BIS 3.2 being rolled out in EMEA region

By DJ Reyes on 4 Oct 2010 11:28 am EDT
BIS 3.2

Over the weekend a lot of users within Europe have been confirming that they have BIS 3.2. One of the main updates of BIS 3.2 is the option to sync your Gmail calendar with your BlackBerry calendar.

Automatic Login Enhancement has also been introduced. This means that you no longer have to enter your Username and Password in order to access the BlackBerry Internet Service when on your BlackBerry. Of course when logging in online then you'd still need to enter those details.

Other changes that BIS 3.2 brings are:

  • Show and Hide Password Option - Subscribers can choose to show or hide the passwords for all email addresses that need to be validated by clicking the Show password or Hide password options.
  • New Password Criteria - Newly created passwords for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts and BlackBerry email addresses must meet new criteria.
    • Must include 8 to 16 characters
    • Must include at least one letter and one number
    • Cannot include the word "password"
    • Cannot include the user name of the BlackBerry Internet Service account or BlackBerry email address that the password is associated with
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BIS 3.2 being rolled out in EMEA region


Does anyone know when this will be released in North America? I am REALLY eager to get the iCal sync to my google calendar. Google Sync lways screws up my calendar entries.

It CAN. What I have found to prevent this issue is to backup ur contats from ur phone, export them to a CSV, import that into gmail, make sure ur contacts are like you want them, then delete all contacts from ur phone, setup the contacts sync and let BIS push all of ur gmail contacts to ur phone. That is what I did when I setup bis contacts sync on my wifes 9650 and it worked well.

That's how I restored my address book when I tried it before.
The biggest problem I had is that Vlingo wouldn't find nearly all my contacts after I set it to sync.

I want this to happen in NA soon!

For me the contact sync works fine...
Google Sync with calendars still stinks...
Hopefully this will remedy this.

I would dump Google sync app the MINUTE BEFORE you enable the BIS sync options. It should work MUCH better and save precius application space on ur phone.

It's working for me. Yet, not Birthday calendars nor "other Calendars" and subscribed calendars. Maybe there is a setting hidden somewhere like for gmail labels.

Hello together

It looks like my carrier (sunrise Switzerland) just updated to BIS 3.2. Now it looks like I could sync my contacts and calendar entries wirelessly using my Google / BIS Account too.

Right within the Browser on my iMac I have now the option to sync both. Just after that I got this message:

Complete the security activation on your BlackBerry ® device from, if you have not already done so, to start the calendar and contact synchronization:
1. Click on the startup screen, click the Setup icon and then "Email Accounts" or "E-Mail Settings.
2. After opening the application, the security activation starts. If the security activation is complete, automatically starts the calendar and contact synchronization.

Unfortunately if I open up my E-Mail Settings (which opens up the WAP browser and looks pretty "old") the security activation won't start. Does anybody have an idea how I could start this security activation manually? Or can I actually update the App itself? Because on my last carrier (Swisscom Switzerland) my BIS account on the BlackBerry itself was way better to handle! It opened up an "own" app, not just a WAP Browser...

Would really love to be able to sync everything in the cloud with Google!

Thank you already in advance for news!

This can also be activated via your carriers BIS portal (i.e. instead of via your phone).

I know, I've tried this several times...just after I activated this on my browser on my iMac I get this message in the BIS portal and as an e-mail on my bold 9700:

Complete the security activation on your BlackBerry ® device from, if you have not already done so, to start the calendar and contact synchronization:
1. Click on the startup screen, click the Setup icon and then "Email Accounts" or "E-Mail Settings.
2. After opening the application, the security activation starts. If the security activation is complete, automatically starts the calendar and contact synchronization.

However, if I open up the E-Mail Settings, nothing happens... :(

I have exactly the same situation with TMN (Portugal) and there is no solution until the moment. I have Bold 9700 and what I understood until now is that it's a carrier issue.

It would be nice if they could increase the reconciliation time with the 2 way sync of Gmail accounts. It syncs almost instantly when I read a message on my phone, but takes hours when I read it on my computer before it is marked as read on the phone.

marcomendez try deleting your Gmail Account and readding it,then re-boot your phone and youshould get the BIS Application instead of the old Browser based configuration. When I added my Gmail Account on my phone it opened up the old Browser based configuration but once I did a delete and re-add of my Gmail Account and did a reboot I got the New BIS application and was able to authourize my Gmail Account and syncing worked.

I'd love to see Task syncing added to Gmail in BIS and Syncing of Calendar and Contacts for AOL and Windows Live Mail Contacts and Calendar.


Can people who have this up and running keep us posted as to how it is working for them? How many weeks will it sync forward and backward (I know one poster above said only 4 weeks)? Will it sync reminders? It doesn't look like it will sync multiple calendars? Does it sync automatically and quickly or does it take a while to send/receive updates to your google calendar/contacts?

I am currently using goggle sync and it does work for me. However, I would love for this to have the same features as google sync, but just work right from BIS. Google sync lets you sync 52 weeks forward. 4 won't cut it for me.

I'd like this too. It's of no use to me if I can only sync for a month. It would be nice if they allow some options when setting up the sync.

I've not come across any sync settings yet. I've just looked at my calendar and the last date of a reoccurring event is the 2nd of November so it looks like 4weeks sync give or take depending on the day of the recurrence.


A simple answer for all of you that want to be able to configure how far in advance that you want to sync is to stick with Google Sync until RIM puts in sync settings, but for something that has until recently only been available to BES users it's a bonus for us BIS users. I don't use my calendar much but as I use Linux on my Netbook that doesn't support BDM then being able to back my contacts up to my Goggle Account and also have new contacts backed up and also pushed to my berry when I add them in my Google account without having to go through the boot my Windows Notebook up, add contact to Outlook, tether berry to said Notebook, open BDM and Sync,or go through the same process just to back a new contact from my berry's address book to the Outlook address book. Also if I'm at another computer that doesn't have BDM and Outlook Installed say at a friends or Mother In-laws and I need to add a contact from an email to my berry's address book I can just add it to my Google accounts Contacts list and it will automatically be pushed to my berry's address book without the need of the Micro USB Data Cable and BDM, all we need now is the ability to sync the tasks app with Google tasks instead of using GMTaskSync, I bought a copy of that for my Pearl, requested a new reg code from the developer when I upgraded to a Curve, the developer sent me a new reg code, but I'm unable to register GMTaskSync with the cod they sent me which is poo. Roll on BIS 3.3 as RIM might actually be able to add Google Task syncing to the gmail sync list. All we need mow is syncing with the rest of Windows Live Mail/Hotmail and AOL.


I am from Oman, and Calendar sync is now available on my career's web-based interface. Not visible yet on the on-phone WAP browser Email Settings though.

And I am not able to do "Security Activation" on the WAP browser based Email Settings.

I am not able to do "Security Activation" from my device either. I´m on BES, but normally I just set up the BIS mailboxes from the providers BIS site and I have never encountered any problems before.. I tried to resend the servicebooks from the providers site and least now it shows up as wireless sync: "Yes" in calendar options, but it does not seen to sync yet...

Does anyone know how to solve it?

Its a fail. It will only sync ONE calendar so unless you want to merge like 10 different calendars into one go nuts...

this is starting to be sickening waiting for blackberry to do what every other phone does with ease. google sync app is getting reinstalled.