BlackBerry 10 BBM to support 'enhanced communication activities' beyond just texting

Thorsten Heins
By Adam Zeis on 12 Oct 2012 04:02 pm EDT

While speaking in Jakarta on Thursday, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins talked a bit about BBM and what's in store down the road for the messaging service on BlackBerry 10. BBM has always been the go-to for BlackBerry users to setup groups, chat with family and friends and even send files, but soon there may be even more. Thorsten said that RIM is always trying to improve BBM, making it "a very strong platform not just for communication", and noting that Indonesia has always been an innovation ground for RIM.

Heins went on to say "Think about transacting money. This is one element in which you could have a huge BBM population in Indonesia transferring money from one partner to another". From the sounds of it we could see something like mobile transfers through BBM at some point down the road, making for "enhanced communication activities". He didn't get into much detail beyond that, stating "I want to keep a few surprises for the Indonesian consumer as well".

What do you think - would money transfers over BBM be someting you'd want? What other cool features would make BBM even awesomer? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Jakarta Post Via: BerryReview 

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BlackBerry 10 BBM to support 'enhanced communication activities' beyond just texting


RIM need to refine the BBM basic feature. I hate the broadcast message (BM). I hope RIM provide option to turn off receiving BM and provide option from whom you would receive BM.

Some people hates BBM then and leave blackberry because feeling annoyed with BM on their blackberry.

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RIM CEO promises ‘surprises’ for Indonesian users


Using BBM for money transactions is something I had always thought they should have gotten into and I think some of their early plans to enact the feature led to some friction with the US carriers.

It would seem to be a natural fit given the security advantage already present in the NOC.

I think this would be GREAT!

Imagine you are able to send and receive money right from an app. Maybe they would even allow people to link their PayPal accounts with BBM.

I really believe this idea is one for the 'books' and can really make people lives easier.


This is a great Idea. Secure and instant money transfers would be used by many people.

Off topic: Adam, as an American writer why do you put all of your punctuation outside of the quotation marks?

If it went through my bank's app. Not PayPal or others though. Work on the bank apps for tap&go type additions.
& transfers to others.

I wonder what infrastructure RIM would have to set up to offer this? Sounds intrguing. If our smartphones eventually replace our wallets, bb users will at least have the assurance of the security of the bb platform. Not sure I would be as "confident" on any other platform.

Why can't we have NFC payments (like they already have in Turkey)? Sharing money over BBM would be great, and I'm all for it, but NFC technology is already on the BB7 phones and they are already using it in other parts of the world, I'd like to see it in the USA!

You know, indonesian use ввм™ groups for business. Online shop is still trending until now, and mostly run by college students. And the money circling around it is pretty huge. While paypal still doesn't support withdrawal to indonesian bank account until now, it will be a really major breakthrough if RIM can get banks to approve send/pay and withdraw from/to bank account. Indonesians solved the transfer possible issues with something called 'rekber' short from 'rekening bersama'. Think of it as a mini,less secure/guarantee form of paypal. is the place if you want to buy or sell anything with indonesian's version of paypal. Though now there are some startups providing paypal alike service but paying and withdraw from and to bank account is still not safe here. There is no guarantee like buyer's protection,just plain trust to stranger that sell/buy things. With blackberry user base in indonesia and their online, if RIM can be what paypal can't here, it will be very interesting.

Only interesting if bbm is made available to other platforms or for developing countries.


Virtual BBM money for an ecosystem would be pretty cool. App world already supports gifting of apps and I'm sure with the social concept of BBM, competition, cooperation and accommodation will allow exchange of transactions. What about a virtual/simple stock market getting people to understand the concepts of investing. I believe that having this kind of ecosystem should allow people to make money rather than consistently expending. When people are earning/rewarded prizes, it will keep them on the platform.

This would be awesome! no more I forgot my wallet at home and I'll pay for the next round the next time we go out to the bar crap. Just transfer the money over and were even! lol

I believe that will be a great tool for any one who belongs to a business organization that needs to transfer funds between its members or any one who owes you money for that matter.

This would be awesome! Wholesalers can easily create a BBM group and take orders in real time and even have customer support ASAP!

I want video chat!!! They should try to incorpirate a face to face style of talking. It would create a whole new aspect to bbm.