Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



I am a Storm owner and want badly to preserve the good looks and functionality of my phone. With a previous phone, I was rushing through Dulles Airport trying to check weather/flight status on my phone. I put my phone back in its holster while walking across a tarmac but the phone did not secure properly and fell face down to the pavement.... yes right under my foot as i took my next step! As I crushed and ground my phone into the concrete I felt it in my whole body..... I am historically pretty hard on phones.... please help me save my Berry!

I'm one of those fellas that likes to do what the kids call "multitasking". I do security at a nationally known concert venue. I am also an invasive cardiovascular tech at a nearby medical center. I was working a concert one night and was also on call for the hospital. Since I'm a pretty hefty guy I was tasked with catching the crowd surfers that came over during the show. The band that was playing this particular night was GWAR!

GWAR likes to shoot bodily fluids (coloured water and diluted corn starch) at the mass of crazed fans (and unfortunate staff who happen to be standing in the way). I had to have my blackberry on me in case I had to expeditiously leave the event.

Over the course of the night I got soaked with gallons of mock body fluids, caught dozens of people, broke up two fights and tore my pants. I did not however get called in to the hospital to work- or perhaps I did. When I pulled my blackberry out of its case at the end of the night, the battery case on the back had broke, the screen was cracked the entire device was soaked, the clip on the case snapped off and the plate protecting my keyboard was in pieces- leaving the keyboard to flap around all willy nilly. I was quite distraught.

I have gone through a total of 6 blackberries (1 melted in a fire, 1 died of natural causes the rest damaged/destroyed by other means) I just got a new curve and I have been very delicate and caring to the device. I want to see this curve (I call him Sherman) make it all the way! I need the help of an OtterBox! Do it for Sherman!

Well, I have never done anything destructive to my previous Pearl or my current Storm. I treat it like a delicate newborn! However... My coworker just got a Storm and was interested in getting an Otterbox for it. Personally I think the Otterbox is hideous. I prefer to silcone skin mine in a variety of colors depending on the day. I do think this would also help the guy in the forum who asked the silly question about if it was safe to keep his Storm in his back pocket and SIT ON IT and wondered if there were test results that showered how much SIT ON YOUR STORM pressure was acceptable. I would never sit on my child(Storm)!

the second day i had mine, was mr butterfingers and dropped my phone twice scratching up the case. So would love to win one so i can protect it from future owwies.

I dropped my phone while standing in the driveway and in a panic I put my foot out to try and break the fall. I only caught the corner and the phone did a series of cartwheels banging up all four corners and scratching up the back. I would like to keep that from happening to this phone. It's begging you, can you hear it's little voice?

3 weeks after I bought my Pearl 8130, my son who was a year old, was done eating dinner, so I let him out of his high chair and went to clean up the table. I come back to the living room just in time to watch him put my Pearl in my cup of water. I tried everything, quickly took the battery out, but the water had gotten the best of the screen, it wouldn't work. Thank goodness for insurance! So a phone call, a half hour drive north the next day, and $95 later, I got a replacement Pearl.

Now, my son still likes to play and pretend to talk on my Pearl, I keep a skin on it now. And I make sure that he has no access to a cup of water. But he does like to walk around with it, and he'll bring it to me, but I'm still scared he's going to drop it, etc. So I could really use an OtterBox for peace of mind and protection!

Well i just got my new Storm last week, I've already dropped it twice getting out of my truck without realizing its sitting in my lap instead of in my pocket. My old phone I once thought I lost but did not realize it slid under the floor mat of my truck, and i had been stepping on it for a week and a half. It was still working fine up until last month when i was doing laundry and i did not realize it was still in one of the pockets and it flung across my basement into a cement wall when I shook my pants right side out. The Storm seems to hold up pretty well against scratches, but I just don't know how much I can put it through with just a screen protector on it....Also I work as a contractor doing home renovations, I used to leave my phone in my truck, but since getting the BB it is increasingly difficult to have it leave my side. Help me protect my phone from myself.

I am in law enforcement and I have left various items on the roof of my patrol car, including my Blackberry.. Once it got wedged up against the light bar after driving around with it for 30 minutes. Sadly, the very next day I did it again and the phone was reduced to pieces after being run over. The phone just had a simple silicone case.

These look like the most protective cases available.

-absent minded.

I am a BB newbie, choosing a Storm to replace my normal cell phone and Palm TX, and it has been a wonderful choice! I currently use the standard BlackBerry holster, because I like its ability to go on my belt sideways, and to magnetically "hibernate" the phone while still protecting the screen, etc. I like the various silicone/rubber skins that offer more protection around the edges, but they don't allow the phone to fit into the holster - and I don't like the pouch-style holders that I would then have to use. Of course, in the two months that I've had the Storm, it has slipped out of my hands a couple of times while transferring it from my holster to a holder in my car, etc. I know it's just a matter of time before it falls far enough and hits the ground hard enough to do some serious damage. The OtterBox protection looks like the best of both worlds: solid protection with a very usable holster! Please enter me in the contest! Thank you!

This would be a nice piece of equipment for my berry as i wouldn't have to worry about dropping it and bricking my berry since i have no insuarance for it.

OtterBox cases look very nice and also very durable. I don't have a disaster story, because I just got my new BB - BUT winning one of thes cases should keep it that way!

Im not going to complain but how many contests are you guys going to have... keep them going please.

I just received a new BB because my other one was dropped tooooo many times. I'm a full-time firefighter and also work part-time as an EMT at a local hospital. So, you can imagine what my phones goes through....Please Help!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! My disaster is one about my friend and coworker. She had a Curve she loved and adored, I have my Curve. But her dog one day felt compelled to take the phone off the table and play with it. It was destroyed by her Marmaduke size baby. I would really be able to use the box, even though my pup would never get my phone, I live in AZ and monsoon and dusts storms, and my brother's little ones make me want something more secure. I would be so grateful for an otterbox!

I Got 8320 from AT@T. The at&t guy accidentally dropped the phone on the carpet floor while putting in the 3G simcard. Luckily, it did not cause any damage. I insisted that I want a different one and got it. I was so excited and put it in my shirt's pocket and got into my van to drive home. But a piece of contract was dropped on the ground, I got out of the van to pick up the contract paper. While bending over, the phone slipped out of my pocket and crashed on the ground on its backside. I picked it up and saw some scratches. I walk back in the AT&T store hoping to convince that salesperson to exchange or at least give me a new battery cover plate, but no luck and they do not have it in store anyway. I put the BB back in the box, then in a bag and drove home. Later I showed off the phone to some friends and they were fighting to snatch it from each other. Then, my sorry BB got dropped on the drive way from 4-5 feet high right on the back again and the battery cover kind of popped out of its locked position......But It still works. Finally, I bought a new battery cover for my DROPBERRY but I know it will be dropped again as its name says it all. SO I NEEDED IT.

This looks like a sweet case!! Im a newer BB user and with that said I am Vary gentle with my Storm. I work on cement floors packing and unpacking semi's and have already dropped it a couple times (a few were tha batt. fell out :-/) I KNOW this isn't good for my BB Storm (thank god i have screen protectors) and these rubber cases don't do tha trick! All i got right now is tha plastic holster clip. "There's sometimes when i think i might not take it to work.. but i got to have my BB haha."

I truly NEED one of these cases! I am the excited new owner of a Blackberry Storm, but my previous phone was an LG VX8300 (a truly rugged phone, as tested by my 2 year old son). Now he grabs for my Storm at every opportunity.

I have tried to get into the habit of putting my Storm out of reach of the baby, but he'll stop at nothing sometimes. Just last night my phone rang, and I couldn't quite figure out where it was. Turns out he scaled my bureau and my Storm ended up in the toybox.

Thus far it has avoided any major catastrophe, but if ever anyone NEEDED robust protection for a delicate device- it's me.


I work in a very hostile environment for the Storm. On the railroad. I am surrounded by large equipment that is made out of steel. I work in all conditions. Inside, outside, snow, rain, sun, etc. This is what the Otterbox is made for. All weather protection. I could really put the Otterbox to good use.


have not found a good protector for my storm. This seems to be able to cover all my concerns. Working in the Engineering field this would be useful

I'd love one of these cases for my storm. My worst "drop" so far has been after a night of drinking..Thought I put it back into the holster, only to find that I really didnt and it fell to the concrete pavement where it was kicked around like a soccer ball. That sobered me up for sure!

As a student bicycle commuter/enthusiest I really need one of these babies. My storm has recently flown out of my pocket as I turned a corner, luckily I felt and heard it fall but my little silicon skin just did not provide it with much protection. It was not damaged too badly but I am in need of a new case and screen protector. SAVE ME!!

My worst BB disaster story was about a month ago a a movie theater. I sat down in the seat, leaned back and my BB fell out of my pocket and tumbled several tiers down. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped when I heard the clunk-clunk-clunk and flew into panic mode to find it. Luckily, there were only minor nicks and scratches, but it was a disaster none the less.

So I work at a military base; I am not in the military, I am a civilian contractor. I had just started work on a new antenna that was installed (40' Dish). I was there to test it and make sure it was fully functional and ready to be commissioned. I was standing at the base of this enormous antenna when it was rotating; it was one of the coolest things I have seen in my job so far. As I was staring up at this huge dish watching it rotate, I noticed it start to rotate too far and before I new it, this dish was aimed right at me, AT FULL POWER. I WAS HIT BY 10KW AT A DISTANCE OF ABOUT TEN FEET!!!!!! If you are at all familiar with RF, you understand how serious this is. Well Me and the other two people that were radiated made our way to the emergency room to be checked out. When I arrived, I received a phone call on my Blackberry from my best friend in High School. He had just gotten out of basic training and called me while i was in the waiting room of the Emergency Room. While in the middle of conversation with him, I was called in to see the doctor and that is when my day got worse. As I went to hang up the phone, I dropped it from the height of about my shoulder to the ground, no protection, ON SOLID CONCRETE! My phone was not rendered unresponsive, leaving it so I lost ALL my contacts as well as my best friends number; To top it off, I had no insurance and no way to get a new phone without paying retail cost. I had to DOWNGRADE to a regular cheap VGA Camara phone until I was able to upgrade to the storm that I have now. I will always remember this day like it was yesterday. oh BTW, no short term issues were found due to the radiation, however I am a bit concerned when I read about the long term affects I have seen RF have on people.

As far as my Blackberry disaster goes, I am an avid hunter. Being a network analyst constantly on call, sometimes when in the woods I am forced to check on my emails. It just so happened that one of those days was cold, wet, and rainy. Being in a tree stand, trying to make little movement and protecting my blackberry was a task which was what cost it, it's life. As I pulled it out my pocket and it started to get wet from the rain it slipped out of my hand and fell to the ground. Needless to say the blackberry was destroyed. The fall wasn't what what killed it, it was the mud and water that it fell into which was it's ultimate demise.

Since last season, I have now upgraded to the STORM. There is no way I will be able to take that phone into the field without protection. Taking the Storm into the woods without a protective case would be like not having gloves on a cold frigid day. Your just asking for trouble!

For Christmas I got a new blackberry (storm) and my I bought my boyfriend a new puppy (Barkley) well apparently Barkley likes berrys because he decided to use it as a chew toy!!! Then I had to use my crappy 8350 curve until the insurance sent me a new one!! I would like an otterbox to keep my berry Barkley free!!!! Btw, I couldn't get mad at Barkley. He is so damn cute!

I have been wanting to get one of these for my storm. Crackberry is the best, with all the stuff they are giving away i am bound to win something (hopefully). Even if i dont win this i will purchase it in the near future.

I work in Law Enforcement. I work outdoors and out in the weather. I usually carry my BB Curve in its leather case in my shirt breast pocket or pant cargo pocket. The environment that I work in is extreme. Dusty, rough and rugged terrain. Whether it's getting dropped or bouncing around in the console of my work vehicle, it takes a beating daily.It gets pretty scratched and banged up and has never let me down. Up until a couple of months ago when I was assigned to a mountain area and I forgot to put my phone in a plastic bag in anticipation of the coming rain storm... Later that day, after about 2 hours of working in the rain, I realized that my Blackberry was still in my pant cargo pocket. I Immediately took it out to check on it, but it was too late. When water poured out of the leather case, I knew it was done.... Sure enough, my BB was dead. Luckily I had just synced it and my data was safely backed up on my computer @ home. I replaced my BB and was able to restore the data
Many of my co-workers tell me I should get a phone that is more durable and weather resistant like one of those waterproof ones, but I cannot give up my Blackberry. What can I say? I am addicted to my "Crackberry" and will never give it up....!
Had I been using a protective case like an OtterBox,my BB would probably still be alive today... and with a lot fewer dings and scratches.

i do the phone on lap while driving and when i get out of my SUV. i always see it falling in slow motion when i exit. be nice to have a rugged case ya mean

I'm new to owning a Blackberry but am a proud owner of the Storm since December 1, 2008. My Storm holds my life; important personal contact info, secure passwords, silly emails and texts from friends, etc. Its my daily traveling companion with its own personal seat in the cup holder of my car.

Since becoming an owner I've done my best to keep my Berry safe but just recently while walking back to the office my compadre took its first spill. It was one of those slow-motion-glass-falling-in-the-air-do-your-best-to-catch-it-before-breaking type of moments. My phone slipped out of my hand and proceeded to fly towards a wall. While in the air my heart sank as I scrambled to do my best to try and catch it, but it took its first (and only so far) tumble. Thankfully there was no visible damage and only the battery cover popped off. I was relieved but now to ensure my Berry's safety I duct tape it to my chest.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry.


O.K. I have zero horror stories to tell about my Blackberry. I hope to keep that way by winning the Otterbox! This is my first Blackberry and I treasure it like a firstborn child. I NEED, I WANT it.

O.K. I have zero horror stories to tell about my Blackberry. I hope to keep it that way by winning the Otterbox! This is my first Blackberry and I treasure it like a firstborn child. I NEED, I WANT it.

This is something I could really use. I am a captain in my ambulance company, and my phone gets a decent amount of abuse, as does the rest of the equipment on the ambulance. I think the Otterbox is something that could offer my phone the amount of protection that it needs.

While talking on my landline, texting on my 8320 Curve, and cooking dinner for my kids, I got a very hot drop of Italian sausage oil on my main blackberry hand (right), and instinctively shook it. My curve flew out of my hand, made a mid-air flip and landed face down on a stove burner. This made a perfect circular burn mark on my berry's screen. From then until I bought a new 8900, I had to look at that burn mark. An OtterBox would have prevented this from happening and i would love to be able to protect my new berry from an accident such as that.

I had to have my previous two phones replaced 5 times each. I tend to drop them a lot, both on pavement and into frosty beverages. My Storm has survived so far, but i doubt it has many lives left. Maybe I should get some protection for it....

Holy crap this is clearly amazing this case looks apsolutley awesome.I
Can't believe you guys are giving ten away its just great to hear that
This case would be great to have for my Storm. I don't know what to say
This is awesome to see this happening I go on crackberry everyday of my
Life on my storm to see what is new on crackberry today and everyday
Awesome things are happening. Thank for everything you guys do you make
Blackberry devices worth getting. Thanks!

I've been looking into upgrading my case to something a little more protective than the standard holster and skin combo I've used thus far. Otterbox seems to have a reputation for good protection.

Although this thing is not waterproof, I had my BB Pearl in my shirt pocked about 8 months ago, went to the bathroom, lent over a little too far to pick something up and lost the phone in the toilet. Our toilet is a weird shape and the Pearl got jammed in the bend so I could see it, all lights on, vibrating etc for a good 30 seconds before I could get it out.

Sadly, its e-mail days were over. I just hope I don't do the same thing to the Storm.

One warm summer day I was carrying my curve in my shirt pocket. I turned to look behind me and unknown to me my bb fell out of my shirt pocket and I proceeded to run over it while backing out of the parking space. Sign me up for the greatest protection ever.

I was at the towson town mall, in MD BBMing as I was walking by the first/second floor escalator, when some kids ran by and knocked my blackberry out of my hands.....straight down to the ground of the first floor, a 1 story drop, needless to say, my 8300 didn't survive the fall.

I don't have a horror story with my BB Storm. But it is my birthday and as old as I feel, an accident cn happen any day now.

I do a lot of biking...lets just say the blackberry doesnt recover from road rash quite like the rest of me. I dont think i need to elaborate.

I was carrying my Pearl in my hand and went to hand something to my son across the table and dropped my Pearl into a big glass of cherry Kool-aid he had just poured. Now I have a Curve. No more Kool-aid diving! OtterBox!

I have seen these on the web but have not had a chance to handle one. Have not disaster stories with my Storm as of now but will keep you appraised :-)

Thing thing looks like a tank for your BB, if you drop it while it's in an Otterbox and it breaks, well maybe you weren't meant to have one?


I have a 4 year old who loves phones, and thinks he's Jay Cutler. Put 2 and 2 together and figure out why I need an OtterBox for my Bold.



Thanks for offering this great case. A few years ago, I was snowblowing the driveway...and didn't realize my backberry fell out of my holster. It was sucked up into the blower and shot 15 feet away. I called it on the home phone and found it. It still worked, but was very damaged.

First of all, Happy Birthday New user, but have got a lot of good use from this site. Because of my profession, I sometimes have to get hands on with unruly citizens and my phone sometimes pays the price. A good cover would help prolong my phone and since my wife says she's going to buy me an i-crap for my next phone, I want this one to last forever. Or at least until i get my free upgrade!!!

I love my storm but cant escape the fact taht I am clumsy. I seem to drop my phone on an unusually regular basis. The otter box would make my storm look nice again!!!!!


Well I have not had a disaster yet but I know how hard I am on phones. I just got my storm two weeks ago and I have dropped it many times. The flip phones (plural) I had before I had a constint problem with breaking the hinges and the buttons. Now I have looked and looked for the perfect cover, and no I do not like the little plastic ones that split open when you drop them. I have read a lot on OtterBox and I am very impressed. Please help me before I break my storm!

I was at a Tennessee Volunteers football game waiting in line for the restroom. Everyone knows how dirty and nasty the toilets get at such large sporting events, well I get an exceptionally nasty toilet that is clogged with poop. As I am draining the lizard, I am bumped forward by someone walking passed, in that process he hits my holster and slings my blackberry right into the toilet straight under my stream lying right next and on top of some terds. Then the inevitable, should I try to retreive it pops into your head and if you do, how do you sanitize it at a football game? I am ashamed to say I did retreive it from that foul mess. Still gives me nightmares til this day.

It's always fun to celebrate someone elses birthday and still get a present yourself. Happy b-day crackberry, keep up the good work!

Was in the bathroom and started fumbling with my phone and thought I had it but ended up sending it flying into the air... needless to say it lands directly on the front and cracks the bottom of the screen...I need this.!!!

Once again another great offer from CB. Happy b-day, keep up the good work. I would be lost without all of the information this site provides!

When I first purchased my Storm, I had the silicon casing since the phone would live in my front pocket. Well, come to find out, the silicon does not like to come cleanly out of pockets without sticking! The storm stuck on removal and my pocket caught the END button and ripped it off. This was storm one.

So, Storm two I now have the BB leather pouch. Working great except I have scratches all over the top of the phone and the back of the phone!

I need one of these Otter Boxes badly!

no major disasters here fortunately- and that is exactly why i need an otterbox for my bold to keep that record intact...

I was at the park with my girlfriend and her 3 yr old son the other day.I was jamming to some slacker on my Storm >When little Jimmy wanted to hold my phone and listen to the music!!!! Then all of a sudden he decided to throw my Storm!!!!!!! i saw it coming !!! i sprung into commando mode!!!! I leaped over the stroller and caught that STORM in mid flight!!!! Needless to say little jimmy went sliding half way across the park !!!! but hell i saved the STORM!!! So if i'd had a OTTERBOX!!! Little jimmy could have tossed it and maybe i'd still have a girlfriend!!!!! I want to go back to the park with her and Jimmy and let him toss my phone just to show her how much i really care !!!!!

... what happens to a blackberry when it falls down a flight of stairs, misses all the stairs and just hits the floor? Turns out, nothing good! I'm still finding pieces months later!

I have a couple small kids, and sometimes I put down my berry without thinking and boom! Next thing you know, the kids have a new play toy. My fault I know, but the otterbox would put an end to that! No more worries.

My curve was just destroyed by my puppy! I was on the phone with my brother and then set the phone down to take a shower. When I came back it was in his mouth in between his paws! Right now the top left corner is virtually gone (along with top left part of the screen) the entire left side cover is missing exposing the inside wiring,the bottom left is mangeled (along with a missing zero button!)and the battery is exposed on the back! Amazingly the phone still works! I am just hoping it holds out until I get my tax refund so that I can upgrade to the Bold! It would be great not to have to worry about this happening again with an Otterbox! Thanks!!

I'm always dropping the dang berry, in the car, in the office, in the kitchen at far nothing bad, but I could sure use the peace of mind of the Otterbox for those "oh Crap!" moments as you watch the beloved device fall in slo mo.

It's been a while since i'm having my bold. although i always taking care of it, wipe the hardware almost everyday, using blackberry's skin to protect it from scratch (yeah kinda freak when it comes to my bold) but still..

about a week a go i just bought blue blackberry skin. "coz it's new it feels like it slip easily from my hand. Well then i went back and watch a movie at cinema. On my way to the car it was raining so i kinda took some little run but then my bold just slip from my hand and it fell to the ground. The Bezel got scracthes and the new skin also has some tear on it.

ahh it was one of my bad day.. this is exactly why i need and otterbox

i really need otterbox... So i went to one of my best friends bachelor party which happend to go all day. So to make the story short about half way through the day i dopped my 9530 storm face down an a rock!!!! Broken screen just ordered new phone would love to try case.

I am so clumsy with phones, you can ask my wife. Just the other day I dropped my Storm face down on the ground. Luckly no damage or problems as of yet. But I would absolutely love this case for my Storm. I had one with the Pearl and it was a HUGE live saver! Between dropping it and sitting on it, it was the best investment. TO win one would be incredible. I hope I win this becuase I've been wanting this case since it came out!!! I would feel more comfortable having this case and this level of protection on my Storm...

Day one I bought my new Storm I dropped it in a puddle, luckily I was able to salvage it because it was only in there for .5 seconds but I am such a klutz I will end up dropping this thing 100 more times. I am not going to ask you to give this to me, however my Blackberry is BEGGING you to give this to IT!

Thanks for the consideration!

It may be depressing that you DOUBLED your age since last year, but the give-a-ways seem to be helping lift your spirits!

I'm a software engineer working for a company that makes embedded systems used in calculating flow rates for Oil and Natural Gas drilling. Though my typical day is sitting in an office, I go out to job sites constantly where I have to drive up and down mountains, working on large, muddy drilling sites. I've gone through 3 phones in the last year and have now become a Blackberry owner and I'd love to have some protection from the elements. I don't mind coming home with mud caked on my clothes, just not on my Blackberry.

So, like an idiot I set the BB on the roof of the car while I sort out getting other stuff stowed away inside, hop in, and take off. Since I had a silicone skin on the BB, it stayed on top.....for a while. I hear something hit the trunk, but before I looked I KNEW WHAT IT WAS. Like you have to look at a train wreck, I watched in the rear view mirror as my BB bounced down the road behind me. I don't know if it was luck, or the skin holding the pieces together, but I didn't see it explode like I thought I would. I hit the brakes and pulled to the shoulder, glad no one was behind me. Not expecting to salvage much more than the SIM and memory card, I was running back towards the now stationary BB when a &%#$* idiot pulled out of the parking lot about ten feet behind and hit the BB dead center with the driver's front and rear tires! Now we're talking total destruction -- not even the skin could hold all the pieces together! I had to dodge a couple of other cars, but I did recover the SIM and it worked in my old BB! Never did find the memory card. The real fun was taking the big pieces back to the store and asking about a warranty claim -- you should have seen the look on the guy's face!

My BB Storm pisses me off all the time. I can't tell you how many times I have almost thrown it across the room. There have been a couple of times when I have smashed it into the steering wheel of my car.

It would bee great to have this case, making it possible to take out my frustrations without destroying the phone.

I recently got a new curve because my older one messed up on me. I have kept the plastic on this new one. Ive had it for over a week now and am waiting to find a nice case to protect the whole phone.

This case would be great!

Happy Birthday CB!

Cool! I'm just a clumsy individual... my last bb 8830, decided to fly off my side holster while riding my bike. Now I have the Storm.. I could really use one of these bad boy covers!!

The worst is getting out of the car with your blackberry in your lap...although when it's raining is even worse :(

I have owned the storm for 3 months now. at this point I have have already owned 3 (thank the black berry Gods for isurance) 1st storm....what a great gift. to bad it only lasted 3 days day one dropped phone on side walk scrtched 2 of 4 corners.... Day 2 perfect no damage.... Day 3 this is where it goes bad. So I was cleaning my yard taking down the christmas lights and of course I bring my phone with me on the roof well needless to say the storm does not like 20 + feet drop on to the drive way. well time to do a insurance claim. Get my new phone in and that one lasted 3 weeks Now if you havent noticed I am very careless with my phones this phone went through about 10 falls or so throughout its very sad life the last one the screen popped and broke so time for my claim again. so now I am on my 3rd storm and am only aloud one more claim for the year yikes! I have been trying to be carefull but still have dropped the phone but have only recieved minor bumps and dings on it... hope it lasts or hope I win this otterbox.
Thanks for reading.

530 in the morning, on my way to work 2 Thursdays ago. Walking towards the train station, I was on my Storm checking email. I went to full QWERTY to respond to an email & lost focus of my surroundings. Before I could even finish half the email, my left foot was suddenly in a pool of somebody's vomit. Pissed off, I decided to put my phone away into my jacket's cell slot(left chest). As I put it away, I noticed that I took longer to walk to the train because I was on my Storm.

Here's the best part.
I started to run & was making good time since I only had another block to go. All of a sudden, something hit my foot. My Storm had popped out of the jacket pocket & fell out the bottom of the jacket. I inadvertently kicked the phone with the side of my foot, launching it towards the wall of a building. It just missed the wall but hit the floor, flipped, hit the floor again time while popping the battery door off, flipped once more, hit the floor a 3rd, & then hit the pavement one last time with the screen face down on the ground. Not I've got a dent on the battery, a huge gouge(size of Storm's LED blinker) on the top left silver part of the phone with smaller cuts towards the back of the silver, three gouges(each almost as big as one on top) on the bottom left silver part(all right next to each other), & a small cut into the rubber part surround the headphone jack. I use the invisibleSHIELD(full body) & all this damage just happens to get to where the shield doesn't cover.

Oi Vey!

Im currently on my second curve 8330 because on the 3rd day i purchased I thought it would be cool to take it running with me and drop it as i listen to slacker radio.. HAHA and a fall it took as it left my pocket and fell into a puddle and my buddy ran right over it and that also broke the battery hatch cover and made a big screen scratch! :( Poor berry!

(I am a cop). The one experience that comes to mind....I had just received my very FIRST blackberry EVER the previous day. I was at work and got called to assist another agency. I left my vehicle and began a foot persuit. While chasing the "suspect" through yards, I found myself being chased by dogs that were in the yards. A local home owner "forgot" to take down their clothes line and my lapel mic got caught on it. At just about the time I thought, "What am I caught up on?", the cord for my mic SNAPPED and hit me in the back of the head. I thought "ok" i still can call the dispatcher on my NEW BLACKBERRY and inform them of my location. Upon noticing that my bb was NOT on my belt in the clip on case, I looked back and saw it laying in the adjacent yard. Not a problem right? WRONG. Three pitbulls were in THAT yard. Everything turned out ok though. The "suspect" was caught and I was able to get my bb back with just a few scratches and scrapes!

Hello, my name is jose and i believe i need an OtterBox to finally protect my phone. Now im a proud BB storm owner, and with all the new developments and apps coming out, these are exiting times. Now i believe i need an Otterbox to pretect this goegeous phone because im one of the unlucky americans that need babysit people while they are having a blast, drinking, and dancing the night away; im a security/bouncer for a night club. now most night are peaceful, but sometime a little aggresiveness is needed and when that happens. something is bound to break. Now since i've gotten my storm i've had to replace it twice because while trying to detain a club guest that was obviously intoxicated. my phone flew in the air and clashlanded in the concrete; the screen was crackeD, and the casing was jacked. it wasn't looking pretty anymore. so this is one of the reason why i think...scratch that, i need an otterbox for my storm

thank you


I work in the field as a city engineer. I replace screen protectors and silicon cases once every two weeks due to my work conditions, crawling into man holes, working on bridges etc. I am probably the best candidate to try out an Otterbox to see if it would hold up to the rigorous work environment.



Well I was on the way to work and when I drive or go anywhere I
always leave my Storm on the side of the door so one day I was
getting out of the car and when I opened the door it flung out and
The Storm skidded down the parking lot and now it sucks I have a
Bunch of scratches on the top of my storm and the screen is kinda
Shakey and squeaks when I type on it. Poor Storm I shall say. Also
One day I was on a run and I usually take my Storm along with my in
my jacket pocket because just incase of emergency or a friend calling
And as I was running it flew out of my pocket randomly and was bouncing
Down the street luckily no car was near at the time. Well the is a two
Stories to read for you about my adventurous Storm. Thanks!

It took me over a year to convince my wife to let me get a storm.
And if anything should happen to it I would never, ever hear the end of it.
I dont think that there is anything more of a disaster than that.

I've dropped my 8330 so many times, I don't know how many more it can take. Maybe I'm just a klutz or maybe I just need to get one of these.

I'm in the Military, and constantly am out with my soldiers doing some type of training in the field. As a Platoon Sergeant, I have to stay in touch at all times, and I have dropped my Storm so many times it's a minor miracle that it still works. I can only say that the good folks at RIM put together a good product.

That being said, my leather case doesn't afford my Storm the level of protection that it deserves. A rugged OtterBox would be the perfect field accessory for the type of work we do.

I am a paramedic and have tried to protect her the best I can but regretfully she has been touched by nasty nasty things. Blood, vomit, lice, bedbugs, oily puddles, she has been dropped more times then any blackberry should have to put up with and yet she still willingly does her job. And she does it well. She deserves a little protection... No one should have to touch the floor of an ambulance...

I'm lucky my storm is still alive! In the medical setting, it gets a LOT of use. I need to protect it!

Since I dropped my Storm the other day trying to catch up to my dog who got off of his leesh, I could use some serious protection. For one, to cover up the huge scratches on the casing, and also to make sure no other scars are left on my Storm from here on out!

all of a sudden, my blackberry stopped charging and the charging port felt loose. apparently i had either knocked it into enough stuff or dropped it enough time for my USB port to actually FALL OFF the circuit board. I can't make this up, that is just too talented.

Now i'm stuck dealing with a non-BB non-smartphone and am dying! I'm waiting til ATT will let me re-up and am going to upgrade from the Curve to the Bold, and an Otterbox will be a necessary accessory!

Yes, I would like to win an otter box for my Storm. That would make be complete. This would be a welcome addition to a great phone.

Thanks in advance,

Blackberry and concrete do not go well together. Dropped it as I was attempting to put it into my jacket pocket and it met its sorry fate.

I found out the hard way that phones don't like the wash and dry cycles of the local alndry system. My darling daughter forgot to take out her phone from her pocket nad sent it and a whole load of laundry through the washer. We have had one other phone survive the washer, still using it in fact, but after a cycle through the dryer, well it was a lost cause. An Otterbox may be just the ticket to protect my Storm from my daughters faulty pocket checking and laundry efforts.

No BlackBerry disaster story yet. Some others though from phones getting run over to water damage. Besides if this gets damaged, then I'm toast. The streets in my neighborhood are brutal. I have dropped mine about 3 times already this week, don't know why, which is why i need that otter for my 8330 man!!! Be kind to one of your newest blackberry owners.

My disaster story: I dropped mine in the snow 4 times since the beginning of the winter, and 2 times as I was getting out of my car, BB on the asphalt.
No scratch nothing broken!
But let's not push my luck. I need a case :)

Show me the OTTER!
Happy Birthday to Crackberry...happy birthday to crackberry... happy birthday to crackberry...please give me a prize!


I work in the construction industry. Dropping my phone is almost as common as swearing on the job site. I have a bold, and to wreck such a nice phone is almost a sin. I NEED this case for my phone.

THank You

I work on very large and expensive semiconductor processing equipment and once I while I was fixing a robot I dropped my Blackberry on an expensive robot and broke both my phone and the robot. If I had an otterbox at least I wouldn't be out anything.

So before I went to the bold I'd had a whole host of Curves. I run a surgical training lab, and sometimes things get messy. Suffice it to say, in my line of work if the phone drops from your belt, you don't wipe it off- you pitch it.
The level of protect this Otterbox offers could save me a mint in replacement devices.

My old 8330 Curve was run over by my Mustang! As I was getting into the car, it popped out of my belt clip and landed right in the path of the front drivers tire! Needless to say, it was not a happy berry!

Every other phone I've ever had ends up SCRATCHED and beaten up terribly. I have a holster for my Storm but it still leaves the corners exposed and when I take it out of the holster it's completely exposed. When I had my curve, there was a couple times I took it out of the holster and dropped it straight on the ground. An otterbox would definitely protect my phone better than I've done in the past.

I work for a windows repair company and i was up three stories with my storm the second day i got it! My wife called me and i went to pick it up and slip! right out of my hand! otterbox has a great grip so i wont have to worry about slips anymore!

Thanks a ton!

I've already gone through 2 storms cause all the cases i've bought just blow. Just by tossing it on the bed or fallin out of my pocket and the thing just stops. Please help.

A long time ago (like 2 months) in a far, far, faaaaaaaaar away kingdom (Venezuela, latin america), a boy (me) found a magic BlackBox... that gives hium the power to stay comunicate with the world!!! talk with anyone... and look for whatever he wanted to!!! It was just magic that pushing a glass with ligth he can do anything...!!!

One day with the power underneath the BlackBox he found something... A Tool that helps him to incrase his power! Fantastic! It was call... CrackBerry!!!!! Wow! Who can ever imagine taht he can get all this power in just one place?? It was like a gift from heaven...

The days go by... and... something weird happen! He park his chariot and when he comes out the BlackBox rings and vibes... and falls down... he just discover his
weakness :-(

Now his magic box have Scratches and his lossing his powers day after day...

Hes dying...

Thats the reason why he need inmediatelly your help!!!
you have to help him to save his life...
PLEASE!!! The Magig BlackBox could save the world... just with an OtterBox He MUST LIFE!!!!


There's nothing worse than having to commute from Philadelphia to Manhattan every few days to see my fiance, especially in a Northeast winter. I normally drive with my Storm on my lap for quick access while driving the turnpike. A few weeks ago, during one of the awesome storms (no pun intended) that comes through in January, I got super lucky and found a parking spot on our block in Manhattan. I always bring groceries and stuff to the apt in NY from Phila because it is way cheaper to shop down there. On this wonderful day, during this wonderful weather event that caused snow and ice to pile up around the city, I had a back seat full of food and snow/hail falling at a progressively faster rate. I absent mindedly rushed out of the driver seat to grab all the bags and run to out apartment, when i realized that I forgot to put MY STORM into a pocket. And, almost in slow motion, i watched it fall of my lap and into a pile of fresh, icy snow... and felt my heart sink along side the freefall of the phone.

In ending, i need a better case to help my absentminded tendencies...

OMG I always wanted one but I use a gel cover my students tell me I treat my BB Curve like it's a baby.. this would be protection for life... Thank you and I hope I am lucky and good luck to everyone...

i got my self a blackberry at the mall, was playing with it, it didn't work so i took it back to the store the rep was looking at when a kid ran into him from behind and he drop the phone on the floor and the screen broke, i was not happy, totally pissed, like supper pissed. i got a new blackberry and with that case i can make sure it don't happen again

let me win, i could use one :)

i do a lot of mountain biking but my first addiction is the storm and i currently have to leave my storm behind when im out on trails so an otterbox would let me keep my addiction with me at all times. even in the deepest of woods

Oh Baby I need one of these - count me in guys and wekll done to the other nine winners!!!! LOL

I had my Storm on my lap while driving and totally forgot. As soon as I got out of the car, it came crashing to the street. Other than a few scratches she (yes, she) seems to be ok. An Otterbox would have made a world of difference... Wish they made one I could put around my whole body...

This looks like the "armored-truck-case," I'm desperately in need of. I don't have any Blackberry disaster stories, as my Storm is my first, but I do have an LG Dare story that met its fate drowning in chocolate ice cream and a Microsoft Zune story that met its fate getting chucked out of a car window. Those devices met their demise at the hands of my three year old son. I may not be a tech guru but I am a tech addict. If I could crush gadgets into powder and sniff them I would. Please help me protect my Storm!!!

Although I am a new registered user of, I have been a loyal crackberry user for almost two years now. I am part owner of a cabinet shop in Missouri. While I have never dropped my beloved Storm into a toilet, or watched it plumit to its death from a rooftop, there is a silent berry killer that I fight against on a daily basis... sawdust.

Working on the saw all day long, there is nothing more frustrating than having the trackball from my old 8330 bind up while I am trying to answer a phone call (I went through 3 of those phones). I am now the proud father of my second 9530, but like a parent worries for the future of their only child, I have concerns for how long my baby will hold up with the normal wear and tear of my job.

I guess I have a choice to make dont I? I can either sell all of my woodworking equipment and change professions, or I can beg, plead, and pray for one of these fancy Otter Box cases... which I believe will be my Storm's savior.

So, there it is... my reasoning for needing this case. I hope that this situation tugs at someone's heart strings as it does mine on a daily basis.

Before getting my Blackberry Storm, I put one Windows Mobile device into a fish pond and one dislodged from my belt holster and cracked the screen. To prevent damage to my storm I purchase the Seido Surface and belt clip. Seems to be good so far but the Otter Case appears to be significantly more substantial.

Good luck to everyone.

I just bought my first blackberry this weekend. I have the storm through verizon. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it because I am a project manager for a large AV company and go through a phone every couple of months but couldnt resist the temptation. Although my story may not be as compelling as some others. This case looks like it would be a huge help in the longevity of my phones life expectancy!!!!

An Otterbox for my Storm would be great!! I really hate clipping my phone to my belt, so I always carry my phone in my pocket. I did purchase one of the rubber covers, but it is a pain to have the cover on and get your phone in and out of your pocket. I just switched to a Blackberry from a Treo which I have dropped and destroyed many in my time, and really don't want to go thru as many Blackberries as Treos.

I have a two year old who loves to watch Mickey Mouse and play games on mommies phone. When she gets tired of playing or the show goes off she has to find something to entertain herself with. What could be more entertaining to a two year old than to watch mommy make a dive for her beloved blackberry when you toss it across the room to see how far it can go. You would think mommy would learn. I NEED that Otterbox!!!!

Driving in my truck Hit a bump and my Storm fell to the floor and then Pop. There went my screen. If the Otter Box had been around I doubt this would have happened.

Well, I had a case that I bought from a Verizon Wireless store to protect my phone. Little did I know it would provide me little protection. For one, gunk would build up under the case. And then one day, while walking across the street, my case came off of the belt clip, smacked the ground, broke open, the phone came out, got kicked, and slid over the concrete. And now I have a caseless phone with a whole mess of scratches all over the back of it.
This case would be a GODSEND!


This thing looks really rugged I would love to have one.I could have used this my first day at my new firehouse my Curve 8310 slid of the dash where it was resting landed on the floor of the firetruck and slid through the gap between the door and the floor. It ended up on the side of the road, still functional but ver I see all of our Battalion Chiefs carry them so they must be ideal for the fire department

I don't have a Blackberry disaster story but winning an otterbox for my Curve would definitely prevent me from having one in the future.

I am an avid backpacker and yes I take my BB with me even though most places I go do not have service. It's still nice when you are holed up in your tent because it is raining outside to play a little Texas Hold'em or Brickbreaker!

Currently I use a zip lock bag to keep my BB safe from water although that doesn't help when I brush up against rocks or have to scramble up a tree to get away from an angry pack of wolves. Ok that has not happened yet but I still want to be prepared in case that does happen. Plus if I don't end up making it up the tree and perish at least my crackberry will still be in good working order because I bet not even a wolf could break through the hard exterior of an Otterbox! Hey Otterbox marketing folks, seriously if you want me to come up with more marketing campaigns like this wolf one just let me know!

Like so many others, my blackberry is a company device and as such, most of us think to ourselves what does it matter, if it breaks, the company is going to buy me a new one. Let me be the first to tell you that even a multi-billion dollar a year company will quickly buckle under the pressure of a cellular phone company!

The day started off as any other with a single exception; today was the day that I was getting to upgrade my company device from a regular cell phone to the coveted blackberry that I had at that time only seen others use. Soon I would be singing silently to myself, “e-mails, GPS, and brick-breaker oh my”.

What’s taking so long? Where is the fed-ex delivery guy, he’s usually here by now!!! Almost 3:00 PM and I see that familiar delivery truck pulling up to the security gate and I jump up from my desk and run back to meet him at the receiving dock to grab up my package before anyone could deliver it to the wrong floor. As I’m walking through the receiving dock I have to quickly duck out of the way as a forklift driver, who’s obviously not paying any attention, comes sliding around the corner. In the frantic rush to get out of the way what should happen? I drop my unopened blackberry and the forklift crushes it into numerous squished pieces.

Like a scolded child I picked up my now broken new toy and go back to my office to call our local rep to tell him what had happened. He laughed, can you believe that? After years of dealing with him he has the nerve to laugh at me! Granted I could see the humor in it because he knew how bad I wanted that device to arrive!

Lucky for me he had another device that had arrived for another customer that he said he would hand over to me as a replacement and all I had to do was come on down to the store and pick it up. So now it was a mad rush to the Alltel store!

I was singing along to the radio, to what song I can’t remember, Bad to the Bone, Pappa’s Got a Brand New Bag, there’s really not any telling and of course again, I wasn’t paying attention until I saw the bright blue and red lights flashing behind me in my review mirror, yes, I’m getting pulled over – speeding none the less. As the officer approaches with that familiar question, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” he reaches down to his batman looking utility belt to remove a familiar looking device as it rang… Oh how I am being mocked today I thought to myself as he starts clicking on his full qwerty keyboard responding to some text message he received.

Ticket in hand, I pull back into the road and continue my race to the Alltel store. I arrive without getting pulled over again and I run into the store! My Alltel rep sees me as I’m rounding the corner and he’s holding the blackberry in his hand and says “Here it is!” and as he starts walking towards me he trips over an extension cord and in slow motion I watch as the blackberry flies out of his hand and crashes first against the wall, and then against a desk to bounce once or twice off the floor. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I rush over to the device getting ready to perform CPR on it as I turn it over to see a terribly cracked screen.

Come on now?! Two devices in one day destroyed before my eyes before I even get to brush my fingers along their keys!! Could my day have gotten any worse? I finally received my device, and I guard it with my life!

Just today as I was juggling all my various items trying to get into the hospital to see my son, my phone started ringing and as I went to fish it out of my pocket to answer it, it fell from my hand and crashed to the floor. Luckily the pearl is tough, and it was no worse for the wear, but I would love to have an otterbox to keep it safe!

I just bought my first blackberry this weekend. I have the storm through verizon. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it because I am a project manager for a large AV company and go through a phone every couple of months but couldnt resist the temptation. Although my story may not be as compelling as some others. This case looks like it would be a huge help in the longevity of my phones life expectancy!!!!

Name: Blackberry Storm 9530
Age: 4 months old
Owner: Fulgore
Threats: My back has scratches from him dropping me and putting me down unprotected, countless times. He had a Sony/Ericson phone, but it's currently in Witness Protection due to the abuse. Pray for me!

Im currently training to fly planes, cessnas and such. got out of the plane and the phone dropped a good 5 feet and dinged up the casing, the screen was fine since i had bought a good screen protector. went to the store to see if i could get it replaced and did but now im more careful with my storm, i need protection for my phone since its an investment for the future of my career.


I made it 3 weeks before my new storm slid across the parking lot. I have a bad habit for drop kicking every phone I have. I need the otterbox to protect my storm so I can keep visiting everyday


it did not come with this dimple, however. my wife took me me to kfc. i went inside and ordered my food. while i was waiting, i, of course, was playing with my storm. so far so good.
i got my food. still no problem. i decided to look up what the secret herbs and spices were in kfc chicken(on my storm) still no problem
i got in the car and was still researching on my phone. Here come the problems. i put my storm on my lap to check my food because my wife said the food smelled funny. sure enough they had given me the wrong order.
so i get out of the car to return the food and.... "CRACK" my storm is no longer on my lap. i am staring at it laying on the ground. no worries. it was mostly ok. BUT
my storm now has a dimple.
So.. may i PLEASE have an otter box, kev?

I have major OCD about my Storm, i am constantly getting new screen protectors, maybe my 12th now since Nov. 21st. And this is my 4th Silicone case since then cause it just bothers my when they get scratched. Something extremely everything-proof like OtterBox would be just great to get me relaxed about my Storm's protection!!!

I work in construction and i dropped my Curve off of the top of a roof that i was working on. Lets just say it was one of the best drops i have had considering i have a storm now.
Please give me one i could use it FO SHO

This past weekend, we were hosting a training bike ride when at the very end of the ride, a storm started to blow in. I had my BlackBerry Storm holstered in my case (an 8820 case, since there were no Storm-specific cases available when I bought it.) Well, as the winds picked up and the rain started to fall, a stack of papers with the ride map began to fly away after a strong gust of wind caught it.

I ran after as many papers as I could and was proud of the fact that I was able to get all of the farthest papers with my sprint, but when I turned around to head back, I heard someone say, "whose BlackBerry is this?" I knew right away I was in trouble. The magnetic latch of the case diddn't hold tight and my unprotected Storm flew out and smashed against the ground. As I turned to look at the damage, a car exiting the parking lot was in the process of rolling over my back cover and battery, and the main body of the Storm looked like it had been to hell and back, with scratches all over it.

Unfortunately, the Storm was a casualty that day, and now I'm waiting to get a new replacement phone in from Assurion. A nice, rugged case could have prevented the phone from shattering, being scratched and dented, and coming apart. This time around, an OtterBox would help give me peace of mind that my BlackBerry wont fall victim to a quick, sudden storm.

I can defiantly use one of these for the storm. Gonna check out the prices if I dont win cause this is a must have!

I can defiantly use one of these for the storm. Gonna check out the prices if I dont win cause this is a must have!

my son jacob loves phones epecially my backberry. He was about 8 months when one day the phone rang and i looked at the caller ID and to my suprise i was calling the house. I answered and heard some cute noises from my son and his dad talking to him. As I went looking for them upstairs taking the house phone in tow i heard a thumps and a staticy noises when i got upstairs my son had showered my backberry with his juice and was trying to give it to the dog then smashing it inot the floor. His father laughed when i asked if he has seen what Jacob was doing. I picked up my blackberry covered and juice droole and dirt. After than the backberry has to be replaced. And to this day every time he sees it he goes for it. Jacob vs the phone Jacob always wins.

I need an otter box so bad for my Storm. I have dropped my phone so many times that I had to get 3 replacements because my phone broke. All I have to say is thank god for insurance. First time I dropped my storm, it landed on a rock where the screen is and the screen was damaged. The second time I broke my storm was at a barbeque. I dropped it and as I went to pick it up I accidentally kicked it into the pool. The third time I broke it was when I was playing with the light saber app. I was swinging my phone with my friend and I guess I didn't have a grip on it so it flew out of my hand, hit a brick wall and slammed on the concrete floor. So please pick me I need it badly. Once again thank god for insurance.

When i got my storm for birthday a couple weeks ago i was walking out of the store when my sister asked to see it. i was very hesitant to letting her hold my first blackberry so soon but sure enough the moment i let her hold it she dropped it right on the ground face first which made the screen come off and i had to get another one..if i had the otterbox covering mine i would have ever had this happen hopefully i can get one in this contest so these type of things never happen again

So it's more or less a miracle when any technology I own lasts more than a few months, luckily RIM seems to make these suckers pretty tough, tough enough I dont mind dropping my bold on the floor just to scare some i-phone users. But aside from me purposely bashing my bold about i've had some scary experiences with blackberry devices. My previous BB was the curve 8310, a fantastic phone that is nearly indestructible, while riding my bike home from college I was texting my girlfriend and listening to some tunes when my headphones got caught in my handlebars and soon enough my precious scratch free curve was flying through the air towards toronto's busy highway 27 smack scrrruuuuhhhhhhhhhhhaaatchhhh accross the ashphalt it goes, then my heart almost fell out of my chest, HOOOOONNNNKKK a huge semi trailer run's my baby over. BUT MIRACULOUSLY when I picked up the scratched up sucker, sure enough the back door had popped off but the battery was still in, i turned the device over put the cover back on and continued my text messege with, holy (expletive deleted) baby you won't believe it my crack berry just got run over by a transport and it's still alive.
Now I've long ago sold my curve which is still serving it's new owner very well and now i have the beautiful bold which i'm terrified of scratching up , and/or being run over by passing trucks, soo pleeease help me out and hook me up with one of those awesome otterboxes!

My first storm was DOA. My second storm fell in the toilet. My third storm was dropped and the screen LED's died. I'm on the fourth one but its getting scratched up. I definitely need this

i had to add... i remember i was on the phone talking with one of my gf and had a bunch of other things in my hand and I DROPPED my BB. I was depressed for the whole week. She couln't understand why my mood changed drastically over a phone. I told her this isn't just a phone but my lifeline.

In the past 24 hours, my Storm has taken a dive off the counter, and fallen onto the wet ground outside when I was taking it out of my pocket. I can definitely use some added protection to help keep my Storm beautiful!

My pride and joy, The Blackberry Storm. I got one on launch day and have been in love every since.

Unfortunately, this all came to a crashing (literally) disaster one day when coming home from school. I got out of my car, with my storm safely in my inside coat pocket. (i was trying a new location of my phone since normally i have it in my right pants pocket)

I then found that my jacket pocket was not at all deep enough to carry my storm. While getting out of my car coming home from class, it got pushed up and flipped out of the pocket. Then after a fumbling grabbing motion I manged to trip on my car door and FALL ON MY ASS on the pavement while trying to catch my storm. Only for it to fall on the pavement right next to me, almost staring me in the face. Fortunately it was still in working condition but now has some ugly stratches on it that I will never forgive myself for :(

In conclusion, I would LOVE an otterbox not only to protect my storm from future endeavors, but to hide the ugly stratches from my foolish adventure.