BIS 2.5 FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know and More!

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Jun 2008 10:09 am EDT

Ronen just posted these links to the following guides at and I thought it would be a good idea to feature them here in the CrackBerry blogs as well. So if you want to learn more about BIS 2.5 (how to set it up, what you can/can't do) and more, check out the guides below:

Grab a cup of coffee on your morning break and start reading!! When you're finished reading all of the above, why not fire this link off to all your office co-workers and spread some BlackBerry love...

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BIS 2.5 FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know and More!


I did everything that was instructed, and apparently, the HTML is working ok (I got an email from a co-worker that uses a funky script and was able to view it and the different color he uses, but have yet to receive an email with HTML pictures like from Crackberry) BUT

Cannot open any attachments at all.

When trying to do so, I get this error:

"Password not supported for this format. Resend?"

I hit yes to resend and get the same error over and over.

Yes, I have sent service books and pulled the battery.

I am using a 8310 on ATT and OS

Any thoughts as to why attachments cannot be opened at this point? Is anyone else who is on ATT and using 8310 having the same issues? Thanks

if you don't get the images when you open the email, hit the menu key and then click on "get images" and they will show up

This is great stuff... but all kind of a mute point until either RIM or the US carriers release the official version of OS 4.5 Not sure why they would go through all of this now if 4.5 isn't going to be around until September (if then) or later. These guys don't seem to understand the consumer very well. This is the kind of thing that gets people frustrated. Releasing all the back office functionality before releasing the front-end piece.. the new Handheld Operating System. What good is a new car without the engine?

My point exactly. Here in the US, RIM is putting the horse before the cart. The only US users that have OS 4.5 are getting it from Europe or are using Beta versions that may not really work (when all is said and done) with the specific carrier they are on. So, I guess I pose my question again... why is RIM putting all this stuff out there when you can't even get OS 4.5? It makes no sense. I am on T-Mobile and they doen't even have Desktop Manager 4.5 available on their web site yet.

I am a huge Blackberry fan... wouldn't use any other devise. But the fact is that RIM and their associated Carriers have really blown this deal. They could have easily released the new Desktop Manager and OS right when Apple announced the 3G iPhone and taken a lot of wind out of Apples sails.. but no, they do this peace meal realease that makes no sense. Having been in the software world myself for some time.. the worst thing that can happen is that you have end users running around with a bunch of different Beta software versions (and numerous versions at that) that may or may not work or worse yet, crash their devises. This whole thing does not bode well for RIMs Marketing Unit. They should have had a much better handle on all of this and coordinated and announced an official release date for the Desktop, the OS and the 2.5 upgrade. Therefor, the end users would have been much better informed and known what to expect. On this one I have to give RIM a -10. Poor job boys, poor job!

I can't upgrade my BIS, I tried using the application loader but I get stuck between steps 7 and 8

"If prompted, type your BlackBerry device password and click Next.
Note: When the Application Loader Wizard is finished examining the configuration on the BlackBerry device, the Device Application Selection screen appears listing the applications available for installation. The selected check boxes indicate applications that are already installed on the BlackBerry device.

Select the check box for the BlackBerry Device Software. "

Basically, there is nothing there to check off. What now?

DO NOT use version .37. Its alot slower!

Use version .45. It has less glitches, a couple more options, and is faster. Look it up, worth ur time

So the link to RIM about attachments says viewing, downloading and editing of several formats, including
PDFs...I can download but I get a message saying can't
open. I have 4.5 but it doesn't have support for PDfs.

What gives?

Got the CDMA version of 4.5.

Everything installed just fine and DocsToGo seems pretty nice. (although The power point app crashes)

Got my service books sent so now I just need to wait for an HTML email.

I am running on an 8320 Curve on TMO. The html emails come up but I can't get the images. It is set for auto and when I click download images the data transfer arrows start and then that is it. I never get the images. I have resent service books numerous times both on my bb and on t mobile's site. Anyone else have this problem or know what I can do to get the images? - 8320 - I can't see the images either. I will select get images, I see the arrows, in & out, but it never downloads. Frustrating!!! running on TMO & its great, but the HTML isn't all that. Like stated before, images do not show up when i open an email. When i go to menu > get image, i get a message that says, "Downloading internet images can expose your address.continue...?". I click "yes" & nothing happens...even w/wi-fi on, nothing happened. Yet, the email still looks better than it did before. Oh yeah, this also happens on my sis' BB-same phone, same OS, same issue, same everything (maybe it's just an OS issue).
Well,i just switch it back to Empower & it's all good..hmmm!

I put 4.5 on my Telus 8830 and it looks nice, but the browser doesn't work properly, nor do G-Mail and JiveTalk, which are 2 apps I use frequently. I even tried JL_CMDR to wipe it and do a clean install, still no dice. So back to 4.2 for me.

I did get an HTML e-mail from Best Buy, but I had to manually press menu and get images in order to view SOME of them.

So far, I would clearly say it's far from ready. But that's why it's a beta. I'm hoping that RIM is going to launch 4.5 for everyone soon due to this launch of BIS 4.5.

if you want to see pictures for t-mobile customers, check out your options/advance/TCP settings. where it reads APN type in "". for the other fields just leave blank. resend your service books and do a restart. with your next html email arrives you will be able to see your pictures, however i've had some diffilcutly with Wi-Fi on my 8320 for this to work, go figure.