Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thanks for the opportunity to win a free OtterBox case. Best wishes to all entrants!

I find that 90% of the time that I drop my phone or it somehow comes off my belt clip is when I'm trying to load & unload my children from the car. Some how it gets knocked out of clip as I'm helping my children. The other 10% of the time it just slips out of my hand as I'm putting in my pocket or pulling out of my pocket.

my wife was leaning over our pond to pick out dead lilly pads and the rock she was leaning on gave way and she went in head first in the pond and the reast of her body followed. her blackberry pearl was in her pocket. when she stood up in the pond she reached for her blackberry got it in her hand and then lost her footing and fell again and broke the phone and the rocks. She had only had the phone for 3 days. Good thing it wasnt her head that broke on the rocks because she was home alone and it would have been a really bad day to come home to see her floating in the pond with little peices of her blackberry floating around her.

This OtterBox could save my life. I was at the airport trying to make a flight, and I had my blackberry on my side holster. As I made my way through the crowd, my blackberry some how flipped off my side and hit the floor. I thought I was going to lose my mind, all I could see was my blackberry hitting the floor and sliding. People must have thought I was crazy, scrambling to grab up my phone.
All I can say is OtterBox take me away...........

On my first date with my girlfriend we went hiking. To show her what a bad-ass I was I suggested we try bouldering on nearbye rock to watch the sunset. Since the trail was going to wind up taking more time then I had planed. To reassure her of how easy it was I went first.
Everything was going fine until I reached a part of the rock where I had to place my foot by my waist. Simple enough but when I moved my hand my elbow bumped my BB which was in a cheap case I had picked up at the carts in the mall to save me some money. To this day I swear I barely touched my BB but it came free. And all I could do was watch in horror as it bounced down the rock and land with a smash. Of course this was my first date so I had to "man up" and pretend it was nothing (I was dying inside). Needless to say the screen was wrecked, ever since then I have never had another case BUT I have been extremely careful with my new curve. Girlfriend a little jealous but I love them the same.

The day I received I my new crackberry from repair of course I was working in a warehouse. Of course, my phone hit a pallet and went flying. Door popped of and battery flew... Man i need a otterbox

I don't have a worst story, but I would like to prevent it from getting to that point. I would hate to have a story of my worst accident with a blackberry, be it crushed, dropped, thrown or what have you. Please otterbox, save me from myself.

I need the otterbox for my wife. She is not the 'treat my toys' well kinda gal. She uses and abuses it. I am surprised it still works after only 3 months. I've seen it dropped, stepped on, kicked, thrown, under a stack of books, inside a grocery bag, and more. Help her storm please.

I work for the airlines and I get into Skydrol, oil,fuel,grease and "blue juice", if you know what I mean. Also pool chemicals. I'm always outside in the elements. My Berry needs protection!

I need all the protection I can get for my Storm. I am rough on my phones. My worst disaster story I was getting out of my truck and my phone fell in a mud puddle and I didn't notice and ran it over with my Semi truck. A few minutes later I went to call someone and couldn't find my phone. I stopped and searched everywhere for it. I went back to the store and searched and asked no one had seen it. Then I went back to where I was parked hopeing to find it high and dry. Nope it was crushed and soaked. Good thing I had insurance on the phone but it was a Smartphone with everything on it so it was a long couple of weeks till I got my replacement. With a Otterbox it would have survived I am sure of it.

I need an otterbox because every time I answer phone while standing at the toilet I always seem to drop it when I zip up my pants... so a little extra protection would be nice!

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(

So I would def love one of these! Just don't like the price. But if I get one FREE... well hey theres nothing to complain there..

I could def use one. I nearly drop mine when not careful enough, and still drop it sometimes here and there. I have the clear hard plastic snap on case through Verizon, but the very few times I've still dropped it since having it, the case pops off and flies off in a direction.

When I first got the Storm, I took a trip down to Virginia, and it was dark, raining, i was lost, and my windshile wipers motor got stuck. I went off side of road with hazard lights on to try and open hood and fix it. Upon exiting my truck, I forgot I had the phone in my lap and it basically threw itself out in the middle of the road. I scrambled to find it in the dark on the road. I suddenly saw it thanks to a 4 ton coal truck coming right towards me and its headlights lit up the road. I realized I would have to wait to get it after it passed by cause it was coming to fast. I watched as it came closer and realized, it was about to run over my brand new Storm.. I saw the Storm hold on tight to the pavement as the coal truck just drove right over it, tires just missing running over it. I ran afer it, and it only had a few dings on side from flying out of my lap to the hard ground. A nice Otterbox case like this would have saved it getting damaged. Lucky to say, I had hardware issues with it down the road, and I now have a new one, so far clean of any scratches or dings.. and with this FREE giveaway case, I can keep it that way! So PICK ME PLEASE!! :P

I was stepping into my car and had my curve in my hand and acidentally dropped it. As i stepped down to pick it up my foot slid, mainly because my curve was underneath it. Have you ever seen what happens to a curve screen when a 250 pound man uses it as a skateboard on asphault! Luckily it still worked, but it was not pretty! If i would have had an Otterbox I would not have had to wait 3 weeks for a new lens and trackball to arrive!

My story is not a disaster but, being in the Fire service trying to keep my new Storm out of harms way is a full time job. I've only had it since December 08 and I've dropped it more than once. It has a couple of nicks on it and I fear that it won't last as long as my other two previous Blackberrys....and it just so obvious that the Otterbox is the ultimate solution to the longevity of any cellphone. Thanks for your consideration....

I dont need one, specially since I have an 8220. But my brother needs one for his Storm. He's a sous chef and is always running into things in the kitchen since he's always moving around and checking the food. He's already replaced his Storm once from cracking the screen while at work. He now only tries to use his Storm when its slow in the kitchen which is almost never! Hook him up!!

Hi, I need an otterbox to protect my Bold because I really really use it a lot, I have an administrative job in a medical unit and I have to get all things running ok (and I am running all the time talking on my bb). I use it so much and as I'm always on a run there's been a little many times I drop it on my hurries... Once I went to my cell phone company to ask them to print me a call detail from the month and they printed 43 pages, they were all stunned because they said never saw that many pages. So, in order to protect my Bold I'll love to be one of the otterbox winner :)

I work at the home depot and text alot. So I try to hide it by sticking it in my orange apron but that just makes me drop it alot. But I noticed that every time I drop it the manager that sees me with it feels bad so, A new case would be awesome. much love CB!

I got off from work at about 2 in the morning I get to the parking lot, and I noticed that I have a flat tire. So I'm deciding if I should call AAA or just do it myself so I decide to do it. I take out the spare tire I lean over to take off the lug-nutss and when I bend over my phone falls out of my shirt pocket right into a puddle. Ruining my phone. If I had a case that would probable saved my phone......I need a case, please.


i need an otterbox so that i can protect my bold that i paid roughly 700 dollars for. If something happens to it then i wont be a crackberry and would have no reason to come back to this site :D

I've had plenty of disaster stories with other cell phones,
like flipping out of my holster when getting out of my car or truck, but since I've only been a Blackberry user since December with my first Blackberry being the Storm 9530 I have not had enough time to have a big disaster story with it except for maybe losing all my data and files during an O/S upgrade to the next unofficial version. I hope to prevent any big disasters with my new portable device by protecting it with the Otterbox, which I have been eying for a while now.

It was just an ordinary day when I took a tram to the city. I was typing one-handed, and droped my storm on the ground since it was a little slippery. I admit it was my foult, but an otterbox might have had prevented the scratches I have now on my storm.

Hope I'll get one.

as a drawing pad. hes a cool kid but has trouble between paper and a storm i guess. hey its a touch screen so maybe the lack of buttons threw him off lol.

Im a Firefighter and I have a blackberry storm I always worry about breaking my phone when its in my pocket. I often forget I have it in my pocket and when rushing to get my gear on I forget its there. I really could use this in my everyday life as well but really need it for work!

Love the site guys

-FF Ry

...because I have gone through 4 Curves in the last year because of mishaps. I can't let this happen again. Nay, YOU can't let this happen again. Can you live with yourself knowing this COULD possibly happen again? Another young, supple Blackberry strewn to the side like some sort of rubbish iPhone? I wish that I could not live in such a world...

I really really really need one of those for my storm. I am rough on my phones. I actually had to use one to hit a guy over the head with becuase he tried to take a swing at me.

I'll take the big, bulky, uncomfortable, fashion backwards, unecessarily dull, I'll never be in the woods to drop my phone off a cliff OtterBox case for $300 Bob!

Talk about crackberry taking care of its members during tough economic out FREE stuff!! Pick me CB!

time to retire the curve! it has been dropped to many times, I do not want to do the same to the new Bold! One way or the other I am getting the OtterBox, so FREE would be really nice!

I dropped my phone while having a bunch of stuff in my hand and scratched the surface, wish i had this case cause im so clumsy

Worst experience was when I was at work, my BB 8300 fell out of my pocket when i was getting into my car. I realized it wasnt in my pocket half way home, so I went back to get it. I found it mashed on the reception desk.Turns out one of the 18 wheelers delivering lumber (I work in a lumberyard) ran over it. I actually started crying.

Every other phone I've had before my berry I have had damage done to it one way or another before I got a new one, and I'd like to make it all the way through a contract for once without replacing a phone....

i went up to see my sister sing at her high school it was intermission so i so hurried to get some snacks and to use the bathroom. after i used the bathroom i washed my hands and i guess my bold wasn't in my pocket all the way and it slid across the bathroom floor i didnt even hear it drop there where 3 young ladies in there and they told me miss you dropped your phone i felt my pocket no bold looked on the floor my heart skipped a beat my bold was face down on the floor i quickly retrieved it dusted it off and left but it does a a tiny scratch that nobody else notices accept me and it bothers now i know i need an otterbox to protect my bold.

I have never won a single thing in my entire life! Please please please pick me to win!!!!!!!!! I have a brand new 8900 and want to keep it safe!

Working in a restaurant, I've seen my fair share of gross things! I've dropped countless "favorite pens", important notes, and the like into puddles of stuff that would make a contestant on Fear Factor cry! A couple of months back I was standing in inch deep water caused by a grease trap back-up...I'm trying to feel with my hand if there is anything blocking the floor drain. I'm up to my elbow in greasy, nasty water! Stand up to reach for my Pearl that was in my pocket and when I grabbed it, it slipped right out of my hand and landed directly on the top of my shoe! Whooo! Sigh of relief!!! I started checking into the OtterBox right after that shift! I'd love one for my brand new Storm!!

Last weekend I was at my cousin's house celebrating Mardi Gras. I had been drinking all day and was a little tipsy. I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a very tasty chocolate martini when I raised my hand and knocked over the entire glass on my Storm. It was completely covered in chocolate martini! I was frozen from the shock of it and couldn't move until people started handing me paper towels and anti-bacterial wipes to clean it off. Fortunately the phone still works but now when I click the screen I can hear it sticking from the martini that seeped underneath the screen. I never had an OtterBox before but I am sure the damage wouldn't have been as bad with one...

I have had my blackberry since prerelease and it still in pristine condition, this will be helpful to keep it that way

Happy Birthday Crackberry

I think this would be enough for what I put my Berry through. On second thought, I dunno if the OtterBox would be up to the challenge.

about a month ago i was airsofting with my blackberry storm in my pocket. Not a very smart idea. the guns we use are 500 fps plus and a sniper that goes 850fps. At the end of the day in the center of the field i saw my storm on the ground completly smashed up, everywhere! i Had a case on it too but it shattered. Luckily verizon covered my phone with insurance and gave me a new one. I need an otterbox, please!

Being on the force and a volunteer EMS/Firefighter, my phone takes a beating whether it be dropped by accident or on purpose. The cases available on the market usually doesnt protect the phone from taking such beatings and drops. With the Otterbox, its rugged enough to withstand my conditions and situations when I'm out.

this is great, i work in the construction field, no so far i drop by accident my balckberry from a 3rd floor, it was a mess with pieces everywhere, i am sure if i had the OtterBox other where the story...

I am horrible about dropping my blackberry. When I drive I always carry it in my lap, so when I get out of the car if falls on the pavement probably 9/10 times. It has some scratches and one major crack from dropping it and stepping on it :( Please help me keep my blackberry safe!!!!!

Setting: Toronto, Canada - middle of January.

So, I was wearing my Bold on my belt. Stepped out of the car and must have caught it on the seat belt.

Got in the house and couldn't find my Bold. Looked back in the car, it wasn't there.

I was totally confused.

Next day at work, I get a call from the local school. Someone had found my Bold (I keep my business card under the battery door.)

I went to pick it up. It was out of action. The screen was busted. A couple of keys were missing. It was probably frozen clean through after lying on the street overnight.

I asked to see the kid who handed it in. The principle said not to bother, if it wasn't DOA, the kid wouldn't have turned it in.

I wanted to reinforce positive behaviour, so I insisted. The kid came down and I gave him $40 for his honesty.

Now I've got a Curve 8900, and am watching it very carefully.

I am a truck driver who was on the phone one day when i suddenly had to grab the wheel with both hands and my storm flew out the window!! Not to mention my 3 and 4 year old who like to use it as a hammer. I really need one!!!!!

Being a firefighter/paramedic, my Curve usually takes a beating right along my side. I usually use a rubber skin for drop protection and keep it in my front pocket; but after a recent fire, when I was taking off my gear at the station, I had sweated so much that my Curve was SOAKED! I have some techie friends that got it all cleaned out for me (was afraid to ask them how), but it all worked again. Now if that was the end of the story, most would be satisfied...
I also work part-time in a trauma center emergency room. We took in a hypothermic patient one day that needed emergent warming. We use special thermal blankets that circulate a warming fluid through them to help raise body temperature. The fluid, a thick gooey sticky substance, came pouring out of an uncapped end as I was connecting the element...all over my Curve as it sat in my 'protective' leather pouch!! To top that off, when I brought it into the decon room to try and wipe it clean, it fell into the water basin that we use to flush urine samples down the drain!! Seriously, you can't make this crap up!!
Please, Please, Please....give me an Otterbox! My Curve (had to replace it after the hospital incidents) deserves some piece of mind!

my disaster story is with my storm someone ran into me and i dropped it and now my power button doesnt work sometimes and verizon wont send me a new one so i have to shell out for a new one or use the one i have.

Well im going to give you the short version: While taking a dump and playing Brick Breaker til my legs fell asleep. All you die hard BB players know exactly what i mean. As i was finishing my dump before pulling up my pants i put my BB back in the leather case but didnt close the latch and as im flushing the toilet my BB falls in the toilet. I moved like Usain Bolt and grabbed the phone and some Sh*t. End of the day i saved my berry and didnt feel like Sh*t.


I don't really have a Blackberry disaster story. I am a new Blackberry owner for the first time and I got the Storm. I can honestly say, I LOVE this phone! I actually get nervous every time I take it out of my pocket. I'm worried it will get scratched or afraid I will drop it. I would love to have an OtterBox case to protect it, plus help keep it from getting dusty.


I don't have a good disaster story yet! Although I did happen to drop my old phone into a scene I was processing (forensics)! I would love one so I DON'T have a disaster story!

When I do not need the industrial strength otterbox what lightweight case combo is recommended for a bold that I can swap into easily

I work in a service job and my blackberry is my work assignments. I have dropped my poor blackberry 4 times, the last time killed it. Yesterday I got my new curve and I have already "dented" it. I need protection!!!!


I have no disaster story with my BlackBerry because I baby my BB! I need an Otterbox so I can baby it even more! I don't want any scratches or marks on my baby at all!




This looks like great berry protection, so it doesnt shatter into several little berrys. I hear if you don't use protection on your berries that they multiply... wait maybe thats something else...

I do hope a close encounter will do as none of my personal BB (Curve & Storm) has had more than the hard concrete floor falls and attendant dents.
But paying golf a few weeks back, a member of our team (who had his new Bold strapped to his waist in the default pouch that comes with the set) was hit directly by a missed tee- shot that hit and instantly cracked the screen of the Bold !
Surely an OtterBox is what I need to help safeguard my Storm so I do need to win if my BB is to remain the 24/7 companion seeing that I can't give up my golf!

I don't know whether to feel bad or good because I have no such disaster story to give. The only reason I feel bad about this is that it jeopardizes my chances of winning an otter box.
Does it help my chances that my last dog was an otter hound? What if I said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?
All I know is that an Otter box would keep my Pearl Smart phone from becoming a Stupid-phone.

i always live in fear that my blackberry storm is going to drop. with the otterbox i would have no problem dropping my storm for fun even. awesome!

Wooo!!!! Happy Birday crackberry!!!! Keep feeding the addiction!

That otterbox would be sweet for when I'm in the field working in the rain!

This is my story. I was walking down on South Beach when I came across two drop dead 10's walking towards me. I fumbled through my pocket for my Storm so I could take a picture. As I nervously moved for my perfect shot and turned on the camera, I dropped my storm down to the ground. As it spun around on the pavement like a Ferrari in an oil spill the girls walked right over my blackberry and shot me one of those "silly boy" grins.

I picked up my storm to check for damage, collected my ego and headed off for a drink. Well guess what, when my storm dropped to the pavement it snapped a photo just as the perfect 10's were on top of the phone. Lets just say that now I'm ruined for life as flashbacks of the crying game came screaming back through my eyes. If I had an Outerbox those horrible images would not have been captured and I would not be going to see a shrink at $300.00 per hour.

Please help me to never have to go through that experience again and send me my Outerbox.

i work at best buy and work in the back and do a lot of physical work. im constanting rubbing it on things as im lifting or moving things around. sometimes i work with dust and/or dirt and need something durable so my fingers dont make the keybad dirty and the screen scratched.

I work in the sales department for a Plywood distributor and have to go into the warehouse numerous times during the day. I either am on my blackberry talking or taking notes on it. So I now have a thin rubber case on it which is little to no protection on it. To date I have gone through at least 3 Blackberry's already as a warehouse floor and machinery are not Blackberry friendly. The worst has been when it slid across the warehouse floor and found it way under a wheel of a forklift. You can guess who won that battle. Please help!!

i got my storm and i had dropped it twice and had to goto the store to have it replaced with a new one so thats my disaster story!

I have wanted one of these for the longest time!! because when im driving i tend to leave my BB in my lap and forget about and when i get out of the car it goes straight to the ground/mud/water(hasnt happened yet but i really dont want it to!!) sooo could ya help me out??

For what I can see. Premium product. I would love to have one to protect my storm.

Thank You Otterbox

i was leaving the head shop and had sweat pants on and got in my friends civic and it fell onto a curb then bounced intoa puddle. i had to search in the puddle for it but it still works!! barely.

I have a 15 month old son. He is at that age where he only wants to play with things that either he shouldn't be (my BB, the tv remote, etc) or things that might kill him (plastic bags, the PS controller cords). The other day, I was at home with him, and he was playing in the kitchen. I was eating lunch, so while I was watching him, I was devoting some time to my food (I'm a big guy, what can I say?). Anyways, I started hearing him banging a cabinet (child proof locks my ass), and I turn around to see that he had gotten my BB, and was banging it in the door to the cabinet! He was laughing histerically, as he liked the noise it made when he slammed it on a button, making the beeping noise! Needless to say, I sprang into action, grabbing my phone, and put it up high where he couldn't reach it. Boy, I need a protective case though!

The week keeps getting better & better!!! Otter Box is an awesome product. It does a really nice job protecting yoour BB. Had it for my 8830 & 8330.

Good luck everyone!! Thanks Otter Box.



I was at a college basketball game just recently sitting on the second tier with some friends. Alcohol was definitely involved. Sure enough I had forgotten the phone in my lap and stood up abruptly to cheer for my team. Needless to say my phone went flying over the railing and crushed into many pieces as it hit the ground below. Luckily it didn't hit anyone but I had to witness all of this and then be ridiculed of my stupidity by my friends as well as complete strangers.

I would love to have an outterbox to protect my
I have only had one close call, and an outterbox
would be great.
Happy birthday CB you guys are the best!

i use to use the 8830 for my job as a general contractor, on the job sites my blackberry was getting destroyed so i got an otter box for it and it was amazing, kind of like having a little loomis fargo car for your phone. i then upgraded to the Storm when it came out on Verizon yet couldn't find a otter for it, my caring smart a$$ niece bought me a hot pink cheapo gel cover for it and used it until i found something better. a few days later i went to a meeting on a site and in order to avoid embarrassment left my fairy phone and cover on the dash of my black Tahoe. when i returned i found that it had cooked my cheep cover and it had partly melted to my brand new storm and damaged the electronics. my replacement i got a stronger clear plastic case yet after a few weeks this i proceed to push it off a drafting table and right onto a hammer the case exploded everywhere and still my blackberry died, a accident that i had made many times with the 8830 in its otter which never had any damage, in fact the otter outlived the blackberry. please I NEED ANOTHER OTTER!!!!!


The worst blackberry disaster? heh... May 8th 08, I was on my motorcycle just having fun, I was wearing my SeV, and a leather vest over that, and just cruising the highway. On my hip in a T Mobile Holster was my Blackberry Pearl. Sometime around the time I left down 198 I made impact with another car. The ensuing crash landed me with a concussion, and lots of roadrash, but my Pearl, wasn't so lucky.
LCD was shattered entirely, resulting in a black box on one side of the screen, the case itself had been squished, and one of the buttons, specifically the left hand button for Voice Dialing is permentantly jammed. Even some of the little metal covers on some of the components on the Pearls mainboard have dents, pictures here:

The Pearl's been replace since by a Blackberry Bold, got a basic protector for it, but I still don't feel like it has enough protection.

The first BB I owned was the Pearl 8130. Thought any case would do to protect the un it. I was wrong. I am a Chemist for a world-wide enviromental company. Always out in the elements which include everything from dust to hazardous chemicals, so protection is a must.
While bench testing some assorted chemicals for compatability an assistant bumped the vials holding some diluted acids over. My Pearl sitting to the side was splashed. The skin never had a chance. Melted right through. Got the unit up and wiped off before any real problem. The same thing happened about three months later, but this time I had purchased an Otterbox Defender series for it. The acid never made it through the hard shell.
I have a Storm now but still own that Pearl and it looks brand new. With the layers of protection of Otterbox nothing penetrates to the unit.

I have had the worlds worst luck with phones in general. I had one that flew out of my hand onto the street after I clumsily tripped on god knows what, and right into the lane of traffic to meet its pavement filled doom. All I could do was watch in horror while my phone was run over and over.

The second mis-hap was from a fight at a party that I wasnt even a part of! It went down like this: Idiot Drunk Jealous Boyfriend, starts scene with Idiot Drunk Stupid Girlfriend, Idiot Boyfriend blows up at Idiot Girlfriend, cursing and shoving things, picks up my phone off of table mistaking it for his Idiot Girlfriends, and proceeds to smash it on the ground, stomping and cursing. The drowning part comes when he then poured what beer he hadnt already spilled on the patio from flailing about like a 2 year old,on my poor poor baby and then threw it in the pool.


I now have my newest baby and most prized possesion, my BB Storm and have tried to make sure it stays out of the way of everything however the other day It did accidentally fall out of my purse. The case it was in cracked but my BB is ok. It is obvious for whatever reason, god or someone hates me. Please, please PLEEAASSEEE, help me keep my little one safe!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I am not applying to win one because I stupidly BOUGHT one, but if you don't win one, then be smart and buy one. These cases are all you need to protect your 'berry from all peril.

Happy with mine...

Charlie V

I've had a Blackberry for several years and I can't tell you how many times I've seen it slide across the parking lot. Needless to say, my BBs always looked pretty well used, but it really never bothered me. Recently, I purchased a BB Storm and this is the first BlackBerry that I really want to keep lookin' good! An otterbox would be sweet. PS. It's my birthday today as well!

I have a 90lb chocolate lab -need I say more?! My previous phone - before I got my beloved BlackBerry- had been stolen by the above mentioned dog on numerous occasions. My poor phone was covered with teeth marks, the screen was cracked in two places - with a small chunk actually missing from the screen. Somehow - my dog must be a magician- managed to get dog hair in the the small hole, so there was dog hair floating on my screen. As you can imagine it is very hard to see the screen when cracked - especially in the sunlight! I'm also a little clutzy - ok maybe alot clutzy. I drop my phone ALOT!!! I do not wish the same fate on my new BlackBerry! Please help!!!

Happy Happy!! I have no disaster story yet since I just got my BB. No disaster is a good thing. Taking a preventative measure is a sure thing.

Slipped out of my hands and in it went. Needless to say it smells like burning plastic when you use the oven since then. If I only had an otter box it would have given me more time to get the phone out before it cooked. I can handle a melted case, a melted phone is a different story. Happy Birthday Crackberry! Thanks Otterbox!

I work in a warehouse where one of my duties requires me to jump into the cardboard baler to remove trash other employees throw in there on "accident". Well I went in one day with my storm and came out without it. I discovered this with the press about halfway down :( I backed the press off and opened the door to dumb everything out, found my storm in working condition :) but had to clean a huge mess off the floor after that. An Otterbox would be great to have for my job and may hopefully prevent any new embarrassing stories, lol.

My 2 year old daughter loves my blackberry, she loves to play with my storm, she loves the touch screen. Well I needed the upgrade because my daughter found my old one, 8830 world edition, I had it in a silicone case. Well everything goes in her mouth. One Sunday before church, I tried to send an email and could not get it to type right. I did a battery pull only to find out pools of baby spit between the case and BB, and inside the battery case. I asked my 12 year old what had happened, they said that my daughter had found it and sucked on it, they tried to clean it off, but forgot to open it up. The phone never worked the same since, upgraded to Storm and don't want it to happen again,

on a hypothetical note. . .

I am a shot put coach,

one of my throwers was entering the ring and tripped, instead of dropping the shot put (a 10 lb cannon ball) she decided to hold on to it. When she came down she had split it in two, completely destroying it.

OK, she did not destroy my blackberry, but had split her ring finger wide open, off to the hospital, stitches, plastic surgery the whole mix.

so you see why I need one of these, I am outside all day long, in the elements with dangerous teenagers and cannonballs around. My blackberry needs your help.

This literally could not have come at a better time. i just convinced my girlfriend that she needs to get one of these, after she cracked her screen that im gonna fix. The only problem is the fact that we are out of money. It would be so awesome if i could win this.

I have overly researched cases recently and this is the badboy I want but can't afford this month! Really, really want 1 of these!

Hello all,
My name is Jason, and I just recently aquired an account with this great website. I purchased the Blackberry Storm after a few month love affair with the Curve. I will NEVER go to another phone brand. Your site here has helped me become a crackberry addict as well with new posts and fun activities for me to explore! With that being said, you want to hear my story why I believe I deserve a free case. Well being a single father of two young boys, who just love to play with dad's new toys, it makes me need the Otterbox case more than ever. One day my youngest asked to play with my curve so he cound play the brickbreaker game, and well I dont think my phone agreed with my sons chocolate pudding he was eating at the time. After some cleaning and apologies, I cleaned it as best I could until I could get to the store and get my replacement. Now they ask if my new phone has games on it, and I try to distract them to play with their other games. So thats the reason why I would love to have a case that would stop any kind of harmful (KIDS) elements!.
Thank you for your time in reading this.

...who has lost her phone while out 4 wheeling on my family's farm and then nearly drove over it. This would be awesome protection!I live in the 'burbs but visit back home many times a year. I hike over rocky terrain, drive a tractor, fish in the pond, wade in the creek, hunt and love to go 4 wheeling. But I've had phones slip out of my pocket or pouch, slide down a nearly vertical rocky hillside into a stream bed below, almost land in the creek while fishing/wading, and come thisclose to riding right over a phone that fell out of my ATV saddlebag pouch while 4 wheeling! From what I've read, otterbox would be THE product that would give my BB the best protection possible when I'm having fun on the farm! (And am betting it would be the envy of my BB-carrying rural relatives!)

Even tho I'm a gal, I'd gladly ditch the pink seidio case when I get back to my country roots and adventures, I could rest easy that my BB was protected with some really tough armour!

Well, I just had my new BB for a few days and I had to go to the washroom and of course I could not let my BB out of my site, so I places it on the counter thinking it was safe enough...but no! I have 6 cats that have to chase me everywhere I go. So my phone started to ring and as I was trying out the different rings, it spooked 3 of the younger cats and they went flying off the counter running for their lives! Well as I am yelling to my daughter to take the crazy creatures out, I look on the floor and there is my new baby with it's ball missing..the back came off and my battery somehow got flung into the litterbox.. I was so upset!!!!..thank God I was smart enought to get a warranty!! Knock on wood, hopefully this won't happen again!!

So, as a police officer, I am always afraid of wearing my phone on my belt. I had an enV and it held up well. I just got a Storm for my B-day (Mar 2nd, early, yes...had to!) and I have been looking for some way to really protect it while at work.

I keep the Storm in my car for now, and there are plenty of times I need to have it with me and I don't because I don't want to take the chance of damaging, breaking it. This case/holder would work wonders! It even matches the gear I wear and it appears to have the durability needed if I ever end up in a fight or if the phone goes flying during a pursuit.

Thank you for the oppurtunity to win one and I can truly say that going to Blackberry has been the best thing I could have ever done. How did the world work without it??

In sports authority while looking at soccer balls, my brother bumped into me, causing me to drop my phone. At the same time he was kicking at a ball on the ground. Hilarity did not ensue.

I was leaving work in NYC and rushing to catch a subway because as a ran down the steps to the subway my Storm flew out of my pocket and slammed on the hard cement floor, cracking the screen and basically killing the storm. I had to purchase a new Storm and I still don't have a case for it so hopefully I win an Otterbox which will protect my Storm from serious "subway lateness".


As a police officer I know better than to keep my berry with me due to the fact that theres always a chance that it could become sccratched or damaged. I make it a point to clip my leather holster on the visor and keep it in the holster while I'm out of my car; unless I'm at headquarters, court, or at lunch. day while attempting to shove my lunch down in thirty minutes at a local greasy spoon, I heard can officer get in a foot pursuit near my location. I began paying for my meal and watching outside thinking that I might see the suspect. A short moment later I noticed a man matching the description come running towards the diner. I tossed my debit card down and told the waitress I would be back. I was able to tackle the suspect as he finished crossing the busy street, but he still didn't want to submit. I had to wrestle with him on the ground for about thirty seconds before I was able to put cuffs on him.

Some other units arrived and we began talking about how trashed my uniform was.....and that's when I realized that my berry 8300 was in my shirt pocket. I pulled it out to find that I had a cracked LCD, a keyboard that was crushed, and a battery door that was broken. This was my personal phone and not one issued by the department, so you can imagine the knot in my stomach.

Now I have a Bold and the thought is always in the back of my mind that it could happen again. I think an Otterbox may be the answer to how I can resolve this from happening in the future.

J. Triplett


I don't exactly have any horror stories, but I'm a new Blackberry user -- and I love my Curve 8330 to pieces. Unfortunately, all I've been able to afford since I bought it is the leather holster I got at the phone store and one of the black skins to protect the outside.

When I am at work, I carry my phone.. and since those two cases do not exactly well, work together... I've dropped my phone a total of eight times from my belt. (And I'm almost 6', so you can imagine the distance.) And work does not have carpet -- only tile. Two of those times have been just in parking lots because I am always, always on the go. Being a fulltime student and working two jobs doesn't leave much room for walking slowly! I've been really, really wanting to try a new case for my phone so that if it DOES happen to drop, I can be sure in the fact that it won't destroy my phone.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out -- and happy birthday!! (again! :3)

I don't have a worst blackberry scare yet as I'm new to blackberry with the storm, but I've dropped it once or twice and had a slight panic attack about it :)

i had a hard otter box for my pearl and that thing last forever. since i was in college trying pound as much booze as possible and would drop my phone about every min. i have since left the schooling and upgraded to the bold. i have a feeling when the old buddies come into town i will go back to dropping my phone every min. help me out crack berry.....keep the birthday giveaways coming!!!

My wife and technology do not mix. So far she is on her 3rd iPod. Thank God for extended warranties is all I can say. Recently we had to send her BlackBerry Curve in for repair. Being of sound mind it would've been a huge mistake not to purchase the insurance Best Buy offered when we bought the BB's. While at work, she dropped it on the concrete floor, numerous times. The final straw for that 'berry was the day it fell from her pocket, hit the floor. The battery cover came off, battery and the SIM card went flying across the floor. It never worked right again, a day after that the screen went white and the hourglass was in two different spots on the screen. After 5 weeks of being out for repair the rep from Best Buy called to ask her to come in to get a new one, because the old one is beyond repair. Thats why I need a Otterbox for her BlackBerry Curve. She had major Crackberry withdrawl, it was not a pretty thing to witness. It would keep our house a little more sane.

I was out one day on a training run for 13 miles. Somewhere around the 4 mile mark my BB flew out from the fanny pack without me knowing. As I was heading back in around mile 9 I noticed something shiney in the distance on the ground only to find out as I approached that it was MY phone laying on the ground. Quite a few more scratches were added that day but at least it was all in one piece.......and working.

I'd love to have one of these for my 8900.

Okay, my story short: I do a lot of bungee jumping. I love my 8100 so I always have it with me, even during the jumps (although I never picked up a call in the air yet :). Now, imagine what happens to your blackberry when it falls out of your pocket in the middle of the jump and ends up on grass/mud/concrete/plastic ground. That's what happened to mine a couple of times. And that's exactly why I want to protect my 8900 'cause I'm not going anywhere without it.

I need an otterbox bad for my 8330. I was on a service call using my vz navigator when my blackberry 8330 fell from the dashboard to floor. The screen split in half and I had no way of running my gps to find my way to my appointment. Such a sad story lol. SEE? I need an otterbox badly! Hope you pick me!!!

I was working for Illinois Department of Transportation last summer as a Bridge Inspector. I was on a truck that had a basket/lift assembly in order to inspect the underside of a bridge that was too high in the air to inspecct visually. When I was in the basket doing inspections, my belt holster got caught up on the basket and tumbled to the pavement of the roadway below. Let's just say I didn't have a Blackberry for a while. I had to revert to my old phone until my upgrade was ready. The OtterBox might prevent such an occurance from ever happening! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I have had a few close calls with my Storm, but I will just share my worst one. I was working my part time security job just three weeks after getting my BlackBerry Storm. It was a night when the ice was starting to melt, and water standing on top of the ice was making it very slippery. I keep my Storm in my jacket pocket, just incase I need to make an emergency call. I had just got out of my truck to unlock a gate when I slipped on the wet ice, and fell right into a puddle of standing water. I quickly jumped up and checked my left jacket pocket, where my Storm was, and I had landed on that side of my body. I reached my hand into my pocket, and it was empty. Panic flooded my body, and I immediatly looked down to where I was laying. I litteraly gasped out loud, and said some things I was too proud of. My brand new BlackBerry Storm was laying face down in a puddle of water! I instandly snached it up, and looked at it, as water bagan dripping from it. It almost brought this 280lbs man to tears. The screen was lit up, and I could see water under it. I took the battery out, and began shaking the poor thing to remove as much water as I could. I then put it up on the dash of my truck, and turned the defroster on high for the rest of the night. When I got home I let it sit while I slept, hoping it would recover, but knowing deep down, it was a loss. When I woke up I looked the phone over, and it appeared to be dried out. I stuck the battery back in, and to my surprise the little guy fired up. But as soon as the back light came on, I could see that there was still some water under the screen. I waited for it to boot all the way up, and tried it out. Sure enough, it was not working right, and started going haywire. I again pulled the battery, and waited another day. This time there was still a very small amount of water, but it seemed to function properly. After a couple more days, the water completely disapeared. Now, you cannot tell that the phone ever had a near death experiance. I now treat my Storm like a priceless piece of artwork, and I am afraid to carry it in my pocket. I am now only working part time, and can't really afford the type of case that my precious diserves. I am also a volunteer police officer, and I currently have to leave my phone in the car, for fear of it being damaged. Please help!


I need an OtterBox because I use my blackberry curve 8310 when I run. I recently ran a half marathon using my curve as an mp3 player and as a gps log. I dropped the phone in the first mile and the phone cracked. It worked, but I had to find a new battery cover for it immediately after the race.
I just ran the Austin Marathon, dropped the phone again, but at least this time I had a plastic cover on it to take the brunt of the impact. I only had to reboot my phone this time., I plan to run the half marathon in Bastrop in April and I'm afraid to take my phone with me because I don't want to damage it again.

I'm also a firefighter, and I frequently use my phone at work to contact families.

As you can imagine, my phone takes quite a beating on the fire engine.

I should mention that my toddler dumped the phone in a pint of a yummy beverage-fortunately, mostly gone by then. She loves playing with all phones.

Please please please pick me to win an OtterBox for my phone!!!

Thanks in advance,

Come on Kevin, hook a brother up =D...I'll be forever GRATEFUL!!!

Best wishes and have many more years =D

Oh the diasters I've had with my portable electronics! I tend to see them slip from my hands and land on the floor, pavement, in the snow and puddles, they get all scratched up and sometimes a bit too moist and cannot use them for awhile, would be nice to have something that would protect my Storm from my clutz!

i have slipper fingers and stuff (even expensive ones) just go right through them. Has happened several times and dings and scratches can prove it. I've gotten lucky so far but I might not be so lucky next time. Hopefully I win one of these!

I am a carpenter and am always getting my curve a mess! This would be the perfect case for me, HELP!