Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Yeah, give me one, give me one!!!!


dieing for an otterbox to save my berry. i refuse to leave it in the truck out of harms way due to my serious addiction. i also love having my storms camera handy during the day as my job takes me into some of the most interesting automobile shows and restoration shops in the country as well as to our friends north in Canada. nothing worse than missing out on a photo op on a rare auto! at my current pace i fear it won't be long before my berry meets its doom wiggling around the cars to load and unload in an enclosed trailer is putting my phone under pressure quite literally. lol. regardless of winning or losing this contest rest assured i am traveling all of north america spreading the gospel of crackberry! thanks for everything!


I want one of these things in the worst kind of way!! I work in construction, and NEED one of these for my Storm! I put a scratch on the battery door the other day with a ladder, and I was LIVID!! I have been leaving my phone in the truck since then, and that has made my boss very angry because he can't get in touch with me. SO PLEASE give me one for my storm! They look awesome too, lol. Happy Birthday Crackberry, and congrats on 2 wonderful years to Kevin and the team!!


My two year old threw up on my blackberry!! Having an otterbox would protect it even from vomit!


My two year old threw up on my blackberry!! Having an otterbox would protect it even from vomit!


Nothing bad has happened yet, but my 10 month old loves his daddies Curve. So something bad is going to happen, please help me protect my Curve.


I am such a spazz...I haven't done anything bad to my precious Blackberry....YET! Other prior cellphones have met SEVERAL unfortunate deaths...leaving it on the roof of the car and driving off, being left in a pocket and run through the washer...AND dryer!....dropping it in a beer and, the classic, even being dropped in a toilet!

Now, if I had had an Otterbox for those phones, perhaps I would not have my Blackberry today, so I guess things worked out for the best. BUT now that I have my precious Berry, I don't want him to get hurt, killed, not even scratched! I KNOW an Otterbox would help me keep him safe and sound for a long time to come! THANK YOU!!!


i got out the car with my storm sitting on my lap. as i got out, it fell to the ground, but didnt break the screen awesome right? fell in a puddle...needless to say it no longer otterbox would really be a blessing


Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the cool give-aways.


I'll take one for the Bold please...


Pick me please!!!!!!!


I would love to win this otterbox to protect my storm. I have already cracked the screen on mine at work! (I do construction and demo to houses with fire damage) It is a very harsh environment for my storm! I would love to have this to protect my replacement storm as soon as I get a chance to get it reported to insurance!


Would love a nice durable case such as this one...


This will protect my storm :)
Yes Please

Jason O.

So, I JUST got my Blackberry storm last week, and was looking at all the interesting GPS functions while on the sacramento river on my boat.

Now it was getting pretty late, and sundown was fast approaching, I was using my blackberry as a light to look over the edge of my boat because I heard something hit the back dock.

I shine the light over the freaking edge and a freaking OTTER was on my boat dock, I jumped back in shock and dropped my blackberry onto the boats hard ground where it then made a nasty crunchy noise and slid under one of my benches.

I heard a splash the moment the phone hit the ground and I knew the blasted Otter accomplished his mission.

I groped for my BB Storm and finally found it, but before I even brought it to my face, I could feel the cracked screen.

I mean it was devastated, like splinters going all through it.

It works alright still I guess, but the screen is ruined and the home buttons barely work.

I am ashamed.



I need one of these so my new storm will look new for a long time. I want my new phone to last and not look like my old phone which lived a short hard life!!!!!!!!


I've always wanted to try one of these!


I don't have one but I would love to have one. Free is the perfect price




CRACKBERRY = AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since I was receiving therapy for severe back pain I has placing my phone in an area that was easily accessible: hanging on a clip from my pant pocket. However, the clip was bogus and my BlackBerry would fall constantly when I alighted from my car. My BlackBerry is all jacked up as a result.


Since I was receiving therapy for severe back pain I was placing my phone in an area that was easily accessible: hanging on a clip from my left pants pocket. However, the clip was bogus and my BlackBerry would fall constantly when I alighted from my car. My BlackBerry is all jacked up as a result. I need something to protect this investment. I have a BB 8800. Otterbox would definitely provide THE solution.


Happy Birthday Crackberry


i need this because i drop mine all the time!


These look like the best protective devices ever known to man...except maybe the ones made by Trojan


Otterbox me!

Good luck to all


was gonna buy one of these for my storm but i think ill wait a few days and see if i can win one... thanks crackberry


UGH!!!! My storm totally needs some protection, my sister in law has taught her German Shepard to fetch the TV remote, cute trick!!! However the dog now fetches anything and everything that is laying around the table, figure it is only a matter of time until my Storm gets bit!!!!


Im Interior Designer, I need the otterbox!!! Please! Happy Bday!!!


I cracked my blackberry screen when I dropped it while hiking in Rocky National Park and then destroyed the entire phone when I dropped it off Sandia Peak outside of Albuquerque a few days after Christmas. My new phone could really use an OtterBox case!!!


I treat my bb storm like a small child. The OtterBox would be a godsend. I wouldn't have to worry as much.


my heart stoped when i pulled my storm from my pocket to reveal a webbed screen under the week old invisible sheild. the insurance was a no brainer at the time of purchase. it sucked waiting an hour and a half for the guy at best buy to waste half of a recipt roll and figure out how to do the exchange, plus i had to pay for the IS.


want it want it want it!
was working on a motor today when my storm fell. I was trying to put it back in the sleeve and it slipped somehow (grease I guess) and slid down the stand I was working on top of. Luckily I broke it's fall with my knee, but it has it's first few scars. those made me cringe! I am a frist time bb user , but I did break my samsung pda twice in a week lol. Insurace deductible gets EXPENSIVE too!
This would be awesome to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a wildlife photographer. Sometimes my job gets dirty just to get that perfect picture. Such as crawling through the ground. There have been times when dirt has gotten in my blackberry and its a pain to get out. Especially inbetween the keyboard!

Lord Shaper

Never seen one of these in person but I'm really intrigued!


Always in the mood for a new solid case to protect my storm, then I can call it the "perfect storm".


I would like to win please.


YO i always drop my phone i practically destroyed my last curve so i need to keep this curve II nice and sexy. THXX


I subscribe to Slacker Radio and currently hold my Storm in one of those leather touches. While the pouch is okay while listening to Slacker, every so often I have to
grab my Storm and pull it out to check messages and ALWAYS hit an icon on the screen because it is awkward getting it out. The Otterbox would allow me to get my Storm and not hit any icons, right?


The OtterBox seems to be better than the leather pouch I am currently using. Plus, I don't think it will cause me to press any icons when I retrieve it.


It's a real relief to see the Otterbox for the Storm for those of us who come under the heading Pure of Heart and Not Always as Alert as We Should be. It also solves the question of what birthday gift for a friend who has the unfortunate habit of driving off with his Berry on the roof...


Happy Birthday ~
I Love CrackBerry!


Happy Birthday~~
I love CrackBerry~~~~~~~~~~~


Happy Birthday~~
I love CrackBerry~~~~~~~~~~~


I could use one of those on my Storm


This case looks really cool. Seems like a cool product. Ok I ready to win mine!


Nice case, I have a storm.........I never win :( Charlie Brown.


I'd love one of these cases!!!


If you work in a harsh environment, then an Otterbox is a must.


OTTERBOX IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


please pick me Happy Birthday CB


This is pretty sweet. Happy b-day CB!


I'm on my first Berry, and I don't have any disaster stories yet.. But I don't want one to talk about either haha. I like this case. Reminds me of the case Darth Vader would use on his Deathberry


I hope I win Storm is getting banged up!


I wear body armor at work...and my Storm needs body armor, too. It needs an Otterbox!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!


I always want protection for my storm. This is a great accessory. I am new to crackberry so never heard of this before.


The first week I had my storm I was at work. Im a chef in a italian restaruant. Well after five minutes of getting in my storm was sitting on my table when a fifty pound stock pot landed on it. My crackberry was a flap jack.


The first week I had my storm I was at work. Im a chef in a italian restaruant. Well after five minutes of getting in my storm was sitting on my table when a fifty pound stock pot landed on it. My crackberry was a flap jack.


Happy Birthday, Crackberry! I really enjoy your site.


Congratulations on becoming the two year old king of Blackberry support.

Had a close call leaning over a balcony typing on my Bold> need I say anymore?


Stuff we all get - Micheal Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

Jacques Daniel

happy bird day CB,

here's to possibly free swag.


This would keep my new Storm safe and secure.


I use protection thats key. For storm.


I'm in nasty construction biz. Need the protection please.


My disaster story is a sad one. I have a Storm, and one day I was in the passenger seat of my car with my phone on my lap. Of course, I went to get out of the car, forgot my BB was on my lap, and it fell to the cement driveway. At which point I STEPPED ON IT. As you can see I apparently need some serious defense for my baby.


I love this cover, the best. Mom always said to use protection.


This has to be the best case ever


You guys rock!!! All this comps!!! Love it! Cheers guys


haven't had disaster with my BB thus far...but have dropped plenty of phones in the past to know i should protect my storm!


Well I don't have a BB disaster story yet...I just got my first BB a week ago. But I'm on construction sites or plant floors most of the day and want to prevent any damage from occurring. An Otterbox would certainly help!




This would work great for my new storm.


say goodbye to silicone


Being a Firefighter I NEED an Otterbox for my Bold, how about helping me out and giving me one? :-P


I would love to win something.


my girlfriend ran over my pearl crazy women


I LOVE Otterbox cases! I had one for my Pearl (that I won in the CB Christmas thingy two years ago) and I absolutely loved it.

One for my new 8900 would be great!


I like the Otter one, lol


This would be a great protection case for my 8320 sign me up!!!!!


These things are beefy, and I really could of used it a while ago. I was taking a picture of my friend doing something he should not have, and one of his buddies slapped my phone away and into the street. What ended up happening was my BB got ran over, and I had to buy a new one, it was crushed by about 8 cars on Woodward in Downtown Detroit. Then, once I got my new one, I dropped it while being groggy, and that too was run over, and now a button is lost for good, my alternate button.


im always dropping my phone and this would really help


wow wicked product!


happy b day blackberry


Happy Birthday Crackberry


(Forgot to login, reposting my story)

So, I JUST got my Blackberry storm last week, and was looking at all the interesting GPS functions while on the sacramento river on my boat.

Now it was getting pretty late, and sundown was fast approaching, I was using my blackberry as a light to look over the edge of my boat because I heard something hit the back dock.

I shine the light over the freaking edge and a freaking OTTER was on my boat dock, I jumped back in shock and dropped my blackberry onto the boats hard ground where it then made a nasty crunchy noise and slid under one of my benches.

I heard a splash the moment the phone hit the ground and I knew the blasted Otter accomplished his mission.

I groped for my BB Storm and finally found it, but before I even brought it to my face, I could feel the cracked screen.

I mean it was devastated, like splinters going all through it.

It works alright still I guess, but the screen is ruined and the home buttons barely work.

I am ashamed.



I haven't had a disaster yet and don't want one


I recently got a storm. My previous BBerry the now ancient 8700 was dropped out of it's holster bounced across the ground and grabbed by my dog. I chased him around the yard to get it but by the time I did he had put a tooth through the keys and cracked the screen. I guess that's what happens when a pitbull gets my BB. Please don't let this happen to my storm...


This case would be really nice to have especially in my line of work. I work in excavation and so I am always in rough conditions.


Ok one more time to enter these contests,,,,,, PLEASE LET ME WIN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would looove one of these! Can't afford a "real" case right now cause I got laid off and am a single mother raising two kids so to win one would be a blessing... happy birthday once again Crackberry, your the best!


a Storm ottobox would be great!


Makes great cases...would love to have one for my Storm. :)

Travel Lots

I travel on the road with a music artist about 80 shows a tear, and am CONSTANTLY dropping my phone. I don't want to damage my new storm on a gig or getting on and off the plane. HELP!!!!


Is it put it on before you put it in or now how does that go again? - lol


i really need one of these


just want to protect my bberry from me


I helped a friend move and I was carrying a box of glassware into their new place. I ended up tripping on a stair, dropped the box, and ate some pavement. Well I figured I broke something so when I got into their place, I looked in the box. Luckily everything was still together. I then pulled out my phone to check the time or something and low and behold, I cracked my screen. What are the chances...


Oh how I would love one of these for my Storm!


I just my first Blackberry (8320) yesterday, and I love her. I work as a youth sports coach and as a summer camp coordinator and I need to always have my phone with me in case of emergencies. Problem being, I have a ton of kids to look after and my phone is always being pulled on and tossed around from running around and everything else under the sun (literally). I would love to give the case a go, I've heard only but good things from it.


happy birthday crackberry...thanks for the gifts


I could use an OtterBox to puppy-proof my phone


i'm always scared of dropping my new blackberry storm. it feels so fragile and i had to pay close to $600 for an unlocked storm. i will just hate to loose this phone the way i lost my sonyericcson P900 to falls and drops. pls extend the birthday festivities to a new crackberry member


I neeeeed one. it would look so good on my brand new Storm. And protect it the next time my Storm wants to know how the concrete feels.


Well I'll hope for the best


This is pretty awesome. Pick me!


This would be great to win! My 2 year old is always grabbing my phone and wanting to listen to music. But like any 2 year old, when he gets moving, holding on to the phone doesn't become a priority:)


I have broke 3 Blackberrys, a friend just got one of these, it is amazing! I hope I win this.


I dropped my Storm last week... with one of these it wouldn't have been so panic inducing!


I've been delaying buying a case for my Storm, but I know that I need to buy one soon because I'm a clutz.
I'm clutzy (more so in my head than in real life).
I bring my storm downstairs with me to dinner (like any dedicated BB user) and, just my luck, a glass of water falls over barely missing my BB.
Spills and drops are semi-normal for me...


I need an otterbox to prevent a disaster. I've already dropped it a couple of times and I've only had it for a month. I'm drop prone!


Got a big gouge in my pearl screen the first week I got it... Getting a Storm today so I need all of the protection I can get!!!

Happy B-Day CB!


Crackberry is the best site on the web for new, reviews and how to's. Here's to many more years of service.
Happy Birthday.




The subject says it all!


The subject says it all!


YES- I want to win one!!


My worst experience was with my first Storm when I dropped it on concrete and scuffed up the screen. Not the end of the world, but definitely my worst experience.


My sweet DH has protection needs - he just loves his phones too much! We need Otter Box protection! Worst disaster story - (not the only one; everybody including us has done the "potty dunk") - His very first phone, not even a week old, turned up missing after arriving home from a local restaurant. Long story short, went back to restaurant hoping to find phone, and yes, phone was left at restaurant. It had fallen off in the parking lot by way of his belt clip and was now cellphone roadkill. Flattened. Thank goodness we had made sure he had a insurance plan on the phone! I am just about to buy him a new Bold, so please help us Save the Blackberry!

Jessica Christensen

The other day I was talking on my blackberry- just a few days old... to another girlfriend who of course just followed my lead and got her first bb too. I was carrying something awkward and my bb just fell... so scary- it landed on my cement floor too. Fortunately it was fine after a reboot however- these otterbox would have saved me some heartache and a freak out!



8350i otterbox for me!


I don't have a disaster story with my new blackberry but I don't want to end up telling one so that is why I would want to win an otterbox.


Man I really want one of these


Well I’m sure freak accidents happen more often then most people are readily to admit, but with an opportunity to win and ultimate defense for my blackberry I’ll gladly share my tale. In short my story includes a three story fall between the hand rails of my apartment building. As if falling between the rails and down one flight of stairs would probably be more than enough. No, my first Storm plunged straight from the third to first floor in an not so bitter sweet crash =(. Watching your Blackberry free fall for the 3-4 seconds it takes to reach the ground is definitely not the most fun thing to experience. Having an OtterBox would not only protect my phone from accidental falls (probably not as severe as this but I’m sure it will be better off with an OtterBox protecting it) but also provide a means to attach the phone to my body so the "slip out of the old sweater" scenario doesn't repeat itself.


Love the otterbox cases!


these cases are nice


I would love to have one of these cases! I am the clumsiest person I know... the very first BB I owned was a black 8100 Pearl that took a Mountain Dew dip while I was at work one day. I had to be BlackBerryless for almost a year cuz I couldn't afford a new one it was horrible.
Help me protect my beautiful new Bold!


Is awesome for the BB Bold!!! I did not like the skin for the screen, but then again I can live with out it.

I have bumped my berry many of times, and not a scratch on it due to this excellent piece of work. Now I just need one for my 8900




Happy B-Day Cracberry!


I would love to get an otterbox to protect my baby! lol


oh, how i could use this. I have a two year old. between the tossing daddy his things and the flushing of random objects, this would have saved my last few BB's.


I've already dropped my Storm and cracked the screen once, hook me up with one of these and it'll never happen again =)


I would love to have an OtterBox Case For my Storm to prevent it from ever slipping out of my hand and having to post an actual disaster story!!!


Winning would be sweet!


Looks like it can take the abuse I dish out at work. Count me in.


gotta gotta have it.


Wow these things are awesome, my Curve may have had a different fate had I had one of these last summer.

I hope my Bold doesn't go down the same path this summer! I hope I win this one!


I want one of these. Ive dropped my storm before and it scared the mess outta me. This thing looks like you can throw these phones at a brick wall.


Almost lost my phone in Cuba while i was on a horse. Had the phone in my hand to check the time and the horse made a sudden move, I lost my grip on the phone but lucky for me it landed on a thick patch of grass.


Happy birthday Crackberry!!! Pick me!


I could really used one. I drop my phone all the time haha


i am hoping to win, i am an electrician that travels the country working in big power plants and it is a very harsh atmosphere very dusty/wet. if i were to drop my beloved storm it would be certain death either into a pile of dirty water or 150 feet through steel grading. please consider me thanks alot.. chris


I'm planning on becoming a very careless person in the near future and therefore I need an OotterBox so that as I am walking down the street, throwing my lovely blackberry high in the air, in a fit of joy from winning this contest, my Storm will be safe from harm when it hits the hard concrete.


Otterbox makes a pretty cool case!



I've been eyeing this baby for a while now!

C'mon CrackBerry, don't fail me now!


I work for a mass transit agency and have had 1 8830 run over by a bus, dropped one while working on a 40 foot extension ladder and closed one in my work vehicle door. I have tried quite a few cases but the Otterbox I used for my 8830s was the only one that left it alive after a big fall or smash. I now have a Storm and have not picked up the Box yet.


Well I'm on my second BB Pearl now. The first one was dropped on cement and cracked the screen and the trackball quit working. So when I bought the replacement ($95.00 thru insurance) I got one of those clear plastic snap-on deals to protect it. After several months it got dropped and the case popped off as soon as it hit and got severely scratched on one corner. As I was looking at it I noticed that there were several nicks all around the screen were grit had got in and the hard case had pressed it in creating the nicks. So I need good protection like OtterBox.


Can I win something?


I`m a new owner of a Storm and have been looking for the best case - convenience, protection, and looks.
Having such a wide selection makes choosing difficult - a selection help section on your site would be helpful.


I now have a BB Storm but my disaster happened with my curve. I was conducting a traffic stop on a cool night in May. The driver of the vehicle got out of the car and ran. I caught him after a football like tackle and walked him to my patrol car. I then happened to look at my phone and discovered it was broken. My baby was damaged beyond recognition. I now leave my BB in the vehicle. There should be a charge for someone making me damage my BB but I don't see it anytime soon. The irony to the story is the perp also had a BB and his was fine.


Happy Birthday and Thank you for being the best blackbery site there is!


I first dropped my storm after getting out of my car and the case I had broke apart on the first hit, leaving the blackberry vulnerable as it proceeded to bounce on the concrete. At least that one got returned later on for one that didn't have a screen issue (unrelated...), and I'm just scared it'll happen again.


send one to me please.


Happy Bday crackberry, although I dont have a disaster story nor do I want one with my blackberry I can say the otterbox is a great product. I had a otterbox for my 8830 until I changed devices and I work for a fire dept and had a few mishaps with the phone but the otterbox protected it completely


Okay guys I really want, nay, NEED this case! Work has proved fatal for my last two Blackberries. I'm afraid to take my spankin' new Storm to the field for this reason. Government doesn't pay much and lets face it what I do make is wasted on friviolous comforts so free sounds great! SAVE MY STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


happy b-day crackberry!


I would like it so my blackberry doesnt have to worry about meeting the concrete, always seems lik i get outta the car with the phone in my lap!


I know its strange but I drop my phone a lot from my very first cell to my current one. It's almost automatic and I haven't found a case worthy of my Blackberry until now. If I win one it will go around and protect a much needed Blackberry Curve.


I dropped my Pearl five times when visiting a friend at UCLA so now there is a big crack on my screen lol.


what an awesome case for my Storm!

I feel like it's my birthday with all the givaways!

I am sooo excited, like a little boy ha ha!



dropped my storm in a milling machine today. Wish I of had an otterbox yesterday


The screen on one of my blackberries just quit working not too long ago. I went to the store to ask for warranty to replace it and there was a scratch on the corner. They said they would replace and charge full price for a new phone! Only it wouldn't be a new phone, it'd be a refurbished one! How ridiculous is that? So I just got the bold and would love it to be protected with the otterbox :D


these give some serious protection


ahaha lets see i'm a personal trainer and I was carrying my Storm around to log a clients workouts. Without even realizing I had put it in my pocket I proceeded to demonstrate an exercise to a client. The exercise was box jumps. Picture jumping 3 feet into the air and landing on a platform. Now picture me demonstrating this and launching my Storm into the air and smack dab into the nearby squat rack. Ouchh. The Storm survived, but i'm beginning to realize that I'm going to need something to take care of this bad boy. At least to hide all the scratches I'm giving it.


Thanks for the opportunity to win!


Hope I win to give this product a try out!

Papa C

This is the fourth time in two weeks my three year old son has used my storm as a hockey puck. I think the OTTER BOX may be a better solution than the alternative... = - ) Oh, and I 've tried hiding my phone, but I always seem to forget where I put it. Lesser of two evils...

Happy Birthday!


I put my phone in my back pocket and went to use the restroom at my work. When my pants went down, the phone slipped out of my pocket and came to pieces. I was so scared it would not work after falling on the tile floor. I put the battery back in and the back plate back on and waited to see what happened. It came back on and I was so relieved. Need this Otterbox to prevent future damage to it!


I'll take one of these for my Storm!


this would go great with my otterbox cigar case!


I downloaded the lightsaber app and when I went all Jedi on my friend the phone slipped out of my hand (i tried the force to keep it from hitting the floor to no avail). Luckily I was inside at the time and it hit the carpet with no damage! Otterbox will prevent my phone from succumbing to the dark side!


On the trail with other 4 wheelers on ATVs. Dropped my blackberry and it was run over by no fewer than THREE buddies. As much as I love the trails and still need to stay in contact with work, I could use a little PROTECTION! Having to explain my fun to those behind working gets a little tricky!


trying not to have to replace another berry too soon... please


I've got to be one of the clumsiest people on earth... I need one of these before my Bold goes the way of the Dodo...


IS there one for the 8900. I can use it for a storm as well.


My 2 month old phone made it to my Automotive Service Department parking lot just fine. I gathered my things and secured my BlackBerry into the belt clip and made my way to cross a busy street in order to get to work. As I ran across the street, without my knowledge, the phone was not secured in my belt clip. About 30 minutes into the work day, I've noticed something missing from my belt area. Yup, the belt clip was secured to the belt, but now phone. I immediately walked back and retraced my steps from work, back to my truck. It took 3 times walking back and forth to realize that when I was at the busy street, looking to the North about 20 yards from where I crossed the street, I noticed a black thing on the side of the road. Sure enough, walk up to it, the phone was destroyed into many pieces and no insurance was purchased :(
Needless to say, I have Sprint's TEP and I always put a hand over my phone as I cross the street.
Did I mention that I work for a dealership as an Automotive Technician, this is the wrong business, for someone like me to have a BlackBerry...


water got into my storm so if i had the otterbox not so much wold have gotten into it


Hrm...why do I need an Otter box... Well I work in IT and while you may think those guys work in air conditioned offices and server rooms all day, this is not always the case :P I do a lot of running around between our school buildings and the berry is my real time link to what is going on and where I need to be! Plus my hobbies are slightly less nerdy: I love getting off road in the jeep or cruising on the motorcycle! The berry has hit the garage floor from up in my jeep a time or two and so far luckily no damage!


I haven't had a Blackberry mishap (yet!--don't want to have one with my new Bold!). I did have a Treo fall out of my pocket and slide across a parking lot. Gravel streaks across the glass; plastic keys rubbed out (still worked, though). Thank you, Crackberry!


Happy Birthday Crackberry!!


My otterwife would like one.


My storm its real need for a good protector so this right here would fit perfectly since i use my storm alot on the daily basics. THANKS


My fiancee got so pissed off at me spending so much time with my Storm, she threw it against the wall. The screen shattered, and the Storm stopped working. Since then, I got a new Storm and I would LOVE an Otterbox!


Thanks for maintaining such an awesome site!


looks like some serious protection!


This would be a great thing for the STORM....


I would like one because I haven't got a case for my bold yet

Go Bucks

As hard as i try to avoid it, i drop my phone about every two weeks. I had another type of hard case on it the last time i dropped it and the case popped open and my phone hit the ground and scratched/chipped the corner. From all my research of the Otterbox i don't think this would be an issue if I had one. Plus, it looks really cool.


I spend my whole summer on a boat and have lost countless phones to the lake's depths... :(


Well .. I used to be a soccer player, so I'm used to kicking things with my feet. I know, it doesn't sound too pretty to start off with does it? So, I was at work and a parent comes in with their child. My phone is charging and sitting on my desk. I notice the kid playing near my desk as I'm talking to their parent, but think "there is no way it could happen". Lo and Behold, it does. She grabs the cord, phone falls. I instinctively kick it to keep it from hitting the floor. I probably juggled it three times before it went flying. Luckily it landed on a patch of carpet, and didn't get any significant damage. After that though, the phone has been neatly placed in my pocket, or on the other end of my desk. Lesson learned.

Storm user here.


This would be great for my Bold. Thanks CB!!!


Love to try one of these.


I'd love to win something. Pick me please! I'm hard on phones, so an otterbox would be perfect.


Two your olds need good security!



Two your olds need good protection!!



Here's an original comment. I would like one of these!



I would love an Otterbox to protect my baby from my five year old brother when he plays with the lightsaber app. And maybe a helmet too :).


Happy Birthday Crackberry!


I work as an installer for Comcast and I'm having to field calls when I'm in the truck or up on the telephone pole. So far in the past 12 months I'm on my 4th phone. The last one fell 24 feet and was unrecognizable even to me as I was picking up the pieces. This time I splurged and got a Bold and I'm nervous as **** to have something happen. This would save me multiple times daily.


This is the best site.