Birthday Freebie: CB 2.0 Theme for the Storm, Bold and 8900!

Free Hedone Designs CB 2.0 Theme!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2009 06:23 pm EST

Another FREEBIE!! And this one is good for all the BlackBerry Storm, Curve 8900 and Bold users out there... an ultra-sweet CrackBerry theme!

Last year for our first birthday John from JC Designs gave us the ultra-popular BlackBerry User & Abuser themes as a gift, and when we reached the 200,000 member milestone our pal the Zman put together the super-fun CorkBerry theme (still one of my all time favorites!). Now for our 2.0 birthday, it's newcomer to the theme game Hedone Designs giving back to CrackBerry Nation with the HD CB 2.0 theme! HUGE thanks go out to Hedone for putting this theme together for us. If you like it, be sure to drop a word of thanks in the comments and check out his other theme creations.

HD CB 2.0 - Bold / Curve 8900: This theme is slick! The bottom dock features ten scrolling icons (user can get positions) with the eleventh shortcut becoming the CB logo at the top of the homescreen! Hedone built in web link shortcuts to both and I have the CrackBerry Mobile site set to my eleventh icon so a quick scroll up and click takes me to the CrackBerry Mobile homepage. Sweet!

HD CB 2.0 - Storm: Definitely a theme that all of our hardcore Storm owner/forum members are going to love! It's clean, the icons are sharp, and tapping the CB logo launches the first shortcut in the mix. Definitely a theme for every CrackBerry Addict out there! 

DOWNLOAD the HD CB 2.0 Themes for FREE:

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gimme FREEBIES heheh


Very cool new theme! Thanks for the freebie!


I stayed up after reading the other free theme just to make sure I didn't miss it!


Sign me up. Love the site.


I cant seem to find my icon for the Visual Voicemail... i def have it installed on my phone but cant find it anywhere on the phone any one have a clue?


Ya'll are really doing something nice by ~~giving~~ gifts on your birthday.


I would love to win the crackberry theme. Thanks for having such a wonderful birthday give-away.


This is awesome thanks. Don't want to sound ungreatful though, but there's a problem with the text underneath icons. It doesn't attempt to shorten any of the words etc, so now my email address is overlapping the text and images from other icons. Ruins it a bit :(


I just coming to post the same thing. Is there a fix in the works?


I think I will wait on using this one until it's fixed.


You guys are really treating us well with all these fantastic gifts on your own birthday - COOL


The perfect way to commemorate Crackberry's Birthday is with a theme on my Bold which shows off the place for all bb news and reviews.


Holy! Presents for us on your birthday?!?

WOOOT. Thanks!


I just brought my storm and want to download this theme, but need instructions on how?? can someone help me plz?


Thanks CB and Hedone Designs !! =D

I have a storm. The Icons are cool but every time I press the escape button I get an extra menu that pops up for my media card. Is anyone else getting this?? The Crackberry Icon doesn't show up on my home screen either. I just downloaded it and I'm already having issues. No good.


I am having the same issues with the menu popping up. And also the names run into each other.


This would be an awesome theme once i get the storm :)


This is a SWEET theme Kevin!!!!! THANK YOU!!! and HAPPY B-DAY CB!!!!!


I love this place. This is my first time here and I love the free 2.0 CrackBerry theme. It's awesome!


Lovely theme!!! Just as you said, clean and sharp. Thanks Kevin and Hedone!


I wish I got this many presents on MY birthday! This is really something!


how about us?

we're addicts too :)

4.2.1 OS pearl 8100 represent

Happy Birthday!!


No Love for the RED HEADED STEOP CHILDREN OF the 8350i


The theme is awesome!! Thanks.


Don't know why, but many of apps (such as Documents to Go) ended up in my downloads folder.


my apps went into the folder too, but you could just move 'em to the home screen... no probs


Thanks I've been looking for a theme for my Bold......Thanks again to all


This is nice. Like the colors! A little surprise was waiting for me. I could not adjust the profile from the home screen as there is no profile button. So, I went into options to change it from 2 rows to 1 row. Low and behold there is the profile button, along with the never before seen (for me) blackberry wallpaper with the lightning bolts! Yes, the one that shows in the theme folder and in all the literature but you can never find! Who knew...?


how come the camera icon is a motorola razor?


This looks amazing on my screen..Thanks again for the freebie...Good job Crackberry and the designer ( TOp Shelf)


This one looks good, I think I'll give it a try.



So slick and stylish......


Thanks for the freebie. I couldn't find a sms text icon for the storm. anyone else having that problem?


Thax for the Free theme! I have downloaded it rebooted as can't find it any wear? Help Please. & A Big Happy Birthday Your the Best Moble Place on the Net ;o)


options icon-> themes->set crackberry theme


I wish you guys made a version for the curve 8310

69 Charger RT

I will get this on my BERRY. Thanx for the gift..


I think we are the one suppose to be giving you guys gift because it's your bday :D


hector noragaray

wHY no body loves 8350i users??
When can we expect more themes for our phone?


One thing that sucks about new blackberrys is the lack of attention shown to the later models. No love for the 8330. I'm finding more an more things are being created for the new BBs while us owners of older models are left out in the cold. I shouldn't be surprised it was the same way with my old 8700 too. Anyway cool themes.


kinda in love with the theme! only problemo im having is the menu font size! its huuuuuge!

thanks though!


My 8130 would love to have this theme. Sure would be cool if I could download it.....


I am having problems locating a few icons. Facebook messages show up at the top of the screen as usual but no icon on home screen to navigate to the app. Anyone have any suggestions on how to create another icon on CB 2.0?

Thank you Hedone for this beautiful theme!!


Look in your download folder for the missing icons.


Thanks for the theme even tho it threw some of my icons in the wrong folder! :)


sweet theme and it seems pretty smooth so far! thanks again


What about the other BB models?


Love the theme just downloaded it for my storm. I can not find it any where though? I checked in themes and i do not see it. Where can i find this so i can set it as my theme?


go to "options"... scroll to "themes"... it should be listed just above the one that came with the phone...


still cant get it to work...any suggestions??


I agree. I downloaded it and cant get it from my Options, Theme menu. help!


Just tried it again and it worked. Make sure oyu are downloading the one that says STORM and not BOLD. I noticed that I had downloaded the BOLD one yesterday eventhough I thought I had clicked the STORM one.


i love it.. but lost vz navigator...anything new is good for right now..


look in "downloads".... a lot of apps got moved to there...


Sign me up I love


Thanks for the freebie! Love the look!


I love free things......=)


This is such a nice theme! Thanks!


i love the look of this theme but when I use it I can no longer find the icons for all my apps. they're not in the list of icons and not in any folders that I can find. Viigo, point, where to be found. am i missing something?


I am so happy that crackberry made one of these for the storm!! Thanks Crackberry!


Thanks for the free theme. You rock!!!


any love for the pearls, curves, for this theme coming soon ?




just need to know if there will be any updates to fix the text crossing over other icon names


the icons on the bottom of my home screen were the orange ones but the top looked the same as the theme before and the sms box was gone and thats what i like to use the most so then i switched back to the normal theme and when i did that their were no longer boxs around the (normal) icons which was acutally knida cool but then i deleted the theme just cause it wasnt right...but its the thought that counts lol thank-you just not their yet in my eyes...


That looks hot! I want, I want! :)


I know that they had one for the 1st birthday. But they should make one for the 83xx series as well, and I guess the pearls too... :P. I like the newer one thoug :/


To CB for its 2nd. Birthday !

To John from JC Desing, for this incredible theme. Thanks for sharing it!


i've lost the sms icon with this theme...boooo

i checked all folders....nada


looks very nice but why take away the sms and mms icon? i know you can acces these features from the messages icon but i like to keep things seperate oh well i wont use the theme beacuse of this


where is the sms icon hidden?!?!?!?!!?


where is the sms icon hidden?!?!?!?!!?


What an AWESOME theme, hope you can show some love for the Curve 8330!!!



HB CB Storm me, Happy Birthday CB.


Congrats and Happy B-Day!! Love the site and the info, and most definitely the freebies and contests! Kudos on a job well done.


Amazing. Really fast and stylish. I love how the CB is a button for messages. And I love the web icon link.... going to save me a lot of trouble everyday I love it.


No love for the pearl flip??


And Happy Birthday, CrackBerry!


Sure to be rocking this theme now!


Thanks and Happy Birthday! Great Theme! Anyone know how to re-assign the CB button at the top to another application?


Thanks for the great theme. It looks wonderful on the Storm!


very nice. there are a couple little issues, but still very nice.


Thank You for the Free Cool CB Theme, Happy Birthay :)

Stacy Ewan

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Please, please, do it for the Pearl.


I really like this CB 2.0 theme, when can we see one for the Curve 8330?


I am now rockin the CB theme on my storm - Now everyone will know I am a addict


Can the 8350 curve get some love?


Nice looking theme, count me in


Once again birthday wishes and a thanks sent out to Hedone Designs for the great and free theme...

gadget girl

thanks!!!!I love it nice crisp and clean.


Thanks! CB you guys are F****** AWESOME


This theme is awesome, great work! Thanks CB! Nice to add a theme finally to my 8900


This theme is awesome, great work! Thanks CB! Nice to add a theme finally to my 8900


I am loving this theme! Thanks!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!


why does Texas holdem get moved out of the games section


You guys really know how to toot your own horn! :)
Thanks for all the important info you give me! I really couldn't understand my berry without ya!


I like the theme. My only issue is that the letters from the email addresses run into each other when on the main 2 row screen.


Thank you CrackDaddy...this CrackBaby needed a fix. Wish this theme color would have went all the way into my Contacts-Messages-ect....thanks and Happy BDAY!


this is very cool it is the first theme i have put onto my storm and i love the look!

Doug Grandel

I love my BlackBerry and to win this phone would be a great gift for my wife. Keep up the great work and see if you cant find my name in the drum, my wife would love it.


ThiS new Skin is OFF tha CHAIN!!!! Thanks Crackberry and Happy BIRFDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOW! I absolutely LOVE this APP, it's like it is my Birthday. Thanks CB!!!


This theme is incredibly sharp! I wish it was available for the 83XX series devices though. Where's the love? Lol


......awesome!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!


No CB 2.0 Theme for the BlackBerry Curve 8330? Is it available? What's up!


I'm not usually one to complain about free stuff but it seems to me that the selected application should be the one in the middle eh?
And after installing this theme I got on the CB app store and it froze. I had to do my first ever battery pull since I got my 8900 :(


Pretty solid theme. I'll keep on for now. Changing from landscape to portrait seems slow. Maybe I just need to keep using it for a bit.


Happy Birthday Crackberry!


I want one of these themes.


Is anyone else having a problem with it in portrait???

mine has my old theme but the icons are new...The wall paper was the zen theme...


Just put it on my storm and i love it


will this work on 4.7 on the 8350I ?


hey here's what i noticed with the CB theme, i went to the homescreen preferences and changed the layout to 1row. and when i did the crackberryesq if you will went away and is showing the embedded lightenting background. (which is SWEET cuz i wanted it all along) and then when i open the full menu its all black and orange.. interesting... good little mix!


I love the way the orange looks with all the black of the store. I loaded a few themes, but I think I may go with this one for awhile. Very simple, but nice.


This app was causing some issues. 1st, when I installed it, it automatically added the yahoo, google and some other apps to my phone. 2nd, when I would try the "check for updates" it would automatically start it without having to press the "check for updates" button. There are a few other glitches that make the phone act a little qwirky.


Nice Theme

is there a location for the original wallpaper download in case it needs to be re-assigned as the default


Depends on which phone you have. On the Bold, when you open the pictures folder and hit the menu, you have the option of resetting the wallpaper in case you used some other background. In my case, using this brought back the original CB 2.0 background.


I love this theme. It would be awesome if the blank area in the middle showed the "today" information when icons are selected.


Sexii! If I were able to change the color scheme, it would be perfect. I like blue :-)


I had a blackberry curve and then one day after i came home from school i put it on the coffie table in my living room. when my sister came home her and her friends went to drink juice at the table my sisters friend went to pour the juice in to her cup and the lid came off and spilled all over my phone now im stuck using a samsung black jack and i hate it i want to get another blackberry but i dont have enough money please please please i miss my blackberry so much!!!


I had a blackberry curve and then one day after i came home from school i put it on the coffie table in my living room. when my sister came home her and her friends went to drink juice at the table my sisters friend went to pour the juice in to her cup and the lid came off and spilled all over my phone now im stuck using a samsung black jack and i hate it i want to get another blackberry but i dont have enough money please please please i miss my blackberry so much!!!


just let u know it didn't work through SMS, i tried 3 tims,
any suggestion?


Nice looking theme, too bad it is not available for the 8330!
Hopefully my carrier will get a new BB soon so I can download! Happy Birthday Crackberry!


Thanks for the new theme I love it.


plz plz plz plz plz pick me this theme looks so bad*** i would love to have it on my 8900 thnx CB u guys rlly are the bestttt


i got this as my first theme ever for the storm, wow, its pretty sweet, i recommend checking it out for those who have yet to try new themes yet.


thanks for the free download


would be great for 8900


I should win at least one of all this wonderful birthday week prizes, you are giving away a lot of things!


Hey I Love!!
I noticed that the themes available for the Storm are black with orange icons. They look SWEET!! Why not re-skin the CB website to reflect that same look/branding? IMHO the purple doesn't do you any favors. Black background, white text, with orange headers....
Just a thought!


I have a 8330 and I am unable to make this work please help

Jeffrey Schirf

I would love to have this theme for my 8350i. Make one for my CrackBerry please.


very cool theme,and i've installed it.wish more free themes like that .