BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 launches in Qatar

By James Richardson on 11 Feb 2013 08:10 am EST

BlackBerry 10 launched in yet another country yesterday - this time in Qatar. The good people of the Middle East got together at a VIP event at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar for the unveiling of the new operating system and the launch of the BlackBerry Z10.

Along with the Z10, BlackBerry also showcased a selection of local businesses and developers who have created applications for BlackBerry 10. These included Qatar Airways and Al Jazeer which should be a big hit. 

It's great to see BlackBerry 10 getting a warm reception in yet another country. Don't worry Americans. Your day will come soon.

You can catch the full press release from Qatar below.

Doha, Qatar -- 11 February 2013 - BlackBerry® hosted an exclusive VIP event in Doha last night in celebration of the BlackBerry® 10 platform and the recently launched BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone. The new BlackBerry Z10 is the first smartphone based on the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform, giving customers a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience.

By exclusive invitation only, the VIP red carpet event took place at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, celebrating an evening of lifestyle and technology excellence. The event also showcased local Qatari businesses and developers who have designed apps specifically for the BlackBerry 10 platform, including Qatar Airways, Al Jazeera, music app developer Anghami and gaming app developer Maysalward.

Ahmad Olaywan, Country Director, Qatar, BlackBerry, said: "We are excited to be introducing our customers in Qatar to a new era of mobile computing. The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone delivers a powerful new platform for BlackBerry customers and we are excited to be bringing BlackBerry 10 to the people of Qatar."

"BlackBerry 10 is designed to learn and adapt to each user, thus making every BlackBerry 10 experience unique. Our customers in Qatar appreciate the latest technology innovations and we are confident that the BlackBerry Z10 will keep them connected while on the move."

With BlackBerry 10, very feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep customers moving and includes advancements such as:

  • Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub - A new mobile computing paradigm where what matters to customers is only always one swipe away
  • Keyboard - Understands and adapts to customers, so they can type faster and more accurately 
  • BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) - Allows customers to share things with the people that matter to them in an instant 
  • BlackBerry Balance technology - Protects what is important to customers and the businesses they work for

The BlackBerry Z10 is now available in Qatar in all leading telecoms and retail stores. The unsubsidized pricing of the BlackBerry Z10 is QAR 2,599.

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 launches in Qatar


Because the places like Qatar, UK, Canada, South Africa, kept them afloat when everyone in USA called them dead. It is a reward for their loyalty.

That is two sided. No one would purposely tell the few loyal customers in a region to wait even longer just because. If patience disappears those few seeders will be lost as well.

When launching a product, you go after the markets where your product has a better chance of succeeding and that is not the US market. They launched in friendlier markets first. It is just that simple. Those few loyal customers should be realistic and understand that what is best for the company is to get as much sales as possible. Because if they launched in the US and sales were poor, it will affect the sales in other markets.

The world does not revolve around the US and they are not the largest market in the world, they are just the loudest.

I'm going to disagree with you here. I don't think this is BlackBerry punishing the American PUBLIC for what the American MEDIA has been saying for the last few years. And you can't "punish" consumers for exercising their right to choose the product the wish to buy (that's just petty and well below Heins' standards). I'm not saying that this is completely the US carriers' fault, because I think BlackBerry has a hand in it, but I think if BB10 could have been released in the US shortly after the Superbowl, they would have done so.

To the OP and everyone complaining about this region or that region getting BB10 before us in the US, no amount of complaining is going to get it here quicker or make the wait any easier. It'll get here when it gets here and not a moment sooner. Just be happy that BlackBerry seems to be on track to release in a new region in what seems to be a weekly basis at this point. That's a lot better than in the past with the old RIM.

Heins mentions in many interviews that Carrier testing in the US is holding up the launch, that the new BB10 eco-system is so complex so revolutionary that the whole testing regimen is more complex. He wants it out in the US NOW!!

Yes Jimcmf, you would be well advised to arrange your affairs accordingly; the US is insolvent, but we still enjoy the savings of the rest of the world with which we buy smartphones on a post-paid basis.

Oh yes I know he's said that repeatedly, and I wholeheartedly believe he wants it released in the US ASAP, but when I said I believe some of the blame is on BlackBerry, I meant that perhaps they did not provide the most updated devices to US carriers in sufficient time to complete the testing. When I suggest this I do not suggest that they're being malevolent or negligent, I'm just saying that the way this testing appears to work, the carriers need one OS version to use. If the OS has changed between then and launch, then perhaps it delays the process.

I highly doubt that it's BB10's complex eco-system that's holding things up; they just need to make sure that the phone works on their networks. The employee education shouldn't take very long at all.

Call your carrier and ask them to accelerate the approval process. BBRY wants the US to have the phones NOW. It's your carriers that are delaying it.

A place like Qatar? What does that even mean? You do realize Qatar had top 2 GDP's in the World probably the last 2 years. I lived in Doha for a year, there is a reason a country like Qatar won the World Cup bid for 22, beating out countries like ours. The sooner we as Americans realize the world is smaller, and there are countries outside of the US the better it will be for us.

agree...america may be a major market but still samsung is selling hansets in asia and has succeed in replacing apple...

BB showing love to the places that didn't jump ship from day one.......cough.......US market.......cough. Happy to see BB10 florish.

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

You're really testing my patience.

Apparently that particular model works with LTE for AT&T/TMO. Doesn't sound right considering only WIND phones work for TMO and Roger phones work for AT&T.

No. The WIND/TMO variant works for AT&T/Rogers/Bell/Telus too. That's the one Solavei will be selling. It's the RFK121LW variant.

LTE 700/850/1700/1900
HSPA+ 800/850/1700/1900/2100

The funniest and thousand others already had z10 bfore the official launch....and yes almost all the big stores and malls were stocked out within few hours of its official launch

I have a question to BB gurus? Does BB 10 Hub use secure connection SSL for twitter, facebook accounts or not? Does BB 10 have open VPN? THANK YOU! If you don't know just say that you don't know.

I know BBRY is doing its best to have us Americans get this phone ASAP, whats annoying is that the carriers are not even saying anything to us, they have given us lil details about the phone so far. This is unacceptable but as a diehard BB'er i will wait, im not looking to spend $1000, ive saved both my upgrades for almost 2yrs for this.....Bring BB10 to the US sooner pls

I want them starting selling the Phones in the Netherlands NOAW!
But from what it looks like we won't be getting them unitl March as well... shugs!

i got my Z10 on 7th and i live in Qatar!! by the way, all the stores have sold out in less than 5 days!!

Wow.. lucky neighbor! the Z10 will be launched on mid March in Indonesia :(
Glad to see the Mid-eastern country gets their hands early on the Z10.
I'm hoping that several cross-platform Messengers (Whatsapp, Line, Skype) will be available on launching day here. People are crazy about messaging/social-network apps here :D

LMFAO it was a joke. Maybe not a good one, but there is a hint of truth to it and that's what pissess you off. If my post offended you I did my job.

It has a hint of truth to it? Which part? That mid easterns are terrorists? Soooooooooo ignorant. And yes you did do your job you certainly are a dick.

Better change your name to dunscap. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, not a third world nations by any means.

We Americans are ashamed of ourselves for what we did to our great nation.
The world is leaving us behind because we are just too full of ourselves.
The rest of the world will probably not use our software and will buy BB phones instead.
That is still ok, because everyone in the US loves Blackberrys as well

If you are so ashamed to be an American pack up your Shit and get out. No true American is ashamed to be American. BlackBerry is failing here because they have screwed around for the last 5 years releasing out dated products to late. And other companies have stepped up and stolen their business.

Did they learn anything from their failures? Obviously not because they're doing it again. They've waited till late March to make their new device (2 years in coming) available in the US.

And the Galaxy S4 will hit in April and nobody will buy AZ10 after that. Unless they are bb faithful. Which isn't gaining new customers.