Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



Picture a dark, sweet smelling and muffled box like room where you feel like you are being moved. No need to sweat it, I have my trusty Blackberry near by, and it is still letting me browse the net, text, email and set my DVR so I don't miss my favorite show while stuck in here. Anyhow, the feeling of moving just stopped!

A distant chorus of what sounds to be "Happy Birthday" echoes in the air. Some notes are pleasant on the ear, while other notes wish that Blackberry phones had an antenna so you could poke your ear drums out. Finally, the song drifts away, and laughter takes over with the occasional clapping and cheer.

My phone vibrates so as not to alert anyone nearby of my hiding spot. Another text, let me get that... It reads, "NOW, we are ready for you." My phone drops out of my hand, and I spring into action by popping up through the cake. I'm hear, and I'm the big surprise! (I told my Mom I wouldn't be able to make it home for her 60th.)

After all the crying, cheers, greetings and general talk were over, I remembered my BB was still in the hiding spot. Yep, you guessed it, full of cake and icing...

Please OtterBox, help me protect my new Storm from the unforeseen eliminates in this world.

On my third Storm. No joke. First one collected mad dust under the screen. The second's screen was cracked in my pocket. Need this to keep my third alive. This could help greatly :)

When I am running late, my phone always likes to jump out of my purse and bounce down the stairs. My insurance company hates me. I would like to make peace with them...

I live in a multi level home with lots of stairs. Not nice padded carpet covered stairs, hard un-yeilding tile covered stairs. So one night me and some of my friends are up stairs throwin back a few cocktails. Well after I lost count of how many I'd had. I decided it was time for me to go to bed. So I picked up my much loved AT&T Curve 8300 and made my way towards the stairs to make my desent into the bedroom. I'm not sure what happened next. The last thing I remeber was standing at the top of the stairs with Curve in hand, then the next thing I know I was at the bottom of the stairs with my Curve's pieces scattered across the floor. So the next morning I tried to get it working again, it said it was missing it's software (guess it fell out and I forgot to pick it up) so I tried to re-load it countless times until I finally just gave up. Guess something broke internally when it hit the floor... And this of course was back when AT&T offered no insurance for smartphones. So I was forced to downgrade back to my previously loved Pearl 8100.. :-(

So why do I need an otterbox? Well it just so happens that whithin the next month I will be of the legal drinking age... So there are probably going to be many many more chances for me to have a mid stairway blackout..... So I ask you please help my precious Blackberry Bold protect itself from me.

I'm a x-ray tech at a trauma center and the first couple nights with my storm, it dropped and the screen cracked. I got a replacement and am currently using the seidio innocase 2, but its no that secure on my scrubs. Please send me the otterbox case so i can protect my storm from the hazards of the hospital. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

i have already buy my new blackberry, but i need this because i broke my old curve, first my baterry cover was to scratched because i dont have cases, then i have dust in my screen and finally the usb of the BB broke, i dont know how.
So this is for me! choose me please

Whenever I have some sort of device, I am ALWAYS afraid of dropping it! It's happened too many times in the past and then the beautiful design get's damaged. It really brings my mood down. If I had an Otterbox. I wouldn't have to worry about that for my BlackBerry. I would have peace at mind.

(repost i wasn;t signed in)my son jacob loves phones epecially my backberry. He was about 8 months when one day the phone rang and i looked at the caller ID and to my suprise i was calling the house. I answered and heard some cute noises from my son and his dad talking to him. As I went looking for them upstairs taking the house phone in tow i heard a thumps and a staticy noises when i got upstairs my son had showered my backberry with his juice and was trying to give it to the dog then smashing it inot the floor. His father laughed when i asked if he has seen what Jacob was doing. I picked up my blackberry covered and juice droole and dirt. After than the backberry has to be replaced. And to this day every time he sees it he goes for it. Jacob vs the phone Jacob always wins.

Happy B-Day CrackBerry. My son loves throwing things and my blackberry is one of his favorite. He once threw my berry out of the window going down the street in the car. I about fraked. Needless to say this would come in handy. I would love to get an OtterBox for my B-Day as well since it's on 03/18.

I am a relatively new owner of a Blackberry (a 9530 Storm to be precise) and member of the Army National Guard. Just this past weekend we had duty and my Storm's durability was put to the test... It was raining off and on Saturday which left some standing water puddles in the motor pool. As we were doing preventative maintenance on our vehicles, I had set my Blackberry Storm on the roof of my vehicle. Forgetting that I had put it there, I went and got in the vehicle and pulled out to leave to conduct a road test. Once on the road, I heard something hit the pavement. I stopped the vehicle and got out to check to see what it was. To my surprise there was my Blackberry Storm sitting there on the road with the case broken. Luckily the case had broken its fall but there was a couple of scratches on it. This is the only phone out the many that I have had while in the military for the past nine years which I treasure because of two reasons the cost of replacing one (which I do have the full insurance on it) and the second reason being that I am addicted to it and would be lost without it. To me,winning an Otterbox would be great replacement case and it would help me sleep well at night knowing that my Blackberry Storm addiction would live on....

Okay so my story is I was mountain biking an I like to do down hill racing an when I to hit this jump I hit A rock an fell my blackberry storm is in a million pieces so please crackberry let me win

There we were in Smoky Mountains. We had barely gotten there and had left the car for a short hike up the mountain. Number Two son had run ahead and had gone into a stream and was standing at the top of a waterfall. "#$%#!" I thought, "Don't run ahead like that!", so I was hopping from rock to rock in order to catch up with him and berate him thinking "I had better be careful lest I bust my ....." My foot slips on some algae and down the waterfall I go. Just before my head hits a rock on the way down I see my phone pop out of the holster and fall down onto the rocks below, smashing to pieces in a most spectacular manner - about 30% of them flew into the water. Didn't see anything after that because my glasses were knocked off when I smashed my head and went into the ice cold water. Fortunately, I had only minor cuts and bruises on my head. My glasses were lost and the phone did not survive the drop. Since then, I have not used an unprotected device in a holster. If it falls out, you are screwed. If you like high-end, expensive smart phones like I do, you must have excellent protection especially in rugged environments. This is especially true if you are not carrying device insurance. A skin/holster like the otterbox is excellent insurance in any event. I think an Otterbox would have saved the device from its untimely demise.

When I lived in Toronto, I had my Blackberry holstered on my belt as I got off the subway. My bag got caught on something inside and when I turned around, my Blackberry holster's clip broke and it fell onto the tracks. As the train drove away I could hear the horrifying crunch that signified me needing to drop $600 on a new one. Needless to say I was upset.

I work at a dog vet everyday and I always come home smelling like the animals I have delt with that day. With that being said my dog Tanner gets a bit jealous and I have needed to replace TWO of my phones already because my dog decided he should use the bathroom ON MY BLACKBERRY! I really could use otterbox!!! I MEAN REALLY REALLY could use it!

ill be honest alcohol is consumed sometimes. anyways after a bit of consumption, the storm took a dive to the brick fireplace.. need i say more? the poor thing isnt so chromed up anymore :(

After having a spinal cord mishap during a back surgery, I now have problem. It's awful when in the middle of walking my leg just quits. The result? I fall a lot. It seems that whenever the majority of the I land on my Storm. Murphy's law, I guess. An otterbox would come in handy since I'll always have this disability.

So i have a habit of leaving my bold in my lap when driving. as soon as i get out my bold goes flying!! haha not good. ive already ordered a replacement case from but an otterbox sure would be nice.

I guess its not the worst thing in the world, however I dropped my Curve (which I tend to do often due to disability and medication issues) and finally in the process it chipped the casing in a few spots. I was all set to put a shield on it and now I can't unless I buff it down and I don't want to make the problem worse.

My friend showed me his OtterBox case and I was amazed at how awesome it was! I really liked it and it was a lot less bulky than the holster case that we bought with the phone.

That's my story.......


Happy Anniversary Crackberry and thanks OtterBox for such a great giveaway.

Well lets just say im on my 3rd storm the first one fell down 2 flights of steps stright down to a nice soft concrete floor. The second one i got i was jumping out of my truck and my life flashed before my eyes as i watched my phone eye level fall not only onto the pavement but to make it that much better all in one motion i steped on it and finshed it off. If i didnt have bad luck with phones i would have no luck at all. so Please if anyone should get one i think i should. before the storm is extinct because of me.

Well, since I'm new to BlackBerry's my disaster story is hardly a disaster but it did tarnish my brand new Storm. Here I was on day one of having my new Storm, my first BlackBerry, and I had to run to the store. A normal outing right? Well, I'm treating my phone with kid gloves and being very gentle. I open my pocket and drop my phone into it. Realizing that I just dropped it on top of a spare key. I immediately pulled my phone out but the damage was done. I have a nice little nick right on the side of the phone directly next to the touchscreen. It's very noticeable and I still cringe and run my finger over it daily. =/

Now if you wanted to talk about a standard phone disaster, I could offer more drop stories then I care to admit.

I have a 5 year old son who breaks all my phones. He snapped a Razr in half and broke the battery cover on my Pearl. Now I have a Storm and am afraid it may get broken. This would be a life saver.

Dropped mine several times that is why i had change the bezel to black. I would like to protect this one as well.

I work for a trucking company, and one day while at work my curve fell out of my pocket. I didnt realize it until later in the day and when i went looking for it, i found it on the ground after the semi-truck had already run over it.

This past weekend I was home from college and I was driving my dad's truck because my car was still at school. Well it's a Ford F-350, it's giant and whilst stepping out of the seat one time I still had my new Storm in my lap and down it went. Luckily it didn't do any damage to the screen, but the send button is a little wiggly now and the top is a little scratched up. An OtterBox case would have been the perfect save.

My 25 month old daughter broke her arm a few days ago. Handing her my phone was one way to calm her down. Poor phone didn't fear too well though with her dropping it numerous times but I didn't dare take it away from her until she got her cast on.

I am a freelance videographer. Election day I was covering crowd reactions in Times Square. I was positioned on top of the brand new TKTS risers at the CNN viewing event, thousands of people around me. Barack is called as victorious and the crowd goes wild, the whole time I am getting the most awesome shot. I can't check my Bberry because I need to keep focused on the crowd going CRAZY. I finally wrap and need to run back to the office. I lean down to place my camera in its bag and WHAP-THUMP-THUMP!
My Bberry drops straight out of my shirt pocket and finds a way to fall and slide beneath the risers we are standing on to a place where i can just barely see it, but not even the daintiest hands could reach. I turn to my AP and as her to use her female ways to sway the cops to help me out.
The next day I get a call from the Times Square Alliance (these guys run EVERYTHING in TSq). They retrieved it! All that had to be done was removing a 30 ft long by 3 inch thick and 4 ft wide piece of Plexiglas that was covering the nook my bberry was hiding in. Needless to say, they were not to happy with me. But I was quite overjoyed to be reunited with my sweet sweet bberry. AND about Mr. Obama.

I really need a otterbox. My blackberry has lost the protection strip around the side due to constant dropping onto the ground. Talking on the phone while need to operate on other things is really hard to make sure you dont drop the phone. This would be a great protection for my phone.

Let just say if my head was not attach I would probaly drop that too! I drop it getting out of car, on a gravel drive ways, on tile, Provided case fall of belt and phone comes tumbling out...I have never dropped a phone so much and so far I am lucky that it either fallen on the back or sides and mostly not that far from ground or on carpet...but would be less of a worry if I Won an Outterbox case...

Just a couple of days ago a co-worker lost his grip on his BlackBerry and it fell to the carpet floor bounced into and off metal cabinet and slid across the floor just bearly missing me by inches...he made a comment "anyone for BlackBerry Hockey?..." just thought I share that with the CB community

Hi. I have a Storm and a leather case that came with the phone when I got it. You would think that it would be enough protection for a small drop. NO!! It fell about 3 feet to the pavement and scuffed 2 of the four corners(while still in the original"Blackberry" OEM case. I really would love the Otterbox for my Storm. It would keep my most prized possesion safe from the occational mishap.


I spilled coffee on my Storm on the Amtrak yesterday. Works, but something is under the screen. Bummer. Now, with an otter box I could sloppily drink coffee on a jerking train with never a worry (except for slacks, shirt, computer, and similar comparatively unimportant items).

My 110 lb. Weimarainer chewed up and almost swallowed my previous Curve 8320.. Then I got a replacement and ended up dropping it in the toilet.. I wasnt using the toilet yet, I was about to flush it .. After looking at the treat someone left before me I decided not to go fishing for it!!! Needless to say, I am accident prone with my Berrys and could definitely use a solid case like an Otterbox. PLEASE HELP!

I work on the beaches of the sunshine coast, So if I win this otter box for my storm 9530 to protect it, it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a verizon storm. Well to be honest I was working out trying to be fit like everyone else when I didn't have it in a case becasue the don't fit the case. I was on the olipticle when I got a call I moved the wrong way and my storm fell off on to the track of the machine and scared my storm to high hell in a few places to say the least I was pissst but who to be mad at but myself shoud have been in a case right. I do need this can I get some Blackberry love.


I haven't had a accident with my blackberry yet *knock on wood* but I have had plenty with other phones. I really need a otterbox ;)

K so i was at boomers a mini golf/gocarts place here in california and i went on the bumper boats of course my storm was brand new and i have no case for it im going around and hitting people on the ride having a blast. Well when the ride was over i went to my storm to check my messages lo and behold i couldnt find my storm. It had fallen into the water and got caught in one of the filters the bummper boat workers had to fish it out for me...then i had to go back to the verizon store to get a new storm.. yeah im a genius i know...... thats why i need a otterbox case with a clip

One night I tossed my remote control on my bed and it magically found my BB Curve and cracked the screen. I screamed in horror. Then next morning I was running to the car in the rain when my BB jumped out of my hand and hurled itself to the concrete smashing into piece that floated in a puddle that slowly grew courtesy of my tears. I think the phone was suicidal. Luckily it was insured... So I believe that Otterbox will be something like a straight jacket in a padded room for my new Curve.

there is nothing hotter then the otter
this case will put a smile on your face
a nice token that will keep your phone unbroken
I really need one of these, i'm begging you down on my knees
so send me one please!!!

HELP!!! My Storm has fell out of my pocket more than a few times. Surprised it hasn't broken yet. HELP!!!

Ok, so I'm a cop and when the fight is on and equipment is flying the last thing I need to be worrying about is if I should grab the bad guy or my Storm... This would give me one less thing to worry about!

I don't have a Crackberry disaster story. That's why I need an make sure I *don't* have one in the future!

What a great way to help CrackBerry celebrate! This is the case I have waited patiently for since I got my Storm! For those of us who spend most of our time outdoors this is the ONLY way to go! I live in Big Sky country and this would be the ultimate accessory! Let's hear it for Montana!

This OtterBox is awesome. I have the Blackberry 8350i and work in the field quite a bit. This would really serve me well. Thankfully I do not have a Blackberry disaster to tell you about, and my hope is I never will. That is why I would love to own one of these. Thanks for the opportunity.


I was hiking near Mesa Lakes Colorado, and thought my Blackberry Storm would be safe from the elements stored
away in my fleeces jacket! After a 5 hours of hiking and exploring I took my phone out of my fleece only to find it drenched in sweat from the heat of my body! As I turned it on
the screen kept rebooting! I finally pulled the battery and put it in front of my Trucks heater for the ride home. I turned it on 3 hours later and it worked again. Moral of the story get protection it could save you and your phone!!


I was hiking near Mesa Lakes Colorado, and thought my Blackberry Storm would be safe from the elements stored
away in my fleece jacket! After a 5 hours of hiking and exploring I took my phone out of my fleece only to find it drenched in sweat from the heat of my body! As I turned it on
the screen kept rebooting! I finally pulled the battery and put it in front of my Trucks heater for the ride home. I turned it on 3 hours later and it worked again. Moral of the story get protection it could save you and your phone!!


You will choose me as the winner of the storm otterbox...hopefully jedi mind tricks work via the internet.

Was drunk and my buddy was driving me home. Hoped out the passenger side of his trunk and landed on a sheet of ice. I went down hard right on top of my 8330. Thank god for insurance.

I have an otterbox for my cigars. I also use one for my firearm. An otterbox for my phone is the next likely step.

I have a friend with an OtterBox. To my dismay, he took his Curve and threw it against a cement wall to show how well it works. Sure enough, his OtterBox won. A must have!

I used to own a 8700g, before it became unusable. It was a wonderful phone, its been through HELL...and still was usable through most of it. However, there was this one time, just a few weeks after I received the phone, it dropped on the floor as i was running. I was carrying it in the included side holster. (dont ask why i was running, i was drinking) I was pissed because the delete button stopped working. But nothing compares to the anger I felt at myself a few weeks later. My friend told me that I had been putting on the BlackBerry 8700g in the holster the wrong way. The screen side was supposed to be facing inside and not outside...and when I tried doing it the way she said, it CLICKED. It actually held the phone alot more stable in the holster. I was so upset at myself. -.- So PLEASSE I need this case before I somehome screw up my 8900 with another dumb mistake!

Everyone, even my wife and best friend make fun of me constantly because I'm so afraid that I'm going to drop, scratch or get my Curve wet. I take extra precaution when going out when it's raining to put my BB in a Ziplock bag just in case I have to get it out. I usually end up getting out the Q-Tips on the weekend to clean my precious PDA while putting off what mt wife wants me to do. I think it would be really nice not to have to worry about the elements or bumps and scratches all the time.

Please release me from my compulsiveness and ridicule! Give me my life back! LOL :) Cheezy, I know...

This is my first Blackberry product. I've dropped two Palm PDA's and cracked the screen on a Sony Ericsson P907. the Otter Box would keep me ingood graces with my GM.

I have wanted an otterbox for a very long time now. I have dropped my storm several times and its rather beaten up :( with this case it will further protect my storm and make me feel much safer about handling it :) thank you

just this morning looking at this contest, i said i've been lucky all these years never got a phone wet. As i go to put my coffee down some spills out and almost lands on my storm, thankfully it missed

OMGosh!!! I can't tell you how many times I have dropped my Brand NEW Blackberry Storm. I don't know how I have not broken it yet!! I bought a case about 2 weeks ago and once I put the blasted thing on I couldn't get it OFF!!! I had to break my new case to get my blackberry out.

Can you believe my luck!!

I live in Arizona, which mean a LOT of desert and forest roads that need to be four wheeled, and sand dunes only a few hours away in California. So, like many here, I have a lifted truck to help get through the tough terrain in order to access the remote areas which include rivers, lakes, ponds, snow and most of all sand. A total of nine inches of lift, running 37" tires. To get into the truck there are electric steps that fold out and in when the doors are opened and closed.

Two weeks ago my grandfather had a heart attack so I was called from work to join my family at the ER. Along the way I stopped to get a drink before I continued on my way, as I stopped, my Storm rang. I answered it, and it was my family saying he was okay, and not to rush. I ended the call, and opened my door. In doing so dropping my beloved Storm. It fell from my lap, hit the floorboard of the truck bounced out, hit the electric steps that were now folded down wrapped in slip resistant grip tape, then continued on it's fall to the asphalt another two feet below. I watched in horror as it hit the street below, becoming three pieces as the battery door and battery separated from the phone and coming to rest in a puddle of oil and water. Luckily for me, the screen landed face up, and escaped any damage. As for the case, it is now scratched up pretty bad. But... the beloved Crackberry LIVES!!! I think after an accident like this, I deserve an Otterbox case 'cause surely this isn't the last time!

I could def use an otterbox, i own a landscaping business and im sure the storm is going to get bent out of shape with my line of work.. For the most part i would have to leave the phone in my truck or else id scuffle it up while working. Please send one of the otterbox cases to me for my storm..

I dropped my 8330 on asphalt with a silicon cover on the back; it landed on the screen and cracked it in 2 places. Also I run with a volunteer fire dept, and everyone knows how firefighters are with cell phones and everything else we own.

Hey I would love to have one of your cases. If I would so lucky I would show all the people that I know who have a berry and try and hool them up to your site to order.

Thanks for the consideration. It would help me prevent my young son from destroying my berry that is for sure.

Working at a bar I kept my berry on a shelf, one night I forgot it was there and knocked it off the shelf. Luckily all that broke was the screen and nothing internal!

My current carrying case is a down pillow, not very practical when it comes to stashing it away in my pocket, but i need never worry about damage from dropping my Bold.

ever had that moment when you get out of your car..grab your blackberry from that windshield mount..grab the number one you ordered at Mcdonalds and also try to grab your soda? Oh then you realized you forgot your coat you left in the backseat..well..eventually your hand isnt going to be able to hold everything! and BAM! YOU DROPPED THE BLACKBERRY!!! well.. this happens to me.. alot.. so i need this case! especially since i just got the storm! =]

Well to start off this post cought my attention because my bbirthday is tomorrow (2/26) and my horror story is that two years ago when my crackberry addiction started. On my birthday my girlfriend was knew my techie-self well enough that upgrading from my Palm Treo 755p to a Blackberry would suit me perfectly. So she got me the device, activated it, wrapped it up and gave it to me on my birthday. I was thrilled with it and played with it from the moment I opened it till I fell asleep with it in my hand later on. I woke up and it was time for us to go out to dinner with some friends. We all went out and at dinner one of my buddies was playing with my favorite new toy. He went to go hand it back to me and dropped it right into a glass of wine. It was terrible. A brand new blackberry dead only a few hours after I got it. I know that a otterbox would really help me out because I am a paramedic with a city fire department that doesn't supply us with our own nextel phones such as some other departments do so we have to carry our personal phones on duty. I treated myself to buying a Storm 9530 and looked at the otterbox case and would love it and know it would help protecting my phone a lot I just don't have the $49.95 to spend on it right now so it would be a big help if you guys could hook me up with one. Thanks a lot CrackBerry I visit your site multiple times a day.

Here's the reason I need an Otterbox. I'm a plumber working on new construction all the time. On Monday the 16th of Feburary I was working in the attic of a new home. Running vent lines for the house plumbing. And I was walking across the rafters. When suddenly I lost my balance, and on the verge of falling three stories to possibly my death. Well while my arms swung wildly. Before I could get a grasp of something,anything. I accidently hit my storm's pouch which carried my phone. Knocking the phone off my belt clip. To fall to its demise. I caught my balance. In time to watch my Storm fall 40 plus feet. It was the longest 10 seconds of my life. Part of me wished it was me. So when I got downstairs. I found my storm in pieces. Not like just pieces. I mean it looked like it went thru a garbage compactor/or garbage disposal. I mean PIECES!! So Friday I got my replacement phone. And I decided to look into some kind of heavy duty case. Suchas an Otterbox. On March 2nd I turn 27. I hope that whomever is reading this has a storm that they loved as much as I love my storm. And wouldn't want it to happen to them or someone else. Cause I wouldn't wish that upon anyone. Its very tragic. And I had a memorial service for that phone. Before sending it back. Well that is my story.

I don't have a story about dropping my curve, but I sire would like to prevent an accident! Working in a diesel shop the chances of a drop is very high! if i win it'll help to keep my blackberry safe!

The OtterBox is my hiking case. If you are looking for the ultimate in protection while maintaining use and functionality, this is the ONLY case.

Were to begin,

got my new blackberry bold less than a week ago, 1st time blackberry user, best phone i have ever gotten , so happy with new phone constantly on it finding out so many great things about it.. went on lunch with with couple friends from work and as we were leaving the restuarant and about to get into my trunk tried to pull my phone (mind:is in a carrying case) out of my side pocket to place is on my cup holder in my truck and it slides off my hands.. quick reaction i start joggling my phone in the air and dive to catch it,keep in mind in the parking lot ,.. nothing but concrete , well i dive and sure enough i miss .. phone falls to the concrete,falls out of the carrying case and bounces 3 times of the concrete scatch all four sides .. i was so phone, $ 400 phone less than a week old .. now ring volume very low-- it gets stuck every now and then .. and i didnt get insurance on it .. so there you go my blacberry disaster story .. enjoy lol!

I high-sided my bike with the phone in my pocket. the impact of the crash broke pieces of the case. The sliding down the pavement after the impact imbedded those pieces in my leg along with some nice roadrash...I have pics :)

I guess it would make for great reading to tell everyone how my Storm was able to save a drowning baby or a nun from a burning building or even how it stopped a bullet and saved my life. It would make for great reading but none of that would be true.

The truth is that I work in construction and, until recently, I was constantly in and out of a tractor trailer at unforgiving job sites. I have destroyed many phones and got more than my fair share of mileage from the insurance plan that VZW offers.

Shortly after I upgraded to a Storm, my first BB, I was laid off from my job of 11 years. It would really be a boost to my self esteem, and I'm sure to my new Storm, if I could get one of those OtterBoxes.

Thank you CB and all of the awesome companies giving away these high-quality prizes. Feels like Christmas is coming early. Here's to many more years!

In August of 2008, i was riding home on my motorcycle with my buddy and i hit a patch of gravel on a corner and slid of the road straight into a rock face (it rained the night before so the gravel was washed down from the edges). I had my Pearl in my front pocket of my jacket which unfortunately took the brunt of the impact of the small tree i flew into. I ended up with very little damage to my body as i more or less flew over everything but unfortunately for my phone, bike and everything else i was wearing, they didn't fair as well. I ended up getting a temporary phone until Christmas day. On Christmas day, my wife surprised me with a Storm. I am so careful with all my "gadgets" and toys that i am certain that something else is going to happen to my phone because that's what usually happens why i try to be careful lol. So an OtterBox would definately help aleviate some of that concern of every little bump and bang that my phone will hopefully not sustain. Thanks for considering me :)

I had my blackberry in my shirt pocket. I went to the bathroom and used the urinal. As I leaned forward to flush, the phone fell out and into the urinal. My blackberry never worked again.

Last winter, with my trusty 8703 secured in its VAJA holster, I proceeded to shovel the driveway to get my wifdes car out of its snowy grave... Got in the car and drove away, and couldnt find my BB.... get out and look down in the snow and there it is... I drove over it. It was OK, because the snow gave way when the tire rolled over it. A week later, more snow, but now it's a little harder, and same thing... I get the car unstuck, and drive to the store, and cant find the phone. Drive home park the car, and start phoning it in the dark, hoping to see a green or red light... Find it, and it will still take a call, but the screen is done in... I didnt drive over it once this time, but TWICE.

The new curve stays in my pocket now....

I just bought my storm and that day dropped and got a big scratch on the back. Know I have a clear plastic case and you can see the scratch

i dont really have a disaster story , im pretty careful with my storm but i do like the otterbox defender cases alot. would be a nice gift to have . hope i qualify thnx.

Well, on my first business trip to Chicago, I had to take a jeep ride with a coworker who lived down there. As we were pulling into the convention parking lot, I pulled my curve out to take a call and we hit a bump. It flew very far. The caller was quite confused. That is why I need a hardcore case.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious, I decided to bike to work one day several years ago--after it rained heavily--dutifully carrying my BB 7230 (the blueberry) in one of my jersey pockets. All was going well and I had successfully traversed several large sections of shallow water when, while crossing more large, shallow water (which happened to be on a bridge), I hit some submerged debris. I then fell off my bike, off of the road and over the edge of the bridge I was crossing, landing in about four or five feet of water. My bike was missing, being entirely submerged in the water, but I fished it out and, because the water was relatively clean (having just rained), I proceeded on to work, where a towel and a fresh change of clothes awaited. This was not the low point of my commute that day.

About two miles later, I was crossing another bridge (dry this time) and was descending downhill off the bridge when I realized that the next half mile of the bike trail was covered in an inch of loose mud. I hit my brakes and then the mud. And then I went down hard. After I picked myself up, realized I was bleeding from my right elbow and hip, I concluded I never should have tried to bike to work that day. I then gingerly walked to the nearest road a few hundred yards away. On my way, I pulled my 7230 out of my jersey and turned it on. It worked for about 10 seconds and then died. (I still maintain I heard a soft whimper.) Interestingly, not many people are eager to help you when you're covered in mud and blood and holding a blackberry like its a wounded sparrow, but I eventually got a ride to my house and showered, and I made it to the office about an hour late.

I still bike to work occasionally and I take my blackberry with me, but it now rides in a ziploc bag.

For the record, I still have a 7230 (not the same one obviously), but this past Monday, I got sick of waiting for my employer to upgrade my bb, so I bought a Bold. I'm now anxiously waiting on AT&T to ship it to me. I just want to protect my new Bold against my future poor judgment, which, unfortunately, is likely to again be bike-related.


You guys are just the best!!!!! Please give me one.

I never thought this site could get any better!!

I would love an OtterBox for my Curve. I started at with a Pearl and dropped it while riding my motorcycle. I was in several pieces, we found all, my husband put it back together and it worked the first time. I used the phone for months, before upgrading to the Curve so that I could have a full keyboard. It would be great to have the OtterBox to protect by Curve.

I really love the otterbox cover. i dropped my storm @ work and almost cried. lol I really need one of these. awsome covers.

I need to end my streak of dropping and breaking my phone. It has cost me too much money and the otterbox is the only thing that will save my Blackberry

I Have to have the otterbox. I am in construction and have broken every phone i have had. My last Blackberry pearl fell in a can of paint.

Well being a Storm owner for only a couple of days now, I do not yet, have a disaster story to share. However being a cop I know there is one on the horizon.
I have had numerous other phones destroyed at work. One fell two stories to the ground while I was on a fire escape. DONE.
Another completely fried from moisture. I was patrolling the beach on an ATV in a pretty foggy morning. The moisture found it's way in the phone and shorted it out. DONE.
Another time a phone slipped off my duty belt when I was getting in the car, at the same time I was pulling the door shut. DONE.
I don't want this to happen to my new Storm. I need to protect it.

As the GM of a golf course I find myself in a lot of situations in the great outdoors. The worst situation for my blackberry was when I was running back to the clubhouse to take an important call. I was crossing the cart path and I dropped my blackberry. Evidently my first instinct was to try and catch it wiht my foot, I ended up kicking it down the hill. It was slidding on its screen down the concrete as a golf cart was coming up the hill. Yes the cart ranover my blackberry crushing the screen, but it didn't drop the call I was on! I need an Otterbox!

I had only had my new storm less than a week, I had been using the blackberry pocket> My storm was laying on the bed so I casually picked it up to lay it on the nightstand, and I guess I may have done it a little too quick, because when I did, the storm came flying out of the pocket, hit the wall, then the nightstand, and finally, the floor :( Ended up with a big HUGE scratch on the top (which luckily the phone had software problems and was replaced) BUT, I sooo don't want it to happen to my new one!! I need my OTTERBOX!! :)

Just about two weeks ago I had my first major FREAK OUT with my storm. I've had my storm since Dec. 17th. I hadn't dropped it until a couple weeks ago. And man oh man, it was quite a fall. I watched in dismay as my storm tumbled down an entire flite of stairs. I just stood at the stop of the stairs for a few seconds swearing at myself, knowing I had broken something on the phone. To my disbleief the phone was fine, not even a scratch.

I could really use an OtterBox in case this ever happens again...

Just about two weeks ago I had my first major FREAK OUT with my storm. I've had my storm since Dec. 17th. I hadn't dropped it until a couple weeks ago. And man oh man, it was quite a fall. I watched in dismay as my storm tumbled down an entire flite of stairs. I just stood at the stop of the stairs for a few seconds swearing at myself, knowing I had broken something on the phone. To my disbleief the phone was fine, not even a scratch.

I could really use an OtterBox in case this ever happens again...

Not only once but often when I'm on the road I listen to my music on mystorm..well while listening to it I lay the phone on my lap... Wekwhen I get out of he car the phone is on the cement all beat up.. Helppp me outtt.. Pleaseeeee

My kids are knocking my berry off the table all the time. I love my Blackberry Storm and I am afraid it is not going to make it. I need this case.

I had a regular LG and one day when fighting with an ex girlfriend she got pissed of because I was texting somebody while arguing with her so she jumped on me (I was kind of happy thinking it was for something else ;-) ) but she took my phone, ran to the kitchen and through it in a pot of hot water and pasta.

Well I haven't exactly had a disaster story yet, BUT I do have a 3 year old child and an almost 1 year old child that seem to always want to "play" with Daddy's phone. I think the Otterbox would help when they decide to get it without me knowing.

Crackberry throwing another contest up for the Otterbox, I would love throwing my Bold into one of these bad boys and not have to worry about dropping the beast.

I just got my BlackBerry so I haven't had a disaster yet. But last year my dad waded out in the water to get in my boat and had his BB in his pocket.

I am constantly dealing with those who have no regard for the laws of our state. Please help me protect my blackberry!

Nice, looks like a mini kevlar vest for my blackberry. Blackberry's need love to ya know. I'll take it!

I don't have a Blackberry disaster story... and I don't ever WANT to have one! So I'd love to have an Otterbox to avoid ever having a disaster story to share with the world. :)

Thanks, and Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

i was moving a friend into a third floor apartment 2 days after i got my first 8310, had it on my belt, i hit the rail with it and it came off my belt and fell all the way back down to the main floor hitting every railing on the way down. i have used an otterbox ever since, but i havent gotten one for my 8900 yet

I just saw one of these Otterboxes for the first time. My customer had one...he works heavy equipment. This thing looks like it would protect your phone during a nuclear strike! It does make the unit quite large....but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I wash windows from high rise buildings for a living. One day I was at about the 52nd floor....Nah, this is a lie. I have not dropped my Storm yet, that is why I need a an Otter!!!

my girlfriend and I each have a storm. I tend to be a bit rough on things but am sure to take care of my blackberries. my girlfriend however, golly I love her, she has the coordination of a drunkard wearing high heels in a funhouse. if the storm worked with a ziplock bag and a large pillow wrapped around it we'd be good. but it doesnt, so despite my monetary confines this would be really helpful and result in fewer insurance claims.

now, if I am, lucky enough to get my paws on one I will obviously give it to her, but I will be reposessing the otterbox during occasional events (I am going to start as a volunteer FF after a few years of not burning myself) and wrap hers, temporarily, in a zip lock and pillow.

I have the crappy silicone white case by RIM(purchased at verizon), and i carry my phone on my lap sometimes when im driving.

Brilliant me, I stepped out of the car and forgot the phone was on my lap! The phone, naturally fell screen first! Upon inspection, i initially thought my phone was okay, but then i realized the entire bezel on the left side(point of impact) of the screen was all scratched up! my POS case simply moved aside to allow for contact with the pavement! What kind of case just flops over upon impact to allow for damage! AHHHH! Por favor, new otterbox case! My junk case looks fine, but more precious baby is all scratched up...

One day while on "routine" patrol, my trustee berry and I encountered a bad guy who had just committed a heinous crime. He jumped a nearby wall and we too followed close behind. I was wearing my ballistic vest, which shielded me from the punishment of the brick wall, however my berry was not wearing a vest, and suffered injury. After catching the perp, I looked down to find him scratched and beaten. Had he only been wearing the OtterBox, i'm sure things would have turned out okay for him. I'm hoping to win an OtterBox case for my new partner. Please, let's stop the violence.

Ive had my phone since the day before it was released. As soon as it was removed from the box, I had the Shield to protect it. However, finally, after all these months, I dropped it a few days ago at my good friends house, on his wooden floor. It was hard enough to open the battery door, send the battery flying down his room and slam the battery door shut. Now, originally, I had one of the better doors with zero shifting and zero cracking but alas, I have that problem now.

I'm a paramedic and am pretty hard on my phones. OtterBox has saved me from the abuse I put on my phone. I would love to protect my other phone.