Bitbop on demand TV - Coming soon to a BlackBerry near you

Bitbop for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2010 11:29 am EDT

A few weeks back we first saw Bitbop show up in beta form. Many users were able to get in on the fun and check things out, but for those of you who didn't we have good news. Yesterday I had the chance to talk to some folks at Bitbop and was told that it will be coming in the next week or so. The app is coming along nicely and should be a big hit. Bitbop is a very cool app that lets you stream a ton of TV shows right to your device. You can stream shows over Wifi or 3G, or download to your device for later viewing. There will be a 7-day free trial available, and full service will run you $9.99/month. We'll let you know as soon as it is available, but for now check out the video below for more.

Bitbop on demand TV on your BlackBerry

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Bitbop on demand TV - Coming soon to a BlackBerry near you


$10 is a little steep.. Especially since their customer support at Bitbop is so terrible. Seems like their willing to help, as long as your problem only needs common sense to fix it. Having major issues with bitbop? Your on your own.

I used the beta. Ya, it's nice. The quality of the video is pretty good. But $10 a month? Your out of your mind. Give me live tv WITH live sports and maybe, MAYBE, I'd pay your monthly fee.

This app is very nice, and I have had no problems at all with it. However, $10 a month is too much for television. A one time $10 - $30 fee, maybe, but $120 a year, no.

I'd rather use the verizon tv app. Its also 10 a month but the interface is smooth and easy and they have great support. Why would i pay the same price for some 3rd party app with no support?? no thanks

I've enjoyed the beta quite a bit. The interface is just about perfect. The videos are pretty high quality. The selection is a little limited and a bit random (probably because it is in beta), but I've always been able to find something new and entertaining to watch. But...I already pay for Netflix, and I'm not going to be able to justify paying for yet another streaming TV service. If Bitbop offered a free, ad-supported version + a pay subscription that removed ads and perhaps added some premium content (like newly released movies?), then I'd say they would have a winner. I love the app, but I can't pay $9.99 per month for what they offer. If they could somehow surpass Netflix's catalog of movies and TV shows, and offer streaming apps on every platform imaginable (PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PC, Blackberry, Android, Iphone, Windows Phone 7, Nokia, WebOS, etc.) then I would drop Netflix and pay for this instead. Until that day though, Netflix is where my money is going to stay :)

Why isn't there a Netflix app. for Blackberry? That would be great since I already pay for Netflix too. Someone needs to come up with that.

Yup. If BitBop can stream these TV shows to our BBs, no reason Netflix can't do it.

I had the BitBop beta, but after running more or less flawlessly with the first release, it stopped working with the two subsequent releases, generating an error message no matter what video was selected.

BitBop was disgracefully unhelpful in resolving the problem (i.e., silent, no matter how I contacted them), so I wouldn't give such a trash company the time of day, let alone $120 a year.

I hope that Netflix is working on an app for Blackberry devices. From what I understand there is already one in the works for Windows Phone 7 and the Iphone. I wouldn't be surprised if Android is next, but I hope that BB is in there somewhere.

I know this probably sounds juvenile, but come on Netflix, RIM, Verizon, whoever.... I am really tired of being the redheaded stepchild of the mobile gadgets world. iPhone, et al. gets everything and Blackberry... well we all know how that goes. I have used Netflix like for ever... the one thing I looked forward to in using Storm2 was internet access so I could..., wait for it, WATCH NETFLIX ON MY PHONE. What I didn't know about was the snake pit that is streaming video on mobile devices. The one capability I really want in a large screen phone with video capability is to WATCH NETFLIX ON MY PHONE. Why you ask, because I already pay for the service and guess what: I CAN'T WATCH NETFLIX ON MY PHONE!!!!!!!! I normally don't write on these boards, but I am so upset about the limited release of the one feature I really wanted that I plan on becoming a very prolific participant over this issue. So, once again Apple gets it all and forever, not to mention iPhone et al gets this most coveted service without additional charge while Blackberry does not, and probably won't for a very long time, if ever. So..... if my contract is up with Verizon and they have not corrected this I am going to switch to the iPhone. Just feed up.....

This is a nice app, but as most people are saying $9.99/month is a bit much for this. They should have an ad supported version available for free. ... If a hulu app ever becomes available or if Blackberry gets full flash, who would use bitbop at this price when you can go to hulu (which has more titles) for free.

Lol $9.99 a month to stream some shows? What kind of shows? That doesn't sit well with me

BTW.. "download to your deive" I assume you have a typo there..

I'm using the beta now and it's great on Wi-Fi. I haven't had a chance to test on on 3G (AT&T) but it is near impossible over Edge signals.

$9.99/month is too steep for me too, because I don't need the services daily.

However, I would gladly pay $.75/day on the days when I need it. That doesn't sound like a lot of money, but if you got just 10,000 people to use the app three times in a month that's $37,500/month.

So, please give us an ala carte option.

...While using it, I read that there would ultimately be monthly fee to use the full-release version and I was immediately disappointed. While the image res is high, there is no way I'd pay for this svc only to use it on the off chance I wanted to watch a re-run while on a camping trip or something. Live stream = pay..not this.

Why would you buy this when flash is on the way doesn't make sense to me but they will probably have a few people that just can't wait

I'd be a lot more excited if they supported more BB models in particular the Storm line, with it's extra large screen!

Why would you buy this when flash is on the way doesn't make sense to me but they will probably have a few people that just can't wait

$10 a month i think should include a desktop web based app, dont you think? I mean at least. Maybe $5 a month, $10 for a premium version. Hells no

I play Cod the other day !!! and some guy put this shit...out...and it annoy the crap out of everybody!!

This service, at this point, is not worth $10 a month. The video and audio isn't even in sync. If it were free I guess I could just grumble about it, but if I am going to pay $10 a month the audio and video better be in sync and look and sound fantastic!

PS I have been using this app for a few weeks...

I've been testing it for a few weeks and it has worked well for me. There were a few glitches when it first came out, but the updates have seemed to take care of most bugs (I still get an error message if the video was interrupted by a phone call). So far, the video and audio quality is really good on my Tour.

The one thing I noticed was my monthly data usage went up from ~220MB/month to 1.2GB. Luckily still on an unlimited data plan, but definitely makes me wish I had wifi on this thing.

I've been using the beta, & honestly I'm about to delete it. It will not stream at all so far, downloading times are ridiculously long, & the app doesn't work with either Quicklaunch or native app switcher. Sure, the video quality is great, but too many annoyances=not worth it!