BlackBerry 10 boot screen appears, say goodbye to the plain old progress bar! [Updated]

By Bla1ze on 30 Oct 2012 12:24 am EDT
BlackBerry 10 boot screen appears, say goodbye to the plain old progress bar!

*UPDATE* - Turns out, it's the charging screen. Thanks, Mikel.

Like everything else in BlackBerry 10, the bootscreen you see whenever you reboot your device is getting some polish as well. Here, you can see it loading up on the first L-Series device. I hope to not have to see it all that often but it's nice to know even the small details are being worked on.

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BlackBerry 10 boot screen appears, say goodbye to the plain old progress bar! [Updated]


However, progress bars, percentages, hour glasses mean waiting because they are inaccurate. If 47% take one minute to move to 48% but 48% to 60% takes one minute, that percentage means nothing again. What matters is expected time.

My 9900 takes 5-7 minutes to boot but if I'm charging it at the same time (regardless of battery left) it takes 15 minutes to boot. It gets stuck right under the first "r" in "Berry" for an extra 10 minutes. I now reboot without charging or when my battery is over half then I charge it after it's done.

Million dollar question is right.

Sorry, but that's not normal at all. Something's wrong with it. I'd suspect something corrupt in the OS or a poorly written app that's trying to load at startup. I just battery pulled mine and it took less than 2 minutes to show the lock screen. 1:55 exactly. About 18-20 apps on OS

While I agree that the time is too long that is beside his point. The point is that if it takes say 1 minute to reach 20% and the next minute it goes to 60%, the percentages really mean nothing. If it loads at a consistant speed without hesitation then a % indicator is appropriate. Haven't seen to many things where this can be applied other then % of a file downloaded (not time %).

It's been about the same time as my Bold 9000/Torch 9800 were.
I had a Bold 9900 as my personal and it took 5-7 minutes to load, but then gave it my wife when I got a corporate 9900 with fewer apps (I have about 15 apps) and it still takes 5-7 minutes. No settings were transferred from my personal to corporate. I do have 2x Gmail, 1x ISP, and 1x corporate email accounts.

My wife has 1x Gmail and 1x Hotmail and about 10 apps and hers takes 2 minutes.

I know my phone is not the norm and I live with it, doesn't really bother me, I know it takes long.

Yeah I have a similar issue on my Torch 9800.

While rebooting, it stops around 70% of the line and stays still for a couple of minutes.

I truly believe there is something corrupted with the OS, as once I was updating the software and the phone died at that exact same place.

I've reset the phone and re-installed the OS, but still have that problem.

I should easily wait more than 5 minutes for my phone to reboot!

At least 5 minutes for my 9900 to boot up.. As if battery pulls were not lame enough... And when I say at least five minutes I'm not exaggerating.

Lets put it this way... My playbook boots faster than my phone.. /gasp.

You need to dis-able the Memory Cleaner option. I had this LONG boot-up issue, and when I turned this off, my boot time went down to three minutes.

Who cares how long it boots up? My Dev Alpha has only been rebooted for OS updates. My playbook is the same. The last time my 9900 was rebooted was about three months ago. If it is rare to reboot a device, who cares?

Just to complain?? Knowing that the only time you will have to reboot the device is with OS updates? Give a reason why you would care how long the boot process is?

I'm pretty sure we're further away from a rebootless computing experience than you think. I don't in any way mean only RIM. Everything needs a reboot from time to time. Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, etc.

When in doubt, power it out!

I go months (or OS update interval) between reboots on my Playbook. QNX is an OS that doesn't need reboots to do what it needs. The same was NetWare. I went years between reboots. I was able to change everything including the network configuration without rebooting. Good OS's don't need reboots. We just got used to rebooting due to bad OS designs.

Great for you to be able to charge your Playbook constantly, mine has to reboot every other day because it runs out of battery and that means a reboot next time I want to turn it on (I don't think this should be the case but it is in my playbook) and this means I really care about rebooting times is this will be the case for BB10 devices.

...this is true, we have gotten used to having to re-boot Windows and Mac...etc.. that some do it out of habit.. QNX can run for years without a re-boot...I have worked on machines where the company hasn't re-booted in over 5 years for example. QNX isn't designed like the other 'OS's and shouldn't be treated as such... I myself have only rebooted my PlayBook on updates that it wanted a reboot...otherwise it's on or standby 24/7...and my LTE model has only seen 2 reboots for the same reason...and to the guy below, you should be plugging it in everyday...don't let it run down like that...I run mine all day, and when I get home it's on the charge and I move to my Wi Fi one for the night...they never get below 2%...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 OS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook Wi Fi O/S 2.1.xxxx
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS


Though I too have run my PB for weeks without a reboot, I've been forced to reboot for numbers of reasons. My icons have become invisible, my wallpaper has refused to change, my keyboard has been stuck onscreen and not responded to either the button/gesture or opening another app, I've even had to hard reset because it hung while shutting down (to conserve battery while away from charger and using But often I've had to reboot due to sluggish performance, sometimes verified by viewing low available memory (and nothing running).

Though I'm sure QNX running on infrastructure systems/appliances is rock solid, I'm sure those systems/appliances aren't called upon to open/close apps, copy and paste to the clipboard, connect/disconnect to wifi or bluetooth devices, open webpages with flash content, etc, etc. What I mean by this, is we're asking our various devices to do a lot of different, random, CPU/memory intensive tasks, and I don't think it's entirely unreasonable (though still inconvenient) to be expected to have to restart them from time to time.

I love the fact that RIM is improving the whole UI experience. Small details like these go a long way when you add them all up.

If they put percentages, then it must be fast for sure.

Also, they should add a countdown timer!

If they are using any type of indicator to show progress then it means it is not that fast or at least not as fast as people expect. If it was fast you wouldn't put any progress indicator as what would be the point. So we are likely still stuck with a slow start up but I guess that is the price of security or whatever the reason is.

It depends what targets they have for boot time on the final devices, somewhere in the 30s to 1 min range might even seem quicker if you saw a rapidly increasing counter rather than just some blinking symbol or similar.

The photo shown doesn't look like the dev alpha b to me at all, its certainly missing the raised edge-case-looking thing the dev B has anyway...


I think its the final hardware!
It have that separating edge between the screen and the bottom of the phone just like we saw on the leaks for the London phone.

Would have been a bit nicer if it still said "blackberry" on it. it was a nice touch.

the nice playbook boot thing would be nice MINUS the 2 1/2 minute timeframe it takes to boot, the beauty in the nice abstract colors become ugly after a minute of looking at them.

I love seeing blackberry. Often after some issue and raising the phone from the dead first the red light then beloved BLACKBERRY on the screen. And then I'm like "YES! ITS ALIVE!!" Its become somewhat of a sign tied to the phone working good

No, that cannot be the boot up screen. I refuse to believe it. The "lava lamp" boot screen is much more elegant. sure they should add other critical info to the boot up screen, but this is not it...If it is, i'll eat my hat.

These blackberry 10 previews are great but they really make me hate my 9900. Actually hate is a strong word. Its kindoff like my favorite pair of socks, once there washed so many times they feel used and abused. Time for a fresh start

Was this "confirmed" to be the boot anim? It looks more to me like the charging screen when the device is off. I think the boot anim for the Dev Alphas/Playbook are a better fit.

Maybe something like this could even do double duty and be used in both cases, blue for booting and then going from red to green via yellow for charging, although the latter is unlikely since most people would rather the screen switched itself off and charged a little bit quicker.

Yep, How long is the boot time, more aps in the phone is the longer the boot time, is it the same with this?

Absolutely cannot wait.
Have been due an upgrade for some time, my torch broke, tried to fix it myself, broke it more, got it frixed by a pro, they asked me why i wasnt upgrading...


~9600, 9800, PlayBook x2~

I was hoping they wpuld add the boot sequence they have on the playbook,... Thats pretty nice, although if this is it, itlooks good too

To be honest I like the "loading bar"....a bit too slow but everything black with written "BlackBerry" is a nice thing to see :D

Chis Umiastowski spoke to someone at RIM regarding the boot up time. Apparently at boot up all drivers are activated which is the reason for the long boot up time. With BB10 this will be changed and only drivers that are required will be activated shortening the boot up time.

I agree. There were posts on the reboot time for BB10 and someone mentioned it's about 2 minutes while RIM is shooting for a lower figure, maybe ~1 minute boot time?

However, going by what PB owners say (I'm not one of those) a reboot is hardly required so even if we have sub 2 minute reboot time, then it shouldn't really matter. Unless you run out of the 1800 mAh battery in a couple of hours. :P

Is it me or is the boot loader in the shape of a BlackBerry trackpad?????!!!!! Anyway....Boot time is important if only for convenience to get back to business using the device. However, whatever RIM decides is acceptable boot time, upon the BB10 launch, if it is 10 seconds or 10 minutes- there is nothing we can do about it. Accept it for what ever it is and move on.

If it looks that sexy I don't mind waiting. Afterall, as we have seen with the PlayBook and Dev Alpha we won't be rebooting as much as the legacy OS's made us for every app install and deletion of apps. It's time to move forward and think ahead that we aren't dealing with something old, but an OS built from the ground up! If it takes a minute to boot so be it as it will be loading the security we all depend on.

Maybe it's just me but boot time doesn't affect my choice of which device to go with. I reboot my phone at night when I'm done using it. It gets plugged in, rebooted and I lay down for the night.

Maybe it's just me but boot time doesn't affect my choice of which device to go with. I reboot my phone at night when I'm done using it. It gets plugged in, rebooted and I lay down for the night.

I don't know if I'm really feeling it. Seems to be that the over all aesthetic of BB 10 is still a little conflicted. The Boot screen uses the same squircle design as the clock but over all the OS seems to be focused on sharp lines and a really boxy look as opposed to smooth and rounded edges. It's just the boot screen and I don't really care what it looks like, and like Bla1ze I hope not to have to see it very often, but I still feel that there is some conflict and different teams are raking different approaches to design elements. Hope they are still polishing and the finished product looks more cohesive over all.

RIM people keep saying they are focused on the little details and while this appears to be true, it appears to be that each team is focusing on little details in their own way with little over all design direction. Everything looks pretty, but it looks more like a collage of pretty stuff pieced together then a masterpiece of beautiful art by a single gifted artist.

I gotta go with everyone that said that the current boot splash screen on the BlackBerry PlayBook is much better than this. It would make more sense for it to be (like someone already said) a Wipe progress indicator.

Ive been reading elsewhere that this is the charging screen.

as for boot times my DEV ALPHA boots in 1 min a marked improvement over my playbook which i turn on and just walk away from

That is THE MOST awesome battery charging meter I have seen in a long time. My mother's feature phone displays a big battery symbol, my blackberry shows a lightning synbol that fades in and out in the corner of the screen.

This, is going to rock!