BlackBerry Jam Asia locations and Montreal registration now open

BlacBerry Jam Asia locations and Montreal registration now open
By DJ Reyes on 12 Jun 2012 01:00 pm EDT

Update #6: Delhi registration is now closed. 

Update #5: Montreal is now sold out. 

Update #4: Bangalore registration is now closed -- again. 

Update #3: Bangalore has reopened registration, get registering now before you miss out again. Sydney event has now been opened for registration. Again, register as soon as you can, there's no telling when it will it sell out, if it does.

Update #2: Registration for Jakarta is now closed. 

Update: Looks like registration for Bangalore has now closed. 

The BlackBerry 10 Jam Word Tour is already underway with four cities already completed and one taking place in Paris today. I am pretty sure developers in other cities are itching to register for these events. For those who are planning to attend Asia Pacific cities, registration has just opened, excluding Sydney. Montreal registration also opened sometime yesterday and if it's anything like Toronto better get registering now before it gets sold out. Remember Toronto sold out within 24 hours.

So, if you're looking to attend any of the above mentioned cities get registerting now. Remember, only developers are eligible for a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device, however non-developers can attend. Also, taking a closer look at the agenda for Montreal it looks like a third session has been added to the event - Enterprise Track. So, if you're into the Enterprise side of BlackBerry smartphones, including migrating from Java to BlackBerry 10 and WebWorks. 

We'd also love to hear from those who have already attended these events. Join in the discussion in the forums.

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BlackBerry Jam Asia locations and Montreal registration now open


I'm not a dev. but I would really like to go check it out in Montreal. I used to code C and C++ in highschool but no longer do it. Can anyone advise me if it's worth my while purely on a cusiosity level? Thanks

I'm guessing that by the sudden shift from NA to beyond for BB10 development that even their great markets right now are eroding quicker than they thought they would. Looks like BB10 is going to be offered globally quicker than everyone thought. Hopefully this gets the fire under their buts. Maybe we can get a complete transition to BB10 quicker now which will hopefully get the dev community behind the OS quicker. Can't wait to be able to buy a BB10 device.

A question for anyone that has attended an event.... Does anyone know if the Dev Alpha's are going to full time existing developers or are new developers also getting access to the DA's?

Depends on how you define new. Have you just registered to become developer recently? Have you got an app created already? It is stated that developers get them, they don't let you know until 24 hours before the event whether you're qualified or not so it also depend on the number of attendees.

Great, yet another event for the whiny peeps in Montreal to protest at. Perhaps this is one event RIM should reconsider and move it elsewhere.....outside the me me me that is Quebec.
NOT T.O though, they get enough cool events each year.....perhaps Halifax or Winterpeg (sorry Kev) Hamilton is out cuz they're Grey Cup contenders this year so pft on them (lol)

I just fear that knowing the media, they'll spin the protests back on RIM and somehow RIM will be at fault for the protesting babies' lot in life.

Gawd I hope I'm wrong on this one. Good luck going into Montreal though.

If you don't understand why they are doing what they're doing, that's fine; but there's no reason to be an ignoramus about it.

One could easily claim the me me me mentality is moreso situated in the west (Alberta). But do we need to focus on divisions? No. So keep the politics out please.

My point was that they'll make it political as opposed to simply going to the event and learning or opening their arms and grasping that which is the "new" RIM.

Get back to class, learn, graduate and work for RIM and change the world. The time for protest is done as now the costs are outweighing the benefit of the action. Suck it up. Students all across the country are paying more, so why should they be any different?

Go to JAM, take away some good, apply that knowledge and make BB's better. That's the point, not protesting which solves NOTHING and only serves to cost us more in the long run.

The rest of the country knows the answer to my question but you're right, this isn't the place for that argument.

I still maintain that holding the event in Montreal with the unrest going on there is a bad idea.

About the BB10 Jam in Montreal, it depends on the exact place where it will take place, it's not like the whole city is on fire (I'd be more worried if the Montreal Canadiens lost, or even won, the Stanley Cup the same day as the BB10 Jam conference, that would be a real riot!). The protests are going on in the same area of the city, and mostly at night (unless it's the 22nd of the month or if there's a special event). I couldn't find out where the conference will take place, but I'm confident they took the time to read the news before booking anywhere downtown. And such a small event should be fine, it's not a worldwide conference and there won't be any camera (which wasn't the case for the F1 Grand Prix), it's mostly for developers. We'll find out after the break.

Just for informative purposes and out of subject (for anyone who wants to read about that student thing going on), there's a few things to consider when talking about the "student crisis" in Quebec. I know Quebec bashing is quite popular sometimes, but the government isn't a 100% right and the students aren't a 100% wrong either.

1. Quebec tax payers have one of the highest sales tax and have the highest person income tax rates in Canada. More taxes should mean more and cheaper services right? And university students are more likely to pay a higher income tax rate than high school graduates, so they will pay on the long term if they are given the chance to study.

2. The government is being dishonest when comparing numbers with other canadian provinces. The 2011-2012 tuition is said to be 2168$ for a year, but I paid 3200$ last year. The government only compares tuition fees and forget to include administrative fees charged by the universities, which are higher in Quebec (in order to compensate for frozen tuition fees for years, these fees were increased year after year). After the tuition increase, if we include the administrative fees, Quebec will pay the same tuition as the rest of Canada... now let's go back to the first point.

On the other hand, a student group, the CLASSE, is also asking for the abolition of the tuition fees. They are only a minority and I don't support this, but I also don't support such a radical increase in tuition fees. The diploma must have a price tag on it, it's higher education and is optional, but the right price is hard to define (but it definitely should be higher than it is right now, they need money). And my last class before I get my diploma has been on strike for more than three months... So I just want them to find the right price so I can take my last exam and be done with this.

Like really? Couldn't this be somewhere else? Keeping the topic on BB10 is better as protests have NOTHING to do with it.

Just registered! Now to find accommodations and a ride there...

Maybe I didn't fully think this through...

Hahaha...I'll figure it out.

Can't wait!