Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



I started with a 8830 world edition which I always had a case on. I never dropped it while it was in the case but one day I took it out and dropped it. After I put the battery back in the keys never lit up again. Mind you I work at night and making calls while outside or in a dark place is no longer an option. Due to this I was forced to upgrade to a storm and I am leaving a comment to win an otter box so this will not happen to my storm.

So I work at a restaurant and have dropped one of my phones in a vat of peanut oil. If there is anything that would protect my Storm from this it would be one of these cases.

I am a police officer and carry my 8350i everywhere i go.Almost everyday my blackberry will come out of the original case and go flying across the parking lot or floor in three seperate pieces,(the phone,door, and battery).this has even happened when on a call.An otterbox case would solve all my problems.

I was talking outside of my house with some friends and left my pearl on the roof of my car. Forgot all about it and then the wife sent me to the store. When i got to the store I wanted to call and ask what else she needed. Reached into my pocket and then it hit me. I rolled as slow as possible back home only to find my pearl in the middle of my street, flat as a pancake. Now i would love and otterbox for my new Bold.

I need an OtterBox because my first Storm got dust under the screen in less than two weeks. It took me 5 hours of arguing with Verizon to get a new one. Now I keep it in a leather case all the time, but it's already getting dusty again. I'm worried that if it stays in its current case, it won't last more than a few more months before I get fed up with the dust and get something else.


Unfortunately my new BB bold hasn't suffered any disasters YET! However, that's exactly why I want to win an OtterBox case, to prevent the inevitable.

My two phones before this were the iPhone 3g and iPhone 2g that are both expensive paper weights with smashed screens. On my iPhone 3g it broke the second week I had it but I was reluctant to buy a new one, so I used scotch tape to hold the chunks of glass from falling out and I used it that way for 6 months.

And now, I have seen the light and have my very first blackberry.

Please pick me so I don't have to use tape to hold my Bold together!

man i need something to protect my bb because i have went through 12 phones last year and already 2 storms this year and all over stupid stuff like my storm a month ago fell in the toilet. and my phones before that god ive had some bad times with phones so for the safety of my storm pick me to win one of the cases

i was getting into from friends car leaving the head shop and i had pjs on from getting out of bed..when i got down into his low civic it fell out of my pocket bounced off the pavement and into a puddle on the other side of the curb.IM thinking with an otterbox it never would have made it to the puddle. Anyways i need one i go through phones every couple months!!!

Since I'm very little knowledge about this otterbox. with my activity that's needs a lots of crawling and climbing thing, could it be this otterbox the answer to keep my storm intact? so i can no longer worrying about my device fell off and hit the ground..

I would love to put one of these through my personal testing process. Being a Locksmith, my phone sees hard use in a variety conditions and since I live in the mountains, that includes snow.

For years I wouldn't trust myself with a nice phone because every time I would invest the money in something good I would break it. When the Storm came out I just had to get one and I am so paranoid I will break it or scratch it to pieces.

I need an OtterBox! :-)

I was up on the pole and had forgotten that I just shoved my Storm in my orange hooded sweatshirt front pocket. I leaned out to the tap, and out went the storm. I would have probably dove after it but my safety harness would have left me suspended in mid air. Everything went in slow motion and after what seemed like several seconds of the phone tumbling through the air, my wife woke me up and said "Baby, are you going to lay there sleeping with your Blackberry on your chest?" Horrible nightmare, but it could happen.

frist form i have ever seen give away gifts and trust me i have been to alot of fourms(223) and counting and have posted in all of the fourms more then i have already did in here(it sounds unbeiliveable but its ture but i like this forum the best its nice and helpful unlinke a few i can metion...aka windows mobile fourm lol

An OtterBox for my storm could be a Dream come true for me. With me being in the Army and being Airborne i jump out of a perfectly good airplane about once or twice a month. Yeah i'm told not to bring my my phone with me, but come on... what blackberry user can go an 30 mins with out your blackberry. Muchless the 6-8 hours it takes me to get ready, fly, jump, and get back to my unit... i would go insane with my blackberry. Now i can't keep my blackberry on me because it would indeed get smashed when i land. So i try to keep it nice and tight inside my rucksack. But that didn't help out 2 of my curves. The first one got fried when my rucksack landed and the water bottle busted and got all over everything. (i wonder if there's an otterbox for water bottles?)
Then there's my second one that just so happen to be in the right pocket at the right time when i landed on the pavement... so those shirts i had it wrapped up in, didn't really do any good because it never turned on again.
Now that i have my Storm, i've been lucky so far... but you never know. I would so feel much safer if i had an OtterBox!!!

An OtterBox for my storm could be a Dream come true for me. With me being in the Army and being Airborne i jump out of a perfectly good airplane about once or twice a month. Yeah i'm told not to bring my my phone with me, but come on... what blackberry user can go an 30 mins with out your blackberry. Muchless the 6-8 hours it takes me to get ready, fly, jump, and get back to my unit... i would go insane with my blackberry. Now i can't keep my blackberry on me because it would indeed get smashed when i land. So i try to keep it nice and tight inside my rucksack. But that didn't help out 2 of my curves. The first one got fried when my rucksack landed and the water bottle busted and got all over everything. (i wonder if there's an otterbox for water bottles?)
Then there's my second one that just so happen to be in the right pocket at the right time when i landed on the pavement... so those shirts i had it wrapped up in, didn't really do any good because it never turned on again.
Now that i have my Storm, i've been lucky so far... but you never know. I would so feel much safer if i had an OtterBox!!!

im clumsy! you'll understand that probably the otterbox is the only thing that'll keep my phone in tack after slamming the door of the car as the phone was failing off the holster. luckily it didn't land squarely but an otterbox sure would be nice. :D

First off let me go ahead and say happy B day. Now you wanna hear my worst bb disaster do you well let me tell you. It actually happend on christmas day. I was taking my family to orlando studios and i stopped to get some gas. Now i had my blackberry in my lap and i didnt even know. We had like 13 people in one car so we had to rent one of those huge vans that are like as talll as a bus. So as soon as i got out there goes my blackberry. It fell about 5-6 feet straight on pavement and then bounced right under my foot so when i stepped out i stepped on it. Luckily i had just got my new bb curve a month ago so the guy replaced it. This is why i need some protection.

I work at a car wash, and really need an otterbox case. I do not even count the number of times i have dropped my phone on the lot. my curve has all sorts of dents on the case.

I'm relatively new to the whole BlackBerry world, having only received my Storm in December. I very quickly realized that my entire existence could be contained on this device, all my emails, most of my web surfing, my music, and even videos of competitions I've done. Unfortunately I didn't pick up a case for my Storm, as the dealer was out of them at the time of purchase, so only a few weeks later the Storm slipped out of my pocket and hit the floor at a store I was in. The screen cracked and the device started having some major issues. I struggled for a few days contacting my carrier, and luckily there was also a software issue with my phone that couldn't be resolved by their techs, and I had to exchange it. But of course I had to start fresh, as I hadn't bothered to backup all my data, something I'll never do again. I now backup weekly, and sometimes daily if things seem important.
I think the OtterBox would have prevented a lot of stress on my part, and even if I don't win one, I'll be buying one.

seeing my storm break would be the worst ever! this is
exactly what i need to get rid of my worries..
happy b-day crackberry!!

i really really need one of these because i work in constructin and the things i put my storm through make anybody wana cry. the dust and the abuse i put my storm through would be tested by the otter box, i really need one.

So my first world edition, i was driving to hockey practice this summer and i was chatin with my friend, so i had the window open and was lisetning to some music, i turned my head to sneeze out the window and sneezed on my phone and dropped it out the window going 75 mph on an interstate. Screen cracked, battery lost forever, battery cover gone, doesnt turn on.

Second blackberry. I was at the pool and we were shooting hoops from the pool deck to the hoop in the water. I tried to make a shot from all the way down the pool. So i tried to get a running start and run the throw the ball cause the pool is pretty long. Right after the shot the phone, which was in my hoodie pocket, comes rocketing out and does a few phone cart wheels on the pavement and does a mobile cannon ball into the pool. So i dive in after it and realize the thing sinks faster than a weight. The phone was water damaged and would not work. And no i did not make the shot.

Third blackberry. Fell out of pocket. Screen Destroyed. At this point im thinkin god hates me.

Fourth. I went to my Uncles house for christmas. The kids got a puppy for christmas, i left my phone on the floor, puppy didnt have any toys, so it used my phone.

Fifth. So at this point i had run out of resources to get a new phone and had to have a blackberry so i settled for my dads old 8700 which wasnt bad just not as fun. And of course it falls out of my pocket when i was kissing my girlfried goodbye and she runs over it.

Lucky for me i back up my stuff once a day.

I switched to a plam for a few months till i got a storm.

PLEASE PLEASE pick me for the otterbox and save a phones life! I am truley the unluckiest person with phones EVER!


I always have my phone in my lap and the other day i got of my truck and it fell. It scratched all the silver part off. :(

No horror stories here. Just wanting to prevent a couple in the future. I work in a refinery and leave my blackberry in my front pocket of my nomex. My last cell phone saw a lot of drops out of that pocket. I think the otterbox could prevent me some future headache.

I need an otterbox so bad, cuz I work at the home depot and my storm gets so much dust on otterbox woult make my life so much easier....please please please i need to win

I've used a blackberry 7100i for the last 2 years, and have tried different cases and none truly worked. Example: squezing to inspect roof trusses i've lost the back cover 2 times. Inspecting insulation installation during some rain in between wall studs my phone would get caught and break out of the plastic (standard) holster. These are just a few examples, but now that i have a new BB 8330 i need to protect it and searching through pouches, holsters, skins and stuff there simply is nothing like an Otterbox. I've gotten colleagues come to the darkside and get BB's, and now would LOVE to show them how the Otterbox is a must have for our industry.


Well I don't have a disaster story. I'm just trying to protect my new 8900. Figured I'd just comment & try my luck.

i am a landscaper and i have broke 3 pearls i have had the sprinklers come on while working ran one over with my mower and dropped one from a 10 ft ladder i really need to keep my phone in the truck anyways love the site

What more could a person ask for in a case??? OtterBox would allow me to have a more steady mind and take away the constant worry of something terrible happening to my device!!!!

Because I am a complete screw up when it comes to keeping eye on my Storm when I am working or even just walking. I really could use this product so I can stop buying cell phones every 2 months....

Like many above, I want one to PREVENT an incident from happening to my Storm.

Once, I went to arrest a person, the person attempted to flee and I obviously went after them. Low and behold, a car almost hit me; a Starsky & Hutch hoodslide after, my phone fell out of its holster and almost got ran over by another car... Fun times.

I would love this! I recently had one dropped out of a moving vehicle by a 5 year old and it didn't fare too well.

Well me and my wife both share a BB 8100 and well I don't want to add up all the times its been dropped and well I think its had enough and could use a little protection.

This case looks like a good sturdy case and will protect my best friend, my storm! I am in the sales end of constrution equipment and i visit job sites daily. The way I find my leads is with the storm, so it goes with me everywhere. I haven't droped it yet, but its coming. I would really like to be prepared for that.

I am a firefighter in Colorado, and have destroyed many phones in my time. A 75' drop down an areal ladder, running one over after it fell off my hip getting on the truck, you name it I have done it. Melted, drowned, drug, smashed, and Dropped! Just recently I switched over to a Blackberry Storm. I am scared to death to even take it work. Could you imagine going 24 straight hours without YOUR Blackberry? If you select me to receive a free Otterbox, I promise to put it through its paces and report back to you. The thing just looks firefighter proof, I can only imagine the pride of keeeping it on hip. Thank you, Fireman481

It would be an honor to join the ranks as a contest winner on I would put the otterbox to use protecting my Blackberry helping to prevent a horror story.
Thanks for the great contests, and great tips and advice!
Thanks Again!!!!

I drop my brand new storm on the plant floor at work and it broke, I had to lie and say it was stolen and pay $75 dollars with the insurance company. I need this wonderful case.

I need one because I cannot leave my phone on a table at a bar without one of my friends spilling a drink and me freaking out trying to make sure my phone is ok.

What firefighter doesn't need an Otterbox? Falls, water splash, freezing cold winters, hot summers, snow, and fog, and ice, and everything else you can think of. Need I say more? I have an 8330 and definitely need it protected.

ok so im a union glaizer which means i install the windows on high rise buildings. i have dropped my phone 3 times in the last 6 months. the first time i was on the 25th floor of the builing and it fell to the street. the 2nd time i was only a few floors up when it fell out of my pocket. the 3rd time it only fell out of my pocket onto the same floor i was working on but it exploded.....the back came off and sent the battery and sim card flying.....but atleast i didnt have to get a replacement phone that time.

I wanna case so I otter get an OtterBox case to protect my Berry. That would be a great gift from CrackBerry for their birthday!

I dropped my storm on tile floor at my house & of course it fell apart & I just bought it in October. It was replaced without using my insurance the guy at Verizon Wireless was cool about it.

My bold could really, no REALLY, use an Otterbox. I need full protection...dropped already and my beauty has a scar now....arghhhhh! Shoulda, coulda, woulda....gotta have it! Offroading, hiking, and engineering educator...very hostile environments...Thanks!

Yeah, well. I'm back from my little bit of work.. (lot), to put up some more detail into my story.

Well, I was walking with one of my friends who had this little "Uber Flip Phone of DOOM!" (His words), who wanted to compare his phone to my new Storm (AKA, say his was better even though the Blackberry owned it..). Of course, I was glad to show it to him to beat him at that by actually showing some of the features (the excellent 3.2 Megapixel camera and the FREE 8GB MicroSD card) to him. Another one of my friends suddenly runs at me from like, a block away at like, 60 miles per hour.. even if I am stressing it a bit, he was like, MAD DASHING at me at full speed. He was shouting "I WANT MY GAME BACK!" - which was later cleared up to be because of the same friend I was comparing phones with who apparently told him that I had his game (which he had, for like, 2 months, then said I had it). So, I go running as fast as I can, forgetting I had my Blackberry in my hand. I move my arms back to pick up some speed, and my Storm flies out of my hand and hits the concrete dead on screen-first. So I grab it, run back to my house, and lock the door.

Of course, I didn't see how bad it was until I got home.
The screen had a HUGE crack, I lost the battery door (which must have popped off when it dropped), and of course, the parts with glossy finish were scraped and scratched.

I got a new storm thanks to Verizon's understanding (and some money...), and I barely want to even take it out of the house.

That's why I need an Otter Box, I'm scared out of my mind that its going to break again.

I am a firefighter in Colorado, and have destroyed many phones in my time. A 75' drop down an areal ladder, running one over after it fell off my hip getting on the truck, you name it I have done it. Melted, drowned, drug, smashed, and Dropped! Just recently I switched over to a Blackberry Storm. I am scared to death to even take it work. Could you imagine going 24 straight hours without YOUR Blackberry? If you select me to receive a free Otterbox, I promise to put it through its paces and report back to you. The thing just looks firefighter proof, I can only imagine the pride of keeeping it on hip. Thank you, Fireman481

2 hrs after getting my new storm I stepped out of my friends car and dropped my phone. My friend drove off and ran over my phone. So after replacing it I dropped it again and now I have this huge scratch and dents on the chrome.

Was holding my new baby boy in one arm and my Storm in the other. Lost balance and had to pick which I would drop. Of course I dropped the Storm. Now I have scratches. The case would have been great.

I need an Otterbox Case, because i'm always late for class, and i've ran numerous times and dropped my blackberry one the way :P

I work in the oil fields of western North Dakota. I could certainly use this. I didnt even know they made one like this for the Storm. Happy Birthday Crackberry

I work as a social worker in a school. I had a kid who was out of control and flailing about. I was trying to move the little guy out of the hallway and he struck the storm while it was holstered. The storm flew out and i watched in horror as it plummetted to the ground. It landed on its back and came to rest unscathed. For the first time ever I felt like taking a student and putting him in a sleeper hold he would never wake up from. Please save my storm from hyperactive children. I need the otterbox!

After working a 12hour shift at the hospital. My dazed and confused self walked to my car opened my trunk and put my backpack in the trunk. Not knowing that i put my berry storm in between the trunk door and car i closed the trunk on my storm. Whoops. So this casing would really help me out in the future. PLEASE PICK ME.

I need an Otterbox because I'm clumsy. I can't keep my BB in my hands for more than 10 seconds, but I always have it in my hands. My house is entirely hardwood and unfortunately tile. One day, I was practicing my pitching motion for baseball with my BB in my hand, in the leather pouch it came with. Next thing I know my BB is flying through the air only to come crashing down onto tile and sliding 10 feet into a wall. That's not nearly the worst. One time, while texting, in the bathroom, I bobbled the BB. Standing over the toilet I watched in agony as it bounced from hand to hand nearing the dirt-ied toilet water. Agonizingly time stood still as I watched it bounce from my hand off the edge of the toilet and onto the tile floor. Lucky, but I payed a price. Since then, my BB has suffered numerous drops and dings in the onslaught of action that is my life. I desperately need an Otterbox to protect my vital life line. HELP!

Have been looking at this product for quite some time now.....maybe the chance to win has pushed me over the edge.

It was terrible :( I used to have a 8100 Pearl,and it was kept in the case that comes with the Pearl, the leatherish one, that unfortunetly has no top so it slides easily. Anyways so during my Chemistry class, I was having fun, waving the case around :P and all of a sudden the phone slides out, goes sailing through the air, and crashes on the hrad floor, and the screen breaks :'( so sad! after I got over the traumatising loss of my Pearl, I got a Bold yay!! i was so happy. Then then other day while typing, i dropped it!! On the marble floor! The back came off, and the battery popped out :( Thankfully the screen was not damaged this time, and even though the phone took longer then usual to reboot, it did, the only problem is that the battery cover is loose, and wiggles around. I hope I win this case, so that I wouldnt have to worry about being such a klutz :P

It's five in the morning, and your late for work. You rush out of bed and rip through your dresser to find some clothes. You snatch the first things you see and throw them on. You grab your wallet, and your berry, and rush to the car. Driving down the highway you decide to smoke a cigarette to release some stress. You have a cigarette in one hand and your berry in the other. You roll down the window to flick the ash off your cigarette when.. Your berry falls out of your hand and right out the window. You stop the car to pick it up, but just as you pull over a snow plow comes hauling down the road. The plow picks up your blackberry and begins to carry it down the road. You hop in your car and begin to furiously chase the plow. The plow rumbles down the road with your blackberry bouncing around in the snow and rubble. You manage to corner the plow in an alley, and it is forced to stop. Exhausted, you throw yourself into the pile of snow at the end of the plow and dig in every direction. To your surprise, the blackberry is gone. No longer confined in the plows monstrous path. You get back in the car, and begin to retrace your steps. Suddenly, you see what looks to be your blackberry in the middle of the road. You speed up, trying to get to it at lightning speed. You are upon it in seconds and you slam on the brakes and throw open the door. You slowly bend over to pick up your thrashed device, when a semi flew past you and ran over your blackberry. In tears, you pick up the many pieces that were once your favorite device in the whole world..

This is not a true story.. Not yet. Please choose me for this contest to prevent this tragedy from ever occurring in my lifetime.

I didn't protect that palm devce I used to have, However, I do have insurance. 50 bucks for the otter far outweighs the 60 bucks a year for the insurance. And free would be even better ! Happy birthday !!

I bought a storm when they first released. I'm a wild guy and live by the seat of my pants. I've harcore dropped it twice, replaced it once, and dropped it lightly countless times. I'm also getting ready to spend a week and a half at the beach and need a quality case for protection. I would love to have a case to stand up to my wild lifestyle.

I so need one of these I am a local truck owner operator and I am constantly afraid of breaking my storm I have the pouch and my rubber skin is cracked (which I purchased from crackberry store in december. I need more protection for it I hope this works Money is tight right now.

"Disaster story"

Im a nurse and work in behavioral health, my Storm takes a bit of abuse for sure but still holding up great. This awesome case would seal the deal!!

Thanks for making this offer.

I was in the washroom red flagging my blackberry and it fell in the toilet. And that was into water where you didnt want it back :( My new berry could use this case to give it ultimate protection. These cases look strong enough you could launch it down the street and it'd be fine!

I work in Law enforcement. While on duty transporting inmates, a fight broke out between two disruprive groups. When order was restored, my storm had two slashes on my screen. I was lucky. It could of very easily been worse.

I work in a school system and take care of the heating... lots of steam and water.. plus banging it up against everything... pplllleeeeeeezzeee !!!!!

I love when Crackberry has a birthday!!

I'm a maintenance man and rough on phones. Have read reviews about OtterBox cases and think this would be just right for me.

I just got my storm and have not had any problems happen to it. Keeping my fingers crosses it will stay that way.

i am a general contractor by trade and my poor phone is constantly in an environment full of disasters. my phone has been crushed by tools, stepped on, dropped from tall buildings, and many many many more disasters. the most consistant disaster is when im in the middle of an evaluation on top of a roof and phone starts ringing. i'm always wearing gloves so i dont have an exact feel of where my phone is, so my phone ends up slipping out of my hands constantly.

I do not have a BB disaster story but I almost did. Just yesterday I pulled my Storm out of my jeans to reply to a text and my Storm popped out of my hands into the air, it was as if time stood still for a few seconds. Luckily I caught it and I started to think, maybe I need to have some protection for my love.

Busing to work I'm generally standing up, trying to text and reply to emails. I tend to become so focused on my BlackBerry, that I never notice when the bus is about to suddenly break, or take off - normally resulting in a mad scramble to hold onto my BlackBerry as I'm thrown around, and far too often results on a fumble to the floor!

I hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and a critical element of multi-day backpacks over the Presidential Range is being to get the weather forecasts. One day in three sees winds over 100mph, and the forecast changes very quickly.

So I bring my Blackberry, and each morning I check the Mt. Washington Observatory forecast.

One trip I was with a new hiking partner, using his very small tent, and the tent was ultralight, and hence didn't have any pockets on the sides to store gear.

We caught wind, the one cord holding the fly to the ground snapped, the fly became a sail, and the next thing we knew, the poles snapped from the torque.

I held up the tent from the inside while my buddy got out to deal with things, and in the process, snow got everywhere inside the tent.

Including all over my Blackberry! Right now all I have is a leather case for work. An OtterBox would serve me well up in the mountains.

Waoooooooooooooo......... I like this case a lot.

I have a BlackBerry Storm and recently I put the InvisibleShield, also I have the Black Leather Holster. With that I have a huge problem because I need to take out the Storm from the holster to talk. The other day I was going to answer a call and my phone falls on to the floor. You know what happen it scratch on the corner where the InvisibleShield doesn't protect and even the Silver paint goes off. I think I need one of this cases rush. I don't want my Storm scratch again.

Picture to prove it's real....

Thanks you are the best of the best.

Right, so horrible BlackBerry disaster story right? It's totally not my style to lie about this kind of stuff, so I'm just gonna be straight up and honest. I know you have a lot of these things to read, so I'll try to keep mine short and sweet.

I just got my first Blackberry when I switched to Verizon on Jan. 5th, and it's been the first time where I've had a real need for a smart phone. I'm a college student at George Mason University, and yes I'm poor (especially after buying the storm). With it, I purchased this silicone case to "protect" my phone. The only thing it really does is collect the lint from my pocket.

Here is a picture of my actual case that I took for this.

If I dropped it, my phone would still break. So instead of telling a story that has happened, rather I tell you a story of what could happening! My phone breaking and then me not being able to buy another! DUN DUN DUN! (Those were sounds to insinuate dramatic music. Some people don't seem to get that.) Ha :-), thanks for your consideration!

My BlackBerry disaster story happened just earlier this week. I was sitting on my couch watching TV. When happened to look over my shoulder I noticed my 12 week old puppy, Nelson, chewing on my Storm. I leaped over the couch in a desperate attempt to save my BlackBerry. As I lept over the couch I felt a sharp pain in my foot and heard a crack. I was able to rescue my Storm and it only had a few minor scratches but in the process I broke my toe. I ended up loosing 2 days of work and am still hobbling around.

David Martin

I work as a cement finisher, and with my first storm about two months ago I was finishing up @ a job. I recieced a call from my boss and as I went to get my storm out of my pocket, it slipped out of my hands and straight into the new cement driveway. I believe that with an Otterbox I would be safe if this were to happen again.

I would love to be able to protect my Bold with an Otter Box. I have twin daughters who think it is a great toy with great games (which is of course true but not inclusive).
I noticed that there is already a small chip in the corner of the the metallic part of the edge. I'm worried about this and feel that an otter box will protect my bold from the kids any adult boo boo's too.

I need this so I can protect the little girls and boys from my mouth when ever I drop my Storm. I remember the first time I dropped it outside of chick fa le and was yelling like I dont know what. I get very emotional when I drop or hit my phone up against something. This will limit the shouting

if I would have had a system like this I would not have lost my blackberry on the way to texas to a motor cycle rally. not have my blackberry succure by my side but in a bag that fell off the bike unnoticed untill 200 miles into the trip with no means of commucation besides stopping and using a pay phone. I cost my $600 dollars to get a new phone.

real simple.

dog chewed my 8830we (no joke im serious)
dropped my storm out of my pocket getting out of my truck and it fell it a poodle.

got a new storm and dropped that.

i need help!!!!!! otterbox help!!

I currently have a Blackberry Storm. As a sheriff's Deputy in Northern Minnesota, I am exposed to extreme elements and conditions. From freezing sleet to pouring rain, I need the protection of the Otterbox. I've had other cell phones destroyed from fighting/wrestling around with bad guys. I've come to depend on my Storm not only for personal use, but duty use as well. It is a valuable assest to my profession. From the reviews I've read, it has the protection I need for my Storm. Thanks for the consideration.

My Storm has taken a few hits. Let's just say my twin two-year olds like the light saber app. I need a little more protection.

ok here a quick one , I was coming back from a hiatus from paintballing so in my excitement i forgot to take my curve out of my pocket well 2 hours into me acting like a mix between rambo and beatle baily i jumped from a hill covered in stinging nettle to a pile of concrete and pop crack squelch is all i heard and now i have a nice brick in my pocket moral of the story get a otterbox or grow up i choose otter please


Otterbox makes a great product. I am a firefighter and there has been more than a few times I have left my Storm in my pocket during a call, and had to worry about the sweat getting to it.

Children love the blackberry curve....they also like to sit on the phone and spin. My son got a hold of my phone, laid on the hard floor, with his stomach covering the phone (so i couldn't see it), and proceeded to say "slide mommy, slide!" He was spinning in a circle, on his belly, and scratch the display of the phone good enough, that i had to talk my husband into buying me a new one....Good husband....bad son!

Otterbox seems pretty cool!. I've lost 2 phones to water damage. One at the beach In Cabo and the other at work in the toilet!!!

i've had my pearl for a few months now and i treat it like my baby. i know it's no storm or bold but it's still my baby. it's usually always kept the bberry leather case unless i'm at home. One time when i was getting ready to leave; brushing teeth, washing face the usual, my phone began to vibe on the counter. at this point it was about 1/3 in the case as i had just been using it and didn't put it back all the way. now as it did it's little vibrate dance towards the edge of the table i had only seconds to think. the water was running, my hands were soapy and i could barely see squinting through facewash. as it eventually did its final dancing vibe and plunged (towards the toilet area of the washroom) i took a wild grab at it, hit it towards the sink where it had a brief 2 second shower as i pulled it out immediately. soap on face and all i dried my hands, took out my battery and dried my berry. an hour or so later i put the battery back in and every time i hit a button i got a randomn mish mash of letters. i was almost at tears. this persisted so i took out the battery set it on the desk and got ready to prepare my eulogy. a few hours later i came back ready to face the pain and put the battery in just as one last shot and low and behold, it worked and still works. thank it's resilient, die hard mentality.

High school... Late for Class... Ran up 3 flights of stairs... Berry fell out of my pocket straight down the middle of the winding stairs. Enough said. LOL

15 words:
Ford Bronco.
Rear wheel.
No insurance.
Acceptance (Pending).


I've finally given up on buying cases for my BB's... Constanly getting in and out with every opportunity to have disaster happen... I've dropped my 8830 countless times getting out of a semi-truck because it popped out of the clip, and now with my new curve, I'd hate to drop it when getting out as it probably wouldn't endear the fall from a semi-truck like the 8830 World Edition did. I've finally made the tough hard decision to keep my BB in the semi-truck while at my stops until I get an OtterBox case for it! And we all know how tough it can be to not have your BB by your side! :( Hopefully that is a good enough reason..


These look like very protective cases, I would really like to see if they could work for my storm that I keep in my shirt pocket.

so i'm driving on the highway and i got a flat. i pulled over to the breakdown lane and proceeded to change the flat. i had my Bold clipped on my belt. so after i finished putting the spare, i bend down to pick up the flat to take it to the trunk. when i was bending back up holding the flat tire, the clip caught the fender. it came off my belt, hit the ground, bouncing onto the lane, and it got ran over by 3 cars, one right after the other. i literally freaked out!!! what's even worse is that i'm always extra careful with my blackberries and my gadgets, so when i bought the bold in december, i never added any insurance. so i went a week and a half without a berry. so there's my story. it pretty much beats all of these stories, so hopefully i get picked...

This phones low surface area provides for an easy slip out of the hands, an otterbox would surely help save it from my clumsy hands!

My cat keeps kocking my storm off every place I keep it - the countertop, kitchen table, night stand. My cat can reach everything and the higher I place it, the farther it drops. If this cat doesn't stop, I am taking it to chinatown! It's the Otter or the me decide.

I work in the field of construction with a very high social life. I frame houses for a living (though the economy is trying to stop that lol) and i often find myself anywhere from 5 feet above the surface t as much as 50 feet above the ground.

Down below me is concrete, the foundation of the house we are building. Several times my blackberry has managed to work it's way loose falling to the nearby ground scratching, and even denting the corners of the device...and let me tell you even one scratch "hurts" when your in love with your BB!

One day i was up abouut 30 feet when a massive gust of wind came across sending me up against a support column where the blbackberry got pinned between me and the support column, and then pressed hard enough to come loose from my clip falling 30 feet to the concrete below.

Mans best friend, the blackberry is not designed to take such an impact without some sort of serious protection. Having worked my way down i found her laying there, the batery cover missing, the battery itself scratched up, the sreen cracked, and my lovely blackberry now a nice little paper weight. Thankfully i had AT&T's insurance and was able to get a new one ( only can get up to three a year :( ), but had i had some sort of protection for my Blackberry bold 9000 she would still be fine and would stand as a testimony to both the protective device and to rim.

With so many giveaways, there are going to be a LOT of happy people on Monday (or whenever they post the winners). I hope I'm one of them!

I, like many others, am on my 4th BB Storm. 2 replacements were due to manufacturing defects, and one...well, let's just say that it would have been prevented if it it had beeen protected by Otterbox.

I am clumsy by nature, and as such have taken extra special care of the and I are not on friendly terms, and what is the Storm screen but a huge piece of glass?

Of course, my friends all know about my clumsiness, and about how protective I am of my baby (yes my fiancee is jealous of the I bought her her We were out at a local pool hall, and I set the Storm down so I wouldn't accidentally drop it or spill anything on it. Oh, Irony.

One of my friends thought it would be funny to hide my phone from me. Yeah. My best friend's wife, who was extrememly inebriated, took it upon herself to jump to the Storm's rescue, and started smacking the phone-theif's hand. Unfortunately, it was the hand holding my Storm.

I would have gladly dove and risked my own well-being to save the Storm, if I had seen this happening. Alas, I didn't witness anything except what seemed like a slow-motion movie of the Storm's last few inches of descent.

I have read about people who have dropped their Storms and walked away with just a few scrapes or even no damage at all...did you know that if it lands just right, it will shatter the corners of the screen? Yes, even on carpet, if the pile is thin enough.

Now I practically treat my replacement phone like a newborn baby...I NEED the Otterbox! I can't even leave it on my coffee table anymore without glancing at it every minute or so to make sure it's not in any imminent danger. I have four young boys ages 6 through 10, and 3 housecats...Please, PLEASE help save my sanity!

i love my new storm.. at least my second one. the first one was left near (inside) a HVAC in the computer room of one of our new sites.. i came back the next morning after they had done all the usual HVAC stuff and lets just say.. it didn't work.

not sure even the rock solid otterbox can carry my gorgeous storm through such an incident but if i win (or buy one) and i ever find out i'll let you know!

My BB disaster story:
I rarely work construction, but one day I was up, tearing apart the rafters for an extension we were building. I had just gotten off the phone with my boss, and I had placed my blackberry down beside me. My swing at the rafter beside me sent my blackberry down two stories and onto the concrete. That day I learned how to replace my trackball. XD

Aside from that instance. 90% of the times I step out of my car, my BB goes flying out of my lap. The poor thing has more scratches than the back of my Ipod >_>

I can tell you exactly why I need an Otterbox. I am clumsy and I am cheap. I love my Storm, but I'm just too light on cash (thanks recession) to buy an Otterbox myself. That is unfortunate, seeming as I am clumsy enough that I might just run in over with my car on accident, just ask my former Jawbone headset.

This is my first BB and the previous two phones were crushed in two by my clumsy hands. I've never had good luck with phones. They either die because of mechanical failure or because of my slippery fingers (most of the time).

After reading the reviews for the Otterbox, I know this is the case for me. It will shield all incoming falls that my fingers will unleash.

By the way, Happy 2! More to come too!

One of my first concerns about getting the storm was that it wouldn't be able to handle the elements in the mountains of WA. That's where Outter Box comes in. This case would allow true junkies to take their phone anywhere. Sign me up!!!!

Happy Birthday You ROCK!!!!

I am a police officer and had just gotten my new blackberry storm. I was so proud of it, I spent the whole afternoon showing it off to friends and fellow officers. With 30 min left in my shift I responded to my a officer needs assistance on a traffic stop which turned into a vehicle pursuit. 20 min later I was in a foot chase through mud water and woods. I spent another 5 min fighting with the suspect and finally was able to get him into cuffs. After booking him into the jail I pulled my beloved phone out to call my friend and state trooper to tell him the crazy story only to find with utter horror the screen on my wonderful storm destroyed! Now I wont say nobody wants to see a police officer cry because Im sure they are out there but, this tradgic sight almost made me cry right in the jail. Help me keep the streets and my NEW storm safe with this wonderful product!


My mom has Great Dane. She chewed up my pink silicone case before I could even unwrap it Christmas morning. I've watched this dog chew threw a can of dog food until it squeezed out the top. My berry could be next! Help me protect my Curve.

this is exactly what i needed today when my phone popped out of my pocket while i was playing with my dog and now has a huge dent on it.

this is exactly what i needed today when my phone popped out of my pocket while i was playing with my dog and now has a huge dent on it.

I think i could really use one of those covers for my storm. I am 22 a student a wife and a super busy mom .I am all ways dropping my new poor blackberry I either scratched with my car keys while in my pocket or my son scratches while playing with it thinking is a racing truck... And only that the other day my friend at work was looking at my storm and she was too exited that she drop my beautifull storm on the flor I almost killed her but she ran hahaha I hope this are good reason for you because for are.I hope I become one of the winners mean while good luck everyone!

wow - some great response so far and many probably real deserving. However, this is what i can tell you. Due to the nature of my job I am surrounded by uncleansed, filthy, (and many of which are a cocktail of diseases)prisoners. The otterbox would not only protect my storm from becoming damaged but also help me in preventing the transfer of harmful bacterial. Its a tedious job cleaning my storm each night in hopes i don't bring anything home. I feel the Otterbox would make cleaning a storm easier.

i could really use an otterbox. i broke my screen on my bold. no idea how i did it. had it in my pocket. pulled it out and the lcd was cracked inside. 85 bucks for a new screen :( i've been eye'in the otterbox ever since.

I'm on my 3rd Storm in just over 31 days! I'm a firefighter/paramedic and I guess you can say I'm kind of rough on my phone. I love the new Blackberry Storm. Having had a Motorola Q prior, this is my first Blackberry. My phone gets abused however. It gets dropped and bumped all the time in the back of the ambulance and on the pumper.
I foolishly bought a "clip" at the vzw store and that is not what I NEED to protect my new storm. I can't just leave my phone in the station either, because I use it all the time. And having to stay at the firehouse for 24 hours on duty, I need to be able to stay in touch with my family. Please, please, please I really need an Otterbox to protect my smartphone, so I don't have to try to explain why I need phone #4. Thanks.


My first curve fell out of my pocket as I climbed into my truck and rather than hitting the pavement resulting in maybe a new scratch or ding, I slammed the door shut at the exact moment the BB was passing through, essentially destroying the phone. My new storm was in my pocket while I was lifting things at work and at some point the screen shattered under the stress. I need help. When it's in my hands I handle it like a baby. As soon as it's out of my site my phone tries to commit suicide.

im always around my nieces and nephews and there always wanting to play with my phone and we all know how kids are careless and my storm has a few bump marks on it lol.

my storm was taken by my sons friends to be the baseball in a match....needless to say it broke. I want my new storm to be protected from this if it ever happens again. please i dont want to buy another storm!!!

So i go looking for my phone and realize its not on the night stand where i left it. after searching the house frantically because i was sober the night before and know i didnt do anything crazy with it. I find my storm in my dogs water bowl... lucky for me it wasnt full.. so i disregard the issue, some freak accident.. later i actually watch him pick my storm up off the couch in his mouth and run off with it and i find him and gnawing on it under the bed. BAD DOG! and THEN if i hadn't learned my leason the dog takes it off my nightstand again and urinates on it.... not a happy ending.. i need an otterbox to save my storm from my evil chihuahua(really my wife's but supposedly what's hers is mine blah blah blah)

Well i didn't have a blackberry but here goes. I work in a recycling center and was moving some toner cartridges when my phone got knocked out of it's holster. Luckily only the battery and cover got knocked out and the phone still worked. Later in the day when I was home from work it got knocked out of its holster again but this time into the toilet (yea don't ask and my daughters still can't believe I fished it out). I haven't had a day like that since and I don't want to repeat it with my Storm. so.... :)