BIS 2.8 Rollout Coming in September?

By Leo Garcia on 28 Aug 2009 02:26 pm EDT


It looks like Ronen got a good scoop on the upcoming release of BIS 2.8. Some good things in store, including Two-way Google contact sync, automatic login and Hotmail revalidation. It looks as if the new features may only work with devices running OS 5.0 however. The upgrades are set for Setpember 10th, with some other features coming shortly after. I'm not sure how I feel about the Google contact sync without two-way IMAP - but we'll see what pans out. What are your thoughts? See details of what's new below. And thanks to everyone that sent this in!

What's new in 2.8:

  • Two-way wireless synchronization with Google Mail Contacts* and the Address Book on the BlackBerry smart phone:
    • Synchronize Google Mail contacts quickly and easily to the BlackBerry smart phone
    • Add or edit Contacts and the Contacts are automatically updated, whether they are updated on the computer or BlackBerry smart phone
    • The documentation says this is scheduled to sync every 4 hours and will not work on BlackBerry Connect devices. It also will obviously not work on BES contacts or even Google Mail Contact Groups whatever those are.
  • Enhancements to email setup and settings:
    • Automatic Login now supports most billing identifiers, which allows new subscribers with wireless service providers that use PIN, IMEI, or ESN as a billing identifier to create BlackBerry Internet Service accounts from the BlackBerry smart phone, without having to create a login user name and password
    • Note: This feature will be available approximately one week after the BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade.
  • Windows Live Hotmail revalidation:
    • With BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8, new Windows Live Hotmail mail integrations will be defaulted to a protocol that is designed so as not to require 90 day reauthorization.
    • Note: Existing BlackBerry smart phone users accessing Windows Live Hotmail using Microsoft MSP will still be required to revalidate their Windows Live Hotmail account every 90 days.

*Note: Two-way wireless Contact synchronization with Google Mail Contacts requires BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and configuration through email settings on the BlackBerry smart phone. Additional requirements and constraints may be found within the BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8 Documentation Kit. This feature is not supported on BlackBerry smart phones with BlackBerry® ConnectTM software.

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BIS 2.8 Rollout Coming in September?


you know i honestly couldn't give a fly fig about two-way syncing of contacts but syncing of gmail, now that's another story and they need to get it working.

It doesn't make much sense to me that these upgrades would only be available to devices running 5.0, especially since 5.0 isn't even out officially! September 10th is only a couple of weeks away, and even if 5.0 is released by then, not everyone is going to have it, especially folks using older devices, like 83xx's, 88xx's, and 81xx's, which are still quite popular.
If they're going to make the upgrade, I think they should make it compatable with 4.5 and above. That should be a must especially with the Window's Live Hotmail 90 day deal, because that's just a pain in the ass...

I like the upgrade... but I agree with blueyestm. We've got to have BIS fully support GMAIL IMAP very soon. True two-way gmail/bb sync (with archive). Hope to see it too with this BIS release!

there the f is 2 way imap sync for gmail. this is driving me nuts. it is so freaking ridiculous. I already can use contact sync by google to do this bullshit... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Let's just hope two things:

1) There are more "2-way syncing" features with Gmail being introduced with this...companies are known to ignore certain huge feature additions in changelogs because it's embarassing that it wasn't there before.

2) This means an OS 5.0 release is imminent. Unfortunately is a big step forward, but not nearly ready for release in my opinion.

Once again a big disappointment - another new BIS upgrade to include better integration with Gmail and Hotmail, but why no ActiveSync capability with Exchange servers? I thought BB was supposed to be the premier mail client to the corporate world, but only if you have BES. There are so many users that really need ActiveSync access to their exchange servers like iPhone and WinMo devices offer.

this had better fix the ongoing IMAP issuse with Outlook 2007 and the infamous *duplicate emails* everyone has had to live with....

Sounds like another worthless "upgrade" for Google again. I already have 2-way contact sync. It's called Google Sync, duh. They are doing everything except what people really want... 2-way Gmail sync.

When are we, as BIS customers, going to be able to sync using the Microsoft Exchange Server. The access is available through my place of employment but I cannot use it. I find my Bold to be a very superior product to an Iphone, but this one item could cause me to change in January. I want seamless integration and do not want to have to use Google sync and my gmail calendar as a go between and I still do not have a solution to syncing my work contacts. I was hoping the next BIS upgrade might include an exchange server solution.

There's already 2-way syncing of Google Calendar and Contacts with Google Sync. I'm not sure why RIM is concentrating on the stuff Google has already dealt with when Gmail doesn't work correctly on the BIS platform. WTF!?

The more NATIVE 2-way ability between BB and Gmail, the better off we are.

Plus, considering the memory limitations of BlackBerries, the chance to uninstall Google Sync to free up space is hardly a bad thing.

Sure the changelog leaves much to be desired but not everything is always included in the changelog and hopefully there is more to come. These BIS updates have gotten pretty frequent.

Today Google synch kinda works, but a lot of contact information is lost between the BB and Google. Hopefully native support will fix this and give us true 2-way syncing. Not to mention the extra step of remembering to make sure that G-Sync is running, since things like the last upgrade cause it to forget who it is.

Who knows maybe one day Contact birthdays will propogate to the Google calendar...

If we could sync trough BIS would anybody go for extra cost of BES? I would be happy if outlook sync would be an optional extra for a small cost. We already pay for BIS.
Pretty soon others will catch up with RIM in the push email department, mobileme springs to mind.