Birthday Contest: Slacker Radio Plus Free for a Year!!

Win a Year of Slacker Radio Plus for FREE!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Feb 2009 12:09 pm EST

Slacker Personal Radio for BlackBerry is one of the most-popular FREE apps to hit BlackBerry and for good reason... it's AWESOME. Heck, I'm even listening to music via Slacker right now as I type this!

So how do you make the already-awesome Slacker app awesomer? You upgrade to Slacker Radio Plus! For $3.99 per month (billed at $47.88 annually), Slacker Radio Plus brings you a few big benefits, including unlimited skips, unlimited song requests and no audio or banner ads. I highly recommend it.

In celebration of turning two, the folks at Slacker are giving 10 Lucky readers Slacker Radio Plus FREE for a year! Just drop a comment in this post for your chance to win. If you're already a Slacker user, tell us what you love about it. And if you haven't given Slacker a go yet (assuming it's available where you live), what are you waiting for?!

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Birthday Contest: Slacker Radio Plus Free for a Year!!



I use slacker everyday on my way to and from work. I was gonna purchase it but now ill wait to see if luck is on my side. Fingers Crossed. Again Happy B-Day CrackBerry

Hey! I would love to get Slacker for a year for FREE! I promise to tell all my friends about your cool product. Pick me!!!!!

OMG I am so glad I found your site. I just got my first bb last week and ya'll have helped a lot!!! Happy B-day!

I think I would enjoy having the slacker radio plus for a year. New to the blackberry world and always looking for ways to experience new things with the phone.

i sure would love to win this bad boy. i have been using slacker on my PC since i heard of it and when the storm version finally came out i nabbed it up. i use slacker a lot and would like unlimited skips lol!

Another great contest! I have the free version installed and I like it. Not sure if I would pay for the Plus version. Maybe this would change my mind for next year..

I think my girlfriend, family, boss, and coworkers agree that I am a slacker myself, so to get the job of being a professional slacker while on the road, I need the assitance of Slacker Plus, the professional Slakcer radio.

Ooo, me me! Pick me! :o)
I so want to try it.
yeah buddy!
·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ ><((((º>

I love that I can pick the toddler channel and my daughter goes to sleep with it and then pick something more adult for myself. Great variety!!

Every single blackberry user that I've met so far, this is the first application I tell them about. Amazing music service at no charge for basic, and a miniscule charge for Plus access!

This is such an awesome time. It almost feels as though it's our birthday. Well, I guess it is in a way. We all make up this wonderful community called Crackberry Nation.

Slacker is one of my favorite apps. It would be amazing to get an upgraded copy for free. Either way I still have the "awesom" free version.

Thanks Slacker!!! Happy B-Day Crackberry!!! Keep them coming!!!


This is great, Crackberry is Celebrating a Birthday and it seems like the guests are getting a gift!! Reminds me of when I was younger and had to do the same thing.

Slacker is already a top flite application and don't ever plan on actually paying for it, but if they're offering it up free for 1 year, I'm in! :)

I'm an at&t rep and slacker radio helps me sell more blackberrys. As soon as I show off slacker to a customer they are BBerry sold! Thanks Slacker and the Crackberry Team!

I love free apps, but when it comes to media apps this one rocks. Please pick me I'd love an upgrade.

i'll sit here on my ass and see if I can win a year subscription for slacker so I can continue to spend exponentially increasing time on my blackberry. Still a newbie, but totally addicted.

I could never get radio stations on my radio at work and I'm too lazy to put all my cds on an mp3 player. Slacker is awesome. My co-workers are hooking up thier blackberrys too.

Please of please, this would be awesome at work so I don't have to listen to my co-workers go on and on

I could never get radio stations on my radio at work and I'm too lazy to put all my cds on an mp3 player. Slacker is awesome. My co-workers are hooking up thier blackberrys too.

I used to be all about Pandora, but I actually prefer Slacker's format and song selection. I've even started using Slacker as my internet radio choice when at the computer even though my original reason for using it was that it actually works on my blackberry...

I love slacker radio and use it everyday.I got rid of my xm radio and now enjoy much better sound quality and selection of the music i want to hear.thanks slacker for a great storm app and of course i wouldnt mind if you picked me for the free year:)

This is one awesome app and has worked perfect for me. Caching my favorite stations makes for easy listening.

I've been a Slacker user for quite sometime, and its incredible! I'd love to get my hands on one of the 10 free subscriptions, I use it everyday!

I love my slacker radio, I'd love it even more if I had unlimited skips. Thanks Crackberry for the chance at the plus.

Slacker is awesome. It was the 1st app I downloaded for my Storm even before they released the actual Storm version. Been using it ever since. Stream it at my desk when at work, my phone when I am walking the dog, and stream it from my home computer through my whole house audio system when I am just messing around the homestead.

I love the free Slacker so far, though it seems to just stop playing halfway through the second or third song, even for cached stations...

Since I never win anything, and I really really would love this on my Storm ... here's my chance.

Come on CB ... hook a girl up!!!

Ever since seeing Slacker here on Crackberry, I have been addicted. It is by far my new favorite app on my Storm, quite possibly the best app so far for the Storm

I just tested Slacker about 2 weeks ago and loved it. I would love to have unlimited skips. It would sure help during work :)

Happy Birthday to Crackberry. An awesome site for all my blackberry needs. No site competes with the up to the minute updates that the crackberry staff provides. Here's to 2+ more years.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this application! I'd love it even more if I had a free year subscription to the premium service.

Slacker for a year AWSOME!!!!! watch i never win anything but always try and i love slacker radio i used it for my storm with the free one its awsome

Love the free program... with all my other applications, I need a financial stimulus package of my own to purchase another one so I'd love to have Slacker Plus for free.

This is one of the best apps that I got for my blackberry curve. With an hour train commute each way to get to work, Slacker helps pass the time with great music.

I use slacker on almost a daily basis and I would love a year subsctiption to their awesome service. Even the free version doesn't have enough commercials to bug me, but the pay service would be sweet, sweeter if it were free for a year.

You guys are going wild with all these prizes! Thank you guys

Hope for more years to come

Slacker has become one of my best friends lately. With seemingly endless supplies of fresh tunes to listen to every day, it is hard to go into the media browser and hit shuffle anymore. Our shop hooks up one of our 3 blackberries to our speakers and cranks up Slacker every morning and it doesn't get unplugged unless we leave for lunch or head home for the day.

The only thing lacking in our Slacking experience is that we have to endure the often times painful advertisements that play every 3 or four songs. It is always a buzz-kill when you are hard at work, jammin' to some Old Crow Medicine Show and kablewy! There she is, that seemingly hot chick telling me about how I should upgrade to Slacker Plus. I would in a heartbeat if it wouldn't cost almost $50 bucks... I mean, aren't we in a recession?

Until now, Slacker Radio Plus has been for the rich people down the road and not for me. This giveaway not only gives us an opportunity to get some free, uninterrupted tunes, but on a much bigger scale gives all of us crackberry users on the lower end of the totem pole a little hope.

Crackberry = Robin Hood

I love Slacker anywhere I go I can have my kind of music without having to haul my iPod or Sirius around.
A free subscription would be great!!

I have truly enjoyed the commerical version. Please select me cause I will continue to tell others what a great application Stacker is in a non-commerical version. I appreciate the opportunity and the support of CB members here.

I love slacker so much ive stopped using my i-tunes. Maybe i can reclaim all that disk space thats being bogged down by all my music. I just wish they still supported the pc app.

Excellent app, love it! Love that 80's channel. I'm celebrating my bday Thursday as well Crackberry. Surprise me with this nice treat!

I use slacker everyday, I love it. I often go to a cabin with no cell reception and still have my Slacker because of the ability to cache my stations!