BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device specs and features

BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev
By Bla1ze on 1 May 2012 11:30 am EDT

Starting Wednesday, May 2nd developers will be able to collect their BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device while attending BlackBerry 10 Jam. Just in case you're wondering the specs exactly though we have a full run down of the device.

  • OS: BlackBerry 10 Developer Preview V
  • Display: 4.2-inch 1280x768 HD LCD (356dpi) touch screen.
  • Storage: 16GB Internal.
  • Network: Quad Band HSPA+, No LTE support enabled. microSIM.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC
  • Cameras: Front Facing with no flash. Rear Camera with Flash.
  • Ports: 3.5MM Headphone Jack, microHDMI, microUSB.
  • Battery: Non-Removable.

Most of the stuff listed here will carry over to actual BlackBerry 10 devices, however the non-removable battery has become a pain point for some with many users hoping RIM does not release a consumer device with a non-removable battery. Also notable is the fact that RIM only has the camera and web browser loaded onto the device, in other words it's barebones but will be opened up with OTA updates as development progresses.

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BlackBerry 10 Alpha Dev device specs and features


hm... aren't the galaxy tabs non removable batteries while the galaxy phone are removable? if so, your logic doesn't work at all for the playbook

I imagine the first BB10 device will be have a non-removable battery since it will be more geared towards the consumer market. The next BB10 device will be with a physical QWERTY keyboard and removable battery.

The screen size is great! definitely should not go any bigger than 4.2! although the screen display is AMAZING! i am hoping to see an increase in DPI in the final release, seeing as it will be 6 months away (hopefully sooner!) but in 6 months and a full consumer release, i hope they can get a better DPI, although 356 is great! I love the design, keeping it in par with the PB, wonder if this will change drastically or just thinner and slight modifications

356 is probably already more than sufficient. considering that is higher than the iphone currently and with a bigger screen. You are not going to see the pixels already. Increasing the ppi any further will not result in any changes.

I agree

4.2. 1280x768. 356DPI - BlackBerry Dev Alpha

3.5. 960x640. 326DPI - Apple iPhone 4S

Being an Alpha Device and packing that much Res, I'm pumped to see what the final product will bring

But who knows what Apple's Next gen iPhone will be packing (Screen Wise)

BlackBerryIdea 'Your Idea's In Motion' @BlackBerryIdea

If it has the look and feel of the Playbook, they may have something. The issue now is market differentiation while maintaining the customer base. Consider how things are going for Nokia with their Windows phone - not so good.

I personaly hope we will se something that comes close to the "london" design. . . but with better specs.

We need a simple and outstanding design. . .playbook has a simple not to say cheap design. . . remember - outstanding is the word!

People love high quality for a good price

However I still prefer a smaller form factor, its about the size of the Nexus S and that thing is huge in my opinion. Kev you should put it up next to your Bold to see how it sizes up.

I could see maybe 1 device in the line-up for competition with the iPhone with a non-removable battery and fixed memory. However I hope they keep some devices with removable battery and a memory card slot.

While I personally could survive with a fixed battery, the one thing I prefer with BlackBerry is the micro-SD slot so I am not restricted to the memory in the phone.

In summary, expandable memory is essential, removable battery is nice but not essential except for hardcore users.

MicroSD is a definite. I need that, I have a microSD in my phone now, which I'll need to get the information off of.

Fixed battery, not so much of an issue. But I'd prefer a removable one.

But that screen is AMAZING!

So, BlackBerry 10 OS versions will be "BlackBerry 10.0.XX" instead of "BlackBerry 10 v.1.0.XX", right? I was kind of hoping for the latter because I thought BB10 was the name of the OS.

No matter, the specs look great (good enough to be a retail unit)! If this is simply a developer device, then I can't wait to see what they put out as the final product!

No wifi? Having wifi would be helpful so devs can program and test what to do when data is streaming over wifi and then they go out of wifi range but still have cellular coverage or vice versa (how to handoff/switch between cellular and wifi).

I wouldn't say it doesn't have wifi, if you're going to use that logic this thing doesn't have a CPU either.

Dude can't see the wifi logo on the screen in the pic. Stop panicking dude. Everything is going to be alright... Lol

It has hspa+. If the logo that represents wifi signal on the Playbook is for wifi on the Dev-Alpha, then where is the cell signal icon? Under "connectivity" in this article it lists bluetooth and nfc.

That is one stellar screen resolution. Not sure how good it will match up to what's to come this year but if compared to right now... That alpha device has the highest PPI on a smartphone... HTC rezound currently has the title at 342ppi...Even apples' retina display falls short at 326 ppi. However it's said Toshiba is working on a 367 ppi display.

Ya, I'm a little confused. I thought the phone and PB were supposed to have the same resolution but the PB is 1024x600.

That was never actually confirmed anywhere and realistically a 720p display simply makes more sense going forward and by the time the real devices actually come out that should be fairly common in that sort of size device where currently you need to get a 4.65" display for it.

I spoke to RIM staff about this at BB10Jam, they said that the PlayBook resolution would be increased to the same resolution as the device. Whether that's true or not, we'll see.

I was impulsive enough to buy a iPad 3 just because of the higher screen resolution, so I may be inclined to pick up the first keyboard-less BB10 device... but I'll get to play with the new OS on my PlayBook, so maybe I can wait 'til the BB10 Torch slider comes out.

...but congrats to RIM on great specs, and I wager when they get that fancy LTE-enabled shipset on board, this thing will really rock.

Now I just need to find a way to get os10 leaked on my playbook. Beta zone anyone? I want to "help" rim get this os out to the masses lol.

The screen size of this Dev Aplha device (4.2") makes this phone just average in my opinion! RIM will need to make a phone with a screen size 5" plus to really grab the attention of the average consumer and to show off this awesome bb10 OS!

I would not want to go around from meeting to meeting hauling around a 5" phone..............4.2" is borderline. I might as well get a phone functioning on my Playbook at that point!

The average consumer doesn't want a 5" screen. You aren't the average consumer. That niche is already filled by the Galaxy Note.

Samsung shipped as many Notes as all devices Motorola shipped combined last quarter. Hardly a niche.

The market for a 5" display probably isn't there for the mainstream where 4.3" is going to be the most popular with 4.65" following just behind that.

I think the screensize is good! The best selling phone doesn't even hav a 4" screen!! What this device needs is gr8 software and smooth intuitive UI and no1 will care so much what the screen size is!!

Last time I saw someone with a phone, it was < 4" - nobody wants a phone they don't have a pocket big enough for!

So, wait, let me get this right. Are you telling me that RIM has just ONCE AGAIN started distributing a device WITHOUT NATIVE email and calendar? I know it is a developer alpha, but come on! FFS!

dude the official device is supposed to be released in october this is just to test and build programs with dont get ur panties in a knot

Some gr8 specs there! MicroSD is necessary for the market version! Hope d battery will b removable as well n packs gr8 power! Some key specs still missing, hopefully news on that later...cpu, camera,battery size!
Edit: flash support??

Seems like a higher version number than I would expect in an alpha device, maybe the playbook will be rocking BB10 sooner than we think?

Would do everything but make calls. Also would assure a good number of apps and it couldn't hurt to have the new OS tested in the wild before the phones launch.

I really hope it has hardware UMA,I love it and I KNOW this is just the Alpha device. I'd also like to see a High Def front facing cam like 3-5mp front facing cam. Most people are taking self pics alot more nowadays. Just my 2 cents, plus I think that would be something different the other manufacturers haven't done yet. I'd also like to see the 2 convenience keys make a comeback. Add to that a really nice dock for connecting via HDMI or charging and some nice armbands for active people that like to do extreme sports or go jogging/running. In addition, it would def be awesome if they added that new technology where if it gets wet it won't get ruined . Lastly, I'd like to see BBM integrated with video call feature in one rather than a separate app. I think they can do away with Skype altogether if they let other OS's use BBM and add video call thereby bringing more customers to BlackBerry slowly back and becoming more of a household name.

The non-removeable keyboard will bite them in the ass. The target audience that they were speaking to most of the keynote are the ones that value the removeable battery. This thing better last the whole freakin day I'm tellin you guys now.

If RIM wants to have a stronger punch at Lauch, they should beef up the specs and surprise everyone. I have to say that am very hopefull. I was eyeing the SGIII but think im going to wait.

If RIM plays their cards right, hopefully this will mean the end of the good old BlackBerry battery pull days from the older OS. My PlayBook has only once locked up on me and I'm happy with the sealed slim profile of it.

Now all we need is the big app support we all hope for on launch.

They must be pretty confident in the memory and a hopefully non leaking platform that the battery is going to be sealed, which in my opinion is great. Otherwise to do hard resets one would be shipping their berries off to Canada constantly. I am very impressed based on just what I saw. Imagine all of the other goodies that are going to be unleashed in the next few months. This is going to be one proud moment for me once this comes out.There may be other phones with better specs out there right now and even by the time this comes out, but for RIM it's going to be a first. As long as it satisfies my needs I am happy. BB and Rim will always be the best in my book.

Bottom line for me is, it is going to offer me things that I can not do with my present berry, and that will always be a step in the right direction. I don't think a perfect phone will ever exist, as people are always going to bitch about what they don't like. Even apple has features or lacks features that some don't like. But the key here is to make EVERYTHING work ALL of the time and this may very well just be the answer

wonderful specs hope we get them on the offical device. the device its self is good looking but im glad its not the real thing for 1 reason they get a chance to add more details into the design to make it look better than the pb

Remember that these specs are the specs for the Dev Alpha device, not the final one. There WILL be hardware and software changes.

The OS is QNX, and will likely be almost exactly the same as the Playbook OS. It might take on the moniker of OS 10.XX.XX but at its heart, it is QNX.

For now it's HSPA+ but I would be surprised if the final product was not LTE, especially since they are talking about an LTE Playbook.

Looking at the pictures of the Dev Alpha device, there is definitely Wi-Fi connectivity.

As for MicroSD storage, I can live without it providing RIM doesn't charge an insane amount of money for say, a 32GB phone like Apple does. It's easy enough to transfer your MicroSd files to your computer and then place them on the new device. It's the total amount of storage I'm after, not whether some comes from internal memory and some comes from a memory card.

I'm still hesitant about the lack of keyboard, but we'll see how the device looks come launch time before I go with this new BB10. Since seeing the keyboard in action, I'm not as resistant to the idea, and I don't mind typing on the playbook, but I still really love my keyboard on the 9900. It's going to be a tough call to make when this phone launches.