BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 launches in Kuwait

By James Richardson on 14 Feb 2013 12:03 pm EST

It was only a few days ago that we told you that BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10 had launched in Qatar and now another Middle Eastern country has followed suit - this time Kuwait. Much the same as with all the BlackBerry 10 launch events this one was a VIP party and a few well know faces in Kuwait were there too. Ali Najim, a Kuwaiti radio personality was there to endorse the new BlackBerry. He has been a front man for BlackBerry in the country since taking a role as as an ambassador for the company in Kuwait.

I dread to think what the good folk of America will say when they see that BlackBerry 10 has launched in yet another country and they still have to wait until next month for the major carriers to sell the Z10. Good things come to those who wait - and BlackBerry 10 is well worth it!

You can catch the full press release from BlackBerry Kuwait below.

Kuwait City, January 13, 2013 - BlackBerry® hosted an exclusive VIP event in Kuwait in celebration of the BlackBerry® 10 platform and the recently launched BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone. The new BlackBerry Z10 is the first smartphone based on the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform, giving customers a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience.


The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone is the fastest and most advanced BlackBerry smartphone yet, and offers customers a smarter experience that continuously adapts to their needs. By exclusive invitation only, the VIP red carpet event took place on the 13th of February at the Sahara Kuwait Resort, celebrating an evening of lifestyle and technology excellence. The event also showcased local Qatari businesses and developers who have designed apps specifically for the BlackBerry 10 platform, including Kuwait News, Anghami, Apps2U, and Marina FM.


Ahmad Olaywan, Country Director, Kuwait, BlackBerry, said: "We are excited to be introducing our customers in Kuwait to a new era of mobile computing.  The BlackBerry Z10 smartphone delivers a powerful new platform for BlackBerry customers and we are excited to be bringing BlackBerry 10 to the people of Kuwait."

"BlackBerry 10 is designed to learn and adapt to each user, thus making every BlackBerry 10 experience unique. Our customers in Kuwait appreciate the latest technology innovations and we are confident that the BlackBerry Z10 will keep them connected while on the move."

Some key features customers will be able to experience on the new BlackBerry 10 platform include:

  • Peek and Flow into the BlackBerry Hub -  A new mobile computing paradigm where  what matters to customers is only always one swipe away
  • Keyboard -  Understands and adapts to customers, so they can type faster and more accurately
  • BBMTM (BlackBerry® Messenger) -  Allows customers to share things with the people that matter to them in an instant
  • BlackBerry® BalanceTM technology - Protects what is important to customers and the businesses they work for

The BlackBerry Z10 is available in Kuwait through Viva, Wataniya, and Zain telecom along with retail partners. The unsubsidized pricing of the BlackBerry Z10 is KD 199.

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 launches in Kuwait


LOL I dont think the UAE fall into that category. They all have money and tons of foreign investment. They want to keep it that way!

Well, as people with work phones know, it can also be an electronic leash. That said, the ME isn't as homgenous as a lot of us in the West think, just look at the Sunnis and Shiites. As well, don't refer to Iranians as "Arabs", they'll rightly take offense, as they're Persians.

So not available in the U.S. but can have in Kuwait, C'mon American carriers get off your arse!

You know, it's sad to say, but after waiting for the Z10 for so long and being very dissapointed about everything from the late release to the US and I'm like, "Nevermind." I don't really have the energy for it anymore. To say the excitement for BB10 in the US is long gone would be an understatement.

ELavar, that's exactly what the lobbyists for iphone, android, windows phone want you to do. Forget about blackberry and go for one of the above. You're smarter than that. Lobbyists for the competitors are blocking blackberry Z10 from coming to USA. Open your eyes guys!!!!

It just continues to Piss me off. Have waited to upgrade for over a year and a half. tried to get all my buddies to hold out the last 2 gave up after this latest delay. And now they are releasing in the US right around the time of the Galaxy S4. Sounds like a recipe for failure.

James, thanks for the post, and it's great to hear all the stories about BB10 being rolled out around the world.

What I haven't heard lately is any news (ANY) on updated timelines and actual release dates for the US. We American BB fans are just dying over here! Anyway you guys can provide a post with the latest inside info??? We all know you have it!

(BTW, not trying to sound like an "entitled American baby," just excited for BB10 like everyone else and wondering WHEN I can get mine)

I think you need to at least highlight what happens during the February 19 event, MWC and the Galaxy S4 launch in mid-March, so if US sales are less than stellar, people will have a better understanding of the impact this two month delay had on consumers (not the BB diehards). I'd bring up the Q10, but June is so ridiculously far off...

Yea...this "wait" in the US is going to get really really bad if Samsung releases the GS4 BEFORE BB10 is released in the US, announce 2 months ago in NEW YORK but not available until the end of March-ish. If a phone not even announced in the US can beat the BB10 to carriers I don't know who to the BlackBerry not pushing carriers enough, or is a carriers making excuses to not have BB10, or???

It is so nice to see the BB10 being released all over the world, but I must say I feel sorry for our brothers and sisters south of the border. I truly believe the U.S. carriers have done their people one huge disservice. There is no reason for this delay except for one reason, they did not believe BB would take off like it has and they have been caught sleeping.

It is nice that they try and blame it all on the US carriers I happen to know for a fact that that is bullshit. This is on Blackberry. It was their decision to hold off the US release. And It was not a good move. I wish I could quote my sources but it might jeopardize their jobs. I can say it's not store level the store's don't know shit. (Call One And Ask) If Blackberry can survive without making a hit in the US market more power to them. Maybe they like that number 4 spot behind windows phone.

The stars have aligned!

I'm a Canadian who moved to Kuwait for work. My residence permit came in today, which makes me eligible for postpaid billing and a subsidized phone. I just got home from work and this headline is the first thing I saw.

I would love to sit here and tell you more about how mind blowing this is, but I have to go to Zain and get my Z10.

As a Canadian I find it funny how the US pretty much gave up on BlackBerry yet the rest of the world started to embrace it at a staggering rate. Now the US is all upset because they’re not first and everyone else is getting the new BlackBerry phones. I'm happy to see the US is expressing interest in it and the demand is rising.

Sales plummeted in both the UK and Canada last year. You should at least understand what your talking about before making ignorant comments...

Well, of course not ALL the US gave up on BlackBerry, and not ALL the US is now upset that they can't get them either. Few of those who would really like one now had ever given up on BlackBerry.

That was very ignorant of you to say that. However, you may not have to worry about it much longer. The Samsung GS4 is being announced in March and the highly anticipated Google X is being released around May. BB10's release here is with horrible timing and the sales are going to reflect this.

Not true, I'm a big a big supporter of Blackberry, ever since I got my first Curve back in 2008. I can't wait to get my hands on a BBZ10 and I'm enjoying reading all the positive stories and watching in released around the world. It won't be long before its our turn here in the US.

What you fail to see is that not everyone in the US gave up on Blackberry. I have never owned another platform after switching to blackberry and the other people showing interest from the US are the same People who have held out and kept the faith.

The People who have jumped ship, most of them aren't coming back. All blackberry's delayed release is doing is pissing loyal customers who have waited off and they are jumping ship to.

And going up against Galaxy S4 by the time it does release, don't expect their sales in the US to get any better.

Here is what I have to say... is there any indication at all that these phones will ever be released in the US by any major carrier? I think not. I suspect no carrier has made a decision on the phones. All you get when you go to their web sites is: " You really want a Blackberry, well F-OFF!, We may release it, we may not, we'll tell you when we damn well feel like it."

This may be with a tinge of Americanism on my part or genius business sense on Blackberry's part, but with every new country that gets the z10 before the good ol' US, then the exclusivity factor multiples ten fold. In order to challenge the likes of Apple in the US market, Blackberry needs to create that "want" within the market. This should create an initial surge of buyers and positive reviews. All of us have faith that the hardware and software will continue the surge long after release in the US.

Naive comment. Resentment builds among diehards and regular consumers will be lost after Feb. 19, MWC and the Galaxy S4 launch, all happening before the US ever gets the Z10. I wouldn't call that BB genius...

Bingo. Sort of a cleaver marketing strategy don't you think? Old Frank knows what he is doing.

This message is to all Americans that are impatiently awaiting the arrival of BB Z10.

How do you explain the fact that all other countries were able to do their required testing
in time to offer this phone within days to two weeks from its launch on January 30th?

As a Canadian I'm pissed about the fact that US carriers have not stepped up their efforts to
make sure that Z10 is available to US customers earlier than it currently is (mid-March).
I don't believe for a second that this is due to Blackberries incompetence.

Contrary to what analysts think and say, I find this inexcusable, and in my opinion this delay
has everything to do with the carriers, Apple, Google, Microsoft and their Lobbyists.

Yes it is in carrier's benefit to have as much completion as possible but more and more I see
how they are being controlled by the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft (I'll call them the troika). It is the deals that the carriers have signed with them (which we are not even aware off) that prevents them from offering Blackberry's Z10 on time. Troika is trying to squeeze out
Blackberry from USA as a valid competitor.

I only wonder how much money has been put in to the hands of lobbyists and politicians to push Blackberry out!

So you're now an expert on American carriers and their politics? And of course BB is completely innocent. Maybe they couldn't produce enough inventory for a simultaneous US launch (stocks have been limited everywhere from day one), maybe they weren't confident enough to launch in US right away (bugs, not enough apps, etc.). I'm no fan of the US carriers, but this might not be so one sided...

Ah, and you are an inventory expert?

...and how many bugs and fixes did iphone and all the flavors of android had and still have or lack a proper upgrade path?

You know this comment of yours (bugs, not enough apps, etc...) sounds more to me like the bunch of F@#@##g US analysts!

What, you think that Canadians and people from countries around the world don't deal with bug fixes, etc...? What you need to understand is that bugs and various issues exist on each and every platform.

What users have the greatest issue today? iOS because of the 6.1 upgrade which opens passcode vulnerability and brings down the Exchange server

Crackberry has said multiple times that the US delay has a "silver lining" because bugs can be worked out and more big apps can make it to BB World in time for the eventual US launch. I guess they're just dumb analysts too?

So it seems, may be you are an expert on American carriers and their politics. There is no denying that Apple has pretty much bought most of the media in the US at this point. So, carriers delay in launching Z10 could have very much to do with the Apple. It could be directly as result of some agreement or indirectly as having too much stock of iPhone stock left. In any case, it's in the best interest of Blackberry to release these phones ASAP. Either US carriers are deliberately delaying this launch or are they are just incompetent to do the required testing in time. You should just blame them and keep bugging them for early release.

It's not just the US. Does Australia have it? Germany, South America, Italy, Russia, Mexico...and the list goes on. But the US is a HUGE market that shouldn't be neglected.

I don't even feel impatient. I'm just confused. We don't even have any advertising for the uppcoming month. No "coming soon". Shouldn't those comercials be out already?


This is looking more and more like a very interesting roll out for BlackBerry. Forget the gnashing of teeth and the blame game for a moment. March is shaping up nicely for the BB10 platform. It seems the launch in India is at the beginning of the month and other BIG markets such as Indonesia and the US some time after that. And I don't think we have heard about South Africa and Latin America yet. I would not be surprised to see an OS update during the month as well. Then, by the end of March we should begin to see the Q10. Lots of folks are waiting for that phone so the excitement should build there as the Z10 makes it's way around the world. Interesting times...

waiting is not the issue, we have been waiting for a very long time now and we didnt mind. in South africa like the US we wait but no specific date. my BBM contacts has shrunk massively and whatsapp has grown significantly. The excitement is changing to frustration and disappointment. Will i go for an iPhone or Galaxy, no; do i want a Z10 yes :) the thing is if you dont know when you can get what you want then sooner or later you get what you can. nope OS7 devices wont do sorry. i think blackberry should get these carries to launch the freaking z10 already - and we thought africa was important as a growing market, bb has made so much damage to, in the last month i saw 13 friends switch over to iphones and 8 to samsung. these were people waiting for BB10 :(

Funny all the blame for the US carriers, as if BB hasn't had phones in the US before. If this is soley on the carriers, then how come every single carrier in the US isn't offering it yet? I could see if some carriers offered it and some didn't, but as hard up as Sprint and T-mo are to drum up subscribers, offering the z10 before AT&T or Verizon would seem like a surefire way to do that. I find it really hard to believe this is all on the carriers. This smells of "waiting too long to get the phones to the carriers for testing" on BB's part.

So my theory is wrong because a carrier that has no plans on carrying the phone anyway is delaying the us release?

I heard that T-Mobile is set to release the Z10 at or before the end of this month to coincide with their rollout of LTE network

Look on the positive side.
When the Z10 launches in the USA ...... BlackBerry will be up to 250,000 apps.

That's what you want USA ..... lots of apps, right?
Standby while they are being created.

Quality Not Quantity and it ain't going to make a difference. Galaxy S3 was one of the biggest sellers of all time. Now Imagine Z10 going up against Galaxy S4. They screwed themselves by delaying they release.

Everybody igonring the fact that 22% of total rim market share is USA. Yes, all those enterprises and goverment agencies..

EXACTLY! But according to a lot of posts, America is somehow anti-BB. I'd like to see what they think if America suddenly blackballed BB and all sales were halted. I wonder if that would impact their bottom line, because supposedly America doesn't mean much...

apparently they have no need of US dollars to sustain their company. They obviously don't give a shit about those of us who have hung in there and waited for them, Maybe they are big enough around the world that they don't need the US market any more. If so I wish they'd just say it. It would make my decision to switch to Android easier

I live in the US and its becoming increasingly hard to keep my friends holding out. I do agree that although I wish it were HERE being released somewhere is better than nowhere. Can we just imagine if the launch date had remained the same but every country had to wait until march and June?? I cringe to think about the damage that would've caused, just imagine the length of Kevin's hair by then!!

Living Bold-ly!

Seems like people are upset at the thought of competing with the Galaxy 4; well if the S4 is anything like the quantum leap the iPhone 5 was, we can compete! Afterall there is always going to be a new something coming out. This is mobile, with mobile growth rates, we can handle it - its not desktop PCs. The 2,000+ reviews I have read say BB made a great product, do we not believe this?
I think that we need to wait to see how it all plays out to judge the Heins / Boulben course of action. Americans are spoiled; if they think they are the "proving ground for the mobile world", they are showing a lack of respect for the rest of the world. Lets play it out and see. Let get the phone released in Indonesia + South Africa + Venezuela + India + Mexico + Nigeria + execute the "ready program" with US enterprise.
It would be really silly in my mind for BBRY to have launched in the US first - they would have been smoked! for no reason of course.

Uhhhh, well that was the official launch. Blackberry Z10 was on sale since Feb 2nd here in Kuwait and many people had their hands on it. Because it wasn't official before Feb 14, some mobile stores sold the Z10 for 250KD (around $887) Ripping off every wallet LOL! Those same stores are selling them for 196KD ($695) now! .. Yeah i got one =D

Lots of trolling with intent AND ignorance. WHO CARES IF THE UNITED STATES ISN'T FIRST?!??!! At least it's launching where it WILL NOT be "obsoleted" and be "unappreciated" in the USA. Like damn. Don't blame anybody but yourselves. And trolls, get off this place and stop bothering people. Find somewhere else to troll.

I purchased the Z10 in Kuwait and i want to know if it is good to go for use on Verizon in the U.S. any one with answers please assist.