BlackBerrius Maximus - part VI - STORM CHASING!

By Gary Mazo on 22 Nov 2008 08:13 am EST

BlackBerrius Maximus - Storm Chasing!

I'm getting too old for this! I can recall times in my life where I "camped out" to be part of something important or just something cool. In college, I drove from Boston down to New York to camp out in Central Park to see Simon and Garfunkel's big reunion concert and then again for a No Nukes concert with Springsteen and the gang. That was a long time ago. I did go to CompUSA when Windows 95 came out - at midnight - for the big launch. In later years, I took my kids to the midnight launch of the Harry Potter books - but this was different.

I live in New England. It is almost December. I am 45 years old. Nevertheless, there I was on a very cold November morning, standing in the freezing cold at the closest Verizon store - in Hyannis, MA. At 7:30 AM. Now, I had done my homework the day before; I read online that supplies would be short and that this local store would have only 35 units (or so I was told.)

I was not so surprised to see the line out the door. What did surprise me was that the other folks in line said there were only 20 devices at this store. Now, understand that this is the flag ship store for all of Cape Cod, MA - 20 units? They handed out green sheets of paper with numbers on it - I got number #19. There was a whole parking lot of people walking towards the store and only one unit left - at least to take home that day.

So, I waited, happy that I was getting a Storm - but freezing. Then it dawned on me what I was doing. I was waiting outside a Verizon store for a new BlackBerry! Now, I have had some pretty negative experiences with Verizon - I actually left them years ago for T-Mobile - which has the worst coverage but the best service and prices. But this was the Storm...maybe things had changed.

There was a growing camaraderie out there in the cold. Grown men and women marveled that they were up early and out in the cold in the worst economic downturn in recent history - all ready to drop at least $250 + on a relatively untested new technology - a BlackBerry touch screen. Most people there had Treos or Motorola Q's or other "lesser" Smartphones in their hands. I must say, there was not an iPhone user in the bunch! There were a few CrackBerry users looking for the upgrade - each one rationalizing how spending this kind of dough was justified.

The doors opened and the party began. I mean it was a party...a zoo. The store was flooded with Verizon employees - each with a smile. Brian, the "data guy" was walking around showing people in line the Storm.."Wanna try it?" he said, giving everyone a chance to salivate and pass the time. We all started talking BlackBerry - people had tons of questions. New BlackBerry users wanted to know everything - seasoned BlackBerry veterans wanted to make sure they could still do all their familiar BlackBerry things.

We all signed in - very orderly and calm. The Verizon folks came with coffee and donuts and walked around. The screen told you your place in line and I watched and waited. Then it happened....the CrackBerry moment I had been waiting for.
I was "Talking Berry" with Brian and dropped a card letting him know I was in the BlackBerry biz, showing him our training stuff and he was very interested. Then I met Susan, the District Manager. We talked BlackBerry and I had a similar conversation with her. I mentioned that I write for and her face lit up. "Wait," she said...."you are writing the book with Kevin. The BlackBerry Addiction book." "Oh, my God - I know you. I can't wait for that book." Then she stared deep into my eyes for a moment - it was an "aha" moment - an epiphany of sorts..."that means...." She continued..."You.....You are...BlackBerrius Maximus." BINGO! I had hit pay dirt - she knew me, she knew us - the CrackBerry faithful. I was almost famous and it was clear the reach of was huge.

I talked with Susan for at least half an hour - we talked shop - all BlackBerry - all fun. I watched her and I watched the other Verizon employees. They had done their homework - they were answering questions well and they were having fun at this early hour getting people set up on their new BlackBerrys. Even when they ran out, they handled it great - they took names, numbers and addresses and talked about shipping them overnight, etc. There were no riots - even the people who couldn't get their Storms lingered, wished those of us who "got lucky" that day congratulations and looked at our devices.

I saw a bunch of tired, stressed out grownups acting a lot like kids getting that new Bike for the holidays. There were lots of smiles and lots of people literally running to their cars to get home and set up their new Berrys. I think there will be lots of new CrackBerry Nation members as well.

I was prepared to be disappointed, frustrated with Verizon and feeling like a jerk for standing in line in the cold - but the opposite happened. I was incredibly impressed with Susan and her crew from Verizon and it has been quite some time since I felt like I had the absolute newest and coolest device in my possession. This device is so slick, so sexy and so new and cool it might even need its own name. I'm thinking of calling mine "Angelina," but I'm not sure my wife will like that so much. What are you naming yours?

So, how do I like it? Is it everything it is hyped up to be? Like my friend Kevin, I'm not sure yet. This is a whole new BlackBerry experience. It has some "issues" but it also has potential that no device can match. I'm not sold yet - but I am planning on taking the weekend to get to know this little baby and see if we have a future together.

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BlackBerrius Maximus - part VI - STORM CHASING!


Great post, Gary.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I didn't know you live/stay on beautiful, scenic Cape Cod! I vacation there every summer.

I too am lucky enough to have a Storm in my possession on "opening weekend," and I feel for the all the folks who stood in line yesterday only find out that supplies were too short to accommodate them. Patience, my friends...patience...

Whether or not the Storm proves to be the next great BlackBerry remains to be seen, but the all the excitement around the new device launch seems to have breathed new life into CrackBerry nation, old and new members alike. I couldn't go anywhere yesterday without being accosted and forced to let someone else paw my Storm.

As a BlackBerry blogger/writer/journalist/addict, it really puts a smile on my face to see others as excited about BlackBerrys as I am.


I've named my first Storm "Tenille".

The second Storm I buy will be named "Victoria".

And the third Storm I buy will be named "Brittany".

After my local store gave me the wrong opening time, the Storms were all gone by the time I arrived. I refused to let that store have the sale, and the other local stores were also out by this time (7:30 am). So I sat on hold for 20-30 minutes with customer service before I could order. I'm told it will ship out on Tuesday.

I'm angry!I had the same, poor experience a year ago when the Voyager came out at Verizon. But I also realize it does no good to cuss out the store staff; I've come to expect the Verizon store staff to be friendly, but not someone I can actually expect to be useful in getting what I want.

After reading about the build problem with .65, I figure next time - at least as long as I'm with Verizon - I'll wait a month after any new phone is released. Hopefully, my Storm - whenever I actually get it - will have a good build on it, and I can actually enjoy my new phone.

I 100% feel for you man. My store also gave me the wrong time when I called (9:00 rather that an hour early 8) and when I arrived at 8:30 to wait in line with my brother to get the phone, they were long sold out. But then my brother was like, " WAIT! said Best Buy was getting them too." and I was like "YES, YES THEY ARE," so we sped down to Best Buy and got 2 of them out of the 3 that they hadn't sold yet. I love my Berry. Yes it has some minor tech problems, but I hear they are supposed to fix it in the following weeks and im okay with that.

Well duh there were no iphone users in line, they all are on ATT with contracts now. This phone is so over hyped, i hate how Verizon compares it to the bold now, since they already lost ALL of the touchscreen sales to the idiots that jumped ship for an iphone, but the bold is so much better. trust me, touch screen sucks after about a year. I know your all hyped about it and that's fine here on crack berry, but personally I'd never get psyched about another "smart phone" that didn't have wifi.

I actually saw three iPhone users in the line of 20 outside of my Verizon. One unlocked from T-Mobile and two from AT&T.

The touchscreen in the new Storm is not only revolutionary, but opens up the screen size for better software performance and media viewing.
If you don't believe me, look at the Viigo for Storm preview, and how they are going to be adding support for additional information when in landscape mode, something that would not be available with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

As far as the WiFi goes, I have never had dropped coverage from Verizon in years, living in a major city. I can see your complaint but it is clearly a matter of personal preference and what you intend to accomplish with the device.

For some people, like myself, it is hyped for a reason; the Storm is simply the best phone available on the best service available. Why would you not get "psyched" about that?

Take your condescending attitude to another forum and keep this one intelligent and positive please.

I arrived at the verizon store near my job at 8:15. The store opened at 8 they had 200 units(union square NYC).So I joined the line of about 30 people because I was guaranteed a storm.They were moving so slow, almost two hours passed by and I still had 12 people in front of me.

I had to leave the line and go to work because my supervisor realized that I was MIA and was looking for me. By the time I got back 2 hours later there was still a long line but I was able to prove that I was already on the list. My group was inside being setup so they let me in and put me in line to get my storm. They said that the entire NE system was running slow and at times crashing because of the amount of people trying to access it.

After another hour there and my supervisor was looking for me again so I had to leave again--but this time I was able to convince one of the store managers to hold a unit for me and she promised that she would. I came back after work (3 hours later)my group had finally left. So I guess It would have taken me 5 or 6 hours to get my storm if I never left. I would have been suspended from work though.

When I came back at 3 it was a mad house inside the store. the stock was dwindling down. They had only 30 units left. Since I had a dinner date I decided to leave again and trust the store managers word. I went home changed and by the time I got back to the store 4 hours later- the store had finally calmed down, I saw some of the same employees that I was there since 8, and I was told that all of the storms were sold out.

However, one unit was being held for me. Another half hour wait and I was fortunate enough to get MY STORM!!! and I LOVE it so far--I don't mind the negatives it has,I know that most of them can be fixed through upgrades. I love Blackberry and I love touch screens--It Is A Match Made In Heaven.

It is worth the wait. I have been waiting a long time for Verizon to launch a truly revolutionary product like this. Best of all, the local manager at my Verizon store gave me a sweet deal. I had just renewed my 2-year contract 9 months ago, but he bumped up my renewal date to TODAY! He also waived the mail in rebate hassle and sold me the storm for $199 in the store. I couldn't turn that deal down. I am willing to wait for shipping in exchange for such a great deal!

I got some time to play with the Storm before making the purchase and I got used to the typing/clicking rather quickly. Mine's coming in today. It was pure madness at our local Verizon store but people were calm and patient. Stores sold out within an hour but they were taking orders for Saturday delivery till about Noon. I got lucky.

I hope people don't get too disappointed that they didn't get theirs. Good luck!

I'm happy to have gotten one just before the weekend so I can fiddle and explore uninterrupted by work.

Time will tell...I'm not sure the Storm is straightforward enough but I am enjoying it tremendously.

As with all storms, sometimes they show up in unusual ways and at unexpected times. I called the store that said my name was on the list they were keeping, only to be told that there were over 500 names on the list and not to expect one for awhile. So as I'm walking to my office, I happen to walk past another Verizon store. The salesperson tells me that they do have 100 of them and I was given a piece of paper with a number, and that if my number is called and I'm not there, forget it. She also said that things were moving very slowly because the system was overloaded and having trouble. So I took the number and went to work, figuring odds were against me. After work I stopped by and found out they were two numbers away from me and there were 8 units left in the store. And by the way people were going nuts. A man came up to the guy right and front of me and gave him $100 to give him his number in line. When they called my number, the system was down so they were filling out contracts manually. But they gave me a storm and told me they would be activating it later. At around 8:00 last night, they called and told me everything was set. So far I really like the phone. Who would have thought that it would turn out to be so easy to get the storm when I know others have had frustrating ordeals? I guess you just never know where storm clouds will gather.

Nice to see some other people didn't have the intense disappointment/torture experiences we're mostly hearing about. I had stopped at my VZW store in Green Bay, WI around 10 and was told they were all out, only recieved 10 to begin with. The person I spoke to though went to check with their manager and they were getting some more in that afternoon so I added my name to their list and waited for the call.

Spent my time in between reading the comments on the Storm Chasers post and started to wonder if I would get a call based on what I was reading. But, low and behold at 1:23 I got that call and went down and picked up my Storm. The people their were all great and I had no complaints. Glad I did get my name on that list though as while I was waiting to get things switched over no less than 5 other people came in looking and were told that there were no Storms left from that second batch, not sure how many more they got but I know I was number 3 on the list.

All in all, pretty happy with the whole deal including the phone although still putting it through its paces. Name for mine? Have to think on that one...

Hey Gary, yeah I was one of the MANY to also wait in line at my Local Everett, MA Verizon store just to end up waiting four hours to get my storm, and after all the buzz I can't help but feel slightly disapointed. Don't get me wrong the phone is kool, although it takes some getting used too but its expected when you go from a Curve to a full Touch screen device. Typing is harder, and the software flaws is what bugs me but I am one of the few that gor thier Storm on day 1 and I was 20 in line of 30 devices and I got there at 7:45am. So I guess I was just lucky =) and im not naming my phone. lol

Imagine arriving at the Beverly Hills Verizon store at 5:30 in the morning, being number 19 in line, reaching the counter at 7:45 and being told that number 18 got the last Storm. Now imagine ordering the Storm online, being promised Fedex next day delivery, only to find that they processed the order with 2nd day delivery and there was nothing they could do about it...despite the fact that everyone specifically asked if they would be "overnighted"! experience with Verizon has not been as wonderful. This was not a was a sputter. Delivering less than 20 pieces of equipment to a large retail store is ludicrous. Apple had it right when they launched the iPhone. You would have thought that Verizon would have been better prepared...spent less money on their ads, and spent more time insuring they took care of their loyal customers. Okay...I've vented and I feel a little better...I will go back to the Curve that I was so excited to receive only a year ago and remind myself that it's only a Blackberry...and that I am 50 years old!

I ordered mine through telesales at 8 am. Go the confirmation email at 820 am. It was set for sat delivery. Never received tracking information for it. A friend of mine ordered at 1030 am and received it today. They say I will receive mine Tues. Some how I doubt I will see it Tues.

Here's my "Aww, poor baby" story: I am very upset that Verizon only provided 27 new Blackberry Storm phones to my local store on its release date. My name was placed on a waiting list before the release and that didn't make a difference. I was told there were 50 people lined-up for this new phone at 7am and only 27 received them. Why? Why would Verizon provide so few when Verizon had a waiting list for them? Doesn't Verizon think I, and perhaps others, considered switching to ATT to get the iPhone out of frustration and disappointment due to their lack of proper preparation? Doesn't Verizon think that management arrogance could lead to future problems at Verizon similar to what Ford, GM and Chrysler are experiencing now? I have never bought a GM and don't expect to. I can't imagine ever buying a Ford again what I went through with their product and service. I will never buy a Dell computer again for what they put me through. I stopped shopping at Circuit City, Vons and Ralphs grocery stores due to their bad management decisions. Doesn't Verizon think that people talk about their experiences and decide to go elsewhere? Verizon is at a critical transition point in my mind and Verizon needs to respond. So there you have it, my "Aww, poor baby" story. I will wait for the Storm to come back in stock and give it a try.

First off let me start by stating that I love Verizon's coverage, but HATE the service at my local store. I would rather have 2 root canals performed while waiting in line at the DMV w/o any pain killer. It is truly that bad.
That aside, I went to my local store around 8:30 am to check out the STORM.
I am a Blackberry fan, I have owned 2, the Pearl and currently the Curve and I even just got my wife a pink Curve (She is now addicted). I am also a Mac "convert." I just switched over from all windows based PC's to all Apple computers and love it. Life has never been so simple, but the last thing I could never give up is my Blackberry. I think the iPhone is a neat idea but just can't seem to get past the "toy" image of the phone.
That all being said...I got the chance at my local store to check out the Storm. I loved to look, the feel and the display. It is a slick phone at first glance. But the few things that killed it for me in the brief 10 minutes that I played w/ it was how slow it was transfering from application to application. My Curve kicks the Storms a$$ in that feature. I was really kind of surprised to be honest. The other thing was the touch screen. Now I have read almost all the reviews posted here on CB and know to take some of them w/ a grain of salt but I could not agree more w/ a lot of them about how it actually slows you down on the typing. I think it is a neat idea in theory/on paper, but once I actually used the phone and it's press down screen, I was really wondering how this would work. I am much quicker on my Curve (even w/ my fat thumbs). Maybe it would take some getting used to but to spend the $$$ for a phone that I had to adapt to was not worth it to me. I feel that as a human being, I should not have to adapt to a piece of technology, that I should be able to make it adapt to me. Unfortunately, there is no way to make the touch screen responsiveness and the speed of the software speed up for me.
Again, I love Blackberry and will continue using their phones, but I just cannot weather this Storm. It makes the iPhone look that much better. And I say that very reluctantly.
I wish all of you w/ your Storms the best of fun and will keep reading all of your posts. I am curious to see what Verizon/Blackberry do w/ the Storm in the future.

I'm both happy and upset about the entire experience. First, I received the "Holiday Sale" flier that granted three of my lines on my account to be allowed an early upgrade. Let me tell ya', that flier saved my life because I had JUST used my upgrade 2 months ago and absolutely hated myself once I heard about the Storm coming out. I thought to myself that I would have to wait at least a year before getting my hands on bummer.

Went to a local Verizon store around 9am, the time it opened, and immediately asked to get the Storms (two, one for myself and another for one of my lines.) Turned out that I missed out on the phones by just one costumer ahead of me, in fact, that customer was still there unboxing her phone. I wasn't surprised that I would miss out on getting one.

So I ordered the phones for overnight shipping. The sales representative, the other sales representatives, and their manager ALL stated we will get the phones today (the day after.) I was totally cool with that. $20 for each phone to get overnight shipping, no biggie.

Then today hits...I call costumer service to check up on my order status and the CS Rep told me flat out that its impossible that you'd get your phones today BUT if you purchased prior to a certain time (a time she didn't even know) you would get your phones shipped Monday, overnight shopped to your house Tuesday. I demanded an entire refund on the overnight shipping charges. Do you know what she said in response? "I will refund $11 for each phone because you will still be overnighted the packages when they leave the warehouse on Monday."

"NO NO NO. I was told by your company employee that I'd get my phones today with the $40 I put in for overnight shipping...You're going to refund the entire cost of shipping and still place my order for overnight shipping. PERIOD."

So she was cool with that...Why she couldn't refund the entire cost in the first place is just rude and a slap to the face if you ask me. Don't tell me that you "understand how I must feel" and then turn around and say "I'll only refund a portion of the cost." Please lady, don't mess with me. Just because I'm being calm and nice to you doesn't mean you can try and steal money out of my pocket.

I then called the store back to let them know that they lied to me. They first continued and continued to say that "YES YES YES you will get your phones today!" I tell them to then give me a tracking number so I can find these phones. They of course can't. They had the nerve to say that we didn't know they would sell so rapidly...COME ON! Everyone knew these phones would sell quick.

Now they say, "We DID know that if we sold the phones for overnight shipping before 11am that you would get the phones Tuesday at your doorstep."

What the heck! Why can't these people just be real with us? They only dig themselves further into the dirt when they talk to us like idiots. LOL The store manager still insisted I might get the phones today...I told her "IF you can find me a tracking number, then we can find out when I'm getting the phones, BUT IF THERE IS NO TRACKING NUMBER THEN I WON'T GET THE PHONES TODAY BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT EVEN PROCESSED."


I had the same issue on my verizon account, how did u become eligible for an early upgrade? i just upgraded in august and am not regretting it!

Yeah, I had upgraded my phone (and a second line on my account) back in August as well. I had gotten the LG Chocolate 3 and the LG Dare on the second line. Then I hear about the Storm coming out and I was so upset lol. But I stumbled across a flier in the mail that normally I would just throw away but it displayed the Storm on it along with the Pearl and Envy 2. At the bottom right corner the flier specifically said that my phone number along with two of my other lines were eligible for an early upgrade. I called Customer Service the same day and they confirmed that if the flier did indeed state that I was eligible for an early upgrade and it showed our numbers, Verizon will have to honor it. Walked into the store and they had no issue, it was honored! I am so happy for the flier that it kinda' out ways all this crap going on trying to get my Storms.

i went to my local verizon store in everett ma last tuesday to sign up to have a storm held for me and as i walked in excited to get my storm yesterday at about noontime my heart dropped as the woman taking names told me they were first come first serve. she gave me the option of staying for about 3 hours and possibly not getting a storm or putting my name down and having one shipped to me in a few days. i took my chances seeing how there were only about 10 cuustomers other than myself in the store and stayed to wait for my storm and it sure payed off as i got one of the last few storms in stock plus i only had to wait about an hour, a fraction of the time the woman told me.

anyways, to my review of the storm after a day. btw, ive never owned a blackberry before and my previous phone was a tmobile sidekick which is known for its fantastic qwerty keyboard. initially i was not at all impressed with the storm as the accelorometer lagged and everything about the phone was boring. however i did not give up hope as i had seen good reviews aside from the not so good reviews. so now after a full day rather than a couple hours i must say im already in love with my storm. its just like a new shoe; it needs to be broken in before it can be judged and by broken in i mean given the owners personal touches and applications and some getting used to the clickthrough technology, which i actually love compared the the iphones crappy touchscreen with no feedback whatsoever. the thing ive realized about blackberries is they are very customizable in their software which i did not know (im a nube to bb's). but i do love the storm and one needs to test one out for more than 5 minutes to really judge it.

I an glad to see someone was actually smart enough to use it for more than 5 mins before they comment on it. I hopefully get mine Tues. Welcome to the Berry clan.

It looks like all Verizon stores are taking advantage of the situtation and jacking up there price.

I called several other Verizon stores who already had the Storm in stock and they raised up there price by $100-$150 more then its original $250 upgrade price.

Do you guys think paying $100 more to get the Storm by Thanksgiving worth it?

I was lucky enough to get a Storm on launch day. I was at my local VZW Store an hour early (waiting in the heat of a mall) I was the only one there. The store only had 6 and I got 2. I was pretty suprized there wasnt anyone else there. I live in Ohio.

I live about a half hour North of Albany, NY and I arrived at my local Verizon store an hour early at 7am. Super cold out by the way. I was #3 in line. The store had 20 phones. A full 20 people arrived by 8am and they were sold out, however Fedex saved the day and had delivered 10 more units by 10am for the lucky guys/gals who waited the extra time for them. It was a madhouse in there! Not many prior blackberry users were purchasing the storm though.

I showed up at 8:20AM at the closest Verizon store (it opened 1 hour early at 8AM). The store was crowded, and busy. Everyone was talking about the Storm and I was informed that there were only 6 Storms left. I looked at where I was on the list and realized I was #8. They offered to order a Storm for me, but I opted to leave the store feeling disappointed. Then I decided to go across the street to our local Mall. There is a Verizon kiosk there, and I thought I would take a chance. When I arrived there were 6 people waiting, and I was immediately informed they had 9 Storms available, and I was #7. I was lucky and 1.5 hours later I was the proud owner of a Storm. While waiting for activation, a woman approached me, and I realized she was #5 or 6 at the first store. She was not as fortunate because 2 people before her bought 2 Storms each, leaving her high and dry. I love my new Storm, and will name her Julia or Robin,

I went to 4 stores all were sold out or did not get any. Most said they only got 5 or 10 and were gone in the first 10 minutes. One kiosk in the mall was packed with and there were 3 employees. I told them I just wanted the phone - the guy said they had one - waited 20 minutes only for them to say they already sold it!

I went to Best Buy and they had 1. Great I will take it! However I had to do an early upgrade because I have 2 months left on my contract. So after an hour of trying on being on the phone with Verizon I finally was told Best Buy doesn't do early upgrades - If I went to a VZ Store I could pay $20 for the privilege of paying to upgrade or call and have one delivered December 15th! Or I could pay $500 just for the phone.

If I was RIM I would be ticked! You have a excited group wanting your product and a vendor who is holding it hostage! VZ should just let me get it and extend the contract for 2 years and from current date - hey I want the darn thing and I will be part of your service!

Not to mention the lack of supply! This is a MAJOR launch have some PRODUCT ON HAND!

So I have decided NOT TO GET ONE until my contract runs out. By then all of the issues will be fixed and it will be cheaper. I will stick to my 8830 - who knows maybe by then I will just go with ATT and get the Bold!

I am trying to give Verizon the benefit of the doubt...surely they could not have blown the logistics and customer experience of this launch this badly on their own...

corporate sabotage?
college interns run amok?
Nope - - per the store today...Its FedEx's fault! I almost fell out of my chair when they said that - - how ridiculous!!

I ordered in the store at noon on Friday and was told I would have by 3pm Saturday. My Verizon store is now blaming FedEx for not being able to handle the crush.


Per the tracking...I am scheduled for Monday delivery. And let me check that tracking number - oh yeah, they cant give it to me! What amateurs!!

Remind me again why I was on a waiting list to get this phone? Well, that may be the only promise kept....bc I am stillllll waiting.

Sorry to hear about the shipping incident.

I ordered mine online and am supposed to get it next week.

I wanted to remind everyone that BB indicated a shortage because of some bugs before launch.

I received an email flier that said I was eligible for an early upgrade. It had the Pearl and the Dare on it. I called customer service and asked if it applied to any piece of equipment (because I upgraded in March). They said ads typically are only for the phones displayed. Is this true?

I would think early upgrade means just that.. not for certain phones only...

So as of now I paid full bloody price for the device. And I HATE my retail location. Guess I will print off the ad and see if it applies. Customer service is often wrong for any wireless carrier. I worked for att for a year and the customer service was horrible.

I didn't get a storm either because I work there and customers come first. There are alot of things that people don't know about that day apparently. Like the last minute software revision that delayed deliveries, which is why you have a neon green dot on your box to indicate that it was updated. Perhaps you may be unaware that we sped up the release to meet customer demand, originally for early december. Or that all stores were promised a greater quantity than recieved due to the fact that they had not been updated. Or that although stores only had 20, 50, or 100 or as low as 10 storms that by 7:30 in the morning most were gone not only from the stores but almost the wharehouse aswell. Which is why there had to be a cutoff time for overnight delivery because it would have been impossible for them to send them all out that day. Wharehouses do not run 24/7 either. And orders are processed first come first serve, and there were thousands and thousands of them. Once they are back in the stores things will run much more smoothly again. We appreciate all our customers and especially our Crackberry customers! You are the best. This device in my opinion will be dramatically improved and quickly! It is the best device on the market hands down. Unless you simply do not like touchscreen but why I could not understand. ENJOY your new work toy, load up some movies on it and enjoy the amazing screen and take some pix and text away and get some apps.

I ordered mine through telesales around 9:30 AM mountain time yesterday I asked for priority Saturday delivery. At 10:30 AM Fedex delivered the phone to the my work (I work for a Verizon Premium Retailer) I will definitely say I am very happy with it so far. The bugs are no worse than when the Pearl first came out. The screen is gorgeous and the SurePress really speeds up my typing. I do find some humor in the fact that someone like me in podunk Wyoming got a Storm and you people in the big cities are still waiting... :)

Well I guess after reading some of your horror stories I should feel lucky to have gotten mine. I waited in line at 5:30am, they took my information at 6:30am and by 7:30am I was holding my Storm. I have to say my local Verizon store had there acts together out here in LA.

I'm not totally sold on this phone yet but it is growing on me. My only real complaint is the lag time. This device clearly needs a faster processor and I am sure newer models will have one but I am really starting to love it so. I think the visual voice mail is my favorite thing. Lame I know but it is so cool. And it is very nice to now have the ability to watch streaming video on a blackberry.

I wish all of you who are trying to get one the best of luck.


Nope, I didn't get a Storm, but I couldn't be happier. I'm a Rogers customer in Canada, so no Storm for me (yet).

But I am a RIM shareholder, and the stock took off on Friday, in no small part due to the positive response to the Storm. Looks like RIM's going to sell a ton of these. It's a great looking device.

I've got a Pearl 8120 for my smartphone, and an iPod Touch for a PDA/media device. I can tell you that the iPod has a beautiful interface, but I wouldn't like it as a phone. All the things that I don't like about it (no copy/paste, no tactile feedback, no bluetooth, etc.) are all covered in the Storm.

Go forth Crackberry users down south, keep buying up the Storm. My share values thank you for it!

What happened to the rest of the Blackberry Storm winners? We only saw 4 videos... wasn't there suppose to be 10 winners total?

A lot of you got screwed, sucks. The stores opened at 7 not 8. If you got there 30 mins before opening, you should known the chances of getting the phone were not too great. I went to my store an 1hr 1/2 early and was lucky to be 9th in line. Took me 30 mins to get set up and I was out the door at 7:30.

I placed my order online at 6:15am and as of now there is still a blank status online. So I called and they said that being my order was placed pre 2pm I "should" have it this week but no later than December 5th. I feel so much better now. Dont quite understand why a company as large as VZ wouldnt have enough to go around. Hope its worth the wait!

I woke up early before work on Friday, but couldnt stay for the line! I started calling around and of course they were all sold out! On my way to stand in line that morning, I had passed a new Go Wireless Verizon Authorized Dealer store that was so new they didn't even have a sign yet!

When I got off work, I went there to see if they had any. They didn't BUT they had me put $50 deposit down to get their 1st batch when they began to arrive on Saturday! Yesterday morning they called me and I picked up my Storm at 1:30 pm! I'm now in love with authorized dealers - everyone forgot about going there to purchase!

Still haven't named mine yet - but I'm def. in love!

I for one really like my Storm. I was a IPhone user for a year and a
half and sure I miss some of the ease of use of the IPhone (like the
Safari Browser and the IPhone's "pinching method") but all in all I
think this is a pretty decent phone. As a worker in retail at the
"Other Team" (IPHONE) I understand the frustration that goes into a
first day launch and it's a lot of work and sometimes no matter how
hard you plan, things just don't work out. The IPhone is on it's 2nd
Gen and still is getting updates to fix bugs it has so I think people
should relax and give Verizon and Rim a chance to release some
software updates and I'm sure they will to fix any minor lag or
glitches the Storm has. But for a first time out, I think they did
pretty damn good. Keeping my Storm and giving them a chance.
Previously was with Verizon for 10 yrs with NO ISSUES and left for
the IPhone. AT & T suxed and after 5 IPhone swaps, I'd had enough,
so I returned to Verizon and haven't had any dropped calls, call
clarity on my Storm is amazing and really have had only minor gripes
with my Storm. (I.E. occasional slight lag when changing from
portrait mode to landscape, getting used to the keyboard now (same as
I had to do when I first got my IPhone), but no other problems really.

I have my opinion and I am returning the storm. After all of the hype, it is not what I thought it would be. It took me 5 mins to type a text message. Sorry, I am going back to my 8830.

I have always frowned upon those nuts sitting out in the weather for that new thing, or that big show. But here I was 7:30 AM in line for the Storm happy as can be. Speaking with my fellow addicts in line. It felt like 1979 again waiting to get into see Todd Rundgren-General Admission.

I'm on day 3 with the new Storm and is everything and more than I expected. The reviews are right on about the keyboard, it's tough to get used to and if you type fast, it will disappoint. But for everything else, it's worth it, and I'm getting faster everyday. I do challenge every critic (myself included), to live with the Storm for 30 days and see if we have not mastered the new click keyboard screen. If the sentiment is the same, RIM will need to act fast.

Anyway, I was one of the lucky to walk out of the Verizon store with me Storm, nearly everyone else behind me in line had to "put in their order".

It's a great Blackberry day!

I was able to get my hands on a storm thanks to a friend who works for VZ. I wanted to throw a few tips and suggestions out there for anyone who is trying to decided if they like how the phone works.

1. Change your swipe speed to 6
2. lower your tap interval to 25
3. Raise your hover to 300
4. Set left side convenience key to show the keyboard
5. Keep right side as camera
6. Get in the habit of moveing your finger from letter to letter with out taking it off the screen
7. only use your right thumb on the right side in qwerty and left thumb on left side. do NOT reach over, it causes more issues than you would think because its not set up that way.
8. Install BB desktop software and then check for updates. Even if there are no updates hit next to choose to load a module.
9. Pick something that wasnt on the default install that you would like or something that you wouldnt care as long as it was not on there before.
10. Go through the backup and then let it wipe the os and reinstall everything. It will help, regardless of the build you got from VZ.
11. Set voice dial up so that its on the main 8 that you see from the default home screen.
12. last but not least, learn to love sure type mode lol i know we all love qwerty but trust me. This phone is ten times faster in suretype and fairly accurate to boot. It has yet to steer me wrong and my pearl almost never did.

And DON'T get frustrated. I get sooo damn angry when I see reviews where the reviewer reams on its 'difficulty' and frustration when using the device, when they haven't had more than a few days with it. I have been using the Storm for a little more than a month (don't ask ..). It was difficult at first, but after a couple of weeks I was comfortable enough to turn off auto-correct (which sucks up some extra CPU). By now, I can type around the same speed as 'casual curve' typing. And everything else i've gotten used to.

I guess my 5 hour wait on Friday because the system kept crashing my order wasn't all that bad. I went to a mall store where I live in CT to get mine. The store was opening an hour early at 9 but I got there around 7 and was the second person waiting in line. After about a half hour of waiting and only about 2 other people showing up the salespeople that got there early gave us all numbered passes and told us we could leave and come back. It worked out great. I got pass #1, came back when the store opened and they ushered us into the store according to our pass #. I am only liking the phone right now but I am sure with time I‘ll really love it.

Great story!
I traded in my Treo 750 for the new Storm. I walked past the Vodafone (the only carrier to have it here in Australia) and fell in love. I knew nothing about it but had wanted to make the move to a BlackBerry for a while. I went into the store and the girl behind the counter was fantastic - she pulled out her own Storm (always a good sign when the person demonstrating something owns it themselves) and I spent about the next hour talking to her. I went home and did some more research, went back into the shop the next day and haven't looked back since.