Birthday Freebie: DreamTheme CrackBerry LiveScreen!

Free CrackBerry Birthday LiveScreen!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2009 04:16 pm EST

EVERYBODY WINS: We've been running a bunch of contests this week, but this isn't a contest... it's a FREEBIE!!! No need to enter. Just click the image above to go download! *

Back in August we dropped word in the CrackBerry blogs of DreamTheme's animated homescreens for BlackBerry called LiveScreens. Instead of being held to the standard look and functionality of a traditional theme, a LiveScreen is an application that runs in the foreground of your BlackBerry, giving you total control over the look of your homescreen and improved functionality as well (ability to create shortcuts!!). Since then, DreamTheme has been working on their Version 2.0 LiveScreens, which will launching on their website at soon!

In honor of's turning two, they've hooked up CrackBerry Nation with a FREE CrackBerry LiveScreen... and this is their new 2.0 version! Click the image above to jump over to where you can download the files. Be sure to read the instructions fully before you proceed. You need to install both the LiveScreen app as well as the theme that corresponds to your device model. The LiveScreen is currently available for the Curve 83xx, Bold, 8800 and Pearl 81xx. Curve 8900, Storm and Pearl Flip editions will be coming soon (don't worry Storm/8900 owners... we have a freebie coming up for you as well!).

After the jump you can take a look at more screencaps of the CrackBerry Live Screen. Visit to download. Be sure to post any feedback in the comments. If you run into any technical diffculty, be sure to check out the instructions and FAQ on the DreamTheme website. Enjoy your freebie!!!

Version 2.0 CrackBerry LiveScreen

LiveScreen 2.0Once you install both the LiveScreen app and corresponding theme
you can activate the theme and launch your LiveScreen

Upon launching you'll get a welcome screen. Hit the BB/menukey to configure!


Hitting the End key puts your LiveScreen in the background,
revealing a stylish traditional theme!

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Reader comments

Birthday Freebie: DreamTheme CrackBerry LiveScreen!


I know these themes are freakin awesome, but do they take a lot of memory and use a lot of battery?

I have the LiveScreen which is just amazing, but i dont have the actual theme that should be with it.
can anyone help me out here or while i have to pay for the theme

Go to their website from your computer -

You can download the .zip folder which contains the app and all the themes for all devices. It's free. You'll need to install via desktop manager though.

It's like OTA install is only the app - not the themes.

I am not clear on what makes this product different from any other theme. Are they "moving" themes? Like a video or slide show running behind your icons? One of the choices they offer looks like the gears are always turning behind the icons. Is that correct?

Is there something i'm dong wrong i clicked on the image above. It took me to there was a line in purple that said Happy Birthday to Crackberry at the end there was a download was that the onlything you need to do then use DM to get the themes...... Thanks for any help this is super GREAT!!!!!!

I don't like how you need to compile all of your emails and your SMS in to a single folder, but I can deal. thx DreamTheme


so i downloaded this for the 8900, via ZIP from think provided....

i install it on my 8900.....and my home screen is blank....any help?

Its not meant for the 8900. It says in the post that the Storm, Bold and 8900 versions are coming later.

I got it to work on my 8900, don't ask me how. I loaded it from my phone and just followed the directions. Go figure, maybe I just think it's installed right :p

I have the Theme on the Bold, but my DM would not recgonize any other files associated with the download. I am using DM 4.6 so their sould not be any issues. What am I doing wrong here?

i love this place, it's like from another planet.... just give so much info, and help ppl in so many ways with for some a toy for another a tool, but at the end all together in this place, thanks and happeeeee birthday.!!

When I try to install for my Curve 8330, my dekstop manager states that there it is not for my device (both the DK.alx and themeforcurve.alx) help????

For what ever reason the only icons I had access to were the core ones on the home screen. I couldn't get to any of my other applications. So out goes the LiveScreen App but the Theme stays. I appreciate having the theme however... I really like the icons.

Can somebody tell me step by step how i install this theme onto my curve 8330. im having a little trouble. thanks

I have a new Curve 8330 and it works fine on mine, just can't seem to get the new backgrounds. It said the Live screen came with 4 backgrounds ( one of which is animated).

I can download the Livescreen app fine but the links to the themes look like there are charges to download. Anyone else having problems?

I had the same problem, but then i figured it out. Go to setup when using livescreen and follow the link and it will bring you to a web page that has a link to download a free theme of theirs.
I downloaded it on my curve 8330 and it was VERY slow and didn't work well.
Good luck!

I just love my pink Blackberry Curve. I can do so many things with it that I couldn't do with my other phones. I learn more about it every day. The battery life is fairly decent. Crackberry is a very good site and I enjoy visiting it.

I installed it, slowed my phone down to a crawl, couldnt access half my stuff from the live screen and had to pull the battery twice in 5 min and this Bold has NEVER froze on me, EVER.

DELETED faster than it took to downloaded

It said bold.
Says it right in the article.
It worked to a degree and looked awesome, but I expect my phone to operate perfectly and this just slowed it right down. I opened the browser and it just froze. Tried changing all the settings just to have it freeze up on me again. I deleted and am trying it again. I'll let you know how it turns out

on my bold, it took 10 min to start the app, download the theme and get it going, but like Damann I uninstalled it

Like every cool party there are always party favors. This one is pretty cool. Thank you for taking care of all of us CB fans. I like the new theme, took me a bit to get it downloaded for my 8900 but now its done. It will take me a few days to get it dialed in the way i want it but thats half the fun. Thanks again.

what is the highest OS that i can use on a blackberry curve 8310==i currently have

if i can go higher--what benefits do i derive from a higher OS--THANKS--i appreciate the support==also--does any one know a good all in one portal for blackerry or a widget that would give me some electrical formula such as voltage loss or so on--once ahain thanks

Niceness! I've been wanting a way to flaunt off my Crackberry roots to all my clients, hense why I have been onto all these contests, especially the custom back and colorware to throw the big CB onto my old (or hopefully new w the contest) Blackberry!

I just hope that my poor lil pearl can handle this advanced of a theme... without crappin out (Even Viigo seems to crap it out with a big memory leak) HOPE FOR THE BESTEST BEST!! (Updating OS and adding as I type)

Downloaded the application, no problem, but after choosing the Velvet theme, it only gave me the option of purchasing it! Where's the free theme then?

the first time i saw someone using a bberry, i thought - what the heck would anyone want to have one of those things. now i think, why would someone leave home without one. Happy birthday and great site for shopping

This is really awesome! I am not such a fan of themes other than the preinstalled but this one...WOW! Thanks!

Let's dedicate a thread to it on the forum. There are quite some nice things to discover...

Ummm, not a whole lot of good reviews... I don't want my phone to slow down or freeze - that is not fun, but maybe I'll still try it. Thanks for the freebee though..

Downloaded the Live Screen OTA, and it appears to have made my 8830 very unhappy, lots and lots of hour glassing.

EDIT: Rebooted the 8830 and now it "seems" to be better, won't really be able to tell until I get home and can put a theme on it with DM.


Looks pretty good but its just a glorified battery and memory sucker.
Dont waste your time.
In my opinion I certainly would not pay for it.


I have the BB 8130, and there are no free themes for myself and others who may this BB as well...what do we get?

I love what Dream theme is doing for the BB. However, they can't be testing their amazing work on real BBs...

Download OTA and install to my 8320 flawlessly.
Looks fantastic - best Dream Theme yet. Version 2 is going to rock.
Installed the necessary theme, again without trouble.
Hourglass of doom. Would not respond and would not even give me full menu selection to save the profile change I had made.
Reboot phone. 10 Minutes ago.
The Dream Theme app is still in hourglass mode - still attempting to initialize. SO it's actually slower after a reboot and after turning off all other applications?

I love the love here and want to say Happy Birthday, too. But I will have to disappointingly remove this theme from my BB now :(



Thanks for the FREEBIE, but I downloaded it and it's just not for me.
SLOWED everything down, and I don't do slow!

Can someone clue me in as to how I can delete this program? I have the BB Pearl 8130 from Sprint.

Much obliged!

So I used it for a day and like it and when i try customizing it, it works fine, but if i choose to cancel something i was going to save, all the icons turn into message icons- and i have to delete them and start over since there is no way to edit an icon-

also when i add a shortcut to a list icon so that it will lauch what I want, if I make a mistake, there is no way to delete it and start over, you have to delete the whole icon and start over- thats a pain!

Its free, I liked it and can deal just fine with the 4 minute loading time but I hate the icons all turning to message icons if I cancel something instead of saving it alot!

anybody else notice

blackberry curve 8330 4.5 os

I also had the same problem. I looked this thing up and apparently it's been an error since the first version of dreamtheme. I do appreciate the chance to play around with it, but there are bugs that still need to be worked out. I don't have memory issues on my phone when I'm not using the animated theme, i keep the screen with the purple background and the scroll icon list and the memory is fine.

But the icon thing is kinda annoying. At the very least it would have been good to be able to reassociate the icon to another picture if it's lost. Now you have to recreate the entire icon, which took me a lot of time to do, as all of my icons are lists.

I think this may be a limited version, and I'd be willing to buy a full one if I knew the following:

1) The icons wont revert to "message" icons when i reset the phone or do anything other than set it to be a "message" icon.

2) The icon's available to choose from are limited to only a few when doing lists. I wanted to make a list for all my map and directions programs, like google, telenav, poynt, etc... I couldnt choose the map icon. I think the full versions have "30 icons" to choose from, but am not sure since there is no trial period for the other themes.

3) you should be able to edit an icon, not just delete and add a new one. Anyone at dreamtheme reading these comments, I hope this feedback is useful.

The first time you run it is really slow, but is only because I'm assuming it is only just beginning to build a cache. Because not too long after, the waiting times kept getting smaller and began to work a lot better. My main gripe is not the slowness but the fact that it is not very customizable. The icons in the sliding area are predetermined and live screen bunches a lot of them together. if all you use are the default programs on your bberry then is good, but if you have other apps, then you're constantly going to have to close live screen to get to your regular home screen, which defeats the purpose of this interactive home screen. bottom line, if the limitations in customization don't bother you, then just give the program some time and trust that it will get faster. it does look cool in the end.

How do i change the background? I dont want an animated one but i like the icons.
I am confused! Why would i want LiveScreen and then press the end button and return to a different screen with all the icons. I dont get it!!
any help?

The application is great. Looks amazing. Unfortunately, it is one of the biggest resource hogs I have seen for the Blackberry. True, I only run a Pearl 8130, but it appears that everyone up to a Bold user has excessive slowdowns. Next step for DREAMTHEME is to make this function with much less memory consumption. Additionally, RIM needs to give us the ability to use SIM cards for memory. It is ridiculous not to have that support.

I downloaded and installed this app yesterday. Little tip here: its so much easier to download OTA than from the desktop manager. I love it. However, today I notice that my Facebook messages get wiped soon after receiving them. Has anyone else run into any problems with Facebook?

Hi! I've downloaded the app which is excellent although there is no theme version for my flip yet. The problem I'm having when I click on Media>File nothing comes up. Absolutely nothing.
I still fideling with it tho.
Great app.

I had a blackberry curve and then one day after i came home from school i put it on the coffie table in my living room. when my sister came home her and her friends went to drink juice at the table my sisters friend went to pour the juice in to her cup and the lid came off and spilled all over my phone now im stuck using a samsung black jack and i hate it i want to get another blackberry but i dont have enough money please please please i miss my blackberry so much!!!

This made my Curve 8330 unuseable it was so slow had to wait for hourglass to go away about 1-2min at a time when going in to different folders. Not worth it even for free.

Thanks for the freebie; it is just what I was looking for. I will certainly come back and purchase something from the generous company that takes such good care of the people in the BlackBerry community!!!

I would strongly not suggest using this with a bold beta os. IT took my free file memory DOWN TO ZERO. The idea is SLICK AS H3LL tho.

At first I didn't know what to think about this except that it was beautiful. But now after a few days of using it, I love this! I am definitely appreciating this. I'm getting the hang of using it and I gota buy the Mech one lol. Anyway just wanted to come back to say thanks for this Crackberry, Kevin, and The Dreamtheme Team. And everybody!


Happy Birthday Crackberry, but April Fools Day is APRIL 1st not MARCH 1st!

This eye candy turned the fastest 'berry I've owned (Bold) into the slowest I've EVER experienced. I don't care if it gets faster with time or 300 battery pulls, there is no way it could get any slower!

I'm not running a Beta OS, nor have any resource intensive apps open - I can't work out how such a performance hit wasn't noticed in testing before they deemed this a V2.0 release (they DID test this, didn't they?)

It's a great concept. but I'm not a big fan of the purple. Guess I'll have to wair until I can get a Livescreen 2.0 in Mech or Deep.

After installing this theme, everytime I move the trackball my phone will go in the reading mode for a minute or so. Even after rebooting several times, same problem. I had to show it to a phone person who had to clean up my data from my disk and it is working fine now. Well it was more like a nightmare theme for me.

Sorry to admit, but I fell asleep on this one.
Any chance they would extend this free offer or make "some" exception for loyal crackberry members?