Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



I've had many different cell phones, and the a few of them somehow get dropped in the toilet. I make a point to never have them near the toilet, but as soon as I let my guard down, plop! it's happened to 3 cell phones and a pager... I know an otterbox can't keep my phone afloat but I do drop mine a heck of a lot and I'm sure it would make it much tougher to damage ;)

I am hard on all my phones. I hadn't had my 8310 for a week before I dropped it HARD for the first time. Hard drop + concrete floor = blackberry in pieces. Luckily I was able to put it all back together with minimal permanent damage, but I need an otterbox!

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

I am hard on all my phones. I hadn't had my 8310 for a week before I dropped it HARD for the first time. Hard drop + concrete floor = blackberry in pieces. Luckily I was able to put it all back together with minimal permanent damage, but I need an otterbox!

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

Thankfully no disasters with my Berry so far, though it has seen a few almost disasters in the kitchen. Chocolate, water, oil, flour & molten sugar have all almost done some damage to my Storm. In fact I was emailing with a fellow CBTer when I realized I had chocolate on my fingers....and soon so did the back of the Storm. I travel a lot as well, and sometimes shows & events are outdoors and the weather seems to think the Storm can handle a little (or a lot) of rain. Currently I check it in my sleeve or under my jacket, but if I had an Otterbox I'd feel a lot safer using my Storm in the inclement weather it's named after!!

i do maintenance for a hotel, apartment building and 4 houses turn apt

i cant tell you how many times ive gone from shoveling and plowing (phone taking a sled down the sidewalks n streets) to grouting and plop goes some on the phone or into some water, to painting and having to pull matrix moves to dodge the oncoming droplet and many many more...and ive had my phone for only a month!

not to mention drops when i bartend/bounce part time

guess its just the life of working around old buildings and wonderful winters in the Boston area...not to mention the hoards of my fellow drunks

I am a delivery driver and I was loading my truck one day and my BB fell and was kicked around just like in the movies. The BB was ruined, I could use the protection of the otter. I am always bumping into things on the truck and my curve is always in harms way. I love my BB and just can't set it down.

I run a school bus yard and I was walking the yard and dropped my blackberry due to a cheep holster... Well by the time I noticed it was gone the buses pulled out to pick up the kids at the high school, well lets just say my fleet of buses ran over my first blackberry... yes i did cry lol.. So please pick me I need a high quality case so another blackberry doesn't get ran over... If not for me at least the poor blackberry...

My latest Blackberry Pearl is courtesy of a roadside stop to help.

Stopping at a minor accident I did what anyone should do. Made sure nobody was hurt to badly and called for the Police to clean it up. Unfortunately in the process of completing a patient assessment I dropped my phone right in a puddle. By the time I realized it was gone there may as well have been fish swimming in it.

OtterBox sounds like the right solution to me!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!

Michael Auger

Firefighter upstate new york the real upstate, rain, snow and fire what more could you ask for. the otter box would be sweat addition to protect the "stormy".. be safe guys

I am ALWAYS on the trails, either hiking or biking and of course my Curve is ALWAYS with me. That Otterbox sure would come in handy to protect all that Crackberry goodness...

I am OCD about my phone getting dirty or scrates on it. Im an employee of a company that manufactures trucks and there is always gringing, sanding, welding, and paint being sprayed all through the air. I have been looking at these and have wanted one for a while just dont have the money. Hope i win!

I am on my 3rd device in the past 12 months. The first one happened to fall in the "potty", OtterBox would have been nice there! The second one, I had the audio jack pull right out of the phone. With this one, I carry it like an egg, but only if I had an OtterBox, I could use the device how I want!

I retired about 4 years ago and didn't realize how technology had excelled. Purchased my Blackberry about 3 months and the device is truly amazing!!! Still figuring out all of the options available with this new phone. This looks like a great piece of equipment to maintain Blackberry



This is my Storm, there are many like it, but this one is mine. My Storm is my best friend, it is my life. I master it as I must master my life. I must send e-mails with my Storm true. I must send faster than the I-Phone that is trying to spam me. I will. Before God I swear this creed. My Storm and myself are defenders of my Inbox. We are the masters of our email accounts. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no I-Phone, but Peace. Amen

they make the greatest cases, wish i had one when I dropped my bb in the field, might have survived being run over.....

I have been a 8830 user for some time now and work in the disaster recovery areas after major storms such as Ike to provide temporary broadband service. I have had to replace two 8830 due to water damage although I try and keep it under my raincoat it must get just enough moisture to cause the inside indicator to turn color. I think the Otterbox may be just the ticket but, because this would be an out of pocket expense for me, I cannot make the purchase.

Thank you,


My precious, my precious, I must protect my precious... against the dangers of oversized bags and wandering keychains, that pen I lost and my overzealous hairbrush, the sharp edges of that paperwork I brought home to work on, that elusive binder clip and the stickers my daughter put in my bag to surprise me for being a good mommy... such a dangerous place for my precious to be all alone without armor to protect her!

I have a 18 month old daughter that believes her mission in life is to test how phones hold up under all kinds of conditions. See if it can last in the cold of the fridge, see how it last tumbling down the stairs, and of course the slobber test and button mashing.

Help my poor blackberry.

If I had a better grip on my pearl (and wasn't playing brick breaker in the bath room) I may still have my original 8100 instead of it floating in the toilet. So I hope i can win an Otterbox so my new pearl doesn't slip out of my hands!

i love the way the cases look. Id like to have one because i work construction and have destroyed numerous phones. now that i have my blackberry, i leave it in the break trailer because i dont want to damage my new addiction. lol. even if i dont win, I am probably goona try and buy one of these. thanks for reading. peace

That sounds romantic right? Not so much.

I won a sales contest and was awarded with a trip for two to St. John on the US Virgin Islands. My wife and I had a great time but had to leave very early on Sunday morning.

You get around the islands on open taxis that are basically seats in the back of a pickup truck. At 5:00am on a boat dock I climb into the seat and the railing "strips" my beloved 8800 right out of the holster. It crashes to the dark steel floor, battery cover pops off, chip flies out, full disaster.

I yell for the driver to stop, he does, I ask him to turn on a light so I can find my chip. "No light in back." My wife and I then crawl around on the floor of the cab (yes that is as bad as it sounds) using the light from her flip phone to find my microSD chip. I finally find it on the STEP of the taxi heading for the boat landing.

Fortunately I can reassemble my BB in the dark and everything works. Whew.

Please OtterBox save me from future disaster on the Islands.

I dropped my BB couple days ago and since I have Otterbox installed on my BB, it protected from scratchs/dings plus dirt on its keyboard. I am strongly recommend this product to anyone out there who love and CRAZY about his/her BB.
It is great product and Otterbox always stands behind its products. Keep up the good work!

I definitely can use another Otterbox case for my new 8330 Curve. Thanks.

And for CB, Happy anniversary!

I work for a railroad in Canada and always have my Curve in my jacket pocket for quick access to receive updates and customer phone calls.

While working the nightshift one night I was riding the side of a boxcar downtown to service a customer. When I arrived at the customers plant I went to look for my BlackBerry and realized it wasn't in my pocket where it should have been. It must have fell out while I was on the boxcar. I tried to search the best I could on our way uptown and as a total fluke there it was lying on the street smashed to bits as it must have fell out going over a crossing.

I am sure if I had the Otterbox my curve would not have fell out of it's holster and very well could have survived the fall.

No disaster stories yet by my storm remains unprotected still. I used to have the invisible shield but it does not adhere to the matte finish of the sides and shiny keys, I need something better, and that's where OtterBox comes in.

I don't yet have a disaster story, but my entire life is surrounded by technological disasters (some of which I created and some that well just happened). Regardless I need all the help I can get to protect my precious electronics from myself and accidents.

Some examples of my disasters include:
1) When I was 2 I wanted to hear what a banana sounded like and shoved it in the tape deck of my father's Kenwood stereo system--In case you were wondering, Bananas sound like mush and if you play them in the tape deck and it the repair bill will make you feel like mush too.
2) When I was 4-5 I thought Dad's apple IIE floppy dirve looked like the perfect place to insert Kraft American Cheese--DOS didn't like Kraft and neither did Dad-- "BUT Dad it looked like a floppy disc"
3) There have been many other technological misfortunes between then and my adult life, but the latest and greatest is having my "gate checked" lap top left on the tarmac of an airport in a thunderstorm after my flight was canceled...I know now to never "gate check" any laptop or anything else important for that matter...The lap top still works after drying out, but has funny streaking in the LCD screen where the water damaged it.

As you can see, I need help protecting my blackberry from my own misdoings probably more than anything else.


Being in Law Enforcement for 20 years I have seen every type of cell phone abuse. Aside from construction workers, are probably the only working group that are harder on equipment than cops. OtterBox is tough and can watch my back any day.

I have been lucky that all of my mishaps on my BlackBerry haven't killed her yet, but at work we've had people drop theirs in the lake, fall off a truck onto it, even had their dog eat it (that one I had to see to believe). But I have back my truck over my first smartphone (HP iPaq) which did eventually lead to me getting my BB, so please help me before I kill this one

I work in a automotive manufacturing facility. Protecting my curve is tough. It's in constant danger of being attacked by unknown creatures such as robots and funky folks who work on the assembly lines. The more protection the better.

Working in the environmental field around groundwater and air pollution control systems you need to be able to stay in touch, email is essential. That is what makes my BlackBerry Curve fantastic. The problem is invariably catching the case on equipment, dropping the device in decontamination solution, dropping the devince in an excavation, dropping the device just about anywhere.

Empirical evidence shows that the Curve is fairly tough, it will survive a couple of unprotected drops. It definitely needs additional waterproofing, shock resistance, scratch protection... Wait a minute, what if there was a product that could do such a thing... like the OtterBox!!!

Then I wouldn't have to replace the device and constantly be restoring data....


Trey Mixon

I just recently upgraded to the storm and love it... But, had to for the wrong reasons...

My curve 8330, in a cheap plastic case, took a dive off the third story of a building while I was surveying some roof damage.

Kids have grubby fingers. Kids also throw things. They throw things in the kitchen; on the driveway; and in the street. I have kids. Need I say more?

It almost fell off my balcony once, and though luckily it didn't, I'd certainly feel a lot safer with an OtterBox!

Save me from having to buy a new Blackberry! I'm clumsy with phones, as I've ruined 2 Razrs in the past, an EnV, and almost a Voyager... help me save my Storm from the same peril!

To many times has my BB fallen on the hard cold concrete of this city. I need protection and I need it now!

There's nothing more concerning that dropping your Curve from the 7th floor of your office building onto the pavement of a DC sidewalk. Sprint was not happy to hear that story... :(

my crackberry fell down the stairs once...there were no scratches but for some reason it reset itself. it was kinda scary.

I bring my blackberry everywhere with me. I need an otterBox for two reasons. I'm in the military and I bring my phone with me out on training exercises. So one day we are on a training exercise. I bring my blackberry with me and I put it inside my pack assuming that nothing is going to happen to it while it's there. Well wouldn't you know it, but the powers that be decided that we needed to move the packs. My pack was placed in the back of a big truck with all the other packs and then the rest of my platoon sat on the packs. Needless to say my blackberry was no longer in one piece when I got it back. The otterbox would have saved my blackberry!! Due to the fact that I bring my blackberry EVERYWHERE it tends to get scratched and dropped more than the average person. That's why I can't seem to have nice things. An otterbox would be perfect to keep my investment safe!!! Thanks for the great site!!


Whilst at work protecting the peace as it were... My pride and joy Blackberry Storm was only 3 days old nicely nestled in my vest, or so I thought.... Whilst running after someone my Storm decided in could catch the 'naughty bot' quicker than I could! Now, I know these devices are getter cleverer every year but come on! It had a sudden bout of bravery and took off out of it's nice secure hiding place and flew off down three flights of concrete stairs. Unfortunately it missed the criminal making his hasty retreat and instead bounced spectacularly from stair to stair dispensing with seemingly unnecessary bits of itself as it went along... My heart stopped and I even waited to pick up the pieces of what was surely a dead Storm before legging after the bad guy. Needless to say I was now even more determined to catch him as 'we' had lost one a good device in the name of the cause! After some apologising and promising to keep it safer my Storm pieced back together and is only a few dents for the worse after its ordeal! Still.... I think I need an OtterBox just to make sure; the storm gets jealous of the Curve in the other pocket because work forked out on Otterboxes for everyone. Now we wouldn't any bad feeling between Blackberry devices would we!!!!

I work for an environmental lab and go out to waste water plants on a fairly regular basis. A week ago, I had my BB Storm in the front pocket of my Nomex jump suit. (it's an industrial hygene thing) While performing a demonstration, the BB dropped on a grate, a grate that is contaminated with human waste.

If ever someone needed an OtterBox, I am that person!!


Hi, my worst Blackberry disaster is that you can't choose "call log" for the left or right convenience key. Older OS' used to have it, but it is gone since 106.It's quite awkward to get to "call log". I hope that will be rectified with the next one.
I have only dropped my BB once, but was very upset to see it get bruised as I love it so much.That is the reason I'm desperate for Otterbox. Even my wife says I spend more time with BB than her. She was so happy when my BB got stuck in that reboot cycle and I didn't have time for a couple of days to get it running. I was steaming like a an old steamtrain. Women, women...

I have been waiting for this to come out. I had one on my Curve. I work for a John Deere dealership and smashed my Curve on big tractors and combines quite a few times with no damage to it because of the Otter Box case. Now that I have switched to the Storm, I am a little worried about the upcoming season. And, A free one would even make it better.

go ahead, make my day, drop your bb protected by otterbox and as the phrase goes "no worries, mate" all is good.

I am in IT in NYC and always onsite installing equipment including surveillance systems. My BB Curve is usually in my pocket with the stock leather pouch but gets banged into when I am installing equipment and very annoying to take in and out to answer a call or check email. Not to mention it gets dirty from the hospitality environment I'm in which in NYC, usually consists of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Last week while installing an elevator camera my phone fell into a pile of grease in the corner of the elevator shaft. Needless to say, that was the end of that phone.

Hey, my friend has one of these very COOOL cases. My new BB is soooo nekkid in comparison. little BB sure could use one of these to become uber-HOT!

Well all things fade with time but I managed to have my new Storm obliterated in Dec shortly after getting it on a fluke at the mall. By far one of the most asked about phones I've ever owned and to this day..( I'm on my second one!) easiest and most straight forward phone to type on in my opinion. I catch on to things quickly...Here' my story I work for the National Training Center @ Ft. Irwin,CA. I opted on buying a leather magnetic pouch from the store when I purchased the phone. It worked for keeping the phone clean but not dust free but I overlooked it for the auto sleep function. What I couldn't overlook was the the day my phone and case in it's entirety where run over by one of our field vehicles- a 2 1/2 ton truck. I'd been working on it earlier in the morning and the simple clip that held the phone to my belt came loose. I continued my maintenance checks and proceeded to back the vehicle over the silver portion of my phone. I didn't hear it but my fellow soldiers did- The Metal Gear Solid Alert Ring Tone I had downloaded a week ago ironically was playing letting me know that my prized phone was ruined and that I had missed the call. I've been looking all over for a good case for my replacement phone ever since. The N. CA mountains are pretty tough on just about everything electronic wise and it would be good to know that I have from what I'm reading in the review --the perfect for tough weather and active lifestyle case. You don't have to ask if it would get put to good use. I train hard here and spend 2 weeks out of every month training our guys for whatever's thrown at them at this particular time overseas. Here's to appreciation of a true story and a little bit of luck!

I love my job! I am an elementary principal who get to work with 280 children from 4 years old to 6th grade! The trouble is my phone takes a beating! I gets grabbed by little ones, bumped off my belt while playing jump-rope with the 3rd graders, and falls out of my pocket or off my belt all the time when working with kids or just working around campus!

This would sure help take care of my phone whether on the ball-field in the classroom, working in the cafeteria or in the gym.

Please HELP save my phone, which someday might be needed to help my students!

I wear my blackberry on my belt and often when woodworking or doing other outdoor work I catch something on it and it goes flying through the air only to smash on the ground. I've gone through 3 blackberries this way!

My last phone suffered the attentions of a teething child... and there is nothing quite so invasive as juicy drool after a healthy dose of apple juice. It gets into all the crevices and makes the keys stick all the better!! Perfect for aunts to realize and make lots of dismayed sounds! Brings trackballs to a stuttering halt and brings grown women to their knees!

...granted, I know that an OtterBox won't protect the keys, but maybe it will help convince my nephew that my BlackBerry isn't something to eat.

I have replaced Blackberries (not my own) for the following problems:

#1 Blackberry dropped in sink of dirty dishes and soapy water (ever hear of a dishwasher :)

#2 Blackberry dropped in a toliet - I really hope it was pre use, YUCK!

#3 Blackberry screen cracked because user was leaning up against the hotel bar

#4 A Blackberry is not a chew toy for your Pit Bull puppy

#5 Blackberries are cool, but they hate to fly - even when they are left on the roof of the car going 75 MPH

#5 How many spins does it take to wear down the center of the cover. Yep... did you know if you spend your waking time spinning your Blackberry that you will actually wear through the plastic

#6 Some one keyed my Blackberry. Why on earth would you "carve" your initials in your device.

#7 Blackberries are tough tools, but they are't able to bench press 30lbs. Might want to keep it in the gym locker.

#8 Did you know that a Blackberry is afraid of heights? Try accidently dropping one from the roof of you building

#9 NO Blackberry Pie Making! Leaving your Blackberry in an oven because you left it outside in the cold will..

#10 Did I already say toliet?? yep.. it's happened twice..

After every weekend, my pulse become Parkinson disease kind, as result of lots of party.

I cannot hold my BB Bold to read my mail without get a fall.

What I do for now, is not move away from carpets, what reduce my productivity, thats why I need my Otterbox Urget!

All these giveaways are just awesome! I could use one of these for my storm at work. The other day i was coming off a ladder and the storm on my side pouch got caught on something on the way down.. Case almost snapped in two sending the phone flying!..

since i only got my crackberry a few months ago there has been no amazingly horrible story thus far - but i want to keep it that way! i've had phone fry themselves, break apart at the hinges, and fly across the room. i <3 my curve and i want to keep it that way! plus i love otterbox - they're awesome and i NEED a case. :)

I am a firefighter and really need an Otterbox!! I'm always afraid I'll get my Blackberry Pearl soaked on a call!!

I just got my first Blackberry, a Storm, a month ago. When I opened the box, I found a cracked screen that would not click. I sent it back and received a brand new Storm four days later. Worked great for me, that is until my two year old daughter threw it against the wall when it vibrated unexpectedly in her hand. I am now on my third and desperately want to keep this one safe. I beg of you, please help me to do so.

I bought my 8300 right after it was released. Never had a case and I thing the scratchs from +100 drops are proof of its built quality.

i am a clutz and always drop my blackberry. i am disabled and have spasms that sometimes cause me to drop things. please save me from destroying my storm.


Let's just say my girlfriend has a bit of a temper. I have been through two BlackBerry's and a lap top over the past year and a half. An OtterBox is my only hope!

I just purchased a Curve and have already scratched the screen. I should have bought an Otterbox!
I had one for my Pearl and that is on rugged case.

well im in the army at ait and i went to go to take a shower after a bright and early morning of working out at 430 am i do that 5 days a week to stay in shape and i was coming back from the shower and i left my phone on the top shelf and i had a hard time opening my locker and moved it a bit and got the doors open and before i know it my blackberry 8320 curve was falling to its death of a hard floor it hit the floor and cracked both screens dont have a clue how but i was ever so sad and had to wait a whole 5 days to text and send emails again. please help me bring protection to my blackberry

Well i dont hve a disaster story YET. I'm in the Army National Guard getting ready to deploy to Iraq. I have been told that my BB Storm will work in Iraq since its a world phone. I plan to take it with me and use it. I know without a decent case it will not survive a month in that harsh environment. Getting a new phone would be very hard to do so i def need some extra protection for my phone

SGT Muller

Happy Birthday, Crackberry!

It wasn't my Blackberry, but we had just got a new Blackberry for our "on-call" phone that we share in our office group. One of my co-workers took it home and claims that their new puppy got ahold of it. He found the leather case on his deck, and the Blackberry Curve 8330 under a tree in the yard. The screen was broken, there were teeth holes in the case, the case was shredded, but the Blackberry still worked.

Even if I had a nice OtterBox, I still wouldn't let a dog borrow my Blackberry.

I suspect the dog was trying to organize one of those poker night parties.

I could use one of these.... I work in the entertainment industry and last time I went up in a lift 20ft off the deck, my phone fell out of my pocket and hit the ground pretty hard. The battery poped out of the case, thats how hard it hit.

I'm a clutz at times.. especially in -40C weather. My berry has miraculously survived a few dumps into snowbanks and slick parking lots!

This was the worst....the very night of the glorious day I got my bold sent down from Canada, I'm relaxing with some friends and manage to brush the bold straight off the table and onto the cruel concrete below! Hello, chipped chrome trim and my uncontrolled sobbing (sortof). So an Otterbox would be the answer to my prayers (and my clumsiness!)

Really, really need this case; storm damage IMMANENT. It gets exposed to drywall dust, attic insulation and other nasty little particles that could sneak in behind the screen.... please help me keep the PERFECT STORM.

Unfortunately I don't have a good BB disaster story, just trying to get in on the chance to win one of these cases. Hopefully if I can win one, I will be able to avoid any future disasters, and keep my Storm safe and sound.

I don't have a disaster story, my Storm is the first BB I've owned. However, I had a Palm T5 that got scratched in my pocket keeping it warm when I was out stargazing. I would put my eyepieces in a separate pocket, however I was helping my Dad this particular night...put the diagonal to his scope in the wrong pocket. The next day discovered 2 horrible scratches in my beloved Palm.

Well i went to six flags this past year and decided to go on the worlds biggest roller coaster (kingda ka). Well as im getting on the ride i didnt think that my phone would be an issue. So the roller coaster takes off im 400 feet in the air and guess what fell out my pocket... yes my blackberry curve that i stupidly did not put insurance on.... so 400.00 out the door right their...... i love cases now haha

Well i went to six flags this past year and decided to go on the worlds biggest roller coaster (kingda ka). Well as im getting on the ride i didnt think that my phone would be an issue. So the roller coaster takes off im 400 feet in the air and guess what fell out my pocket... yes my blackberry curve that i stupidly did not put insurance on.... so 400.00 out the door right their...... i love cases now haha

Well i went to six flags this past year and decided to go on the worlds biggest roller coaster (kingda ka). Well as im getting on the ride i didnt think that my phone would be an issue. So the roller coaster takes off im 400 feet in the air and guess what fell out my pocket... yes my blackberry curve that i stupidly did not put insurance on.... so 400.00 out the door right their...... i love cases now haha

Well i went to six flags this past year and decided to go on the worlds biggest roller coaster (kingda ka). Well as im getting on the ride i didnt think that my phone would be an issue. So the roller coaster takes off im 400 feet in the air and guess what fell out my pocket... yes my blackberry curve that i stupidly did not put insurance on.... so 400.00 out the door right their...... i love cases now haha

Well i went to six flags this past year and decided to go on the worlds biggest roller coaster (kingda ka). Well as im getting on the ride i didnt think that my phone would be an issue. So the roller coaster takes off im 400 feet in the air and guess what fell out my pocket... yes my blackberry curve that i stupidly did not put insurance on.... so 400.00 out the door right their...... i love cases now haha

Well i went to six flags this past year and decided to go on the worlds biggest roller coaster (kingda ka). Well as im getting on the ride i didnt think that my phone would be an issue. So the roller coaster takes off im 400 feet in the air and guess what fell out my pocket... yes my blackberry curve that i stupidly did not put insurance on.... so 400.00 out the door right their...... i love cases now haha

I had a BB 8320 and it was destroid by leaning in to machines I also spend time on the river and when putting the boat in and out of the water I have on a couple ocations stepped in to a hole and went in to the water over my wast. Not good. I now own a BB 8900 and would like to have better stories about how long it has lasted me I think and otter box would work great. Around water and on the motorcycle. Would be happy to send pics of it on my bike showing the protection during a rein storm.

I need one of these cases so bad.....i dont want to ruin my storm my unwanted scratches...please i need one of these

why my BB needs protection? How about having it jump off of my belt, mid chase, outside of the bus station...made the arrest, but my Curve slid 1/2 way across the bus parking lot and stopped, literally, just in front the back tire of a bus that had (luckily) stopped. At least it wasn't 'jelly-side-down' for once (still in holster) and just scratched up the back. Sadly, now it stays in my jacket pocket...would love to go back to the belt!

When I put my bold into pocket, the keys in my pocket sometimes scratches my bold, so I think otterbox can protect my bold well

a few weeks ago i was simply unlocking the front door to my house with my blackberry in its swivel case. unknown to me the swivel case was not at a good angle and so the blackberry fell out of the case and hit cement and ended up with major injuries on the bottom left corner. with an otterbox on my baby this would never have happened and so am looking to add protection to it before i replace the case.

I work in a warehouse which naturally has bare concrete floors, needless to say, I have had so many near-misses and heartbreaking not so near misses with my Blackberry (Got a new one coming!)and other phones. An OtterBox would be perfect for me!

This all happened 2 years ago. I had an 8700. I was running late one afternoon, just getting off work. I just sent an email as I walked up to the motorcycle. I strapped my bag on the back, stuck my helmet on and I was off. Ready for traffic on the 45 mile commute from D.C. down I95 to my house. I remember getting stuck in traffic around the mixing bowl. Things started to flow well and I reached a comfortable cruising speed, about 80. All of a sudden something hit my leg. I look into my mirror and saw something bouncing behind me violently. I thought someone threw something at my, or I just ran over something. I pulled over mumbling some usual obscenity, giving the bike a once over to be sure I didn't hurt the bike. Hmm, I thought, nothing. I hop on the bike and reach behind me to check my bag and get my berry. I am an addict. It is not there. Ok, I thought ill check the other compartment. Still nothing. Then the sinking feeling hit me, I left it on my jeans, and its not there. Suddenly I am thinking crap, the boss will be pissed. I start to walk up I95 thinking there is no way I will find this thing. Then, about 100 yards away in the left lane I see some grey. Pieces of gray. Lots of pieces, as a few more cars run over it spreading it out into the right lane. I wait for a brake and make a dash, still wearing my helmet, I'm not that stupid, and cars are going fast. I grab what I can. The battery, battery cover, sim card, some electronic spaghetti. It looked like a garbage disposal ate it. Oh well not much more to do than go home. It did make a great story though. And when my 8800 came in I got an otterbox too. We all need insurance.

A friend of mine has the otterbox on his Pearl 8130 and i am simply amazed at how rugged it is. I love it.
Happy Birthday Crackberry!!!

I have a Blackberry Storm. I also work for UPS as a driver. So far I have dropped my phone a few times, now luckily no serious damage has come of it yet. But I was looking at the specs on the Otterbox, and I think it would be a great use to me. Being a driver, I also deliver to extended areas that are mainly dirt roads and driveways. And during the summer it picks up a lot of dirt in the truck which could get into the small cracks of the phone. But from what the description says, that it will prevent dust from getting on the phone. Also it is sometimes exposed to the rain, now I'm sure it's not completely waterproof but I'm sure it will help with the few drops that do hit the phone. It would be a great thing for me to have.


This would be for my son as he has dropped it numerous times at his job.
The Blackberry is totally scratched up, messed up screen, crushed edge.
I would love to make his phone more protected.
Please help.

My friens and i jet ski in the ocean i need a otter box to keep my phone from being destroyed by the beating at 60mph jumping waves!

This has to be th ultimate case for a BlackBerry!! I want to win it!! Happy Birthday CrackBerry!!

I went to Disney World at the end of January. My girlfriend really wanted to go, I wasn't crazy about the idea. But as time passed I enjoyed myself, I thought this isn't too bad. It was still chilly so I had my new jacket on where the lining of the pockets is very slick. I had my gold curve in my pocket as we went on "Space Mountain" a pretty fast coaster. Of course my lack of a strong manly case like the ones manufactured by otterbox led my berry to slip out of my pocket and into the dark abyss that was the bottom of the darkened ride. I flipped out, no rider found it and no to surprisingly the workers were unable to find it. I'm sure a Disney employee got himself a mint condition 5 month old berry that day. Sad times. But my new phone has arrived and an awesome case is all I need.

Went jetsking with my BB screen looked like a fish tank...

let it dry for week and it was better than new!

Happy B-Day CrackBerry! Count me on this contest. I need an OtterBox since my current case is putting scratches on my curve.


Two days after unboxing my Storm, I was at work. As a Water Treatment Operator; operative word there; WATER. I was still so giddy about my new phone that I obsessed about, that I was watching ten times a day for any information. Anyhow, I bought the nifty leather holster, great if you wear a suit and tie to work. Pretty weak if your in and out of a work truck day in and day out. To make the long story short, I was pulling my Storm out of the holster when butterfingers dropped it. You can imagine my horror as I'm watching my new (full retail) phone being overtaken by gravity, with just enough time to stick my foot out, and gently deflect it. To my surprise it landed face up and only had a few minor dings. If I had an Otterbox, I wouldn't have had to worry about trying to deflect it with my foot.

I have actually had to replace my curve due to the fact that my baby nephew thought it would be amusing to throw it out of our second story window. I wonder if the box could prevent this type of situation?

I was in position to take the perfect shot of the most gooorgeous woman at Mardi Gras. When I held my BB-8330 up to take the picture, other cameras on the crowd jockeyed for position and knocked my Blackberry to the ground where it got kicked to the gutter. No pictures for the rest of the night for me until the water dried out of the Blackberry the next day. If I only had an OtterBox...
Pleeeeease pick me.

Its actually really simple.
I was drinking some water and some spilled on to the phone and that was all it took to take down my blackberry.

I am the type of person that needs a little extra protection from the simplest of accidents. I love my storm but it is an expensive instrument and I want it to be protected.

I'm relatively new to being a BB owner.
But i Looooove it.
My friends and family say " you dont own a business, why would you buy a BB?"
Then i show them what it can do and they all say...Ohhhh...
Now what i need is something rugged to protect my BB.
Ive been extremely careful so far and dont have a scratch on it but i know that it will happen some day...probably when i hand it to a friend to try.
Please send me an otterbox to protect my BB and perhaps even make all the disbelievers say Ohhhhhhhh again when they see the otterbox protecting it!

Hey guys-

Thanks for doing the promo.

My BB does not seem to have as many suicidal tendencies as some of the other unfortunates I am reading about here.

However being the good friend that it is, it is always in the thick of things, peering over the edge of my shirt pocket, traipsing around on the dash of my car, riding contentedly in the cup holder.

On other occasions it will get caught sunbathing on the top of my car, sitting around the hot tub (thankfully it is still a bit skittish around water) no it hasn't had a near drowning experience.

My BB goes to the movies on a regular basis via BB media tools, and as I am a Realtor on more than one occasion when the movies are playing for a prospective client, sadly my friend has been dropped and hurt.

Please help my friend feel more secure in this relationship. Please send an Otterbox, not the otherbox.


Hi, My 3 day of my new Blackberry Storm I dropt it and broke the base and cracked the screen as I did not have insurance I had to get a new one! :( Now for the past 2 weeks I have been so scared every time I have to use it!!!
This case looks fantastic and I’m sure it would protect my Storm 100%. Great job on design, well done!

Best Regards,

I would love this case cause i'm a p.e. teacher and always playing with the kids but my berry never leaves my side! If I win this I don't have to tap my hip every 10 sec worrying about my baby!

I need an Otterbox case for my blackberry curve 8330!!! I'm a K-9 handler and my dog loves to chew the phone. I need protection from him and the hard use!!

I wish I'd had this yesterday. I went to Target with my daughter, had my Bold, locked in the pocket of my purse--I thought, bent over to put dog food on the bottom of the cart and heard a crash. My Bold was on the floor, battery here, battery cover there, and my exposed phone just lying there, naked and injured. I froze! I have never ever dropped my phone! Luckily, it was fine, all in working order once I apologized and put it back together. The entire time my daughter is staring at me and waiting--she's staring really hard. She does this whenever I watch a movie she knows is going to make me cry--she looks for the glistening and the rapid blinking--which I was doing--but I held my tears back. So I put my Bold in my jacket pocket and zip it up. Then after more shopping and feeling better, I get a text message--so I unzip my pocket, go to reach for my Bold, have it in my hand and it just slipped out of my hand. Oh my gosh. There's my superior, 2-college degrees, on her way to get her PhD in neuroscience daughter now looking at me like I'm one of her lab rats. I bend over to pick up my phone and to hide the tears! Now the battery covery which was a lovely red one that actually fit nice and tight on my phone just jiggles like crazy. It's awful. If I'd an Otterbox-me and my phone would have been fine. sniff, sniff. I ordered a new battery cover. Luckily, by some miracle, there still isn't a mark on my phone!! But I need protection for future possibilities. I think she put a curse on my phone!

I was at work and I was up on a ladder getting a item for a customer. my phone started to ring, so I reached in my pocket to try to answer it, as I pulled it out my pocket and said " hello" it slipped out my hand and to the ground it fell.. lol the rest is history... BROKEN!!!!!

I would love to win one of these to protect my new Storm. I'm an IT guy and there is no safe and secure way to keep my berry with me all the time, so sometimes it has to stay at my desk.......what's the point in that? Please let me win this. LOL.. Happy Birthday CB.

Haven't lost or damaged my new Bold, YET! Want to protect it against the inevitable.

As an amateur photographer I carry my phone & camera equipment on hikes, up/down ladders, aboard boats, through abandoned buildings, in all weather. It's gonna get dropped SOME day, SOMEwhere!