BlackBerry 10 anthem 'One' from Brian S. and Kidd Wrek

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jan 2013 12:18 pm EST

Another awesome BlackBerry 10 song has hit the web - this time from Brian S. and Kidd Wrek. Titled "One", the song sings the praises of BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 and really gets things pumped up for new devices. We'll definitely be adding this to our BlackBerry playlist in the CB HQ here in Toronto. BlackBerry fans are nothing without passion, and this one shows that off in full form. Give a listen to the song and let us know what you think in the comments!

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BlackBerry 10 anthem 'One' from Brian S. and Kidd Wrek


I can hear this being played in the clubs. Great jam! I do agree with a previous commenter about the vocals being louder, but I still dig it and I would get down on the dance floor to it. :-) They should make a music video in the vein of "Like a G6" where a bunch of hot guys and girls head out for night on the town, busting out their BB10s, being the new in-crowd with their sexy new phones. These videos are great in targeting a younger demographic: "Not your daddy's BlackBerry!" ;-)

Anybody that mixes knows it's not easy to find a good groove and make it always work, this mix works and with a tiny bit of polish is advert material!

Excellent effort!!

Thanks everybody and to the CrackBerry team for posting this. Kidd Wrek, Dana Lori and Myself appreciate YOU ALL! BB10!!!!!