More BlackBerry 10 New Year app bargains - this time from BKU

By James Richardson on 1 Jan 2014 04:37 am EST

Here's a nice start to 2014 - one of the most dedicated BlackBerry 10 developers (BKU) has put four of his apps on sale to celebrate the New Year. The promotion will run from now, until Sunday, January 5th - so if you haven't tried the following apps before, now may be a good time to do so?  

Chances are that you'll recognize one or two of the names from the following list as not only have BKU's 'Built for BlackBerry' applications been very successful, but they are often updated with major enhancements. The discounts are as follows:

SayIt: 50% off

SuperNote: 50% off 

SafeDrive: 33% off 

Call Blocker: 66% off

A nice move BKU. I tip my hat to you! 

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More BlackBerry 10 New Year app bargains - this time from BKU


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Will he ever bring us other languages for commanding sayit? Well, that's why I hate the developer...

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I have found over the years that people that complain openly to others about problems they are or have experienced, have very seldom attempted to make contact with management (the only people who are in a position to correct the issue).

Yes I mailed him half year ago. And he promised to add them soon.
Hate is really a bit too heavy, cause the app is quite good :)

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Let's start the New Year off without hate, complaining and bitterness!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Just bought Call Blocker. Thanks!

A bit of an aside but is anyone using the BlackBerry Parental Controls to limit calls and texts to only people from your contacts? How's that working for you?


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I love sayit,I think BlackBerry should buy it from bku, I hope the major update is headless and more control over the phone. If you haven't tried it yet you should, it gives siri some competition for sure

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Call blocker is a fake app, it does what a BlackBerry 10 already does. You can block all incoming calls using parental controls! I don't know then why developers are making an app which does what a BlackBerry already does!

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Think before you post. The app does what BB10 cannot; it allows for quick on/off of call blocking without having to go into settings then security then parental controls. In addition, some enterprise users are blocked from the parental controls depending on BES10 policies.

Stating that the app is fake is a false statement.

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I don't really know what this "Call Blocker" app does other than put the phone in "silent mode" which can be done by swiping down from the top, select Notifications and "Silent Mode" to silence all incoming phone calls, or turn off Sound, Vibrate and LED notifications for phone calls. There are apps that allow one to schedule specific times when your phone goes into this mode and go back to "Normal Mode" and some apps that have these features along with other features including SMS Blocking, etc. I find these unnecessary for my use b/c I have an erratic schedule of meetings, bedtime, etc and I find the manual method much more useful for me. I am also not sure how this app will react with other apps like BeBuzz or ColorID for example. Apps that are merely one (1) shortcut to an existing phone function or a shortcut to an internet website may be useful for some, but should be free IMHO. However, this "Call Blocker" app (there are others with the exact same name or similar names), has to be kept open or run in an Active Frame in order to work. BBAppWorld description promises more features when BlackBerry's API allows access to incoming calls to add blocking of specific calls or callers, blacklists, whitelists, auto replies, hopefully this will be soon and a FREE update/upgrade will be available for those who buy this app now because there will be a small flood of similar apps when that day comes. I for one shall wait and see before I buy any apps making these type promises. ;)

Bottom line is, that in its current state it is not a call blocker as we know a call blocker. In the legacy world a call blocker app have the view complete and specific control. This does not. And I understand there are some reasons for this because BlackBerry has not given developer access to call control. Nonetheless, the way it functions now, this app (to me) has no value.

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I love Sayit, but find I am using BlackBerry Voice Control more and more since they upgraded it.
I know you can do parental controls, but it is a lot easier to just activate this app when you want a little bit of silence. I know I purchased it waiting for them to add blacklist and white list features as soon as BlackBerry allows it.

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Same here. What I want voice controls for is what the native voice controls do. SayIt is a nice and works well from my experience but, I don't have much use for it. Perhaps if and when controls similar to that of the native controls are implemented, I will use it more.

I love the idea of SafeDrive. Unfortunately, it's too limited for my needs and causes SMS to stop functioning when I set it for that account. I miss from BBOS. The developer has indicated he's working on expanding the functionality so, hopefully, one of these up and coming updates will bring it up to par for my needs and wants.

I have no need for the other apps on the list but have heard mixed reviews about them.

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I agree with LyBerry completely on these statements, however I did buy "SayIt" a long time ago, but don't really use it much to be honest and barely use BB Voice Control even after the upgrade.

I too agree.

Unfortunately Say-It 'says' all too often that it does not understand the command,
even if it is one it's own limited number.

I keep the app in a hidden folder, waiting for a vast upgrade in function.

I'm surprised I never saw people clamoring for a bb10 Vlingo app the way they did for Netflix and Instagram. Vlingo was a great app.

I remember that $20 app that bb gave us for free in the os7 days.

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I'm tempted by sayit. The balance of BW reviews suggest that the majority experience with it is not a buggy one, which is a plus. Hopefully this offer does apply to the UK also; the price given on BlackBerry World at £1.50 is intriguing. I wonder if that is with the discount already applied or not....

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Definitely you need to crunch the numbers and do a little more research before spending that 1.50

You have almost a full week to decide though so don't waste it.

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I'm about to conduct some multivariate analysis on this conundrum using SSPS-PC. After that, I'll present my findings to a committee with some animated graphics. After that, if we get approval, might be time for phase two of this programme. I'll post bulletins regularly to you via PM, since you've shown so much interest in this pivotal issue.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I for one will look forward to you publishing the final results right here in this very blog where you announced the test program.

All in good time, all in good time. Crackberry has extremely high academic standards and if I make it past the peer review board and committee stage, I'll be laughing. Not that this is a laughing matter by one single iota.

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Boss, Blood brother and other online games. Why BlackBerry not provide that. We are Y generation, need that.

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