BlackBerry Z10 ads hit web and print

BlackBerry Z10 print ad
By Simon Sage on 7 Feb 2013 12:43 pm EST

Now that the BlackBerry 10 advertising train has left the station, we're seeing the Z10 pop up all over the place. The London Evening Standard had a huge spread featuring our beloved new device, plus YouTube videos are now starting to show off the software features in pre-roll ads. Of course, this all kicked off with the coy Super Bowl ad, which was followed up with a few other TV spots.

Print and YouTube advertising is absolutely essential in getting the message out to everyday people outside of the hardcore tech scene that, hey, there's a new BlackBerry out and it's not what you remember. There are also some more imaginative campaigns going on, like the Keep Moving van tour and celebrity collaborations, which I think hold a ton of promise for those of us looking for something different. 

For me, the real rubrick for the effectiveness of these ads are when I get questions about the Z10 independently from friends that aren't normally into this stuff. If your mom is asking you unprompted "How's that new BlackBerry?", you know that BlackBerry's marketing machine is working.

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BlackBerry Z10 ads hit web and print


your last point strikes a cord. My Mom on the weekend after the Jan 30 launch asked me how the new BlackBerry is. of course I haven't touched it yet, but this is the first time she's ever asked me about any phone. She's 65. BlackBerry is doing something right.

Funny, my mom did the same thing, and she is about as basic as they come when it comes to cell phones. She started asking me questions about the phone and the types of plans you would need and whether we could get a family plan. I was totally shocked. This is a lady that uses a GO Phone from AT&T and doesn't even use a cell phone that much. Unfortunately, the morons at Sprint won't be offering the Z, so it looks like we will be taking our business to Verizon. I just hate AT&T too much to ever join them.

My 52yo mother tried to use the Z10 at future shop and she really likes it and wants one for herself. So BlackBerry is doing something right

Yea Canada already has.
I love the new BBRY.
They are proving that our ffaith in them was not misplaced

Loving the Ads they have been doing and loving the carrier push

Happy Z10 owner lighting fast and can do so much more which is wicked.

you would actually leave Verizon for T-Mobile? I can understand switching to AT&T or even sprint.. But T-Mobile? They have pretty much the worst service out of the US carriers.. If they are the first to sell it I would still wait the few days or a week to stay with a stable carrier..

I will have to disagree with you on that. In the Tampa Bay Area tmo is better than sprint in regards to coverage for voice and data. I've been with them all in this area. Att, tmo, and sprint in that order.

Excellent, I've had my Z10 since Canadian release date and I absolutely love it. Words can't describe it accurately

I was talking to my mother last night on the phone and she asked if I was going to buy one of the new BlackBerry phones. And I was shocked she even knew they existed.

To be Frank, Simon may be on to something here. My mom isn't all that techno savvy so her even knowing about BB10 is a win.

Canada already has. I get the Globe and Mail every morning and starting Monday there was a huge full size ad just like that one (but in the nicer paper quality) and then every day one full page by Blackberry itself or one of the large carriers. The Rogers one was insane, like 3 pages, with the Bell being one full size page.

It's crazy !! but I love it XD

I've also seen many TV ads, on the same channel as iPhone ads, there's marking is strong because there commercials are stronger then apples, they both show features but blackberry shows features that are new to everybody and apple shows features that most people already know about about, have, and use.

I'm an iPhone user waiting on my z10, but that's the truth.

There was a pice in the Financial TImes today (at least on-line) in which a Marketing Professor at Northwestern University had students grade ads. The PSY ad was rated and A while the BlackBerry ad was given an F because it didn't make people curious about using the device.

Do I agree it rated an F? No, but it shows the uphill battle RIM faces in the US. That class was full of preconcieved notions about BlackBerry

I think Samsung's GIII ads are what Americans will need. BlackBerry needs to do an ad that is in your face and basically says the iPhone 5 and the SGIII are crap compared to the Z10. Who cares if it's right it's advertising.

Will they do it? I doubt it.

I like the font, the imagery, the black background, the simplicity. However, not a fan of "Built to keep you moving" slogan as it doesn't create a sense of urgency or communicate the rebirth of the platform. And the ad doesn't lay out any new features. It seems BlackBerry is taking a page out of Apple's advertising. Device, slogan, logo, done.

All that being said, I'd give it a solid "B".

I hope not, I think Samsung is well crass and as funny as their ads dissing apple queue-rs, it is quite uncouth imo. Even apple's apple/pc ads were classier. BlackBerry's ad campaign reflects their phone - subtle brilliance.

I've seen advertising on Buses in the UK and the huge LCD displays by the side of Motorways/main roads in Birmingham and London.. As well as the millions of sponsored ads on Tech review sites and Facebook.. IT GREAT!!