BIS Two-Way Sync for Gmail Finally Live?!!

By Adam Zeis on 3 May 2010 11:31 am EDT

BIS 3.0 Two-way sync

Over the weekend we had tons of reports that two-way Gmail sync on BIS was finally alive and kicking. The feature should allow for synching of both read/unread messages, as well showing sent messages on your device that were composed in the Gmail web app. While it doesn't seem to be working for everyone (myself included), it looks like a ton of users are up and running. I did manage to get my sent messages to sync up, however anything beyond that is a no go on my end. So we want to know if its working for you. Leave a comment and let us know (yay or nay) and be sure to include your device/carrier information as well. We'll keep you updated as we find out more. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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BIS Two-Way Sync for Gmail Finally Live?!!


I'm seeing it working on Rogers now... mail sent from Gmail is showing up in my Messages folder on my BB as a sent item. Very cool.

this always worked for me.

When you mark an email read or unread in web, does that change show up on your BB device?

I'm betting not, atleast not quickly.

Hmmm, I did notice a difference in how my gmail handled my emails as early as Saturday night. I saw that emails that I sent through my Storm2 (on the Verizon network) as well as email I sent from my computer showed up in my messages screen. I'm gonna keep an eye on it a little better now.

I noticed that I started getting emails sent TO myself FROM myself (automated systems, etc) finally getting pushed to my Blackberry. Before this weekend, they never had been - the Blackberry would ignore them and not sync it.

AT&T BIS Bold 9000 in ATL. Emails sent on web are showing up on the device, but emails read on the web are not showing as read on the device. Almost there!

Hmm for the life of my Blackberry experience this has always occurred. (TMO BIS 8700 8300 8900 9700) is this something that has never occurred with ATT

I noticed something weird on my device in ox last night: sent messages from gmail on the web! Its working on my Storm2 on Verizon

This is great news, but it's not yet working for me as others are reporting. I can see sent emails composed on my PC on my Bold, but read messages on my PC are not marked as read on my Berry. Also, test messages sent from my Gmail account on my PC are not being received by my Bold. Sent messages from other email accounts are received as usual.

I use my 9700 with TMO in Puerto Rico.

my sprint 8130 - syncing sent emails, but not read on web to phone. hope it changes soon. have been syncing sent emails since Saturday afternoon.

Messages I send from the GMail website are showing up on my Storm 2. However, they show up in the "Messages" folder, and not my individual GMail folder. Any clue how to get the synced sent messages to arrive in my GMail enhanced plug-in folder? Thanks. I'm on Verizon, by the way.

when i send an email using, the message shows up in the main messages app. the gmail specific icon defaults to just show the inbox. to test this, go to your sent items in gmail by clicking the berry menu button, then hit filter, then select sent items. you should then see the email there...if 2 way sync is working ...more like 1.5 way syncing lolz

Does anyone know if this will apply to google apps accounts as well??
That would just make my year!!!!!!!!!!!

My sent messages from blackberry (8330 sprint) are showing up in my app webmail sent folder.

I really wish messages viewed on the web client were marked as read on my blackberry though. I've turned on my phone to find 200 emails that I would rather not sort through...

Only part I care about is when I read something on the web it gets marked as read on the BB. Not working yet. Once they get that working, it'd be nice if something deleted off ofthe GMail server when I delete it from the Blackberry, but I guess you can't have everything, right?

Hope they get this working right soon...

Under email options->email reconciliation-> 'delete on' you can choose handheld, mailbox and handhold or prompt.

That has been an option since my first bberry - like almost 4 years aago. Just to clarify, you are saying that when u delete something on your BB, it does not give u a box with 3 options; "On Mailbox & Handheld", "Handheld only" or "Cancel"? That is what "prompt" means in this case. If not, that is very weird and I feel for ya bro. Hopefully just a minor mistake somewhere!

When this is enabled, is it supposed to just work, or do I have to delete my GMail account in the BIS configuration and then add it back?

I just sent a message to myself on It showed up in my Blackberry as a sent message, but not as a received message. Does that mean I have this working?

I went to and marked some previously read messages as unread. 10 minutes later they're not unread on my Blackberry.

What is this supposed to do, and what is it not supposed to do?

Verizon Blackberry Storm if that matter.

i'd love it even more if i could use the gmail features in the messages application (starring, labels, etc). right now its only available in the dedicated gmail mailbox.

It's working for me on Turkcell, Turkey.
I can see sent messages on my BB mailbox that were composed in the Outlook. Also i can see e-mails grouped as you can see in Gmail web app. (same subject, sent with reply)
But it can be only seen in Gmail mailbox in BB. In Messages folder, every one of them is seperate...

Sent messages from the gmail web app are showing up in my messages folder on my 9700, Rogers Winterpeg Canada.

I have been receiving my sent messages on the BB for about 2 weeks now (am based in EMEA which rolled out back then). Sync of deleted items and read/unread has never worked. But all of the sudden today, my Gmail has been going nuts, downloading the same messages over and over again. The same message will appear only once on my PC's Gmail web interface, but it shows up 100 times on the BB!!!

It's working to see emails sent from myself to me, but the reconciliation of read emails is not working yet.

Carrier Vivo in Brazil, BlackBerry 9700

Took it over 4 minutes but yes, read message on the device went unread after I changed it on my gmail.

The other way around thou seems to be instantaneous. I got an email while typing this and when I checked on gmail it was marking as read.

Nice surprise RIM!

Working here and not only with the Gmail app but also with emails sent from the Gmail site included

Curve 8330m

Sent msgs r replicated to my device but not the read / unread msg or deleted msg.
Carrier Etisalat - UAE

AWESOME! Finally, this was way overdue. I'm up and running on Verizon. Read messages on device appear as read on computer. Glad Yahoo no longer has the upper hand.

**EDIT** Okay I just woke up so I'm a little slow, actually not working, read emails on computer not synced on device. BUT the sent messages are working.

2-way for sent gmail messages is working, but 2-way sync for read status is not working...

carrier: T-Mobile US
device: 9700
city: Detroit, MI

2way sync started to work about 10 days ago on Vodafone Hungary's BIS network. By the way I don't like it to see my sent messages in my message folder. It's a little bit confusing, therefore I filtered them out.

I'm on Rogers and I see no difference. Deleted messages from my BB are deleted on GMail. Read messages on my BB are shown as read on GMail... nothing the other way around. It has always been like this for me.

Do we have to delete and reinstall an account for it to work?

Verizon - Miami

Also, its kinda weird, when I send a message from my comp, my blackberry doesnt alert me, but it shows up as a sent message...however, when I send a message to myself, my device makes a sound like I got an email, but there is no notification or new message, it just shows up like a sent message

Messages sent from are showing up on my bb, but no 2-way sync of read/unread messages. I'm on VZW in Washington, DC.

When I deleted and added this on one of my three Gmail App accounts it automatically turned on POP and IMAP when before I set it up only IMAP was enabled. I had to go into my account on the web and turn off POP again. Not seeing two-sync here on Sprint in San Diego.

I have seen this work properly on Vodafone UK. Also if I send from Outlook on my PC or from google on the internet it comes through to my blackberry. Awesome IMHO

Seems to be working here on Verizon. Don't know count as Philly (where I physically am) or northern Virginia (where the area code for my phone number is).

Read/unread status seem to be working but took forever. I saw it work once so I assume it's working. I marked some messages unread at and they eventually showed as unread on my Blackberry. But now I've marked them as read again on, and 20 minutes later they're still unread on my Blackberry.

Working on at&t, Bold 9000. Since I didnt send a single email yesterday, I dont know when it began but I can see it now for sure.

This started to work for me yesterday. Today I got a big html newsletter email and it shows as [Message Clipped} in my gmail. So it appears that the blackberry is clipping the message and synchronizing that action with Gmail. A strange side effect that will infuriate many I am sure.

is this an automatic adjustment to gmail accounts used on a device or is there somewhere I have to go to test this out???

On Sprint - Tour 9630, currently in Shreveport, LA - 2 way sync is working for sent email over web showing up on my Tour. However, reading email on web does not show up as read on BB. Started for me on Saturday (5-1-10)

Sent emails are synced.
Read emails are NOT synced.

So it's 1.5 way not fully 2 ways yet. Maybe RIM is still cooking it..

T-mobile USA, so-cal, BB9700

If I read the message on my BB... it synchs up as read on my GMail inbox on the web. So, that seems to be ok. However, if I read it via the web interface, it does not sync up as read on my BB.

So... 1.75 way?

Getting there...


for the past couple of weeks, neither way have deleted messages been working for either my gmail account or google apps.

I don't get what about sent messages are important. Also, do you have to be in the individual email folder or does it work in the messages folder?

Since some days i wondert, that the mails i write on my pc are listet at my blackberry... but with this news it makes sens...

It works at o2 Germany.

i started getting msgs that i send with my gmail to my phone early friday or sat. was a little weirded out but i guess it working now. I'm with Tmobile

After waiting over an hour without a status update sync, I gave up and marked the messages read on my Blackberry. I had marked them read on over an hour ago. If this is working, it's not working very well.

I have blackberry bold (AT&T) unlocked. I am on fido network(canada). Dont see 2 way sync yet. Anyone else can confirm please?


If I understand two way sync correctly, if I delete it from the GMail in-box, it should also be deleted on the BB in box, correct?

Well, new messages delivered to my Gmail in box that are then deleted through gmail still appear as new messages on my BlackBerry.

I have not tried the other folders yet.

I have seen a change in new messages I send to myself on the Gmail side. They instantly appear on the BB side too. That is new behavior, I believe.

It does the same thing for me too. Deleting a new message from Gmail on the computer doesn't delete it from the BlackBerry (still shows as a new message).

I'm on AT&T, Curve 8900, Washington, DC.

2 way sync isn't working yet. someone above said so: it's just 1.5 way sync. messages sent via the web appear in the bb's main message app. however, messages marked as read on the web still show as unread on the bb. do any of the people who are saying "works like a charm" really have syncing of read messages. and note, AFAIK, messages marked as read on the bb have always synced to's just the other way around that hasn't worked.

i'm on AT&T in Oregon

^^^^^^^^^^^same as above. Read emails/deleted emails on web are not syncing, so this 2 way is half cooked....but anyhow something is better than nothing.

Yep it's working on my device. Funny thing is since I've had my BB I rarely check my gmail via the web browser, so I don't know how long it's been working.

Sent messages from webmail appear on device. Messages read in webmail do not show read on BB. Read message on BB shows read in webmail.

9700 on AT&T

i deleted my service books, resent them, and tested out sending an email from gmails online site.
the sent mail was in the BB before i could get it out of my pocket. and no notification that it was there either. i love it!

VZW, BB 8330, OS 5.0 hybrid.

EDIT: messages sent from web show up sent on BB. messages marked as read on the WEB do not show as read on the BB. :(

Mostly works... deleting from device does not delete on server (I did check the box online to do so, but did not resend service books)... everything else works.

I sent an email yesterday from my gmail web app, and was surprised when my bb started buzzing. low and behold, the email that I sent showed up on my bb as well.

I'm on a 9700 on Bell.

Not working on Verizon (Storm1 .328) in Salt Lake (unless settings need to be changed).

Not one of the 20+ emails I have read on the web today has shown up as "read" on my Storm. Not working (unless the sync takes 7+ hours).

Yeah, the "read on web but not being marked read on device" is kind of annoying..........wish they would fix it. :\

Sent emails from gmail on the computer shows up in the messages as sent.

But reading unread emails on the computer does not sync with the bb gmail add-on.

Ok, I was reading this blog, so I sent myself a test message to see if it showed up, and sure enough it did. Then just after that, the messages I just read on my computer about 5 minutes before, I started watching the message counter on the blackberry home screen go down, 6,5, get the idea, it works! 8330m on sprint.

not working on my sprint 8130. where are you located? did you add or delete you account? do you have any new options on your BIS settings screen?


I noticed this working earlier this morning when I was emailing papers to professors. Pretty cool new feature!

Sprint Tour in Miami, Fl actually just updating sent items from web interface to my phone. Not updating read/unread status yet... :/

I'm on a Tour 9630 with VZW, I have the same stuff as most others here.. If I sent an email from my PC, it appears in my messages on my BB, just as though I sent it from the BB. However, if I read a new message on my PC, it does not get marked as read on my BB. This is the feature I wanted more and I'm pretty sure most others here also did, unfortunately.

I'm seeing the same thing as everyone else on VZW that supermilk7 described, even after going into setup and changing the settings to sync deleted items. I have Storm2 and use Google Apps for email.

Just tested it, sent an email from gmail web client, showed up almost instantly as a send message on my BB. I have a 9630 Tour on Bell Mobility.

if you add the star from gmail web app, the email on your BB doesn't get starred even when i do reconcile now...

also, the stars don't even show in the Messages app, only in the actual inbox view of your email address...

I hope these things are fixed in BlackBerry 6....

I'll still be buying the iphone (but it won't be replacing my BB either), its just a I want an iphone cuz its sooo much kooler than the BB OS

Bottom line - it works!!!! For details read below

I have a Storm 2 9550 and I am with Verizon in CA and it is working. It takes a few minutes but it works. I tested it from both my desktop and the phone and it goes either way. I create a star for a message on the cell and it shows it has been read and has a star.
Read it on the desktop and star it and it shows up on the cell read with a star.

yes its working on my device 9700 Waridtel,Pakistan even the email i send from my outlook through pc are also shown in the messages folder on the device.

Just started on my Sprint curve 8330 in Indianapolis. Started freaking out when I seen it before I read it on here. Wonder how the battery will hold up now.

Yes. It's working for me too. It took me a second to get used to the linked up emails. I was looking for one in particular because it was marked unopened but I couldn't find it and then realized it was bundled with other replies (like GMail usually does).

I'm seeing it working on TIM Italy... mail sent from Gmail is showing up in my Messages folder on my BB as a sent item..

i had seen that if i sign a message with a "star" on gmail website, appear a star also in my BB...but on the contrary doesn't work

Seems to be working, however not all processes are immediate.

- Read on the blackberry, marked as so on the computer.
- Deleted on the blackberry, marked as so on the computer.
- Sent on the computer, arrives instantly in general inbox on blackberry.

- Read on the computer, marked as so on the blackberry.
- Deleted on the computer, marked as so on the blackberry.

What I have noticed, is that there is no delay "interval". For example, it's not like BIS is checking for updates every 15 minutes. I tend to get updated read and deleted statuses as soon as a new message for my gmail arrives to the blackberry, then the whole inbox "re-syncs" with the server.

Hello! I sent email from my WinXP directly from Google Gmail and it instantaneously showed on my BB Curve 8520!! I also tried to send from a Google affiliate webmail and surprise, surprise!!! Ditto. That means, sent mail from web syncs with 8520 on Vodafone wireless BIS network.

Read and archive status go from my BB to the web quickly. Sent from the web goes to my BB quickly. I'm still not sure about read/archive/delete from the web to my BB - I archived a message on the web before bed last night and it was gone this morning, but I've tested it a bunch this morning and it either isn't working or just takes a really long time to work.

No change here. Read messages are not marked on the other side and deletions sometimes sync if I do it on my berry.

Would be nice to know why this is working for some of us and not others (50/50?).

Ok it is working on me NY/VZW.

Will Deleted Items sync though?

Obviously if I delete them on gmail before my phone gets them they won't show. But if they are in both spots, will they delete from my phone after I delete them from gmail? I have reconcile on but read you have to be on BES to make this work.

T-Mobile UK Bold 9000 OS 5 with gmail enhanced plugin
Sync of sent messages working. Read/unread sync from web to device has a couple of hours delay.

Hmmm, I did notice a difference in how my gmail handled my emails as early as Saturday night. I saw that emails that I sent through my Storm2 (on the Verizon network) as well as email I sent from my computer showed up in my messages screen. I'm gonna keep an eye on it a little better now.-

Looks when I delete or read email on the gmail website it doesn't get updated on my phone. Anyone experiencing same issue in Chicago on Tmobile, BB9700?

I am a little confused as to how to get this to work? I have a Bold 9700 but I don't know what is needed to get this to work. Can anyone let me know if they changed any settings or did anything in particular? Thank you.

if (that is) this refers to actions taken in web client (read, delete etc.) showing up in BIS mailbox w/Enhanced Gmail Plug-in.

i.e. no change - messages must still be deleted from the BB in order to be deleted in both locations.

it works on XL Indonesia and Telkomsel Indonesia.
But it took hours to sync email that was deleted using web app to delete the email in BB inbox, but the email was indeed automatically deleted after hours (don't know exactly how many hours does it take).

Wish the sync could be more instantaneous.

the messages show up on the bb, but for some reason do not mark as read if it has been opened and read online on

So will this allow the gmail app to receive emails faster than they do now? I would use the gmail app exclusively now but hate how it takes an hour to notify for a new email.

Doesnt seem to be working here yet. Any magic I need to perform? BB 9530 w/enhanced gmail plug in. Gmail IMAP enabled, POP disabled.