BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry PlayBook.. kind of

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2013 03:16 am EDT

When you talk about BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry PlayBook, it's sure to cause some commotion. When you go posting images of BlackBerry 10 running on the BlackBerry PlayBook, it's sure to cause an even bigger commotion. With that in mind, there have been a few images appearing here and there with BlackBerry 10 running on the PlayBook. Now, before everyone loses their minds over them let me say this. Yes, they're legit -- but only kind of. Ever since BlackBerry 10 was in beta form, people have been trying to load it onto their PlayBooks.

Some OS builds were somewhat working while others crashed and burned immensely. CrackBerry Forums user, Kyle27 has been playing around with the OS and thus far, has been quite successful with getting it to load, even getting so far as to have BBM and various other things up and running. Yes, even making it past that boot screen that everyone got just a little too excited over seeing. But it hasn't been an easy process and right now, the full details of that process haven't been outlined either.

In any case, yes the images you're seeing around are BlackBerry 10 running on the BlackBerry PlayBook but it's not in anyway an official. Sorry if that bursts anybody's bubble but again, it's all experimental right now and there is no telling how far along Kyle27 and others willing to help him out can get. If you're looking to see some more screenshots of it all in action, you can jump on into the CrackBerry Forums for a closer look.

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BlackBerry 10 on the BlackBerry PlayBook.. kind of


A single guy working part time on a project from home manages to get BB10 and BBM running already.

Wouldn't the entire dev team with all the tools and source code be able to do it deeper faster? To me they haven't released because they don't want to.

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I think it was AT&T that discovered that when it comes to engineering, staffing levels need to increase as the cube of the work done. If one person does X, 8 people do 2X, 27 people do 3X and 64 do 4X. All my experience in R&D suggests this is true.
It isn't just about getting one build of one application to run. It's getting all of them to run, and have things not break on every upgrade. It's like the WINE project for Linux, which tries to get Windows applications running on Linux. Some programs can be made to work properly, others kind of work and some crash all the time. Even with lots of volunteers, co-ordination is hard and there is no way WINE is a finished product.
My suspicion is that the PB lacks the speed and the memory to run BB 10 well. As it is, everything necessary works well enough. So why make it worse?

So do I have to make a new BBID to use the BBM on the PB? (Using this unofficial build, that is)

there are several leaked OS for BB10 out there that I loaded on my Z10. I never looked out for them on the playbook before. Are there any out there? Not talking BB10, but later than official OS, just curious.

Do you have any idea how wrong that would be? The ridicule that would follow an Android version of BBM being available for the PlayBook before BlackBerry got a native one working? That alone should be enough to get BlackBerry off their asses to fix this NOW.

Indeed. There needs to be native BB10 (lite) on PlayBook before any cross platform releases happen. This needs to be a deep, self preserving resolve in the leadership decision making on resource allocation. I see a market for this anyway since that version of BB10 would be able to run on lower spec hardware that could be sold at a lower price point and broaden the potential market to more lower income purchasers. High end and low end tablets running on compatible but different versions of BB10. Then the would have Neutrino, the core embedded OS, BB10(lite) for lower spec hardware, and BB10 for full power mobile computing. Makes sense in my head, but..

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Meh..............wake me up when the official release is out, I don't have time to be fiddling with my PB.

Sign me up! Although I would really like to see updated hardware. The 4G LTE PlayBook could almost cut it but it still only has 1GB RAM. Even though tablets may not make a lot of money for BlackBerry, they are a check box item and could further extend BlackBerry's amazing OS to the masses and companies that want consistency.

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I always did wonder if the wifi-only 1ghz dual core processor vs the 4G LTE 1.5ghz dual core would make a difference when the bb10 OS build came to the Playbook? As well as 16gb vs 64gb storage..

Did anywhere BlackBerry stated that Ram is an issue? why do you people come out with your own theory? Didn't the Dev Alpha run BB10 with Hub and apps?

It did run BB10 with the hub and apps, you are correct there. The problem lies in how multitasking is one of the top selling points to BB10 and the 1gb of RAM cut into multitasking on the Dev Alpha devices. The word "sluggish" comes to mind. I can see it working with no problem but just maybe will need to limit the amount of open apps.

The amount of active frames can just be limited to say two or four. Just started messing with my PlayBook again and I forgot how smooth it is. Really the hub won't be needed. The screen is too big for that. Maybe just include the new BlackBerry World, bbm, BlackBerry maps, remember and the obvious calendar and access to email and I'm a happy camper.

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Why wouldn't the PLAYBOOK be able to run more than "2 to 4 active frames"? ?

I can open 8-9 browser tabs at a time along with 5-6 apps/games fully launched and running in showcase mode. So why wouldn't PLAYBOOK handle active frames? They are consume less resources than a fully launched app and as I said my PLAYBOOK does just fine.

That would be more than enough for me.
Bridge! Browser! Feels like waiting for years!

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My Z10 made my PlayBook useless because it's way faster and smoother. I don't think we'll have such a good experience with BB10 on the PlayBook.. Wait and see I guess

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The PlayBook might become the "Storm 2" and not even see the light of day with BB10. They will probably have the OS done and scrap it just at the last second cause something will be a an issue

HooliGanG ™ 10

He means that the PB OS will be sunset without a path to upgrade to BB10, so the device will be abandoned, as was the Storm2. Since I have both a PB and a Storm2, the insult piled upon injury defined by this scenario makes me cringe at the possibility.

Here we go again with the RAM comments. None of you ever buy a new copy of Windows or Max OS X and then install it on a two year old computer? Same concept...

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Pffft I installed Windows 8 on a pc that's six years old. What r u getting at.? :D. I'm going to attempt to make my pc run on BlackBerry 10. I'm thinking I should be able to get it to function. 486DX50 with a SCSI caching controller with 8megs and 64megs Ram. Yep just old enough to make it work. Am I crazy?

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That's an incredible amount of ram for a 486. First home computer was a Packard Bell 386-16 with 640k ram and 384k extended. A whopping 40mb hard drive. Had AutoCad on it and had to run on it to emulate a math Co processor.

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I loved my PlayBook's until i got my z10 now I hardly use it. I understand why BlackBerry wouldn't be in a rush to spend resources on something that didn't sell well especially after 2 years, that said give me a updated browser, BBM the new keyboard if possible and I will be more then happy again (also the old bridge functions)

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BlackBerry is trying to earn money with the release of Z10 and Q10. To me it's a strategy to release bb10 for PlayBook at a later time because their release of the Q10 in all over the world is not done yet. I believe that they already have BB10 ready for the Playbook.

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I'd be happy (for now) if they just brought back the same Bridge experience on the PlayBook I had prior to switching from my legacy phone to a Z10. I loved being able to access all of my messages on my PB.

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I stopped using my PB when I obtained my Z10. the fun was out of having a fully working bridge.
BB just does not care about the PB.
They have, wisely, not spent any effort to upgrade the PB OS for many months. PB OS10, LIKELY NOT.
The iPad has such a strong hold on the tablet market that PB has no chance of 'recovery from the dead'.

BBRY will stop supporting the Z10 after an Aristo or something comes out, and will be still be cheer leading and justifying BRRY!!! heck the iPad or Android tabs can work fine on 512 or 1GB RAM!

The Playbook will do just fine with the BB10 update having only 1Gb RAM. I'm pretty sure BlackBerry just wants the Z and Q to be released prior to releasing the Playbook. and the Q10 being released in the US tomorrow I'm sure the Playbook release is not too far off.

To be clear guys, don't try to load this OS onto your PlayBook. Even if you think you know what you're doing, I guarantee you will softbrick your device. There is a certain workaround to get everything running. I will be blogging about it tonight when I get home from work.

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As a curious programmer I'm reading you saying "don't try, it's complicated" and dying to know why and how.

Leave it up to crackberry members to pick up the slack when blackberry fails to execute.

I'm willing to be a beta tester


We need to keep at BlackBerry to roll it out. Any time there is a tweet from one of regional offices or speculation on the net about an update for the PlayBook I send them a tweet asking them to confirm it. I have yet to get a reply back but I'm hoping the message will get through eventually.

Everyone who wants an update to the PlayBook should get on twitter or Facebook and ask BlackBerry publicly when is it going to happen. Embarrass them into action!!!!

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+1 here too. But it should be done via YouTube video with a Twitter campaign to spread the URL to the fan made video...

Looking forward to either a release by BlackBerry or development by a user. Hope we see something for the mass users soon.

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Can't wait for this to be legit. I want BB10 soo bad right now. I have barely touched my PlayBook since I got it in launch year!

Just want you Bridge back and update the remote control on the z10 and I will be happy. My z10 will not scroll pages properly especially if there is a scrolling section within the page. Eg Vevo, or YouTube. My 6 year Bold worked awesome with the PlayBook. It was OS5. Although the z10 is a major leap as a mobile phone, as a combination with the PlayBook it is a major setback almost to the point I wish I never upgraded. I used my PlayBook all the time for work and rarely did my phone leave my holster. Mr Heins, don't screw your loyal BlackBerry Customers. At least return the bridge function. Hard to work on a phone exclusively.

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This is the only reason I am holding off upgrading to the Z10.
Use the Bridge always, as you stated, my 9860 hardly leaves my holster.
Love BlackBerry and always will, but please.....

Bla1ze, if it ain't an official BB product then it ain't an OS10 system.
A theme is a theme. An OS is an OS.
The possibility of BB releasing OS10 for PB is slim.

Unless BB has plan to boost promotion on the PB, then, they wisely spend their money on product development elsewhere.

In the US, NO, repeat NO, major retailers have the Playbook on their sales shelves.

In the US if you want a Z10 or Q10 you can go to a TM, ATT, BestBuy ... retail store and get one.

You have a hard time to BUY a PB in the US.
Or, mail order thru BB directly or Amazon, but, you have to be determined to get one.

The Blackberry company has not upgraded the PB OS for a long time, there is no BB PB marketing that I am aware.
Few important PB apps are available because app devs want to support a device that has few users and low prospect for improvement in the future.

Hey guys I know lots of you will not share my idea but I feel bb10 should be released on a new tablet not the PlayBook as that looks old and outdated.

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Nothing about the PB *looks* old -- it's its pitifully underpowered CPU that makes it *behave* old.

In don't see why bbry can't spend 5 seconds to explain a rough time frame for.bb10 on pb. To those who say people will hammer them for not meeting a deadline I don't think anyone expects bbry to meet a deadline anymore. And a time frame would be better than simply saying coming soon,jan 30. And then dropping all mention for the next 6 months. For a business oriented device it's ironic how they can't ever meet deadlines or stick to a business plan.

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I would be delighted to see BlackBerry roll out a light BB10 OS like they promised ! Since they released a light version of BB10 for the Alpha Device why not adapt this for PB ? Also I don't think it would cost that much to put a team on a BB10 OS for the PB !
Please Mr. Heins it's important to the whole BlackBerry Community and all the Playbook owners ! Lying to the Faithfull BlackBerry community would not be the smartest move! I know that it was said to roll out this year, so they have a full 6 month to do this, but the sooner the better !

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Hello ppl,

Am very serious about this, if the PlayBook is not getting BB10, then that will be my last purchase of any BlackBerry device on my part.

BlackBerry is not keeping up to what they said.

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At this stage I would settle with Bridge working properly again. My PlayBook is just a coaster right now after using my Z10. It would be great to bring the PlayBook back into my productivity circle again. I'd hate to even ponder on an iPad.

C'mon BlackBerry, show us that you care.

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It is not about whether Blackberry can put BB10 on the Playbook, it is about making priorities. Blackberry and independent hackers/devs can do anything. It is about time and resources, and whether it is worth it at this time versus completing other more important tasks. Anyone with a vision and focus can accomplish anything, given enough time and effort. And I congratulate the devs here that are working on this awesome project.

I have 3 Playbooks and love them all. They are the only tablet I've ever owned. But they are a money-loss for Blackberry. The latest OS v2.1 is good enough for now, and Blackberry has other priorities including:

- releasing and improving Z10/Q10 and Q5 penetration in markets
- fixing many issues with the OS10 on those phones (and there are issues)
- updating the many core features of the SDK's to standardize features across all devices
- perfecting headless Blackberry 10 app SDK's
- upgrading the BB10 player to Android v4.1
- bringing USB "On-The-Go" functionality to all BB10 devices to allow storage/mouse/keyboard use
...and so on...

As much as I love my Playbooks, I would rather have Blackberry concentrate on the more important things right now to make money, for the long-term health of the company.... not looking back (yet) to please us Playbook users. I am happy just to have scored a bunch of Playbooks for so cheap and I have used them every day for work and play.... as much as BB10 would be cool, I can totally understand why Blackberry is no rush to do it. Remember they downsized and have to control their budgets. They have a team of developers who are working hard on so many different parts of the OS and all of it has to be compatible, and in line with future roadmap.

So, congratulations to independent Devs who DO have the time and enjoy doing this for intellectual satisfaction and to help others in the Playbook community. We can have fun at it, and maybe we will be able to do it before Blackberry commits the resources to get around to it. That is by no means a sign of incompetence on the part of Blackberry, it is simply that they have different priorities right now... and Blackberry CAN do anything when they want to.

More important things like "changing the spinner thingy from a circle blue to the outlined spinner thingy coming in 10.2 that Michael Clewley finds "mesmerizing".

Yea they have their priorities in check alright lol check Clewleys BBM channel and then do me a favor and give me a break!

We all should just let the PB ride off into the sunset. BB just needs to let the tablet market go. Or maybe they have?

It would be nice to see a video of it working. Otherwise, can we really verify the authenticity of the picture?

It's clearly a little far from perfect, and I'm definitely excited to see how the new OS will run on the PlayBook!

Anyone agree?

I hope blackberry 10 comes soon to the PlayBook, that way I can start buying my music and movies off of blackberry world instead of other OS.

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The blackberry 10 mobile computing strategy is one device and second screens of any size for different applications eg cars, tablets tvs etc. With the QNX RTOS distributed computing means you don't need every screen to come with top of the line specs. The PlayBook will get upgraded most likely after Mira cast becomes available with10.2. At that point BlackBerry 10 might even be able to take over Android tablets?

If, IF Blackberry continues to ignore the tablet market it will eventually (sooner then later) be put out of business. All anyone has to do is look at how successful Apple is with their iPad sales while Blackberry continues to neglect further development of their Playbook.