BlackBerry 10 arriving soon in Saudi Arabia on Mobily

Mobily SA
By Bla1ze on 16 Jan 2013 05:27 pm EST

With BlackBerry 10 thus far, we've heard from plenty of carriers that will soon be offering devices and now, Saudi Arabia is joining the party courtesy of Mobily. Taking to Twitter to inform their customers, the carrier has announced BlackBerry 10 is coming soon. Right now, they don't appear to be taking any pre-orders but if you live in that region it might not hurt to give their Twitter account a follow and ask them for some more details.

Source: @Mobily, Thanks, Yousuf!

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BlackBerry 10 arriving soon in Saudi Arabia on Mobily


Great News! I live in New York City of Arabia. US. lol

All jokes aside. Blackberry 10 is going to be insane! here in North America and elsewhere in the world. If carriers price is competitively. ITS ON!

So we should hit about 100 carriers selling it by mid feb. The giant launch, I do not think any other singlephone or peace of hardware was ever launched at this scale..D u agree ?

It says blackberry 10 re-designed re-engineered re-invented coming soon.
As a vip mobily subscriber, i co tacted them to ask about preorders or more info on availability. The customer service said they dont know when it will be available