BIS 3.0 Coming As Soon As Next Week?

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2010 01:26 pm EST
BIS 3.0 Coming As Soon As Next Week?

*Update: We got our hands on an official email from RIM, and it looks like BIS 3.0 is set to drop on March 21st. Hit the jump for the details.*

Seems like we won't have to wait much longer for the next BIS rollout. While some will be happy and some will walk away unimpressed BIS 3.0 is coming at some point followed up by BIS 3.1 as well. Details about the two new BIS offerings have been anything less then short as we already have covered the details in previous posts. As expected, the BIS 3.0 rollout was to come in early 2010 and March seems to fit that bill just right provided RIM keeps target.

The good folks over at BerryReview have posted the possibility of a roll out coming as soon as next week that is, if RIM plans on keeping their rumored internal release date. While we can't say with 100% certainty this will happen, it does indeed seem plausible at this point. You excited for the BIS 3.0 options or is it something that will pretty much go unnoticed? I mean, they are great additions but OpenOffice support alongside WMA support coupled with GMail 2 way synch for read/unread status isn't exactly on par with the likes of say the new webkit browser by any means. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

In an email from RIM:

Hello Everyone

I wanted to advise you that RIM will be launching the newest version of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) version 3.0 on March 21, 2010. To help you prepare your team as necessary, I've attached a Support Readiness Document as well as BIS 3.0 overview presentation and a Document summarizing the key new features. PLEASE share this information with your Technical Support Teams.

Also, please find below a summary of the RIM Web Based Training courses that have been created and posted to the Wind Mobile Course catalogue in the BlackBerry Universe learning management system.

Some of the key new features of this latest release are summarized below but the big news with the latest release is the Admin tool as the site has undergone many UI changes and your teams will need to become familiar with pre-launch.

BlackBerry Email Administration Tool

BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 includes the upgrade of the BlackBerry Email Administration Tool. New features include:

• Enhanced user interface providing clearer, easier access to information and functions within the tool

• The introduction of ‘Groups' for managing support staff who utilize the system

• Enhanced permissions capabilities for administrators to more easily define which features should be available to their support staff users

• Link to BlackBerry Technical Solutions Centre

• Expanded browser support

• Additional subscriber search options


• Updates to the Enhanced Google MailTM plug-in for BlackBerry smartphones

• Increased attachment compatibility

⋅ OpenDocument presentations (.odp)

⋅ OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods)

⋅ OpenDocument text (.odt)

⋅ OpenDocument text templates (.ott)

⋅ Windows Media® Audio (.wma)

• Improved email setup flow for HTML access

· xHTML Support for non-Thick Clients

• Device switch revalidation

• Carrier Friendly Names

• Hosted email address passwords

Troubleshooting Information

KB20613 - Provides information on the new features of BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0

KB20652 - Provides information on how to use labels using the Enhanced Google Email plug-in on a BlackBerry Smartphone

KB03265 - Provides information on BIS supported attachments KB to include OpenDoc and WMA formats

KB04553 - Provides information on setting up a hosted email address to include password requirements

KB18405 - Provides information on the Enhanced Google Mail plug-in

BlackBerry Training and Supporting Documentation

Online BlackBerry® Training and supporting documentation for BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 is available at

Training Format Course Name Course Code Duration

Job Aid BlackBerry Internet Service 3.0 711-01924-123 15 minutes

Web Based Training Introducing the BlackBerry Email Administration Tool to Administrators 718-01847-123 30 minutes

Introducing the BlackBerry Email Administration Tool to Representatives 718-01916-123 30 Minutes

For more information about BlackBerry Training, contact

For assistance with BlackBerry Universe, contact

Reader comments

BIS 3.0 Coming As Soon As Next Week?


Will my gmail show up in my messages folder as well.

If I archive messages, will they all reappear at random?

If not, then sign me up!

Although I am happy and do look forward to BIS 3.0, webkit is what has me at the edge of my seat, especially with this 9550.

I too cannot wait for better releases/features but the 2 way sync will be nice. I am ready for this rollout if it happens next week

Who cares? RIM is barely playing catch-up these days much less leading. We needed a decent browser last year, not next year.

Any possibility of any "hidden" new features? Could BIS 3.0 add bigger attachments? (Avoid message truncated due to size, or the 2.9MB download limit for example)

quick question as i am not really educated in the ways of BIS, will i need to make some sort of update when it comes out or will everything just change all of a sudden?

I would rather shorter delay of message receiving. Sometimes I get mail in BB after 10 minutes. And that sucks... :-(

That is really slow for a berry. I can send an email from my pc to my berry using a standard web mail address and it arrives in less than 5 seconds. Has it always been like that for you?

Unless you use an Email provider that RIM has some special arrangement with, BIS means "we poll your INBOX once every 10-15 minutes, and forward new messages to your device". Nothing more, nothing less.

As a strong user of IMAP and server-side filtering, I found this approach to be completely unacceptable to my needs. For my personal e-mail, push-notification turned out to be a lot less important than the ability to explicitly check more than just the INBOX.

So one thing I did was created a BIS-only Email account, to which I forward special messages like Facebook notifications.

The other thing I did was devote way too much of my free time to starting the LogicMail project, so I'd have an independent on-device Email client that could connect directly to my mail server. (and to this day, I'm amazed at how many people find it useful, especially in places where BIS is too expensive of unsuitable for whatever reason.)

My personal server has IMAP support and it's push not pulled. It all depends on your provider and if they support IMAP IDLE which BIS supports. Hence I do have push in all my accounts. No need for a special arrangement.

Well, for example Gmail is perfect. E-mail sent to Gmail is in BB immediately, but e-mail sent to my work inbox is sometimes delivered to my BB after 5-15 minutes...

Looking forward to it. Upgrades usually = improvements. Thats always a plus.

As for the browser, blah blah blah. We all want it. And we know its coming. But development shouldnt stop in other areas just because of it.

I just thought I would agree with Skyclad. The apple world's interface is destroying ours. We need to get not only with the times, but ahead of the times. We need options that will blow our minds, and not our phones.


The Droid is terrible. The apps suck and the phone is far too complicated for the common user. The iphone is far superior to any other phone at this time but verizon doesnt offer it. I have the storm and am very pleased with it after the 5.0 upgrade

terrible and complicated for common user?? The interface, OS and UI is as friendly and easy as it can be. I really enjoyed the phone but I switched back to blackberry because I missed BBM and Direct-Push Email but other than those 2 features, the Android OS is better than the iphone OS imo.

Or OS 6.0. Either one would be fine. And if you wouldn't mind dropping it sometime tonight.

Thanks in advance for your expected cooperation.

Your friend CT.

The only benefit that I can think of is the non - Google Gmail stuff.

I am a Yahoo Mail user and so far I had great email experience and the syncing of read and unread works great. I just wish there was a way to sync my calendar and contacts over the air.

I do use gmail for the google voice and any other Google service and also good place as a spam email just to see what funny text ads google thinks I should have.

It says updated browser support. Does that mean we'll be getting that new type of data transport with it? I forgot what it specifically is but it makes the browser faster.

For crying out loud Blackberry - show me the Flash! Now that is something to get excited about. If "that other group in cupertino" doesn't want Adobe - fine by me.

Think of all the slick apps we could upload to our phones and how much faster the approval process would be to bring content to our devices.


And where are all the new devices? Thought for sure at least one new model would appear in Barcelona but was a little disappointed. Still loving the 8520. But with Droid and then MS coming out with Windows 7 Mobile coming around the late Fall this year, it is going to be a heck of a battle for those consumer dollars. Especially with MS.

Think about it. I know we can open up Office docs on our devices and they're extremely business-friendly and all, but hell - MS freaking MAKES the danged software for crying out loud. If you were in the market for a new phone around the time the new MS phones came out - wouldn't you give them some serious thought?

The RIM OS needs a serious overhaul.

So NO calendar sync built in to BIS 3.0? Google sync was working fine but stopped yesterday for me...I was hoping it was because of BIS 3.0

But will the Google Calendar Sync in BIS 3.1 work with Google Apps accounts? I hope so because the google sync plugin is absolute garbage, it most of the time it doesn't work

I am currently using the Boost Mobile 8330, I was wondering if BIS 3.0 will be carrier dependent? That two way gmail sync sounds really nice!

What RIM really needs to do is get with todays offerings. BIS with almost all the options BES has (no security policies or remote wipe for BIS users would be a hit!!) and make it a data only requirement. If your business has a BES server you get the additional things but data plans cost the same for BIS and BES users. There is no difference in the use of data and we already have to buy CAL's for the BES and the BES server...No other smart phone has these requirements. Make BIS able to sync with OWA nativly and faster and the y would probably pick up more users.

I suppose I won't be able to get email or use the Web all day Sunday. I remember last year's BIS upgrade in April. What a nightmare! I ended up having to resend my service books.