BlackBerry 10 in 10 Minutes Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Jan 2013 08:33 am EST

In case you missed this video that was embedded within our in-depth BlackBerry 10 Review and BlackBerry Z10 Review, here it is again for your viewing pleasure. BlackBerry 10 in 10 minutes will give you a solid look at the BlackBerry 10 experience. 

The best way to truly experience BlackBerry 10 is to actually pick it up and try it out. And the more familiar you are with the basic layout of the home screen user interface and the touchscreen gestures that get you around, the better your first experience with BlackBerry 10 will be.

So sit back, relax, and take in ten minutes of "The Ten" by watching the video above. You'll see what the flow experience of BlackBerry 10 is all about, how the BlackBerry Hub works, and much, much more. You'll notice we kicked up the production value on our BlackBerry 10 review videos too. We hope you enjoy!

Reader comments

BlackBerry 10 in 10 Minutes Video


Last night, I turned off the tv and spent the evening watching all your BB10 videos, in HD. You guys did an amazing job. Waiting to see even more! :)

(Bilingual keyboard in action, PC sync, native apps, etc...)

for now lets hope that develpers get access to more apps very soon

many need that to make apps for consumer even better and more integrated

Kevin great BB10 video that should be available for BlackBerry marketing everywhere in all languages. Your incredible enthusiasm and knowledge of the new OS was well controlled which must have been tough. Take a deep breath and find some time for a decent massage and hair cut....LoL

Nice vid Kev! This is the honest and true luv Blackberry needs!

...remember this, Blackberry is the original "smartphone",...everything else is a clone!

Hi Kevin! I realize that your hair is still... LONG! Which means the video was done before the official announcement yesterday :) You guys at Crackberry have been playing with Z10 for some time right?

I've always sworn I'd stay with the actual keyboard but that Z10 is starting to breakdown my defenses - I may have to buy both.... seriously I am torn now.

Great video.

Will we get a detailed video or article regarding the new profiles system? I want to know how this works now and if we'll lose custom e-mail notifications ringtones per contact. The profiles changes seems to have upset a lot of BB power users.

Great video. Thank god for Crackberry since they do a better job of selling BB10 than Blackberry does (which is good on one hand and unfortunate on the other).

Great video - looking forward to browser shootouts and stuff - Now that BB10 has launched, you can spend some time on personal grooming, Kevin. lol :)

Love bb, but it just doesn't seem like enough to get me away from android right now; maybe in 1-2 years dependent on how android develops. I'll have to do a hands on once they're available at the carriers.

Err... so there is no "back" button anywhere, so is there a gesture to duplicate this "back" button function? (eg: when you are in a menu, just want to quickly back out of it, go back to your previous screen)...

Kevin, can you show what the password lock screen UI looks like in a picture or a video? I haven't seen a mention of anything like that but I know it's usually a standard feature

Thanks Kevin for a logical and thoughtful presentation of BB10. Far too many people yelling all sorts of nonsense. Is there any chance of banning the word "deal breaker". Used far too much by people with little knowledge of the product.

Having sifted through a number of videos, the one thing that strikes me about BB10 is its simple elegance. A clean, clear and logical layout combine with gesture driven flow is just beautiful to watch. It has a sort of European minimalist design, which is a refreshing change from the somewhat haphazard look of an Android. I also appreciate the fact that BB is building key features into the native software. Great idea.

This is actually a question for kevin, as a user with all the cool stuff from bb10 how do you see the battery life in the new phones, i currently have a 9810 maybe you can tell me compared with it, hows the baterry life in bb10

Watching on my playbook, once again audio too low. Frequent problem on MN produced video.
Looking forward to an indepth review..that I can hear.

Two questions: 1- my 9900 calendar only shows/syncs a couple of months of single events, even though it says "keep forever", does BB10 show more. 2- I hear that in the BB10 contacts list, there is a fixed placeholder for contact pic that takes extra lines And can't be eliminated, true?
Any responses would be appreciated.