First Look: Pebble smartwatch working with BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 16 May 2013 01:48 pm EDT

While we still have plenty of content to come from BlackBerry Live 2013, we're breaking things down and getting ready to head back home. We've had plenty of great chats and interviews with a slew of developers and BlackBerry fans, and while we certainly didn't get to talk to everyone, we did get lucky that Ritesh swung by the CrackBerry Live stage before we left. Even though we had it mostly dismantled we fired up the camera for one last video.

If you remember waaaay back in 2009 we got the first look at the InPulse Smartwatch and it's BlackBerry integration. The watch has been through a lot since then and most recently was released in a totally new version dubbed the Pebble Smartwatch.

Today, Ritesh showed off some pretty cool BlackBerry 10 action which involves the Pebble smartwatch. While the Pebble isn't working with BB10 off the bat, Ritesh hopes to have a completed app soon that will allow for email, SMS and music playback and more from a BlackBerry 10 device. It's not totally full-featured (for instance it doesn't support any time functions) but it's still pretty awesome as it is.

Check out the video above for more and hit up the comments with your thoughts!

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First Look: Pebble smartwatch working with BlackBerry 10


I love the pebble watch, a friend has his working with his S3 and I love it. I have no need for it, but it is nice

I seriously don't understand this whole smart watch thing with Tech companies. not to mention this one looks like a court-appointed house arrest anklet. I'll stick with my Armani thank you.

Woah Woah, remember to take off that armani watch if you getting feisty wouldn't want to break it.

Posted via CB10

Feel bad for the bub. He paid several hundred dollars for, basically, the same "Made in China" eBay watch that can be had for <$10. It's just stamped with a designer name for the illusion of luxury and, thusly, termed a "fashion" watch. Who knows what cheap no name internals are in the fashion watches? You're laying out hundreds of dollars more just for a designer stamp on a generic watch.

I prefer to buy watches from reputable companies that manufacture them. I have a watch that is likely older than you and still ticking. I doubt that Armani watch will still be ticking in 34 years.

Ahahaha, just because you seemed to have been duped doesn't mean everyone else is as asinine. Try Macy's W 34 st NYC. You see my shrewd friend; real merchandise comes with a certificate of authenticity and a production patent #. Plus a quality piece of jewelry always has its specs 'stamped' on the back of the face. But you wouldn't know that hanging around the Wal-Mart display would you.... Someday you'll wise up to the tyranny of the counterfeit corporate world I hope.

Although I agree with you regarding the ankle bracelet pebble watch, which I would never be caught dead wearing, I also do not enjoy fashion watches. A fashion watch being a company, usually a fashion company such as Armani, Hugo Boss etc, who have their watches made for them and then stamp their names all over it...

Exactly this. Real watches have names like Rolex on them. Even budget makers like Seiko Epson make some very good watches. But "Designer" watches may have cheap Chinese movements in them, because anyone who thinks Armani is a watchmaker deserves everything he or she gets.
My suits may be made by Boss, my watches certainly are not.

Wow, you guys really need to do some research into your products. Hugo Boss admitted to using slave labor in WWII and authentic merchandise is now made in the USA. If you did any research into Hugo watches you would know that Movado (Swiss made) produces them. So I would definitely rather wear a Hugo Boss watch than a Hugo suit. Everything 'authentic' made by Armani is made in Italy, and there watches are produced by Fossil (Swiss made). Do your research; man, I'm done explaining fashion and quality control to you rubes.

Yes, that is just what I said... Fashion companies having reputable brands make their watches for them. Oh, and is it 1942?

P.S. Fossil produces most of their watches out of their Chinese manufacturing plant. Only their high end models are produced out of Switzerland.

So why not buy a Fossil instead? The point is if you have to get a watch manufacturer to produce your watch, why make one at all?

Because then you can't brag about having an "Armani" watch...that sad, sad man. I bet he would be the type to drive a lime green Lamborghini, but it would be a Diablo...not a nice one. :-P

Woah... This comment popped up on my phone just now... It's back from the dead! It still makes me laugh though.

Had Armani frames for a 3 years they lasted me through Boot camp and many journey's... of course i got them for 75% off and because of the military had to blacken out the A|X logo. regardless best 85$ I ever spent on glasses. Finally broke them in Feb, but I've stuck with contacts since :)

Now that is decent! If they could make a high quality fasionable watch like this and compatible with BB10 I would be game! Not a big fan of the band though...

Lmao. All those comments back and forth over a peice of sh watch no matter what the price name whatever it a watch. Get a life all involved in this waste of TIME. On another note love the concept of the pebble not a fan of the look.

Armani? I would take pebble watch over Armani any day. With Armani, you are paying more for the brand but all it does it show time, nothing else. Pebble watch can do much more than showing timr, so it's much better value in my opinion.

Giorgio Armani doesn't make watches just like Eddie Bauer doesn't make Ford Explorers and John Varvatos doesn't make Chrysler 300C's. You've been duped. Shoulda spent your money on a U-Boat because then you can look just as douchey but no one can say your watch is made in China.

Hands free email and call display. You can decide if it's worth responding right away. I know if I need to stop what I'm doing when I get a call text or email without breaking stride
I used my inpulse as a beta tester up until I switched to z10.
I have been in touch with the company about bringing pebble to bb10

I liked my inpulse watch on my old Bold 9790... I could see incoming calls or texts while riding the bike or boating without having to pull the phone out. Too bad they couldn't make the old inpulse watch work on my Z10 though...

Strangely enough, you can generally take one hand off the handlebars of a bike to check your watch for a few moments without risking a crash. Taking a hand off the handlebars and reaching into a pocket to check a phone, though, is a lot more distracting.

Interesting concept, not for me though. I wear a watch as much for fashion as time keeping. Plus, the only time I wouldn't pull out my phone is driving, then I'd just sync to the car. Maybe in a high res screen that looked nice. How about a module with different bands? Maybe partner with Swatch or something.

The only way I would wear a watch is if it has an Nfc tag and it will automatically unlock my phone from close proximity. No need for entering a password.

Posted via CB10

..and lock again when watch leaves proximity. I had the same thought, and then cringed to think some Patent Troll will someday crush competition when it should be standard across the board..

i like my 1964 omega seamaster...although i can see why some might like it....although call it an iwatch and you would have some person saying it was revolutionary.

Great! Pledged it before I knew that I will switch to a BlackBerry phone. I hope the app will be available soon.

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This is good, 'cuase I had the Inpulse and about 6mons ago it broke. If the Pebble can work on BB10 then it solidifies my choice of the Q10!

Good I had pebble with my galaxy s2. Now that I switched to the Z10 I have been thinking of selling the pebble as there has been no app for Z 10. Now I will wait. Being the computer it is though the Z10 still connects to the pebble, the app will make it do even more.

Posted via CB10

The GPS function would be great. No need worry about loosing my phone while I'm on my motorcycle. Just glace at my watch real quick.

That you can already do with a gps watch. There very advanced these days. Far "smarter" then the pebble. They even have bluetooth. Just need the pebble software loaded up.

Weird, I just emailed the InPulse fan site asking if the watch supports BB10 and here we are with confirmation of the Pebble watch + demo :D

yes someone gave me one for free.. been trying to get it to work but no can do..

can't wait

will it be able to show who is calling?

Agree 100%. I had a couple for about $45, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and actually got loads of compliments at a glance from people who were watch enthusiasts!

Hold on to your rubles, Apple will be announcing a smart watch in a very short time. It's attractive and similar to the nano in dimension and will become the standard in this category. The current collection of smart watches will go the way of the palm pilot very shortly.

BEST line ever about a WATCH: "It's not totally full-featured (for instance it doesn't support any TIME functions)..."
Yeah, who wants their "smart watch" to oh you know, tell the TIME? Too great...

If I am riding my bike then I'm not stopping to answer the phone regardless of who is calling.

That said, a wrist mounted music controller (playing in one ear whilst biking) would be neat - better still if I can mount it easily on my handlebars...

Actually now I think about it, it would be great if the pebble was exactly that and was easily removable from the watch strap - then a bike mount is much easier.

Also the Z10 app should feature an SDK so I can write an app that makes telemetry from my BT-LE heart rate monitor (for example) viewable on the pebble as well.

Do all that and I'll buy one for sure!

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The watch screen is too big. Make it smaller. Smaller is more.
Better yet ..... lets watch TV on that baby.

Nice toy. I'll look at it when it has more practical applications. Like starting my car, being phone controlling my television and pvr

Posted via CB10

Cool function I suppose but ugly for sure, I can't imagine any look that this would work with. It's a box on your wrist...its the reincarnated 80s calculator watch for 2013! Niche market for active/sport application, not sure if people would use these walking down the street.

Posted via CB10 thanks. I was one of the people that bought into the Inpulse watch, their first offering, and the support wasn't there, and the same thing is being said by some people now. They can keep their watch.

BlackBerry needs all the support they can get, not because they are failing or falling to the wayside, but because it's good for any company. Pebble smartwatch is considered support, albeit thirdparty hardware, support none the less. Why bash the company for supporting the BlackBerry line with their new watch? If you aren't going to wear it, no one is holding a gun to your head, so don't. However you don't need to post about how ugly it is, doesn't have this function, can't cook toast, etc... BlackBerry is finally getting a little action. And because people think it's "ugly", let's bash it and push any potential support for BlackBerry back to Apple, Android and Windows.

In other words, bashing it doesn't do any good here. Not just for the Pebble product but neither for any products looking at BlackBerry as a potential avenue that end up thinking "Hmm, should I support this?" and realizing "Nah, even BlackBerry loyalists will just bash it if it isn't perfect in their eyes" based off of the few comments here. Support everything that gets made to support BlackBerry, if you don't like it, to each his own, but don't publicly bash it scaring away any future companies.

Ha, for me real wealth is having a life that does not require a watch. That big shiny ball in the sky is my 'watch'. I feel bad for everyone who has to keep a schedule!

Just what I am looking for. I have a hard time hearing my phone and this would be great. Having it vibrate on my wrist will fit in nicely with my set up. Bring it on.

I got one in anticipation for someone making an app. I just got my pebble today.
Just wish I could pair it. Just a watch for now. Its still pretty cool.

If I had galaga or asteroids on it maybe it would buy me some time lol, but I can't put anything on it.

Yo CBHQ!! Any idea of when it might be expected to be released? Even just a rough estimate. I hate coming soon. We need some kind of idea.

What's the status of Pebble support for the Q10? Is it publicly-available? I'm a Droid Pro user looking to upgrade, but the Android phone makers are really neglecting physical keyboards these days. The Q10 may tempt me away from Android, but I don't want to lose Pebble functionality.