Half price BlackBerry 10 app sale from BKU Software - SayIt, SafeDrive and more

By James Richardson on 30 Mar 2014 05:43 am EDT

It's been a weekend for BlackBerry 10 app promotions and that continues today with a selection on offer from BKU Software that we've featured many a time. The following apps from BKU are all half price now - up until April 10th. 

If you're a productivity user first and foremost you may well want to check out the apps on offer. If you spend time in the car then both SayIt and SafeDrive will certainly come in very handy. 

Nice to see BlackBerry and BKU teaming up on this one. Fingers crossed this will be an ongoing trend and we'll get more promotions on a regular basis. 

Get 'em while they're hot: 

Download SayIt for BlackBerry 10

Download SafeDrive for BlackBerry 10

Download SuperNote for BlackBerry 10

Download Call Blocker for BlackBerry 10

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Half price BlackBerry 10 app sale from BKU Software - SayIt, SafeDrive and more


I used to have sayit but the voices were saved in my music library and would play when using the music app. Not sure if this has been fixed but it was really annoying so I deleted it. Anyone else have this problem?

Posted with the brilliance of my Z10 

I like the app but I have no use for it unless it reads out emails, bbm and SMS for drivers.

"You just received an email from John Smith. Say yes if you want me to read it for you"

I say yes and continue driving and say "Reply" and give the message to reply. Then we're talking.

Posted via CB10

Sayit is an excellent native app as it is right now, but importantly, it has a hard working dev who constantly woks on and updates it. It's the type of app you should support if you want the BB10 apps to thrive and not just have the app ecosystem turn completely into Android ports.

I haven't had the problem you mention so maybe it was isolated or a small bug that's been fixed already.

As for bad reviews lately, I'm not sure why. To me, the app has just consistently become better. I think sometimes it may not be one particular app that all of a sudden goes buggy but perhaps the different combination of apps and tweaks, etc individuals have going on. Hard to say.

Lol, I am in no way affiliated with this app btw, I've just had it since it first came out and I like it and I like the dev.

Agreed. This developer has been with BlackBerry 10 from the start and the app gets better and better with every update. I have no problem recommending sayit at all.

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SayIt has stopped working for me since the latest update, support has also become non-existent. I hope things improve because the Dev has done a lot of hard good work in the past.

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Lately it doesn't seem to understand jack. You used to be able to ask it questions in random conversational way. Now I have to keep re wording and I might get lucky if phrased exactly.

Mostly I just get a lot of "I don't think I know". It used to be awesome. Something definitely changed.

Posted via CB10

I think they changed the underlying dictionary or library, ... read something like that recently if I remember it correctly.

Regarding voice dictation (voice to text), it seems to work well with short bits. Recently tested doing a two-minute brain dump, and it hung. Too much, do for my use case still not really usable.

Also, if you press record again, it deletes the previous bit of text, it needs a session mode.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I think the voice recognition part still works wonderfully. I always see what I've said on the screen, but how sayit handles that information is the recent issue I guess. I will need to see updated notes on it to find out what's changed.

In the past I would ask crazy things and would often be surprised that it knew what I wanted. One time I recall telling it my day and year of birth, and asked it how many days old I was. It understood and did it. I was blown away. Doesn't do that now. :/

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This is what the dev sent me via email last night:

"Our servers have been overloaded and we are upgrading, a new update will be available on BBWorld next month to fix this issue"

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Re - downloaded sayit, it is still shite! Not working, doesn't understand much and when it does it won't do anything. This is still crap and I am deleting it now

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Again with Sayit? Why does Crackberry keep pushing this app? Its a useless app but receives constant support from the site. C'mon we deserve better than to have a bad app pushed on us over and over again.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Could not agree more. I also do not understand why Crackberry keeps pushing this. The Sayit app has been a complete waste of space and time for me. It does not recognize anything I say. Would not be worth it if it was for free. On the other hand, the built in speech control supplied by Blackberry works perfectly. I use that all the time.

Apparently a fix is coming:

"Our servers have been overloaded and we are upgrading, a new update will be available on BBWorld next month to fix this issue"
- Sayit devs

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Crackberry.com....stop trying to push and promote these junk apps. Did the developer actually pay you guys to promote these sad excuses for apps?

Come on, seriously. Get rid of these apps from BlackBerry World, until they can make something that actually works.

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There are plenty of apps that don't work in BlackBerry World however I do believe certified built for BlackBerry should mean the app does as advertised.

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Totally agree! Built for BlackBerry seems as if it is a stamp of approval, so BlackBerry should check each of these apps for quality and compatability with each OS upgrade.

I know that SayIt has been with BlackBerry for a long time.... but quality has to be maintained.

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I'm with ozfork, every once in a while I'll re-download and see if it's improved. Now my music directory has a pile of sayit junk. Very annoying. I know the dev is always working on it so i will keep trying it the odd time.

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SayIt used to work halfway decent.......with latest update, it doesn't "know" half of what it used to answer. Useless app.......

What's the weather like

- I don't know.

What is my battery status

- I don't know how to answer.

The list goes on, the app used to work well so it is frustrating. I also do not understand why dictionary definitions for UK English is from the American Heritage dictionary of the English Language.

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Open source, or no copyright, I guess. If I remember it correctly, they had to change the underlying dictionary for some reason like that.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I admit I know nothing about safe note. I do know about the other three.
So explain to me how 3 useless apps going on sale is Good News???

Sorry guys, I'm all for apps in BB10. I purchased SayIt about a month ago. Wow, what a disappointment, too many things just don't work! I got frustrated using this app as it doesn't respond as it supposed. It does not understand half of what I'm saying and when it does, the information is not found or info that is irrelevant.

I also, saw a huge drain in battery after installing it. So, I deleted the app and battery was back to normal. I feel cheated for the money spent for something I don't have. I sent an email to the developer and I never got a response. Very disappointing!


Posted via CB10 with my Z30

I bought sayit last time it was on sale. Drains the battery and doesn't work very well. I would have need for safedrive for the next 5 weeks. But then I don't trust the dev anymore. Why does crackberry keep supporting this dev?

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SafeDrive works nicely for me but it was meant to go headless with 10.2.1 so all being well that will happen soon.

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Sayit worked perfectly before the the last App update. After the update Sayit was useless. It would say I don't understand, are you making fun of me, or force closed. Also Sayit would invade other Apps I was using and forcing them to close. It added pop-up, voice open, voice closed files in my music app. So I had to delete it.
My six year old granddaughter loved Sayit. Ever time she came over she would ask me can I talk to the lady on your phone. It was a useful App just hope they get it fixed.

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safedrive was suppose to go headless as they say in there app when blackberry allows it. Well blackberry has aloud it for a while. Response from them is keep looking for it. What a joke.

Developer saying it's a server problem. Servers are being upgraded and a new update for Sayit will be out next week.

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I used sayit long ago when it barely came out, first updates were awesome an it never had problems understanding me. I stopped using it because they started adding way too much into the app and now I hear it doesn't work anymore? Im going to have to give it a try.

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Sayit for me was a bit of a novelty. I wished it could launch apps or calls, so I picked it up hoping that might eventually come.

As for Safedrive, it won't read email messages for me (just the subjects) and can't do bbm's which makes it less useful. That said, I've had nothing but frustration using BlackBerry full voice control as well, so basically using the Z10 in-car for anything other than taking calls is a non-starter at the moment.

Hoping for more with 10.3

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I have purchased Sayit and SafeDrive but I didn't use either except for messing around with. I have learned that my Q10 functions quite well without either.

On a side note: I'm not very impressed with the selection of apps in BlackBerry World, not enough "good" utility apps. Most the utility apps do the same thing.

 BlackBerry Q10 

Yeah, Blackberry world seems to have some crap apps in there.

Also the most frequently used element of the world I use is download movies, even that is pretty crap. Download 4 movies and that's all the decent stuff.

Where is all the latest movies?

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

I'd like to know how to get a refund for sayit. I paid $3 (granted not a ton of $) to hear amazing phrases like "I'm not sure I know what you're talking about" and "I have no idea". I bought it because people are always going on and on about how good it is. Maybe I bought the wrong one? It doesn't know the weather, it can't get directions, it can't Google. What can it do?

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Sayit would be a lot more useful if you could set it for the hold mute button, to replace the native voice feature. Until then, it just stops you from being able to use the key to control audio.

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