Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



man i constantly drop my phone out of my lap when i get out of the car...and its all messed up...sign me up for one of these for sure!...*fingers crossed*

I picked up a Storm on launch date and I have never parted with it until 3 weeks ago.

As an active Blackberry addict my Storm is constantly in use. As such it only makes sense that it gets "dirty"; smudge prints, grease stains from chips & dips, girlfriends face.

So I decided to clean it. Being the genius that I am I used a Lysol disinfectant wipe. Yes the 4 in 1 with a pleasant citrus scent.

Now my beloved Storm is useless. Due to the screen no longer responding when it is touched. How Ironic, a touch screen that can't be touched.

Thank GOD Best Buy RMA. It has been 2 weeks so far without my beloved storm. I need my Blackberry fixed bad!!!! What a perfect way to protect my replacement Storm from viguors of daily use and my cleaning habits, an OtterBox.

Thank You,


My last phone's screen got cracked in a pocket on my hip. My new phone's a Storm, I picked it up 2 days ago and I'm loving it. So I'd really like this phone to last a little longer than my last one did. The Otterbox looks like the ideal case for the job!

My BB is always in my hand, thus I am always dropping it on the cement! I think an otterbox would be the best thing for me! Help me out, please...?

My BB is always in my hand, thus I am always dropping it on the cement! I think an otterbox would be the best thing for me! Help me out, please...?

My disaster story was that of a little carelessness on my part. Stopped by my mothers house to say hi, noticing she was unloading boxes out of the back of her SUV. I placed my Curve on the bumper of her SUV before carrying one of the boxes inside. When I came back outside she had already pulled out of the driveway to move her car and the blackberry went flying off as another car drove by smashing it into a "Smashberry." I'd greatly appreciate any sort of protection other then the dirt magnet gel cover I currently have.

I could sure use the awesome OtterBox for my Curve 8330. No more broken, cracked berries when it decides to fall out of my hands! What a blessing it would be to have this to save my berry and make it look AWESOME! Nothing better than an OtterBox to enhance and protect it!

And Happy Birthday!!!!


I was at the hospital witnessing the birth of my son. After he was welcomed into the world, I snuck into the stairwell to make a million calls with my very 1st blackberry, a curve 8330. Well, im guessing it was the excitement over my son or just me being clumsy, but i fumbled getting my curve out of my pocket and it slipped, heading down the stairs. It bounced up and down the first flight, as i gave chase, hit the wall at the landing, and ricocheted towards the next set of stairs. Now frantic, and still in hot pursuit, i dove for it and received a stairwell door to the face as my curve kept going. I got up and took off, again, getting a small "Sorry sir," from the nurse who opened the door. As my curve reached the next landing and stopped, and not looking to in too bad of shape from what I could see from a few steps up, i thought the end was near. Then a doctor/nurse (not sure which) came through the next door, stepped right on my curve. Which then shot out from under his foot, just as he went airborne and parrallel to the ground, while my curve went to the middle of the stairwell and fell 6 floors straight down to the ground, exploding into about 100, mostly unrecognizable, pieces. I gave the doctor/nurse a similar small "Sorry sir", as to the one i received just a moment earlier and went to assess the damage. Gone! The battery and my media card were the only things able to be saved. Now the loss of my first blackberry, my first curve, was hard to swallow, but not being able to make any phone calls to tell everyone I was now a father for the first time, that flat out sucked!!!

i'm always slipping my BB into my bathrobe pocket, and all too often i miss the pocket and the BB goes crashing to the floor! an otterbox would be great!

I have dropped my storm twice now. Once on a beach boardwal and the other on a tile floor. Twice doesn't seem to bad except I have only had my storm for a little over a month. Luckily I have had no issues due to the drop, but I am sure there will be a next time.

i left my storm on the roof of my car while I was putting my groceries in the back seat. And yup you guessed it I drove off with the phone still on the roof. I took a wide curve on the road doing 45 and I heard something on my back window. As i realized it was my storm sliding down and being caught on my spoiler I hit a bump in the road and the storm cartwheeled its way onto the pavement. I thought for sure it was done, I saw it dismantle when it hit the ground. I went back and found all the pieces . To my amazement it was intact, the battery and back panel came of but I slipped them back on and it turned on fine. Luckily the phone only had a bit of road rash on one corner but everything else was fine. This is why I feel like my storm needs protection.

after i got my Storm, for some reason i kept droping my beloved storm on many occasions. Everytime, i would say, i will get otterbox ( since i had read about it here). finally 2 weeks ago it got dropped over a stone on the screen and cracked the screen :( now i have another one and i NEED AN OTTERBOX :)

I am a Fire Fighter and use my BlackBerry to take pictures of training, on scene of accidents and fires. (Not inside a fire!) and somehow or another it has obtained scratchs, scuffs, and crack on the screen.(it doesn't like being kept in the same pocket as my handheld radio)
Once during training I even forgot I had it in my back pocket and sat on it in a 1,000 degree room for almost 2 hours before realizing I was sitting on it!
I wanted to replace the entire casing but am fearful with my career my new shell would soon suffer the same fate. If I recieve an OtterBox hopefully my BlackBerry will not be so beat up from being abused on the job!!

Thanks CrackBerry!

And I still haven't found the right one for me. I just noticed that my END key is very loose and I'm afraid it is going to fall off. I love my Storm and I would hate to trade it in because of a button falling off, risking that I will get something worse.

I posted on the forums about my button being loose and I found out that the otterbox may protect it from getting worse or even falling off. I'm dying to have one of these cases, especially if it will save my phone.

I have had horrible luck with cases lately and I really think this one will do the trick. This seems to have the protection and the functionality that I need for my Storm.

Thanks guys. And Happy Birthday once again!

I want one of these not for myself, but for my husband. He's broken the clip on multiple blackberry cases when he sits down, because of where he sits the case on his belt. Just recently he also managed to drop his curve face down, resulting in a completely unuseable screen and us having to pay for a replacement. Then when he got his replacement we had to send it back as it kept turning on and off and he just got it back again today, two weeks later. He's a manager at a resturaunt and very much needs his phone to keep in contact with everyone. He needs something like this to prevent this from happening again.

Just last month, I was running late for my 4th period class. The only way I could have made it was if I ran as fast as I could, and that is exactly what I did. With my Storm in my pocket, I sprinted to U.S. History. Unfortunately, the Storm fell out of my pocket and after hitting the floor a few times, landed on the first floor of the building (I was on the 2nd), guts exposed. To add to the misery, I was late to U.S. History and my Storm was history!

I work in telecommunications as a field technician. I use my BB Pearl to do a lot of my work. Being in this field, I am in high places quite often. I unfortunately have recently dropped my BB and have somehow injured my poor lil motor that vibrates my notifications. It would be wonderful to have something to protect my poor phone.

My old bb, also my first, enjoyed riding along my hip enjoying the breeze of a beautiful summer day. I had the Verizon brand holster which seemed fine. So amidst the glorious splendor of a Saturday afternoon, I hit a pothole. No big deal, unless, did I forget to mention I was on my motorcycle!! My BB flew out of the holster and skidded across the highway. Luckily, it was subsequently run over by at least a dozen cars by the time I got to it. Not even the SIM card could be salvaged! I would sure love one of these Otterbox cases!!

As a professional pitching instructor and high school softball coach, my phone has been dropped, hit, kicked, and thrown "around the diamond" more than once! My fiance, and fellow blackberry user, cringes when seeing my phones.. They are typically covered in dirt, and I was only able to get a new blackberry because my old envy got so water-logged during a softball clinic, that it died!! I tried everything to revive it. So here I am with my new blackberry, and determined to keep it NICE. Otherwise, normally OCD, when it comes to my phones, they get as beat up as the batter's box!

Slipped out of my hand talking on a cruise deck ship...Call Jaws I think he might have it..bummert

My Storm + falling out of my pocket while riding a motorcycle and skipping down my driveway = PLEASE PICK ME!!

On a date at the beach, the tide was out so we went out on the rocks. As the tide came in the girl became scared and stayed on a rock that quickly became surrounded by water. I had to go get her before the surf started smashing her against the rocks. We had no intention of entering the water when the date began and I had the blackberry in my pocket. I was wet up to my nipples. Bye Bye Blackberry.

Once again, Happy Birthday Crackberry!

I need an otterbox because I dropped my curve while riding in the back of a minivan and managed to get it caught in the rail at the bottom of the door that houses the sliding mechanism. Needless to say it took hours to find and by that time it had been slid around with the door quite a few times.

So I could really use an OtterBox case for my BB Bold for when I go hiking. But I'm just a poor college student :( Which is why free is great :D

A few years ago I bought two OtterBoxes for a fishing trip to Labrador. I got a nice box for my wallet, camera and so on and one for my Treo 650. They worked great and kept everything dry and protected, the Treo case is great it certainly outlasted the Treo and now I would love one for my new Storm.

Well i used to work for a pool cleaning company and i would always leave my phone (LG Env) and Palm in the truck while we did jobs. But as my luck would have it the one day that i forgot i took an unexpected dip in the pool! completely ruining the phone and palm. thats when i switched to a BB pearl and haven't looked back since! Loving the Storm now.

i am such a klutz and with my blackberry pearl, i have numerously dropped it from my waist length all the way to the pavement, i must have dropped it 5 times like that. The worst one was when i was in my car and i usually leave my phone in my pocket but someone called me so i took it out to see who it is. i forgot i left my pearl on my lap and when i got out of the car, the phone dropped down to the concrete and the battery cover flew off along with the battery and sim card, i cracked my screen and so my phone was done for. my phone was out of commission until my insurance kicked in and got me a new one. It was my first time i dropped my phone and to put insult to injury, i was telling my girlfriend how protective i am of my bb. so now i got the bb storm and in no way do i want to drop this baby to the pavement. so please crackberry, give me the otterbox case to protect my new baby. thanks!

i cracked pretty much all my phone's screen cuz they fall out of my hand...without my will! the last one was a blackberry world!

I don't have a disaster story yet, but I will unless I get one of these cases! The rubber cases at the Verizon store suck!

I will be soon getting a Storm. In the past year I have gone through about 7 PCS phones by droping, banging against things, basicially any way a phone could break it did for me. This case would do wonders for the Storm as I am prone to breaking my phones.


Been doing a lot of construction around the house, and have my phone on my holster.. I have beat the heck out of my case with everything from sheetrock, to lumber, to a leafblower (don't ask.) I'm to the point where I need to get a new case for the phone, but don't want to buy a new case, just to have it scratch all up again. An OtterBox would be awesome in my quest to keep a neat and nice-looking phone!

Otter box is bomb and would stop my butt dialing! I constantly end up putting my blackberry in my back pocket without even thinking and I butt dial. It is embarrassing to learn that I do this quite often. I sure could use some protection

I need a otterbox to help protect my berry from a 2 yr old and a 7 month old. The 2 yr old thinks that I spend to much time on it and will take it and run with it so that I give her attention, then she will throw it. The 7 monthold takes it and tries to use it as a chew toy. Please help me protect my Pearl.

I was so excited to get my first BlackBerry, the 8830 World Edition. My old phone a Nextel i730 it was a night and day difference between the two. On the way to the parking lot I tried to slide the phone into my holster only to miss and hit a puddle on the ground. I couldn't belive on the first day I'd managed to scratch and drentch it. I have a Storm now and have been very careful not to harm it but I know accidents happen and would really enjoy having an Otter to protect it.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I buy a new phone every 4 months cuz i always break mine... Bell Gave me too many issues so I had to Switch to Telus, hopefully i wont have to go to rogers. I think this would minimize my costs by about $2000 a year... lol

Are you some damn moron... how could I hand it over to you?!?!?

I don't know... don't think about it. Just do it!

- from Billy Madison

So don't think about it... give me my damn OtterBox!

So I dropped my old Blackberry a lot. And it was always bad. I sort of need one of these things so when i drop it about ten times a day, it won't matter that much.

Haven't had a disaster with my curve yet but why tempt fate when crackberry is giving away the best protection case out there.

Every monday, I have the dubious honor of babysitting my 6 year old nephew. On one particular night, I was helping my nephew with spelling. I figured that the game "Word Mole" on my Blackberry Storm would help with spelling, reaction, and hand-eye coordination. After I explained the basics of the game, I went off to prepare dinner. As I was preparing, I heard a faint, yet consistent "crunch" noise. After about the fifth time hearing this noise, I went over towards the sound and to my shock, I see my nephew smacking my Storm against the brick fireplace in my place. In my only moment of clarity, during my saddened, overwhelmed state of shock and dismay, I asked him why he did what he did. He explained confidently that he thought if he shook the Storm strong enough the game would give new letters. But after shaking the Storm in the air, he figured hitting it harder would make the new letters appear, or in his words, make "newly" words. As I picked up the mangled mess which was formely my Storm, all I saw was cracks, a bunch of lines, and what appeared to be the red pepper from the "Word Mole" game. I did replace the Storm, but am unable to find a case that I like to protect it from the elements, most notably my nephew. Help me Crackberry and Otterbox!! Thanks!!

Seeing as I am more careful with my phone than with my nephew, I probably have no need for an otterbox, but it would PREVENT some future disasters that may occur e.g. my nephew eats the phone, my nephew kicks the phone, my nephew starts smacking the table with my phone, or my nephew starts biting my phone.

Note: Biting and eating are two TOTALLY different situations.

The back of my curve is already scratched and I've been meaning to grab a case for it, and I was actually looking into otterbox. How amazing that they are being given away for the birthday!!! This birthday sure does celebrate us blackberry abusers!

Kevin, ya had me hooked on Otterbox back when this was the big prize from your Shwag Contest from CES a long time ago.

I'll take my Otterbox in Black for the Curve 8310 please...

Thanks again Kevin for the great contests and even greater addicting website.

Best Wishes and Congratulations!!! =)

i am always dropping my curve out of my leather case. That case does not work for anything. I just know!! that one day my curve will not be so lucky!!! help me! IM IN NEED OF AN OTTERBOX!

I am a volunteer firefighter and having my beloved CrackBerry safe in an Otterbox would just be the thing! Hope I win....

My curve 8310 was thrown while on a ride at the fair. Nearly hit the guy running the ride in the face but hit the ground and got kinda scratched up. Luckily one of my friends not on the ride grabbed it before anyone else did.

oh where do I start with the stories, from it falling out of my holster while playing golf and accidentally hitting my phone quite a distance (happened one time and it was actually hilarious) and its also been swimming with me, more than once, as well as left out in the rain during a baseball game, my crackberry has been through it all including lots of repairs.

My Disaster is with my CURVE.

Was in a hurry, Dropped it, Kicked it to a water puddle and stepped on it all one after the other!. Still worked after but now that

my Wife bought me a STORM 2 weeks ago and I havent activated it yet coz im afraid that i might break it.

Believe it or not, I've been through a few berries. I travel frequently, traveling between places of business and fun-time: Both of which reqire my phone... and getting rough. When it comes to work, my Blackberry is always with me. I use it to make sure all my guys are doing what they should be. I can't tell you where I work, but I can tell you it gets rough. I've lost four of my little blackberry buddies at work in my time. When it comes to fun, my blackberry is stikll at risk. My friends and I like going to the Shooting Range Frequently, where gun powder, flying projectiles, dirt, dust, and debris are constantly threatening my little buddy. I've lost two of my beloved blackberries at the range. Please. Don't let another Blackberry go to 'Berry Heaven. Give him a home. Give him safety. Give him a reason to live. Give him an Otter Box. Thank You.

I am an outdoorsy guy, and obviously, things attached to my hip, back or body for that matter will get scraped, bump, or squashed, whatever adjective you choose.

Everytime i have my blackberry with me on these excursions or expeditions, they either start tumbling like a circus act or start kartwheeling down a dirt road, pavement, hell even the times i've dressed up and put myself out of the elements, it seems that my BlackBerry would just slip out of my hands and slide all over the marble or tiled surfaces.

Granted, this otterbox will compliment my BlackBerry like a helmet on your noggin.

Hopefully I can win one for my Bold 9000!

with my link lock around my waist while cycling, my bb gets crushed by the weight of the links. help me otterbox and crackberry.

I wonder if i would ever actualy use an otterbox, I'vce only seen picutres but it wouldnt hurt to win one and try it!

The issues I deal with working in the great City of Boston, dealing with homeless, drug addicted, disease infested streets my phone takes a beating, the Otter Box, just might be my solution to keep clean and safe.

I've done a really good job of keeping my Bold protected from harm except for one incident. I either use my skin or holster but of course cannot use both together. When headed into work, I dropped my holstered phone in the parking lot. With my great luck it fell right on the exposed corner of the phone giving me some serious cosmetic damage. The Otterbox is what I need!!!!!!!!!

I have no Blackberry disaster story as I've not had it but 2 months but in the past I had a moto E815 that was washed and dried twice in the washing machine and dropped off a 3 story building (I do construction work) and it survived :)

I was so excited when I got my new storm, that when I went to verizon to get a case/holster to protect it, I lost my grip on it while I was handing to the sales rep it smacked the display case before landing on the carpet. Luckly they ended up replacing the phone at a later date.

Several years ago I lived in a one room cabin. Work and my blackberry was my life. One day I thought I had misplaced my Blackberry--I looked everywhere--under the bed, in the couch, even in the refrid.--must have looked for that damn thing for a half a day. Regardless, several days later I have given up. Nothing was going right. I also had toliet and septic problems--toilet kept on backing up. As I called in a plumber it took them an hour to fix the problem. It was my beloved Blackberry--unusable but found nonetheless.

Ever since that time I have taken precise caution to know the whereabouts and safety of my berry. The otterbox is just one further step in assuring my most precious tool stays safe...

no real disaster yet only had my storm for 18 days, but i've dropped it twice removing it from the pouch.

I own my own grading company so I am on and off equipment all day long. I have already messed up two BB storms. I tried the silicone cases and the plastic one they give you when you get the phone. I love this phone even though it probably wasn’t the best choice, considering how hard I am on phones, but I mostly run my business off of my phone. hopefully i can get one of these cases. thank you

I was actually in a car accident when my phone broke. Not a major one, thank you, just a little fender bender at 25mph. I was fine, the car was mostly fine, but my pearl FLEW off my passenger seat and smashed into the glove compartment. It came apart. I put it back together but it never worked the same again.

I now have a Blackberry Bold. Hopefully this one will be protected by the Otter Box!

My little sister thought it would be a good idea to toss my storm down to me from my friends balcony... the storm ended up bouncing on the pavement and landing in the pool. What was the damage? Cracked screen and fried motherboard!!! WOOHOO!!!

Now I know why they call it CrackBerry, because Kevin is on crack! What is this his 5th contest within the passed two days! Good job man! Even thought i probably wont win a damn thing :(

While driving I constantly put my bb on my lap[usually carry it in my pocket] and nine out of ten times I forget its there. At best it falls between my legs when I'm getting out of the car and lands on the floorboard. But more oftin then not, it gets launched out the open door as I'm getting out. I've stepped on it over 30 times and one time I didn't even notice i launched into a frozen snow pile until i was on brake at work.

I would really love to have a product this great to protect my Storm. All my other phones get pretty beat up within the first few months, i have been really carefull these first few weeks, just waiting for something really bad to happen tho.

I work at a preschool with a lot of toddlers/preschoolers. One day for some odd reason I left my BB Storm on my desk and lo and behold one of the kids from another class got hold to it. Let's just say before I could recapture it, it went through lots of drools and drops. At least with the Otterbox, it would have been dry and undented.

Ah man I need one of these soo bad for my blackberry storm. The first month or so I had no problems but I'm having the worst luck this week. First earlier this week I dropped it in my driveway, it scratched the front of the screen and broke the led light in the top right portion of the phone. Also on that side of the phone I can't click the screen anymore. Then yesterday I went to this frozen custard place to get some... well frozen custard obviously haha. Anyway everything was going as normal, eating custard and looking at on my Storm sitting by the door where I always sit. Then some little punk teenager decideds to come in and he practically tackled the door sending it flying into my left shoulder, dropping the custard and spilling it all over my phone. Needless to say, it's fried because of the space around the screen drinking in all of the custard. I got my replacement today and... this time I need an Otterbox for it! Please! This can not happen again!

I like being productive when I'm in the tub. I was using my Storm one day when I _almost_ dropped it in the bath water. Yikes!

PLEASE PICK ME!!! The first day I got my bb, I dropped it and cracked the screen. Couple of weeks after, I sat my bb on the table to shoot some pool, someone spilled their drink all over it. Couple of weeks after that, my 2 yr. old got a hold of it and tossed in the toilet to see if it floats. Now I have a new one because the old one finally died on me. As you obviously can tell, I need the otterbox to protect my bb.

Well being a college student you go to a lot of football games. Too much tailgating can create a hostile environment for your I tailgated a little too much and in the stadium I managed to drop my phone twice in the same game, scratching my berry pretty good. If I had only had an OtterBox! Cheers!

I work as a window washer in Springfield Massachusetts. There are no regulations on phones, so I decided to go out and get myself a storm. One day I was getting ready to do a particularly high building. Before I began my ascent, I tucked my naked storm into my pocket. When I started to wash I dropped my squeegee onto the elevator I was standing on. As I bent down to pick it up, my phone started sliding slowly out of my pocket. Once I realized what was happening, it was too late. All I could do is watch as all my contacts, text messages and emails tumbled towards the hard concrete, my storm was shattered. So, all in all, I think I deserve an otterbox defender case. Who knows, maybe it can survive a 10 story fall. ;)

Wow! Definitely need one of these, always dropping my phones, actually been lucky with my Bold, haven't dropped or scratched it yet *knock on wood*

I bought my Bold on launch day. Pumped up with excitement I dropped it the second the rep handed it to me I just looked at him and said " Sorry bro its yours." I couldn't get that mad. I think it was the pleather on the back, I didn't expect it to be that slippery.

Birthdays are good for you.
The more you have, the longer you live.
Happy Birthday, CB.
May you prosper.

Thank you.

I am a EMT and my phone takes a beating when I work. I was looking at getting this case to help keep my phone from the abuse it takes when I work


ok so i figure that i should at least try to win something.

this is my first post. so i hope it is lucky.

i have a BB8350i with telus.....

fingers crossed

happy birthday......

I know some bb users think these are ugly and unsophisticated. But those of us who subject our bb's to the elements and other abuses find these to be awesome products. If ya don't win one then buy one as they are one of the few products that perform better than advertised.

Luckily nothing broke, but I dropped my Curve the other day, and had to dive like a baseball player to try and catch the thing. It was one of those drops where you kind of bobble it for a few seconds before it falls to the floor. My failure at juggling ended up projecting my berry about 4 feet ahead of me, so I did my best superman impression and dove for it. Right in front of all my employees and customers too. I still didn't catch it and ended up laying on my stomach in the middle of my store's ground arms outstretched, staring at my floor-ridden curve. So yeah a little Otter-love may help... wait what?

Would love to try this case. Babying my storm. Sent my 8703 across the street in midtown manhattan many times. Would like to protect my storm from that.

I work for a custom machine builder company, these machines inspect labels or caps on different types of bottles. This one time at a winery, I dropped my Blackberry on the conveyor line, and the operator find it, on the box smasher, guess what SMASHED Blackberry!

Oh, please please please!

With one little selection, you can help house a Storm for years to come! You'd do it for your baby, right?
You can make a difference. Select now. No need to read further.
Thank you.

(ps. i've been a storm junkie from day 1. Actually, from months before release, but I was 2nd in line at Circuit City on the release day. I have an extra charger, the docking station, tons of extra apps, car charger, blue tooth accessories out the wazoo... I just need my baby covered)

I once owned a BB 7100 with T-Mo. It dropped from my car top to the asphalt (juggled too many things while loading). I still didn't realize it until I backed up the car, feeling that I had missed something, then saw the phone on the ground in front of the car. Cracked and broken. Sigh.

An OtterBox case would be nice for my new Storm.

i dropped my blackberry the first day i got it and had to get a replacement from att. please save att some money and send me an otterbox! ive got butterfingers when it comes to blackberrys!

Seriously every time i get out of my car my black berry is always on my lap and freakin forgot about it and it always hits the cement and i get so pisssed everytime...

i saw one of these types of cases in verizon... it seems pretty neat... kinda bulky but i guess itll be good if your friend across the room wants to see ur phone...u can chuck it to them!!! HAIL MARY!!!!

So I actually have two stories, here goes.

1. I work as a paramedic here in Jersey, I was posted at the airport, we had a mighty sick airport employee on the ramp with the jetways. I was fumbling around trying call the doctor when my partner accidently ran into me the berry went flying......I watched in horror as my first berry ever(pearl) landed under the wheel of a taxing plane. Needless to say it smashed to pieces.

2. I do a lot of scuba diving here in Jersey where i wear a drysuit. Long story short I forgot to take the phone out of my undersuits pocket. Not only did the pressure of 190 feet of water crush the berry, it was digging into my leg for the whole dive.

Well thanks for reading.

So I'm in Toronto running to grab a train to get to my jobsite when somebody plows into me. I look over just in time to see my beloved 7100i flip end over end... and onto the tracks. I had to wait a good 45 minutes for a TTC employee to climb down onto the tracks and get it back to me. All the while I wince every time another train cruses over it. It still worked (the 7100 was a tough little beast), but it was scratched and cracked and dented in several places.

Somehow, I don't think my new BlackBerry Storm 9530 would be so lucky... unless I had an Otterbox!

I really could use one of these cases. I bump and catch my BB all the time. I work in a dusty and dirty environment and this would sure do the trick.

i need one for sure, i recently got my blackberry curve 8310 from att and broke it on the first day, these standard rubber skins dont cut it for a butterfinger like me!

help att save money by making sure they dont have to replace my phone again!!


I am a college baseball coach and my storm is constantly getting put in rough places and getting dirt and other things all over it. An Otterbox to protect it would be great.

i'm one of those people that are pretty clumsy. because the storm has an mp3 player i transferred all my music onto my phone and went jogging with it one night. While i was jogging i tripped on a tree root that was sticking out from the ground (lucky me). My phone went flying and landed atleast 10 feet from where i had tripped and landed on the concrete side walk. I am using verizon's silicone cover which pretty much did NOTHING in this accident. now it was couple of scratches on the sides. I need this otterbox to prevent these types of accidents that happened and protect this expensive phone.

Starting to feel like a begger, lol, but how cool, it's Crackberry's Birthday, and we get the gifts. Come home to daddy, OtterBox...

Work in IT and already have my Bold fell off with the original holster numerous time when I was in the server racks or carrying equipment around. Having the Bold fell onto factory floor or bumping around the rack is no love for my Bold!

Well,I used to live in a 10 story apt building, pretty high for some people, but anyways, my sister came over to visit me with her little one, 2 yrs old. We got to talking and catching up when i turn around to look for my BB and dont see my Pearl on the coffee table. I look for it all over the room but cant find it. I had forgotten that i had left my living room window open, well it only cracks like 10 inches, big enough for a Blackberry! I go outside and see my blackberry guts all over the pavement..thanks Nephew!

when you go fishing with clients as much as i do this thing is pretty much mandatory. I've seen many a good blackberry ruined in the boat.

Hook me up please!

My 2 year old daughter .. for some reason .. loves to take my 8330 curve off of the charger and throw it around the house. You would think I should put it higher up, but if anyone has/had a baby.. you have to make them happy! Haha. A OtterBox would help so much! Thanks! =]
Happy Birthday!

I was landscaping a beach for some rich prude. At the end of the day, behind the screen of my storm looked like a etch-a-sketch. i could shake all the sand back and forth from top to bottom, side to side.

So please otterbox...Protect my phone (voice tone of that cheesy show pimp my ride)

I work for a construction company doing exterior stuuco, so as you can imagine my phoes take a beating, worst one by far wiuld have been when i first bought my 8310(my first bb ever) i didnt have a case for it for about the first week i tried to be extra careful with it and always kept it in my zipped pocket, but somehow i forgot to zip it up as im working on my scafolding and bening down, oops there goes the BB flying down about 18ft to the ground, I think i was ready to cry, luckily and i dont know how I can say this it landed in a bucket of cement,...yea luckly lol. Anyways it dinged the corner of it and fell in after pulling the battery and rinsing all was well, so other then the litle dent the cement saved it :)
With an otter box it would probably be 100% fine :)

BlackBerry Disaster Equation:

Breast pocket of dress shirt + Gravity = Toilet bowl + Disaster

Why I need an OtterBox for my BlackBerry? See above equation.

When I get mad I usually burn out the tires of my car smashing my phone!
(Trackball movement contest! )

Need an Otterbox!!!!!!

During a RIM event in Brisbane last year... fantastic cases! I'd very much like one for my Bold...

Great prize for a giveaway!

You see, what had happen was ... my dog ate it .. yea, and now uh, uh and now I need one becuase, well you know ... uh, you know how harsh the weather in southern california can be ... yea, and especially near the beaches, yea, and you never know when a big wave might hit the coast .. or when the santa ana winds might kick up the sand really bad or or even better my BB might get sun burned from too much sun exposure. :(

I would want an Otterbox...not necessarily for the protection but because it is damn sexy! I have dropped my BB in my M1A1 Tank did not survive.

I work in a hospital and I am into patient transportation, so one day I had my BB in my pocket and got called to an emergency that was coming in with a chopper. As I'm rushing out there, I hit a table with my body, hear a cracking sound and there it went my Blackberry was pierced by the corner of the desk, broke the back of the phone and put a huge dent into it. After attending to the patient I took a look at the phone but every attempt of reviving it failed and I had to get a new one. So I got the storm and a silicone casing to it, but I have a feeling that only some bigger casing/pouch like the Otter Box would have prevented something like that.

Happy Birthday Crackberry thank goodness for your terrific TWOs and looking forward to keep reffering you guys to all my customers for your helpful Crackberry Memebrs and information. Keep it berry!!

I have two year old twins and they love to throw anything they can get their hands on. My daughter throws things softly but my son has a rocket launcher. Everytime I see him go near my Storm I freak. So far, disaster has been averted but I would rest so much better if I had my Storm protected with one of these awesome Otterbox cases....and my son wouldn't get scolded nearly as much so we both win!

One day while shopping at Walmart I dropped my beloved Storm and it must have hit the sweat spot. The screen came off two buttons popped off and one hinge on the battery cover broke .I had insurance but shortly after I received the new one I lost my job and can't afford this case. I know this case would have protected my investment and if I could win a free one it would be amazing and a blessing.

New to BB altogether after bad experience with iPhone (pffft). I love my storm and my membership to this awesome site.

New to BB altogether after bad experience with iPhone (pffft). I love my storm and my membership to this awesome site.

I have only dropped my Bold once, broke the tab for the battery cover. Now I drive myself nuts trying to prevent any more mishaps. I'd love one of these just for the peace of mind!

my own blackberry would personally thank your for this extra protection, otterbox is > than my not so protective invisible shied >_<. Comes to find out that invisible shield isn't that great for when u go swimming in the ocean with your blackberry in your swimming trunks as i did... If i would have had a water proof otterbox i could have salvaged my bb instead of having to purchase a new one. I drop my phone all the time for some reason, and one of these cases would help on my drunken nights haha.

I had a curve for a while and dropped it on cement and the whole case broke...have a bold now ;)

Well, I will be shipping off to basic in April and even though I won't be able to use my Storm during my training, it would be great to have some type of protection for my beloved Berry once I can use it again...

I've always been clumsy, and as hard as I try I always end up destroying my phones. I had my first scare when I was getting out of my car for class. I was putting my curve into my pocket, but I missed the pocket completely. It hit the foot step and did a flip onto the concrete, and the backcover flew off. luckily it looked a lot worse than it did, thanks to my el cheapo rubber glove of a cover. But I can always use something better for the next big drop

My 8100 had loads of scratches and nicks from random drops

My 8130 was the same

I am trying to prevent my storm from the certian fate of my clumsey feet. :(

Please pick me :(

I just got my first Blackberry. No mishaps yet but it's only a matter of time. My nieces and nephews call me Aunt Dory Grace, after Dory in Finding Nemo:) and Grace because I am so the opposite. Help me out with an Otter box!

My story is that I REALLY REALLY want to NOT have a disaster story! (And the #1 key to prevention in the known BlackBerry world just happens to be OtterBox!) I would be GREATLY INDEBTED TO YOU GUYS! PLEASE - SAVE A PEARL'S LIFE!

I'm known for throwing phones into the sea... No, they don't float! Too many Nokia's and now BB's have met their fate when I'm frustrated. :)

I am impressed with the ruggedness this looks to offer. I work on Lake Erie and my phone is custom to abuse when I lay it in the pilot house. With waves crashing onto the windows, nothing is leakproof, I learned the hard way.

this is something i truly need for my storm! i've had it since december (first blackberry i've bought, and LOVE by the way ), and let me just say, it doesn't pay off to be clumsy. i'm so afraid of any further damage, i've been keeping it tied up in my sunglasses bag whenever i'm outta the house. it already has more nicks on it than my old cell i had for 4 years! hook me up crackberry!

Picture it....the infamous Black Friday sales.

I walk into my local electronics retailer at 6:00am when they open, hoping to get my hands on the latest BlackBerry, the Storm.

Well, to my surprise they have one, and the person in front of me is looking to buy it. Well, as luck would have it(for me), his CC was declined....hoo ya!

So I buy the Storm, case, charger, and the whole nine yards, and I am on my way with the phone. Well, as karma would have it, I am in a store parking lot three hours later, checking my emails that are now coming in(way too cool), and it happens BAM! Down goes my BRAND NEW STORM....well I pick it up, in a way hoping it was broken so I can claim the insurance and nope...still works 100%. So, I am now just a tad on the frustrated side, new phone that now looks like it went through the Running Man obstacle.

Well, I came to the rapid conclusion that had I had an OtterBox, this would not have happened. is what I have learned:

1) The Storm is a very well built piece of electronics.
2) Had I had an OtterBox, my new Storm would still look and feel like...well, a new Storm
3) The Storm slips when your hands are wet or sweaty
4) I am a CrackBerry Addict

Thanks for the time to post this, and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did reliving the terrible memory of the third hour that I had my Storm.


Simple put I need an Otterbox so that when my little 2 year old gets his hands on my STORM, I can relax and not do a sprint to save it from being dropped!!! (I know, I know, put it away from him...not easy to do!)