Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



i want to win this otter box because i am always working on heavy machinery and working on cars all day.. i love to leave my phone on my lap and which always drops when i get out of my car. lol and to be able to protect my investment and to continuing enjoying my blackberry storm 9530... thanks hope to hear from someone...

Okay, it's not really a BB disaster but I need a otterbox because I'm any cell phone's worse nightmare. I have broken my last 3 cell phones all before my contract renewals were up. I leaned on my first one that was in my pocket and broke the Antenna part off completely, I somehow broke the flip function on my last flip so that it doesn't work and on my last Nokia 6265i I ruined the external speakers on it by dropping it too much and letting my baby use it as a pacifier :) So now I"m on to a BB Storm, already dropped it numerous times pulling it out of the sleeve. See how this phone is $699 canadian, I really don't want to break this one.

I don't need it for myself, per se, I need it for my ditzy wife! She's had her blackberry curve for about two months! In that amount of time, she's broke 3 seperate hard cases, (once from just dropping it, once from it falling out of her purse, and once from it falling off the car when she left it on top!) she has also dropped her Blackberry in a batch of cookie dough, and done who knows what else.

She needs an Otterbox! If not, I might have to shell out another few hundred bucks to get her a new blackberry!

This wasnt a disaster but a near DISASTER! I was filling the bath tub with water to bathe my little newphew, I left him in the bathroom for a second to come back and see him with my Storm and a little grin on his face! I yelled NNNNNOOOOOO and had to run at him. He threw the phone toward the tub but thankfully I literally caught it in mid air before it landed in the water. That would not have been good at all! So I figure getting a weather resistant otterbox defender case would be a good bet. lol

My introduction to the blackberry system involved an attempted upgrade to Sith's .106 Hybrid. I guess you can tell how that went from the subject headline. After numerous cups of coffee and some excellent help from my forum members I finally got it done. Thanks Crackberry and members for helping what appeared to be a disaster end with a kick a$$ storm!

Now this is cool! I haven't destroyed a BB yet, but as they get smaller I'm sure it's easier to do. I take my BB out of its holster about 30 times per day and am constantly on the one of these would be fantastic for that one time it slips out of my hand right when I'm on top of concrete.

Well first of all I love my storm. I work on a tugboat which has a coal barge. The first accident we hit some rough weather with 15 foot seas and it fell off of my shelf in my room and smashed to pieces on the cement floor. My second storm has been filled with so much coal dust I cant see the screen any more. So Im hoping an otterbox will help me preserve the 2 one and the 3 one I will be getting in a month or so.

I need an Otter case because my Blackberry has suffered many
accidents. The corners have cracks where I've dropped it and
it still works. I first learned about these cases about two
weeks ago and it is just what my Blackberry and I need.
Would love to have one.

would love an otterbox. Clumsy with my bb curve sometimes. What a nice treat for my pink curve. My curve thanks you!

Get it? you "OTTER" pick me! See what I did there? What you didn't see was how I have dropped my Storm about 30 times so far. Please help.

One night me and my boys decided to go to a party. *Disclaimer: The part about the phone comes at the end but it puts the topping on the cake, so bear with me* Took us about 30 minutes to get to the party, and when we got there they wouldn't let anyone in the door. So since we drove 30 minutes we weren't just going to turn around so we snuck in the back. We got in and found out you had to wait in line to get in the actual party which was in the ballroom of that building. We waited for about 15 minutes then people started getting restless and rowdy. So the cops came and we decided to go, but not before they sprayed pepper spray everywhere. My eyes were burning, my throat was closed...but somehow my friends and I made it outside. When outside I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked behind a nearby building and started urinating. Mid-stream (sorry if too vulgar) someone called me on my Storm. Remember my eyes are still burning and I'm still coughing like crazy, but stupidly I decided to answer the call. When I pulled my phone out my pocket I coughed and juggled it once or twice before it fell in my urine. I quickly bent down to pick it up, but I was still urinating so that made matters worse. After I finished my phone had cut off and had a bunch of scrapes on it. Obviously this could have been avoided if I wasn't so stupid but if I had an OtterBox I think it would have a great difference and at least kept my phone looking nice. So that's why I neeeeed an case I get pepper sprayed while urinating lol

Not a disaster yet...but have already hopped out of the company van twice with my storm in my lap and it met the concrete both times scratching the case! This is a good 4 foot fall too lol. This nifty case would surely help more then the silicone sleeve I currently pick me :)

I was in australia on vacation with my brand new storm and was coming home from the beach and somehow dropped my phone before I got into a cab. I ended up luckily getting the phone back later that day (it was New year's eve so this was no small feat), but the screen had fully cracked in the uppper right corner. The phone still worked, but obviously had some issues. After 8 days the screen just decided to stop working. Everything else work, but having a touch screen phone without a working screen is obviously an issue. I couldn't get a new phone till I got back to the US so I ended up being without a phone for about 2 weeks. I only had the thing rubber sleeve on it. Obviously I need something more robust.

So it all started with me walking down the street,
i was texting away with my brand new BBstorm when all of a sudden some guys wielding IPHONES came and snatched it from me,
They instantly saw that it was a Storm and decided it would be fun to throw it in the air and NOT catch it....
if that wasnt enough they took it and THREW IT IN A POND!!!!....
they they it in the shallow end though so i was able to retreave it....aday later i was eating lunch at a park near where i was walking.
this time one help me back as they persistently RAN IT OVER WITH A TRUCK and than PEED ON IT ?!?.....

......i was saddened by this event

the next day i went to Verizon and got a new one.

i know that the Otterbox probably won't keep it alive much longer...

but maybe it'll let it stay alive long enough for me to say goodbye this time...haha

well im Ross fletcher,
and THAT was a TRUE disaster story.

If I were to have one of these wonderful cases.. I would have no problems throwing my phone if I ever needed a weapon.

I've still yet to purchase any sort of case, cover, or skin and my phone is starting to show that. I left it in my hoodie pocket once and decided to sprint to my truck. Phone came out, landed screen down on the concrete and slid for like 10 was devistating to watch!

Well i would say my biggest reason for needing a otterbox would be my ulmost dissaster story. Basically about a year ago my girlfriend and i got sideswiped while driving near her house. Part of her passenger side mirror got broken off so once we pulled over to talk and exchange info with the other driver i ran to get the piece of the mirror. Of course it had to happen on one of the busiest roads so the part almost got ran over. I jumped out into the street and took off running for it and next thing i know my Blackberry flys out of my holster and i watch in basically matrix style slow-mo as my precious BB flys in front of my face and smashes the ground 10 feet from me. As it hits the ground it slides luckily back down for about another 6 feet. I basically start flipping out and go and pick up myu BB to find out the back is scratched badly but not broken. To my suprise i picked itup and did a battery pull and so far my BB has run fine since but damn would an otterbox have helped out soooo much. Well there is my story and i hope something like it never happens again.

People have dropped my phone a ton of times. i work at the police department and people ask me what phone is good and which one i use and its crazy when they drop mine. i actually got a few officers to use otterboxes on their curves and they love it when they are in a fight. i hope i win one so i can show them a ruggedized storm!

I'm a clumsy oaf and I need protection for my BB. I have a bad habit of dropping things and my BB has been a victum and have had to replace mine twice in the short time that I have owned one. Save my wallet and my heart ache!

The 1st night I got my Storm, I was reaching to lay it on the nightstand but the plug cord wasn't quite lone enough and - bam on the floor, cracked screen (Wouldn't an outerbox been helpful then).

Love the site,

I once had a blackberry from Manila
I dropped it in some ice cream i think it was Vanilla
If you pick me
I hope you'll agree
That you should never own a gorilla

(Especially the ones that might rip your face off) oh what too soon for a ripping your face off joke?

Storm Otterbox si vous plait

It sounds odd when you word it like that, doesn't it? Thanks and OtterBox for helping to keep this community hopping!

I have yet to drop my Blackberry, but remembering how much my old phone got beat up, I am going to need all the protection I can get! This would be a great accessory for my Storm.

Ok here it goes....
Truth is my wife doesnt like me having a blackberry (8330). she think i spend too much time on it... crackberry...socialscope...fantasy bb..etc etc...
She has taken it upon her self to try and sabotage my phone so i can go back to my Moto phone. Anyway the other day she actually picked up my phone and scratched it. I can provide proof if need be... I am afraid one day she is going to throw it accross the room and an otterbox could prevent a major break down.
Please help Kevin.

MY pearl
This isnt related to my storm, but definately why i am so nervous about my storm. my first pearl suffered through so much by the end it BARELY worked. it was run over by my f150 once, completely under the tire and it didnt crush. i found this amazing. later, i went to the lake and went out wakeboarding one time. without even thinking about it, i donned my life jacket and jumped into the lake to board... pearl in pocket. I didnt knjow until i was back in my boat that the pearl was in my pocket, the whole time. it went underwater probably 15 times, literally soaking in water. i dried the phone for about 3 days without ever turning it on, put the battery in, and for the most part, the phone worked great! i went about a month on this phone before accidently putting my pearl in the laundry, again by accident. it went through the wash cycle, AND the dryer.. after another 3 days of drying with all the components out, put the battery back in, and now it worked a little less. charging it was hit or miss, it would take a charge some nights and others not. when i upgraded to the storm i was really nervous about taking good care of it. the otterbox would definately help me prottect this little mobile gem. :)

all i have to say is my phone was in my pocket when i went down an inflatible slip and slide. when i got out the screen was half full with water. it didnt turn out to well....

I usually kept my pearl in my pants pocket, however one day it decided to slid right on out at 40 MPH, that was the end of the pearl! Now onto the storm I have to zip it up in a pocket then weld that pocket shut, then put a pad lock on the zipper! If i had an outterbox I could tie a string to it and just let my phone drag behind my bike!

Im sure this isnt the best story, but it happened to me on a cold day in January. I was running late geting my daughter to the bus stop. So i slipped my berry in my jacket pocket and rushed out the door. well stupid me didnt zip my pocket up and when i went to bend down and get in my berry slipped out of my pocket onto the ground. I had no idea at this point what had happened, as i was in a hurry. Did'nt wanna miss that bus! Well on the way back i was going to check my phone, and it was gone? I was wondering where the heck it could of got to. Well i found out when i got home that not only did i run over it once, but When i left AND came back. Not sure if the otterbox would of helped that, but maybe it would of had a better chance surviving. Needless to say, if it goes in my jacket pocket any more, i zip it up! Im sure im not the only one this has happened to, but it was a hectic day here! Live and learn!

I pulled my Storm out of my motorcycle jacket pocket with a leather gloved hand, and barely managed to play "Hot potato" with my beloved Storm. - I came "this close" to killing my favorite contraption. If I'd had an Otterbox, I would have probably not nearly had a flippin' heart attack!

Please enter me in this contest!

I would love an otterbox to protect my poor over-used blackberry. Being a lawyer that uses his cell phone for an office phone I have twice thrown my phone against a wall. Be it due to opposing counsel, clients or the need to purge my soul of the evil taint of being a lawyer I know the otterbox could help my 8330 live through the abuse.

Thanks again crackberry.

I had just bought my new house. I recieved a phone call from my mortgage broker telling me that I could go pick up my keys to my first new home, when the phone rang I got so exited I grabbed my storm from the console of my uhaul truck and as I went to put it up to my ear the phone fell out of the drivers window crushing the corner and damaging the screen. What was supposed to be the best phone call ever ended up bringing tears to my eyes. Kevin I could so use one of these!!!

Blackberry 8900. Washing dishes, browsing Slippery 8900 without Otterbox case. Very wet and dirty Berry.

Last year I went to Italy for a month, in business trip. On the third day I dropped my blackberry on Rome's cobblestones. I had to buy a cheap new phone and give up on email and data for the rest of the month. Now I value what cases are worth!

Back when I had my 7250, I used to keep it in my passenger seat.

Then one day, while driving, another driver decided it was more important for him to be in front of me. So I slammed my brakes on, and then my 7250 slammed into my dash.

After that, the phone wouldn't boot. And once I was able to finally get it to boot, all it would say was hardware failure.

So, I really don't want the same thing happening to my storm!

I recently got my first blackberry, a Storm, and i need the OtterBox to prevent having any disaster happening to it.

Alright, so I NEED one of these cases.. I am very picky with keeping my storm in good condition and have gone through multiple cases already. None of them fit snug or correctly cover the phone like these do. I would absolutely love to win one of these!

Do you have to post a reason why you want to win one, or can you just make any assinine comment or question?

Either way, I'd be sweet to try one of these out!

I have bumped the BlackBerry against stuff and dropped it a few times. So far I have been lucky and not hurt the device.

count me in! thanks cb!
my worst blackberry disaster is that i dropped my brand spanking new phone as i got out of the car. i had placed it on my lap after talking on it and when didnt realize it was there when i got out. BAM! it hit the pavement and got knicked up!

This would be an ideal case for my boyfriend, who loves his Blackberry(s) but has wrecked 2 of them already within the first month of having them by dropping them when working...cracked each of them both clear through the screen! I'd love to give him one of these.

i dont know if i posted here, but my storm needs a case and this seems like an affordable way to get one! :)

I would love to win one of these covers. I have a new Storm and i am scared to death i'm going to damage it. I currently have a BB leather belt case for it now but i would really like the best protection possible.

While walking across a parking lot with my arms full of groceries the cheapie holster I was using cracked and my curve flew out. My right foot literally punted the phone as I stepped forward. I could only watch in terror as my phone skidded across the parking lot right into the path of a Buick. The little guy never had a chance. I've got a Bold now with a standard holster, but I sure would prefer an OtterBox. I probably need one with my luck.

I haven't had a major disaster, however, several close calls of dropping my Storm...concrete could be a disaster for my Storm...The Otter Box will be the solution to put my mind at more worrying about the phone slipping out of my hand...The Otter Box will provide a good solid surface to grab that won't slip...and if it or I did slip for whatever Storm and I will be spared any damage and continue to go on with the day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY!!

It was the first day i bought my Pearl 8110. I went riding my four wheeler as I always do, but of course I forgot I had my NEW blackberry with me!! As you can imagine, the phone fell out of my pocket as I was flying through the air. When I came down, i realized it had fallen out....needless to say when I found the pearl, it was a little(more like a lot) beat up....if I had a sweet otterbox case, I think it would have been in a lot better shape....I still ride, but usually leave it in the car, this case would allow me to keep it with me!!! PLEASE

I'm going to be guiding backpacking trips for 7 weeks this summer for the Boy Scouts and I would like and OtterBox to protect my 8330. I've all ready ruined one of my phones on a trip (thank god it was only a cheap dumb phone and not my precious Blackberry). I might not always get service but I still want use my 8330 for the GPS and music.

I really need one of these for my storm. First off i love my storm so i try and protect it anyway i can so i bought a case for it a two piece one that snaps together. Well i accidentally dropped it one time and as soon as it hit the ground the case that was "suppose" to protect it came un snapped and my storm got messed up. :( sad day it was

I've been holding to on my storm for dear life, althought two small drops have occurred. However, my previouse phone was replaced 4 times due to screen cracks from me dropping it or otherwise. Hook me up!

I'm an EMT and a Firefighter, and I use my Blackberry to keep track of emails, get directions, and some handy apps here and there.

A few weeks ago, it was a very snowy day. We responded to a vehicle accident. When we got on scene, I jumped out and ran to the patient. Somewhere along the way though, my Blackberry fell out of my pocket and managed to land directly in front of the wheel of the ambulance.

After treating the patient, they were loaded into another ambulance. We got back into ours, and we started moving. Now, I didnt hear a "crack" since it was snowy outside, I just realized I had dropped my phone.

My partner and I quickly hopped out and went to go search for it. About 10 minutes later, we noticed a black object just behind the wheel. It was, my Blackberry. Or should I saw, my "Blackberries?" The screen was shattered and the phone was severely damaged.

Luckily, AT&T gave me another phone after I explained to them what happened, but with the Otterbox I KNOW that it wouldn't happen!

Okay, so I can't give you a "disaster" story! First it was my Pink Pearl, and now my Storm; I babyed them as any mother would do!! But who doesn't need that "insurance" policy just in case of an accident? I hope I can win one of these babies so I will never be able to tell "my worst BlackBerry disaster story!!!"

No disaster to report yet, but commuting everyday in NYC requires the best case in the business.

I dropped my storm when pulling it out of my holster and it hit the pavement. The screen was popped out and I had to push it back in! :O

One day my baby cousin was trying to feed tomato soup to my storm,,,, he was about to give the first spoon when I jumped from my seat to save the storm..... luckily i was on time and he missed...

I got the storm because i run a tree digging company and the ability to take a picture of the trees i am digging and send the pictures to my broker was excellent. it was all excellent until my storm got between me and the edge of a 40' trailer, just say the phone broke

I don't have disaster story yet but if I don't get a otter box case I will. I recently got a Blackberry Storm, and really need some good protection for it. I am in the military, and always out on missions where I am constantly dropping, smashing and destroying my blackberrys. I have had to replace my blackberry 3 times in 9 months. I love the otterbox cases and know that I will get some good use out of one.

i work in a high stress environment supporting blkberry devices. my co-worker is always going postal and throwing anything he can get his hands on. sure would help to have an otterbox to protect my device. ;-)

I am a volunteer firefighter and I am wondering if this case would help protect my storm from the bumps, dings & drops that happen on a daily basis.

I am a volunteer firefighter and I am wondering if this case would help protect my storm from the bumps, dings & drops that happen on a daily basis.

I NEED an otter box... i like making my gadgets look like tanks and im too poor to afford this on my own right now. Please pick me!!

Hey there,

So here's my story and why i need an Otterbox for my Storm.

I'm a previous owner of several berries before i got my storm. I started with the 7250, then worked my way up to the 7105, then got my Pearl. All these phones have taken constant abuse (falling down stairs, getting run over by a bus, falling on the pavement in NYC). Nothing beats my latest blunder. So i have my Storm now for about 4 months and swore to never let it fall or get scratched. Blissful screen, even the screen protector was flawless. Of course, once i thought that, why would the perfect streak continue. It was the morning of February 10th and due to my usual routine I get up, grab my phone and walk to the bathroom to take a shower, brush my teeth, etc. Apparently where i placed my phone that morning, i hadn't noticed that my towel was partially holding it up. After i'm done in the shower, step out, snatch my towel, and there goes the Storm flipping through the air like a boomerang. Of course i dive for it but why would i catch it right? No, i help it along its way; instead of catching it i further smack it into the open toilet. Must admit it put a tear in my eye knowing that it was a done deal, however i had to grab it out of there to see if it was still twitching. Unfortunately, the trauma it received ended its life prematurely. What does this teach me? Stop trying to protect your investment by taking more care of it than you would a child or pet, just get something that will protect it for you. That is why i need an Otterbox. Please hook it up!! Thanks for your time reading my story.


i wonder what the total number of comments will be when this is all over ..... i hope i have enough in to win.....i really want to win at least once

I work in the plumbing service industry which is pretty self explanatory as to why I am in need of an Otter case to protect my phone. Besides the normal wear and tear that a phone would go through can you imagine how much worse it is for a phone that is owned by a plumber? There are many instances where I must carry my phone with me underneath a house to do repairs in often time’s flooded spaces. To be crawling around in dirt, mud, and sometimes in much worse materials. I have had multiple occasions where I needed to replace my Blackberry because it took a dive onto the ground from the roof while I was working on top of a building or house. I need a case that will be easy to clean especially when I have to pick up my phone when my hands are not the most sanitary. That is the life of a plumber and why I need an Otter case.

Wow, Crackberry should celebrate their birthday through out the year. I want the storm otterbox, that looks awesome

I need one of these for my curve 8320 because i work the the paint dept. at a sign making company making signs for major retailers like Target, TD bank, Subaru etc...and in the paint dept i sand usually metal parts of the signs and metal shavings have been trying to get into my phone. So now i carry my phone in a sandwich ziplock, whos the geek with the BlackBerry in a sandwich bag?...Meeee!!!!

I need an otterbox, because I am very clumsy. With my first 8320, I fell down a flight of stairs, and my berry took the biggest beating out of it. I had to replace the entire housing, because the screen was cracked and there was scratches all over!

My Curve 8330 has been in 3 cases not counting the sleeve. First was pouch with flap, the leather came off in 6 months. The second was a face in clip. The Curve fell out when going thru a narrow doorway. The third is an Otterbox Defender and it has been great when I need extra protection. Would always want an Otterbox so IF I win it will probably be for my next BB such as a 8930.

So I had the invisible shield on my storm thinking it would be enough protection for my purposes and just my luck I drop my storm and it scratches the one spot that was not protected by the IS :(

Happy B-day CB!!!
I work in a busy ER and my Storm is on my side all the time... need I say more???

My worst BB moment was when I was in an airline bathroom, "concentrating" and accidentally dropped my red curve into the toilet when it was flushing. Lets just say my red curve was no longer red.

My BB needs protecting from my fumble fingers ability to drop it at the most inappropriate time.

For the past few months I have wanted to buy a football because I don't have any friends and I thought that If I had a ball someone might want to play catch with me. Instead, I decided to buy the new Blackberry Storm. My reasoning was this: "I can play catch with a Storm, but I can't surf the web, make phone calls, check my Facebook, and pretend to have a lightsaber with a football." Soon after purchasing my new phone I decided that it was much too fragile to play catch with. Now all I do is sit inside and surf and download new apps and OS's. If I had an OtterBox I would feel much more comfortable throwing my Storm around. Maybe then I would be able to make a friend and play catch. That is why I need an OtterBox for my Blackberry Storm.

really interested on this case it looks lke one of the best cell case i ever seen and i had a lot of good ones!

My Storm lives in a storm on a daily basis with twin girls a week away from turning 2. Curiosity, bounce tests and food fights are a daily encounter in our house plus the cost of raising little ones doesn't provide much extra cash for accessories so my Storm would be grateful to receive such a beautiful armor system as Otter Box.


The second day I got my 8320 Curve, I dropped it on the pavement, and it ended up sliding a good three feet. It tumbled and became scratched like a mug... With an OtterBox, it would have protected it (:

Working for the Marine Corps is tough work - working for the Marine Corps in the frozen north of Wisconsin makes things even tougher. Here recently while working in subzero temps (-17 degrees without windchill) I had to make an emergency phone call after the vehicle I was using broke down on a back country road - broke down at night - never during the day. While I was investigating the problem under the hood, I attempted to make the call from my BB Storm (the best phone ever!) for assistance (AAA)as soon as the AAA operator answered the phone fell/slipped out of my hand (I blame the loss of feeling and near frost bite in my hands vice error on my part)hit the ground in front of the car, split in two, and the better half (main half) slid down into the ditch, right into the culvert! I was standing there in disbelief - all I had was the back to my BB storm and a battery! I had a some choices, I could get in the car and wait and possibly freeze to death, walk to somewhere for help and possibly freeze to death, set the car on fire for warmth and a distress signal (probably not,) or try to fish the BB Storm from the culvert. I spent the next half hour trying to fish the Storm from the storm culvert (how appropriate) until I was able to pull the BB out - all the while fighting off frigd temps and arctic wind! (Thanks that I packed emergency clothing for such instances)
I was so relieved and happy until I realized (upon reassembling the phone) that the phone would not turn on (battery frozen or..?)Just about that time I had a County Deputy pull up behind me to save the day! The deputy radio for asssitance and let me use his cellphone to call home/work to give details - the best part was that the officers phone was BB Bold - how ironic.
I tunred the phone into my local provider telling them what happened and they replaced it with a new one - too good to me. I love the Storm - had I not had a replacment given by my phone co I would have though nothing to buy another!
I know an Otterbox would have saved the day - kept the phone in one piece and secure in my hand (even if my hands had no feeling!)
This is a true story (I left out the cursing parts:)

Hey all,

My worst BB disaster story was actually prevented because of my Otterbox that I have already on my 8330.

I work in Emergency services and have had the black and yellow Otterbox on my phone from the start. Time after time people have first commented on the bulkiness of my Otterbox but I simply tell them it's a matter of taste. Minus 20 Celsius I have dropped my phone in the snow or on the cement several times, never received a scratch or any water infiltration.

I'm hoping from some preventative maintenance for a friend of mine who also has a curve. He is a farmer and the only case he hasn't tried is the Otterbox even with my constant nagging that this is the case for him. He has tried every other case out of necessity, he has broken everyone he has tried.

I already know the Otterbox is the answer for him.


I have a Blackberry Storm and accidently hit it on my legg...resulting in dropping it on the pavement...needless to say I was very dissappointed in it...

PLEASE send me one :)


The day after I got my first Blackberry (my trusty 8830 in beautiful red), my dog decided he would escape to greet another hound in the neighborhood. In a rush, I stuck my Blackberry in my waistband and ran after him. About three yards into my sprint, I heard something hit the pavement. You can imagine my horror when I looked down to see my Blackberry doing a somersault across the street. I was surprised when I picked it up and the only harm done was some minor scratching (because let's face it- they are pretty hardcore devices). Even though I have upgraded to a Storm, I haven't replaced my dog yet and could really use the extra protection. I'm unusually clumsy and drop my poor Blackberry more than I like to admit.

OK, so I have been hard on phones in the past. Mostly, I have had a history of putting a phone (not a Blackberry!) in my back pocket and SITTING on it. Hard. I am not overweight but my butt+phone+hard rock beneath me makes for a bad situation.

OtterBox - save me from myself before I do something equally horrid to my beloved Storm! And, let me in on the Crackberry Birthday celebration!

As an industrial engineer, I work around massive machines and equipment. I tend to break everything that's in my pockets or connected to my belt, including the several Storms I have had to use insurance on already. That OtterBox looks like its has industrial grade rigidity and would be able to keep up with my recklessness. I've been reluctant to bring my Storm with me at all times due to breaking it a few times already and insurance running out, and it's important that I have it on me at all times. I think the OtterBox would be perfect.

Hmmm... Worst case is probably when I dropped my 8830 from a lift when I worked at Circuit City. 30 feet... my Otterbox saved the day.

Or... the time I spilled maynaise on my berry. Keyboard protector was a life saver!

I have the storm now and would love a case for it!

I need an otterbox so that my bumbly, clumsy, always on the run self doesnt end up with a broken screen anytime soon with his new touchscreen berry. My previous phone was built like an otterbox yet I still somehow ended up always reaching the maximum number of times I can call Asurion for emergency replacements after A) my 300 lbs football friend sat on it B) It took a beer shower from somebody spilling C) I dropped it in the darkroom developing my prints and almost stepped on it or D) Dropping it from a painting scaffold helping my Dad paint. Please give me your birthday present?

I need an OtterBox for my 8830 for motorcycle riding. It would be mounted on a RAM mount and used for GPS and visible for dialing for use with my bluetooth integrated helmet. My first 8830 was in my tank bag and destroyed after a minor crash that resulted in my Crackberry being thrown from bag and subsequently run over by a big truck.

Thus, I need this! I really like the protection the OtterBox offers as well as the ability to use keypad through case (even with thick motorcycle gloves).

If I am chosen, I promise to send pics of my neat mount set-up on bike!


Tom Frundle
Smyrna, TN

the otterbox for the storm looks massive. but i still want one. crackberry, u guys are the best. for ur birthday ur gonna give us free stuff. f'en awesome!

Can't say how many emails I've lost because I drop my phone and the battery falls out. Need Otterbox!


I have been an Otterbox fan and user since my very first Blackberry. The product is so reliable and effective, I recommend it to all my Berry-blazin' friends! Here is the story of how I found Otterbox...

I started with the original Blackberry Pearl 8100. It was love at first sight. I was so impressed by its versatility, I became obsessed with exploring everything it could do for me.

Like a fool, I always carried it in the "cell-phone" pocket of my work pants. One morning, a fight broke out between a couple of my co-workers. I tried to pull one of them away from the confrontation, and in doing so, was smashed against a metal table. The contact point between me and the table was, you guessed it...right on my leg where the Berry was snuggled. With the weight of three grown men, the screen plastic cracked, and my Berry was no more.

The next day, I purchased a new one. Then, I went directly home and got on the web to find a suitable case. That's when I met Otterbox! I have wrapped my Berry in one ever since.

However, my pain doesn't end there...

I have been using a tricked-out 8120 for my work phone. Of course, it was clad in a black and yellow Otterbox. I was jamming to some tunes through the bluetooth stereo signal and had set the phone down a few feet away from me after taking a call. I happened to be working on a sink at the time.

I was reaching for my tool pouch when....POP!!! A clip inside the faucet snapped and hot water shot into the air like a freakin' geyser! It formed a perfect arc what seemed slow motion....the stream of water took careful aim and, as I hopelessly dove for my Berry, splashed onto the face of my Pearl in precisely the one weak point of the Otterbox...the trackball hole.

AAAHHHHHH!!!!! I groaned in agony as I quickly disassembled the case and phone and tried to dry everything out. But alas, I had lost another sweet, sweet Blackberry. I learned my lesson, and no longer set my device out in the open on a job site......but........

Today, I am sportin' the new Curve 8900. It is perfect in every is NAKED!!!! No case could possibly protect my Berry from the work I do and the world in which I live like an Otterbox. So, I beg you...PLEASE GIVE ME AN OTTERBOX!!!

If the case for the 8900 is not on the market yet....I'd be more than happy to wait!

How I would love to get my hands on one of these. They are awesome and all the reveiws looked great.

i drop my precious curve on a dailey basis, i have had sooo many scrapes and scratches on my screen.. its terrible, i actually at one time completely cracked my screen... an otterbox would really help me out...

An OtterBox would really help out at the gym!

I've been reading the forums trying to decide
on the protective case I need for my Storm.
I have to have my Storm with me to listen to
my Slacker Radio.

An OtterBox would be great to have!
This would protect my Storm from the elements.

Many times I've wanted to take my Storm with me
into the jacuzzi. The OtterBox would protect it!!

Thanks Kevin! Another great contest!

Happy 2nd Birthday CrackBerry!

And good Luck to All!

Have had my Curve 8310 for four months now and dropped it for the first time two days ago. No damage, I was lucky !

I was in my room on the top floor of my house, I had the windows open so I could enjoy the weather. My phone was ringing in my kitchen so my mom brought it up to my room, She gently tossed me my phone and it slipped through my fingers and fell right out my window. That was the end of my curve. I think and otterbox would have saved me.

Every week I have the honor of picking up my 6 year old nephew from school and babysitting him until my brother gets off work. On one glorious Monday evening I was helping him with spelling. I thoug
ht the game, "Word Mole", would help with spelling and enhance his timing and hand to eye coordination. So I showed him the basic concept of the game and off I went to make dinner. While in the process of making dinner I heard a faint yet consistent "crunch" noise. After the fifth time I went over to investigate. To my horror I see my young innocent nephew smashing my BlackBerry Storm against the brick fireplace in my condo. In my only moment of clarity during my saddened, overwhelmed state of horror, I asked him what and why did he demolish and pulverize by Storm. He answered firmly and confidently that he thought if he shook my Storm the game would give new letters to make new or in his words, "newy" words. As I picked up the mangled mess which was my beloved Storm just moments before, the screen only showed black lines, a crack, and a vegetable from the game. If I am not mistaken, it was a red pepper.I got the Storm replaced, but can't find a good enough case. Moral of the story : I need to truly protect my Storm from the elements such as shock-proof and scratch-proof and especially my nephew. Please help Crackb
erry and Otterbox!!

It would be amazing to win this for my mom's Storm, she's rough on phones and I dont want to see that poor blackberry harmed! :-) Awesome giveaways keep 'em coming!

I am deputy sheriff and work in jail. About a year ago, I had my bb 8830 on my duty belt when there was a physical altercation with an inmate. I responded to intercede and in the scuffle my phone left the holster and was stepped on. Needless to say, it was in pieces. Fortunately I had phone insurance and was able to get a replacement. Now I have the blackberry storm and am hoping that with an Otterbox I can better protect my phone.

I just want to win this so I can throw my storm across the room when I get mad....and not worry about breaking it!!

i keep my phone in my lap while i am driving. I drive a big rig truck. I get out the truck and wham the phone drops to the ground.. my precious blackberry storm... :(

There is one thing that brings a tear my eye. When a four year old mistakes my berry for a small football, hurling it across the living room. I need an otterbox like pancakes need syrup. Thanks for the site and count me in on the contest.

My berry is scratched on all sides. I obviously put alot of wear on it. But I plan on getting a bold next so I need an otterbox so I wont have teh same problems with my new berry.

I can't seem to keep my BlackBerry in my hands. I just got a new Storm, and I have yet to make a decent investment in a case. It already has scuff marks on the silver edges, from a drop here and a drop there, onto the cement or the pavement. However, one time, on a phone long ago, I was doing a paint job over the summer - you can already see where this is going - I dropped it in a bucket of paint. Luckily, it was still functional after I removed all the traces of paint that I could, but I fear that next time I may not be so lucky. The next time could very well be the toilet *cringes*.