Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!


I could have used the otterbox today. I was in an accident in a school vehicle and needed to get in touch with law enforcement, administrators and parents and when my phone hit the floor of the bus I freaked out thinking that I would be out of contact. Thankfully, it's a blackberry and kept on working. I guess the scratches are just war wounds. I would love to have this for my BlackBerry Storm 9530.

Ok so my Bold never broke, but I dropped it one time on the sidewalk and forever my outside silver rim is tarnished, with a piece chipped off. I would LOVE an OTTERBOX case!

Okay. So up until now I've never had a BlackBerry. I've always been a PALM guy. One day my PALM and I were in a stormy squall walking away from work and I was trying to keep the rain from hitting my screen. I stepped in a puddle and stumbled, my PALm went flying and landed on the pavement. the until fell out of the case the stylus went into the puddle and the rest of it skidded along the sidewalk. I picked it up soaking wet and the 2 halves seperated. I was so pissed off as I had just bought it 2 months earlier. If I had that case I would have been much better off. Ah well, What can ya do?!

Never had a BB so I have no story, but dropped my cell phone on a roller coaster and, well figure it out.....

Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Bday Crackberry!

i live on the area where it got flooded in heavy rain. One time i was trapped inside my home with no electricity, disconnected phone line and the flood was getting higher in minutes. I was planned to leave the house and I had to report this situation to the emergency flood coordinator, to keep watch my house, the only thing available to do this was to use my BB and when I tried to reach it, it was slipped to the flood water, that was the end of my BB, so i thought, if I have protected my BB at least it would not be that bad.

Otterbox for my BOLD

Love otterbox products! Very well made. Keeps my storm safe at work. I'm a technician at a busy car dealer.

For people who are known as butter fingers and for those of us whose kids play with our Blackberries... the Otterbox family of cases is perfect.

Happy Birthday Crackberry !!!!

This site rules !!!

I can't get enough of it.

Thanks to all.


Well I can't say its my own personal story. But my buddy sure is an idiot. I guess he just couldn't get enough of his girlfriend. Because during the flat tire he had to change he was worried he would miss her call on a return trip home from Florida back to Michigan he decided he was going to set his Storm on the back bumper well he changed the rear tire on his vehicle. Well the fool drove off without grabbing his precious Storm. He had to go up the freeway three miles to turn around. By the time he got back. His Storm was no longer recognizable. Apparently a Berry VS. an oncoming vehicle at 80 MPH is no comparison. He still has the parts and pieces. But he No longer has the girlfriend !!! LOL Poor bastard ! I dont know if an OtterBox could have saved it. But they sure look tough.

My BlackBerry day of doom was about 5 months ago, when I got a email from a freind telling me that they were all going to lose there job due to cut backs. Then about a few minutes later I got a email that my job wasn't going to last also then I got acall from my wife that the she wanted to buy something that we really didn't need and she just would let it go. So she kept on pressuring me that she want what she wanted and not knowing what info I just got in an email and I didn't want to tell her at that moment so I just snapped and threw my blackberry in the wall and when I realize what I had done it was to late and i lost all my info and email. What a way to start over with a know blackbery and know I have storm 9530 and she got what she want any way.

So I had to find out the hard way that BB's DO NOT float! I was stationed onboard a Navy Submarine, showing off my BB to a fellow submariner while topside, and all of a sudden a huge gust of wind about knocks us over the side and of course, my BB falls out of my hand, bounces nicely off the hull, and PLOP, right into the Thames River! If anyone wants a free 8100 Pearl, theres one on the North side of Pier 12 about 50 feet down!

so three weeks after i bought my first blackberry storm im talking on the phone with a friend and im at the top of a large flight of concrete stairs when out of nowhere my friend hip checks me and nails my arm at the same time causing my blackberry storm to launch out of my hand and tumble down about twenty-five concrete steps breaking the screen, and totally ripping apart the rest of the phone, without having insurance i had to pay five hundred dollars for a replacement so now i have a new blackberry storm and i am so scared to even just use it now because if i break this one I'm not paying five hundred to get a new one this time

Mines pretty straight forward, I got pushed into a pool with my phone in my pocket. bye bye phone :(

I need an otterbox to prevent future mishaps

VMy blackberry saw its final day scratch fee âtat the stadium right before I dropped it down the stairs and it fell from the top all the way to where the stairs start

I bet this could have saved my Bold from the 12 foot drop off the ladder it suffered over the weekend!

A replacement is on the way already, but the sheer horror and nightmares i'll have for the next month from clumsly hitting the hammer off my phone causing it to drop 12 foot, bounce about a foot in the air off the flooring, and then shatter into about 17 peices!

I'll never sleep good again till my new blackberry and otterBox protecting it is here!

Sure would love to win this prize. Happy Birthday Crackberry.

My disaster story is that after camping out for the storm and coming home succesful day one, I ruin my storm the first day becuase the case I bought did not protect it properly. No insurance.....

I work as an EMT.I have had my phone thrown at me, puked on, run over, dropped and then kicked onto the freeway and even shot at. When I am saving lives I barely have time to protect myself let alone my phone. I have to wear protective clothing so I need the very best in protection for my phone and that is the otterbox. Since we lifesavers don't get paid very much especially not to deal with some of the stuff that we do. It would be fantastic to win one of these awesome baby bullet proof vest for my bb baby.

I just got my first Blackberry, so I don't have a disaster story yet. I need an Otterbox very badly so I can still say that next year....

I was lucky enough to get told about and see the OtterBox by someone at the Mall in one of the Cell phone booths. I think is an outstanding accessory for my Storm because of the protection it provides.


I so need this after my original OB was stolen along with some of my other stuff from my gym locker.

ya sux to be me.

Between me being clumsy and my dogs... i've been thru a couple of cases and phones due to my phone always going off during normal and not so normal hours my dogs tries to turn it off by biting of hitting off the bed, couch or scratching my phone. And then my phone usually falls out of my pocket when i sit down, and the list goes on...

I work in construction and my storm which i love and adore and try to take very good care of is always ending up being dropped in mud, plaster, and being rained on. The OtterBox would help ALOT!!! Happy Birthday CrackBerry! You guys have the best crack around. When it comes to you guys drugs are good. Thank you for all the wonderful info you have taught me about my Storm.

Well since I just got a BlackBerry I don't have a story for it yet, However, being a Jeep owner with no top I am a Cell phones / insurance claims worst nightmare. Usually happens when I leave the bar, leave the phone in the jeep and it rains...

I like the OtterBox for my Bold because I AM A REAL CALAMITY. The OtterBox is like me, black and STRONG. Please, I don t want to destroy cellphones any more.

I like the OtterBox for my Bold because I AM A REAL CALAMITY. The OtterBox is like me, black and STRONG. Please, I don t want to destroy cellphones any more.

Hey what's up I just cant afford one of this for my storm but since its free all I can say is more power to u crackberry and happy birthday and iam ready for my otter box...thanks a lot for all the goodies you've given us.

I had a friend try to play a prank on me,and through a series of mix ups, my storm ended up getting thrown at the grown at full force.........Granted it was in still working condition and verizon replaced it for free......I was really scared. I do my best to keep my storm safe but S*&t does happen.

In my line of work having a otterbox case for my storm would be great! I'm a firefighter for the state of Hawaii, when there is an emergency I have no time to gently set down my storm, or worry about it getting lost, damaged etc. Having a otterbox for my storm would give me great peice of mind.

Hi, does anyone know what the fix is for an 8350I with an otterbox cover that eliminates people calling you and getting a bad echoe on their end? Outside of removing the rubber cover and leaving just the hard plastic case..

Had one for my centro and loved have since upgraded to blackberry so it would be great to have the same protection as my centro!!

OtterBox would devitely be handy. I don't know how many times I've dropped [or came close to] my phone. I have been lucky so far that nothing has been damaged - except a few scratches.

This is a must need case, im always out and about and I need a case that will provide the protection that I need to keep my storm in top shape!!

Been looking at this case for a long time for my storm. Happy B-Day Crackberry hope you keep up the good work. Very good information about the OtterBox and all the other apps and products..

Otterbox rocks! Being a very outdoors person I have dropped my 8900 more often then I want to remember so any protection would be great!

In the Auto industry have to get one of those for my Tour. Just about busted a couple times. If I won one that would be great. Might bring some sales to fellow Salesman

I have not had a fatal or major incident with my BB yet but I just got my new Curve a few weeks ago & am known to drop my phone(s) quite a bit plus I work around heavy steel & plenty of water & hydrolic fluid leaks in my plant.

please.. add my name :D

I dropped my 9700 on the floor at my work.. i had to buy a new one :( So if I had the otterbox case, it will had be saved!

Since I was born in March. Yesterday was my birthday. I would really like this case to help celebrate my 50th birthday. I have hit a milestone. I love my blackberry and I want to keep it safe from harm.

Happy Birthday to you all at CrackBerry
Yet another wonderful year has gone by and I have not missed a moment with all of you at CB.
Please enter me in this Otterbox contest so I can put my Berry into the DPP disaster protection plan.

Thank you CB and Happy BD !!!

I have concrete floors and dropped my new BB Bold 9700 the day I bought it. Luckily it didn't get injured. This OtterBox will protect it from any damage. Please pick me I really want this case.

I was just getting ready to order one of these this week but after seeing this I'm going to hold off for a bit and see! I love the concept but really love the commuter series and couldn't find a holster to go along with it for some reason. While the next series up(Defender?) has a holster with it, it just seems a tad on the large side from the way the photos look.
Would be awesome for my backpacking trips with clients, or climbing/mountaineering trips. I've been taking a cell phone on every mountaineering, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, and backpacking trip since "cellular" phones were in fact portable to the point of carrying an extra 7lbs in my pack and taking up a HUGE amount of space just so I would have the bag-phone along for those "just-in-case" emergencies. I work as a therapist with adjudicated male youth(11-18) in an all boys facility so I do week long adventure trips 5-6 times per year and they require I either take my sat phone(now that they are affordable) for trips where a signal is not available for the majority of the trip or my blackberry along in areas I know I can reach a signal. Back in the early days this was not a requirement but having 10 young males int he woods for the very first time for most of them it just seemed like a good idea. Thus far I've "lost" 4 phones to the woods from issues derived from things like getting slammed into a rock face (even though inside my pack), getting dumped into a quick moving stream while crossing, being lost into a lake while ice fishing and just plain being lost lol. Having a strong case would certainly help keep the phone safer which of courser makes the boys I take along safer in the process. Phil

I did a keg stand and my phone fell out of my pocket and into the bucket of ice/water. I realized it an hour later but it was too late. Submerged! OtterBox may have saved me.

Last weekend, I was folding laundry and left my 9630 on my bed. After all the clothes were folded, I gathered up all my sheets, not realizing that my beloved Tour was inside it, and threw it the whole batch in for a wash cycle. I only realized my error 20 minutes later when I tried to BBM a friend.

The best part is that I had already used my 2 annually allowed claims with Assurion on my previous phone, so insurance was pointless here. I had to buy a new one, and it is getting here on Tuesday.

My friends call me "Butters" because I have habitual 'butter-fingers' and bear a striking resemblance to said South Park character. Please send a case my way, Uhm-Kay?

Yes it is a bad story. I work construction and in construction you have to relieve yourself in a Porta Potty or Porta John. Yes you know where this is going! Just as i walked into the porta potty i received a call from my boss and i reached into my pocket for my Blackberry and out of my hand it popped and right into the toilet. With nothing to protect it the blackberry was a goner. With a OtterBox i am sure i would have saved the phone. Not sure i would have used that Otterbox again :)