Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



Happy Birthday Crackberry. You guys are the greatest. I can't go a day with ot checking these blogs. Thank you for all the hard work.

Well i work in the eltrical construction feild, and of course im constantly pulling out my phone, and there was this one time where i had in my holster poutch (corners of holster do not cover phone) when i had to climb into this small concrete crawl space. When I got out i noticed my poutch was all dirty, no biggie right, well it turns out i guess one of the corners got dragged on the concrete as i was sliding in and i totally scratched the corner of my phone, so having one these otterbox would totally be cool for me, wouldnt have to worry about and dings or scratches anymore!

I constantly worry about scratching, dropping, or just generally damaging my 8330's beautiful body. This case would alleviate so many worries! Give me one!

i think this is one of the best products out there to protect your phone. i am paranoid of anything happening to my bb bold. i prefer the most protection i can get!

I am a fire captain and fire investigator in upstate NY. This case (for the 8350i) is probably essential for someone in my profession. Nothing else out there affords the same protection that this case appears to. Now that it's available for the 8350i, I would love one.

I wanted a blackberry curve so bad but didnt want to pay the full price for one. so I ordered one off of ebay. I was so excited it was yellow a color I had never seen and it was a curve. I finally got it after like a week waiting and went to download slacker radio which rocks by the way and was told the o.s. was to old so I went to download a new o.s. and when it got down downloading,it said it needed to restart. So I restarted it and well nothing happen the screen went blank and the red light flashed. I tried everything I could find on the net nothing worked. luckily the seller was awesome and refunded the price and I had to use my 8700 until I could get another one. I got my new curve and love it.

My worst story is when my super slick BB Storm got destroyed because I didn't have a free OtterBox to protect it :)

No disasters yet but a lot of near misses.
Have a very curious 3 year old son who likes daddys electronic stuff. So far has claimed a PSP, handset and a portable media player.

I love my Curve and it seems to want to retire intact (instead of slobbered and dented)

Otterwhat? Well I always love to be the first to have new things, and then I still need my BB to survive at least another 6 months.

The best case I've ever owned. I had one of these for my curve and have been wanting a new one for my new storm ever since they have became available. Just can't break down to drop another $50 for a new case.

Hey this would be a great product to have for my BOLD considering I take it trekking with me and on my bike as well.
Happy birthday Crackberry. Thanks for solving my problems.

No, not that type - for my phone! My last phone was a Treo that I turned into a pancake when I found that only bit of ice left on my driveway. Help me protect my Curve - pleaseeee!

I work in the construction business and I am always nevrvous taking my storm out on the jobsite. Please gend me one of these............

I love my blackberry storm and i would never want to see it scratched!

When i first got my curve from verizon i dropped it face down on a bus and got myself a nice big scratch on my screen and it bugged the hell out of me

I want to protect my storm and this looks like the best way to do it when i go snowboarding, ect :D

I've had my Storm for a little over a month and it already has a bunch of scratches on the screen!!! Wished i had an Otterbox to protect this beauty!

I lost my phone on a costruction site only to find it setting beside a mud hole where I had jumped off my bobcat. Luckily it was not in the water, a little cleaning and it was ok. I really need an Otterbox.

It would be great to get my hands one one of these OtterBoxes to keep by adiction going in the safest possible way!!

Because I like to keep my phone on my car's dashboard and more than once, it has flown out the window and went kablooey! I need an OtterBox so that it can survive my car's dashboard and I can save money on insurance claims!

A long time ago, I was carrying my blackberry in my hand, and there was a huge puddle of water. My friend startled me and i was like "OH CRAP" and my phone flew out of my hands and landed in the water. I picked it up IMMEDIATELY and dried it off and miraculously nothing had happened to it. It was one of the scariest things that have occurred to me when I was using my BB. The reason I need this protection is because I NEVER PUT MY Pearl down, not even during class at my university. Thanks

I've had to be really careful and with an OtterBox, it would definitely make me feel more at ease! No horror stories as of yet, though!

I would love one because I am quite clumsy when it comes to phones. I really need a case that can stand up to the elements!!!

My BB Curve has been through hell and back. It always seems to drop out of my hand and all the red casings around it are cracked and missing pieces. It looks like someone took a bite out of my Berry. You can even see the PCB underneath!!!

I need an otterbox because I've already dropped my storm twice since I've gotten it. Oh yea, and I got it 2 weeks ago...

I've somehow already managed to scratch up my berry so badly that it looks like it's supposed to be like this. Like it's some kind of a design or something! I need an otterbox!

dropped mine countles times in mud and water at the race tracks i go to curve #12 in dier need of this im sick of getttig new 8330 curves!

I was walking out of the bathroom with a stack of folded jeans and on top was my new replacement storm that worked flawlessly, keep in mind I had it in the BB Sleeve. Well anyway when I opened the door the jeans slanted and down went the storm, low and behold one of the exposed corners hit the tile floor and screwed up the click of the screen, the entire bottom half stopped clicking AHHH CRAPPPP.

Some chopped up cards got it working again, thankfully.

So to keep a long story short I have a 1963 studebaker champ which I have been restoring now for two years. I have finally come to the point where I can drive it around. So after messing with a few things on the interior and putting the newly restored hubcaps on I decide to take her out for a ride. So I start her up and back out the driveway and take off. So excited for the car show season about to begin here in ohio I didnt think twice about where my phone was at the time. I pull back into the driveway after taking her for a spin. I park and then it dawns on me my storm is not in my pocket or anywhere on me. Last I remember I was going outside and ... oh yeah I placed it in between the windsheild and the hood of the truck. So I looked there instantly, and no storm. I then ran down to the end of the driveway and sure enough on the side of the road sat my month old storm with a cracked skull and some nasty abrasions. One sad day indeed. So I really could use something to protect this new one. Happy Birthday.

was at flashdancers (strip bar) in time square NY about a year ago and was partying with some friends when one of the dancers grabed my berry and put it in her thong and was dancing around. during that time my friend was being a little grabby and got into a altercation with the bouncer. i went over to see what was up and i was getting thrown out also.(guilty by association) i was trying to tell him my blackberry was on the stripper but he kept pushing me out. so im mad and had to wait 2 hours till close when the girl came out, she said she didnt have my berry. after a bit of arguing she reached into her red lace bra and pulled out and threw my curve about 30 feet at me slid down the concrete into a puddle. needless to say it never worked again. well im heading back to new york in a month and could definitley use some protection on my shiny storm... thanks! and happy bday crackberry.

My precious Bold has a scratch in the back and i really dont have ANY idea how that scratch got there... cause i treat it like a baby... i need a otter box..

Okay well I have an interesting story to share.

This didn't happen to MY blackberry, but my friends, which I was holding and last summer when we were on vacation in Florida, we were at our hotels pool just relaxing in our beach chairs under the sun, just minding our own business.

while we were there, my friend went to the hotels buffet cuz he was hungry, so i asked him for his blackberry, so while i was checking out his blackberry, checking my facebook and all that good stuff the blackberry can do, i was reading a message from my girlfriend, and then i felt a wet drop on my forehead and i saw a little white spot on my arm quickly right after. i thought to myself, what the hell its raining in Florida in the summer?!

i felt around my head and what did i know, a bird just SHITTED ON MY HEAD! i freaked out and flailed my arms, causing me to loose the blackberry and the blackberry fell outta my hands and dropped into the deep end of the pool! it happened so fast that i didn't even care about the bird shit and i jumped right into the pool to swim to the deep part and get the blackberry before my friend came back.

after trying to clean my head and drying off the now-fried blackberry, i was so nervous i didn't know what to do. so i left if on the chair and when he came back i told him what happened (the bird shit, not the blackberry) and he was laughing his ass off....then i told him about his blackberry....HE FLIPPED! and threw me into the pool and made me get him a new one when we got home.

sorry for the long read...worth it tho! now, if my friend were to have an otterbox, it could have resisted some of the water!

Happy birthday again crackberry!

pick me! so just in case another bird decides to shit on my head, im prepared! hahaha

Disaster story...were do I begin..haha I work outside most of the time and the elements just kill my phone... between rain...dirt...dust.. My last berry died on me because I had to use it during a rain storm.. apparently a berry wasn't designed for rugged use haha... an otter case would def. help me keep a berry long enough to actually enjoy!

I am a firefighter and I carry my storm every where. Some times I leave it on when I get a fire call or EMS. At times I worry I will get it wet and burn out the electronics. I am planning to buy one at some point.

2 Days ago, I was running up the stairs to catch my train, with my blackberry storm in my jacket pocket, right at the top of the stairs (86 steps) my blackberry fell out, and, without hesitation fell to the bottom of the stairs. Seconds after landing, it got stepped on, and then kicked off the platform. I had to get the police to get it back for me, and when i did get it back, my dear berry looked like it had died. The front was all scratched and cracked, and the battery cover and battery were missing. When I got home from work that day I went online and filed an asurion claim. They replaced the phone, along with a piece of paper saying they wouldnt ever cover me again if the same thing happened.
that, is my horror story. the point: i need an otterbox.

I can be a little rough on my phone, and with a bunch of animals at home who knows when it will get knocked off a table or counter.

I am a newbie to Blackberries with my first being my Storm. If I can protect it forever I would so an OtterBox would be great!!!

Every phone I have ever had has been replaced because I always break them. My very first brick nokia I ran over with my car and broke it. My second sprint non flip phone i droped in a toliet, got a second one and accidently dropped it when I was drunk. I have had 3 razor phones since then. The first one broke in half. The second one I had in my back pocket and sat on concrete with it when I was wasted. And my last one which I just recently broke i bumped into a car w/ my keys in my same pocket as my phone and my key went through the phone...

I now have a blackberry storm... I was not going to get an expensive phone since i break them all but this phone was just to cool. Anyways I have one now and all I have is a crappy little rubber protector. I was looking at an otterbox but they are kinda pricey. They look like they turn your phone into tank mode though. I would love an otterbox! Thanks.

I jus kno that everytime i get out the car my phone goes flyn and im an aviation mechanic so its fallen when i come off the plane and storm gets da worst..

Why I need a Otterbox ???
I work in a restaurant (Swiss Chalet) and my BB is always falling out my pocket and skids across the floor
Considering the grease and debris on the floor I am SO lucky it hasn't fallen keyboard side down and skidded or else I would need a whole new BB
Please help !!!

I don't know the problem but every time I submit a comment it will not go. I am a firefighter and I take my phone every where and I some times take a risk by taking it on calls. I have taken it in on fires and rescue calls in the rain. This would be great protection for my storm

i been looking at this product since it came out. i work doing cable and im 20 plus feet in the air at almost all times. i have dropped my phone from these hieghts twice and almost cried every time. if i had the 50 bucks to spend on this case i would do it in a heart beat. when your that high you got to use a body strap to connect you to the safety line just incase you fall but you need a phone to call dispatch to come get you down :)

My first Storm's life was short lived. I fish alot of tournaments so i am always around the water. Well one day we were going across the water and i had a bright idea to look ta Blackberry maps on my phone so i could mark some spots on the lake. Well that was not a good idea we hit a wave water came in the boat and soaked me and my Blackberry. My Blackberry did'nt make it through this and i ended up having to buy another. I really would like an Otter Box because I could use my Blackberry to mark GPS spots on the lake without worrying that my phone is going to get ruined by sudden splash of please consider.

Thanks Rick

The disaster story happened with my Bold when I let my nephew play with my phone to play BrickBreaker, He is 5 Bronson and always looking to play all sorts of games to keep him occcupied, Its hard to say no to him when he asks me nicely and always loves to play it. Well this one time me and my family were abouts at the mall, when he was playing with it and also his little brother that is 2 Brycen when the younger one hit the handheld away from him causing it to tumble down metal stairway, huh it was so painful to see that happen right infront of me but it was already to late to save it from tumbling down the whole way as If it was being murdered slowly but surely:( The battery case cover first flew off, then the battery, it tumbled from the top of staircase of escalator so you could just imagine it just rolling down the way till it hit rock bottom. The lesson to learn from this is that for little ones they always need more attention than the older one when they feel that they are not getting any. All in all it was my fault that this came about, you live and learn to make sure it wont happen again... Having OtterBox from the reviews I seen is its cool because it has 3 layers of protection more than I see from any other case out there! When you have device and something bad like this happens esp when screen cracks you have to suck it up and buy new one with Insurance being there to help you even if you have insurance because it was your fault hahaha... To bad for me. Just move on:)

and by life obv i mean my storm, first one broke a button, but im more worried about drops because i havent found a case i like and the phone is so damn sleek and smooth sometimes it just slips out of my hand, so far only on my bed and carpet

I have dropped my storm on concrete 3 times. Fortunately, my holster(s) have taken the brunt of the damage. That is, until it bounces out of the holster and on to the ground, where the battery then falls out of the storm and into the grass. Strangely, I never manage to drop it on carpet....only cement. I have managed to keep my original storm though it has quite a few "love nicks" on its edges. My holster(s) were not so lucky however. May they rest in Peace.

Count me in on this one. I would love to have the best case available to protect my awesome Bold. Thanks Crackberry and Otterbox!

A friend of mine has the OtterBox for his IPhone and I have seen it go through some very Tough days. It just seems to take a beating and just laugh at it. The otterbox would be perfect for me and my phone.

I have dropped my blackberry several times and it has survived while it was in its case. But sometimes it would fall out and lucky it would fall on a soft surface. I would like to have the new Otterbox case for the storm. Thank you crackberry and Happy Birthday at 2 years old and may you have many more.
Chris :-)

Every single phone I have ever had either way has had their LCD screen broken because of falling. I could really use this!

My storm was charging outside on our patio table. Dog got hold of the cable and ran around with it. Blackberry's are tough but so are the Micro USB plugs. Dragged the poor phone around for quite some time before it came loose. Camera is scratched up and missing battery cover. Don't know where that fothermucker hid it. A nice case would have prevented all or most of this damage...

My Curve is always flying aroung my car cause I leave it on the passenger seat. I really would enjoy this slick protection!

I have to win this because my 18 month old always seems to find my Blackberry and I know one day he's gonna toss it across the room before I can get to him!

I already cracked my Curve's screen once because it was in my pocket outside the case and my leg hit the corner of a post. The corner hit the center of my screen and I heard a loud CRACK!!!

I work at a pizza parlor and making pizzas all day require alot of flour! my storm needs protection because i had to get the storm cuz the flour had basically covered the entire inside of my last BB. Not to mention the constant washing of my hands led me to damaging the the key pad. this job is a disaster for my phone. Every delivery i go on, i keep my phone on my lap for gps and when i get up i without fail get out of my car and drop my BB on its poor face or head!

The reason I have a Storm now is because I dropped my old phone on pavement and is was destroyed. I could really use this to avoid it happening again.

OMG!! Crackberry is the best thing ever, better than sliced bread or even running water! If i don't check the forums at least once a day, I go through withdrawal.

WANT! I could probably toss my storm at a brick wall with those cases. When the bombs drop, all that will remain are roaches, twinkies & my 9530. Too bad there won't be any coverage :P

I hope I win! I was reading this on viigo in my truck. I proceeded to put my 9000 on my lap and start driving home. When I got home I leaped outta my truck ( in hopes of seeing my screen protectors I ordered in the mail) when all of a sudden, BAM, my beloved bold flew off my lap and crashed on my concrete driveway. Now I feel like crying everytime I see the huge crack on the top of my BB. So please, Crackberry, pick me to win a Bold Otterbox so I can hide this hideous gash. No blackberry deserves to be put through this type of embarassment.

My worst disaster story was that I was driving down the street while talking on the phone with my window open and when i least expect i have to hit the breaks and my poor Curve goes flying out the window and smashes to the ground. Of course i open my door and go running after it and find that it wasnt hurt too bad while the people in the other cars were lookin at me is if i was crazy

This is my first BB and I don't wanna have to have a disaster story to share. A good BB owner will make sure of it! Pls make me a good BB user!!! =)

I have to crawl houses and run around in attics for inspections. It would be great to have a strong case because I use the camera on my phone to take pictures of the stuff I inspect.

This would look great on the new phone I'd be lucky to win from the best blackberry site there is...CRACKBERRY!

I'm always on the move, my Storm is always in my hands! If I drop it and scratch it, I'll SUICIDE!!! Please CrackBerry and OtterBox, save someone's life, Mine!!! Thanx :D

So, I've been counting down for the Storm release since September. I sold my prized Alabama-Auburn tickets to buy it (and if you know me then you know how I am towards Alabama football) On the morning of the release, I called in sick in order to be in line in 35 degrees weather to get "my precious". Phone is in hand & was so happy that I finally realised my dream, that I forgot to buy a protective case. This will have ramifications later on. Fast forward to that same night, my family is having a cookout and we are in the garge with CONCRETE flooring. My 8 year old cousin wanted to see the phone and nonchanlantly I handed it to her. Within 30 seconds after that I hear a crash, and see my storm in multiple peices. In fact, it was just the battery lid, the battery, and the phone. My cousin explained it slipped and was so scared cause she knew how long I've been waiting for this phone that she ran and hid behind her mother for fearful of her life. The top and sides are scratched as well as the lid as well. It took all I had not to wring her neck. The next day, yep you bet, protective case, though a cheap rubber case at the flea market, not like an OtterBox, (HINT)
Thats my story & I hoped you enjoyed it.


Im so a crazy person with my phone i would love for this to cover my phone it world make me so happy!!

Pick me please!!!!

I'm a construction worker. This is totally the holster I need. I bet I could run over it with a dump truck with no harm to my storm!

besides the, obvious, i got pushed in the pool story...and wished that i had an otterbox at the time...

i also had one stolen right from the counter at the cell phone store i work at. with an otterbox i could always have it on my hip (which i do now in the generic bb leather pouch) but i could also be a walking advertisment to all my customers that turn down insurance!! (almost everyone!!)

see, win win!! :D

(also, it would be awesome if someone all the way on page 39 got picked....are you reading this, did you get this far?? haha.)

happy birthday crackberry!!

I actually am upgrading to a new Blackberry phone next week...I've never had one but I use them all the time at work (other people's Blackberry's!)I just really want an Otterbox case because they look like they really do a great job of protecting the phone!

My children cant help but try to sneak out my bb when i leave it in my room. They would like to check out the apps and see if theres anything that they can toy with, which they always do anyway.

My pearl has been dropped, almost got an Iced-tea bath, and almost got chewed up by our dog all because of my children. Close calls they are. It's my first bb, and definitely not the last, so ti's very precious to me and the best i could do is to offer it the best protection from all these close calls and other disasters lurking around the house.

On the other hand, having an otterbox on it is like a big "no trespassing" sign to my colleagues at work who cant help but play their fingers around my pearl when they see it on my desk. I can't blame them though...

Happy Anniversary Crackberry!

Thanks for adding to the fun Otterbox!

I have been wanting one of these so bad. I might be the perfect canidate to win one of these. I work in Pest Control in Florida (which is a never ending job) and always jumping in and out of my work truck, so it is very common for me to drop my phone out of it's clip 4 or 5 times a day. Thank you.

Dropped from my shirt pocket, bounced off the sink, off the toilet, and into the full tub - it survived, but who knows about the next time!

Ok, this story is long but i'll make it short. I had my Blackberry Storm on a little slot by stereo of my suv. I had slammed the brakes and phone fell by feet so I had no worries. By the time i got to destination, i forgot about phone and my foot kicked it onto the street which forced the touch screen to pop out. i couldnt even use the phone unless i use some tape so in the end i had to cough up some $$$$$ to get a new phone. =(

Geez, giving some stuff away this week guys! Lovin it!My curve is pretty much stuffed because of no protection.

I look after my storm better now!

My friend has one of these cases and he absolutely loves it! I woulb be thrilled to win one! Thanks OtterBox and Happy Birthday Crackberry!

This would be awesome to win, as would anything else being given away by Crackberry and friends right now!

I don't have a disaster story since this is my first Blackberry, but I'd love to have a case to protect my precious smartphone! Good luck to me.

My wort disaster story happened while txting on the toilet. the phone slipped and fell through my legs. lets just say i had to go fishing :) save me from ever breaking my phone again otterbox!!!!

The second week of owning my Storm, the poor thing took one helluva tumble out of a co-worker's hands (luckily it had a green VZW hard case on, although there's no grip with these cases)and flew a good 10 feet, before taking a hard landing on a marble floor. The Storm survived with flying colors... but the case didn't.

I then went with the use of a rubberized hard case from ebay. Unfortunately that case bit the dust as well, courtesy of my 21 month old son testing his future pitching arm. Yet again, the Storm survived... but as for the case..

My Storm is now sporting a Gizmobies rubberized skin, with Shield Zone underneath. Hopefully this will help until I find something a tad bit more tactile.

I like my Storm, and I hope to keep her around for quite some time.

I hope that I do.

My blackberry Storm 9530 * 2nd* has already been dropped, the first was shipped off to insurance along with the hefty fee's after it fell off a bunk bed onto a hard sentry safe cracking the screen and my life for the following painful week of an unusable storm

Texting while peeing and under the influence = dead Storm due to water damage. Im sure an otterbox would have helped.

I work in a window and door manufacturing plant and my 8330 takes a licking but keeps on ticking. We manufacture all wood windows and doors, primarily Mahogany wood. So it isn't bad enough that I get to breathe in all the great Mahogany dust but BB gets to breathe it also. It gets into all the little cracks that we all don't even know about, it is amazing where dust can find places to hide. Plus we also have paint being sprayed which has turned my BB partially white. So I think an Otterbox would keep my 8330 alive and well and save it from the misery it suffers everyday just hanging out on my belt in some random pouch, which also does not support the sleep magnet so I can call random people all day without even knowing about it. Well thats my story, I hope I can get saved with an Otterbox.

I work a construction related trade (bath and kitchen refinishing) I deal with paint and paint related materials everyday and I have ruined countless phones with paint already.
I was stripping a tub using a paint stripper and let my BB on the vanity right next to the tub and went to the van for some equipment (what was I thinking?), the lady's cat jumped on the vanity (curious little critters)and knocked my BB into the tub, when I came back it was covered with paint stripper right into the keys and everything, totally ruined my BB :(
Needless to say my day was ruined.

Well I never thought I would need such a strong and wonderful case for my blackberry......

It came down to a multitude of errors and bad hands that finally made me a believer in fully protecting my Blackberry!

First off, I work out in the elements everyday and was cleaning up, when my Blackberry which was secured on the counter with a silicone case, it decided that it should also clean itself off in the running water! After taking apart the Blackberry I was able to get it up and running!!

A few days later, I had placed my Blackberry into my front pocket while out working and while removing an item from the truck, I found the edge of the tailgate with the screen of my Blackberry. After repairs and being without for several days I truly realized why Full Protection is so Valuable! Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Ok so I got my Storm and then I drop it right outside the Verizon Store when I open the box. Now the the crack has spidered and there's a huge crack through the middle. I went to the Verizon to get a replacement they said they had no replacements in stock and they said they would call me for a replacement when they got Storms in stock. They never called me! Finally they call me and I have a replacement now. I need an Otter Box to protect my screen from another occurrence like this one. Please choose me!

Ok so I got my Storm and then I drop it right outside the Verizon Store when I open the box. Now the the crack has spidered and there's a huge crack through the middle. I went to the Verizon to get a replacement they said they had no replacements in stock and they said they would call me for a replacement when they got Storms in stock. They never called me! Finally they call me and I have a replacement now. I need an Otter Box to protect my screen from another occurrence like this one. Please choose me!

Ok so I got my Storm and then I drop it right outside the Verizon Store when I open the box. Now the the crack has spidered and there's a huge crack through the middle. I went to the Verizon to get a replacement they said they had no replacements in stock and they said they would call me for a replacement when they got Storms in stock. They never called me! Finally they call me and I have a replacement now. I need an Otter Box to protect my screen from another occurrence like this one. Please choose me!

Ugh Here is my Storm disaster story. I am extremely clumsy, and if you knew me, you'd always see me dropping things, running into people on accident, heck, once I even fell down the stairs. Well, one day I was out jogging and took a break at the end of the mountain trail. I checked my storm real quick and then I started jogging slowly, while working on my storm. Well that is where it happened. I tripped, and sort of fell to the left, where the cliff was. I didn't personally fall off the cliff, just came short, but my Storm went sailing over the bend. Freaked out, I skidded down a nearby slope to look at the damage. The battery door was ripped to shreds, battery flown about 4 feet away from the device, the screen was about 1 foot away, a mess of circuits were where it hit, and the good thing was that I stored everything on the memory card and it was in the pile of rubble, intact. My storm had been demolished after a 20-30 foot drop. How I believe everything got spread out was that it got caught on a rock or something halfway down and it broke the battery door and made things fly everywhere while spinning. Even the little protector to help keep the battery in was broken off. I was in tatters. Only if I weren't so clumsy. Luckily, I had a accidental warranty, so I called Verizon up to help get the memory circuits from the scraps and get all of my information and such back on my new storm. Please save me from this humiliation again, and allow me to have this wondrous otterbox. May help my storm survive the next (hopefully shorter) drop. And for those out there wondering about the screen, i dusted the dirt off of it and it was STILL not scratched. Pretty darn good thing they have going on there. Thanks guys, Dylan.

Who wouldn't want a tank surrounding their blackberry? It might save my phone if my 2 year old son decides to throw my phone again!!

Oh please please let me win one of these!!!! These cases are AWESOME!!! But even f I don't win I will still be all over this site. BUT PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

Last summer I was mountain biking in whistler and I was going down one of the bike runs at whistlers legendary freeride mountain bike park, and when I went around the corner at a jump in one of the trails there was one of the local brown bears sitting right next to the jump and I was so scared that I went off the jump all sideways and screwed up, and ended up crashing really hard. Luckily the bear was just as scared as I was and ran back into the bushes but unfortunately I turned the blackberry pearl in my backpack which did not have a case into blackberry jam, and really banged myself up. I was pretty upset about smashing myself and my phone but i got a really cool story to tell people. Luckily I got a new Blackberry Storm for Christmas but I do not have a case. So that was my story, and my Blackberry Storm is going to really need a super durable case like the OtterBox case for my season of spring and summer mountain biking i will be doing, and not to mention the kayaking, camping, skydiving, and snowboarding I do in my free time. Anyways Thanks a Ton! Kyle

Ps. Happy 2nd Birthday CrackBerry

So I always keep my blackberry wherever i go and i work in a hospital so sometimes it gets me into trouble because i can't put it down otherwise it could end up in some bodily fluids. The one day i had it in my top pocket as I was approaching a scrub sink to wash up and as I leaned forward it started to slip out and I wanted to catch it before it fell through the water but my hands were wet and as I batted it it bounced off of the ceramic sink and I sprayed water everywhere and almost killed myself trying to catch it and unfortunately all I could do was watch it crash to the floor as I skidded across after it. Its reasons like this clumy act that I need an OtterBox!

Have had Otterbox before, (Pearl and Curve), they ROCK! I work construction and I have to admit my Storm has fared VERY well but I know it's a matter of time before the inevitable happens! So before I either have a casualty or get a public indecency charge (LOL), I need this case! Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!!

No disasters yet - but I would really hate to spoil my Bold's sexy lines, so I'd leeerve to get protection like this case. Keep the prizes coming - this is awesome!

Disaster ? Yes indeed. Brand new 8350i out of box and went to a party with the girl. Party gets kinda wild and people are checking out the new phone so it's roaming around the room. One of my buddies, checking it out, drops it on the floor !!! Battery cover cracks. I grab the pieces off the floor and try and keep it together. Couple hours go by. Girl has a couple too many and needs to use my phone. Goes into the bathroom crying to her girlfriend on the phone and drops the 8350i in the toilet without the battery cover on it !!! Bends over to get it and throws up in the toilet on top of the phone !! Know a guy who works for Nextel, so I managed to get a replacement, but I will NEVER let anyone touch or use my phone again !!! If anyone needs an Otterbox, it's gotta be me !!

No major disasters with my Storm yet, but I'd love to try out the Otterbox since I had trouble clicking my unmodified Storm's screen with two different Innocases. The added protection against water and the elements would be a bonus too! :)

I'm a police officer and have carried blackberries my whole career, mostly for personal use. The first blackberry to be destroyed was my pearl, a fairly rugged device, I kept it in my front jacket pocket during the cooler months. One day I was caught on foot patrol in pouring, unending rain, the jacket did nothing, my pearl was soaked clear through, battery and circuitry.

It was time for an upgrade so I went with the curve. I absolutely loved the phone until the day someone crashed into my squad car hard enough to send it flying and crack the screen while I was riding shotgun.

I purchased the Storm back in November and I love it, keep up with every update and app, and have broken two Seidio cases during patrol with it [Innocase 2 and Innocase hybrid]. I would love to win this Otter case, it looks very, very impressive and I don't want to destroy this phone ever. My BB Graveyard consists of, since 2003, BB7290(personal favorite), 7100, & Pearl for ATT/Cingular and Curve & Storm for Verizon. I need an Otterbox Defender for my Blackberry Storm because if not it will not last.

My Storm has already met ALOT of wood (Telephone Poles (Verizon)... ya freaks), everyone know a Otter loves wood !!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's my first blackberry so i don't want to drop it, but if i do i would rather have it in the otterbox case.

I work with the Army and constantly have to go places and do things that my Blackberry shouldn't have to endure. Just today, I was working in a motor pool and snapped the cheap swivel off of my cheap case. I NEED an Otterbox to protect my new 8900!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry. My problem is that i have already gone to 2 blackberry's in 4 weeks. I work in construction and i am a project manager. I had a curve 8320, then a 8900 which was drop on a concrete floor and just cracked, i am curently using a Bold. I always drop my phone on construction site all of north america. The worst is being a project manager and not being able to recieve calls or make calls because you dropped your phone on cement or wood.
It would be great, Thanks

I work as a construction inspector (multiple inspector licenses as well as in sales. I'm on my 2nd Crackberry Storm for only 1 reason......

I was on the fourth story of a building where I was doing some nailing inspection. I always carry my Storm in a pocket either in my pants or coat...where it is somewhat safe....well...this day, I decided to quickly slide it into my shirt pocket....

The fourth story of this building is basically the roof. I was finishing up the inspection and all I had to do was check some nailing down by my feet, near the edge of the structure....

I bent down and my jaw dropped as I felt my Storm slide out of my shirt pocket..... You have no idea what went through my mind as I watched it fall from four stories up and hit the ground to where it might as well have gone up in flames. Parts everywhere......But believe it or not...the screen was still intact! Nothing can break that thing!

I had to go back to Verizon and pick up another, which I now leave in my truck to prevent this problem.... LoL.

I don't know how well an OtterBox would hold up from a fall like that.....but it sure would help! Plus...they look amazing...and function perfectly. A buddy of mine has one, and I'm pretty jealous. OtterBox sure makes a bulletproof product. HELP!!!

Well I just got my blackberry Christmas of 08'. So I would take it everywhere. Unfortunately 2 weeks of having it (oops) I was using the Restroom. And as you can probably tell it had fallen in a place of no return. Well i did get it (with gloves of course) all sopping wet. Dried it off left out for 24 hrs. Still worked but would shut off on own. Thankfully returned it and had gotten a replacement. So I believe a weather proof Otterbox would be perfect for my situation that was at hand.

Thank You & Love the Forums.

But would I want the one for my Curve or the Storm I'd like to upgrade to? - Decisions, Decisions.

my blackberry pearl was in my front shirt pocket when i reached over to flush the toilet. you can only guess what happened next. a case wont stop this from happening again. but at least my new storm can feel protected

Hello All,

Like many others I waited online for the storm launch day and had a awesome day planned of snowboarding the next. Early morning loading up the van, I drop my phone out of the side door moving 5 mph and the screen gets destroyed. Couldnt use the phone until the replacement came 2 days away. (longest wait ever) Would love to have a tank case like this so nothing can stop my phone.

I need at otter box case to make my phone look more manly, tonight my gf looked at my phone and called it "girly", therefore insulting my masculinity, and then she called me a girl on top of that for using it, FML.

Otter box FTW!

This is one of those "why on earth did I go and do that?" stories. While driving, I accidentally dropped my brand new Storm down the crack between the bucket seat in my car and the console.

After parking the car, I tried to fish it out, but it was just beyond my reach. Finally I got the bright idea (nay stupid idea) that moving the seat all the way forward would allow me enough access to get it out. Indeed this did work, but when I moved the seat, the seatbelt bolts managed to drag across the entire face of my Storm! Luckily the screen is basically scratch proof, but the black plastic areas above and below the screen had huge, ugly gouges in it.

Lucky for me, several weeks later the phone decided to die on me and couldn't be revived (I was one of the first to get one of these phones). I sent it back to Verizon and they gave me a brand new one. I need an OtterBox to make sure this doesn't happen again.

I LOVE my Curve and so far it's only had a minor drop or two, but . . . I only have a silicon skin on it, so an Otterbox would be so much better. I'm crossing my fingers!

I recently purchased my Blackberry Bold in December but had already have 3 replacements, the first one was that the front screen had shifted because of the impact from a drop, the second was because the usb port had been bent and the third was when my friend was holding it and dropped it and hit the table and the lcd screen crack inside. I think this case would really help me out with all these damages.

Thank you Crackberry,
and Happy Birthday!

I could really use a case like this for my job (carpentry)!

This is my first smartphone, so far no injuries in the two weeks i've had it but with two kids and a hectic schedule something bad is bound to happen.

I don't have a disaster yet, but one of my good friends dropped his Storm and shattered the screen. I work in a tire shop, and its a very harsh environment. Sometimes my phone will end up in my pockets, and I bump into things 24/7. I feel its only a matter of time.

My awful story goes like this...I was on a three day canoe trip and had my curve with me in a waterproof case and tipped the canoe...long story short the waterproof worked but the phone was crushed when my friend stepped on it at the bottom of the creek. Help Me!


Oh man, I would LOVE to win this for my baby. I protect it like it's gold and this would be perfect.

I need one of these bad, I am one my third 8300 case. Last one fell out of my holster and then kicked across the parking garage floor. Scratched the whole face of a brand new case all up. Third case still looks brand new for now. for now!

I've read many experiences thus, far, some funny, some obviously creations of imagination...thus, I'd like to present my case, or cases, as they may be...

It seems to me that not just one situation calls for the need for the OtterBox, but a series and pattern of neglect and abuse as I have demonstrated in my years of blackberry ownership. I will limit my experiences to those of the most extreme nature, Liquid Damage, as an obvious sign that those many other circumstances have had there days, in much more quantity. Besides, isn't the fur of an otter water-repellant...? I warn that these circumstances are not too extreme in and of themselves, yet the pattern proves the point:

1) Wearing bathrobe. Washing bathrobe. Ooops, my curve was in the pocket. Result: Dead, but very clean Curve.

2) It's two am in on the Las Vegas Strip. Me, three friends, and my BB Pearl. Beer in hand, common sense left somewhere a few days back. Hmmm...a large pool of water by the Pirates of the Caribbean exhibit, looks like a nice place to dunk my head...well, as it turns out, the slope of the ground up to the water's edge and my own equilibrium were both miss calculated, and an intended mere dunk of the head turns to a complete somersault into the icy waters. Result: Walking shirtless in cold weather (thank you beer!) back to the motel, thru the casino and being escorted to my room for being soggy. The Pearl, however, recovered after a day of rest!

3) So, we're at my friend's bachelor camping trip, and let's just say nature was smokin and there was a fungus among us. As these two beauties were uniting, 2 friends and I were sitting on grassy, Mario Bros-like grass mounds on the edge of the creek. Someone said something funny, I throw my head back in laughter and next thing I know is I'm completely submerged in the creek with my leg's sticking out into the air (To this day I still blame it on the flying dolphins, but that's a different story altogether). Again, I have an issue with gravity, and my Brand-New BB Storm is in it all with me. I stand up in amazement, and my good friend is on top of the situation repeating 7 times, "Where is your phone, get your phone out!". Result: Dead Storm for 1.5 weeks, then I learned how to fix water damage as I obviously have an issue.

Between these scenarios were many, many other unintentional "dry" abuses my life brings to my BB's....I definitely need all the protection I can get for my beloved blackberry, which has already been through so, so much...HELP ME OTTERBOX!!

Wow, almost 2000 posts!!

Haven't had a disaster yet!! I mean I've dropped my BlackBerry my 8830 plenty of time...

Funnt story though, I was talking with my co-workers about Nomophobia (Fear of being with a cell phone) during the conversation I dropped my trusty 8830 sending the battery door one way, battery another way, with the phone going somewhere else.. Popped it all back together and it worked fine. (Thank God)

My Curve however I am scared to drop for the life of me lol.