Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!

Win an OtterBox for your BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 06:36 am EST

Another Birthday contest! Things are gonna get a little crazy on the blogs today with contest posts... but I have a feeling nobody is gonna mind the interruptions to our regular content schedule. Next up, the awesome folks at OtterBox sent us some CrackBerry birthday greetings and BlackBerry goodies...

OtterBox is always down for a party and to celebrate's 2nd birthday TEN lucky enthusiasts will win an OtterBox BlackBerry case of their choice. Safeguard your precious BlackBerry from the elements with these completely interactive, drop and scratchproof cases for on-the-go security. Protect your device no matter what the day brings. Tell us your worst BlackBerry disaster story and why your smartphone needs protection.

Thanks OtterBox! Be sure to visit for more information on their line of great products. Good luck!!

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Birthday Contest: Win an OtterBox! Ten Cases up for Grabs!!



one time i went swimming with my curve in my pocket for about 30 minutes and didn't realize till i got out.

Hey this is a bonanza,well the covers I use is not well enough & it slips through.Getting an Otterbox would not only give a better grip ,but also looks stylish & sturdy.


I work in IT as a Field Technician and have several times bumped, dropped and other wise abused my phones. Then when I get home I have a 19 month old to contend with who loves to grab my phone and throw it at me and everywhere else and laugh while doing it. Please please help me protect my Bold from these "Elements"

These are probably the best protection I've seen for Blackberries. It's nice to see them as part of the birthday celebration! :)

My DS has cracked the screen on every phone he's ever owned. I'd love to win this for him to use on his Storm.I fear for it's life!

I'm constantly working with heavy equipment and having my curve in my pocket has become a liability. I usually have to slip it into my jacket or leave it at my desk.

I've only had my BB Curve 8330 a few weeks and I bought the BB silicone case at a Best Buy (and probably paid too much) and am happy with it. Though, I am left wondering (as I read the crackberry forums more and more) if maybe there isn't something better to protect my phone. Something that fits and feels more natural.

I work the graveyard shift and wind up dropping my phone somehow every morning when I leave work when I am half awake. This Otterbox would protect my beloved Blackberry and would also be a nice BDay present for me :)

So far I've been lucky and don't have a "disaster" story. My phone has been dropped a few times however. Would be nice to have an Otterbox to protect it in case of a disaster however.

As much as someone loves something, its bound something will happen to it, and i mean more than once, sometimes i just love having my BB around and ill have it on my lap or leg or resting somewheres, and won't i just forget its not attached to my body like i wish it was and it would fall or slip and a case would be so comforting to help protect it from this diseasters!! happy birthday!

If I had had a beautiful, sexy, stylish, rugged, bulletproof, impermeable, impervious, invincible, incredible, unflappable, and unwavering Otterbox case WITH HOLSTER I would still have my phone today.... Alas, I do not. It has been laid to rest somewhere on the sandy beaches of Malibu.

My phone was in my POCKET, (sans holster), and I had made a mad dash to the car to procure my regular camera in an attempt to capture a rapidly diminishing sunset. The phone fell out. Somewhere swallowed up by the greedy sand of Malibu.

Had I had an Otterbox (sans descriptive adjectives) and had I had a holster, it would not have fallen to fate. And had it even fallen to fate, it would have laughed at the sand and glass and rocks and sticks that would have otherwise scratched it because of the impenetrable housing of an OTTERBOX.

Save my phone from the beach.

I have been watching the forums for a good case for my storm and saw the reviews of the Otter Box. Looks great and appears to offers great protection for my new favorite toy, Thanks Crackberry for the chance to get one and Happy Birthday,

My girlfriend gets very angry when I use my Storm or 8820 in the car. She says I should be talking to her and not playing with my blackberry. Sure enough, she got fed up one day, took my berry out of my hand, and threw it out the window. Luckily it was the 8820 and it was through work, but let me tell you it was a pain waiting for my new one to come. An OtterBox probably would have saved it. For the record, I went out and bought her a berry and everything is good now.

I dropped my storm a few days ago with a silicon skin on it....not good. I've never used OtterBox before but all the reviews are great and I'd love to get one to try it for myself.

Happy Birthday Crackberry, As a Firefighter this would be a good way to protect my phone instead of a plactis bag.

I'm a sailor and also a Berry owner. This is not a healthy combination. When moving about the boat, even below deck, the tendancy to have the phone skitter across the deck or into the bilge is exactly like the old adage about the probability of buttered bread falling butter-side-down is proportionate to the value of the carpet. :) It never happened to my POS Nokia phone but it's constantly happening to my Bold. I'm not sure what's worse; The wonder-if-I-can-dive-for-it feeling before it hits the bilge or deck, or the very disapproving looks from my wife, as I'm told I'm "VERY HARD ON YOUR THINGS". I may be hard, but the OtterBox would soften the blow (and some of the comments from the peanut gallery).

yet another birthday giveaway, outstanding crackberry and otterbox what a great combination. keep it up guys

All I can say is that I wish I became a blackbarian sooner then 2 months ago.. Kevin your doing one hell of a job. Keep up the great work. Good luck to all....

Hey, posting my comment to enter into the contest. These look really cool. Hope I win one.

Looks really protective.


Okay, so I doubt anyone has done this (or at least admitted to it)... I can't put my blackberry storm down. I few days ago I was in the smallest room in my house catching up on email. I reached for a box of tissues to blow my nose and dropped my blackberry in the toilet. It went dead almost immediately and my body went numb. I pulled the battery, gently tapped the storm to get all the excess water out, hit it with a hair dryer (low setting). The next day I inserted the battery and it worked. Of course I've cleaned it several times with antibacterial wipes, but it survived. Anyway I still can't seem to avoid water sources with this thing and if I had an OtterBox I could check my email and in the shower...

Wow another great contest. 10 Winners of Otterboxes for their berries!

Congrats in advance to the lucky winners. Thanks a again crackberry.

Been waiting for a case just like this. I currently use a skin but I'm always afraid of setting down my Storm (The best phone ever by the way) and having someone damaging it or something happen to it. Otter cases are the best protection on the market for protection and ease of mind.

Happy B-Day CrackBerry, and thanks for the opportunity to get a great gift.

My Storm needs protection, but from an unlikely While my Storm is the love of my life, I often take out my aggression on it during sporting events. My 8830WE learned that the hard way. When I found out my team didn't make the NCAA tournement last year, she got thrown through a wall. While the damage was minor and superficial, she never looked at me the same. Please save my Storm from the same future fate.

Keep up the good work Crackberry.

Need one of those to protect my Storm from my nephew ... you know what I mean big screen sound vibration and a 2 years old nephew disaster guaranted.

Well I really like it when Crackberry celebrates a birthday. When I am at the gym my blackberry takes a beating just as much as I do. Whether its falling out of my pocket during sit-ups, or getting dropped from the treadmill, only a hard solid exterior like Otterbox can protect it. Help pack some protective muscle onto my Bold by choosing it as the winner for the new Otterbox Case!

The BB Storm was my fourth phone ever and my previous 3 phones had been through beatings.
I told my best friend that if he ever saw me drop or what so ever get a dent in my phone that I would pay him 100 smackaroos..
Low and behold I got out of my car after a blizzard and I had my phone in my lap and it fell on the ground as I got out.
I had no idea that it had fallen because of the soft snow hiding the sound of it hitting the ground below. I walked away and talked to some friends and I was going to text someone and I reached in my pocket to only find that the phone was missing :(
My friend came up to me asking "Did you lose your phone?" I said, "Yeah do you know where it is? I checked in my car and I can't find it anywhere..." He told me that it would be a shame to lose a phone and a 100 bucks. I looked at him and he had a biggest smile on his face. I thought to myself...Oh crap. I either lost both the phone and 100 bucks because I lost it or he had it and I had to fork over the 100 bucks. :(
He handed it to me and I was relieved but also sad that I lost some money.
So if I won this OtterBox then I would always have it connected to me by the hip like a siamese twin and never lose a hundred bucks ever again! Plus snow and BB's don't mix well! (Don't worry the phone is ok!)

I've not found a case I really like, so my Bold has been sans-case since December. Two drops - no visible damage YET. But I don't want to press my luck.

I need an otterbox for several reasons. I work in a homeless shelter and on rare occasions a consumer is dissatisfied with our services (most likely while drunk) and expresses his dissatisfaction in a physical way. Also, I do a good bit of moutain biking and need a secure way to stow my berry while riding.

Happy birthday!

You folks really want to know how well Otter Box cases protect all our high tech babies?

June 16, 2006 I was on a combat convoy just outside of Ramadi, Iraq, when my truck was hit by an explosively formed penetrator. For those of you unfamiliar, an EFP is like an IED, but the blast is directed through a large pipe with a copper plated projectile inside. In this way the force of the blast pushes the projectile much like an artillary shell through the barrel of a Howlitzer. The projectile ripped through 2 inches of armor plating on the bottom of the HMMWV, and 2 inches on top, shredding the transmission, and my body armor. I have seen countless vehicles destroyed from IEDs, but I'd never seen this kind of damage before.

I lost 3 Marines that morning (rest easy young men, job well done), but when they came the next morning to recover the truck they found my iPod 200ft away, still playing. The Otter Box case was partially melted and cracked in 2 places, but my iPod was totally fine.

I sent that iPod back to Iraq, seemed a waste to deny such a combat proven device a second tour. Of course I got a new Otter Box for the iPod before its next deployment, and I'm sure its serving another Marine with distinction to this day.

As much as we trusted our body armor to protect us, we trust our Otter Box cases to protect our goodies from sand, sweat, blood, and in my case, an explosion.

Good luck to all!

Dear Crackberry,

I am entering this contest for an otterbox case. To put it simple I have been through three blackberry's in less than a year.

I have had one fall out of the stock case and smash on the ground while I was on a ladder getting my kids toys down from our garage loft.

My 4 year decided to see if the phone was waterproof and placed my blackberry in the toilet, I know the otterbox is not waterproof but the story is funny

Finally, I was working outside and left my phone on the trunk of my car and when I decided to run to the hardware store, I forgot to take the phone off the trunk and well, you know, it fell off and was cracked.

I would love to win one of these cases because it gives me a stronger protection for my phone and will at least give my phone a 50% more survival rate. The other 50% will have to come from me not being so darn stupid.

I hope I win

Mike Palermo

I could do with one of these, I've been doing some network installations on construction sites.

After a full day onsite my storm looks like cr@p, covered in building dust!!

I work in the field. I mean OUTSIDE in the field(oil industry)! In all kinds of conditions and weather. Having a Blackberry for work and play is sometimes a tricky thing to balance....just like the time my beloved crackberry fell from my hip and was teetering on the lip of a tank. It escape tragedy that day only to be smashed against the wall by my over-enthusistic 3-year one of her exclusive,invite-only, stuffed animal tea partys!

I really need one of these cases. I have the storm and 2 sons. One is 6 and the other is 22 months old. They are always trying to play with my phone. I need it protected at all times and this is the perfect thing to do the job. Pick me and I will use it 24 hrs a day. Happy Bday and keep up the good work.

After a night of drinking, I was trying to hail a cab and it was cold when I dropped my phone throwing my hand up. It landed on the curb, batt cover flew off, phone flew into a puddle and somehow the mem card shot to who knows where! HAPPY BDAY CB!!!

I always try and keep my phone with me, but the last one was deemed 'water damaged' by I don't even know... the cold or sweat??

That's my story, an otterbox for my bold would do the trick :)

I purchased a plastic case that scratched the metal bezel of my bold. Something that supposed to protect your phone sometimes can ruin it!
PD. I want my OTTERBOX!

I really dont know much about the product but from looking at the site it really looks like it protects the phone. I went to the site and for the storm the OtterBox case looks like it for sure works here is the information: The OtterBox for BlackBerry® Storm™ Defender Series™ case is stylish and slim in design, while still offering unparalleled protection against harmful drops, bumps, shocks, scratches, dings and dust. We designed this case to provide full access to all buttons, ports and functions of your smartphone. Use the camera, charge your phone, make it all right through the OtterBox. Included with the case is a ratcheting belt clip

BlackBerry® Storm™ (9500S)
First, a clear membrane that protects the SurePress™ touch screen
Second, a hi-impact Polycarbonate shell
Lastly, a Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock
Dimensions (case only): 4.76" x 2.80" x 0.90"
Weight (case only): 2.86 oz.

Notes: Case NOT protected against water. Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and dust. NOT intended for protection against water intrusion.

My Storm went flying off the treadmill last night and it would have been well protected in this Otterbox. Instead I had to get off the treadmill and put my battery back in then wait for powerup... we know how long that takes arrrgggg!!!

Dropped my 8800 5 times the other day! Just one of those days when you're always rushing around, had the phone on my lap in the car. Then when you go to step out.......SMASH! Right on the concrete. Thankfully it is still working, but who knows how much longer I can hold out. Help me out guys!

I work as a field technician and my old pearl really took a beating from having it in my pocket while crawling around machines. I recently bought a bold, this case would sure do a good job of keeping this one from getting banged up...

well i had just got my storm right from the verizon store and my wife was like can i see it while she was driving. i said fine kinda nervous like and then she said i want to make a call. She uses her left ear. Im sure you know what happened next. Right out the window! she said it slipped. Of course the fact that her window was down in 20 degree weather was stupid not to mention that she had gloves on. We went right back to the store and they replaced it surprisingly luckingly my buddy was working. It had a lot of scratches on it. I was really excited they replace it. and now i dont ever let her use it lol.

Could really use that. I dropped my Storm on a concrete floor the other day removing it from the holster. almost gave me a heart attack. Luckily it was ok. May not be so lucky next time?

So..while working in the weightroom, my phone fell out of my pocket. As I threw down the dumbbells I was lifting, my heart sank as I nearly crushed my storm! What a scary moment!

Once, I put my bag on my berry and cracked the screen! I would feel better about my new parts being protected with this case.

I have a Blackberry Storm and currently use a leather hip case I bought at Verizon and just yesterday when placing my Storm into the case, the keys snagged on the edge of the case and peeled back the green phone key. It didn't peel completely off and seems to be ok, but it scared me something fierce. I was going to buy a new case this week, but will hold off and see if I can win one. Happy Birthday Crackberry.

Man I could use one of these. I cannot tell you the amount of times my bb curve has been dropped while coaching my basketball team.

My Storm needs to feel the warmth of an otters box. Wait this isn't that kind of contest? Ok well my phone still needs some protection. Hook a brother up!

Sorry, forgot to post why I need one of these lol.

Well, I was at Great Adventure and, well, it's really a story of what I did to my girlfriends Curve. After weeks of talking and talking about how great my Sprint Curve is, I finally convinced my gf to purchase one (among many others, I assure you, Spring/RIM should pay me for how many people I've made purchase these) and then we got these clear cases from Speck. They are great, but at Great Adventure something terrible happened.

My girl was looking at her Berry (in the half BB prayer position) and for some reason I reached up to show her something, and WHAM!!! knocked out of her hand and to the floor it went.

The Speck case shattered in two, and the BB got a tiny scratch. Shocking that the case didn't stay closed, but at least it kept most of the damage away from the BB.

But looking at this OttetBox, I'm thinking it looks pretty much impenetrable.

Hope I win -- maybe MAYBE, i'll give it to my girl lmao. And buy a second one.


I don't have a disaster story. I just think that it would be nice to have one of those wrapped around my Storm while I am at work.

I work in a high speed manufacturing facility and there have been several near misses with my Curve and now my Storm. Just yesterday, I dropped my Storm as I was fiddling with it (always, always) and happened to catch it with my right foot. It would certainly have broken into a million pieces were it not for my deft footmanship.

I really don't want to have to start sitting close to the floor, so I think that I would make a perfect choice for an otter box, so that I can prevent jonesing while at work.

So I was so excited to have a shinny new BB Storm. I had upgraded from my Pearl only three days before. I was just starting to get my Storm setup to my liking when I made a fool of myself. I had Storm in the front pocket of my shirt and was using the bathroom (#1, standing). While I'm just about finished I get a text. Now instead of being smart, I decided to try and re: to the text. Next thing I know the phone slips from my hand, the corner of the phone hits the rim of the toilet, then PLUNK! Right into a full bowl of PP water. Yes I fished it out and now it no longer works. Not only did it get wet but the hit on the rim left a nice chip out of the corner. But when all was said and done I did replace my Storm. I LOVE it!

Day 1 - My first blackberry
I'm all excited, I get home, get out of the car, it slides out of my jacket pocket. As it's falling, I tip it with my hand in an attempt to catch it, then lunge my foot out under the Curve, only to give it a few more seconds hangtime before it lands in a one inch deep puddle.

insurance made this "experience" a little less traumatic :)

My kids are forever wanting to play with my storm. Disaster hit when it was found at the bottom of the toy box taped to the back of a care bear URRGG. IT was explained to me as its own personal radio LOL. With an otterbox it would give me some piece of mind.

Happy Birthday to the Crackberry Nation! I was getting ready to log into my gas buddy account while at the pump to track my gas milage when disaster struck!!! My 8330 slipped out of my hand and went crashing to the pavement....beads of sweat started rolling across my brow and I looked down, under the car to find the body, battery and the cover. The device landed on the slightly rubberized corner and scraped it up. The screen was not scratched and keyboard intact. Boy would I feel better with an OtterBox!

Almost every single Blackberry I've ever owned has come to some sort of destructive end. My first (a 7290) got run over by a truck. My 8700c fell out of my pocket and got ran over by a pallet jack hauling a pallet full of shampoo. I dropped my first Curve 8310 into a mud puddle after a rainstorm. My second Curve 8310 fell out of my pocket and got stomped on in a mosh pit at a rock concert.

Now I have the Bold 9000. I'd like for it to, you know, NOT get irreparably damaged. I'm also kinda too broke to buy a case for it, lol, and the Otterbox seems pretty much perfect. :D

(aka "Pick me pick me!")

My disaster story is probably similar to many people...Have new Blackberry, show new Blackbery, demonstrate how great new Blackberry is, show how easy it is to go to and learn about new Blackberry. Drop new Blackberry during new Blackberry is not so new. BUT, if one had an Otterbox it would always look new......

i have a curve 8310 my horror story is just the many many times i dropped my curve on the ground i have the dents and scrapes too prove it... now my screen has dust and dirt under the screen wishing i would have purchased a cover for the phone

Since I got my Blackberry, my life is easier, my business is more accessible and I am in touch with family and clients on a constant basis! I have a case for my phone, but these cases are much nicer and would look perfect on my belt!

Since I got my Blackberry, my life is easier, my business is more accessible and I am in touch with family and clients on a constant basis! I have a case for my phone, but these cases are much nicer and would look perfect on my belt!

Working as a police officer, my phone can sometimes be put in compromising situations...Not having to worry about damaging it if falls to the ground or gets stepped would be a relief. Thanks for the opportunity!

I spend summers in Virginia with the top down and the doors off my Jeep Wrangler. That said, I often put my Blackberry in the indented section on the center of my dash (usually without even thinking about it). A turn at 40 mph in July last year sent my Blackberry 8830 (now I have a storm) careening cartwheel style down interstate 495 to its complete destruction. Hopefully a little protection will prevent this from happening again.

Happy Birthday.

It would be great to have one of these, especially after dropping my first storm and having to replace it.

is it my birthday or Crackberry's??? all these opportunities to win free items for my storm!!!!!! awesome...

This is a product that I really NEED! I have a two year old who just loves to grab my 8330 to try and talk on it. However, when he is through, if I don't catch him, he likes to spike it. In the words of Stan Lee - 'nuff said.

I am a life safety and maintenance director and work around big equipment so something bad is going to happen to my beautiful storm. I have OCD and when it comes to my BlackBerry it gets worse lol my wife gets so aggravated with me because i am always cleaning and babying my BlackBerry. and this OtterBox could save my marriage lol
well maybe its not that sirius but i no it will save my storm.

Yeah, I was walking the dog a few weeks ago, and got a call. I grabbed my Bold out of the holster and the dog said, "Hey, what's that noise?", and the next thing I know, my Bold is heading to the ground. It bounces on one corner (of the phone), then another, the battery goes flying across the sidewalk, complete mayhem!

I thought the sides of the Bold are metal, but they are not - they are plastic with a shiny metal coating. So now, I have two scruffy spots on the side edges of the phone.

Don't think your Bold is metal - it is metal-ish.

If you are locked into carrying the same phone for two years, you might as well protect it. That's why I need an OtterBox!

They look very nice and of course to buy a new storm is much more expansive. Therefore a case like this is a good idea :-)

I normally use the leather holster but it's bulky. There have been times I've been on pre-interview dinners and it isn't all that cool to have a huge holster clipped to my belt without a jacket to hide it.

I once resorted to locking my Storm, putting it in a sandwich bag, and then putting it in my pocket.

I think the Otterbox in my jacket would be a better choice :)

Yeah well... I got my Storm for Christmas... I didn't have a case.. (and well, all I have now is like, my own little tape-up a couple of times method plus a broken up stupid Seido case)

Long story short, the Storm fell out of my pocket and landed on concrete, and the screen cracked, along with the back battery door flying off.

I have always wanted one of these cases for my Verizon Storm. I am always afraid of dropping it and my 1 yr old daughter loves playing with it.

because i live in fear of dropping my blackberry again. it already has a small crack in the screen and it reminds me to be very careful, but accidents happen. with Otterbox i won't have that worry and i can just enjoy my great phone. thanks

so, I'm an emergency medicine resident and I keep my storm attached to my hip. I work in one of the busiest ER's in the US. Running from room to room, I have definitely had my BB snagged on a door frame or bed rail and fly across the room into god knows what kind of disease. But the worst, is when I get "body fluid" sprayed on it. Perhaps an Otter Box is the solution to protecting my Storm from blood, urine, MRSA, and plague!

3 or 4 drops so far, but the last one -- the most gentle -- landed on the upper right corner and rendered my "silence" button without any tactile feedback. I think it still works, but I'm not 100% sure, since the OS hasn't made use of this button properly since .65. Otterbox sounds like it may be a good idea.

I've dropped my Berry several times and it seems to always hit on the same spot. I would put an OtterBox to good use.

Let me start by saying i haven't destroyed a blackberry....yet. my previous phones before becoming a berry addict were usually retired early (before upgrade time). all from taking a over-time beating. except for one. it was a GZ-One. it was designed to take severe abuse including shock, dust, and water. soon it became upgrade time and the GZ was still running strong. so i got my first berry (a curve) and the GZ went to backup status. i tried to not drop my curve or expose it to any elements. I've done quite well except i've had to have it replace for the battery door switch coming apart. and then i found this program called quick pull and that problem went away. i have since been upgraded to a storm and i love my phone. i'm so anxious about something bad happening espcially considering my past experiences. yes i know part of it is self discipline but crap still happens. everyone occasionally slips and goes into old habits. it hasn't resulted in disaster yet. an otterbox will give me peace of mind that i don't have to worry about my old habits coming back, mr murphy, or my kids (who love to play games on it).

Why do I need an Otterbox, I work midnights on the engine line at the local assembly plant. Motor oil, trans oil, grease, it's never a good combo for a Blackberry.

i work of a ambulance company in a busy city, just about all the holsters and holders i buy either fall apart or break, i am always dropping my blackberry, either from the holster breaking when i am taking care of a patient or it just getting knocked off my belt, i have been thru many phones cuz they dropped and stopped working. i need something that will protect it a lot better. it would be great if i could get one.... happy birthday, i love this website!!!

I have always wanted an outerbox for my curve
i do heavy maintenance and deff. need something to protect
my curve and plus it looks cool also
good luck to all

I am in construction and have now lost 2 phones, (one Blackberry Curve). They fell to their death from the lift that I was standing on. just being in constructing it would be very smart to have you Blackberry in an Otter Box!

i've had ever possible problem with my storm but i am still using the original one...the only problem now is the layer of dust under the screen

This is ideal! Having had a crappy sony ericsson phone for 3 years without problem, I desperately wanted to upgrade to a blackberry. Within 2 weeks of having it (whilst being extremely drunk) I had managed to drop it outside a bar and leave it there overnight.

I'm not sure if anyone has heard of a "Rubix cube" party, but basically you turn up wearing 6 different colours, and finish up wearing all one colour, by swapping clothes with people. I'd decided to try to end up all white. Unluckily for me the only person with white pants was a girl, wearing hotpants. Sooo I win, caus I get all one colour first, but these hotpants have tiny pockets and everything goes wrong.

I guess it got trampled on a fair bit since it had footprints on one side and a cracked screen on the other. Luckily I was insured and had it replaced, but I'm not insured anymore. Help please :] haha

I am a chef...access all my receipes and all my purveyor contacts, emails, calendars, catering emails and my story...
I was on my crackberry with a huge catering gig and as always working and talking..burned my other hand then dropped my BB in a pot of sauce..quickly grabbed it, dropped it, and my sous chef stepped on it...the client thought I was in a car crash from the noise and took her order to another restaurant, lost $4400 and my beloved original 8300..please I need an OTTERBOX to protect me from me!!!!!

There's nothing like waking up in the morning, checking crackberry and finding another contest. An otter box is just what my curve needs to keep it safe and happy.

I dropped my curve two days ago and scratched the plastic edge. Would be wonderful to have some protection from my carelessness.

I really would like to use this case
and it would give me great pleasure.
Thanks for the potential opportunity

My Blackberry Bold needs this kind of protection. He doesnt want to get an STD from an other Blackberry....

Happy Birthday Crackberry! With all the contest going on, it feels like it is my birthday. Thank you Crackberry and OtterBox. I have been putting off buying a case and I didnt know why. Could it have been this contest I was waiting on?

When I am up on a ladder, I need the stylish protection that an OtterBox can bring. Take a fall from that height, and your sure to damage something.

Now that I have a BB Storm, I need more solid protection. With my BB Pearl I had prior, several times my butterfingers almost caused disaster. Dressed in only a leather case my Pearl went swimming in puddles and had several drops to the streets. A nice hard protection around my Storm would prevent damage from these drops of several feet.

I arrive at work with my briefcase, coffee, Storm and keys in my hand and...oh, yeah, ITS DARK OUTSIDE! I have to juggle my Storm, coffee, and briefcase while I try to unlock the door all the while maintaining the death grip on the Storm. Sure, a lesser man would simply put some of the items down (or in a pocket) but not me...I live the OtterBox life! Please save me from myself...

OH Boy, another free contest. I gotta have one. Hopefully, I'll win a free one. I've been thinking of getting one. I think it's one of the best looking cases out there.

OH Boy, another free contest. I gotta have one. Hopefully, I'll win a free one. I've been thinking of getting one. I think it's one of the best looking cases out there.

Consider me wanting one of these. I'm going to be hard to please, because living in a less-than-delicate climate, I don't trust my Blackberry along with ever (I'm on my fourth one). But hey, the theory and name is cool.

I brought my blackberry into the bathroom at work. (Dont judge you all know you do it...)Somehow it managed to come off the belt clip bounce off the toilet seat and gently float to the bottom of the bowl. Ok so now I have to fish it out. Unfortunately we have automatic flushing toilets, the kind with the infra red sensors. The water is also blue. So instead of a rescue mission I proceeded to give my berry a swirly. After several attempts to fish it out and several more swirlies and now having a smurf colored hand, I needed to get the janitor. I love my berry but wasn't about to stick my hands any further in office toilet water. Apparently dropping your berry in the office toilet is not an emergency and an hour later as I guarded the stall door with my blue hand the janitor finally showed and resuced my berry.

I've got a nice Storm with Verizon that is looking for some protection. Sure would be nice to get something for free in these tough financial times!

I'm an auto mechanic, so my blackberry storm takes a little bit of use and abuse as you can imagine.
My very first storm was destroyed by a fan blade spinning at 3000 rpm!
While leaning over a cars fender and reving the engine of a $50 dollar 81 chevy caprice, my $200 dollar storm slid out of my shirt pocket and KABLAM! The phone was no match for the hurricane that was brought upon it.
Needless to say no more phones in the shirt pocket, and of all people...... i need an otterbox to try and protect my phone! Try is the key word. Tough business for such a nice piece of equipment. But im an addict! PLEASE help!

My last Blackberry fell out of my pocket when I was working on my roof. The outcome wasn't good. I can't let this happen to my Storm. I need this!!!!!

I Do stucco for a living, so this otter box looks like it would be great for protecting my phone. Please pick me!!

I am nervous and that caused in shakeing in Arms and Hands. You all know what that mean...Throwing my 8900 always on the floor...not funny and i thougt an OtterBox would fix this Problem.


So I'm new to this world of BlackBerry and the Storm is my first BB =] What a way to pop the BB cherry huh? Oh and to get it on Valentine's day too? lol

My story is that even though I have had my Storm for about a week and a half, I am in NEED of the OtterBox. I got the phone on Valentine's day, but was moving that same weekend, so my beloved Storm is all banged up =[ If ONLY the Verizon store had a cool cover like the OtterBox to protect my Storm I would have been all over it. From the pics on the website the OtterBox still maintains the Storm's beautiful, sleek and sophisticated style! (Ha! I sound like Tim Gunn on "Project Runway" critiquing an outfit =p)

I would love for you guys to pick me and help this little fashonista keep my Storm in the best condition for the 2 years I will love and enjoy my BlackBerry! =]

Haven't had a disaster story yet and want to keep it that way. Currently my BB gets bammed and frammed with lumber, conduit, pvc and whatever else i'm doing at the time. I need a good rugged case to protect my BB!

This week is my birthday so HOOK IT UP! I'm in law enforcement and always dropping my berry... I NEED IT!

Wow another great prize. Been looking at the OtterBox for sometime. I would lover the opportunity to win one of these for my Storm. Thanks Again and Happy Birthday!!!

WooHoo!! I love CB's birthday celebrations. I've had my berry for 13 months now and it looks like it. I haven't had any true disasters, but lots of drops. The worst one happened last summer. I was in the back of a pickup truck and I dropped my berry over the edge of the bed and it landed on the asphalt and took a couple of bounces. I picked him up and it worked just fine other than the two new scratches.

I am a contractor and have dropped my storm 3 times so far and don't think it will make it through anouther drop. Twice have been on concret and once on a rock. The Otterbox case looks like it could save my job. :-)

I have just recently became a Blackberry-a-holic. I have always used a holster for
my PDA. Recently with my Storm, I've had two problems with my standard
BB Holster. (1) I seem to have a problem walking into door frames. This results in
me either ripping my pants at the pocket, or ramming my Storm into the door frame.
Unfortunately on day two weeks ago when I was walking fast I rammed my storm into
the door frame and chipped the exposed portion of the storm. (2) I have a two year old
who would not put my phone down! I could totally understand why she is enthralled
with my Storm (beautiful screen display). But she tends to drop it at least 2 times a night.
I can't even keep it in out of reach places because at her young age, she is a climber! She
also tends to drool and have some form of food/liquid in her hands.

The OtterBox case looks like it could definitely handle my clumsiness of walking into
doorways and handle the physicality/dirtiness of a 2 year old!

I was getting out of my truck which is lifted off the ground and I had it on my lap and next thing you know I attempted to get out of my truck and my storm fell and cracked all the way along the screen into the plastic. Luckily I had insurance and got a replacement...this would make sure this never happened again!

i just love to have my phone keep smooth until the time i upgrade, that is why I really need this otterbox to protect my bold and storm!!

Our IT staff got new Storms before Christmas, and I would love to have bragging rights if i win one of these :)

I always connect my BB Storm and left it on the table. One day when I was moving around, the cable got caught and I slipped badly. Not only did the Storm dropped from the table, the cable that connected the storm pulled it down so hard that I heard a huge noise.
Thank God RIM did an awesome job on the case and nothing happened to it. Just minor scratch but works perfectly. So yeah I need an OtterBox so accident like this happens, my Storm will still looks great and working fine!

Since getting my new Blackberry Bold 9000, I have lost count of how many times I have dropped it. Luckly every time I have either managed to catch it in my hand or on my shoe twice. The last time i caught it with my shoe it was raining and it would have landed in a mud puddle if it had not landed on my shoe. Ouch! I know it is just a matter of time before my luck runs out and I could really use an OtterBox before my Bold is destroyed.


-Otter you sure you want to do this?

-You guys are Otter-ly crazy!

-I'll take one Otter-the-box!


Finally.....Ive been waiting on this. Wife won't let me get one because I already have a case. PICK ME!