BlackBerrius Maximus - Part X - Our "15 Minutes"

By Gary Mazo on 30 Mar 2009 02:14 pm EDT

It was pop icon Andy Warhol who is credited as first saying that we all get "15 Minutes" of fame in this world. Now, some of us get a little more than our allotted "15 Minutes" and some of us get a little less.

Very recently, my friend and colleague, (our beloved CrackBerry Kevin) met me in New York City for what turned out to be our "15 Minutes." Now, Kevin is pretty famous and has gotten more than 15 minutes of fame - but this was a pretty cool thing we did for CrackBerry Nation - so watch the video above for the end result and read on for the details behind it all after the jump!!

In December, we released our joint venture "CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse" co-authored by me, Kevin and my partner at Made Simple Learning - Martin Trautschold. The book got some nice reviews from you all - the CrackBerry faithful - but we needed an even bigger "push" to bring the important message of "responsible BlackBerry Use" to the masses.

We got our break earlier this month. Brett Larson, the Tech Reporter for Fox News in New York called us to New York to tape an interview for his story on BlackBerry addiction. It seems that some guy in the White House has made a big deal about his BlackBerry and so "BlackBerry Use" and attachment to our beloved "Berrys" is getting national play.

Now, I have written a book with Kevin, written for, talked with him on the phone on numerous occasions and sent hundreds of emails back and forth. But, I had never met Kevin before - so, this was kind of cool- I get to meet Kevin and go on TV!

I took the train into New York (I had stayed at my sister's house in Connecticut) and I took out my copy of "CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse" to refresh myself on those 12 steps that I had written.

I was in a train car with about 35 other people and I started to look around. I was reading our book (so, maybe someone would notice) and checking email on my 8900 with the other hand. No one made eye contact; in fact, no one made eye contact with anyone. As I looked closer, I saw that 25 out of the 35 people on that car were packing BlackBerry Smartphones. Most, were typing away completely oblivious to anyone else on the train. I saw about 5 iPhones and just a few "plain vanilla" cell phones in the group. "Perfect," I thought - here is the target audience for this book, but no one will lift their head long enough out of their own BlackBerry long enough for me to get their attention!

I arrived in Grand Central Station and once again was overwhelmed with BlackBerrys everywhere - I felt like I was in Waterloo!

I met up with Kevin and it was great to finally put a face and voice (not that I hadn't seen those before on line) with this guy I had communicated with so much over this past year.

We talked strategy and made our way to the studio. There we were - Fox News, New York City. We walked into the lobby, signed in and our interviewer, Brett Larson came to get us. We made our way through the maze of hallways and corridors and came to an empty conference room. There we were fitted with microphones (no makeup - thankfully!) and we were ready to go.

Then, the cameraman stopped and reported that he was getting feedback in the camera - "Does somebody have a BlackBerry in their pocket?" he asked with a sheepish grin. Kevin and I looked at each other - I went first. Out of one pocket came my BlackBerry 8900, then, out of the iPhone. Martin and I are working on a new book for the iPhone and I was using the trip to get to know the device. Everyone had a good laugh.

Now it was Kevin's turn, he checked his pockets...clear. Then he opened his bag, not one, not two, not three, but at least 4 BlackBerrys were spotted - a Storm, an 8900, his Bold with that nice CrackBerry Coveroo on the back, the secret 9630 (which I got to hold) and then his iPhone and God knows what else. Well, that was all anyone could take. Here we were, on National TV, telling people to moderate their BlackBerry use and between us there were no less than 7 (and probably more) devices to be seen.

We had a blast - we talked BlackBerrys, iPhones, addiction, the book, about - we were a bit nervous in front of the camera, and we didn't know which of our fabulous quotes they might use - but, all in all, it was a fun experience. Now our "15 minutes" begin - about six minutes when it aired at 8:23 this morning, about 6 more minutes when it airs on the 5 O'clock news tonight and about three minutes for you to read about it here.

Well, its been fun - now our 15 minutes are over - but hopefully we brought some exposure to CrackBerry Nation and Made Simple Learning and we helped some people begin to manage their BlackBerry Use and Abuse. Check out the Video and make sure to pick up your copy of the book by going to

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BlackBerrius Maximus - Part X - Our "15 Minutes"


thats awesome ......
way to go cb
and kev you did not look nervous @ all

and we are very much important thank you !!!!!!

I don't think I can give myself time limits hahaha and if I did people would look at me funny when I didn't have my phone because they know how addicted I am. Not to the point of being rude, but it is ALWAYS within earshot.

Did they pronounce his last name wrong?I thought it was mich-a-luk not mick-a-luk. This is a big step for cb.

WHAT THE FRAK!!! go crackberry nation haha this is great put down my blackberry NEVER!!! I AM VERY IMPORTANT it's attached at the hip *HIT ME ON MY BLACKBERRY* loved it good job CB and great work KEVIN

I like how that guy worked in the Iphone. While the Iphone is a great and fun phone, it just doesn't have the same addictive quality that a Blackberry. The Iphone is about all the useless and fun apps, while the BB is all about messaging, so there is a greater need to constantly check it.

I was thinking the same thing!!! haha and if there would be one person I had to guess had an iPhone it would have been that guy haha

Hahah woo! Go Gary and Kevin! Huge step for us.
Surprisingly, the in-studio parts were actually quite humorous. Wish ours were like that.

Hip Hip Hooray for the *Good Guys.*
There's nothing better than hearing and/or reading a success story. It's never easy taking something from an idea to realty.You deserve whatever kudos that come your way.
I just like being here.

No you're not! You have time to sit at your computer and type this. My bet is you have too much time on your hands because you are not imprtant enough.

taking out the iphone during a blackberry segment didn't make you cool and using the expression "you're not that important" more than once was overly excessive.

That was pretty cool! It was great to have the news cast get involved and keep it light-hearted. I can see now that if I'm ever dubbed an 'addict' I'm going to have a hard time just putting my 8900 down - especially since I dumped my pager and routed all urgent notification through my BB! (ha!)

*Throws Molotov Cocktail through Fox News window*



No you're not! You have time to sit at your computer and type this. My bet is you have too much time on your hands because you are not imprtant enough.

Sorry, did they mention that its a PHONE too?!? It was initially described as a hand held email device (or something to that effect) but honestly I've always been pretty addicted to my cell phone, even before I had my BlackBerry.

my blackberry is my digital buddy im never alone hehehehehe and i will never part from my BB to hell the video everyone is important thats the reason we all got a BB.

Great Video man. I love how Kevin said "You dont have to Slide to Unlock" hahahah. Anyone else notice that? Take that Iphone abusers :)

Great Job guys. You kicked ass on that story :D. Can't think of anyone else to have represented us. Thanks for sharing that with us.

I liked the "you don't have to slide to unlock" comment... haha take that iPhone!

That reported really sounded like an iPhone fanboy.

Wow you are so hot! That just goes to show that hot guys can be techie's too! You should have a 2009 hottie techie contest! WHOOOOT!

Kevin, that was awesome! About time the Blackberry inner world is exposed. LOL but i do agree there may some limits for a user when to pull out the device, but overall its an addiction.

yay kevin!

ps is it just me or do ppl take the bb addiction a little too seriously. i honestly was just "addicted" to my voyager than to my storm?

Don't get me wrong, my world would crumble without my BB, but I agree with Brad. If you are at dinner don't have it on the table and don't even have it on vibrate. When you are with someone that is where your attention should be. Put your BB in the "Off" mode and put it away. Has WALL-E taught you nothing?

P.S. Kevin was not given enough time MORE KEVIN!

*Looks around to see if anyone is looking* I am NOT addicted to my Blackberry! :p I enjoy every moment I spend with it lol. :D Very nice story and I was cracking up when they turned to the weather man and he was playing with his blackberry, would've been better if he was actually ON!

I believe the right term to use is “objective addiction”. Primarily, that’s the reason why we have BB’s. To stay connected without much of a hassle. And it’s like a statement, when people see you using a BB, it is expected that everytime the greenlight turns red, you have to check it.

Like, why get a BB if you will not use it the way it was designed for. It doesn’t make sense.

Did Brett Larson really need to shove in the fact that he has an Iphone, and that Iphones are addicting. Apple users cannot just let blackberries have their 15 minutes?!

Thanks for the correction, but check out these sources:

This is the line from his original speech: It's the place where my prediction from the sixties finally came true: "In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." I'm bored with that line. I never use it anymore. My new line is, "In fifteen minutes everybody will be famous."
Andy Warhol, Andy Warhol's Exposures (1979) "Studio 54"
US artist (1928 - 1987)