Birthday Giveaway: 5,000 Copies of iBee Farting... ON HOLD!

5,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting!
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Feb 2009 12:21 pm EST

** READ THIS UPDATE: OK FOLKS.... Sad News Here.  Because EVERYONE has been trying to download their free copy of iBee Farting all at the same time, it has basically leveled the app store servers. Bitter sweet. So here's what were doing... we are suspending the Give Away for right now (a couple thousand of you did manage to get free copies in the meantime) and we're going to continue this giveaway in the next few days...  and of course, to make up for the frustrations, we'll be upping it to 10,000 FREE Copies!! Thanks iBee Mobile! Be sure to stay tuned to so you don't miss out. THANK YOU for the patience! *

Update: YIKES... it seems everybody trying to grab the free app at once is slowing up Mobihand's App Store servers (load at 100%). Thanks for the patience. *

YUP, we're going there! In celebration of CrackBerry turning two years old, the folks at iBeeMobile are hooking up CrackBerry Nation with a Giveaway and Sale. You're going to want to hurry to get your iBee Farting app on!!

5,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting: On your BlackBerry's web browser, head to and use coupon code CRACKBERRYFARTS to receive a 100% off discount on the app.  HURRY. It's first come first serve. Once 5,000 coupon codes are used the deal is done! Let us know in the comments if you got one or yet. (Please note the coupon will only work in the mobile app store visited from your device and not in our website store).

50% Off iBee Farting: In case you are reading this and are too late to make the 100% off giveaway, you can use coupon code CBFARTDISC to save 50%. This coupon expires this Sunday at midnight PST.

iBee Farting is available for the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, and BlackBerry Curve 8900. Keep in mind that Storm owners running an OS older than may not hear sounds correctly due to a known OS bug (see our original iBee Farting blog post) but don't worry, once you own it upgrades are free for life!

For a quick walk through on using coupon codes in the mobile app store, you can check out this tutorial. Be sure to drop a note in the comments and let us know you got one. Enjoy your fart app!!

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Birthday Giveaway: 5,000 Copies of iBee Farting... ON HOLD!



Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart Fart :)!

Dang i just paid to fart last week. The Enable Shake is cool on storm turn it on lay the phone down and when someone picks it up it Farts. How can it be any better. Ok back to fart i mean work. Later

I Bee Farting!!! LOL Thanks Crackberry you guys Rock!!! I just wish an Official OS for the Strom would come out!!! I don't want to chance a leaked one my phone is already full of bugs!!!

I would love to have this app. it would bring such joy and laughter to me and well me!!!!!!!! who cares about what other people think.

I'm attempting to purchase it but somehow all 3 versions ended up in my cart, and when I try to remove the ones I don't need, they all disappear. Hopefully I'll get it working in time!

Got it. Downloading now.

Oh well. Downloaded but it appears to be another one of those programs that will not produce sound on OS .75.

This stinks...(PUN INTENDED)

I went to the site thru my berry and i'm still being charges 99 cents even using the promo code. Am i doing somthing wrong or I'm really stupid and missing something?

oh wait that is just the blackberry...... oh nevermind, it would be the blackberry if i win.... !! ! ! !!

i keep gettin the connection time out error also must be a lots of people trying to get it

iBeeFarting! Got one of the freebies - Thank you iBeeMobile and CrackBerry.

Happy 2nd B'Day CB. It has been a great week to lurk on this site.

Sorry buys, but there is something seriously wrong with your mobile store.

Slowness aside, I click the "add" button and it asks me what version I want to add to my cart. I select the one with "Bold" in the name. The cart finally loads and I see that it's added the Storm and Bold versions. I remove the Storm version and then add the coupon code but when I do it adds some $40 app that I don't want. I remove that and the Storm version of the iBee Farting app comes back. I am unable to remove it as now the store just refuses to do anything.

Just downloaded mine a few minutes ago, had to deal twice with server timeout messages, but other than that it went just like the tutorial. I want to thank Kevin and iBeeMobile for the freebie.

so many timeouts and duplicate (storm and bold versions) upon checkout. Then told me couldn't go through. Now starting again from scratch. Wish me luck! (this only took about 20 minutes)

I had a trial of one of these farting programs and my 3 kids thought it was *the best thing ever*.
Of course, they're 10, 10, and 9yrs old... all boys, so it makes sense.

My youngest now thinks my phone is the coolest phone ever made, but doesn't understand why I can't keep using the program. He just wants to use it to embarass our nanny... haha. God I hope I get one, the shop isn't really working that well. It kinda hung when I pressed "buy" and its been a few minutes =)

I got my copy...freeeee...thank you very much. And now I'm just farting ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!! It's just plain wrong, but I can't stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again CrackBerry, you guys are GREAT!!!!!

My co workers will never mo what "passed" by them... I'm sure they will get "wind" of it so I'll have to "clear the air" and show them how it works....

took me 20 minutes with my storm to get to the browser, then to find out its for os .99 or higher. wtf.... am i the last .75 user


It keeps timing out when i click continue on step 2!

Its not fair if I dont get a copy because of this!

But sometimes I don't eat the right things, so I can't. This will help me in those desperate times when I cannot fart, but I would like to.

Thanks you Cwackberry.

So i go there and add it to cart... $1.99.
Then i input the code and hit "update".

All of a sudden, I've got this other app in my cart and my total is $23.95!!!
So I hit "remove" on that and it then says my code isn't valid.

So I close and try again.
Same thing happens! Extra item in my cart. Luckily, when I removed it that time, it worked.

What is going on here?

They couldnt have already. It keeps saying "this promotion code is not valid" I even tried upper and lower cases.

My wife says I'm full of hot air. this would be the cats meow. please pick me...pick me...pick me...

This might help someone else!

If you kept timing out in step 2, un check the box that says "i want to receive..............."

After doing that, it went through perfectly to the submit order page!

Downloading now....

.... and the reason is, this is not a compatible app for my BB Curve... (sad I even need/want this app, but it'd be fun to have!)


I am at the submit order page. I have timed out a million times. But I can already hear the froggies as my grandmother sais. Wot Wot

I've been trying since 12:30. about 10 minutes after this post. And now I'm probably not going to get one.

Guys, I appreciate the opportunity to get the free app but the store isn't working. I've gotten 7 timeouts; twice it put the Storm and Curve versions in my cart; wouldn't allow me to remove the Curve version and continues to keep on timing out. HELP!

Why are they making us going on our phones to do this? At least I have the store app on my phone, and like others, somehow got 3 different versions in my cart and trying to update is a pain in the ass

My wife insists that I had to have been the one who recorded the farts.Anyway thanks I got mine.

HILARIOUS!!! i got it fo fre and my coworkers are Freaking out.. all sorts of dirty looks coming my way, now if i could only send the fart sound to another phone to sabatoge my boss. mwahahaha

After all the time outs and trouble to get this, I remember I went back to .75 so the sound will only work through the headphones/headset port which sucks, I have to use headphones or speakers to hear the halarious fart sounds.

I was stuck on step 2 forever with connection time outs. I was at the point of submitting the order... Out of no where i recieved an email from crackberry about the order being complete and got my activation code. WOOT time to download app.

so I got a free one but I can only hear it over my headphones. guess i have the old os right? so what's next?

Only took me and hour and a half lol! What a pain. Somehow managed to get one for the Bold, which I don't own. Screwy mobile store. Thanks though CB!

I keep on clicking on the download link, and I get told after a minute or two the time has run out, and if I don't get it because of that and I am within the 5,000 customers, I feel like I am being jipped out of my app!

grrrr....timed out of server! Wouldn't it have been smarter to just send an OTA link instead of overcrowding the app store? guys must be slammed with requests. Every time I try to click on "buy" it returns a timed out response. This is using Wi-Fi.

Been trying for an hour now.

.... how we will try and try for an hour or more for a free $2 app. I'm over an hour or retry after retry, stuck on Step 2. Maybe they should of had 500 Free coupons spread out over the week to help with the load. At any rate, thanks CB for the freebie and happy bday!!

i closed the program and came back to a screen that says activate/purchase what do i do

nevermind firgured it out lol i really need to start reading everything

Just got mine for my 8900! What a hilarious app! This birthday extravaganza is AMAZING! Thank you thank you thank you!

Afte a ton of timeouts, I finally made it to Step 2 but the total didn't reflect the promo code that it gave me in Step 1. I wasn't sure if I should just go and it would be ok or if I should go back. I kind of didn't want to go back but I timed out a couple times trying both buttons. Then finally, after hitting "Back" and I'm sure that's what I hit, I went to a billing info screen, so I entered my info and hit continue. Then I get an email saying I got charged for the app! I got suckered into paying for this thing and I'm pissed!!!!!

I can't get a request to complete to get a copy of the free app. I expect at this rate the coupons will be all used up.

After getting the Response Timed Out commnet probably 20 or 30 times on each page it finally got me to the download page...phwew...thanks lets cross the fingers and hope on being one of the "lucky" OtterBox winners...

They might be all used up! I got charged for mine after timing out a dozen times even though I had already entered the code and had a total of $0!

Apparently the Crackberry Store is running on an old Pentium 286 server which has only 256K of memory and a 5.25" floppy for the os and file server ... :o)

Timeout # 30 so far....

I sure as heck hope the "real" Application store will have some better hardware/performance.

This is the worst adventure game I've ever played.

Boy that was worth it. Mobihand cant handle the traffic. Server(s) keep crashing. I'd be pissed if it was a worthwhile program...

Must of timed out 40 times just getting to the checkout, got to it all came up $0.00. Have timed out about 20 times so far on checkout. A lot of work for a $2.00 app... Ha! now i have to have it. That is if it ever goes to the download link

Wow, it took over two hours to get this. I wonder if the servers were busy? LOL! I hope I use it more than once!

It gave me an extra copy for a bold with my storm copy, couldnt go back and remove it. So for the 1st. person below here that wants it (that actually shows having a Bold in their profile) somehow i'll figure out how to get in touch with you and e-mail over the access code. I will keep an eye below this post for the first one that says " Joe I want it "

What were u guys expecting at the App Store???

A free Farting Machine!

Come on! How could you NOT think we were not app starved for the STORM? Enough to crash your servers!!!!!!!

Everyone wants a farting STORM!.....

Get it worked out and let's get going!


the blackberry pearl 8130 and the curve 8330 are new like the other 3 why almost all the contest, awards, and special programs like this are only for the other 3 why....

I was too late
The Blackberry already displayed the discount but the server wasn't able to go to "Check".
So I couldn't get my copy.
Is it possible to get one?

Happy Birthday Crackberry! today was my 30th and while at work I noticed the giveaway. Thanks for the free app...but better yet, thanks for helping me waste an hour and a half trying to get it to download while your servers were like a fat chick after a buffet...stuffed and unable to move. I finally got it to go through though, just after I saw the ON HOLD Update...

Of course, I am still on ,75 so I can't freakin hear it anyway. One more reason to bite the bullet and upgrade to .103

Well its 1152 est and it says the crackberryfarts code does not work anymore guess there all gone...bummmer