Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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I never win anything!


I never win anything!


I have a 3 year old that loves the Light Saber app, and tile floors in the kitchen and bathroom.
-nuff said!


I am a gadget killer. I constantly drop/kick/oops my gadgets all the time. Please help me save my new (and already dented) 8350i !!


I am pretty rough on my berry but don't have the cash for an Otterbox right now. This would be an awesome case to have.


Oh I really need an OtterBox, to put my otter (Bold) in.

My otter has been bumped and bruised...I need to save his skin.

The factory case that I have now is flimsy & way too thin.

So if your giving away an otter needs to win!

-Signed: "Otter-Matic"

[LOL...I've lost my mind! ;)...but you get the picture! My current case isn't very good. I've wanted an OtterBox since I got my first Curve, but cash is a little tight. My otter (Bold) is begging for help!!!!!!]


Got an Otterbox on my other phone...LOVE it! thanks for the chance to win!


As I was getting into my car, my Blackberry Storm fell out of my pocket while I was closing the door to my car. My Storm landed in between the door and its enclosure and I heard a crunch. If I would have had an Otterbox, my Storm would've taken that blow like it was nothin!


I need a dam for my 8830


i had a case for my storm and i tought it would be fine,but one day i dropped it. the case broke and so did my storm so here i am on my second one and i really need this case


i live a very active lifestyle or clumsy depends how you look at. i got my curve and had it for 2 weeks searching desperatly for a case when i found otterbox at a local store and got it right away. thankfully i my phone survived the 2 weeks but my wife needs one to (more clumsy tahn me) and the stores don't have anymore around here and i don't like ordering on line. i have to say it is the best phone case i have found in the 15 years of having a cellphone.


This would definitely come in handy on the dive boats!


pick me pick me pick me


oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please oh please oh please oh please,oh please


Keep those berries safe. Awesome and popular. Happy Birthday.


Hey everyone,
I bet almost everyone on here has broke their phone before. I have the BB Storm and when i got it verizon sold me a case for it and said that (its all that you need to make sure your new phone will not get hurt) yea well thats the last time that i will trust them on that. I always make sure that nothing happens to all my new phones and well you might know when u try to make sure nothing happens something always does, and all i did was pull it out of my pocket to turn the volume up and it fell out of my hand and came out of the case and broke my screen and the back clip came off. So it was a good thing that all i had 2 do was pay the fifty dollars and i got my phone back in 2 weeks. I wish i had some pic of the phone when it broke, i could not understand how it broke so easily. I could use some help please.
Thanks Alex


Didn't read the whole post...haha. Worst bb encounter... hmm... Well I was deer hunting this winter and my phone fell out of my pocket in a deer stand! Too bad it was muddy and the phone was COVERED in mud. lucky to still be working, even though I just got mine too!


I am a firefighter and use my Curve 8350i alot at work. One day in a thunderstorm we pulled up to a apartment on fire, I tossed the phone on the dash and it bounced right back and fell on the ground at the curb which looked like class 5 rapids. I did manage to grab it and sat it in the truck. I also have forgotten to unhook it before and taken it into a house fire under my fire gear. This Curve has seen fire and it's seen rain....


i definitely need one of these


I want one so so so bad 8320


i work in a junk removal service and use my phone to acess the net to get phone numebrs job information and such. was moving a 500 pound safe with a rookie..managed to drop the safe on myself broke my leg and destroyed my blackberry..was not a good day..i dont knowif the otter box would have helped this situation but my phone def takes a beating when im crawling around attics and basements! it was too funny looking at the verizon guys face when i took the phone back it was un recognizable

every watched the show dirty job is ten times worse than that..but i love it?


i work in a junk removal service and use my phone to acess the net to get phone numebrs job information and such. was moving a 500 pound safe with a rookie..managed to drop the safe on myself broke my leg and destroyed my blackberry..was not a good day..i dont knowif the otter box would have helped this situation but my phone def takes a beating when im crawling around attics and basements! it was too funny looking at the verizon guys face when i took the phone back it was un recognizable

every watched the show dirty job is ten times worse than that..but i love it?


i work in a junk removal service and use my phone to acess the net to get phone numebrs job information and such. was moving a 500 pound safe with a rookie..managed to drop the safe on myself broke my leg and destroyed my blackberry..was not a good day..i dont knowif the otter box would have helped this situation but my phone def takes a beating when im crawling around attics and basements! it was too funny looking at the verizon guys face when i took the phone back it was un recognizable

every watched the show dirty job is ten times worse than that..but i love it?


i am a construction worker and currently using the blackberry storm. lets be honest the storm is a very delicate piece of technology. it has fallen/dropped at work sites countless times and has many unwanted scratches that make it look ugly. i already had to buy a new one cause the screen completely cracked when it was bumped out of my hand, by a coworker,into a pile of debris. so i am hoping that the otterbox is for me and crackberry will help me out with my situation


A few months ago I was out celebrating with friends who decided it would be fun to get one of those "fishbowl" drinks filled with Long Island Iced Tea from a local watering hole. Well, we were taking photos and as I was passing my BB to a friend it fell right into the drink! Disaster.


Happy Bday CB!!!!!! love this place......


I really like the looks of the otterbox case, just a little out of my price range.


As a new Berry owner, and a carpet cleaner by trade, I am both careful and thorough in my business and always concerned about my equipment. My Berry is more than just another run-of-the-mill piece of equipment....oh no, my friend, it must be fully protected.

This fact hit home last week when a water hose that broke loose began spraying all over the place. I was soaked, and my Berry didn't escape a good soaking. Quick action saved my data but left me thinking, "Is there a better way to keep it out of harms way while I toil in the wet and dirt filled environment of carpet and upholstery cleaning?"

Besides using a zip-lock bag or a fire proof safe (poor accessability) only the Otterbox will do.

Just like my cleaning business here in SoCal's "Carpet Cleaning Jungle", Otterbox is without peer in the world of Complete Berry Protection.

With me, only the best will do. That's why I need Otterbox!


i turn 26 in the next week so im keeping my fingers crossed


In my line of work I really need an Otterbox !


I keep my BB Storm in my shirt pocket, with the screen turned towards me for protection. That's worked well for me. Until the other day, when I leaned over to clean the cat box and my poor Storm fell right into the worst of it. It's all cleaned up now, but I really need Otter Box protection from the cat box. Always use protection.


Thanks for all you do for us addicts and happy b-day.


I had a Blackberry Pearl, the love of my life, and i used to carry it everywhere I went, most of the time holding on to it in my hands. Then one time I went out to this convention. I was talking with some friends and i guess I must have been really excited because I was gesturing wildly with my hand. Next thing you know, my blackberry takes flight and is soaring through the air and over the 4th story balcony that we just happened to be standing next to at the time. When it hit the floor it was like a miniature blackberry bomb. The back cover flew off, the glass screen popped and exploded into pieces. I swore I just stood over the balcony in shock for a good 5 mins, while a guy downstairs that I had nearly struck in head was cursing at me. My friends ran down, apologizing and picked up the Pearl and put together what they could. (They understood my love for my phone and they were comically gentle about the whole procedure lol). Surprisingly, I could still get calls, although the mike didn't really work that well. It was a happy ending, however, cause I upgraded my regular pearl to an 8120 and got wi-fi on my phone and I loved the new phone even more. LOL!


I don't have a horror story thankfully! I would love to win this before I do have one though!


CrackBerry is a great resource for me and my new 8900!

Is there an OtterBox for the 8900?

This Guy#CB

i had an option to have an extended coverage plan on my phone by paying 10 bucks a month when i bought it. Decided against it, and dropped my phone on the way out the door! lol... i soo need one:)


I want this one too...


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Crackberry,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

And many mooooore.

Crackberry, Please save my storm!


I need an otterbox because I know I will somehow fail to keep my blackberry looking good and new!


...for the times I'm not at work (hauling groceries, runnin around, etc.), I think it'd work just fine :)


I was JUST about to buy one of these for myself and my friend over the weekend, after seeing his poor Curve 8900 slip out of his hands and straight onto the cement driveway outside our car. Ouchhhh...just watching it fall made me cringe. And it wasn't even MINE! Thanks a ton if you pick me! :D


I am going on a river trip (not whitewater) and this would be perfect!


havent had a tragedy yet and hope never too, dont know what i would do with out my berry.... so help to prevent a tragady and pick me.....


I need one of these Otterbox's because this is my 3rd blackberry and 4th phone that i have either ruined,broken or fell apart on me. my first smart phone i was using was a Palm Treo worked great until the speaker decided to stop working...alright that's fine it was a good excuse for me to get a Blackberry. My next phone i got was a blackberry world edition, this phone was it for me i loved it and it made me a BB addict...that is until i was on a call and my trackball decided to leave my blackberry...2 phones down in 6 months. my third phone was the Curve, i told myself i would baby it and make sure nothing happened to it...until i went out of town and took it out of the sleeve one day only to discover that screen was cracked...i was not a happy camper, 3 phones in just over a year. I used my cracked Curve until the Storm came out and from that point on i have been treating my Storm like a small fragile me give my child body armor...PLEASE!!!


As a new Berry owner and a carpet cleaner by trade, I try to be both careful and thorough in my business and am always concerned about my equipment. My Berry is more than just another run-of-the-mill piece of equipment.... oh no, my friend, it must be fully protected.

This fact hit home last week when a water hose that broke loose began spraying all over the place. I was soaked, and my Berry didn't escape a good soaking either. Quick action saved my data but left me thinking, "Is there a better way of keeping it out of harms way while I toil in the wet and dirt filled environment of carpet and upholstery cleaning?"

Besides using a zip-lock bag or a fire proof safe (poor accessibility) only the Otterbox will do!

Just like my cleaning business here in SoCal's "Carpet Cleaning Jungle", Otterbox is without peer in the world of Complete Berry Protection.

With me, only the best will do. That's why I need Otterbox!


Pick me pick me pick me, Signed , Epstien's mother


I think this prize is very cool and would look sweet on my bb curve. Please pick me


I use my storm as my music player in the car as I use slacker and other streaming music services that my IPOD cant.. so I have been known to forget its plugged into the aux jack and jump out the car.. Cord goes taunt.. and Crash! Storm looking like Fema needs to save it..


I've went through three leather cases in the last 11 months of owning my 8830. I really am in need of something tougher that will also protect my unit from abuse. Sign Me Up...




I work at a hospital and use my Blackberry all the time. I have a habit of sticking my Blackberry in my shirt pocket, and it's come back to bite me. The first time, my 2-week old BB fell out as I was leaning over, and landed flat on its screen, shattering it. (It was in a silicone skin case, but that thing didn't do anything to protect it!) The second time, I was using the toilet in the bathroom... and you can guess what happened. (Thank goodness I got insurance on it.) Please, I really need one!


another great contest give away


I like the look of the otterbox.


these cases look great happy 2nd birthday crackberry


I would love one for my new nextel blackberry. It's a working mans phone, would love a working mans case.


I've heard good things about these!


pick me! pick me! (OMG the person above me stole my comment)


The ultimate protection for hard working men (and women). Protect my blackberry please.


I love this site!!!


I love my pink pearl and have been really careful with it. One day it slipped out of my hands and I couldn't catch it. Luckily it landed on some clothes so it was a soft landing, but it could have been a real disaster. I need a good case to protect my pretty pearl.


Okay, here's my story.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition cover model was eyeing me from across the bar. I smiled at her, and apparently that was all the invitation she needed, because she jumped up from her chair, told George Clooney (sitting at her table) to go stuff it and strolled across the bar (which didn't take long because of her six-foot long legs) and sat down next to me.

"Hello," she said. She obviously had a way with words.

"Uh...hi," I replied, trying to figure out if she was actually talking to me. Because, y'know, this happens to me all the time.

"What's your name?" She asked. I like women who get right to the point.

"Bauer," I replied. "Jack Bauer."

"Are you here alone, Jack?" She asked.

"No, not any more," I replied, smoothly. "You're here."

She grinned and tossed her hair back over her left shoulder. I felt my feet begin to sweat. With a smooth motion, she leaned up close to me and whispered in my ear.

"Meet me in twenty minutes at my place," she said. She fished a pen out of her cleavage and jotted an address on a cocktail napkin, kissed me lightly on the cheek and disappeared toward the exit.

I paid for my untouched ginger ale, looked down at the napkin -

And knocked the glass over ON TOP OF MY BLACKBERRY, soaking the napkin into an unreadable mess in the process. In my Blackberry Curve, I had planned to put her address into my Google Maps and jump in my 1980 Ford Pinto and high-tail it to her place.

Now, BECAUSE I HAD NO OTTERBOX PROTECTION ON MY BLACKBERRY, I was not only out the cost of a new phone, I had paid for a ginger ale I never got to drink, and I missed out on a date with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model.

Please, me make certain this never happens again. Let me win an Otterbox.



Mr. H

Man, my curve is starting ot look a little beat up. I need some protection!

Mr. H

Man, my curve is starting to look a little beat up. I need some protection!


Otterbox has always given me the tinglies. My BB NEEDS it!!!

Thank You!!!


I cant tell you a disaster story with my blackberry becuase this is the first one I have but I will tell you of my previous smart phone. Not that I can compare it to a blackberry. I've had some pretty close calls with my blackberry luckly I haven't messed it up, Minor scraches. My last phone I had to replace about 4 times with in the warranty period that was offered. First time I drop it and scrached all the bottom of it. It seems that after your first drop you get careless and more dropes are prone to happen. Well it happen enough time sthat the phone started loosing all of it's screws to the point that it could not hold it self together any more. That was the first one. The second one was just a piece of crap and intentionaly made it miss function to order another replacement. This next one was good for some time but again after the first drop you get many more. Keep loosing parts to it. Kept niking the phone till i put it in the cupholder and forgot I had liquid that had seaped from a cup and it got the charging connection fried and it wouldn't work any more. I was about to go on a big trip to orlando that was crazy becuase the phone dried and was kind of functional but then it when into an edless boot cycle while in orlando from the humidity. That really sucked because trying to make call access information for meeting it was a disaster. The last replacement I gave up trying to care for it. By this point hated the dam phone. Could not stand it and thats what brought me to love my black berry. I have a blackberry storm and I love it. I want to keep it same and that why I would love a otter cover for my phone.


I love her to death, but my wife is the clumsiest thing on the planet. We can not have anything nice without her breaking it. We've been through THREE of the same digital camera because she keeps dropping it (while it was open - once). We finally got her car paid off and not two months after we had no car payments.. hello, back of an Expedition. Car payments have ensued. She just broke the portable DVD player this past weekend with the AC jack still in it. AND I'm on my 2nd PS2. I won't upgrade or buy anything nice because... she will Break it!!! PLEASE let me win one of these OtterBox covers for my Storm, so that even when my wife grabs my phone, I can breathe.. somewhat easier. You need a true test of its capabilities, hojo_hojo will run it through the ringer. Everything is true, not just trying to win.

Happy Birthday CrackBerry!

A new addict and loving it (and truly love my clumsy wife),


I want to wish a happy birthday to crackberry.


Can I have an OtterBox for your birthday.


I don't have any BB stories because I am a sphincter retentive nerd who normally buys products like these so I don't have horror stories. Unless you count the time I wrote the "F" word in an email on a corporate BB that I thought I sent from my BIS personal account when I actually sent from my corporate email and it ended up in a VP's inbox. But everybody has an "F" word story. Happy Birthday!


Got out of the car and dropped it in a parking lot drainage grate. Turned out to be a very bad day.


I don't have a disaster story, yet. I just got my Crackberry, but if I got an Otterbox, I would never have a disaster story. How about a story of triumph and tenacity?


It was a chilly night it Athens as I stumbled into one of my favorite bars. I scanned the crowd thorough the haze of cigarette smoke, and I realized that before I could thoroughly enjoy another beverage I needed to relieve myself. I snaked my way through the crowd, trying to avoid slipping on the bar tar that always seems to be slicker when one is headed to the restroom. As I passed the line to the ladies' room I stopped to greet a few distinguished looking girls that I recognized from class. When I stepped into the gentlemen's room I was greeted by the nostalgic smell of used beer and hot wings. I stepped up to the first urinal, which was located adjacent to the door, and began to ease the distention that my bladder had been experiencing. Suddenly, I heard the tale tale sound of a blackberry message. I reached to my pocket to check the message, obviously from a distinguished looking girl that wanted to see more of me. As I flipped my phone around in my hand to unlock it, the slightest grease left on my hand from a hotdog I had eaten earlier caused the phone to slip ever so slightly. Quickly I adjusted to save my phone from its fall, but in my comprimised state I only pushed it harder into the oh so clean bar restroom urinal. I cried of horror and plunged downward to rescue my dear baby before she was too far gone. In this emotional moment someone burst through the door exposing me with my hand in the urinal to the patrons of the bar. The sounds of disgust from my new audience did not stop me as I pulled Pearly, that's what I called her, out of harms' way and began to try and revive her (remove battery and replace). My efforts were too late. Pearly died there in a public restroom. I never even found out which distinguished lady had sent me a message. Since this tragedy I have been forced to upgrade to a newer blackberry, and I have not even had enough time with it to decide on a proper name. Please, help this blackberry live long evough to have a name, and know the love that Pearly once knew...


My dog was hyper enough to knok my BB 8310 off the table...


There is a dent :(

If I have an OtterBox case, it will never be happened.


Dropped my BB Bold in my driveway because I was responding to my email while moving my bike inside my garage. Bonehead!


You should always wear it. My Pearl needs some.


I am in the construction industry, and have the new Storm. Needless to say, I really need a case like this to protect this awesome device. Thanks OtterBox!


Im a firefighter and always forget to take the phone out of my pocket when I get a call. I've already gone through 2 Storms and the next one I break will cause me to be dropped from my phone insurance...HELP!!!


I'm commenting on every giveaway and still no wins..What gives?


From one addict to another happy birthday CrackBerry

May the sun shine down on the crack


My poor 7100i was protected by only a spring clip.....Needless to say, these offer very little protection, especially when you work in a factory. The first thing to go was the antenna, which is electrical taped on. After continued use.....and abuse, the 3 key got "lost" underneath of the keyboard and caused a large bulge preventing the remaining surrounding buttons including 2,5,6, OP, and L from being functional. Even though this early, primitive device is destroyed, I still have it! I'm pretty hard on phones so an Otterbox would be optimal protection.


By luck I haven't killed my BB Storm yet but I am sure that that day is not too far away. The day I got my storm I went home to charge it and my dog got playful and ran into the charging cord which threw my brand new storm across the room and into the wall. I thought that I lost it. The sound it made was horrific. Fortunately, it survived and to my surprise no notable damage to the device, just a few very very faint scuffs to the chrome edge. Since then it has fallen out of my hands and down the stairs in my house and slid around in my car. Most of the time it has been in its standard pouch case. What I am most worried about is when it will fall from my hand while I am getting into my car or out of my car. It has already slipped out of my hand when I got into my car and fell between the seat and center console. That incident scratched the screen. Luckily though I have a screen protector on it (the one that it came with). I keep the phone in my locker at work. I could only imagine what kind of damage could happen to it if I had it in my pocket. I am currently shopping around for the best case for my storm but am having trouble deciding. I really like the protection that comes with otterbox.


My BlackBerry slipped out of my hand as I was enjoying my pea soup and completely submerged itself in my soup. Then I woke up in a sweat.


Well, I don't have a sad story of hurting my Bberry....
but I can say it never leaves my sight. I work from home and I carry it all around the house, to the bus stop to drop/pick-up kids, take it shopping, paying bills. It is my new best friend! It reminds me when I have appointments, what I "really" needed at the grocery store, I never miss an important e-mail for human is this reliable and if I could buy it a health insurance plan I would.....WAIT....the OtterBox would be the perfect to fit that bill!

Yes, That's IT!!! I've got the perfect advertisement!(*Cue* Donald LaFontaine's voice with dramatic music)

OtterBox....the only health insurance plan STRONG enough to protect your precious phone.


Happy Birthday Crackberry....


Happy Birthday Crackberry....


I don't have a "I dropped my phone in manure" sort of story but mine is very, very annoying.

I did manage to take my ol' 8100 for a tumble (completely sans an amazing OtterBox case) and ever since I can't take a picture of anything without it looking about twice and wide and half as tall. (

I'm not sure how I screwed up the lens but now imagine how it goes down when I take a picture of my wife.

Enough said.


Wow..this would be awesome! I'm still using the case that came with my Curve 8330. Bought another case and that one didn't work too well....Thanks for offering this as a give-a-way!!


Happy birthday, Crackberry! I hope I win!


Happy Birthday Crackberry


This case looks awesome.. hope i win it!!


I hadn't even had my red blackberry for a day and my little 2 year old got ahold of it. He called all sorts of people, and then dropped it in the Target parking lot when I opened the door to get him out of the car (I unbuckle him out of his carseat while we are in the car and then I go around outside to let him get out). So, whoever he called heard me singing my toddler songs with my lil guy, talking baby talk, and maybe even a burp or two if I was drinking a pepsi (I don't remember, lol, I was just freakin out that someone had been on the line for more than 5 minutes listening to me!). And when he dropped it in the parking lot, I almost cried as it came apart in 3 pieces. I was devistated that it was already scratched up and chipped:( To top it was my Birthday...hence spending the extra bucks on getting a blackberry. I went from cloud nine to be a blackberry owner, to depressed that my blackberry was already "old"!


I really need an Otterbox to help protect my Storm from my 13 month old's little hands. She loves the touchscreen but makes me cringe when she drops my phone on the floor (polished floor boards are an enemy at home for my Storm).


Happy Birthday, Otter me please.

Marcello Jun

I was the on-call ENT surgeon, when a 2 month old child arrived at the Emergency Department in Apnea due to a blocked airway. The on-call pediatrician was unable to remove the foreign object from the baby's larynx and establish an open respiratory access. I jumped over gurneys and other obstacles in order to surgically perform an emergency needle tracheotomy. In the process, however, my BlackBerry Curve flew out of my coat pocket into the floor and bounced around the entire ER. For a split second I didn't know who or what to rescue first. The baby lived. My Curve not so much!

Jason W.

Had a friend's blackberry get ran over with a tractor and went into many peices! need an otterbox ASAP!!


Happy Birthday!!! Please pick me!!


I was the on-call ENT surgeon, when a 2 month old child arrived at the Emergency Department in Apnea due to a blocked airway. The on-call pediatrician was unable to remove the foreign object from the baby's larynx and establish an open respiratory access. I jumped over gurneys and other obstacles in order to surgically perform an emergency needle tracheotomy. In the process, however, my BlackBerry Curve flew out of my coat pocket into the floor and bounced around the entire ER. For a split second I didn't know who or what to rescue first. The baby lived. My Curve not so much!


Ohhh more free stuff. I love Crackberry. Happy Birthday CrackBerry.


This is EXACTLY what an avid Geocacher like me needs out in the field. The perfect compliment to a piece of software (Geocache navigator) that ONLY works right with the Crackberry!!

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need one of these. It would be awesome to be one of the lucky 10 who manages to snag one of these beauties.

Thanks Crackberry for all the BB goodness you bring to us addicts!!

Happy B day and party on.


got one for my pearl and I aboslutely love it. I need one for my storm now!! Hook a brotha up


i'm always droping my blackberry when im gettin out the car, or when i forget i have my phone on my lap when getting up from sitting down.


I live in Florida and during the hurricanes of 2004 I was working on clean up in my community. I live in Okeechobee, FL and we received a large amount of rain... Well anyway, while I was helping some neighbors my 7520 fell off my hip and into the water. But believe it or not, that's not the worst part. That would be when I could not afford another Blackberry and had to settle for a Treo! Yes, that's what I said: A TREO! I don't think it could get much worse than that.


Ok well i had my 8350i hooked up to a car charger and my friend wanted to mess around and he took it and stuck it out the window and i told him to stop messing around and he did then he put it back inside well he put it on the dash board and a dog ran into the middle of the street so i braked and my blackberry fell in my cup of water! I was pissed


I don't have a disaster yet because I just receive it 2 weeks ago. Help me from having a disaster.



While I was sleeping my dog got to my Blackberry and used it as his dog bone! Needless to say, the phone looks like it went to war with a Lion and lost!!! Please help! I love my phone but want it to look better!!! Can you help me please, pretty please?


i never had an otterbox before...but i have dropped my past phones...


I haven't had a Blackberry disaster. I don't want to have a Blackberry disaster. That's why I need an Otterbox case.


Ok well i had my 8350i hooked up to a car charger and my friend wanted to mess around and he took it and stuck it out the window and i told him to stop messing around and he did then he put it back inside well he put it on the dash board and a dog ran into the middle of the street so i braked and my blackberry fell in my cup of water! I was pissed


I would love to have the OtterBox for the extra layers of protection it provides. My Blackberry Curve is my everything and needs the best!


i want a free otter box


I would like to get me one of the OtterBox cases. I have 2 younger kids (3 and 5) and it seems that my berry gets more air time than Mike Jordan. I've become a addicted crackberry user and this would put the icing on the cake. Thanks Crackberry and Otterbox!


I am clumsy and have accidentally dropped the phone on the floor so many times now.


Many more birthdays Crackberry.


I could really use this thing for for my 8320, especially since I accidentally buried my nokia from years ago at work.


I promise to throw my phone of the CN Tower if I win!


Dope ass site! Love it! Happy birthday!


My 9530 just died would love for my luck to turn around!


My name is mike and i have a true you will see. But i am getting ahead of myself. I am the former owner of a blackberry pearl. The day i bought my first blackberry was a milestone for me. Being in the construction field I chose to wrap my new pride and joy in an Otterbox. Over the next year i repeatedly dropped my phone (sometimes from heights as far as 25 feet) and have stepped on it, rolled over on it and any other imaginable abuse. I even broke the clip on my holster and called otterbox to order a replacement but their customer service was so outstanding that they sent me a new one at no cost. But the most amazing instance is as follows.... while loading my van for the trip home i received a call from my boss. I engaged my bluetooth headset and conversed as i loaded my material. I then proceed to drive to the fuel station which was approximately 4 miles down the road. While fueling i reached for my blackberry and found only an empty otterbox holster. Frantically i searched the van and no luck. Finally i located my phone on top of the van where it had remained throughout the drive to the fuel station. The amazing otterboxs non slip rubber outer cover kept it in place at speeds of 50 mph. You can only imagine how amazed i was. I am now not only sold on blackberry, but i must have the otterbox to go with it. My pearl looks as good as it did the day i bought it. Does this sound like a commercial for the otterbox, I hope so. Now my dilemma... I recently purchased a new blackberry curve with a new provider which does not sell the otterbox. I know i can order one, but i thought with a testimonial like this perhaps otterbox would comp the second.


I use to be very goofie at movements, lets say im just clumsy. I have a storm, and I have dropped it just once... when it happened, I thoght it was it for my phone.... thankfully, not much happened to it, but now im quite paranoid hehehehe so it would be so nice to win and avoid my strom to be in my old multimobile cementery


im always down for freebies


nice gift to give my storm

Mr. Spontaneous

This looks like the hearty kind of case my new storm needs! Sign me up!


i love otterbox, can't find it in asia and will expensive if order from State as well.

And would like to take this chance to say' happy birthday to CB'


Please keep me from buying another BB, going broke...


I am in Loss Prevention and of course deal with shoplifters. I purchased a Curve 8330, I had not even owned my baby for 2 weeks when I had to chase a shoplifter across my parking lot. I only owned one of those cheap holsters, that didn't really hold my baby very well. I chased the guy down, and put him in a submission hold. I looked out across my parking lot and noticed a cell phone in pieces, I started talking smack to the guy, I told him if he had not run from me, his phone wouldn't be in pieces on the ground right now. He responded with, I don't have a phone. I reached back to grab my phone, then it hit me; that was my baby. Thank God for the insurance plan, and the fact that I had all my stuff backed up on my computer however, I have seen the Otter Box cases, AKA "phone kevlar", and have since wanted one, nay needed one. Please help me.


What a sweet looking case!


While working and trying to stay dry in a massive wind/rain storm my curve decided to dislodge from it's holster and left the protection of my side to land on the ground in a small puddle of water. This wouldn't have been so bad but do to the amount of weather I did not realize this for about 3 minutes. After some drying time my curve is back up and ruuning at full power with some minor scratches to show.


I don't have a worst story and the hope is I can keep it that way with winning a new OtterBox case for it.


I work for a Municipal Sewer Utility... But that's another story. I need an Otterbox for the worst environment on earth... My family room, where our computer is located and the kids play. My first berry was an 8703e. I didn't even have it for a week when I broke the screen. How did I do that? I dropped the remote from a Lego toy on it! You can't make this stuff up folks. My Curve 8330 NEEDS to be protected. PLEASE!


The otterbox would be be a arm saver and then some. Back in Dec. two weeks after i got my BB storm i was delv. a load of furniture all day climbing in and out of my tractor well my second to last stop my Storm slid out of my jacket and went for the concrete, in haste i threw my self of the truck and caught my storm in mid air. I only sufferd a twisted wrist bruised shoulder and road rash but my Storm survived. If had the otterbox my arm wouldn't have hurt as bad. oh the poor ol lady is like its only a phone i said nope its a BlackBerry and she shook her head and walk away. Thanks otterbox for putting up a awesome gift and Happy Birthday


Dear CrackBerry and OtterBox,

Mine is not so much a disaster story as a disaster continuing saga. I have a wonderful puppy, a Boston Terrier named Arthur Peabody, who we've also nicknamed "The Boston Brawler" for his feisty ways with his toys. Unfortunately, he also likes to get feisty with some of my toys, namely my Blackberry. He loves it! He has gotten on top of our coffee table, pulled it down from the kitchen counter by it's charging cable, and dug it out of my purse, just to chew on it. Somehow it has managed to survive so far, albeit with a few "love bites" on the corners, but I'm not sure how much longer it can make it. I currently have a plain old silicone skin, but Arthur seems to be working his way through that, as well. It would really help to have something to better protect the phone from him, as he always seems to manage to get the phone no matter where I put it! Help me, OtterBox and CrackBerry, you're my only hope!

Desperately yours,

P.S. - I also used to have a belt clip, but the clip broke off every time I got into my car, so if I won an OtterBox case, I would have to buy an OtterBox heavy duty belt clip to go with it! Not that I'm trying to bribe you or anything! ;)

69 Charger RT

Where do I start. I'm electrician. Yeeahhhhh. The only phone that has ever survived was a NEXTEL yellow banana phone. I couldn't break the hard hat plastic phone.

Now for my numerous diasters.

Up here in da North we get snow. Well I was gettin out my truck I walked across the drive and they were plowin snow. I get into the office and hmmmmmm where is my phone?? OH NO NO I looked around our Office which is small. Then I dash back out to my service truck where i just had it when I pulled in. No luck. I get a sinking feeling as I look at the big snow bank the plow truck just made. I stop him. I grabbed my partners cell and started calling my phone. Yeah about 2 feet deep in the bank was my phone.
I tell ya there was snow packed into ever crack and crevice. I dryed it out and got lucky.

Then a few weeks later a 10 foot drop off a ladder while I was speaker phone with TECH support tring to fix an issue. Well the phone R.I.P.

Boss got me another new phone about year and half later I when out to the lake was gettin in the boat. I heard a pluuussshhhh. I jumped it to saved it. Dryed it out still works, but for how long????

I think an otter floats??? The list goes on.

I could be a poster child on why you need an OTTER BOX.


Damn! If all my friends gave me gifts for celebrating thier birthdays, I'd have more friends.
Happy birthday to my new best friend....CRACKBERRY!!!!


Damn! If all my friends gave me gifts for celebrating thier birthdays, I'd have more friends.
Happy birthday to my new best friend....CRACKBERRY!!!!


congratulations - Love my Blackberry! Love those otterboxes!


great give away an one again happy BD!!!!!!!


I haven't been able to get my Curve dream into reality, but when I win it here, this would be the perfect companion to it!


It just seems to me like I can't keep a phone (without a case) well. I have had numerous cases for my retired blackberry curve (RIP) that have all failed on me.

One story in particular that pops into my mind was when I was running out of school to catch the bus IN THE RAIN with my phone in my pocket (in it's green silicon case of course -- big mistake) and it magically, (I don't know exactly know how) falls out of my pocket and break into a million and one pieces on the floor. Ok, you caught me. Not exactly THAT many pieces -- just the battery cover, the the trackball, the cover (obviously) & the battery. Not only did I look like a complete idiot for dropping my 2 day old Blackberry, but I sounded like one too. I began to SCREAM at the TOP of my lungs because I had saved up 556.42$ to buy it! I was left there standing in front of the gate of my school reassembling my phone while everyone just walked by me and caught the bus, which I unfortunately did not catch. It wasn't until 10 minutes after I got home that my Blackberry decided to turn back on due to it being wet and all.

So there you have it, my disaster story :(


I love free stuff!!!


I was leaving a party drunk with my girlfriend to another party when i recieved a call from my cousin. I tried to take my curve out of its pouch but fumbled my phone and dropped it on pavement. the back cover, battery, and phone itself fell apart in three pieces. to make things worse. when i tried to pick up the back cover i lost my drunken balance and stepped on the back cover and gave it several deep scrapes. the phone has has smaller scratches so I'm safe there. there's my sad story. not as bad as everybody's else but yeah....


I love free stuff!!!


ok so im at the mall with my son who is about to turn two and were on the second floor so go to pick him up and i had my storm in the holster verizon (back to the story} so i go to pick him up and his pants get caught on it and snag it off it falls to the floor which isnt so bad. so i put him down to get it and he grabs it before i do i tell him to give it to me and he runs away and right when i grab him he tosses it and it slides under the rail and falls to the first floor and stays in the case and i hope it saved it but i know it didnt sure enough it is destroyed and i have to pay to get the replacement


I NEED this cover!! I am a Chili's Manager and as such have to work in the kitchen on a regular basis. One Friday night I was helping out in the fry station when I realized that my Blackberry curve was gone! A few minutes later, I was pulling out some crispers when what do I find....that's right, my Blackberry. I need to protect the one I got to replace it!



Let me start by saying that my 13 month old son loves my blackberry. No doubt he is going to be a blackberry user when he grows up. Usually I just lock it and let him play with it. He loves it. That's where things went south a couple of weeks ago. See my son also happens to be teething and decided to use my beloved curve as his own personal teething toy. He destroyed it completely and I had to get a new curve. Every since then I haven't let my son play with my blackberry. Suffice to say I need an otterbox so that I can continue to foster my son's blackberry addiction without going through a new blackberry every week.


I'd love to be able to try one of these out and show it off!


Who doesn't want an otterbox?


What had happened was.....This is my second blackberry my first storm but I have a history of being rough on phones. I dropped my previous blackberry in the toilet. So far I have dropped my storm on the concrete floor in the public restroom. Luckliy my storm has survived but often my two year old son attempts to either throw my storm or chew on save my storms life...I need the otterbox.


Aww.....fresh brand new curve 8300! Feeling good. I tell myself....."im going to take my best care of this phone. I run a contracting company that specializes in safe chemi9cal paint removal. We were on a project in northeast connecicut. I just got done putting my curve in a slick new holdster(or so i thought). Apparently it was too slick. On my next step up the ladder, it came squirting out of the case, hit every ladder rung on the way down and landed in a fresh bucket of peelaway 7. Which immidiately started eating the plastic and rubber components. I could have jumped off th ladder myself I was so upset. There was nothing i could do, and was out a fresh 400. It ws a nightmare that will NEVER happen again!

Thanks Crackberry and OtterBox!




I need one for my wife. I think she drops her berry every time she gets out or in her car.


I had a gopher box, but all it did was make my phone all dirty, and it smelled foul, then I tried a silicone condom and it was worse..... I need protection.... my storm needs protection.....


Bookmarked this site to show to IT Friday. Thanks Glenn Barnett -


man i would love to have this.
the military should give these to us.


A Friend of mine has one of these and he loves it and now I REALLY want one!!!


My work is associated with passenger ships. I don't have a personal disaster story but a 'near miss' I was onboard the other day inside the hull structure of one vessel. Precarious foot and hand holds everywhere we went in this space. I almost slipped and I just imagined by BB Bold tumbling down 10 metres, bouncing off steel frames and girders to end up soaking in a nice little pool of hydraulic oil. It brought tears to my eyes.


I could use one of these. I dropped my Pearl down four flights of stairs... twice. in one day. and then slipped on ice while I was on the phone and threw it across the street. amazingly, my call didn't get disconnected hahaha



moutain man

I Am A Fireman and one night at an auto crash we were getting the patitent out of the vehicle to the medic unit
when some how my phone came off and fell into the ditch
and of corse it was where all the water was one of my fellow firefighters was the lucky one who found it and returned it to me and as you all know phones and water dont mix lucky for me i had insurance on the phone.
So as you can see the OtterBox would have saved me the cost and time of a replacement


would love to have this! thanks crackberry!


I would love to have a OtterBox for the Storm


HB to CB
Terrible 2's - you have to behave!


Since my birthday is in 2 weeks this would be a cool present from Crackberry!


Dear Crackberry,

Please award one of these Otterbox Cases to my owner. If I were a wife or a child I would be in protective custody by now. My owner is always yelling into my speaker, pounding away at my keys, and utterly abusing me. He has slipped on ice and tossed me through the air (I mean seriously I am the most important thing in his life and he instinctively tried to balance himself while slinging me as if he didn't even care). And lets not forget about the time that he had a few too many drinks, forgot that I was in his shirt pocket, and apparently offered me up as a sacrifice when he was praying to the porcelin god (and man am I a crappy swimmer). I try to get close to him at home at night but when I deliver his email he looks at me with disdain, sorry if I just ruined his night of Golden Girls re-runs, I just thought business would be more important. Please oh please help protect me with an Otterbox, the authorities will not help me, you are my last chance.

Abused Berry


I was SUPER stoked when I signed up to get my blackberry, the phone I'd been trying to get on ebay for three months and finally broke down and signed a contract. A week later I was rushing to get to work, let the dogs out, refill drinking water, feed the dogs, wash them off from all the mud before coming back in the house, sounds easy? Well, it was all going well and fine until the washing of the feet. I had put my blackberry in my top jacket pocket and (forgetting it was there) leaned over the bucket to wash my dog's feet, when out it came smack on the ground, to top it off it scared my dog and she jumped out of the bucket and took off with it across the yard. Thinking it was a game she ran every time I came near. After a half hour of chasing her through the back yard I finally recovered my phone. With "slight" scratches and teeth marks it still works... Blackberry, still kicking! Woo-Hoo!

Vodka Smash

This for a Storm....would love it!


I'm a plumber and one time I had a 3/4" water line burst above my head. I had no choice but to use my phone to call for help, while trying to deflect as much water away from the computers across the room. That was the last call that phone made(But it got me the help i needed).


This is very funny, I am recovering from being upset and I am surprised there is a smile on my face. I was not going to enter this contest because I have never done anything to any of my BlackBerry phones that was as stupid as I did tonight.

I was at the dinner table and I needed to put some A1 sauce on my chicken burger than I made, I even put green olives on it and went all out making this meal. The A1 would not come out so I put the cap on and started hitting it like a ketchup bottle, still nothing. So I decided to hit it against my thigh to get the yummy sauce on my burger, but when I hit my thigh I slammed the bottle into the screen of my storm that was in my pocket! I had it in my pocket because my wife said dont have the phone at the table so I had it on vibrate so I could hide it from her and text my friend. Now she is mad at me cuz I had the phone at the table, mad at me because I am going to have to spend retail price to get a new storm, and I probably will sleep on the couch tonight because I am in trouble with her.

Now I have to get a replacement storm, but I did not get insurance and the salesman tomorrow will definitely remember me because I was a pain in the butt, and I swore I would not need insurance. Now I am over my 30 days and I dont know what I am going to do. I need an otterbox case because I want to protect my next storm from stupid things like tonight.


I definately need this case! im quite the abuser of my storm and that thing actually looks like it would keep it in one piece


happy bday crackberry, this would be an awesome gift to help celebrate :)


Otterbox for me please!


ever since i saw the first review on these!


I wish I win a case for my 8900 =)


So the fact of the matter is I'm a recent college graduate who received a storm as a welcome to the real world gift, problem being I am one of the clumsiest people in the world as well. The first day I got it on accident it slipped out of my pocket & dropped to the pavement. Now you would think that's just a rare occurence of bad luck, but it seems to be coming a common re-occurrence since daily it either falls in the side panels of my car, or I forget its on my lap and arise from the car letting it fall to the car floor if im lucky (or more often the pavement unfortunately), or my father tries to "hail mary" it to me from across the room once he thinks it's ringing (it's hit the wall 3 times,the panelled wood floor countless more and I STILL have yet to catch it...) I mean I like my phone, but I swear it's out to get me, and I've only had it roughly 2 weeks. Apparently even the unbreakable plastic case i bought is not strong enough since it's life was taken yesterday in one of the many pavement drops.

So I know my story isnt necessarily prolly the best, but coming from a kid who cant even afford the payments on his cell, a new case would certanly come in handy, since i doubt i'll get anything for MY birthday this next week, with the exception of bills.


No big story to tell to new to have one but being in the landscape biz I am sure to have one for the next birthday. So to avoid that I need the an otterbox for my BB


Corny yes awesome definitely.


Hopefully I can win this otterbox (preferably yellow).


my poor battered curve could use one of these.


I need a case! This would be perfect!


Hope you have many more birthdays like this one! :)

Hopefully, I will not have a tragic BB disaster story to tell! I have dropped and destroyed my share of PDA's in recent years. I don't think my "habit" of dropping electronics will go away but having an Otterbox will definitely reduce the number of times I have to replace them!!



A free box of otters? Who woulda thought :) I'd love one for the 8900! :)


storm could use some protection


My Bold tends to get damaged when others borrow it to make a call. Cant even count the number of times the drop it and it gets scratched or dinged. Once someone even dropped it in the mud. Please help me to continue my generocity.


I could finally take care of my berry like a fine delicate woman. I need this.

Eric Min

I had just bought a blackberry pearl. (Red) from att. I didn't want it to get damaged in any way so i bought a
silicone case that i have never bought before. It was so
sticky and i could never get it out of my pants. One day I
forced it out of my pocket and the silicone case slipped off and my phone dropped out and made a nice big dent. So i decided to get a hard case which was better but it happened that it was a clip on and the clip broke after two weeks. But it was better and so i bought another one and then another one. Broke every single time and so i resorted to my silicone case one more time but my brother used on his blackberry which happened to have gotten lost. I would like a case that is worth while and love for my new storm so that I wouldn't have to go through trying to find the best case.


my bb needs a obox so it doesn't get destroyed like all the other ones!


First of all I like my storm; unfortunately I've had to replace it three times since I got it back in November and OtterBox could have helped. Each replacement I'd get I would purchase another clear film to protect its body. Well, I’m on my fourth storm and having an OtterBox case will not only save me money but continue to protect my Storm no matter how many times I replace it.



so that I can add another use for my Storm....deadly weapon :)


They kep my cigars so safe and warm when I'm out and about and I want the same for my 'berry :)


My curve likes to go swimming can it get an otter box?



Well lets start with my everyday routine. I a Fire Fighter, EMT, PC Tech, and most of all a Daddy (to my 2yr old Daughter and my 2 dogs). Everyday is just a challenge to keep my BB 8130 Pearl on my belt. If I'm not jumping in & out of a truck or crawling through fire scenes, I'm usally trying to fit under a desk to repair a computer or running around playing with my daughter and my dogs. My 8130 has been so close to beening destroyed on a daily basis that I actually lose sleep worring about the darn thing. The latest mishap was two days ago when I got woken at 3am for a house fire, I jumped up out of bed, threw on my clothes and grab my BB and clipped it to my belt. Well at least I thought I did! When we arrive at the house fire we were pleased to find it was just bad cooking. But when I jumped out of the fire truck I heard something hit the ground and roll under the truck. Here the belt clip pop off my belt and released my berry, the clip hit the ground. Here is the cool part that I still can't figure out, when the clip released my berry fell into my side cargo pocket. At the time I did not know that and thought my berry was a badly broken one from the fall and the bounce. Thank God for dumb luck!!! I really could use the Otterbox to save my berry as I try to save something else.
Thats my story!!!
Happy B-Day Crackberry!!!
Wayne Clark
Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
BB Pin # 3194B960
Save a life cause someone is trying to save yours!!!!!


help me protect my bb. i sked, no like break my fone. haha. CHEE HOOO!


every since i bought a blackberry i have been logging on to, now i know where they got the name.. i am very interested in your line of cases for the storm. i have searched high and low for many different styles and colors. i have heard nothing but good stuff about otterbox.i am a fanatic when it comes to buying accessories for my phone, you guys keep up the good work.

Jay Masunaga

I could totally use an Otterbox!


I work a lot on a Navy ship and going to and fro around the ship is not always the smoothest way to travel. One unfortunate evening I was walking back to my office and of course reading some old emails on my BB. As I was going up a ladder the ship decided to roll a little more than usual at that moment and I had a decision to make... save the BB or save myself... well you can imagine it took a good long few seconds for me to make this horrific decision and of course self-preservation took over. I grabbed the ladder with both hands and watched, in slow-motion, and the BB bounced down the ladder one step at a time. As I made my way back down to get it I knew their was little hope. Cracked screen and busted keyboard were the jist of the damage. So now I went and bought the Storm and fear for its life as I do not have any protective cover on it at all. This Otterbox could save my BB's life! Save the BB Please!!!

Happy Birthday Crackberry!
Tony King


This looks like a great case for the Storm.


This is the case I want. Good Luck


I've given myself two choices, either I win this contest or I go to the Motorola Tundra!!! :D


Love the OTTER Case, I'm happy they came up with one for the storm!!

Im a die hard OTTER Case Fan...Had one on my 8830, now I can't wait to pick up this puppy!!


Happy Birthday Crackberry...Love the site and Love the OTTER BOX series cases...had one for my 8830..Now I have the storm..I can't wait to get it!!!


I currently have Phantom Skinz on my phone and it does not do the job! It is starting to peel around the corners and it is also starting to collect dust along the edges of the skin itself. The worst thing about it is that I bump my phone which was in the BB Holster and the corner of the phone hit the edge of a metal door and it chipped my sucks! I need something that will protect all corners and not peel off!


happy birthday 2 year are allready gone and we accpecting for the 10
please give me one of that cases i hope you can see my 8700 its look like shi....
please crackberry please
eli barash


really good! happy birthday!


This would be sweet!
Otterbox Rules!


I would really really really love to have one of those!


OMG I want one soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, I had my storm for 3 hours and drop it on the concrete luckly it's still in one piece although I'm going to have get protection for it.'

Frank Lammers


it would be so great to have this for my blackberry curve 8900!


My Storm really wants an OtterBox.....please help it out!


While on routine patrol my partner and I came across a stolen car. The driver left the car in gear and bailed out of the moving vehicle. I gave chase and tackled the suspect and the fight was on. I cracked the screen,scratches on the sides and back, and the clip broke. After the suspect was cuffed it took me an hour to find my phone amongst the weeds and grass in the field as I always keep my phone silent while working. The phone still worked but it was a real mess. I have since purchased a new one and would like to keep it looking good and free Otterbox would fit the bill. My partner has one and he swears by it.




I think you shaould have birthdays every month!