Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



I am in desperate need of something like an Otterbox. I go through about 4 phones a year. Lets see some of the top ways a phone was destroyed in no real order.

Falling off my belt while on my Motorcycle at 75.

Dropping it while crossing from a boat dock to Shore during a flood.

Crushing one under a bulldozer.

One slipping from my center console into a glass of root beer.

The list can go on.

I work in Aircraft Maintenance. This in not a good environment for a cell phone. I work with alot of different chemicals that get on my hands; I try not to get it on my phone but it is all most impossible not to. My phone also gets bumped into by heavy parts that I'm installing on Airplanes. Please consider me for an OtterBox.


The second to last phone we bought, the salesman at Verizon talked us out of insurance. "You've been with us for 10 years, have you ever needed it?" So we got rid of it. Later that night, one our dogs ate the brand new phone. What a $350 mistake.

my 11 month old baby bounce mt blackberry 8300 off the dinning room table and it landed in my soup.
enough said!

I dropped my 8350i within one hour of getting it on the hard pavement while watching my son ride his bicycle. I'm attempting to head off a larger disaster by enclosing my phone in an OtterBox - I'm a motorcycle police officer.

I actually had my Curve slip out of my casing in the car as I was opening the door. It bounce off the frame of the car, twice on the street, the screen cracked and the BB fell right into a sewer !! I called it and it rang until it sank to the bottom !! I think I cried that day.

I WANT AN OTTER BOX !!! please.

i have bb storm 9530 and one day when i was storm just felt of my pocket...
i got hard case but it didn't help...the case didn't broke my phone did...the screen is mess up...but verizon help me out with it....
so i really need this screen...n i'm broke for a month this month....because i couldn't find a job yet...

I got my storm when it came out in November and have yet to have a problem... However when I had a voyager prior to my Storm I had dropped it cracking the screen(so I used my first insurance claim for another). The next voyager I got ent through the washer which caused me to use my second replacement. Verizon only allows two claims per year so now I have no insurance on my blackberry and I cant live without it if something happened!

I am famous amongst my friends and colleagues for destroying phones but this is my first bb and I haven got a "how I destroyed my bb story yet … yet. This is why I need an Otterbox, so that I can avoid this scenario.

I've had a blackberry for about 1 month now and I've been using the case that comes with the phone. I dropped my phone on cement yesterday and the top of the phone gets scratched up since it is not covered. I need full all around protection. The OtterBox would be perfect!

I would love to have one of these for my Storm, need to add some extra protection so my Storm will last forever (=.

It says best story but it is tough to choose cause wow i have a lot more then one. I am a must with insurance on these phones and i am guaranteed to have broken one within the first 30 days of getting it. My first blackberry was the world edition for verizon where i had gone through 6 phones in about a year. Some phone perished from drops, water damage, and was notorious for when my phone was in my pocket for pushing the trackball in to far and having it not work.
Then i had the almighty curve which was the best BB i have had and i went through about 5 of those, once was on a boat and i was fishing and we hit rough waters and as soon as we hit rough waters i was bbm'ing an already angry girlfriend that i was going to be late and then that phone ended up in the ocean. Now i have a storm and it has only broke once within the first 30 days of course and then were just kind and swapped it out for a new phone. These are all true because i even know that if you get a brand new product and break it within the first month or two they don't have refurbished phones and you end up getting a new one out of the box. So pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

An Otterbox would be essential in my summer work environment. Yup, I have lost 3 BB Curves to my summer job as a supervisor at my hometowns Dept of Parks and Recreation. I supervise the lifeguards and the marina hands on a daily basis and all 3 of my BB were victims of the water. 2 went into the pool during a save one of the guards was making as I was assisting, and 1 went into Lake St. Clair as I was helping a patron launch their boat from our ramp. But with trusty insurance a BB with its connectivity and especially up to date marine weather forecasts is essential. The Box would be nice to protect from the sand and spray here and there of water. Hope to win!

I was showing one of the clients how to clean a bathroom, I had my Storm in my coat pocket. As I turned around it fell into a DIRTY urinal. Wish I had one of these then, it was a perfect phone.

My BB needs protection from the daily oop's, where it might fall to the ground or slide off the desk.

I have a 7 month old who is a crackberry already. The only thing that keeps him occupied is my blackberry. He has drooled, chewed dropped and used it as a teething device. I have tooth marks all over the back of my phone. I have extra insurance on my phone but I still stress over it! My phone needs a super cover!

I was at Parris Island for my son's marine corps graduation. We were at the obstacle course and I tried the rope wall. I did not know I dropped my curve 8310 in the sand. They started a demonstration with the graduates running up to the wall and climbing over the rope. My curve was at their feet. When it was over we found it buried in footprints. The otterbox case, unfortunately, did not make it, but it took 8 marines to take it down. My curve 8310 inside the otterbox did survive and I still use it. Minus the otterbox case of course. Please pick me so I can replace it and go visit my son. I am afraid what they will do to my phone without the otterbox protection...

Well, I bought one for my fathers curve. Very nice! We work for in a fish processing plant and his has held up strong to the abuse! I'd try one for sure!

my last phone was in a waterproof backpack durring a hurricane while i attended the red bull soap box derby....the backpack somehow filled with water by osmosis or something and bam, no more phone....what makes it worse is 5 other phones were in there in the same area and they either got better or replaced by their carriers for free.

I need a case that can keep up with me, I have tried so many and nothing can endure my day to day life I'm on my third BB due to my rough necking with my phone!!!!

No disasters yet but I do work for a utility company as a field technician. I can be a bit rough on phones and have only had my Curve for a couple weeks. Would love to protect it from any mishaps.

I am new to the world of Blackberry. So I hope nothing bad ever happens to mine. But this looks like it would help keep that from happening.

I work on buildings and have occasionally dropped my BlackBerry from the roof (yes, it splattered). Hoping the OtterBox would provide the protection I need.

I have a bad habit of leaving my phones in my pants pocket. I have washed 3 in the past two years. Maybe this would help.

OK, I need one of these bad...Here's why...

Ok, so I was one of the lucky few who was able to get a BB Storm on launch day in Canada. And was I ever proud, showing it to everyone I knew. The last person I was met was outside, so I (of course) of course showed him the phone, with all the bells and whistles it comes with. I then put it away in the 83xx case I had on my belt (remember, the Storm cases only were available post-launch) and walked away.

20 minutes later, I go to make a call and notice that my baby (my Storm) is not in its' case...and I start to panic...

Now before I move on, remember, I live in Canada...loosing a phone outside is a phone death wish...on top of that, at launch date, we had a huge warm front hit us, meaning that there was slush, snow, ice, rocks and sand EVERYWHERE!

So after the panic set in, I started retracing my steps, without luck. I knew I had dropped it, probably in snow or a puddle of slush.

Luckily, the first thing I do on a phone is set a home page message saying how to reach me if the phone is found. An hour later, a nice lady called me saying she had found what looked like of of the nicest phones she had ever seen...and she worked in my building!!! Again, as luck would have it, the phone had fallen on soft snow and no water damage had occured

So here's what I've concluded:
1. I need a new case!!!!
2. I need a case that will protect it against harmful drops, bumps, shocks, scratches, dings, dust and snow

From what I've read, this is THE case I need...any chance I could have one?

Thanks guys!


I'm a hot Air Balloon pilot in need of a method of saving my BB from destruction. Ideally, we are landing in a nice soft wind, but, there are times when mother nature decides to toss you around a little. This means our landings aren't so calm and are referred to as a "knock-down, drag-out landing." Wearing my BlackBerry on my hip while in a knock-down, drag-out landing can be devastating for a cell phone. Typically, the pilot as well as the crew tumble around a bit in the basket as the balloon and basket comes to a rest on it's side. Imagine crushing an unprotected BlackBerry against a stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium propane tanks with over 250lbs of body weight and force from the landing....I see my BlackBerry going to pieces!

Please, with your help, I'll be able to finally protect my prized possessions with the ultimate armor available. Please pick me! :)

i so desperately need one, just the other day i was in the
city talking on the phone someone wasn't looking where they were going and hit into me, my phone flew in the air toward the street hit the street and a cab ran it over, can't
even begin to explain how upset and lost i was that day
lucky i got another phone sent to me, but i can't
ever have that happen to me again....please help!

I've got a few OtterBox cases, and they're all great protection, but I don't have one for my Bold. So hook it up! :)


-Otter you sure you want top do this?

-You guys are Otter-ly crazy!

-"Otter Box" transform!

You get the point...

-I'll take one Otter the box.

H Bday!

I purchased the BlackBerry Storm when the phone was originally released. It was the coolest thing. Nobody that I knew had interacted with something like the Storm. So, I arrive to my dorm and as everyone is passing the phone around and playing with it, the drop it. It had not even been a day since I had purchased it and there it was, broken into pieces. The screen fell off and the talk key did too. In addition to that, some scratches were also made in the metallic portion of the phone on the corner that hit the ground. I went to the store to see what I could do to get it replaced, since I had purchased insurance, but they said that since i had not paid anything, yet the phone was not under insurance yet. I had to purchase another phone and just deal with it. If I had had an OtterBox, my phone would still be with me and I would not have had to purchase a new one. The OtterBox will help protect my phone from future "accidents" and help me make sure my BlackBerry Storm looks just like new.

Train hunting dogs mostly retrievers
Being out in fields and around ponds and lots of wet dogs
all day (plus the cold and heat) BB without a case like this doesn't stand a chance
Too bad it doesn't come in camo

I actually was out one night and i had a few to many let some guy use it, and he ended up throwing my storm into the wall :( good thing for insurance! :) I would love to have an OtterBox

I really could use a new OtterBox for my new Storm because my old Pearl proved just how tought a BB really is when I had it on me during a response to a fire, I am a volunteer firefighter, and when I jumped down from the engine it came off its clip and landed right in a large muddy puddle. I picked it up, turned it off, opened it up and sat it on the dashboard of the engine. After the fire and on the way back to the station, I turned it on and it worked! I never want to have to worry about doing that again to my BB.


I'm not a great story teller, but I am rough on electronic stuff. I go camping, dragging my gear behind my motorcycle. I'm off for a week at a time, out in the weather, dirt, and wind. I've even been hit by a duck at 75 MPH. I'm worried that my Blackberry Curve might not be able to take a shot like that without an Otterbox.

(My co-worker was doubtful about this story, but last year he got hit by a goose, and it burst like a water balloon (hit the handlebars) all over him. That was even worse than mine, but he doesn't have a blackberry, so who cares?)

I also have a pic of seagull poop splatter dead center of the face shield of my helmet. I got that on my daily commute. Unfortunately, its an old polaroid and can't be attached. Can a blackberry take a squirt of poo and live? I think not...

I NEED an Otterbox!

i don't have a story on what did happen to my blackberry, but i do need to protect it, my wife is wanting to have a baby soon, 2) i have a three and a two year old newphew, and i work in auto parts.... i need this to protect my investment....

the last thing I want is to see my BlackBerry Storm smashed on the cold, harsh ground.
Happily OtterBox will protect my Storm against drops, bumps and dust.

the last thing I want is to see my BlackBerry Storm smashed on the cold, harsh ground.
Happily OtterBox will protect my Storm against drops, bumps and dust.

I had just broke up with my EX-girlfriend of 3 1/2 years. I was bigger man so I moved out the house. Well the house we were staying in went into fore closure so she had to move. She couldn't find a place to move to with her three kids. I felt bad for the kids (not her); So I allowed her to come stay with me for 3 months to give her time to find a place. Little did I know that was the biggest mistake I ever made that year.

When she moved in she was trying to get back with me, but I didn't want her back because she broke my heart. So me being the single guy that I am and a dummy at the time; didn't lock my Blackberry. I have been getting text, emails, and phone calls from the women I started fooling with. One night she took my phone into the bathroom with her and read one of the text this girl I was sleeping with message; plus the message that my BFF (who is a Female). She flipped her wig. My phone went missing. I did could not find it. I looked every ware still no phone. Later on that day after complaining that I need that phone cause I use it for work and all of my work contacts is on it and I didn't get to do a backup. She confess that she took it; bounced it off the tile floor a few times and then dropped in the toilette. She said she was pissed because I was going around screwing everyone and not bothering to give her a second chance.

She give me back the broken phone which was water logged. I put it in front of the oven in low heat. The water dried up just enough. I manage to get it to turn on so I can back I up on my PC; She was not happy about that. I got a new Blackberry because of insurance service (Thank god). And kept it locked and on my person until she left.

Important learning point for me was. When its done, its done. Don'T be a nice guy and try to help your ex in there time of need; because your blackberry will pay for it.


Hi, I am very new to the BlackBerry world and a previous iPhone owner. You guys here at CrackBerry got me to switch to a BlackBerry (storm) phone. This is the most informative site that I have ever seen concerning real issue's with phones, that get resolved.

I only have the case that my phone came with when I bought it. When taking out of it's case it slips out of my hand. It has fallen to the ground 3 times and has nicks and scratches on it.

It sounds like this OtterBox would be perfect for me! Thank you, Tony

While you never can predict when you are going to drop your Storm from the top of a 9 story building, it sure would be nice to know it will still be intact when you pick it up off of the street.

My Blackberry storm is on the verge of losing his home. Please allow me to help my electronic buddy out with winning a new home, he would thank you very much. :)

Two days after getting my Bold, it fell out of my pocket as I was exiting my Jeep. Smack--face down after a fall of five feet or so onto the concrete in a parking garage. Amazingly, the only damage marks were on the shiny plastic ring, but it was enough to enrage me. This is my first BB and first mobile that I've used on a regular basis, and I'm still a bit unused to handling it. So, an OtterBox would help protect my innocent BB from not only concrete but also my own clumsiness!

Hey, if my curve had this case, maybe the back cover and battery wouldn't go flying every time it slips from my hands!

i had my blackberry when it came out. the 8900; its a really awesome device. well i love it. well one day i had my phone in my pouch and when i took my phone out i guess i did it hard well yeah it flew out my hands i didnt like it but it has a dent on the corner. the reason i want an otterbox its cause mine its too tight. i want it lose. XD

This would be nice to have... I'm a stay at home military/mom to 5 kids.. I'm a very busy one I have 3 younger kids from 6 and below so. I try to baby my bb but have to baby the other kids too. This would be a nice addition to my family...

Beginning of February, I leave my BB on the coffee table while I go upstairs for a bit. When I come back down, I see the black rubber case that was around my Pearl is laying in the middle of the living room floor. I start to panic. My 3 1/2 month old Beagle pup had gotten it down from the table and was proceeding to chew the HECK out of it. Every panel of the housing was either chewed up or cracked. Buttons missing and the whole works! After my freak out session, I called my insurance agent, and it was covered. I've since upgraded to a Curve, but now I am completely neurotic about knowing where my BB and the dog are at all times. An Otterbox would certainly let my mind rest a little easier, but they are over $70 here in Canada!

What a great site... so many gifts to give away. I'm a first time BB owner..I've had it for around 3 weeks now... not horror stories yet.

I've been checking out the OtterBox a bit, looks very solid. I have heard that most people who get one love it.

I have three little other blackberries have been knocked from there holsters to skid across the pavement and one was even spit up on...a little protection would go a long way...
Thanks J...

I am constantly dropping my new storm and it is just not fair to my to keep keep abusing it like that so I need a proper way to protect it.

I definetly need one since the last 3 storms I did the exact same thing...I placed the phone on the roof of my car and drove off not realizing...that once I made the first turn and heard some noise on my roof that my blackberry storm was on my roof...smash...its costing me a damn fortune...I would be a great testimonial for the otterbox if again I did the same thing and it saved my blackberry...imagine the kudos I would give it if it could save my phone!!

Ric Nanni

I volunteer coach for the local high school baseball team, a local 10 year old basketball team and a 17 year old soccer team. I have broke three phones trying to take care of the kids and answer calls from work. Got to take the work after hours calls but love working with the kids. This case looks like the ticket to keep my Storm safe.

I used to use those "sticky" pads you would put on your dash board and just set your phone on it. They would work pretty well for regular driving but not when you made a sharp turn.

I was driving on a nice sunny summer day through a parking lot at a mall when suddenly someone swerved out of their lane and into mine. I had to swerve my car and my Blackberry slid off that sticky pad and right out the window.

This was a very tragic day.

Hey OtterBox your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind, hey OtterBox! YAY!!!! *gets off the stage before the tomatos start flying*

My Treo 700w brought me into the smartphone world, but when a slide off my dashboard, out the window, and into the curb ended the Treo nightmare I had to make a decision. So I went with the BB Curve - great device. I didn't potect it soon enough and a drop directly on the concrete caused a crack in the screen and some other issues. I am abuot to get a new 8330 by doing some finaguling and I would love to have the ultimate protection (OtterbBox) and as a gift would be even sweeter.
Happy Birthday to CB!

I have a new 9530 Storm, its replacing my 8830 world edition. I am in the IT industry and in the military so my cell phones tend to get more than their fair share of use/abuse. I lost my world to a fall. I work in a data center, we were installing new chillers (AC for computers) on the roof and drop the phone all the way to the bright yellow curb. All that was left was several pieces that could fit in the palm of you hand.

i got my new 8900 and i well i love my phone i really do. its my first blackberry. i got it when it came out XD. i had my phone in my pouch and when i try to take out my phone i did it with force and it flew out my hands and landed straight in the floor. :-( i would love an otterbox cause i dont want my phone to die. XD

I have the crystal snap on case, for my storm and when I drop it the case always pops off, and I nearly have a heart attack every time. but no damage to the BB thankgod. Hopefully I win this so I can have a nice sturdy case so I don't mess up my beloved Storm!

I hope the otterbox can save my new storm next time I take a header off my mountain bike crashing into rocks and mud! My last storm didn't survive my last bike crash :(. I need mountain bike abuse protection that can save my storm from not only crashes, but the elements! Thank you! :)

I don't have a disaster story. But what better way to avoid one then by getting an Otterbox!
I just got my Blackberry Storm 5 days ago and want to protect it.
I am currently serving in the Air Force. My primary job is a flight engineer on C-130's, however, I also get to go out into the field and play "bad guy". This involves firing simulated missles and guns at other Air Force aircraft and playing the part of a terrorist for other military forces. During my times in the field things can get pretty rough. Unfourtunatly things get broke when your getting "gunned down" and tied up by the good guys.
Due to the ever changing business I'm in I have to keep my Storm with me to get updates and changes to the plan. This means my Storm will be subject to the same punishment I am. I love my new Storm and dont want to be as bruised and beat up as I do.
Please help me protect my investment.

Hello, I have a storm and i only dropped it once (so far) but I work as a fixed machinery mechanic in a steel shop so that means a lot of dirt, grease, high places and opportunity for scratches. I always have to squeeze myself in and out of tight places therefor leather holdsters just don't do it. This case look bullet proof to me, it would be amazing to win this.

Thank you,

I've actually been looking at these and thinking about purchasing one for my Storm! How cool would it be to win one!! Pick me! :)

I was on a job interview call, had stepped outside of my apartment, and dropped my Storm!! Although there was only a small scratch, I lost the call and had to re-boot my storm!! Talk about annoying...These cases definitely look like they would have prevented that from ever happening!!

Thanks Otterbox!

For Valentines Day my girlfriend got me UGGZ slippers. I just moved into my new apartment in the Bronx. I threw my new slippers on, walked across the room to turn the TV on. I was on the phone with her. I have a carpet that is only in the middle of the room, and I guess as I walked across the carpet my new slippers built up static with the fuzz and all. I went to turn the TV on and got a quick ZAPP. Needless to say the phone dropped right on the area in which there was no carpet, battery door went flying to the right, battery to the left. To make matters worse I hit my funny bone on the arm of the couch which wasnt that funny.

I have always utilized my Blackberry for the latest National Weather Service watches, warnings and bulletins. I have gone through 3 generations of Blackberry's with no disasters to report. Call me lucky, call me protective. My Blackberry can be my lifeline. Adding the Otterbox would bring my blackberry up to the level of my amateur handheld radio which is fully submersible.

Chuck - N9TZO

I never seriously considered myself to be a klutz but that is in fact what I am. I cannot really explain it but somehow, someway...all of my Blackberry's mysteriously lift up, float away for a second, leaving my grasp and bee-line it for the pavement below.

One time in particular, I was running late for lunch and pulled into the local McDonald's parking lot. I left my car, turned, and walked into the McD's. Little did I know that my BB decided to take a nap on the pavement right in front of the drive-through without asking my permission.

I went in, ate semi-quickly, and headed out. As I exited the door, I saw what looked like a broken cell lying in the middle of the pavement. Without a breath...I knew. Somehow I knew. A wave of fear crashed over me, similar to the experience when a rock is thrown at your head and you go oh, ****, I had better duck. I went blank...then queasy...fearful...until acceptance. I approached the black mass with dread. I reached down and picked up my now run over 20+ time BB lying dead in front of the drive-through traffic. It died. I cried.

Over the years...I've dropped one into a toilet (don't ask), took a shower with one (yeah..sick I know), and once let my daughter play with it. I didn't know it wasn't a frisbee disc. Sometimes it still worked i.e. the frisbee. Other's it did not.

I have a new Blackberry Storm. I have not purchased a case for it. Without the proper protection from a klutz such as would be dooming my newest addition to potentially the same fate as those that came before it.

As God as my witness, I will be free again!

I want this otterbox because I work outside all day. I just got a paycut and I don't have to money to buy one so my phone sits all day in my truck and I have no access to the world. If you give this to me then i will be able to stay in contact. thanks

I really need an OtterBox! I've dropped my Storm a couple of times now :( The first time it split the silicon on the original cover I purchased. The second time I was not lucky enough to have the cover on it and it took a few licks from the pavement! Check out my Flickr for a couple of pics:

I don't currently have a disaster story and I wish to keep it that way so I'll have one OtterBox to go please! LOL

I have only had the Blackberry Storm since Christmas Day and am so proud and so careful with it (as you would expect). I don't even let people play with it and can often be heard saying "look with your eyes, not with your hands".

This changed when my fiance (who had bought me the phone in the first place) asked to use the phone to call her parents as she didn't have hers with her. I reluctantly agreed but even went as far as to dial the number for her so as not to get the screen too dirty. As she was talking to them we were waiting for a light to change to cross the road when I spied a gap in traffic. I made a dash and gestured to my fiance to do the same, which she did.

Upon sprinting across to street she somehow lost her grip on the phone and it all happened in slow motion. Inexplicably she tried to stop it hitting the ground with her foot and succeeded only in launching it like an extra point across the road.

Suffice to say it doesn't look quite so shiny (although it stood up pretty well) and nobody has used it since.

That's right, I'm hoping to win this thing for my wife! We both have BB Storms, and while I have no problem carrying mine everywhere I go with my holster, my wife can't STOP DROPPING HER STORM!!!! She won't wear a holster and says it's uncomfortable. She's already dinged up the chrome on her Storm to where you would think she had it for a year already! She just likes to throw her storm in and out of whatever purse she's carrying that day, then at work she's always dropping the damn thing. I can't even LOOK at her Storm anymore without being disgusted. I thought about "accidentally" stepping on it, and forking out the 50 bucks for a replacement, or maybe she might just "lose it" unexpectedly. But I can't get her a replacement until I know she's got some protection for it. wife needs the Otterbox to protect her Storm, and to keep ME from going CRAZY!!!!

I"ve already dropped and broken my beloved Blackberry 8330 Curve two times and had to endure painful days of being without it. I never want that to happen again!

Please help me win the Otterbox!

I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!I want 1!!!

Loose case cover. Bad enchiladas. Decorum prevents more elaboration, but you get the idea. Waterproof is good.

This case looks like it does the job in case you drop your Berry, but why do they call it the Otterbox? I read in the review that it's not water proof. It may be good for rain drops, but I can't see this thing being completely submergeable (SP?). I'll take one if given to me, but someone needs to help us "James Bond" types out.

I need an Otterbox badly. I work at a daycare and need my phone in case workers contact me. I was on a soccer field the other day when it fell out and landed on the field, when it was found it had a nice few dents on the back left by the cleats of one of the children!


I'm a IT tech. Digging into my pocket is a pain in the butt!! Read the info below:

Cell phone batteries do indeed last a bit longer if kept cool," says Isidor Buchanan, editor of the Battery University Web site. The 98.6-degree body heat of a human, transmitted through a cloth pocket to a cell phone inside, is enough to speed up chemical processes inside the phone's battery. That makes it run down faster. To keep the phone cooler, carry it in your purse or on your belt.

I have tried a few different cases in the past, but have not fallen in love yet. This could be the one. I'm in outside sales in the HVAC field, always on job sites smashing my phone on things all the time, this could be my answer to not getting scratches all over the beloved curve.

I can never seem to hold on to my storm, dropping it atleast a few times a day onto tile, concrete, and other hard things. every time i drop it i feel like it kills a little piece of me inside, an outterbox would save some pieces of me if i could stop having to worry every time it gets dropped

I think i would be an excellent candidate for one of the 10 free otterboxes. I am a career firefighter in south carolina and an avid blackberry user, unfortunately i am on my second storm due to the hazards associated with the job (thank god for phone insurance). The first phone was killed at about 9 am on one of my shift days, just after we completed checking our rig out my phone slipped off of my belt. No thanks to the crappy holster that i got from verizon. My captain didnt see that it fell off when he was backing the brush truck into the bay and i wasnt about to jump behind a moving truck. The back right tire went right over it and crushed it into about 7 pieces. I know that if i had an otterbox for my storm i would still be using that same phone today. Please consider me for one of the otterboxes.

This looks like a good one that will be able to do everything without taking it out of the case daily

I would love to have a case like this to protect my Storm. I have not damaged my Storm yet, but last PDA phone ended up with a lot of damage from drops; I work in a rough job.

Wow, another contest!!

I am so scared to drop my Storm, especially since i paid full price for it, and can't get insurance on it because i am using it on AT&T, so i could really go for an otterbox!!

I had just purchased my BlackBerry Curve from Sprint. While we were completing the purchase the salesperson asked if we'd like to add the insurance to our phones. I have always been against this sort of thing, so I firmly said no, but the salesperson relented and offered some reasons as to why I should get it. My wife who was with me, tended to agree with the salesperson and we ended up in a bickering match over whether it was worth it or not for the insurance. After about 5 minutes of back and forth, the sales person prodding the entire time, I relented and said to go ahead and add it. My plan was to give it a couple of days and cancel that part of the service.

We arrived home from the store and I sat down to check out my new Blackberry. Well, my then 2 month old son started crying because he wanted to eat. I went and picked him up and readied a bottle, then sat down to feed him. After feeding him for a few minutes I put down his bottle on a tray table near by so that I could burp him. When repositioned my son so I could burp him I accidentally knocked the tray table. Although I was able to stop if from tipping over it did tilt enough that my slick new Blackberry went sliding right off.

The Blackberry slid into mid-air where it did a half a flip and landed squarely, face down, on the corner of our coffee table. Sure enough, I picked it up to see the the entire screen was crushed and completely unusable.

Although I was able to get a new phone in a few days, the pain of having to tell my wife that she was right hurt almost as much as seeing that broken screen.

I don't have a disaster story I am too careful with my new Berry I wouldn't want it to get squished so I think the best thing to protect it would be an Otter Box for my new 8900. I did drop and misplace my pearl afew times but it was kinda tiny. Happy birthday CrackBerry thanx for the great giveaways.

Luckily, I dont't yet have a Blackberry horror story, because the Storm is my first one. I've had it for two months now, and I've taken good care of it.
Nevertheless I do have "butterfingers" and tend to drop stuff pretty often.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to crackberry, happy birthday to you, And many more...........

I am a police officer. I got into a resisting with a guy I was attempting to arrest, and ended up breaking my storm. If I had a OtterBerry I could just use it as a weapon!

I have a history of destroying electronic items be it the last 4 ipods Ive owned, or the first pearl I ever owned. But to the story...

I was stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA and had a weekend off so I decided to get on my Ninja 650R and ride up to LA to see a friend of mine. Of course since I had already broke my ipod I was using my pearl to listen to some tunes on the way.

About an hour into the two hour drive and I was rocking out to some Godsmack as I cruised down the I-10 going about 120 when I felt something slide across my leg. And music.... That can't be good. Sure enough my pearl had somehow worked its way out of my jacket pocket and than onto the blacktop at a speed that isn't healthy for anything. I managed to find my way back to the spot where I dropped it but wasn't willing to brave crossing three lanes of traffic to see if I could find any pieces of it.

Anyways I currently have a storm and am still in the Marine Corps so it takes its fair share of abuse. i need an otterbox so that my storm can survive another three years in the grunts.

My girlfriend once threw my Berry at me because it was the closest thing for her to grab. An OtterBox would have come in real handy...

This would be great for protecting my Blackberry Storm. I'm really clumsy so having this would actually make it better for my phone. I think it would love me more. ha ha

Another great item that will help keep my storm going through the long haul. Thanks CrackBerry!

i work in construction so i gotta keep my storm protected all the last phone(thankfully not a storm or blackberry phone) fell from four stories on the pavement and shattered to pieces...thank god that happened because i went and bought the storm of which im a proud owner of!!!!:-) but now i gotta be super careful all the time cuz this baby is my life...if i couldnt live without my phone its even worse..and with all the apps and makes it sooo much better...thanks to for keeping us updated all the time..thanks guys and happy 2yrs!!!!!!!! and hopefully many more to come

I pulled my Storm out of my holster to answer a call and it was -5 below outside. As I went to answer the call, it slipped and starting dropping to the ground. I quickly went to catch it with my other hand but because I had gloves on, it bounced off my hand and kept falling. I seen disaster coming...but thankfully I was wearing my suede boots poofy boots and I just put my foot out and it landed SOFTLY on my boot. Disaster overted!

happy birthday first, and so many thanks for been here for us all those two years!!!!

my history is simple, half of the day im in a office the other half im driving, i use a lot the gps and the phone is always around the car!!

Well, before my Storm I had a Treo 650. Great for the years I had it but I wear my phones while working in the pasture, cutting grass you name it. During Hurrican IKE and the clean up my Treo fell out a few times and got run over 2 to 3 times by the tractor. It survived but I do not think my STORM would. I need GOOD protection for my STORM and I think the OtterBox is perfect. Thanks

Im on my third storm already! I work in a warehouse with concrete floors and I haven't found a case yet that can stand up to the berry breaking effect that concrete has! Maybe Otter Box is up to the challenge?!

i had one BB that was lost off a rollercoster HA case would not of made a difference but i could still use this one!!!!!

OtterBox rocks. Thank you OtterBox for participating in the festivities. Oh and by the way... Pick me!

I work at a car wash, and really need an otterbox case. I do not even count the number of times i have dropped my phone on the lot. my curve has all sorts of dents on the case.

I think this Otter box case case is great! I work in an auto shop and would love nothing more then to protect my storm. Happy Birthday Crackberry. Thankyou outterbox for giveing me a chance to win this cool case!

I work at a certain nation chain home improvement store, and in the month I have had my storm, I've had countless boxes smashed against it. Someone me/it (in my pocket) with a reach truck, and almost dropped it from 20 ft in the air while trying to answer a phone call, while pulling an item for a customer.

Yes crackberry is the best, Happy B-Day and congrats on two great years, and by the way thanks for being so generous on your birthday, giving is better than receiving.

I drive an SUV and will continuously have my Blackberry Storm on my lap while I drive. It is illegal in my state to use the phone while driving so I have to use speaker phone. I will usually end my call, arrive at my destination then boom. My phone takes a 3 foot drop to the concrete. My battery pops out, the phone goes off, and as for the dents... ugh. I have tried other cases as a form of protection but they are heaving and make the phone bulky. Some of the cases even make using the phone more difficult by blocking buttons and making it hard to hear or muffled to speak. On top of all this, my blackberry still seems to get dents and dings when it falls out of my car... even with the case on properly! I would really like a good case that will protect my precious blackberry while allowing me to use the device to its maximum potential. I would really like something I can depend on.

My brand new Bold fell against my brick fireplace and cracked the lens. I took it a local repair shop and they said that they had replacement lens. I dropped it off the next day and when I returned to pick it up they said they had some bad news. Apparently the lens is glued to the LCD. Before they realized this, they tried to seperate the two and broke the LCD as well. I had to wait two weeks for a replacement to come in which really sucked. But they fixed it and it looks great. Well except for the scratches on the chrome bezel from the brick impact. I love the Bold, but it is very easy to drop. The width to depth ratio makes it harder to grasp, especially compared to my old Curve. An Otterbox would be greatly appreciated.

It would really be nice to have this on an accident scene when your trying to extract someone. Or in the back of the ambulance!

I would be very greatful to be a winner of one of these cases! It would be nice to have a case that offered this kind of protection so that i dont have to go around babying my Bold all the time.

I cld use a new case for my blackberry since I lost my old one last weekend! LoL...Hook me up!

So, I'm on the phone... and walk in to the bathroom. You see where this is going. I reach to pick up the lid so I can do my bussiness... and... the world went into slow motion. I could feel my phone sliding, slipping its way out from between my ear and my shoulder. The momentum of me reaching for the lid acting as the driving force to certain phone HELL!! As my phone took flight on what was to be its last journey, I cought a glimpse of myself in the slightly greasy screen reflection. The look of horror on my face and the lone tear forming in my eye, told me that this was goodbye...Goodbye sweet love. Reality resumed its normal speed in an instant as the spray from the depth charge hit my face. There were no survivors from this crash. My only hope is that the carcass that brought up from the depths was somehow just a replacement. And my real phone had been transported through time and space to some mysterious island. Where it could text, e-mail and call to its hearts content.

I have a leather case for my Curve but the belt clip on the holster is not very strong and several times when I have sat down or gotten up it has slipped off my belt. I want to know if this OtterBox is any better.

I ... work in hell. My job is retarded and I dream daily of a fire or a tornado or a cataclysmic earthquake that would set me free and allow me to collect unemployment. If any of these things would happen by the grace of God I would need an OtterBox. The OtterBox would protect my beloved Blackberry Storm from the blood and guts from those co-workers I would step on to get out, not to mention from the smoke and ash of the confidential papers I would be fueling the fires with. It will also protect my Beloved Storm from the reaching hands begging for help which, like any corporate underling, I will gleefully ignore. I NEED and OtterBox for my Storm... when the building is in pieces all around me I NEED to be able to call the unemployment office... Therefore the OtterBox is a necessity I cannot live without...I NEED AN OtterBox!!!!!!!
Catastrophe + OtterBox = Happiness!

I think everyone should get a case such as this.

My story probably has happened to several BOLD users. As we all know, BlackBerry provides us with a pouch for the BOLD, thank you btw.

Unfortunately, the open portion at the bottom does not give enough protection. As what happen to me....I had one coffee in my hand the my BB on the other, decided to do the one hand clip to my belt. To which i thought was on, then boom. My BOLD was on the concrete floor :( and now it has this nice dent like a birth

Anyway, i think this case would benefit anyone that has the Bold who rely on the BlackBerry pouch they provide.

My BB once slipped out of my pocket while I was closing the car door. The first time I tried and it wouldn't close I thought it was the seat belt and tried again. The 2nd time I heard a crack and looked down and screamed. I cracked the screen and did other damage. I don't know if the otterbox would have saved it but who knows.

That is a nice looking case. I have already needed to replace my storm once due to dropping it down the stairs at work. I could have used it then. lol.


I had a skin on order for my brand new storm; I ordered online to save a few bucks. As I was getting into my car, I had my phone in my jacket pockets which were shallow and out slings the phone on to the concrete. It just bounced and even had the back cover pop off. I almost cried! I only saved 5 bucks!!

I am a sky dive instructor and my storm recently had the privlage of reaching T.V. but unfortunately it was not attatched to me. An otterbox wouldnt help much as far as protection but it would have created a little more drag for me to catch it upon decent

If anyone needs this, I do! I can kill a phone in 5 minutes, as I am in a construction related field! I want it!!!

I have owned 2 curves in my life. First one, totally destroyed by my son....who is only 2 years old. He is a sneaky little guy. If i put it on the table, and turn my back, within seconds he is at it. I had teeth marks, broken scroll ball, he broke the battery casing trying to get the back off, and loves throwing the phone at the cat! Don't get me wrong, i love the boy, and he loves watching cartoon network on the phone....but i need protection from a 2 year old!!! help me out!