows developers to understand "which mobile browsers support the functionality your app needs".

What is the importance of Ring 1?

Ring 1 is all about the functionality that developers need to unlock in order to produce the most advanced HTML5 apps - 2D games, music games, video games and camera apps. So, with the BlackBerry 10 browser successfully passing this Ring, you can be assured that you can develop apps with advanced functionality and the BlackBerry 10 browser will have no problem running them.

If you have a Dev Alpha, why not give it try yourself. Just visit from your Dev Alpha browser and watch it do its thing.

Source: BlackBerry Dev Blog 

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 browser passes Ring 1 of the Ringmark HTML5 standardization test


Did you look to see what specifically? Mine did too, but it was only the alloted time. I ran it a second time and it passed.

Hidden Galaxies finally showing up in appworld. I thought bla1ze said that it would be free

Maybe I just wanted to remember it that way lol

My dev alpha B failed ring 1 but in the details, the only thing it failed was completing the test within the alloted time. I re-ran it and it passed ring1 the second time.

how far does BB10 make it into ring 2?
* guess I just had to look at the picture... looks like a little work is needed to get ring 2.
But, just because, can you tell me how many fails there are in Ring 2 (if anyone knows!)

I'm just concerned with BB10 not being able to handle many apps open at once. My Playbook automatically closes apps when I have like 5 or more open at once. Hope they've fixed that issue with BB10. I know I'm not the only one too, everyone I know with a Playbook this happens to.

What OS version are you on. I've been rocking the PB for a while now and had this issue before, but since I updated to i've not had it at all.

Love my PlayBook, know I'm going to love my BB10 device.
Big question though, touchscreen or qwerty...

(Why not 'MessagEase' for a keyboard? Only my android 2.3 phone currently lets me have an option of my own choosing.)

Anyway, my PB, fails 9, passes 134. Can we count on the BB10 browser itself improving that, or is it dependent on the OS/CPU/GPU as well?

Right, can't wait!

In the meantime, other browsers not faring so well on PlayBook: Dolphin and Maxthon both got 50 fail, 57 pass.

PB native browser currently seems to meet or exceed Chrome (on my aging XP desktop), where I get 15 failed, 134 passed.

So not too shabby, I guess. Although I don't quite get what it's measuring, why the numbers don't always add up the same total? (Also had 134 pass on PB, but only 9 failed.)

Chrome Desktop 23 on Win7.. Score 50/250. Failed I guess?

What about Droids and Apple?

@mjgallaway - Change you setting General > Application Behavior > Paused - and you can open 20+ apps before memory runs out.

My Dev Alpha B passed Ring 0 and 1 and failed 2. But I was only able to do it once, after that ring 1 would failed 1 or 2 tests

Don't knock all the others who haven't passed (well, do knock them, but don't act all surprised!)

Remember: the innermost ring is "Ring 0" and any browser that doesn't pass the relatively modest Ring 0 tests should be abandoned on principle. I'm not a Dolphin user, so I didn't know it could pass Ring 1, but the test doesn't even START on a ring if the inner ring isn't passed, so it's interesting to see how much of Ring 2 that BB10 browser can pass... is there a general description of the types of tests that comprise each ring?

RIM should ensure that not only can it get to Ring 2 (Ring 2 isn't fully finished yet so may be it won't get all the way there) and topping the charts on HTML5Test, they also need to blow away Google's Octane and Sun's Spider benchmarks.

I've often wondered why the Playbook sometimes screws up some websites with oversized text in certain areas and then I noticed the ONE test it was failing to get past Ring 0... RIM, come on fix that at least..... (but not at the expense of a single day's impact to BB10).

Are the apps in FB app center HTML5? if thats so will they be easily ported to BB10 now because of this achievement?

Personally, I could care less about all those HTML 5 tests, because for example, while our PB browser does quite well in some of these tests (HTML 5), it sucks bullocks when you put it to everyday use. Slow, crashes, and it's a checkerboard galore. The average consumer doesn't care about such tests, they want real-life results.

I'm sure though RIM is going to provide us with a completely different experience with BB10 compared to that of the Playbooks, because if not, RIM is in serious trouble.

Gosh, people, give it a break. So what if the playbook browser fails a few tests? IT'S STILL A GREAT BROWSER!!

Same for your blackberry, the rings aren't completed yet, so the site is BETA. Wait a few months or weeks for it to complete the phasing of the other rings. So far, BB10's browser is king. The others, not so much.