Bitbop for BlackBerry - No longer in beta and ready to rock

By Bla1ze on 24 Jun 2010 11:30 am EDT
BitBop for BlackBerry - No longer in beta and ready to rock.

We covered the beta of Bitbop not too long and now, glad to say that it has passed it's beta testing phase and moved into a full on roll out of services. Bitbop brings a lot to the table for US customers who are looking for great media content on the go. Headed up by the folks at Fox Mobile, the wide array of streaming content is something a lot of users having been asking of big media for a while now. Shows such as 30 Rock, American Dad and Family Guy are all available to view as well as many others from Global partners which Fox has teamed up with.

With the service now out of beta Bitbop has had to put a price tag on their offerings which, has turned out to not be that bad at all. A free trial is available to BlackBerry users wherein after the trial a subscription model has been established for $9.99/mnth which allows for unlimited streaming and temporary downloads. Full press release is available after the jump.

Bitbop Mobile Entertainment Subscription Service Goes Live

Pepcom Digital Experience 2010!, New York, NY – June 24, 2010 – Fox Mobile Group today announced the official U.S. launch of Bitbop (  and, the easy-to-use wireless entertainment subscription service that allows smartphone users to view their favorite full-length television shows on demand. The service delivers extremely high-quality mobile video resolution and subscribers can choose from a selection of exciting programming from numerous top-notch content partners. The company plans to offer full-length movies later this year.

The widely-anticipated Bitbop service debuted exclusively on BlackBerry® smartphones at Pepcom's Digital Experience! New York.  Bitbop's application is available on BlackBerry App World™ and will exclusively support BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry® Bold™ series, as well as the BlackBerry® Curve™8900 and the BlackBerry® Tour™9630 at launch. BlackBerry smartphone users can download the application to get a free trial of this exciting mobile entertainment service and subscribe to the monthly plan for $9.99, which allows for unlimited streaming and temporary downloads. 

"After successfully launching the private beta less than a month ago, we are thrilled to publicly launch Bitbop first on BlackBerry smartphones," said Joe Bilman, Executive Vice President, Global Products, Fox Mobile Group.  "The potential of the smartphone has barely been tapped.  Our goal is to provide consumers with an exciting new digital entertainment experience on their handheld devices and what better place to start than with the original and continuously innovative smartphone."

"High level multimedia content for BlackBerry smartphones is in high demand by our users as they discover new ways to take the content they want wherever they want to go," said Tyler Lessard, Vice President, Global Alliances and Developer Relations at Research In Motion.  "Bitbop's exciting mobile video platform richly enhances the wireless entertainment experience for BlackBerry users by putting premier video content right at their fingertips. "  

Fox Mobile Group will introduce a number of special promotions this summer to support the launch of the Bitbop service, beginning this month with Bitbop giving away one BlackBerry® Bold™ 9700 a day for one week. Select BlackBerry smartphone users will have the opportunity to try a free full-access trial subscription. Consumers can follow Bitbop on Twitter @Bitbop to find out more information.

Reader comments

Bitbop for BlackBerry - No longer in beta and ready to rock


using this program during it beta phase i was pleased with it i'm hoping to see what else becomes available to stream on this...

I was going to complain about that too but I realized that Verizon does have the V-Cast service and that most of those programs were on it. I think this is a case of licensing more than an actual diss to the Storm. The Tour is also on Sprint so there is a possible reason for its inclusion here. The Storm is the only one omitted truly and is the only one exclusive to Verizon at this time.

that the blackberry with the best screen is not included for using this app. C'mon, let's get this thing on the Storm2.

Tried the Beta, worked nice. Not paying $10 a month for it though! Give me commercials and make it free.

im getting rid of my storm, So tired of being looked over for cool apps. Why no support for the screen thats great for viewing tv shows? storm seems to be the bastard child of RIM.

I've been following this since the start of the beta and haven't heard any news for the Storm series. I love my Storm and use it everyday I'm tired of seeing a lack of support from apps for it. :(

I would love to watch this app on a little tiny screen, but unfortunately I bought the BB device with a big screen and this app is not big screen friendly! LAME!

You'd think for $10 a month you could stream movies and not just TV shows. Netflix lets you stream movies (and get BR/DVDs by mail) for less.

Not interested at that price.

$10 a month is way too much for what this app offers. You can subscribe to netflix for around the same price and get loads more content.

Loved the app during the beta test, but not willing to pay $10 a month for it. Needs a better collection of shows plus would like to see what movies they make available.

This app works great on my 9700. Yeah, it's not biggest screen, but the shows looks just fine.

However.....$10 a month is a bit much. Maybe if I traveled a lot and had extra downtime. But for occational use, it's just not worth it. I'll fire up the laptop and watch Hulu for free.

I'm not surprised this blog doesn't even have a full page of comments yet. Why the hell would you charge someone $10/month for something that users can go download themselves and upload it to their BlackBerry's. First off, $10 a month is way over priced for this, it shouldn't even be a monthly cost. If anything I would better agree on a $10/year subscription, but even then I would say this service is better left off FREE, and that is the only good thing about Bitbop, it was FREE during beta. They need to figure out another way to create revenue so they can make this service free, because no one is going to pay to use this service when it's something they can do for free, and it's definitely worth taking the time out of our day to download and upload a movie/video/episode to our BlackBerry's rather than pay $10/month. They should throw a minute advertisement before each episode or whatever it is the user is playing and create their income off that. They would definitely make a lot more than off their subscriptions, because I guarantee no average BlackBerry user is going to pay to use this. It's simply a joke and almost disrespectful to charge users this outrageous price. Lets have a poll and see how long till they announce shutting down their service, lol.

Everyone go email them and explain how ridiculous it is to charge this much (or even just charging money) for this serivce. They need to know or it will never change. But their loss right?

Hi richw420 -
Thank you so much for your opinions on Bitbop. We take the comments and suggestions of our user-base very seriously and appreciate all you have to say. We understand the price issue, and are working tirelessly to bring you the most convenient price, while not compromising quality and flexibility. We do offer a 7-day free trial, and I encourage you to give it a shot! You can find it at the link below