BlackBerrius Maximus: Berrys at the Ballpark

By Gary Mazo on 27 Aug 2009 02:46 pm EDT

There is nothing like summer in New England, if you live up here, you know what I mean. If you are a baseball fan - there is just no place like Fenway Park - the place to be - in the summer here in Boston.

Recently, I was able to score two tickets to Fenway (no easy feat in this town) and I took my BlackBerry toting 17 year old with me. Two red sox fans, two BlackBerry 8900s and two tickets to Fenway Park - what could be better.

Since my son Dan is just about as much of a techie as his old man, he affectionately has earned the title "Maximus Junior" around here. We decided to use both Berrys to the max that day.

We started with the search for tickets - Dan had fired up, gone on Facebook looking for tickets from his "friends" and finally came upon a local fundraising auction being held by the local Cape Cod Baseball league. He entered into the drawing - all on his BlackBerry and got an email confirmation that he had won.

Now it was time to plan the route. First, we fired up Google Maps, searched for Fenway Park and got one set of directions and found potential parking spots. We clicked on the web links and called a couple of parking garages and decided that we should probably park outside the city and take the "T" into town.

Dan was able to locate a full map of the T and download it to his pictures on his BlackBerry. We were able to do a new Google Map search for the "Quincy" station - we found out how to get there, how much it would cost and what time they stayed open until.


On the way up we alternated between listening to Pandora and Slacker (streaming via Bluetooth) but, since our 8900s were not 3G - we lost signal too often. We could cache the music on Slacker, but it was just easier to use our playlists that were already synced on our devices.

At the parking garage, I decided to give two new car parking Apps a whirl. I started up "Park" and recorded a voice note with the column number of the parking spot.

I then started Car finder, which gave me a free 30-day key that I entered and then set my location via the Bluetooth device in my car. Cool - I figured we would see which one worked.

Once on the T, we started the browsers and went to our shortcuts We tested the speed of the BlackBerry Browser vs. Bolt and realized that since we were going through tunnels, it really didn't matter which browser we used -if we had no signal, we had no signal. We finally got out browsers loaded and saw the preview of the games, starting pitching matchups and weather conditions. As the skies looked more and more threatening, he went to accuweather and I went to weather eye to see if the forecasts were the same - they were.

Off the T, I went back to Google Maps, located Fenway and the GPS found me and guided us to the Park (not that really we really needed that with the big Green wall right in front of us!)

Our seats were in the Bleachers, right behind the dugout. We both took some great pictures with our 3.2 MP cameras.


Dan loaded his right onto his facebook page, mine was sent to two BlackBerry Messenger Contacts and via email to three other friends.

I then remembered that an old friend of mine from New Jersey had told me about the son of his secretary who was now pitching for the visiting Oakland A's. I gave him a call (after I had searched for a Wi-Fi Network at Fenway and connected via UMA) and asked him the name of the kid and what his number was. Got the information and was armed to find this kid and say..."Hey, Peter X from New Jersey told me to find you" but he never did start to warm up that day.

We were sitting in the nosebleed section of Fenway and the scoreboard was behind us and another was out of view to the side. I decided on a "closer view" so I fired up my SlingPlayer, connected to my HD box at home and watched the game simulcast on my BlackBerry.

Since we couldn't really see the board, Dan was on following pitch by pitch as we watched the game.

When it came to the eighth inning, they began to play Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" a Fenway classic. I used the voice recorder to capture the crowd and then sent the note to my other son who was home watching the game so he could feel like he was there.

The Red Sox won, we got back on the train and headed for our car. Now time to use the parking lot tools. First, I tried "Park" - it showed me a very general map of the garage (which I already knew because I was there) and I read my note -I could have just as easily written a memo and taken a picture of the column number.

Next, I tried car finder and discovered something very important. If your Bluetooth device is hard wired in your car (like mine) it makes it pretty tough to find the car when the device is off. Maybe I should have thought of that one before - that didn't really help me. Fortunately, I did use the memo pad and I took a picture of the column to help me locate my car - that worked just as well.

Time to head home. I had five visual voicemails in YouMail to check, about 40 emails from the day and a few BlackBerry Messengers to respond to as well. After all that activity, I still had over half my battery strength and we streamed Bluetooth Stereo all the way home.

All in all, a great day at the Ball Park and a great day with our BlackBerrys. Maximus and Maximus Jr. made the most of the day, the most of our BlackBerrys and had a blast.

Until next time....Maximus - out.

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BlackBerrius Maximus: Berrys at the Ballpark


No where near as much as you guys were able to do, but I got a kick yesterday out of getting a bunch of calls in a row from a fax machine. Did a reverse lookup of the number on Poynt, found the name of the company, opened the browser, found their homepage and contact number, rang them up and talked to the person that was trying to send the fax.

Flippin' awesome. I love stories like that. Blackberries help you get stuff done. (although you could probably do the same thing in an iphone, it would just take longer)

Niiice! I was just at Fenway on Tuesday night with the Tour, snapped some amazing pictures and got a great upgrade on seats (SRO to first baseline) for FREE!!!

So the two of you had a Berry good and entertaining day at the park and on the Berrys. Cool! Does this mean Maximus Jr. will be writing a review or a blog for CrackBerry any time soon so he can continue to keep up with Maximus Sr.?

Nice article.

It could be better if the Chicago White Sox won tonight. I do respect the Red Sox though. They are a great team.

Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez, Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens?? I hope that you aren't serious and that's just a little sarcasm, I hate the great steroid debate and what it's done to the game (and have even said wayyy before his name was released that Ortiz was just as much a juicer as the rest of them).

Yanks never claimed a championship during the testing years. Red Sox did. Give them an asterisk or take it back. Then all BoSox fans can drive their cahs into the watah at the habuh

Now that is just unnecessary. I was born and raised in NY, but currently live and work in Boston. I certainly wouldn't consider NY to be better than Boston as a city. However, I do prefer the Yankees because they don't F up my commute home after a 13 hour day as much as the Red Sox fans do. Good lord stop taking the T please and learn to watch from home.

Oh, now Verizon is so magical that they'll work underground? Yet they couldn't figure out how to get a signal to my gf's old apartment.

Typical of most Red Sox/Cubs fans, you have no idea about the actual game of baseball.

The dugout is NOT in the outfield. That's the bullpen.

what do you mean? I've been a red sox fan forever, and by forever I mean 2004. I even out a cool Red Sox sticker on my car. I love baseball! Touchdown!!!!

That's what we now begrudgingly call pink hat nation. Success has ruined our fan base. You know, the one's that chant "Yankees Suck!" at a Sox/Rays game...

You know, if you didn't like the story, why bother bitching about it and insulting the writer and his son? Move on to the next entry. Geesh.

Awesome story. I love using my blackberry to the fullest (then rubbing it in other peoples faces). People don't understand why I like my phone so much.

Originally being from the Boston area myself I have to agree that there really is no place like Fenway, and regardless of who you root for it's an experience worth having.

Drove a thousand miles to go to Fenway about a month ago. Gotta love Boston!

But the 'real' park is Oriole Park At Camden Yards. Give it a year or two and they will have a 'real' team :)

Nice article tho

I never get people who say that Fenway is a great park

Its a Sandbox

A architect Nightmare

I always wondered how many home runs were taken away from Big Papi and Manny By that Stupid wall


I work right next to that lead infested dump called fenway park. I make my mioney in Boston but a NYer for sure. Beef Patty and Manny were juiced and should have an * next to those titles. Ortiz should be gone for the year. he said it himself whoever gets a positive test should be gone for the year. Staright from the horses mouth in february. But that's ok. They took 8 staright games from the yanks earlier only to be 7 games back with a few weeks to go in the season. No red sox on my BB. Come on Texas. take the wild card and send these bums home.

i love my bold but when i was at the dodger stadium watching the game. i only check my phone couple of times. i usually check my phone a lot. u have to enjoy the game.

Ignore the ignorant people, this was a great article, and, believe it or not it actually made me feel a little better. I'm glad you guys had a great time, also, great bb ideas/moments. We need more good news/posts like this in the world, imo. Instead of all the negative stuff that just gets attention, things like this should.

I agree. Thanks author of the article and author's son.
Tired of hearing about someone being raped, beaten, and/or murdered; of all the war shit, etc etc. You can't turn on the news and have any good news these days anymore. The only times I even watch the news anymore is for the weather or traffic. And most of the time I just use my...*gasp*..bold!

This is the WORST article ive ever read. My eyes started bleeding after "berrys at the ballpark" Guess what?
NO BODY CARES!!! Wow, you went to a baseball game. So? Who hasnt been too a baseball game, unless your from africa where they dont usually play baseball (what DO they play in africa??)
Im only commenting on this because im mourning the 5 minutes i spent trying to read this, that ill never get back... And by the way the 8900 SUCKS!! And so does baseball...
Im not a fan of watching men throwing around their balls and hitting them with their bats trying to get a 'home run' Curling is more exciting to watch than a game of baseball!!
I have a strong feeling that this guy is a homosexual....just saying.....cause only queers would write such a lame article.....

I really think that this is the perfect app for all Blackberries. It's so convenient and is just exactly what I'm
looking for. I just bought my curve and i can really use an app like this. I hope i win a copy. my girlfriend calls me a crackberry addict because i'm always on my phone looking for new apps and themes and also hottt wallpapers. Sounds like a cool contest. A great way to launch this app.

I really liked your blog, it was informative (due to the apps used), exciting (since its the Red Sox), and it was a great adventure with your son. Way to go!

and wish I had a blackberry at that time so i didn't have to carry around that map of the T. oh yeah and if you were in the bleachers you were behind the bullpen not the dugout.

Regarding those users who called Gary a dork, I think at this point the whole USA can be deemed "dorks" or "geeks" (or even "fags" as one eloquent user stated... smooth move, Ex Lax) due to the fact that EVERYONE has a damned cell phone.

The whole point of the story was to show how much technology has incorporated itself into our lives and to what extent it can be used.

I love how people blast him for using tech while watching a live game. So what? He can do what he wants! And if I'm not mistaken, he mentioned not being able to see the game well since he had crappy seats, so using his BB was actually an improvement.

Lighten up people... and pay attention to the most IMPORTANT ASPECT of this blog... a father enjoying a day with his son.

The Giants have a wifi network set up that you can login and view a map of all the concourses in the stadium and I think you can even order concessions

Making fun of the author for using his BB? Hello?!? This site is all about using your BB. And this site used to have so many enthusiastic, kind and helpful posters. Every time I come here lately, I see so much rudeness. I have been spending much less time here than I used to because of it.

i have to agree about putting the bb away for the game, but it seems more like a father/son bonding experience to me, so i'm all for it. dad said he had 40 emails, so he must have put limits on the use during the game. i would hope that if they went to another game the bb's would be off though.

Yeah, like another comment said, your Suckberry couldn't tell you the difference between a dugout and a bullpen. Those are bullpens in the outfield you moron.

I found this to be well written, and a great idea for the next time I go to a true cathederal of sports. Meaning Yankee Stadium.

Quincy station on the Red Line? I lived about a mile away from there when I lived in Quincy.

Best of luck to the Red Socks in clawing there way back to the Wild Card.

I never got bored reading this! I was actually sad that I reached the end. It was so entertaining, great blog! Going to read some more! :)

Cool story Max Blackberries are awesome and I have turned so many of my friends on to them its not even funny.

As for the comments on him being a sox fan I think everyone should leave him alone....Its not his fault he lives near that shit hole city and doesnt know a better team even if they are 6 games up. GO YANKS!

P.S. I also use my blackberry several times a night to track my teams success and your teams failures and to check exactly how many games up the yankees are from the red sox, would have to turn into ESPN alot more without it...thank you blackberry

I often here that the iphone is better than any Blackberry device but I beg to differ. Yes you can do everything yall did on an iphone, but I think its more fun to do what yall did on a Blackberry. I've been a member of the Blackberry family since the 8700 and I must say that life keeps getting better which each new Blackberry I have. Since I'm of today, I will be doing some geotagging to try to find some LSU vs Florida game tickets.

I commented before I read the other comments and I have to say that I am very disappointed in the foul remarks posted about this sucks and that sucks and you morons....These guys were out to have fun and succeeded! What's that old saying about "If you don't have anything good to say...."

Yup...summer in Boston. Hot, muggy, and the air thick with mosquitos you can put saddles on. Gotta love it. My mother's side of the family is from Bahston. Always did love that town. What I wouldn't give right now for some fried clams and one of those roast beef sandwiches from that stand down at Revere with a hot cup of DD coffee. the way...I saw Yaz play at Fenway.