BIS 3.2 rolled out to North American BlackBerry users

By Bla1ze on 16 Oct 2010 06:50 am EDT
BIS 3.2

Having seen BIS 3.2 released to APAC and EMEA users already, many folks in North America should now be waking up to find that their BlackBerry Internet Services has now been updated as well. Reports from all major carriers indicate that the update went as planned and the new options are now available. Those options include:

  • Google Calendar Sync - The option to sync your Gmail calendar with your BlackBerry calendar
  • Automatic Login Enhancement - Username and Password in order to access the BlackBerry Internet Service no longer required when on your BlackBerry
  • Show and Hide Password Option - Subscribers can choose to show or hide the passwords for all email addresses that need to be validated by clicking the Show password or Hide password options.
  • New Password Criteria - Newly created passwords for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts and BlackBerry email addresses must meet new criteria.
    • Must include 8 to 16 characters
    • Must include at least one letter and one number
    • Cannot include the word "password"
    • Cannot include the user name of the BlackBerry Internet Service account or BlackBerry email address that the password is associated with
Some long awaited additions there. Have at it folks and let us know how the calendar sync is working out for you all should you opt to use it. Word is it works with Google Apps as well which is a plus.

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BIS 3.2 rolled out to North American BlackBerry users


Do I have to delete & reactivate my gmail account on my phone to get the calendar sync to work(like I have to do every time I install an OS)or can I just select it?

...should work (after you do the security verification, you'll get the instructions when you enable the feature) :-)

Add Brasil to the list. I have the option showing here. Let's give it a try.

Maybe now I can finf a way to sync and have my girlfried's calendar in a different color.

EDIT: Yep. Changed Default Calendar to Yahoo!, had Google Sync get her calendar and place there. Now I have both, and on different colors :D.

I woke up this morning to find the news about this. I activated it and it works well. I had to delete a bunch of duplicates, but that's ok. I like that I don't have to go through Outlook anymore if I don't want to.

I have used Google Sync on my VZW BB for two years now and have been able to sync my Google Calendar & Contacts... what's the difference with this "enhancement" of BIS3.2?

I signed out of Google Sync and did the setup with the BIS 3.2. Its the same, but I lost the ability to sync other Google calendars now. I was able to sync other calendars with the Google Sync. I don't see a advantage to this enhancement yet

I've also tried making appointments on the BB Calendar and haven't seen it show up on my Google calendar yet.... I'm going back to the Google Sync program. Much quicker and more calendar capapbilities

I agree...The new sync works fine, but it only syncs my primary google calendar. I have several other calendars on google, but they don't sync over. With the google sync app, I was able to sync multiple calendars which added great functionality. I wish there was a setting somewhere where you could choose which google calendars you wanted to sync to your BB.

Running an old Storm with a lowly 128MB I like the idea of having one less app. Just trying it out now so not sure how well it works yet, but assuming it does then it is worth it to me. Plus I'm assuming that through BIS it won't count as much against your data? Not that it would be a huge difference, but I'm a fan of efficiency.

Damn I spent an hour updating my BB just to show/hide password and change password criteria? I guess the google calendar thing is cool but I really don't use that.

finally... No more email alerts for Google Calendar and I can stop carrying the Android Phone arround for my personal calendar..

I just figured mine out! U have to go to the email set up option. Log in and it will activate and update on it own

Excellent, can finally get rid of Google Sync, and the laginess it comes with :-D

BTW my user/pass is still remembered the same way as it was before on my BB (with the "Remember me on this device" option checked. Seeing no diff there.

This now means that we're that much closer to BB Protect. Can't wait!

Thank you for the update Bla1ze, you da man.

UPDATE: Holy duplicates; got 7 copies of each event for some reason when activation completed :-o

I confirmed on both my phone and BIS online, that I have 3.2, selected calender and contact sync. Disconnected Google sync. I then created a test contact and calendar entry. It has been 34 min and no entry on Google Contacts or Google Cal. A couple of questions. What is sync interval? How do you manually sync? How does 3.2 handle multiple calendars? How does it handle reoccurring events? Reoccurring events is the main feature that I have been looking for BIS to improve on Google sync. Most importantly, How do I get either cal sync or contact sync to actually work on 6.0? Thank you

It has now been almost 2 hours. No update. No sync in either direction on either calender or contacts. Even if it is working and the sync just takes a while, this is too long. I have looked at svc books, host routing tables and permissions. all seem to be set correctly. Any suggestions?

Did you go through the Gmail security confirmation on your phone? Mine took a bit of time for that part to go through, and then it synched everything. Then updates took perhaps about a half an hour or so.

Once I got the e-mail security settings done, I have seen near intantaneous syncing of test contacts and calendar entries.

I was hoping that the mail issue would be fixed. I have gmail and I just emptied out my inbox. Guess what? Still have mail on the blackberry. And it is checked to sync deleted mail and I have even done the reconcile now on the BB menu

Didn't try with mail, but I did delete a calendar event from gmail and it took a really long time to sync to my phone. I don't know exactly when it deleted, but it was at least an hour later. Creating an entry on my phone was instantaneous though.

Last night, all BIS services went out without warning or notification. Couldn't get email for a couple of hours and I needed to communicate. How about a heads-up next time, TMO?

Proper Upgrade Procedure:

Go into Google Sync and go into options. Check off all calendars and Sync now.

Uninstall Google Sync.

Next log into BIS and set up from there.


The calendar sync is going to need some tweaking. I ended up with hundreds of duplicates which I manually deleted. Half hour later they are all back. And some are even in triplicate now. Ideas?

I have logged into my BIS account on my bb, no change in options, also tried on the computer, once again, no dice.

What gives AT&T?

Anyone else having issues?

Calendar sync just added 1000 duplicate entries to my calendar. I turned it off until someone has a fix. They were added both to the BB and the google calendar. I am going to have to delete my entire BB and google calendars and resync my BB to outlook to fix this I think...

I was reading through the BIS help on my carrier's website, and came across this: "This feature is supported only on BlackBerry® devices that are running BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 or later."

So, if you're not seeing it, the issue might be due to still running a 4.X version of the BBOS.

Contact sync both ways works perfectly. However, calender sync works great when I create a entry from the device, but not so much when I create it from my PC. The entry I created from my device showed up on my PC right away, however when I tried the opposite...30 mins later, event still not appearing on my device.

Im on VZW and see nothing new or no real way to upgrade. I logged back into my email settings, nothing new there. Any VZW help would be appreciated.

I was not using Google Sync and I went into BIS and check-marked Google Calendar Sync. I went to my Google Calendar that was previously empty and saw multiple (some 20-30+) duplicate calendar entries.

The option is there, but so far hasn't done anything on my Telus Storm in over two hours since making a couple test events (one on Cal, one on the device).

If you are not seeing your calendar entries sync from your berry to google calendar just refresh your browser and events should appear. For those of you with duplicates,I never received duplicates on my berry or google calender and I've been on BIS 3.2 since it went live in the UK two weeks ago and never had any issues so your problems are probably carrier related and not BIS 3.2 related.


Uninstall Google Sync - reboot

Go to BB Mail set up and delete your gmail account. Then re add your gmail account. This will prompt and sync your calendar and contacts.

That is exactly what I SHOULD have done.. When 3.2 was released in Europe I marked calender sync in my account the day it was rolled out. In my excitement I forgot about Google Sync. Now I got every entry duplicated since the input from Google Sync was ignored by BIS 3.2 and every entry in my agenda was treated as a new entry.

Only one duplicate of each entry is fair..
Next time l wipe!

That is exactly what I SHOULD have done.. When 3.2 was released in Europe I marked calender sync in my account the day it was rolled out. In my excitement I forgot about Google Sync. Now I got every entry duplicated since the input from Google Sync was ignored by BIS 3.2 and every entry in my agenda was treated as a new entry.

Only one duplicate of each entry is fair..
Next time l wipe!

My google sync has worked fine, is this BIS upgrade an IMPROVEMENT over google sync? ARe there any new features sync didnt have? DO i lose any features if i change from ususing sync to BIS sync? BTW, i have more than one google calander acct


No Application taking up memory
No Application doing the sync so less battery drain
No Application to update as it will auto update with BIS

No ability to select how far in the past or future calendar syncs
No multiple google account syncs (don't think so don't quote me on that)


Like several others, this works fine for me. FWIW, I do notice that if you make changes/additions on the BB, they are almost immediately picked up on Google. However, if you make changes/additions on Google, it takes a while (half-hour or so?) to show up on the BB.

its the wrong North America. Casue I can't find a thing. I updated the S2 still nothing. Oh well.

Wafarer, that could be because Google uses Cloud computing. I was using an Android phone for a short time and it was simultaneous in both directions.

Maybe because when you make changes on Google it has to go through the BIS, but not the other way.

... but once I get upgraded to the latest OS (currently in progress with Verizon's latest release), I'll give this a try.

With Google's "Sync", it works pretty darn well, but then it stops working without warning every month or so...and I only discover the problem when I miss a meeting!

If this is a reliable way of being sync'd with gmail/calendar/contacts, I'll be very happy.

I'm on a Bold 9700 and my emails seem to be failing. I set an error saying "invalid address" when trying to send e-mails. In e-mail setup, I reentered my passwords and resent service books several times. Still having issues. Anyone have an answer?

For me, it looks like the BIS synced ALL recurring events (past, present and future). The BIS also synced one-time items going back 2 weeks. The number of entries on the BlackBerry only seems to count unique, non-recurring events as 1 event. So if you have your anniversary recurring (forever I hope lol), it will only count that as 1 event.

That's just how it worked out for me. I'm really anal about organizing my data lol.

From reading the comments it appears you can ONLY sync your GMAIL account and no additional calendars such as Holidays, etc. Also, it appears you can not sync more than 12 weeks in the future as there is no customization. If true both are major fails for me. I have holidays synced to my blackberry and I sync up to one year of calendar entries right now. I have used Google Sync since I got my first Blackberry and I have never had any problems with it so I will continue using it. Calendar sync appeared to be the only worthwhile upgrade with 3.2 and now I don't think it's worth it at all.

Drats! I just tried it, and it duplicated every darn event.

And yes, I deleted google sync before trying the BIS sync.

1) Stop Google Sync
2) Backup calendar entries
3) Clear calendar database
4) Enable BIS calendar sync

This process should eliminate any duplicates.

I was just reading over the BIS 3.2 User Guide and made some interesting findings. I haven't seen these discussed before, and since I don't have Yahoo or Hotmail on the phone, I didn't know if these were true previously.

The BlackBerry Internet Service supports real-time delivery of messages to Yahoo!®, Google Mail™ (POP3, IMAP, and GIMAP), Windows Live™ Hotmail®, and AOL® email accounts and automatically marks Yahoo! email messages as read or unread. Messages are automatically moved to the deleted items folder on Yahoo!, Google Mail (POP3, IMPA and GIMAP), and AOL.
If subscribers add aWindows Live Hotmail email account, email messages that they send from the BlackBerry device are copied to the sent items folder in their email account.

The BlackBerry Internet Service marks email messages as read or unread and the sent items and deleted items folders are synchronized for Yahoo!, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL , and Google Mail (using IMAP or GIMAP) email addresses.
If subscribers add an enhanced Yahoo! email account, they can open, delete, or send an email message from their Yahoo! email account and the change is reflected on their BlackBerry device.


Ok, first of all, BIS 3.2 DOES appear to work with Verizon, on my Bold 9650 running OS 6 280 (actually runs very well, IMO). Set it up by following the directions above, including clearing calendar and contacts from the BB, then deleting Gmail from the BB, battery pull, then set up Gmail again, which gives you me the option to sync calendar and contacts from Gmail to my BB. Haven't explored the other BIS 3.2 options.

Regarding calendars: In my case, I have 2 Gmail calendars on 2 gmail accounts (two different work settings, both that use Google sync to share their respective corporate Outlook calendars with Gmail.) Previous to this new BIS, it was easier, I just shared the second gmail account calendar with my primary gmail calendar, and then used Google sync on the BB to share that primary calendar. Could see both calendars.

With the new BIS 3.2, I had to set up the second gmail account directly on the BB (it is a ghost email account, just used to sync my second corporate Outlook calendar). In the setup on BB as a gmail account, you again have the option to sync with the second calendar (different color appointments).

So now my BB calendar shows both sets of appointments, with different color markers designating the source calendar.

Not a perfect fix, but a usable workaround for me. Maybe this will work for you too if you have multiple calendars or gmail accounts.

click e-mail settings then click your own g-mail address and it is there so you know you do have BIS 3.2 that's it

Before this i couldnt update google docs on my blackberry 9800 for gflashpro, i had to email a link and do it in a round about way. Now it lets my update my google docs. Its great I can do the flash cards for my medical terminology class with no problem.

Still not in Hfx. I've logged onto my BIS acct, clicked EDIT on my gmail acct then scrolled all the eat down but only option I see is to enable/disable sync deleted emails. Is there something else I should be doing?

juanchy I know that it syncs at least 3 weeks into the future, not sure how far in the past it syncs as I've not got any past items on my google calendar to check.


It's about time. I have been using the Google Sync App for years to sync my calendar. I just happily deleted the app and set this up. Amazing and worked immediately. Now I have more space on my berry for more theme contests haha.

The concept of built-in contact and cal sync is great. Multiple cals is a must for me and the ghost gmail mentioned above is ok but not good enough for be to dump GS.

I use Outlook at work and home and use SyncMyCal to push both cals to Google with that app. I also have friends that share their cal too.

With this setup I can sync any and all cals, including holidays to my bb using GS and it works well.

Until we get multiple cals in BIS, I think I'll stick with GS.

I haven't upgraded yet and most likely won't since my GS is finally working properly.

I have multiple email accounts on the BB so the calendar wanted to create events for a specific calendar.

Go to options - advanced options - service books and delete the CICAL files for all of your email addresses.

Then you'll only have 1 calendar on the BB. Then I use GS to sync back and forth since I have 2 different calendars I need to sync. One is mine and one is my wife's that is shared to me on her google calendar settings.

It seems that FWIR you can't sync a shared google calendar.

I wanted so much for this feature to work natively on my blackberry, but there are two huge reasons why I must stick with google sync. First, is the fact that you're only able to sync one calendar with BIS. I separate my personal, business, and miscellaneous calendars in google calendar for organization purposes. The second reason, why this native feature fails, is the fact that RIM has been working on this feature for more than a year now and they have still failed miserably with mapping the contacts' fields. It's just absolutely irritating if you actually use the gps on your phone to have it an error pop up with an unsupported character message. Just ridiculously lazy work.

How often does the BB calendar sync with your Gmail calendar? I added an appointment to my Berry 40 minutes ago and it still has not shown up on my computer. Can you force a manual sync?

I found Google sync pretty fast at synchronizing the Berry and the PC and you had the option for a manual forced sync if you wanted to speed up the cycle.

I never could get GS to work correctly -- it always added new events to my BB Groups calendar.

Deleted GS, deleted my gmail address from the device, and re-added it. WORKS PERFECTLY on a T-Mo 9700.

I deleted the BIS 3.2 calender sync. I tried it and it created thousands of duplicates. I just spent 3 hours cleaning up my calendar. The other problem with BIS 3.2 is that the sync to the desktop is slow. After 1.5 hours, the appointment I put into my Berry had not showed up on my PC.

With Google sync, you can force a manual sync between the automatic sync points.

I am back to Google sync. What a waste of an afternoon.

Also, I run several calendars that show up on my device with Google sync.

I'd like to delete all of my calendar entries from my blackberry before syncing with google's calendar. So how do I do this?

I never could get GS to work for me like others could. The biggest pet peeve was All Day Events that would adjust itself to starting at 7pm the night before.
Although it's a shame to lose multiple calendars, having a seamless, and seemingly flawless sync option for my wife and I is a better trade off.

I gladly enabled the BIS calendar sync on Saturday, had a few duplicates, but not thousands like others are claiming, but I have yet to see a difference in the e-mail settings applications. Has anyone else seen this on a tour running OS 5.0??

Good addition, was waiting for this.

Unsurprisingly, updates on the device show up immediately on Gmail. The other way around took 30 minutes, in my test.

It would be nice of RIM to document something like this, but it's what I expected more or less. It's probably the same for syncing deleted/read messages from Gmail to the device. It's RIM's way of throttling polling of Gmail from BIS. On the upside, the device doesn't need to poll and can save on battery.

I happily deleted Google Sync from my device, which was the app most responsible for bringing up spinning clocks while syncing in the background.

W/an 8530 and the newest OS for 5.0 (.937); after backup up my calendar entries, then deleting the calendar database, and setting up the sync, everything synced over pretty quick. Adding/removing an entry on my BB calendar is instantly reflected in gmail calendar, but when doing it the other way (adding/removing from gmail calendar from PC), no changes were reflected on my BB calendar until 30 min. later. Tried this multiple times and it always took 30 min. to see changes in BB calendar when updating from Google Calendar on PC. Not sure if BB only "pulls" from google every 30 min or Google only "pushes" every 30 min. But, I am satisfied, as 95% of the time, I update from my BB. So, unless something drastic happens, I'll be sticking with BIS 3.2.

I deleted my entire Google calendar, the whole calendar off my blackberry, and re-enabled the wireless sync. Today I have 1500 duplicates and some recurring entries are on here 10 times. This is ridiculous. I am on 6.0 - are all of you who are having the duplicate issue also on 6.0?