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BIS outage across multiple North American Carriers

By ObiGeorge on 29 Jan 2011 10:14 am EST

BIS Outage

*Update 2* - 11:35am EST Many reports of BIS being back up rolling in across all the carriers in question. Issue seems to be resolved. Give it a little time to hit all users across the many regions in question.

*Update* - 11:20am EST - It looks like users (including myself) are now able to send emails, but still not receive. Hopefully full email capabilities will be back up soon.

It's been quite a while since we had an outage across multiple carriers and regions in North America, but it looks like BIS email is down for most carriers across the US and parts of Canada. No one is receiving email, but it appears that browser, BlackBerry Messenger, voice and SMS are still working however. It looks like the outage started in the wee hours of the morning today, but there is no word on when they'll be up and running. Keep it here and we'll report anything as it pops up. Jump into the forums for more discussion.

Discuss in the Service Outage forum



I'm out here with Rogers, and my BBM is very spotty not reliable at all!


i am getting emails on my but not gmail or aol...any idea why that would be?


Rogers in calgary must be down. But I have all other data.


Looks like Verizon has addressed it on Twitter. Hope to be back up in 2 hours


no email on tmobile in US. When I woke up I only had one email on BB which came as 12:35 am. The next email in my inbox was at 2:55 am and that did not came thru.


I had no services thru Tmo: no bbm, browser, email, calling, or text. Mine started about 330am CST. It came back up about 8am.


AT&T down too but my BBM is working


With sprint BBM is working but Email is out..

Rim get it right.

Pilot Prop

all is well here in, voice, bbm, etc all working fine on AT&T


Sacramento Verizon BB services still down!


I'm on ATT, got everything else (browser, SMS, BBM) except email.


BIS Web Site: Service temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. Please try again later.


Oooh so that's why I didn't have any emails when I woke up this morning.


I am getting my mail on sprint.

James Richardson

No issues in the UK. Emails are working just fine.


Latin America is suffering from the same, BBM, explorer etc works well, emails not comming.


Telus in Montreal is down. BBM, text and browser work, but no email.


Rogers BIS Down Confirmed


Rogers in Thunder Bay is all good so far...


I have Sprint and live in Brooklyn, NY. No email since 12:17AM this morning.


To the writer of this blog post: Voice and SMS have nothing to do with BIS, those are carrier-related

As for me, I am on Sprint here in Miami, FL and I cannot receive/send any e-mails (tested it out just now, didn't work) but web browsing over BIS + BBM works fine, so no big deal, I can live without e-mailing.


It's a standard statement to help ease the pain of no email :p


Rogers BIS is working perfectly in Markham. I just message my coworkers 5 mins ago


Hey another Markham resident! Yeah I was just gonna say I didn't notice any shortfalls on the bbm n browser side but I blocked all emails that come in.


AT&T here, no emails since 12am.


Rogers in Vancouver no problem... BBM/email all good.


Upstate South Carolina --- Sprint/BB 8530 Curve... Everything working that I know of but NO e-mail since around midnight last night... Just now got 1 email through my blackberry sprint address.... so may be in the process of coming back up


TELUS, southern Ontario, out all day but I just got an email a few minutes ago!!!


Just got an email through Sprint in Tallahassee, FL Seems like its back up.

the brother

Bell's BIS is DOWN in the GTA. Since 10am (or earlier).


Verizon in Sacramento emails are now starting to trickle in as of 8am pst


Forgive my ignorance but why is it there are any outages at all, let alone outages across multiple carriers? If this is another failed software update, why is it a destructive update? Aren't there a bunch of clustered messaging servers which can cache undelivered messages and route them through an alternate messaging server? I don't pretend to be a RIM engineer, but I do host many services which I have contingency plans for throughout upgrades such that there are no service interruptions. RIM cannot afford outages at this time in their reaffirmation that they're the best.


LOL, my FB notifications work now! I'm still not getting email however. Much like the BBOS, at the NOC when they fix one thing they break another.


Every service and every carrier experiences outages. Don't try to make it seem like this is something out of the norm.


I just noticed emails in my Gmail, Hotmail, Comcast and Work inboxes, and not delivered to my blackberry. Rest of the services are working just fine. BlackBerry Bold 9650 on Sprint in Miami, FL


cant access BB email setting from phone.


I can now send email. I'm in Minnesota with T-Mobile.


I start not receive email since yesterday at 9pm, today have some issues sending emails to, hopefully will start everything soon


LA, AT&T, 9700 w/ OS6. No email reception, no push. Ironically, I got a new service book loaded with AT&T crap this morning.


Emails are starting to come in.


On ATT, BB Torch, NJ...Got one email so far. Tried to send myself an email to confirm everything was good to go, and got a failed to send error message from email client (not blackberry).


Ohio/Verizon--BB 8350 Curve--I last received email on the BB service at 2:12 am, while my device was in overnight shutdown. I can send, but not receive. My Popman says I have 55 msg waiting to be accepted by my device. Of course, this all happens after I spent yesterday morning doing an update on my BB, so I suspected first, that it was MY problem, and have spent this morning trying to figure it out before I had to go into work Monday, and not get my msgs--like others, I depend on this service for my work orders.

I went into my Verizon account online around 10:30am--no indication there was any outage, so back to the laptop to explore solutions, again. So glad I found this on Crackberry, oh, but here I am, eh? Time to pull off this and let *them* handle it, eh? Good luck out there somewhere in The BIS Cloud.


I'm on T-Mobile and I'm still not getting emails.


Location: Pennsylvania. Emails started around 1135am


Yaaaaay--email downloading as of 11:45am--Ohio/Verizon/BB


I just checked and my Verizon Curve 3G is indicating no 3G service right now.


I'm getting emails again in Orange County, Ca. on a Bold 9700 and Bold 9000 on the AT&T network.


My TMO was out for a few hrs, but chirping now... gmail app worked all the while!


Just starting getting emails, slowly, but surely. NJ/Verizon/BB Tour


starting to get email on telus, Montreal, Canada


11:07AM CT, Chicago, BIS emails now arriving.


Looks like it's back up on Rogers in Toronto.


Bis is up here on att in southwest Michigan.


AT&T in Atlanta. 9800 Torch. Just got a bunch of email from last night and this morning...


Staring to get email back Rogers toronto ontario


I notice this earlier this week when I tried to send myself and e-mail(password recovery) and didnt instantly receive an e-mail. After waiting a few mins I had to go online to get it. It was their in my inbox. A couple of hours later that message finally made it to my BB.
Today I'm getting most of my emails as soon as their sent to me, but not all.


I'm on Verizon in Ohio & I haven't had any issues receiving or sending.


Am on t-moble in the UK and i have lose of all blackberry services, but this has been going on for the last week plus, its driving me mad. The the blackberry logo keeps disappearing.


Back up AT&T in Northern California.


Altho I seem to have slept through this, my phone appears to have been fine all night/morning. Including emails, msgs, and phonecalls the whole time. Strange.


Obi? What's going on with AT&T and RIM? I have a BlackBerry Torch 9800, and I had to get an EVO 4G to get phone and email to work. Now, all are working with NO problems in the month that I've had the EVO. What's going on? I have so many health problems, and I need a reliable phone. The Torch and AT&T went out for me a total of 4 and 1/2 months in 2010, with AT&T apologizing all over the place and giving me phone credits. I still have the Torch, but am forced to use the EVO more now due to constant interruptions with service by both AT&T and RIM, especially. What is causing AT&T and RIM to screw up constantly? AT&T and Cingular had always given me the best service in the past, so I stuck with them for years, but now all that is changing. C'mon AT&T and RIM, get your acts together as I do like your products!


I blame all the millions of iPhone users on AT&T, ruining their network with their data guzzling devices. Expect the same out of VZW once their iPhone launches 


Ia RIM problem, not an AT&T problem. You are seriously clueless if you think that is the problem, when even Feature and Symbian phones were able to get Emails and IM without any inconsistency during the time.

I'm shocked that people are willing to put up with this. RIM's servers are NOT reliable. They need to get it together, or get rid of that crap and implement native ActiveSync, POP, and IMAP support into their OS.

I just cannot justify even recommending a blackberry to anyone with stuff like this going on, and it's been happening rather frequently lately, as well...


Is getting your e-mail THAT serious for some of you? It's the weekend. Can still log into a computer if you're near one. Data still working means you can log in via the browser. Painful to some, but still would work. Hell, if you have Gmail, there is an app for that. Lets put this in perspective please.

I would be more bothered if data were out completely, but with data still working, I can go get my e-mail.

the brother

oh toss off...of course it's important why the fakkk do u think we're here? why the eff r u here trolling if you're not bothered?


Go do a search in the forums and see if I'm a troll. Funny how name-calling makes some people feel better.


ja2bk it's not the point is it. I know we can all use our COMPUTERS to get email, etc. and that is still my primary source. However, what is important is that both AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint all forget how much we pay for BILLS and that for that amount of money, we want all the features to work THE WAY they should. To me, that is what is important.


Well if five nines reliability is what you expect from your mobile device (especially parts of it not controlled by your carrier), then my friend you may never have a device that pleases you. I don't see 1 out of all the data features not working for a few hours, due to a problem, something to really get too upset over. Maybe it's because I work in a technical environment and have had the pleasure of trying to bring something back up when things go wrong (and folks asking you distracting questions while you are trying to fix it or you are working with the person(s) trying to fix it).

Now, if it went on for an entire day, or multiple days, then I could say they failed. Since I've been there (could be there tomorrow or have to be on the phone with someone from home today), I am a little more understanding.


brother: it's not the fact that you are paying a bill (or your parents are) for features that don't work? C'mon, to me that's the main point. My computer will always get my email.


BlackBerry blog says system maintenance.


sorry, not the blog. BlackBerry on Facebook is what i meant.


don't worry, be happy and remember no carriers is immune from BIS outage.


Im on Sprint in Northeast Ohio, and I encountered no problems or even delay in services. Weird.


BIS went down in Edmonton , Alberta in wee hours so now it is up and running good for my bold 9700 from Bell


Looks like the 'kill' switch test worked perfect!!!


Verizon is still not working well in the SF Bay Area.


Verizon still not woirking for me in NJ


Verizon still patchy in central California. Mostly cell only with no data, but this has been on and off since the last time I posted in the outage forum a few days ago. Yesterday has been the worst as there was no service at all (antenna read sos in red letters service status said mobile network provider ATT??)for the majority of the evening.


Verizon still patchy in central California. Mostly cell only with no data, but this has been on and off since the last time I posted in the outage forum a few days ago. Yesterday has been the worst as there was no service at all (antenna read sos in red letters service status said mobile network provider ATT??)for the majority of the evening.


Was out the better part of the morning but that wasn't a bad thing considering it was a really warm and sunny day. Sometimes you just got to put the phone down and do something else enjoyable.


Still not working for email on AT&T for me in Kentucky. BBm has seemed spotty this weekend as well, it eventually goes through however slowly.


Hmmm.. Is there a reason to us BIS when Gmail is available? Granted BIS is faster, but gmail is more reliable.


This is a reason I'm dumping this piece of shit. Not a reliable phone


Still not getting my e-mail on my Torch in L.A. (Att). This thing need to be up asap.


Is there Ever any comment about what caused the outage? This is the very reason I left BlackBerry over a year ago...


Well, as for where I'm at I don't think it's just a BlackBerry thing. My sisters Android and my moms cell phone, which are also using Verizon, were having problems as well. Both of their phones are back to normal now where mine is improved, but still noticeably not where it usually is.


Same Thing in Honduras, Central America. No data at all... it was out for about two hours, (9-11 am) it was a sunday so i didnt really miss it, i was actually trying to avoid some ppl but didnt wanna turn off my phone so i wasnt really upset :p