Birthday Contest: Win a FREE Schlage LiNK System!

Win a Free Schlage LiNK System
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Feb 2009 04:27 pm EST

Now this will be a wicked CrackBerry Birthday present to one lucky member of CrackBerry Nation. The folks at Schlage are providing us with a Schlage LiNK system!

In case you're not familiar with this awesome and useful piece of technology, Schlage LiNK allows you to remotely monitor your doors and grant entry to your home. From any computer or cell phone with an internet connection, you can unlock your door, monitor who's coming and going, and even receive text message alerts from the system.

The winner will be able to choose their pick of hardware (deadbolt or lock) and can pick the finish. To enter, just login to and leave a comment to this post! If you're looking for something to comment on, why not tell us a time when having Schlage LiNK in place would have saved you some hassle.

For more info, head on over to Schlage's website or check out the video after the jump. Good luck! And THANKS SCHLAGE!

Schlage LiNK Video Overview

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Birthday Contest: Win a FREE Schlage LiNK System!



I got battery operated schlage setup on my front door and love keys needed. Now if I could operate it with the storm!!

Now this is what i'm talkin about, can we also get something that unlocks and autostarts cars???????

I love my Blackberry Storm with each new day, thanks CB Happy Birthday!!!!

This is a very koo idea. Love how u can even connect a camera to see whats going on!! Just when I thought my storm couldnt get better! Great JOB guys!!!!!!!

I posted in the ibee comments instead of here. I am losin it but it's Friday!
This would be awesome in my home!
Happy BDay Crackberry!!

Don't ya just love technology? Don't ya just LOVE CRACKBERRY!?!?!?

Thanks again Kevin for this great week. We appreciate your dedication to our (de)vices. =)

This looks like the coolest gadget for BB users -- luv to win!!! How long (how many contests) will this birthday celebration last?? Fantastic!!

Give it to me! Good going guy. What a birthday to remember. Would love to get this one. No more complaining about my BB always being in my hand!

I have been reading about this product and it really looks cool. Many thanks to Schlage and for this great giveaway.

I work for a locksmith company and we currently do not sell this, looks like a very interesting product though, I am cracked out with 2 berries so it would come in handy.

Going to read more about it now!

That is some very clever technology there. It could be a very good addition to the "monster spray" in making certain little girls in our house deal with fears.

I can see this being a useful tool/device for a deaf person. Please pick me so I can report the pros and cons, as well how it works, etc. Wow, so coolicious!!

Hi guys i have to kids and i am always working and i worry about there safety they are 6 and a half and a 2 yr old after all the things you see on the news now adays about the kids i really worry let me win this one so i can get updates of who comes in the house and make sure they are safe thank

- rico

this would be great...can find out what time people are coming and leaving my house....including the gf..maid...etc...

cool product. Could save hassles letting people come by in an apartment complex and making sure no ones dropping by at times I dont want to be disturbed.

I live in the Ghettos!! Locked myself out my house plenty of times! Cant leave a hidden key somewhere because my house will get robbed!! This would be a great GREAT GREAT addition to the house!!

Thanks CB happy BDAY!

as always.. Winner Winner chicken Dinner!

My third offical post! Whoo Hoo!

Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! I live in NYC and somebody's house is always getting broke into around my way! I need. I need. I need.

Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme!!! I live in NYC and somebody's house is always getting broke into around my way! I need. I need. I need.

I would love to replace my cruddy front door lock with this, especially since when I lock myself out its as easy as cake to use a credit card to get in!

This would be so awesome to have!

All those morning when I rush out of the house because im running late for class and leaving doors unlocked will be a thing of the past!

This would be so awesome to have!

All those morning when I rush out of the house because im running late for class and leaving doors unlocked will be a thing of the past!

This device will not lock your door - all it does is send a signal so that the door can be unlocked manually. There is no motor to lock/unlock the door. Very misleading advertising.

My wife and I were going out of town for the weekend and her parents were there to babysit. They had gone out to dinner and of course we were out of town and almost out of cell phone service, when my wife decided to call home and check on things. As we found out, they had left the house, but forgot the house keys that we had left them, so they had locked themselves out of the house! If we would have the Schlage Link system, we could have just unlocked the door over my Blackberry and all would have been good! Instead they had to wait on our neighbor to get home 3 hours later to let them in the this would have been nice to have this system!

its awesome to think its posible!! its like been in an action movie,like james bond!! i cant wait to test it .this its the beginning of an revolutionary evolution of bb owners!!

to use in my grandparents new house!

this way my parents could check on their blackberry if they made it home safely!

please pick me!

As much as I lock myself out of my house........
I am tired of climbing through windows which I leave open for that reason. It would be nice to accualy secure my house.

I've been keeping my eye on the regular Schlage combination locks, but unfortunately I can't afford one yet. . .

This thing is awesome. I didn't even know something like THAT existed! Sweet.

I have been looking into this (or simular products) for my house. I can't believe some of these give-aways! Great Job sponcers & Great Job Crackberry & a very well deserved HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I want that!

When my husband and I moved into our first house last year, one of our first trips away from the house was to have extra keys made. We both got in the car, neither realizing that we had locked our only key in the house until we reached our destination. We had to break a window to get in!

I could've definitely used one of these then, and would love to not worry about anything like that happening again!

Blackberry Bold 9000
BB user since 2006

As of now I dont have a key for my front door and my garage door remote breaks all the time which leaves me without any way into my house. So I have to wait for my girlfriend to get off work and let me in. This would be a life saver.

Happy Birthday Crackberry. This is a great & informative site that I'm constantly recommending. Keep up the good work.

This could be the answers to my prayers. I am constantly locking myself out of the house. With this I will be able to get in even when I am not being very smart. The Schlage LINK system could quite possibly make my wife think I am not that dumb.

I really must say i would love to win this and be able to try this out! The concept is really fascinating.

On another note the video's are kind of lacking and boring for such a great product.

Must haz this! Then I don't have to go downstairs and open the door for people or I could let myself in if I forgot my key or let the firemen in from work if house is burning down without having to be there to unlock the door so they don't have to knock it down!

I've already have been robed two times because I forgot to lock the door. This product is a great way to stop the future accidents for me.
Happy Birthday CB.

I would Loveeeee this... im a realtor and i see them all the time but things are tuff right now and they are a little out of budget at the moment!! Please pick me!!! :) Happy Bday and kudos to Kevin and the Gang for making this place so great!

This would be great to use when coming home from shopping. Then with my hands full I could unlock my door from the car and save some trouble

The first night we were in our current house my wife and I put our then 10-month-old son to bed and went outside to enjoy the nice summer night. Imagine our shock and chagrin when we found out that we had locked ourselves out. The doorknobs that were on the door at that time were able to be locked while still allowing the inside knob to be turned; so we were able to walk right out with the door still locked.

I had my cell phone and was able to call a locksmith, but it would have been so much easier to be able to unlock the door remotely and just walk right back in.

Needless to say, I would love to have one of these.

Wow this would have come in handy sooo often. My roommate forgets his keys like once a week and i have to always go back to unlock the door for him. Its about a 5 minute drive back, so i have been thinking about charging him gas, but if i had this, everyone would be happy :)

The link system would be so great. I have a 14 year old step daughter who spends 1/2 her time down the street at her Mom's and the other here with her Dad and I. I cannot tell you the number of times she has called me to tell me she forgot her key or how she took the spare hidden key and didn't replace it. Instead of the 1/2 hour drive, I could have let her in right away.

Please pick me!

addl locks will cost you $200. the service is $13 a month.
Although is says z-wave, is apparently not certified and you are screwed if you want to add it to a home auto system, they support nothing but the lock and their lamp module. be careful what you wish for@!!!

Just what I need, a new lock for my new door. I could've really used this in the past. Especially since I would have been able to unlock the door to my house remotely. Would have been really handy instead of my wife kicking the door in, after she locked herself outside of the house.

I am constantly locking myself out of the house. I never learn my lesson! with with I can unlock the door from my crackberry witch never leaves my side!

This would be sweet in my college house when people are always coming and going. I'm not always around to watch the locks (and some roommates are forgetful), so this would be sweet for me! Pick me to win!

My Lock got jammed up from the outside two days ago, and I've needed to pick a new one up. If I had this everyone would be jealous.

this would have been amazing. i always forgot to call my mom when i got home from school. my brother (in middle school) is the same way. this could save him the headache. great product.

Finally something that can helpo me to not look stupid in front of the wife anymore. I have locked myself out 1 to many times. This could be the answer to my stupidity.

My other electronics complain that I give my BlackBerry preferential treatment and then they run away from home. Help me lock them up for good.

i could have had this last week. went on vacation to cali and for got to lock my door at home. yieks lucky i have good a neighbor that i had given keys. so ya i could use one of these.

Whenever I see the things that the Blackberry can do it makes me wonder just what can't it do. Truly amazing.

I've been bugging my boyfriend to replce our frnt door handle. If I won I could tell him there's no excuse get to work baby. :O)I want one!

The next time I forget to lock the back door my wife is going to chuck me through it. I can't tell you how much stress a device like this would save. There have been several times where I've sat there at work stewing about if I locked all the doors or not.