Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



well, i have gone through so very many phones from events that really take a toll on these devices'. many of these phones where crap and i didn't mind too much;ie. nextels,samsungs, palms, but now that i have found a new addiction with my crackberry storm, i would be devastated if some unfortunate event was bestowed upon my newest bestest friend. my job leaves me in situations that can have great impact upon a device and i would be forever greatful to be picked for this.

I've had my Storm 9530 since December. I've already dropped it several times. But the worst was when I forgot it wasn't in my pocket and I stepped out of my truck. I heard the crash, bang of my "other girlfriend" hitting the asphalt hard. (My wife calls my blackberry my other girlfriend) Luckily my Storm still works, but I've chipped the corner by the mute button pretty bad.
If I'd had my Storm in an Otterbox, I'm sure that the disaster could of been avoided entirely.

I went to the CES show in Vegas and saw the otter case for the storm, and found it flawless... It protected the screen and I had no problems "swipping" from left to right or up and down... GREAT PRODUCT, and I would love one of these for my storm... I have a tendency to drop my phones and I'm already on my 2nd storm... I love the device and really dont wanna shatter another buy forgetting its on my lap when i get out of my car and his hit the pavement, AGAIN...

Thankfully I haven't had a BB disaster yet. Just got my storm one week ago. But added protection would be great!

Even since i got the storm i have transitioned off my ipod. I finally did what i wanted to do for a long time.... Have a single device for phone and multimedia.

I recently went to Killington Resort in Vermont. Great time until my storm feel in the snow while i was taking a sweet hit in the park. Luckily i used an old trick that my mother taught me. When you drop any type of electronics in water... you simply put it in a zip lock bag of rice. Rice apparently sucks out all the moisture.

Now, if I had the otterbox case i wouldnt be wasting a bag of rice just to dry out my Storm =P

I've always wanted to try an otterbox case. Especially because I've been dropping my phone a lot lately!

I have the leather holster with the magnetic latch, so my Storm is protected, except in the upper corners. Of course the very first time I drop it, it lands right on the upper right corner and takes a big nasty chunk right outa the chrome. Now I know that is not really a true disaster, but I am constantly dropping it, so an Otterbox would be a really nice safegaurd against future damage to my Storm.

As a professional firefighter, there's a ton of reasons why i could use one for my curve. I certainly dont expect it to hold up to 1,000 plus degrees, but I'd sure like it to be functional when dropped after the torture I put it through daily.

I am the type that usually lose my phone within a year of recieving it. Fortunately I have been lucky with my Curve for the past year and a half!!! YAY!! Unfortunately, the phone has fallen out of my holster numerous has even fallen into a dirty puddle of water when I was getting out of my car!!! Amazingly it still worked!!! Now, I have upgraded to the Bold (the Blackberry of Blackberries!) and I need to protect my Bold from ME!!! HELP!!!

First off, I've tried a dozen times to log in, but the servers at crackberry won't keep me logged in. My normal username is hdgaaron.
In my day job, I'm an IT administrator, not much need for an otterbox there.
But, by night (and weekends, and sometimes during the day) I'm a volunteer firefighter who also is involved with a dive rescue team. I've completed my Divemaster training.
When we go out on the boats for a call, I'm always REALLY paranoid about my blackberry. I have to find a safe dry place to stow it, this normally means back on shore. It could really be usefull to me if it were out on the boat with me. I could keep in touch with my wife and kids, and look up all kinds of usefull info with it (tides, weather, currents, etc), if only I could bring it with me on the boat!
I know the otterbox wouldn't make it waterproof, but I hear they are really good for splash resistance.
Oh gods of Crackberry, please bless me with an otterbox!

Thanks CB for a 3rd contest.

Luckily, I have not had any disasters with my current BB Storm. Helps that I have been handling it with extreme care (to the point of wiping it with a microfiber cloth). Hopefully the OtterBox will keep it safe, protected, and looking as good as it does now.

I can share a disaster with one of my older BlackBerries however. This was about 2-3 years ago. I was walking through an airport terminal somewhere mid-west (Phoenix or Denver, I can't remember). As always I was walking and reading messages at the same time, and going to place my BB back in my holster. Of course I miss my holster, the BB goes falling to the ground, and because I was walking, I more or less kick the BB while in stride causing it to slide and roll to the escalator where it continued down several stairs. I finally meet back up with my BB - she is dented and scratched all over, but still working because I got a message during that short fiasco. It was then that I realized that she was built as a tank, but from then on, any time I put down my phone, I now stop walking and secure my phone all the way to its destination (ie pocket or holster).

I need a new case for my Storm ... and I have heard that this is one of the best.

So me likey .... :)

So I was at a party and slid the BB in my back pocket after getting a girls number that I was after (score!) and I guess I had a few too many because I fell down the stairs to the keg in the basement and smashed the phone in my back pocket with my ass being bounced down the steps...

And thats how it happened the first time...


because its my birthday on march 1st plus i am clumsy and have dropped my storm. this is number three im on help

I ordered an Otterbox Defender at the same time I ordered my way was I going to carry my Bold around without one.
I'd been using a Defender on my Pearl since it was new as well, and gained great appreciation for the protection an Otterbox provides.
True, it adds a bit o' bulk and getting the clear plastic over the screen smoothly can be a pain, but functionality is excellent and I don't have a spaz if a few drops of rain get on my BB.
For anyone as active, and perhaps as clumsy, as me, I heartily recommend on Otterbox.


I work in retail and it allways takes a beating, That and with my two daughters who love to take daddys phone..... Its seen better days. With an otterbox, it can always be new!

I so want the Storm one!!!!!! Ive been meaning to buy this and heard it is awesome!!!!!!

I was so excited for the Storm to come out, and got it as soon as it came out - well, minus the shipping delays.

For my last phones, I have never gotten the insurance. I've dropped phones before, but nothing more than surface scratches occurred. Well, it was now the day after the opportunity to buy the insurance passed, and I was visiting my brother and his new wife in New York City to celebrate the holidays. It was a particularly icy day, and so I stepped with caution until I got into the subway. Before I knew it, my feet flew out from underneath me, and I tumbled to the platform below.

My legs and arms were totally bruised, and certainly my ego. However, the worst part? My Storm's screen cracked. All I could think was that I wish the otterbox had been out by then.

I now have a refurbished Storm, and hope not to repeat the same tragedy, so hopefully you'll choose my story - all of it true.

I'm on my third blackberry in 2 years...seems to fall on the ground alot...nuff said...SEND ME AN OTTERBOX! :)

Im on my 2nd bold as for some reason i have permanent butter hands.
My device just took a large beating from too many times bouncing off the kitchen floor and the data center tiles at work.
Must keep device scratch free.

keeping my fingers crossed for this

My storm has never left my hand so no horror stories here....But i would to have a case just in case i put it down one day!

i work for a service organization that is performing hurricane relief in Houston all summer long. with that many nail guns, hammers, shovels, and unskilled volunteers there is potential for loads of accidents with my blackberry.

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Now, my story

I cut headstones for a living. When I first got my blackberry 8350i (without insurance), I was sandblasting some dates on a couple stones in the cemetery. When I finished for the day, I went to make a call and then, to my horror, realized that my phone was filled with sand dust. I did my best to clean it out but every button crunched when it was pressed. The trackball barely moved and was VERY unresponsive. I took it apart and cleaned it, but it didn't make it back to its original feel. I guess it was my VERY BIG mistake for having it on me for that kind of work, but It was very disappointing to have to negotiate some kind of a deal with Nextel to purchase a new one (with insurance haha). They did give me a "little" break on the price, but it still hurt. Thanks!

I have not had any BlackBerry disasters, and I want to keep it that way with one of these great cases that the OtterBox folks are so generously donating for the CrackBerry birthday bash!

I would also like to teach my Rottweilers, the lovely Freya and the handsome Axel, to retrieve my BlackBerry, and obviously a tough case like this would make that possible should they not grip as gently as I hope during the learning phase :)

I enjoy this site!!! Only here can one get GREAT information, support, and goodies! Cheers to many more successful years :)

I am happy to report no disasters yet 8300... but my father always said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. plus I had one on my 8100 and it rocked and I felt safer with it on...

because I just purchased my 8900 Curve and it feel off the dinning table onto the tile floor. Battery cover and battery flew off. I almost had an heart attack. Luckily there's no scratches. That's why I really need this case.

And when I get angry you dont want to be around me! So when angry I sometimes go for a multimile trek though sand, snow, sleet, rain, and wild animals. I can't be without my BlackBerry and thus an Otterbox would help keep my beloved berry safe whilst about my trek.

I have loved the otterbox cases for a long time, they have saved me many times.....Happy Birthday Crackberry

I need an Otterbox case because.......

In my Phone lifetime I have kileed phones by;
Dropping in Toilet error,
leaving on car roof error,
Throwing (by mistake) across a bar during the world series,
Sitting on it in my back pocket,
Cayak turnover incident.

Please help

Went to a Cubs Game, I was sitting in the bleachers DLee hit a home run we all stood up, as I was getting up my blackberry 7100i went up also like slow motion it goes up I watch as it goes down and hits the seat in front of me and pops right back up into my beer, this is no lie if i had a cover over that phone it probably would not have bounced that high but who knows, I got the storm now and this case would be great.

Sounds good. Just bought the BB storm and I'm very paraonid about dropping it, dust under screen, etc, and my end key is starting to get a bit loose because of the pouch I'm using

It was wing night, and I was on my way home from the bar. I may have had a few beers, and went to check the email while walking towards the crosswalk. My 7250 was mad that it had to work so late, so it jumped out of my hand, onto the ground. As I bent over to pick it up, my foot ran into it, sending it skidding across the street, face-down, where it met, with full force, the granite curb on the other side, and bounced back into the street. I was interested to see if it would bounce like that again, so, I kicked it back across the street to the other side! In the end, there were a few scratches on the frame and keys, but no really bad damage, just one fun story to tell!

Going on vacation and could really use this for my travels. If my Pearl gets damaged on the trip, it will give me an excuse to buy a Bold, but it's not worth the loss of push email for even a few days. OtterBox rules!

Just last week this all went down..I was sitting on the couch watching tv with Remy (my 1 year old black Pug) laying down in my lap. I got hungry for a little snack so I got up and walked down the hall to the kitchen, grabbed a handful of cashews then walked over to the PC to check my e-mail real quick. I couldn't have been away from the Living Room for more than a minute or two but, all of a sudden, I heard some crunching sounds coming from the other room. Now, within the 72 hours prior to this dreadful event I had recovered a PS3 DualShock 3 videogame controller and a Logitech VX Revolution laptop mouse from the jaws of little Remy only to find them badly damaged. Of course he was now chewing on something else now, I just didn't know what. I scrambled back down the hall, my stockinged feet sliding across the laminate floor as if I were on skates. That's when I saw it - my wife's brand new BlackBerry Pearl in the mouth of the little beast. Both the Pearl and it's leather case were badly damaged and I knew my wife would be very disappointed that her new BlackBerry Pearl was no longer such an elegant-looking device. We've ordered a new housing for the phone which should get it looking great again but, clearly, it will need to be protected further to avoid another incident with a little dog who clearly has some kind of plastic addiction. Here's some pictures of the aftermath and the little culprit himself....


I have had 2 of the crystal Blackberry cases which are pretty to look at but not practical. If you open the case too much a latch or two will break. I am on my second crystal case and alas one of the latches has broken when I opened the case to take my battery out. I don't have a lengthy dramatic story but I would definitely appreciate a case that is high quality and durable.

I want one!!!! This would be wicked awesome for my Storm, and is greatly needed.

I travel a lot for my job, and admit I’m not the most nimble or manually coordinated of individuals. After a trip from Atlanta back to Chicago, I got my bags and grabbed a cab at O'Hare. Thinking, incorrectly, I could multitask by sending an update to my boss on the trip and packing my luggage in the trunk, I dropped my beloved Storm.

It hit with a sickening thud and the sound of broken plastic which was followed, as I watched in horror, by the touch screen sliding under the rear wheel of the cab and into the street.

The screen did not make it...thanks to another car passing by.

I almost broke down in tears right there. I had a backup of the data on my laptop, but this was my Storm! I was kicking myself all the way home. If I had an OtterBox, maybe my Storm would have been spared such a horrible fate.

Of course, if I had a little more manual dexterity, that would probably help too.

I am very hard on my phones but I have a couple of disasters that stick out in my head.
First was a motorcycle accident. I got hit by a pickup, bike went 120ft, I went 80ft and my phone ended up somewhere in the middle after being run over by a car.
Second was out on the water and struck a underwater log at fairly high speed. Not only did the phone go overboard to never be seen again but had to take the boat in for some serious repairs.
Needless to say I could use one of these to at least help spare my Storm.

Why I need a Otterbox.....I am a firefighter/paramedic, and my last phone was replaced several times due to some of the "things" or other types of fluids it got subjected to, it was bad enough that Verizon told me to not even bother to bring the phone in, they didn't want to touch it!!

Needless to say, it is a very physical job, and when you are jumping on the rig or off the rig and doing your work, I need the best protection I can get for my phone, and I think the otterbox is the one I need.

So, for a firefighter serving the people, I need to protect my phone, and that's my story.

As a new blackberry user, this would be a great tool in protecting my beloved blackberry. I hope i get one, they look nice.

Please pick me to win one of these. I don't have a disaster story to share, at least not yet.

This fine accessory will keep me from having a story for sure!!

I am a scout leader and my curve always falls out of my pocket. Yes, I know I shouldn't have electronics with me at scouts but in case of an emergency , I am prepared.

So I was at work and was kinda in a hurry to be done for the day. I had my phone in my hoodie pocket and was running with a pallet jack with a pallet with boxes that weighed about 600 lbs. So my phone came out of my pocket and the pallet jack ran over my phone and broke the screen and the frame in a couple of different places. Had to pay the $50 deductable to get my phone replaced for the second time.

The day I received my Brand new Storm was the Happiest/Most Upsetting day of my life. I had this brand new amazing device that could do anything I wanted it too except wipe my ass... I'm still waiting for that app though ;). The reason it was the most upsetting day was because I dropped my Storm from my lap when getting out of my car and seriously disabled it. So PLEASE give me an OtterBox so I can protect my new Storm that Verizon sent me. Thank You CrackBerry and keep it Pimpin Pimpin!!!

I carry my phone on my belt or in my pocket. It never fails, I will drop the phone at least once a day. It's a miracle my screen is still viewable or my case hasn't broken. Thanks guys.

last year i worked as a tile setter, my job consisted of me constantly mixing cement and cutting tile to be layed on the floor or the wall. On one magical day i took a call while at work offering me a new better job. Excitment about the news kept me from realizing that i had placed my berry pearl directly under my cutting station. Not paying attention to this i continued cutting my tiles, now obviously when your cutting a piece of ceramic your usually going to be left whith an extra piece that will usually drop under your station. My luck that day that it was piece with a very sharp tip,
right on to my 2 week old blackberry pearl screen it lands. Funny thing is i didn't even realize this until i was cleaning up all the junk pieces of tile. Thank god i got a new job though ,helped me buy new phone. So Now i swear by protective cases and even though i don't work in construction any more a new case would definitely help me sleep better at night.

Happy b-day CB

I have not (yet) damaged my young Bold, but just being my BlackBerry is an inherently dangerous job.

During the day, my Bold sits safely on my desk or in my pocket, but at night, I am a volunteer firefighter. I have lost phones and smartphones to damage before, but they were just toys compared to my BB.

I am forced to leave my Bold behind when I run fire calls, causing me much consternation. If I could only have a case that provides real protection, I could stay connected while continuing my 20+ years volunteering.

Please help protect my Bold!

Been eyeing these for a while, would be cool to win one! Maybe I wouldnt have to replace my phone every three months like I do now lol.

well its important to always have protection because you never known what is going to happen...

one day you're living it up and the next thing you know little berries are running around looking just like your storm.

I'm in the US Navy, I had my blackberry on my hip while I was on a Submarine. The seas were a little rough and the Sub took a role and "crunch" I hit my hip on a table and cracked the battery case on my blackberry.

Considering I was down on luck with my Storms, having to replace two of them because of defects, maybe some good luck with the OtterBox is coming my way....

I work in the construction business. I have not found a good case for my Storm yet. I have tried all the cases out there (Verizon and aftermarket) and have not found a durable case yet to stand up to the work I do. I am on my 4th phone. I would love to put this case to the test for them. This case looks like it might be the one I have been looking for.

This is my first BlackBerry and I'm totally hooked. I don't think I will ever go back to a regular phone. With that said I have been known to be kind of hard on my phones. I have had them fall off my belt at playoff hockey games from celebrating goals. My last phone did a header down the stairs at Verizon Center in DC during a Wizards game getting pretty scratched up in the processes. I have even lost phones under the infield tarp of a minor league baseball team I worked for. The worst cell phone disaster has to be when I was putting air in the tires of my truck and put the phone down in the driveway. I was all done with the air and was ready to go so I jumped in the truck and backed out. I felt my left pocket for my phone only to realize that it was not there. Panicked I stopped the truck but it was too late. I had backed over my poor phone crushing it to bits. From that day forward I have carried insurance on my phones. Please help me protect my innocent Storm from my destructive nature.

Because I constantly drop my beloved berry. We always hurt the ones we love the most, right? Help me protect my baby!

If it wasn't for this site, I would never know about products such as otterbox... maybe I would but the information would not be as thorough and entertaining..Thanks!!!

I need an otterbox case. I was playing with the children in my after school program and was talking on my cool blackberry bold. I started chasing them around the room for fun and as I was flailing my arms pretending to be crazy the phone flew out of my hand and hit the brick wall....

Fortunatley the bold is pretty strong and had no major damage, thank god... But I now realize I need some solid protection.

I have a blackberry storm and my blackberry needs a case because I work in a theme park. Not only if I drop my phone. it will most likely be kicked around by tourist before I have a chance to pick it up. :)

I would like to have an otterbox to protect my device from my 2 year old daughter. She can be rough on my blackberry. Maybe i will get lucky and be 1 of the 10 winners.

I have been in a foot cast now for 16 months due to a severe bone infection. I am now on my 3rd Storm for many reasons - however the main reason is that as my cast is so large normal pants i cannot wear so for many months I have been wearing sweat pants or running pants to work. Hobbling around on crutches is quite the workout and as my hands are tied up i am always on my blue tooth...well without being graphic can you imagine what happens to a storm if you are not careful in the mens bathroom - yes one got flushed and one got dropped and kicked across the floor!!!! Had I had an otter box the storms would have been saved.
The final reason is its hard to look cool on crutches but with an otterbox on my storm my street cred would rise significantly!

Thanks so much and keep up the great work Crackberry

Well, you said to have a good reason for an otterbox for my blackberry. Well, I work in a costco (WIRELESS etc...) and they have hard cement floor. My blackberry has already been beaten up pretty bad by this floor from showing my unit to potential clients. I also have a bad habit of throwing my blackberry around in bordom.... it's taken a couple hard hits from that. I've also had to replace one from that, it broke into a couple peices :S. So, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRACKBERRY! And I hope you consider my submittion for this contest. :)

Have a great week and drink a couple DUFF Beers for me Kev!

Fortunately, I treat my Blackberry like a newborn, so I don't have any disaster stories for you. However, accidents happen, and I know that with this case, Those accidents would be less likely to turn into my first disaster story!

I've had my eye on this case for quite a while, and would love to get my hands on it.

While visiting family in Mumbai, I took the city train to get from one part of the city to another. These trains are packed to unsafe levels, with people hanging out the doors and sides of the train. Needless to say, I was one of those unlucky ones that day. Anyway, I had my 8320 Curve in my not-so-deep pocket. Well, that was no longer that case when the train merged onto another track (not a smooth ride). I watched in horror as my Curve fell out of my pocket and under our tracks.

I was walking down the street checking the latest CB blog on my BB Storm when all of the sudden a bolt of lightening struck my Storm. Luckily, my warranty covered lightening strikes. ;)

I wanted to forward you this story that a friend of mine wrote. I got my Bold in December '08 and talked her into getting one in January '09, This is truly remarkable ahavnd wanted to share with other blackberry owners. We do not suggest trying this. Also, for the record, she did not have any kind of case or skin on her blackberry.
Gayla Timmerman

Just wanted to share this unbelievable story with you:
On Feb 11th, I was leaving work and put my things to take home with me on the
top of my car. As I proceeded from work to home, not to far from work, I thought
that I hit a bird as the sound was so loud, but didn't see a bird. I got home and got
busy and started wondering where I had put my Blackberry Bold. All of a sudden, I
realized that it was probably no bird I hit, but my phone that had flown off the top of
my car. I immediately got in my car and drove back to where I thought this had taken
place. I first saw the top of the phone sitting in the middle of the road, face up, and
I picked it up and the screen wasn't broken and hadn't been run over. Next I looked
for the back of the phone and it was stuck in a crack in the road, unbelievable not
damaged either. I looked for the battery, but it was getting dark and had no success.
The next morning I was telling my co-workers what happened and they suggested
that we go back and look for the battery. It had flown in the grass quite a ways from
where I found the actual phone. The battery was wet, but we dried it off and can you
believe the phone worked. The only visible mark was on the silver part at the right
corner of the phone. This seemed almost like a Ripley's Believe It or Not and thought
I should share this story with you.
Margie Chastain

I don't really have a blackberry disaster story, YET!! I dropped my bold once, and got a tiny knick on the bottom corner, no big deal, but I'd love to try one of these cases out to give my berry the ultimate protection!!

Thanks Crackberry!

I think it's pretty needless to say that when I drink accidents happen... It's already happened with my new Curve that I took it out of my holster a bit too fast and next thing I knew it was on the floor with the battery and the battery cover laying across the floor.

Man, I need something like this. I've dropped my BB a couple times and the casing is scratched up. One of these would keep my precious from getting even worse.

I would like to win this for my brother. He is in the Army getting ready to re-deploy for a second time to the big sandbox. Being a fellow Army solider I can attest to the harsh treatment our phones get. We dont always have time to be extra careful with our gear and worry if it will still work or not. Me and my brother have both recently bought the Storm 9530 from Verizon and this outterbox would be the perfect thing to give him to ensure that awesome phone stays in one peice so I can keep in touch with him!!! I mean come on we've fought and sacraficed for our freedom, cant we at least give'em and otterbox???

When my business partner and I got blackberries a few months ago, we both picked up the crappy hard case that Verizon sells in their stores. A couple of weeks ago we were dealing with a very stressful client and my partners bb got hurled against the wall quite forcefully. The impact completely shattered the case that was on the blackberry and only managed to knock the battery cover off the actual phone.

I promptly pulled the case off of my blackberry and ran over to the phone still laying on the floor and put my case onto it. That phone didn't stand a chance naked. We all had a good laugh to cover up my partner's serious anger management issues.

So, I need the otterbox for my partner to protect a BB that has quite an abusive parent! (Also, I want my case back.)

Just wanted to share this unbelievable story with you:
On Feb 11th, I was leaving work and put my things to take home with me on the
top of my car. As I proceeded from work to home, not to far from work, I thought
that I hit a bird as the sound was so loud, but didn't see a bird. I got home and got
busy and started wondering where I had put my Blackberry Bold. All of a sudden, I
realized that it was probably no bird I hit, but my phone that had flown off the top of
my car. I immediately got in my car and drove back to where I thought this had taken
place. I first saw the top of the phone sitting in the middle of the road, face up, and
I picked it up and the screen wasn't broken and hadn't been run over. Next I looked
for the back of the phone and it was stuck in a crack in the road, unbelievable not
damaged either. I looked for the battery, but it was getting dark and had no success.
The next morning I was telling my co-workers what happened and they suggested
that we go back and look for the battery. It had flown in the grass quite a ways from
where I found the actual phone. The battery was wet, but we dried it off and can you
believe the phone worked. The only visible mark was on the silver part at the right
corner of the phone. This seemed almost like a Ripley's Believe It or Not and thought
I should share this story with you.
Margie Chastain

SO me being the huge sports fan I a decided to try and kick a field goal with my brand new Curve 8330. I had just gotten it and had it in my lap while I was driving around one day. Well when I got to the gym I forgot it was in my lap, so what happens you may say? Did it fall on the ground? Did I make a miraculous recovery and save it from touching anything that could harm it? Nope, I open my car door swing my left leg out and oming right behind it is my right, and I give this a solid Adam Vinatieri kick with my right leg hopping out of my Explorer. Well my little Curve took flight as all I could do was sit there and watch it hurtle through the air. When it finally landed it wasn't pretty, looked like when a hot dag explodes. I collected the pieces and managed to put humpty dumpty back together again, but ended up taking it back and getting a new one. Just being extra careful with not being stupid with my precious anymore.

I so need this I am always dropping my phone or something redicuolus. I work in a warehouse and just the other day as I looked down I noticed my case had flipped on my belt and watched my phone fall to the floor but before I could stop the Pallet jack that I was riding on I rolled right over it. Didn't smash it just caught the edge with my wheel and it was like a sling shot that shot it out from under the jack and across the floor. I am sure the otter box would have help with a little protection anyway.

Happy Birthday Crackberry. The best source available for helping the masses with their blackberry's.

What can I say about Otterbox. These cases are great, stylish and durable. What else would you expect from a company that sponsored adult hockey teams for years in our community! Keep up the good work. It's not just Fat Tire beer that comes from here. Ha!

Thankfully I do not have a horror story YET. I am a consultant and often work in Pharma R&D lab areas where odd solutions inevitably end up on me, my laptop and I'm sure at some point my blackberry storm. I did a terrible job installing an invisible shield and could really benefit from a case with an integrated screen cover. Did I mention my one year hold has the same passion for my storm as I have? He screams when he sees it and can't have it in his clutches and I am sure the Otterbox can protect it from his paws.

Nothing like being a messenger in NYC. I had just got off my bike to deliver a package and soon as I walked in to the buildings lobby, my Storm fell out of my bag,'OUCH!' just so lucky that the building had carpet in the lobby. OtterBox would be the perfect fit!!

wow... the contests just keep coming. otterbox makes a weird looking case, but i hear they are strong and id like to try one out.

keep it up CB. thanks

I was working on 2 computers. My desk is L shaped I was turning my chair putting information in one then turning back to the other when the back of my chair hit the huge mug of coffee i had sitting on my desk. Well guess what else was on my desk MY STORM and it got a nice drenching off coffee. I dont need to explain what this did to my screen and now I dont ever want to watch my screen slowly turn yellow again. I am a comunications field tech and this case would keep my storm beutiful for years to come. I am currently using the hard VZW case with laminate to prevent dust moisture as much as possible but the otterbox would do it better.

my girlfriend and i both have blackberry storms...need we say more?....
well we will. i was out in the garage the other day changing my brakes and the storm slipped out of my hoddie and hit the cement. OUCH!
and her...she's just clumsy!
we both had a different case before from a company which i prefer not to say, and the case was TERRIBLE, every time we dropped the phone even just on the counter it would unsnap and fall apart. so we NEED a better solution!

I'd love to have this! Don't have any disaster stories.....yet, that's why I need it! I'm on my first BB, I'd like to keep it in good condition.

i have a violent history with my alarms.. i hate being woken up and since i use my cell phone as an alarm i have been known to throw my phone to da other side of da room, of course not with my bold. because of this i still keep my old nokia n70 charged and use dat as an alarm.

While sitting studying for a class, I tried to recline the chair I was sitting in. It wouldn't go back, and I kept hearing this crunching noise. Well, the chair is old and I thought maybe it was just on it's last leg, so I left it un-reclined and finished my work. Later that night, thought I would take a closer look to see what was wrong with the chair. After looking under it slightly while attempting to open it up, I saw a little blue glowing light. OH ****!!! Sure enough it was my storm making a nice little stopper between to pieces of metal. Turns out that the screen doesn't like metal crunching it too much. Now my Asurion replacement is on the way, and an OtterBox would the perfect thing to keep this one in one piece.

Idiots = Interns

Interns = massive quantities of coffee consumed every morning at our production meetings

Massive quantities of coffee consumed every morning at our production meetings = Interns accidentally spilling cups of coffee near, around or almost on top of my brand new phone.


I had an Otterbox for my 8130 Pearl for almost a year. I stupidly took off the Otterbox for one day and ended up dropping my Pearl in the slushy, snowy mud in lovely Michigan. It only took me one day without an Otterbox for me to completely destroy my berry! I just got an 8330 Curve and desperately want to get an Otterbox for it before I manage to break, drop or destroy my new Curve. Pick me!!

For the first month I had my blackberry storm, I had it safeguarded by the hardshell snap on case from VzW, which instilled a false sense of security, I'm always getting in and out of my car in the field and back in my office, a few weeks ago getting out of car my storm slipped out of my hand and crashed into the concrete of my office parking garage, the "durable" VzW case exploded, and left a couple nice scratches in my storm, now I've been completely naked for 3 weeks, I need a case that won't fail.

So True Story Here...

Once upon a time, I allowed my Blackberry Storm to travel naked through the wild. I thought, why not, I pay for insurance and I have a warranty, what's the worst that can happen? Well one horrific day, I was riding one of those 25-cent horse rides in front of Wal-mart(totally normal...). Well as I was being thrown back and forth in a joyous motion, my little storm managed to climb out of my pocket, and take a jump to the ground. I imagine he was getting motion sick or something. Well I jumped off the horse to my Storm's side, and I saw that I chipped about a half inch of the silver accenting off of it. The worst part of all of this, was that my phone had been functioning great, and we had grown close since the release date. So, instead of using my insurance, I have kept my buddy by my side. Please don't let my best friend travel naked anymore! Thank you Crackberry!

PS... Happy Birthday!!!

I work as a IT field tech and after having my Storm for just one week. I am going into a site with my storm, car keys and a printer in my hands. I go to open the door and drop my storm and it does three or four barrel rolls down the concrete. Screen is ok but I have multiple dings and gouges in sides and bottom of my new phone. The OtterBox for the Storm looks sweet and would be perfect for my line of work because I really need my Storm protected.

This would be a great case for my storm. Haven't been able to find one that i like yet. I have been wanting to try this one out. So pick me!

Oh, nice. I wu'd like to have an otterBox for my 8800, now im using some "leather" holster, but this OtterBox will b great.

I print a newspaper in nj. as i was upstairs on one of the printing units adding ink my new storm fell out of my pocket and was put through about 15 rubber rollers and came out of the unit in pieces. i recently purchases a new storm and need a case for an industrial workplace.

I have been using the Otterbox Defender with my 8330 Curve since I got it. The Otterbox is an essential. I can't imagine being without it.

Just got the Blackberry yesterday, so I don't have a disaster story yet. Although I wish I was witty enough to make one up...I'm just not. But an otter box would be nice to protect my new toy!

i had dropped my 8830 numerous times and had it replaced numerous times. i will really enjoy having this on my storm

Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more to come!!

I have wanted an OtterBox since I got my Bold, what a wonderful gift.

You realize the OtterBox is worth its weight in gold, right AFTER the first time you drop your BB onto the sidewalk/street, etc.

I just got my Storm, and i have never been so overprotecive of a phone in my life...i have two cases for my phone, but they aren't fully secure...i need a Blackberry Storm Bodyguard...aka - The OtterBox!!

I was working in my store and neeed to move some kegs around to get to one in the back. I must have been craving a beer to bad, because when I lifted up the keg, I heard a crack and felt a snap in my pocket. My curve screen had taken the brunt force of a keg being lifted up by me. It fought hard not to crack, but in the end, the screen lost out to the force of the keg. I was so dissappointed in beer for the first time in my life! I'm a semi professional Otter Herder/wrangler. I travel from town to town, using my Otter wrangling powers for good, and not evil, making sure that the renegade Otters don't harm the children, or mess up people's living rooms. They're so mischevious. So now, when I'm short an OCU (otter containment Unit) I can just throw any extra ones into the Otter box.

Wait...what?...oh...nevermind then.

Brand new, stunning shiny BB Storm.
Add to that a "somewhat new" 3-month old daughter.

Not a good combination. Yes, I absolutely need an OtterBox if I want my Storm to survive to the end of the year, or at least until Crackberry celebrates another year of life.

Please help me make my Storm see that day.

I am an electrician by trade. I live and work in very rough places. I have thought about buying one, but I have no personal refferences on the product. Having one given to me would give me the chance to test drive and give an honest opinion of it. Keep me in mind!!!!

I should win an OtterBox! Just the other day I was sitting at my desk and when I reached for my phone it hopped and jumped through my hands. I almost dropped it (which would have been a disaster). PLEASE let me win a OtterBox so playing HOT POTATOE with my phone WON'T GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!!!!

I always put my bb in between my lags when i am driving, i forget and when i get out my bb fall to the floor. I need something like this to protect my bb.

I need an Otter Box for my Storm because I have 15 children and nothing last long around here without extra protection.

If I win, I'm giving this to my best friend. Her name is Vita and she has a Curve 8320 that's still going strong after sustaining damage in her accident.

In March of 2008, my friend was involved in a horrific accident (an accident I narrowly and miraculously escaped) that left her paralyzed from the lower waist down. She was thrown out of her X-Terra's windshield and was semi-conscious when she hit the ground. The paramedics and Medivac team said the only reason she is alive today is because her Curve never left her hand and she was able to call 911 from it.

Her BB has definitely seen better days. She's had it for almost a year after the accident and hasn't changed it out yet because she says it's her 'lucky Berry.' It has a nasty crack on the screen and some structural damage (I referred her to this website to buy a cradle just so she can recharge it!), but I'll be damned if that thing is still going strong! For anyone wondering if a BB is a good buy, it definitely is! Her BB flew with her through a windshield and it's STILL working great!

We are both now saving our money to buy a Curve 8900 (I've talked it up like no tomorrow and have referred to to get the inside scoop before it ever hit T-Mobile) and if I win, I'm giving the Otterbox to her for when she buys her new BB. Hit me up so I can send pictures.

Good luck to everyone! "I WUV YOU, VEETS!!!"

There are several reasons I need one of these. The main reason is that I am the clumsiest person on earth and have been thru 10 phones in a year
The other reason is that I live in eastern Montana. Self explanatory.

worst disaster ever was when I drank a lil too much and went to use bathroom....some how my BB fell in toilet...not kool !!!

Everyday I login, there is a new contest for free giveaways....gotta love this place....Happy Birthday CB!!!

First let me start off by saying love the product, its look and design is flawless to me and yeah I've only owned one but it was the best pruchase I've made for my Blackberry. So if I were to explain any story I would have to say that when I first came into Blackberry I started off with the pearl because I was in the loving small phones stage and I must say I dropped my first pearl every day until one day I dropped it down my stairs and that was the end of that. Throughout my 3 year contract I went through 3 pearls and didn't even end up finishing the contract and thats when I noticed the curve so I decided to switch, and the first thing I did was purchase an OtterBox and let me tell you when I was finished with that phone and I wanted to switch to the storm there was not a scratch on it. Now finally I'm up and running with my storm OS .109 and I love it, now I just signed on to and noticed this contest and coincidentally I dropped my storm for the first time last night outside coming up a set of stairs, so basically it slipped out of my hand and flung against the concrete and I swear my heart stopped, now I have one of those silicon cases but I've realized thats just not enough. And thats my horror story I'm pretty clumsy and I thought I could change with the storm but as I learned last night I guess not and I despretly need an OtterBox. Anyone who owns or wants a storm knows that the storm deserves to be in mint condition at all times.

I am an electrician by trade. I live and work in very rough places. I have thought about buying one, but I have no personal refferences on the product. Having one given to me would give me the chance to test drive and give an honest opinion of it. Keep me in mind!!!!

This thing looks freakin' awesome! Now if I could just train my dog to get a beer out of the fridge life would be complete!!!

OK my friend has a boat in Quincy Ma. We had a good day of fishing and were heading back in to the marina. I have my hands full of gear and for some reason I was holding my phone ( I can't stop checking email, etc - possibly obsessive compulsive? I'll leave that for another forum) when the local police boat comes screaming into the dock area (ignoring no wake warning and speed limit signs which they have cited my friend for previously). The plate rocks and instead of falling in - I grabbed the railing and my phone goes right into the water. Gone. It swims with the fishes.

My story begins with my cat, and ends with the floor.

I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and using my Storm, which apparently made it interesting to my cat. I placed it on the counter and turned back to the sink. Which allowed for the cat to hop up on the counter and start poking at my Storm with her paw. Well a little poke poke poke later, I turned to see her push it off the counter and smash on the floor. Needless to say I wouldn't have been happy with any other BB product so I spent a load of cash on my new BB Storm. So a nice sleek Otter case would make my new investment safe from my curious cat.


It's not a BB desaster but a Nokia Communicator 9500 Communicator desaster.
Before i had an BB i used the Communicator from Nokia and after work i read ebooks. When i arrived at the train station i just wanted to read the current chapter to the end (was a reall good book).
This was a really stupid idea since i dropped the Communicator on the stairs and it has fallen about 2 meters onto hard stone. Fortunately there was only a little crack in the corner ot the phone an some cratches.
My new BB 9500 Storm hat already some cratches from normal use an the otterbox could protect it from more cratches and my gaucheness (i had to look up this word an i hope this is ok, never heard it before :) )

Because just last month, I completely destroyed my Curve 8310 when I was working on the roof of a construction site last month. Work did buy me a Bold... but they told me that if I break it, I replace it. Eeeps! Help me!

Well to say the least my storm fell off my car when i was leaving work and my berry doesn't go missing un noticed very often. Well i think i may have gotten a mile down the road when i discovered it was gone. I went back to work and saw in the parking lot that my Precious storm was laying there dismantled of some of it's limbs including the battery back and when i picked it up the front screen flopped down. Well im sure most of you would have felt the same way i wanted to cry well i didnt waste anytime switching back to my curve and i've been wanting one of these otterbox cases for a long time. And before anyone asks no i didnt have insurance on my storm. So please help me get one of these Otterbox Defender Cases for my Current Curve

Klutzo here! Sorry to say that as careful as I am I still have dropped my BB a number of times. I'm very fortunate that it didn't do some major damage. OtterBox to the rescue! Thanks, and Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

Definitely could use an Otterbox, I work and volunteer as an EMT, so the chances that my Curve will get beat up are high. Ironically, I dropped my Curve the other day while off duty and now it has some dents and dings in its otherwise beautiful body. :(

I sell cars and use my BB to look up inventories and such. I've broken 4 belt clips over the last year getting in and out of cars. To the point that I just keep it in my pocket. My Curve needs to be protected from me (and the environment) Please cover it!!!

I work as a chemical technician and this would help my piece of mind about my Storm's fate which could possibly be falling into a tank of boiling chemicals

Fortunately, no Storm disasters yet, but I would love to win an OtterBox to avoid any future possible disasters.

Today, I saw an elderly man fall in a crosswalk, so I jumped off my bike to help. As I helped him across, the light turned green. At that point I noticed my phone had fallen out of my pocket in the street and was run over by several cars. I then watched across a 6 lane street as someone stole my bike. FML

I haven't had any awful things happen to me and my Blackberry Storm yet! What a wonderful reason to get the Otter Case! It will make sure I'm protected and I'll never have to write one of those terrible hair raising stories that "HAPPENED TO ME"

In a hotel room party over looking the Hooters pool, someone bumped into me while I was on a call causing my blackberry to fall 6 stories to it's death.

When the office I use the standard BB leather holster which works great but when I go on site, you never know what you are going to run into.

I would give this to my friend if I won. He could really use one and was asking me about it a couple days ago. He's not very computer literate, and knows nothing crackberry...shame.

i've poped the glass screen of my storm 3 times now... 3 phones... i don't think i can get vzw to give me another.

I barely got my Storm on the 10th, and it already has an enemy, poor thing, mother. She dropped my phone within the first week, and last night, while trying to kill a bug, sprayed it with Raid. My Storm lives in fear, and knows that the only case it can protect itself with is the OtterBox. Please pick me, my Storm's electronic life depends on it!

Happy Birthday Crackberry! And many more!

What a great way to celebrate YOUR Birthday by winning an OtterBox, for MY Storm! We would all be lost without Crackberry! Thanks!

I do geocaching and we have a lot of trails in our area. I was out on the trails with my Blackberry in it holster, ready in case I needed to check out a cache on the web. Did my finds an then headed back to the car. As I reached for the Betty Boop to call home, to my horror only the clip was there, the holster had broken off! Luckily a companion also had a cell so we walked and phoned, walked and phoned and luckily found it about a kilometer back down the trail in a pile of leaves. It had been shed without warning and no sound. So a new case with the quality of the Otterbox would be welcome.

i hope i can finally win one of these birthday give aways or i might just have to buy one of these myself. but keep up the good work with the giveaways and the site.

well lets see, on my 3rd storm. First one I sat on, oh my! The second one my 3 year old got a hold of and cracked the screen. First one I got replaced at the VZW store (dont know how I pulled that one off)! Second one......all out of pocket! Please help Otterbox!


I would love to have an OtterBox beings I just got my 9530 Storm and I want to make sure it last forever! Thank you CrackBerry!

This would be awesome to have. Im an extremely clumsy guy but try and take good care of my blackberry storm. I haven't had any major incidents, but its only a matter of time. Please pick me so i don't have to be afraid to take my phone out of my pocket anymore, thank you.

About a year ago I was in Colorado a little over a month after I had ankle surgery and I was still on crutches. I was still rocking the 8703e Blackberry and one of the days when I was there I got out of our rental SUV and started to hop around the car to get my crutches and of course I hopped right into the corner of the door with my pocket...needless to say the 8703e halted the impact and cracked the screen like a spiderweb from the center outward. That's my wonderful horror story.

Just the other day I was running down my stairs in my house and my Storm wasn't fully in my pocket. Well it fell out and cartwheeled down the stairs only to land on a wooden floor. The damage was a pushed in storm screen that now doesn't click properly!