BlackBerry 10 advertising in the UK is strong

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By Bla1ze on 11 Feb 2013 11:59 pm EST

While here in Toronto and taking some time to go exploring the city, I've realized there is a lot of advertising out there for BlackBerry 10. Perusing through some Flickr accounts tonight on the hunt for other ads in various regions, I happened to come across a rather large bevy of UK advertising images that clearly show advertising is high in that area as well.

Arguably, the Super Bowl was a big step for BlackBerry despite the fact that the devices won't be available until later this year but in seeing the amount of money being spent in those areas, I have to wonder if the same marketing push is going to take place in the U.S. on the same scale. I certainly hope so. Part of what I believe will help BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10, is getting the word out there that new OS isn't the same old BlackBerry they remember from before.

Everyday since picking up my BlackBerry Z10 I've had to stop and give demos to folks curious to learn more. I think heavy advertising in the U.S. will encourage many to take a second look. What do you all think? Will BlackBerry unloading extensive advertising in the U.S. encourage folks to give it a look?

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BlackBerry 10 advertising in the UK is strong


Was sitting at restaurant on weekend and saw end of BB10 / Z10 add on tv. Nice to see some marketing .... now lets hope it works !

Wouldn't it be more cost efficient to have devices on display for shoppers? Seems like a more targeted way of marketing.

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that would be nice if people were interested in the phone. They need to drive people to the store to play with the phones thru heavy advertising, people would be curios to want to see what the phone can do when they are teased thru an ad. The SB commercial was OK but 30secs wont win over the people that needs to be won. I think they need to start advertising heavy. i think they would have started in the US too but since there is no solid date as to when the phones would be available, that has handicapped them a bit. I believe we would see a lot of BB10 ads in the VERY near future. CANT WAIT TO HOLD BOTH THE Z10 and Q10 in my hands

I believe heavy advertising should do the magic, although there are a lot of ppl who are stuck on their IOS and android phones. BBRY needs to show people that BB10 is here to stay and has a whole lot more to offer than what people are used to. This is the future, ppl need to see that. a lot of people are bent on apps but apps are not what makes a phone. its what the phone can do that makes the phone and BB10 is packed with a lot of things. People just need to see this. The word needs to be put out and IT NEEDS TO BE PUT OUT HEAVY. We (BBRY) are trying to take a piece of apple's pie on Apple's territory, that wont be easy BUT it can be done if done right. Lets go BBRY, WE CAN DO THIS

Absolutely!! If our CB brethren south of the 49 are any indication, interest is there!
As long as they push the ads like they are here in Canada, BlackBerry will make a strong return to the US market.

Let's hope a 2 month delay for the Z10 and 5 month delay for the Q10 doesn't kill BB in the US before advertising can do any good

Apple does a great job of advertising in NYC. Nicely placed "simple" ads in the form of billboards, commercials and an abundance of people using their product. With the good things being said about BB10 among users across all platforms BB has an opportunity to make their mark if they play their cards right.

Playing their cards right starts with actually making products available, and a 2 month z10 delay and 5 month q10 delay in the US isn't a great start. FIVE MONTHS for the Q10. It's indefensible

Agreed! Who's even going to remember the Superbowl Commercial? What about the 6 new phones to be released this year? Should I invest a large amount of money in a cell phone company that doesnt deliver? The Q10 is to comeout in April in the US at the earliest??? Delay after delay after delay. I'm really starting to get ticked! (Once again, Money in hand ready to buy a new cell phone)

just seen the keep moving add on Sky Sports news. was a good add and the first i have seen over here in the UK

Everyday I been out here in Chicago people are asking me if that's the new Z10 and how is it. I give them lil demos and they been lovin' it. It's been mostly Iphone and Android users. Also, all my friends with Androids and iPhones want to switch back. Loving what they been seein' so far. They are sick of what they have and are ready for something else. So trust me, people have been paying attention about the new phones here in the USA. Should be a good run here =).

They need to advertise extensively. They barely advertised the PlayBook and look what happened. I hear the same thing over and over, it just happened again today:

"What tablet is that?"
"It's the BlackBerry PlayBook."
"I didn't know BlackBerry made a tablet..."

My students used to say that, but they now are all familiar with my Playbook and they love getting to use it

Advertizing is important, but I don't think it will do much in the USA. The Q10 may fare better simply because everyone else has given up on that form factor.

But the Q10 is now a summer phone in the USA with a Galaxy S Vi in the same launch window. Not a good place to be.

We shall see. AT&T has a landing page for it:

Euston station in London is full of BB10 ads....when you take the escalators to enter the metro you are surrounded by BB10.....impressive!!!

I can safely say that I havent seen a single piece of BlackBerry 10 advertising on television or in the press, other than on CrackBerry.

Last night I saw Apple and Samsung adverts on TV, but not a single BlackBerry Z10 advert in sight. I actually thought to myself at the time that they should be pushing these adverts out almost to the point where we are sick of seeing them...just to get the message across that there is a new contender in town and people should go check it out!

Dont get me wrong, there is a Phones4U "pre-programme" advert that highlights the ability to get a white Z10 from them , but thats not a BlackBerry advert and it doesnt show off any of the features of the phone.

More needs to be done to reach people in the UK...some of us do actually live outside of London...

Dugganm: Which city are you in? Are you in a major city? I find that comment very strange. There were several tv ads on ITV during the England v Brazil game and also saw the ads Sky Sports News and other channels. I went to the movies last week and saw the ad at the cinema before Hitchcock movie.

Ive also seen point of sale prominently placed in Phones4u & EE stores front windows. Carphone Warehouse have ads in there mags and a massive instore displays where you can test the phone and flyers promoting the phone. Ive also recieved emails from EE, Blackberry and Phones4U on the release day and seen tons of online ads on various sites. Metro newspaper which is free in many major cities around the UK has contained ads for the Z10 which were branded with Vodaphone logos. Only ads I personally havent seen/heard are on radio and poster campaigns on street; billboards and bus stops but they are out there as seen on the flickr feed.

I find this comment a little bizarre, you have to be living under a rock not to have seen ANY advertising.

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I live in the United Kingdom, specifically in Glasgow, Scotland; miles from London, England.

Last Friday (8th February), I went to the Odeon cinema to see the film 'Lincoln'. In the adverts preceeding the film there was a BlackBerry advert for the Z10. The ad showed off the features of the new phone and it's operating system.

I also haven't yet seen a TV advert but have seen a newspaper advert in the free 'Metro' newspaper.

Personally, for the most part, I do like the new Z10 phone. I switched from an iPhone 4S to the Z10. This is also my first BlackBerry mobile (cell) phone.

Another little trick I fine works is to always play with my phone every time in a public space. It ALWAYS catches people's attention and they ask. Also I've decided not to change my email signature for a while si that I let people know how their email was sent. It makes them ask because they are curious. And then I make my sales pitch.

advertising would be great.. however, just advertising will not work. blackberry needs to create locations where the average person can go, get help, play and learn about the new devices.

blackberry cannot leave it up to the carrier employees to educate and help people about the new devices. we've already seen some of the opinions of the carrier employees in the forums.

BlackBerry advertising has always been strong in the UK, but it hasn't prevented BlackBerry to go from #1 to #3. Hopefully, the trend will reverse this year.


I have converted my girlfriend from iphone to the new Z10 and so far she seems to really be liking it. The people she works with have been coming by her desk to look at her phone and so far 3 of her Co workers have also dropped their iphone for the new blackberry. The adds can only do so much. This is going to come down to word of mouth.

I'd like to know why haven't we started seeing advertisement in the US as of yet. Launch should be around a month from now (hopefully). I believe that's ample time to start generating the curiosity. Show reverse time camera, flow, bbm chat, screen sharing, balance for cooperate america etc. They need to start leaking commercials out here. The superbowl ad didn't deliver. That kind of ad works if your iphone or galaxy s series. Those are the top dogs in the game and not showing what it could do would make those who already love that device more curious and anxious to see it. In this case bb doesn't have that pop. So viewers weren't impressed @ all. Let's see some giant billboards in time square. Just do something! Jeez

Go to and see just how ineffective the SB ad was. Go to YouTube and see how ineffective the ad was. You're so off base it's not funny.
Pretty obvious the reason there are no ads in the U.S. right now is because (read carefully).. The device is not yet available in the U.S.

I think I saw my first TV add for the BB10 in Canada last night. It was actually a commercial for one of our big banks. Basically a women walking down a street, doing her thing and there was a voice over. What caught my eye was that the commercial and the scenes looked familiar. Hmm, this sort of looks like the superbowl commercial and then she starts flashing her phone, the Z10. All the time they are talking about banking services. Very, very, very clever. That frank guy knows what he is doing.

"Wednesday, March 6" is the date shown on the Hub... I'm hoping that's Verizon's release date in the US!

Seems BB is either clueless or giving up on how to reach a u.s. market 6 times the size of the u.k. Market- almost 75% of the entire European market, actually. Since introduction of iPhone I can't recall more than a couple of tv/print/street ads. Pitiful

I love my BB, but that doesn't mean I can't point out the fact that BB is woefully behind the other key players in the US in terms of advertising or promoting their products aggressively !! So, yes, my mantra, because I DO Ppay attention !!

If that's the case you would understand there probably won't be any ads in the U.S. until the device is available. If you see the ads in Canada throughout various media streams you would understand just how bullish BB is being.

Yes, they have work to do in the U.S. I'm fairly certain that this is understood throughout the Blackberry family. Don't you think?

I started seeing the "Keep Moving" ads on tv last week. I was recently at a pub and did a double take when I saw the same ad. One thing I just thought about is I hope Frank (BB) is planning on showing their ads in movie theatres.

I imagine they will have a major ad campaign in the US. They need to get the message across that the days of the spinning clock are over. But here is where carrier support is important. If the carriers push BB10 in their desire for a third platform, BlackBerry will get some traction.

You can't get traction if you don't have phones available for sale. 5 month q10 delay isn't going to help BB get traction

BB made a smart move by offering devices where the brand currently still extremely popular. In the end I don't feel the delay in the US will hurt.
This also was not all BB's idea to have the phones out to US consumers at a later date. Look at how long it took for major u.S. carriers to confirm they were on-board. Had they wanted it at the same time they could have pushed for it. Don't blame it all on BB.

When you have a launch event in the US on January and can't put the q10 on store shelves before June, something is really wrong, and a LOT of that is on BB, not the carriers.

And saying that it's a "smart move" to ignore the largest single market (by far) because they "aren't loyal" is such a stupid, ridiculous notion.

None of it is on blackberry, its all on the carriers, the carriers spin the USA have extensive mobile testing standards compared to other counties. Canada, the UK, and the middle easy got there testing finished and blackberry released there so obviously if they could have released the phone around there Super Bowl ad they would have. BlackBerry has stated many times its is the us carriers fault, Rogers's and all canadian and UK carriers were with blackberry. From the start, with pre orders/registration and all, the us carriers didn't offer any of this till days before or after the launch date.

The USA is not the largest mobile market, that would be china. And blackberry is still on good terms with most people in Canada, the UK and Middle East. The USA not so much.

365 Billion people in the. U.S. How much of a percentage is that world wide? Y'all need to quit your chest thumping claiming the U.S. is the best at everything therefore you need special attention. Get over yourself.

Word of mouth and advertising will have to go hand in hand, but I agree both are difficult when the device isn't available in US hands. Around 3 weeks from launch (which i hope is next week)here in the US the advertising blitz should go full steam ahead with date teaser's, each commercial and ad highlighting a different aspect of the brand new OS and placed in high traffic area's and between highly watched programs like ESPN for example.

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Agree entirely. I've seen the same here in Canada where BlackBerry is appearing in a lot of places. Every single Toronto Maple Leafs game has had the new "Keep Moving" commercial (which happens to be my phone ringtone now!) playing in it. I walked into Walmart and the entrance/exits were filled with large boards on the security scans with the Z10 all over it. There is actually a prominent spot for it in Best Buy and Future shop - AND I've seen people walking up to demo the test units.

Not gonna like... it gives me goosebumps to see BlackBerry doing this! Great to see!