BlackBerry 10 to be shown off at Mobile World Congress in February (hopefully PlayBook OS 2.0 available)

BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Jan 2012 11:19 am EST

Stuart over at Pocket-Lint just made an excited blog post announcing that RIM told him that BlackBerry 10 will show off ("reveal") the new operating system at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. Before you get too excited thinking new phones and things like that, let's put everything into check for "shows" in 2012...

CES 2012 - Next week BlackBerry will be in Las Vegas at CES 2012. We're not expecting any new devices or anything to be announced, but I'm sure we'll get a much better look at where PlayBook OS 2.0 is at and hopefully see some new apps, services and things like that get announced. When it comes to PlayBook OS 2.0 branding, remember that at DevCon we were told that this was the branding "for now"...  when launched, the PlayBook's OS was called the BlackBerry Tablet OS. Now it is the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 has been announced and is to be available in February, but were pretty sure we'll see yet another name change soon here with PlayBook OS 2.0 likely getting re-branded also into BlackBerry 10. RIM made it clear at DevCon that BBX (now BlackBerry 10) is the ONE platform moving ahead, so it doesn't really make sense for RIM to have separate OS branding from their tablets and phones. Depending where marketing materials are at, we might see it as PlayBook OS 2.0 next week, or possiby already see PlayBook OS 2.0 start getting referred to more and more as BlackBerry 10.

DevCon Europe - A few weeks ago we already posted what RIM told us about BlackBerry 10 at DevCon Europe... specifically that By attending, you'll be among the first to witness the birth of the next generation in application development, BlackBerry 10. DevCon Europe is early February. Mobile World Congress is late February. So it's pretty clear that if not at CES, we'll start seeing the BlackBerry 10 name get used and shown off a lot more at DevCon Europe, prior to Mobile World Congress.  Remember - BlackBerry 10 isn't a "brand new OS" but is the progressing evolution of the new QNX-based platform. Names are just names, but this is what it is. Even if handsets won't be available until late 2012, I'm hoping RIM shows us some "developer phones" at this event. We know devices like London exist - heck, they were on hand at DevCon America but just were not shown off publicly. Letting developers start to see some of the new screen resolutions early would be a good thing.

Mobile World Congress - Late February. As Pocket-Lint said, I'm sure we'll see more of BlackBerry 10 at MWC. But versus being unveiled as a new OS which their article sort of points to, it's more likely to be something we're all pretty familiar with by then. Remember, RIM told us BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 should be available in February. So if we see something launch at MWC, it should be better be the availability of PlayBook OS 2.0 for PlayBook owners... but more likely under the BlackBerry 10 name.

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BlackBerry 10 to be shown off at Mobile World Congress in February (hopefully PlayBook OS 2.0 available)


there could be one big news for CES12,
New CEO or Chairperson.
That's enough for this years CES12..

I really hope not..

Ive said this before and I'll say it again.. I love RIM products but I hate RIM marketing!!!

They really need to learn to start keeping their new OS`s, features and devices secret until much MUCH closer to launch.. showing them off this early in the game just gives a leg up to the competition..

They've been missing all of their deadlines. If they wait until close to actual launch then there would be nothing to show for over a year straight...

With all due respect, I'm pretty sure the competition isn't paying that much attention to what RIM is showing off. . .whatever it is, RIM is still a huge late comer compared to the competition. Showing off what they are working on is an attempt to stay relevant to developers and enthusiasts and potentially attract new developers. Seeing how nothing significant will be coming from RIM till late 2012, it's gonna be pretty tough to keep people interested till then. Hopefully OS7, a "revamping" of Playbook OS, and better marketing can do the trick.

I totally agree with you! They need to unveil the product like a week before coming out nd that creates buzz in the tech world like Apple does.

That's great. Now how about perfecting what you already have and I've paid for. Namely today BBM Music not working properly and indicating my paid membership is now not a premium status. I'm a busy person and I can't keep supporting a company that waste my time.

If you are PondHockey *US*, they literally just fixed you while I was looking at your BBMM account after I read this.

"B^&*h on Crackberry and you shall be rewarded."

LOL I have that dude in my BBM list. I confirm, his music list is back to premium.

I'm gonna listen to his tunes now.

Don't know how or even if I did it but I did a series of deleting bbmm and appworld and resets that by the time I sent for help to BBMM support it was actually working. Maybe the same for you.

hopefully OS2 will be available late Feb rather than 'late summer' 2012 :(

but since it seems no new devices will be announced, what happened to Beats? Calypso? Cyclone? 10 inch or 4G playbook?

By MWC (end of February) we should already have 2.0 installed on our Playbooks...

They can then concentrate on BB10 phone demos or whatever else they want, but 2.0 is late enough as it is...

agreed, my bday is coming up, asked for best buy gift cards because a lack luster OS2 or heaven forbid another delay, I will make the switch to a company that is developping properly.

Not sure that is really a great idea. It is good that it is working (or at least the part they will show are working)... but where is a device that someone can buy and use it on?

Most people buy hardware or what can they do with a device. For right now they don't care what the OS is running on it.

Maybe, RIM will do incremental updates leading up to MWC.

- 1st update during CES,
- 2nd update during DevCon Europe,
- MWC/keeping promise of Playbook OS 2.0 release.

Also, with RIM rebranding to Blackberry 10, they should do ten (10) 30 second youtube commericals highlighting ten (10) things new with Blackberry 10...Kick start the marketing!!!

I like the idea. Hey, wasn't that one of the things Mr. Lazaridis & Balsillie said to expect from RIM pretty quick here? New promotion and marketing?

After weeks and months of delay you put the word "hopefully" in hopefully PlayBook OS 2.0 available...Wow.

So is this another buzz kill that starts from from absolutely --> definitely --> hopefully --> may be --> we never said...-->' ah well it's coming soon ...

I should be getting my Playbook the end of this month or early Feb. but I could care less what you wanna call the OS, just put out a product that people will love and stand behind. I think it is safe to say that all BB heads out there love their devices, whether it be phone or tablet and will support them but to see the likes of Android or iOS keep having update after update after update and we are still waiting to move one step forward, it can be frustrating. :-(

I love my Bold 9930 for the security it offers and the speed at which it moves, the way it organizes my busy life which is only gonna get busier, and for just being a really cool phone.

I'm not going to say this is the last chance for BB, but if they don't do something drastic or at least really, really cool in the near future (1st quarter) they might see people jump ship without a life vest and just swim to the competition without looking back.

Not knowing what Apple is going to be doing has become a good thing (as they release awesome product as complete surprise), but not know what RIM's going to be doing is a bad thing. I say this - if we're not seeing leak after leak of new product in the wild (usually asian hands via youtube or similar), then that means the product DOES not exist and is FAR from being released. RIM has never been good at surprising anyone, and we always know months in advance (via leaks) of new product.

Awesome, ya like the iPhone 4S.... anything but

I don't mind Bashing RIM when they desrve it, but don't be a me too Apple zombie, the 4S was pathetic. Tell it like it is.

Only thing notable in 4S was Siri, which helps you look even more like a dick when using an iPhone.

I received a message from the Beta Zone the other day the PB OS 2.0 will have a Video store to accompany the Music store, so now I am even more excited to see the update! Come on Feb!

Guess if Blackberry 10 is shown that would mean as per usual BGR was full od it again! Oh surprise surprise!
Sent from my 9810

It'll be nice to see BBOS 10 but I have no faith that it wont just be smoke and mirrors of something more than 8 months away.

BlackBerry 10 just doesn't have the sexy appeal like BBX did. In fact, BlackBerry 10 has no appeal whatsoever! RIM needs a new name for the OS. I've made a few suggestions in the past, BlackBerry UNITY being the one that works the best. BlackBerry UNITY does bring the best of both worlds, BlackBerry 7, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and now the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0. The OS is also UNIX based.

I just want a store that works! The Music Store never worked for me.

Workaround for music store is to use (the website). From there you can purchase and you will see your purchases happily appearing in your PlayBook Music Store.

I love my Playbook (bought on launch day) but until it's released you will have to excuse my skepticism on 2.0. I really hope it comes and that there is no more disappointments!

Rim really cant afford to delay the playbook os any longer.If they do then it would be signing its own death certificate.

I think Playbook OS2 being released on February might be a stretch, I say that because not many updates have been rolled out, you'd think we are under a month away from February we'd see an some more beta updates..

Wake me up when I can do a simple spell check on my 'professional grade' PlayBook.

Until then....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Was suppose to be in the latest refresh of the beta OS. It didn't get packaged in, but will be in the next one. For sure included in official release in Feb (or whenever they release it). Spell check, word suggestion, auto cap.

Paid the same for it and feel quite the same way. Sadly, I've found myself using my PB less and less and I really wish it wasn't the case.

We were shown working native PIM, e-mail on Playbook back in May 2011 and we all know how that has gone down. Until they deliver a date for a device it is all vaporware with RIM. Sorry but being an early Playbook adopter has made me very skeptical of anything RIM says or does. Hopefully leadership changes by the end of the month as rumored and the new management will light a fire under some peoples asses to get something to market!

It wasn't "native" from what I understand. It was a BB Java port, and they gave up the ghost on doing a VM just to run email. Again, nothing official for this, just what happened when you piece together what was said, reported, and passed around.

I believe we should do just like the Android community did to make the manufacturer unlock the bootloader on certain phones! We should make a movement and start petition as well as flooding RIM's email system to execs and others!!
RIM needs to change their attitude and perception of the market! We shall call it just like the Android community did it: #OPMOSH (OPERATION: Make Ourselfs Heard)!!!

Crackberry Kevin, lead us to the promis land of the BB we always wanted to really LEAPFROG the competition!! Which doesnt seem to be the same definition as ridiculous Jim!

We are counting on you Kevin! ;)

They did offload a few PBs to people in the last two months so something needs to give now.
Previewing BB10 devices months away is a BAD move. BB7 phones will suffer more when there really is nothing in sight (knowing they will not run BB10).

They said they will show some BB10 and also more BB7 stuff. Enjoy your BB7 device this year until the new generation of BlackBerrys come out!

This was always going to be case though, wasn't it?
If all goes well with BB10, the 0S 7 will become the new 0S 5.0/6 and 10 will lead the way.

They just release too many damn phones. That said, I'm happy with my 9360. Upgrade from 9000 to that, yes sir!

Imagine if they pull something out the ordinary?!
I just wanna wake up the next morning, check CB on my 9360 and see multiple posts on how RIM stole the show with thier "BB10" OS show off or some shit.
Just something to excite the people and possibly shut some up too.

I think a lot of us have longed to wake up one morning and see some good news posted regarding RIM. Heck, the first thing I check is my twitter feeds to see if there's been any good news. Sadly, I'm bombarded by negative news.

It's time for RIM to make some noise in Europe. Latest reviews I heard (in France) about what "2012 will be" only state about other brands launch. Not a single word about RIM, Blackberry nor Playbook. I sincerely hope Devcon Europe (will CB team be there ?) will change that, even if I think "being in the shadow" WAS the proper attitude after the N.A general bashing ...

I could get a ride to Amsterdam to see this ... maybe we'll meet around a tea there (*smile* : a Tennessee thing for K.M :))

French Frog

Is it me or does Crackberry seem to be really boring lately. Ever seen RIM has been falling off the news has gotten lame. I need to see a 2.0 release in Feb. or my playbook will be on craig'slist by the end of the day. I always loved my berry and I do want a 9810 because of the 4g and there are improvements in that build.But they are small in contrast to the mobile marketplace. I just cant lock into a two year contract because if changes are not made I'm gone to a new platform. Has anyone noticed that the only time us CB addicts really go crazy on the comments is when there are post of leadership change, PB 2.0, and what us the consumers want from BBX. The OS is tired and looks the same from build to build. Where is the innovation, where is the progression towards a future. I'm not excited about CES or mobile world congress. RIM maybe over as we know it. They will end up licensing the OS and selling BBM which could be big. I enjoy bb alot I have been able to do so much with my phone but its a I-world we live. There is a apple app from every major medium and outlet you can think off. That is cool no matter how we look at it. RIM has missed the bus. I feel people on this site understand tech trends because this is not the only site you read. We all know RIM is really late and in this market you have to think years down the road just so you are not in last place. There is much to be changed from the ground up. I do feel Kevin should apply for some kind of job at RIM because they do need it. Sorry for the rant from a Crackberry Berry fiend. I just need us to be back on top

They havn't given a my guess would be closer to 29th then the 2nd.

I have always figgured that they will probably release it at Mobile World Congress. And so have a lot of other people...So if that is the case, Feb 27 will be the day it's released....

I really hope they Change the name from BB10, it just isn't good enough.

What was that Canadian jet that got the boot? Avro I think, something like that. Anything with a cool name not BB10. It stinks. How can 10 represent anything new???????

Here are 10 better names

1. Avro
2. Black
3. Waterloo
4. Onyx
5. Huron
7. Zenith
8. Phoenix
9. Lynx
10. Aroura

They are not all great but any of them followed by 1.0 beats BB10 OS.

Great move on the part of RIM to sell the Playbook at low prices for that period of time. Now that Playbook sales have increased, Android app developers should be more compelled to port their apps to App World and new developers will be more likely to develop for PlayBook OS making for a better experience with the update to 2.0.

That's the kind of thing you would hope they would understand from the beginning. The initial pricing of the PB was its downfall. It's a great tablet, but nobody knows about it because most people weren't willing to drop $400 on an experiment. Think about the difference in the way the Kindle Fire was received. The PlayBook is leaps and bounds ahead of the Fire, but you'd never know it because Amazon priced the Kindle right, and RIM screwed up.

RIM's #1 priority should have been to get the d*mn thing into consumers' hands.

Let me throw this out....think about it.......

Operating System......O


I think you're thinking a lot more than the current marketing folks at RIM. I like the brainstorming.

Now, if only RIM would actually consider any of the feedback from CB...

I know alot of people are anticipating the bb10 platform but for the sake of the company shouldn't there be more attention to OS7? I mean Apple doesn't ever show off what's coming until the current has become obsolete. I'm just as excited as the next concerning bb10 but I don't see how they are to sell more phones now by showing off what doesn't even exsist yet.

I say they make some improvements on OS7, Push out PB2 and closer to the time that they actually come out with the newer stuff then push out more inovation in the form of BB11 and Tablet 3 when they come out with the ten inch. My concern is that RIM will get caught up with the customers wanting to see the future now just to get their hard on that they will spill their cookies which will make the present phones look like not worth buying.

I mean once again I am looking forward to the future of RIM but the Bold 99x0 is one sexy phone and deserves to get some love before it becomes obsolete to it's younger bro....

Just sayin.