BIS 2.8 Launched For All North American Carriers

By Bla1ze on 3 Oct 2009 03:07 pm EDT
BIS 2.8 Launched For North America

In the wee hours of the morning, RIM was hard at work upgrading all North America BIS systems to the latest version being 2.8. BIS 2.8 brings with it some long awaited changes for BIS users but still leaves some room for improvement  for a later time. A quick look at what's new is listed below:

Two-way wireless synchronization with Google Mail Contacts and the Address Book on the BlackBerry smart phone:

  • Synchronize Google Mail contacts quickly and easily to the BlackBerry smart phone
  • Add or edit Contacts and the Contacts are automatically updated, whether they are updated on the computer or BlackBerry smart phone.
  • Note: Two-way wireless Contact synchronization with Google Mail Contacts requires BlackBerry® Device Software 5.0 and configuration through email settings on the BlackBerry smart phone.  Additional requirements and constraints may be found within the BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8 Documentation Kit. This feature is not supported on BlackBerry smart phones with BlackBerry® Connect™ software.

Enhancements to email setup and settings:

  • Automatic Login now supports most billing identifiers, which allows new subscribers with wireless service providers that use PIN, IMEI, or ESN as a billing identifier to create BlackBerry Internet Service accounts from the BlackBerry smart phone, without having to create a login user name and password.
  • Note: This feature will be available approximately one week after the BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade.

Windows Live Hotmail revalidation:

  • With BlackBerry Internet Service 2.8, new Windows Live Hotmail mail integrations will be defaulted to a protocol that is designed so as not to require 90 day reauthorization.
  • Note: Existing BlackBerry smart phone users accessing Windows Live Hotmail using Microsoft MSP will still be required to revalidate their Windows Live Hotmail account every 90 days.

The transition seems to have gone smoothly with minimal impact on users and the list of changes is nice to see roll in as it does address some long standing concerns. Anyone have any issues last night? Anything else you would like to see added to BIS services at a later time? Let us know in the comments.

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IS this why I haven't received ANY of my emails for the last few hours?


I haven't been getting any for about the last hour. Can send but not receive.


I had the same problem, i actually did not even has a BIS connection, couldnt get any data so some programs would not function, like Beejive, or BerryWeather. All is good now though.


Sorry for the double entry...the mispelling & the grammar!


SO when exactly is this 2 way Google contacts sync "thing" supposed to kick in for the gmail accounts?


Yea, I am running on my Tour and only see the option to sync deleted items.



BIS 2.8 check!
Gmail and Windows Live check!
Contact Syncbronization?! check!!!
Device OS 5.0 hmmm...

looks like we are about to see it pretty soon... ;)


Why is it everytime I go to the BlackBerry Web Site each and every page is not rendering properly? I notice this whenever they perform an update to any software. Is it just me or are other members experiencing this to?


I am on a VZW Storm and I have nothing. No new BIS, no notifications...nothing.


Will I automatically be updated? I would think it would be pushed to my phone... I tried going to the email settings but could find no option for google contact sync:/


will i be able to delete google sync and enhanced gmail with this update?


i'm not seeing any options for contact sync either, i can notice a change on the site tho, but no contact sync, bold, att,


oh by the way, Tour,


I with you all - ive been looking and i dont see any of this and im running (curve 8900) -

BlackBerry Brian

I see nothing different, I've looked for something different, but everything is working.
I'm getting Gmail emails before my PC still, so I'm not gonna complain.


I've got nothing either...


I have a bold with on Rogers. Resent service books....pulled battery but I still do not have the contact option on either the BIS Site or from the device in Contact options.

Is 2.8 working for any Rogers user.


I'm using a bold on 5.0 .230, resent service books and also did a battery pull, nothing yet.


damn native google contacts WOULD be just for OS 5.0. WTF, I shouldn't have gotten an 8320 :(


Is that why everything is running so slow?


i guess they upgraded and NOBODY has it...seems about right

Trader Z

BIS email has been real slow past two days. Guess this is reason. Seems to work better now. No 5.0 OS though so cant really comment on any of these benefits.

let's go AT&T - 5.0 please.


When do Europe get it?


Still no imap deleted email sync between the server and handheld. I don't get why this seems to be so complicated when every other OS out there can do it (WinMo,PalmOS, Android, etc).

The only way I've been able to get deleted emails to dissapear from the handheld (when deleted from the server) is with Yahoo. The rest don't sync, wether it be Gmail, OWA, company's IMAP server (tried Exchange, Notes, Cyrus, Dovecot, Courrier...)


Only North America ?? When is this coming to Asia, and more specifically, India ?




Anyone else not getting emails or facebook notifications right now.
VZW and hotmail


Site is live obviously...but 2.8 is not in effect...yet



I'm noticing any change ? My email set up looks the same nothing like that screen shot


oops never mind


how would i be able to get this update i got the 8350i


Didnt realise it but that update's been live on Vodafone Ireland BIS for a few weeks now! Only got the Contact Sync option after I deleted and reset Gmail mailbox.


do we need to do anything with this?


I got a email on my blackberry today telling me to reset my password for my windows live account I think that is why most of my messages weren't sent last night because I did see a lot of red X's....w.e the case may be I am running the newest OS which is


but then again I'm not running 5.0. I resent my service books and got Enhanced Gmail Plug In push to my phone. That's about it


I'm on OS 5.0.238 and went through the email setup on the device. It asked me to verify my GMail account. Then bingo! GMail contacts are synced with my Bold.

-- Robert.


What carrier are you on? I'm with AT&T and followed the same steps you did and I don't have a contacts sync option.


Like lainsauto said log into your carrier's BIS web page and edit your GMail settings. There should now be an option to Synchronize Contacts.

BTW I'm on 3 in Australia.

-- Robert.


Is it me or is sending service books no longer a option in BIS?


Click on 'Help' and service books are in that window.


what do i do if i cant remember my username and password to upgrade?


I'm still learning the curve of this phone, Lol,..curve - anyway, seriously, I have gotten 4 e-mails in the last 2 hours, none of which have been sent to my Phone.

I don't really understand what BIS is and how this may/may not be affecting my service? Do I correct this issue I have by upgrade something? Or what *is* this something..

Running .238, curve 8900.

And explanations in an entry stand point would be good, too.. I only know as much as I learn, and you guys are always teaching me alot!! Thanks in advance :D


go to your BIS log in and click email help and it explains setting up and syncing messages and contacts....


Anyone else not get updated? Sorry when I posted I could not see all the other comments. I guess no one got it.


I've checked the help on Verizon's BIS site, and it says to click on "edit" for my gmail account and click the check box next to "contacts". Unfortunately that option isn't there when I click on edit. Also, it says to go into my contact list on my device, go into options, then pick my gmail account and turn on wireless synchronization. When I go to that option it is grayed out with the words "Not Available".


Yeah, same here with Alltel (soon to be Verizon)


at&t 5.0.0238 bold, resent books, re-added gmail account, still nothing


Doesn't appear sprint got the memo...


Updated for me, and I'm on Sprint. Though I still can't sync my Google contacts.


Hmmm, so is that what happened? The other day, I accidentally deleted an e-mail on my BB. So, I logged onto my Verizon e-mail account from my laptop to read it from there, and it was gone! I couldn't figure out how that happened. My next thought was that I had set my BB to synchronize, but I thought that it would only do that if I hooked it up to the laptop. I checked were my e-mail settings, and there it was, an option to do a wireless reconcile. I don't remember seeing that before (and, it was set to on).

Or, has that always been there??


I checked earlier today and nothing but just checked, options were on bis. Deleted from laptop and within minutes it was gone from my device


Hey I have a suggestion for improvement. How about making the BB Browser actually work so I don't have to use Opera all day.


landed in Singapore starhub yesterday, so asia region upgraded too I think


Woke up this morning GPRS large but no notifications while I had new email. Now I have a connection occasionally, but when I resend my servicebooks I dont receive anything..


Thanks a lot for this updated post. I must say that is comprehensive reviewing at its best. Keep up the good work.


I dont see the option to re-send them anymore? Im on ATT. There used to be a Service Books link on the left side menu. Now thats gone. How are you ATT people resending yourselves the service books?


Click on Help and the option will be there.


Where's the upgrade?

The Consigliere

Yeah, I'm not seeing anything different in mine at all. I went into mine just now & the only thing I see for my Gmail is "sync deleted items." Maybe I'm missing something but nothing really seems to have changed. Maybe it's a work in progress?


I found this on

1. On the BlackBerry® Internet Service web site, in the left pane, click Email Accounts.
2. Click the Edit icon beside your Google Mail™ email address.
3. Select the Contacts check box.
4. Click Save.

So if you don’t see this option, you’re not on BIS 2.8 yet. If you do see this option, you’re all set!

After you finish: To stop synchronizing your contacts, clear the Contacts check box.


Did ATT disabled the Auto BCC feature? Below is the description for the feature.

"Note: Depending on your messaging service plan, this feature might not be supported.

When you specify an Auto BCC email address, the BlackBerry® Internet Service automatically forwards a copy of email messages that you send from your BlackBerry device to the email address that you specify. "


upgrade took place

but carrier didnt enable the new features yet
the help section does show all the steps
and instructions
for contact sync

but no check box available yet


So where is the advantage to this vs. Google Sync which gives me calendar and contacts ?


that is a very good question...I'm curious too.


I am confused as to how to check what version of BIS I am running or how to upgrade to the newest version. I have deleted my Gmails accounts 2 times now since the update has been released and do not notice any changes. I also cannot sync my contacts.

Every time I try to create a new account it says, "Your account is not accessible via HTML browser. Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service." I dont know what to do...

I am running a VZW Tour with 5.0.230, I dont think this is the issue as it seems people running 5.0 are able to have 2.8.


Want to know what version you're using? CALL YOUR CARRIER! ;)


I deleted and added my gmail account. i still dont see contact sync. I dont see that option either on my service provider BIS site. One dum question, is this contact sync over the air will only work with u know 500 MB BIS plan or
will it work with 15$ plan which offers me Blackberry push email, BBm, MSN , and yahoo.



Seems as if Alltel hasn't upgraded yet.